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  • IBM Says No to Home Work

    05/21/2017 4:49:20 PM PDT · 54 of 89
    techworker to Personal Responsibility

    My new boss is more of a hands-on micro-manager guy. Under the guise of wanting me to “build my career” into an architecture role he wants me to start coming into the office more. He’s a smart and decent guy but Indian and much more big picture oriented and wants me to get back into management...

    However I’m a Lead Software Engineer with a specialty on an IBM enterprise software tool, and largely the only guy at the company who knows how all the integrations work for banking, payroll, etc.

    My previous two bosses said “Mr TechWorker”. You are twice as valuable at this company as me. We have so many business processes using your app and you are the only expert... Me on the other hand I’m just a manager and much more replaceable than you.

    So I can’t really get interested in going to the office more than once every 2-3 weeks. For now it’s not a problem but I can see someday when we aren’t so busy the need for more PowerPoints, and Management docs, haha.

    I actually was considering the jump to IBM someday, but now I’m not so sure. I can’t stand being around Trump “Haters”, gay celebrations, etc. And we are a defense oriented company, in a swing state that swung Trump. But the former H1-Bs are all big-time Dems and I just want to get my crap done without having to tell them how stupid they are....

  • Girls do not like to date nice boys

    05/14/2017 5:51:43 PM PDT · 108 of 127
    techworker to SamAdams76


    Time to read Rollo Tomassi.

  • Watch: “Anti-Fascist” Militia Training Video Shows Leftists Are Preparing For Armed Confrontation

    05/03/2017 9:41:51 PM PDT · 16 of 113
    techworker to CCGuy

    I give them some props for recognizing where things are heading. Trouble for them they are too stupid to see they are poking the sleeping giant. They’ll never get popular support regardless of how many stories of the guvment taking our guns circulate. Fact is they would an Army of gun takers who simultaneously believed in common citizens being unarmed. Good luck finding that army.

    Leftists always seemed to bank on the idea of some higher power (haha) disarming us. That is fantasy land. If such an Army could even be assembled it would likely be populated with low-IQ types who have no history that shows they know how to fight in the worst of conditions.

    The other thing is I’m just plain mean looking despite my jovial nature and these guys prey on the smaller and weaker among us. I workout and keep fit because frankly I’m going to be ready for whatever. Watching a media and GOP who were silent at the sucker punching and assaults at Trump rallies said something to me. Get ready...

  • Cashless society getting closer, survey finds

    04/26/2017 6:07:45 PM PDT · 40 of 64
    techworker to upchuck

    I am the outlier here. I get cash sometimes.

    Today I just made my first Bitcoin purchase of $1000. I have a buddy that owes me 8-large and he wanted to send a Cashier’s check. Are you kidding me? As a veteran I bank with a certain Big Bank based in San Antonio that doesn’t have branches, and I don’t think phone app deposit takes Cashier’s Checks. Plus I lent him a chunk in PayPal so he has an account.

    The Bitcoin is rising daily, but I’ll likely use it for Sports gambling. Much less hassle than doing international charges, and some sites apparently allow you to be anonymous, though unless I go through two VPNs and a proxy I’m sure they could find me. However a person that bets like me (recreational) isn’t going to raise too many red flags.

    I almost cringe when I have to write out a check. Gotta get my double air miles.

    I’ll turn 49 this year.

  • Earnhardrt Jr. to retire at season's end

    04/25/2017 8:36:01 AM PDT · 37 of 74
    techworker to Captain Jack Aubrey

    I don’t follow racing but Pops used to take me to MIS 4 times a year back the say when it had two IndyCar and two Nascar races oer year. This is probably early 80s? Before all the new speedways started going up. I lived in the Metroplex when Dallas went up.

    Anyway I aeem to recall going nuts one year because Richard Petty after a dry spell was threatening to win #200. Place was going nuts.

    My point is they were old. Gordon, now Earnhardt retiring ao much younger. I think salary, partial ownership, endorsements and the grind makes it not worth it to be race into old age. Or getting on the Announcer gravy train. I watch a lot of NBA and get a kick out Sir Charles, Kenny and Shaq so you can see where networks can build some fairly young crews and start doing what TNT does with NBA where the show after the last game often runs another hour. If the guys are funny and not wooden.


    04/21/2017 2:32:56 PM PDT · 51 of 66
    techworker to vette6387

    It’s always interesting to see how many were involved in founding such Pro-American activities like the Feminists, the NAALCP, etc.

    I’m at a bar the other night with a fat disgusting looking 30-something on the prowl. Common frieds. Anyway she wouldn’t shut her pie hole finally she said she is Jewish from Coral Gables. Made perfect sense. But my experience is every single one I know is a liberal twit.

    Also since I don’t lie Neocons I can’t help but notice a minor correlation. This hog the other night wished Jebby had won. I finally said I was a Nazi sympathizer who infiltrated leftist online groups during the election (totally untrue) because I’m a Fashy Goy. I could tell my intelligence was turning her on and had to shut that down. No fat girls white or otherwise. And definitely no lefties.

  • Christian Bale talks importance of Armenian genocide film

    04/20/2017 12:31:17 AM PDT · 33 of 44
    techworker to Freedom56v2

    Just my opinion but what power do Turks have in the US? We could call this a genocide tomorrow if we wanted to and who would stop us?

    My guess is some other group objects to the word genocide being used. I mean we wouldn’t want to equate this atrocity with others.

  • Statement of Bill O'Reilly on his Departure from Fox News

    04/20/2017 12:07:47 AM PDT · 91 of 191
    techworker to Yaelle

    Holy cow I thought I was just reading the writings of one of the “muh principles” cuckservatives.

    Didn’t the election of Trump mean that you no longer have to play in the left’s frame? Remember the old-time Republicans like Mitt Romney who were so terrified of being called racist or sexist that leftists could take a proverbial dump on the white male while the Bushies and Romney’s remained silent but “classy”? (Codeword for sissy)

    Those days are over. The overton window shifted. How are you so willing to accept that this happened at face value and wasn’t a takedown?

    We do not have to virtue signal anymore. The only reason O’Reilly is leaving quietly is because of the golden parachute. Don’t wallow in their mudhole. We no longer have sit idly by and be the “bigger person” while leftists make accusations. We recognize a political attack and use their Alinsky tactics on them. Well unless you are Glenn Beck haha. Otherwise don’t play their game. Eliminate sexist and racist from your vocabulary ad when someone accuses someone of it, find someone to trash like in this case Gloria Allred. Put THEM in the defenive. I don’t mean you specifically, i mean someone in the public eye. No more McCain weasels. Fight the maggota rather than virtue signal that you can’t stand BOR. Me I don’t care for him but I’ll be damned if I find common ground with libtards.

  • Why I Won’t Date Hot Women Anymore

    04/13/2017 12:01:40 AM PDT · 42 of 131
    techworker to Mark17

    Wow moved over there. I’m not old enough yet with the right circumstances I still should be rocking 6 figures in my niche for a while.

    I’ve seen a few i was tempted to bring here, but usually the age difference is too much. At 48 if she’s 26 and childless she’ll want kids. I’m am honest and say look i don’t want to do that again at my age. If I did I’d find me a tall drink of water with an Anglo-Saxon DNA pool as I’m semi-tall at 6’1, muscular and no grey hair so I can be picky. If I’m going to make more kids stick to the original formula. However some of the ones I see over there in The Phils make me wonder. Would one more kid be worth having that every day? The other trick is they can’t afford to gain weight. 20 lbs changes them in huge ways where a 5’8 or gal has a lot more wiggle room. Especially if the face stays decent but the cup size grows.

    Decisions decisions

  • Ohio Man Jumps to His Death in Courthouse Before Trial for Raping Girl, 10,

    04/11/2017 9:02:57 PM PDT · 28 of 58
    techworker to TaxPayer2000

    Mahoning County. Where I grew up many moons ago.

  • Cernovich strikes again - BREAKING

    04/09/2017 12:26:02 AM PDT · 161 of 217
    techworker to Freedom56v2

    Your problem Freedom56v2 is you type out detailed responses to back, reasoned arguments.

    I hang around other places that criticize Cernovich for different reasons but the criticisms here are basically faggot-tier.

    I credit getting my ass in really good shape and training to fight, looking studly, and getting back to youthful Alpha status to him. This was long before the Trump stuff started. Now personally I find him not alt-right enough, but anything that could weaken NeoCon influence, I say run with it. We have to cleanse ourselves of the Kristol’s and Krauthammer’s of the world. Hell I’m Gen-X and outside of Tucker Carlson, can barely stomach Fox News. I mean is little Sheppy ever going to break anything meaningful that goes against the “narrative”.

    What these folks don’t understand is the idea that you might break something and some minor detail is factually incorrect, doesn’t matter. Whether he likes to admit it or not, it was “Twitter Drama” folks driving the news often times. It becomes very difficult for the corporate-media complex to ignore something trending on Twitter. The Fake News crap is playing right into Trump’s hands.

    On the one hand we get to discredit for National Security Advisor “Wolfowitz” or some such character for being tied to the deep state. The old school ways of getting information out are dead. Way way too many people are clued in on the media game. Cucks are still Cucks, we must continue to name the Cuck until their influence is wiped out.

    Cerno is useful in getting normies to un-cuck their brain.

  • Cernovich strikes again - BREAKING

    04/08/2017 10:04:40 PM PDT · 11 of 217
    techworker to Celtic Conservative

    I’ve been hearing of a ground war all day long.

    This is the first I’ve heard of manipulated reports, if so it’s damn good news.

  • Conspiracy Loons Unite With Cruz Zealots To Advance Social Media Campaign Against Jared Kushner

    04/08/2017 2:41:25 AM PDT · 93 of 179
    techworker to Hostage

    Some good can come of this. With the Alt-Right getting #FireKushner trending on twitter you have extreme pressure coming from the base.

    Soon the media will turn on him as will lefties. Everyone is screaming to Trump and Kushner from both sides. Meanwhile, Bannon isn’t being scrutinized at all. He is their whipping boy yet they can’t blame any of this on him. Somehow he’ll get credit for the good aspect of the bombing where Trump has now ascended to the throne. Yet the actual act that temporarily made Trump the darling of the elites will soon subside. If Trump doesn’t follow up on NeoCon war mongering soon the media/left will spotlight on Kushner for not having the ability to convince Trump to take Assad out.

    Bannon is sitting there winning everything important to the Nationalists without the finger pointing. All focus will be on Jared. Anything perceived as NeoCon/Globalist will be assigned by default to Kushner. Bannon is now no longer their whipping boy yet could end up more powerful

  • Possible hate crime leaves man bloodied at gas pump "Sick of Fancy White People."

    04/04/2017 8:22:53 PM PDT · 26 of 62
    techworker to brucedickinson


    I was watching a video of some crazed black lady in a store, and the white guy was soooo nice. Much better man than I would have been.

    I never look cross at anyone but I’m pretty quick to carry myself so they know I won’t be an easy target. Helps that I’m 6’1 with good sized forearms, strong back/shoulders and a mean glare. I’ve a couple near run-ins over the last 3-4 years where a potential perp moved on. One was very close and my 15 year old was in a car holding a bat.

    All because after leaving a HS baseball game I stopped for guess on some guy’s “corner”. He was twirling what looked like a baseball bat except thinner. More like the size of a wood bat handle. I stood between the pump and my car so he couldn’t swing it. Either black or hispanic with those nasty face tats, but once he can’t swing that thing what’s the 5’10” 165 lb. guy going to do jab at me with it?

    I didn’t antagonize, but carried myself in a way that he knew I was going to fight. I remember going in after he walked away and yelling at the guy working a little Indian. I’m like “dude it’s 6:00 in broad daylight, do you just let people do that to customers”

  • WIN: Computer programmers may no longer be eligible for H-1B visas

    04/03/2017 6:01:07 PM PDT · 36 of 52
    techworker to Timpanagos1

    ITAR or Export controlled data makes off-shoring difficult for certain types of companies.

    I’d submit the only companies who are going to be in a hurry to offshore work to India are those who have never done it. We tried it... Massive fail.

    Part of that is our IT shop is more of a COTS oriented shop, which doesn’t work well with workers who have Java libraries memorized. The emphasis on integration thus, makes it very difficult for someone who doesn’t communicate well.

    I don’t understand your comment about you always hiring the best. If you are sponsoring an H-1B, then from what I know you aren’t exactly throwing up a job req on, there is serious paperwork involved. Unless there is a point where the H-1B is a free agent. How long are they indentured servants?

  • Sacramento Auschwitz survivor goes viral with sharp words at immigration forum

    03/30/2017 11:03:38 PM PDT · 92 of 113
    techworker to dp0622

    I frankly do not think the Torah is as important to Jews as we were raised to believe. I guess I’m more of a realist and don’t find Rabbinical Judaism as being overly friendly to us. Since the Talmud was in use by the Pharisees, I tend to read John 8 differently now. I mean now that I’m aware of things like the Frankfurt School, and the seemingly large involvement in the group of crud lumped into Social Justice and Multiculturalism.

    That doesn’t mean I’m anti-semite. Much like Mormons can be my fellow American soldiers going back to my Air Force days...that doesn’t mean I see them as spiritual brothers. That is how I feel about Jews, some are my brothers in political matters but none are my spiritual brothers. It’s also hard to bury my head in the sand about NeoCons like Kristol. They have core interests but rarely do you hear them fighting like mad for the 2nd Amendment.

    So in any case the Holocaust doesn’t have any more special meaning to me than what went on in The Ukraine, Armenia, Cambodia, etc. Tragedies for sure. Just don’t ask me to care more about their tragedy than anyone else’s.

    It was a very troubling time and don’t forget Bolsheviks gained control of greater Bavaria after WW1. Getmans certainly would have heard tales of the nonsense in the USSR. One doesn’t have to be pro-nazi to understand what led to thwir rise in power. Now what I do have is respect for amazing achievements. I believe they have done very well so I don’t appreciate anyone lecturing me about why we should be taking these refugees in. I don’t care how old he is or what he suffered he is proposing to destroy our culture. That makes him our enemy. We can love him as an enemy but it doesn’t mean we can’t point out he supports debasing our culture.

  • Donald Trump declares war on Freedom Caucus

    03/30/2017 10:31:37 AM PDT · 400 of 543
    techworker to Behind Liberal Lines

    I voted for Trump because of Immigration talk and his H-1B Visa stuff. Oh, also his very anti-globalist stance, and I’d really prefer he stop talking about Iran.

    I’m not extremely upset at this point as I halfway expected Single Payer to be floated, so at least there is some negotiation.

  • Sessions threatens to defund sanctuary cities - Dem: 'putting a gun to the head' of Americans

    03/28/2017 11:46:23 AM PDT · 27 of 31
    techworker to Boogieman

    My Libertarian friend: States Rights, Police State

    Me: Does the federal government have to send them funds?

    Him: You are Xenophobic

    Me: Whatever. I’ve always hated those who play the race xard. It used to be confined to Libs but now RINO NeoCons and you autistic Libertarians do. I didn’t acknowledge “muh racism” when libs used it and won’t start now.

  • Subprime Auto Loans Crushed Worse than in 2009, Auto Industry Bleeds, Knock-on Effects Commence

    03/28/2017 7:15:15 AM PDT · 41 of 72
    techworker to AppyPappy

    That’s funny.

    2002 Chevy Venture
    2004 Chevy Impala
    2006 Pontiac Torrent

    All owned free and clear. I have car payments. Just the occasional $1000 or $500 repair. I did have one leased car a 2014 Cruze that I turned in a week ago. It had a little damage and they were pressuring me to purchase it. I could have paid cash but said no because with two boys 20 and 22 dropping the Cruze saved me 191/month in Auto Insurance costs. And I say all that with nothing but a mortgage, some Student Loan debt and plenty of cash in the bank to buy whatever car I wanted, but I’d rather have a safety net.

    I’m driving these suckers into the ground.

  • Infowars apologizes for 'Pizzagate' coverage

    03/26/2017 12:27:32 AM PDT · 187 of 279
    techworker to Pelham

    I’m pretty sure Anons from 4Chan and InfinityChan archived everything before he deleted it. Nevertheless I’m not sure there was hard evidence to arrest him based on the disturbing pics as they were not illegal per se but distgustingly suggestive.

    I also recall when that tiny little twerp tweeted a taunt at Assange and the response from Wiki was also suggestive of Podesta being a sick bastard. Not as direct as Breitbart’s tweet but clever nonetheless.