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  • Why Didn't Anyone Kill Hitler?

    07/21/2014 7:51:06 PM PDT · 93 of 95
    Talisker to Pelham
    On the contrary I know exactly what it is. I notice that in your reply you didn’t mention your own familiarity with Russell Kirk. I’ll take that to be a confirmation that you know nothing of him.

    I don't give a damn who he was. The idea that you can invoke a name without any personal support of a particular idea or argument that you are making your own, especially in order to dismiss the fundamental genius and revolutionary impact of the Doctrine of Negative Rights on American history is more than personally cowardly - it's ridiculous.

    If there is some argument you believe Kirk espoused that you agree with in this matter, out with it. But to invoke his name and expect people to simply toss the very meaning of their country in the trash is some sort of mental illness. If Kirk negated the fundamental importance and uniqueness of Negative Rights, then hold your hat and sit down - I disagree with him. And repeating his name with an aura of breathlessness and showing contempt for someone who doesn't share your codependency is NOT an argument.

    A fetish, yes. I'll give you that. But the invocation of his name is irrelevent. And there are oh, I don't know, one or two people through history who might agree with my understanding of the specific American importance of this issue.

    Thank you for sharing your fetish with everyone. If you ever want to actually own your own words and discuss specific issues, feel free to share. Otherwise, get help.

  • Muslims Declare War Against Catholicism, And Attack Priests And Monks...

    07/21/2014 7:41:31 PM PDT · 9 of 15
    Talisker to markomalley

    This article is absurd. The Cathars were not Muslim supporters. That Muslims spared Cathars and killed Christians was a function of the insanity of the so-called thinking of Muslim mass murderers, not Cathar support.

    Not to mention the fact that the Catholic solution to the Cathar “heresy” was to butcher every Cathar, man, woman and child, and exterminate them utterly. And that horror is given a shrug by Catholicism, while any particular Cathar fight is held up as an example of Cathar violence. Well yeah, when the Church is trying to exterminate an entire people, occasionally some of them fight back. But all the more reason to murder every single last one them - even if that ends up being a million people, right?

    It was because the Cathar extermination is so utterly indefensible that even today Catholics strive to create the most extreme lies about them to justify it. When they should just admit it was wrong on their part - that they still consider Cathar teaching heretical, but that the Cathars should never have been hunted down over 20 years of butchery and erased from existence - that maybe, just maybe, that didn’t represent what Jesus taught.

    But instead Catholics hang on and keep trying to justify that monstrousness even today, which seriously indicates that not much has changed in the Church from medieval times. And to go so far as to equate the Cathars with Muslims is just rank slander. Not to mention that the proper use of the word “heresy” is from within the ranks of the Church - as Cathars were not Catholics, it was impossible for them to be “heretics.” They simply did not believe in Church teachings, that’s all.

    And for that, the Church killed all of them them - and argues it was right to do so even today, and slanders their names, their beliefs, their teachings, their practices and their peaceful effects on the populations around them. The Catholics slaughtered the Cathars and the Muslims and the Jews, the Muslims slaughtered the Catholics and Christians and Jews, but the Cathars slaughtered no one and were exterminated themselves - yet the Cathars were the big fat dangerous problem?

    Yeah, well, peace be with you too.

    Or else.

  • Dutch forensic team 'impressed' by work at MH17 crash site

    07/21/2014 7:17:22 PM PDT · 8 of 22
    Talisker to tcrlaf
    Forensics expert Peter Van Vliet said: "I think they did a hell of a job in a hell of a place".

    Depends on what the meaning of "hell," is.

    This crash stinks so bad it would take Houdini to unwrap all the tangled up agendas. NONE of it adds up, and no one having any voice in it agrees with any other voice.

    I smell a mischief of rats (look it up).

  • IRS seeks help destroying another 3,200 hard drives

    07/21/2014 7:12:53 PM PDT · 3 of 21
    Talisker to Nachum
    IRS seeks help destroying another 3,200 hard drives

    LOL, in yo' face, America.

  • The Balfour Declaration: the Legal Right to a Jewish State

    07/21/2014 7:11:21 PM PDT · 13 of 28
    Talisker to Star Traveler
    That’s one of the underlying FACTS of the “Gospel” message ... the end result of not accepting is eternal damnation in the lake of fire. This has been the message of Jesus from the time he was here before. When he’s here again ... “it happens”.

    If He kills anyone, it will be those who perverted His message of love into threats of eternal damnation in lakes of fire.

  • Why Didn't Anyone Kill Hitler?

    07/21/2014 10:42:18 AM PDT · 90 of 95
    Talisker to Pelham
    Evidently you haven’t got the slightest idea of who Russell Kirk is or the role he played in the modern conservative movement.

    Evidently you haven’t got the slightest idea of what the Doctrine of Negative Rights is or the role it played in the history of the world.

  • Why Tesla Motors can't sell cars in most of the United States

    07/20/2014 10:12:49 PM PDT · 36 of 70
    Talisker to Jeff Chandler
    1.) $500 million loan from the U.S. Department of Energy.
    2.) $7,500 federal tax credit.
    3.) $2,500 California credit per car.
    4.) California Air Resources Board tax credits (it sells them)
    5.) $34 million California tax break incentive for building a plant in the San Francisco area.

    Tesla Repays Department Of Energy Loan Nine Years Early - Only American Car Company To Have Paid Back Government

  • Former NYT Editor: Hillary Expects Journalists To Be '100 Percent In Her Corner,' Especially Women

    07/20/2014 10:02:40 PM PDT · 4 of 22
    Talisker to 2ndDivisionVet
    If that is what passes for independent, I'd hate to see slavering sycophancy.

    Beautifully said.

  • Why Didn't Anyone Kill Hitler?

    07/20/2014 7:10:43 PM PDT · 82 of 95
    Talisker to Pelham
    The American Revolution produced no radical social changes, it produced political independence and solidified self government. By contrast the French Revolution was a radical revolution, it involved a war against traditional French society, culture, and religion in addition to political change.

    What rot.

    The Declaration of Independence and Constitution based on the Doctrin of Negative Rights is THE most radical, revolutionary social and political shift in human history. EVERYTHING else is merely a shifting around of subject status under various guises, the French Revolution being merely another socialist experiment in seeing how far the people could be pushed in the name of the collective "we" before they realized it was yet another ruling elite "them' under a different name.

    If Kirk believed his own words he was a fool, otherwise he was just another RINO seditionist trying to parse away and trivialize the universality of the doctrine of innate human freedom promulgated by the Founders.

  • Why Didn't Anyone Kill Hitler?

    07/20/2014 11:49:15 AM PDT · 41 of 95
    Talisker to Pelham
    The American colonials were defending their rights as Englishmen against a king who was violating them repeatedly.

    Partly true, but those English rights still were subservient to the king. American political theory broke with that by inverting the relationship of power completely through the doctrine of negative rights, which served to intrinsically negate royal sovereignty altogether.

  • Why Didn't Anyone Kill Hitler?

    07/20/2014 11:37:35 AM PDT · 37 of 95
    Talisker to WXRGina

    Very few people actually want freedom. What most people want is one or another level of being able to indulge in their own tyranny. That’s why tyrants rise in the first place, promising (usually in openly-secret code words) exactly that to their followers.

    So the brutal fact is that the only real difference between any factions, even in the US, is the acceptable level of tyranny and the acceptable cover story. Usually these issues are tempered by a sense of self-preservation, along the lines of any parasite’s need to keep its host too weak to fight back, but still strong enough to not die (and thus end the food feast).

    However as this is not a precise science, and as parasites trend to get drunk on their successes, successful collectivist ventures tend to end in total war. Which of course is why it is in big business’s interest to nurture collectivist catastrophes, for as Rhett Butler observed to Scarlett, the two times to make big money is when everything is collapsing, and when everything is being built back up out of the ashes. Which is also why American liberals are at their most absurd when they are hating corporate capitalism, since it is the abiding fuel for their very existence.

  • Microsoft decided to extort Windows 7 users too

    07/18/2014 2:07:05 PM PDT · 62 of 91
    Talisker to Carbonsteel

    Never heard of it, I’ll look into it.

  • Microsoft decided to extort Windows 7 users too

    07/18/2014 2:06:19 PM PDT · 61 of 91
    Talisker to Varmint Al

    Thanks, I will check it out.

  • Air Force command nominee is 1st woman, non-pilot

    07/18/2014 2:04:02 PM PDT · 58 of 60
    Talisker to aquila48
    How can one be a nation’s leader without having first led something?

    Starting with properly leading oneself.

    In a specialized field (such as the Air Force) you also have to include expertise in the primary functions of that field. So either she shouldn't be in charge, or the Air Force is no longer primarily based on pilots.

    Which is a whole 'nother thing...

  • Microsoft decided to extort Windows 7 users too

    07/17/2014 9:34:15 PM PDT · 12 of 91
    Talisker to Ernest_at_the_Beach

    Wouldn’t surprise me a bit. Running a peripheral device driver shop is as easy as being a farmer paid by the government to not plant certain crops.

    And extra if you keep your mouth shut.

  • Homosexuality remains rare, but bisexuality rising among youth and correlated w dysfunction

    07/17/2014 9:30:52 PM PDT · 17 of 36
    Talisker to dangus

    It’s easy to understand - young men aren’t allowed to be what they are anymore: heterosexual.

    So since they’re not gay, they have to play the PC “bi” game, which disgusts and depresses them, violates their very spirits, and wraps them in a work totally foreign to them. They are also taught that being a normal straight man is a mental illness and to hate themselves for it.

    So - Shazam, they’re depressed and substance abusers. Mystery? No way.


  • Microsoft decided to extort Windows 7 users too

    07/17/2014 9:24:19 PM PDT · 3 of 91
    Talisker to Ernest_at_the_Beach

    Linux, Linux, Linux.

  • Air Force command nominee is 1st woman, non-pilot

    07/17/2014 8:56:10 PM PDT · 23 of 60
    Talisker to jazusamo

    How is it possible to be a freaking four-star general in the AIR FORCE and not be a PILOT?!

    How can she even look her own staff in the eyes?

    This is madness.

  • How My High School Report on Malcolm X Turned Me Republican

    07/17/2014 4:31:13 PM PDT · 157 of 157
    Talisker to ek_hornbeck

    “Cowardly and stupid”? Oh gee look, rank insults referencing a three weeks dead thread. Let’s see, what should my answer be? How about the fact that I already supported all my positions at length in multiple posts - three weeks ago? Or are you one of those “time” people, you know, who believe that if you wait long enough a person you disagree with has to start all over again? I’ll bet you think there’s more milk in a tall skinny glass than a short fat glass, too!

    Or are your masters pissed over something else, hmmm?


  • Ten Things to Remember if Pope Francis Upsets You

    07/17/2014 4:22:02 PM PDT · 55 of 59
    Talisker to Brian Kopp DPM
    If the Catholics are wrong, then all Christians are wrong

    Why go to the trouble of invoking an "if-then" statement if you're not going to us logic? I get that you feel that way, but it's not from logic. Passion, loyalty, whatever. Not logic.

  • Weird Georgia: Alien Invasion! The UFOs Of 1973 Part 1- Close Encounters Of The First Kind

    07/15/2014 8:45:04 PM PDT · 14 of 15
    Talisker to Farmer Dean; BenLurkin
    Probably NOT a good idea. If it is a genuine UFO/alien spacecraft,you have no idea what the return fire might be like.

    Yeah, the ETs might mistake you for a dog...

  • Cop tries to shoot dog, misses, hits 10-year-old boy

    07/15/2014 8:43:31 PM PDT · 47 of 80
    Talisker to null and void

    Why wasn’t the cop applying emergency medical care to the little boy he shot?

  • Ten Things to Remember if Pope Francis Upsets You

    07/15/2014 8:29:15 PM PDT · 8 of 59
    Talisker to NKP_Vet
    Pardon my Schadenfreude. The entire Protestant world is covered with the barbs of contempt thrown at them for not accepting the pope, and now Catholics are boo-hooing over him?

    Well be careful, ya'll. Parse them words, hone them explanations, thread those hermeneutic needles and don't screw up - or you might just end up in...

    ...The Protestant Zone.

  • She Once Thought Obama Was the Messiah. Now She Says ‘He Lied About Everything’ (Video)

    07/15/2014 8:05:59 PM PDT · 5 of 59
    Talisker to AuditTheFed
  • Oh my: California to really vote on whether to split into six states

    07/15/2014 7:07:50 PM PDT · 48 of 68
    Talisker to jjotto

    I think it would be a plus for conservatives. There’s already a Democrat org started up to fight it - “OneCalifornia.” So if it scares the Rats, it’s a good thing.

    Besides, the areas are truly different countries. Six seems to be a lot, though, but you can’t just hook up SF and LA - central coast is a whole ‘nother world. So is Sacto, and San Diego ain’t no LA.

    Of course, it would be best if the whole issue of Congressional and Electoral votes was openly discussed by the proponants, since everyone knows that’s the bottom line here. That it’s not, doesn’t pass the smell test. So what deals or promises have been made behind the scenes?

  • Richard Cohen: Conservatives Will Buy Anything [Ed Klein's Book is one example]

    07/15/2014 6:56:20 PM PDT · 12 of 31
    Talisker to SeekAndFind
    They had a term for her, but I've forgotten it. It was a name applied to a person who could not say no to a door-to-door salesman. The one I remember from my brief career selling magazines was totally upfront about her intentions. "I'll buy whatever you're selling," she said. I sold her Esquire and two other subscriptions. Salesmen back then had a name for such people.

    The term was "Democrat Soccer Mom," as you well know. Because that's the same person you want to read your crude imitation of an NLP programming meme so as to compel her to reject "Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas."



  • Are Digital Bibles as Holy as Paper Bibles?

    07/15/2014 6:02:45 PM PDT · 52 of 63
    Talisker to Faith Presses On
    Suzi Levine, U.S. ambassador to Switzerland, was sworn in last month on a Kindle due to there not being a paper Bible immediately available.

    Their lies are so contemptuous because they are so casual and so obviously lies.

    For these creatures the lie is not an opportunity to waste. They want to lie, and have you know they are lying, and have you know that they know you know they are lying, and that under the circumstances you can't do anything about it, and that they know you can't do anything about it, and that they want you to know that they know you can't do anything about it.

    All in order to offend you as much as possible.

    That is psychotic. It's depraved. It's obsessive-compulsive hatred. It's madness. Sure it's done casually, with a laugh. That's just the WAY it's done, though - it's not WHY it's done. Why it's done is to express seething rage and the desire to harm as many people as possible, in any way possible.

    That's why I call them creatures, because that's what they are, or that's what they've become, or that's what they are imitating or obeying, in order to do such things - and they do them continuously, every day, over and over. Because they are not human beings.

  • Henry Kissinger, 91, undergoes heart surgery in New York

    07/15/2014 5:22:54 PM PDT · 5 of 45
    Talisker to doc1019
    He must have Obamacare or else he would have been given aspirin and told to go home and die.

    I thought that IS Obamacare.

  • Protestants: It's time to come back

    07/15/2014 4:17:57 PM PDT · 639 of 647
    Talisker to vladimir998 had to do with Protestant anti-Catholics here at FreeRepublic CELEBRATING THE FACT THAT THOSE EXECUTIONS HAPPENED.

    You mean like when YOU said, on this thread, as your current convictions as representing both the teachings of the Catholic Church and your own heartfelt beliefs and feelings, "And yes, Catharism has been settled. Permanently. Praise be to God! better believe I celebrate its demise."

    What an amazing hypocrite you are. You're setting some kind of record on this thread, you know that, right? Because by "settled," "permanently" and "demise" there is no way you are talking about the Cathars accepting Catholicism or changing their beliefs. No, you are praising God for their murders - all million-plus of them. THAT is the "final solution" you are representing as the proper teaching and acts of the Catholic Church, of which you heartily approve.

    What I want to know is since when did openly bragging supporters of mass murder get to jabber freely and repeatedly slander the teachings of Catholicism on Free Republic?

  • Protestants: It's time to come back

    07/15/2014 4:06:18 PM PDT · 635 of 647
    Talisker to CatherineofAragon
    Lighten up.

    That's problemmatic - it would require Light.

  • Protestants: It's time to come back

    07/15/2014 3:57:53 PM PDT · 630 of 647
    Talisker to vladimir998
    Show me.

    He says with an arrogant grin, standing in the blood of his own words on this thread, defying anyone to remember or read them, willing their minds to shut down before the brazenness of his lies.

    How thin the veneer, eh nemesis?

  • VIDEO: Remember the Woman Who Said Obama Would Pay her Gas and Mortgage?

    07/15/2014 3:48:42 PM PDT · 2 of 58
    Talisker to lowbridge

    Actress gonna act.

    Long as she gets paid, she does whatever she’s contracted to do.

    Me love you long time.

  • Protestants: It's time to come back

    07/15/2014 3:35:05 PM PDT · 612 of 647
    Talisker to vladimir998
    LOL, look who'se talking about "facts." What about the fact of YOU? What about the fact of what YOU are claiming to be the current teachings of the Catholic Church - the murder of of those who disagree? You WANT "heretics" murdered. You PRAISE the murder of "heretics." You AGREE with the murder of "heretics." You believe that Catholicism TEACHES the murder of disbelievers and absolves itself by rephrasing it as the "execution of heretics" or the "ending of the problem." You're completely insane.

    The Catholic Church IN NO WAY supports your screeds and your lies and your twists and turns and incredible hatred and perversion of its teachings. You mind is drenched in blood and there's no way out - you doubled and then tripled down on it. And then YOU talk about "factual" information? You, who slander the beliefs of entire RACES of murdered people and shout "praise be to God"!? Go drink your blood, maniac. You are the enemy of the entire human race.

    I told you, you jumped the shark. You supported mass murder in the name of the Church - game over. There is nothing else you can say after that, fool. You blood-slandered not only the Cathars and Albigensians, but every Catholic alive today. The stench of your peversion surrounds you like a cloud from hell.

    Yes, I'm angry, Someone claims the Catholic Church teaches the mass murder of those who disagree with it, it makes me angry. You should be banned for life from Free Republic for making your sick, twisted claims under the protection of "Religion." What you've said on this thread is satanic - and you know it.

  • Papal astronomer wins recognition for excellence in communication

    07/15/2014 3:19:22 PM PDT · 9 of 16
    Talisker to NYer
    A papal astronomer won recognition for his ability to communicate accurately and clearly the discoveries of planetary science to the general public. U.S. Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno said "At heart I am a storyteller. I learned that from my father and he learned storytelling from his uncles, who were in Vaudeville a hundred years ago. So when I present science, I look for the story to tell."

    Oh great, just great. Because this isn't a literature prize, it's a science prize. So stories are exactly what we want to hear about science, right?

    Well, after all, he's a Jesuit. And a Jesuit's gonna Jesuit.

    Why do I feel like we're going to be hearing some stories about planetary science from Brother Guy in the near future?

    Obama dedicates NASA to the needs of Muslims, and Jesuits take over astronomy.

    Somewhere Galileo is under house arrest.

  • Protestants: It's time to come back

    07/15/2014 2:52:13 PM PDT · 593 of 647
    Talisker to vladimir998
    Now, remember, these were acts of violence against those the heretics believed were connected with the inquisition.

    LOL, so the Cathars attacked the representatives of the Church who were trying to judge them as heretics and burned them at the stake. A full 90 times over 90 years? Why, that's once a year! How did the Catholic Church stand it?

    It's such a mystery. Why would they do such a thing? You mean some of them actually broke under the strain of someone trying to kill them, and fought back, against their pacifist beliefs? Well then, that means no Cathar was pacifist! Kind of like the French Resistance in WWII. Did you know they actually attacked Gestapo agents? What other choice did the Nazis have than to murder entire villages? So you can see the source of the terrible choice those poor inquisitors were forced to make by the savage Cathars.

    Not to mention the fact that the inquisitors were there to save the Cathars souls - so that makes any attacks especially bad. You know, the more you point these things out, the more I realize that Jesus Christ Himself wanted those millions of Cathars killed. I mean just LOOK at their attitude! You don't let people live who act like that. Especially when they influence the peasants not to pay tithes and taxes to your Church! It's not only heresy, it's the collapse of civilization itself.

    The acts of violence against common everyday Catholics were even more numerous is not as noteworthy.

    But you also say that the Cathars attacked even Catholics who were NOT attacking them - even though you don't have any records of that. But you KNOW they attacked Catholics everywhere BECAUSE there are no records of this. Now that's what I call true scholarship. Any layperson would think that the lack of records within the environment of meticulous recordkeeping of the inquisition meant that nothing happened. But a true Catholic scholar understands that that is the where the most horrible sins are to be found. Those records that don't exist are why millions of Cathars had to die. Just as what a person doesn't actually have in his mind is precisely why a good inquisitor would know they had to be burned at the stake to save their souls.

    Historically speaking, these have been the true mysteries of the Church which have perpelexed and enraged millions - and thereby identified them as heretic who needed to be destroyed. See the brilliance? And they still work, for they are being exhibited here in their full glory on this very thread by YOUR monumental efforts, at which I stand in awe.

  • Protestants: It's time to come back

    07/15/2014 1:57:25 PM PDT · 573 of 647
    Talisker to Legatus
    You have accused me of knowing the Cathars and Albigensians to be nonviolent, something history tells me is not true. You have further accused me of deliberately lying. Do you wish to retract or rephrase?

    You quote an ex-CIA propaganda analyst Catholic, who wrote for a Catholic magazine and founded a Catholic university, citing his assessment of the threat to the Church's power, as your evidence that the Cathars and Albigensians were violent? And you ask me if I want to retract or rephrase?

    No, I do not wish to retract. Yes, I wish to rephrase. What I should have said is that there is no way for me to adequately the intensity and depth of your hypocrisy in replying to your posts. That it is not enugh to point out that they are lies and misrepresentation, that they are deliberate slanders and vile calumny, because that does not address the professionalism of your paid responses. The many levels of psycholinguistic manipulations in your phrasings, the calculated selections of biasedly assessed historical issues, the generalized applications of otherwise seldom justified sweeping condemnations, and, above all, the utter diregard with which you hold not only the intelligence of your audience, but the good name of Catholicism itself, which you asociate and pretend to defend with your bottom-feeding tactics - as if it needed such corruption to speak for it.

    There, that's what I really mean. Thank you for giving me the chance to express myself more precisely. I appreciate it.

  • Protestants: It's time to come back

    07/15/2014 1:47:42 PM PDT · 565 of 647
    Talisker to ealgeone
    "Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu - Chapter 41 The wise student hears of the Tao and practises it diligently. The average student hears of the Tao and gives it thought now and again. The foolish student hears of the Tao and laughs aloud. If there were no laughter, the Tao would not be what it is."

    and we should listen to you, why?

    Are you laughing at me?


  • Connecticut man arrested after stabbing watermelon

    07/15/2014 12:18:33 PM PDT · 7 of 18
    Talisker to Responsibility2nd
    ...she later returned home to find the watermelon on the counter with a butcher’s knife in it. She reported that Cervellino then entered the room and began carving the watermelon. She called the incident passive-aggressive and menacing.

    So why wasn't the woman cited for harassment and put in a 72 hour psych hold for paranoid fantasies and delusions of persecution and given a drug abuse screening?

    Serious question.

    Oh I'm sorry, I forgot - the essence of legitimacy is the female genitals.

  • Protestants: It's time to come back

    07/15/2014 12:07:28 PM PDT · 537 of 647
    Talisker to verga
    Actually it is the statement of a person that understands that every protestant is his or her own pope.

    Unlike Catholics, who cannot think for themselves because they have to obey the Pope and let him do their thinking for them. Unless, of course, its one of those times they have to think for themselves, especially one of those times when they have to disagree with the Pope, in the name of following the Church which is distinguished by obedience to the Pope. Anyway, people who don't have a Pope just don't get it. The Pope is not a toy. If you have a Pope it means living a life of strict obedience to the idea of constantly having to follow the teachings of the Pope that you agree with, which Protestants cannot even begin to comprehend, since they just decide everything for themselves and wouldn't know spiritual discipline if it burned them at the stake.

  • Protestants: It's time to come back

    07/15/2014 11:57:32 AM PDT · 535 of 647
    Talisker to verga

    Wikipedia is too hard to use? I mean, there are one or two other sources, but i figured you might recognize that one. And you want to know where thousand year old burned bodies are buried in France? How about under the bodies of all the dead from all the European wars from the last thousand years? Or are you saying the Albigensian Crusade never happened?

    You’re dismissed.

  • Protestants: It's time to come back

    07/15/2014 11:43:00 AM PDT · 529 of 647
    Talisker to ShadowAce
    Please tell me that was a typo.

    LOL, it was NOT a typo!

  • Protestants: It's time to come back

    07/15/2014 11:36:30 AM PDT · 524 of 647
    Talisker to Legatus
    I say there can be no more peace with islam than there could have been with the cathars or albigensians.

    Except the Cathars and Albigensians were nonviolent. Which of course you know. So you also know that your comparison of them with murderous Muslims is a deliberate lie.

    An excellent comparison, however, is with the Christians who are being slaughtered by the Muslims because they exist, or the Jews who are receiving rockets everyday because they exist. That's exactly why the Church murdered the Cathars - because they existed.

    Why lie? Why defend the indefensible? Why not simply say that the Church rejects Cathars teachings, but their slaughter was wrong even for the time. Something done by perverts in the Church for their own power, and not reflecting the teachings of the Church, let alone the teachings of Christ. Why continue to try to defend horror with lies? Do you think Christ wants that? If not, then who do you really serve?

  • Protestants: It's time to come back

    07/15/2014 11:22:48 AM PDT · 517 of 647
    Talisker to verga
    You also might want to check that "over a half-million people" from a reliable secular source.

    Good point, it was actually well over a million, some sources say over two million. It was a holocaust, which is why the Catholic commentators defending it here are truly vile, since they are comparing the murdered Cathars to Nazis or terrorists rather than the directly applicable comparison of them being treated like WWII Jews.

    In fact, Cathars were non-violent, peaceful people who won the hearts of the peasants through their gentleness and kindness. They were spiritually brave to an incredible degree, holding hands and singing psalms as they were executed. That's why Catholic apologists have to demonize them, because the horror of what the Church did to them was greatly multiplied by their innocence and devotion to God.

    Yet not only are they hideously slandered, their mass murder is denied entirely - the French did it, they died of natural causes. Well yeah, the French did it at the command and reward of the Church, and starvation and sickness are natural causes, as long as you don't mention it came from being hunted for years until you were trapped like animals.

    I must say, though, I've never seen a Catholic apologist express actual joy over the killings until this thread. Truth is always satisfying, even hard truths. So seeing the true Catholic bloodlust openly confirmed is, in its own way, a good thing. No, most Catholics are not deranged. But for those who are, such sadistic enjoyment is still a protected madness even after two thousand years of bestial slaughter.

    And that is a problem, I think. Its also why their lies flow like water - because in the eyes of the Church, heresy is not Catharism, it's disagreement. So no one reading this who is not an obedient Catholic should think the words of the Catholic apologists on this thread praising the slaughter only applies a thousand years ago. No, it applies now, to you and your family and children, today. Chopped and burned for the crime of heresy, praise be to God. Otherwise these apologists are hypocrites, but that's impossible - in fact, thinking they are murderous hypocrites is heresy.

    And you don't want to be a heretic, now do you?

  • Woman catches relative of Piranha, testicle-eating Pacu fish, in Michigan lake

    07/14/2014 11:22:01 PM PDT · 33 of 42
    Talisker to AZLiberty
    What’s the international symbol for “No swimming — Pacu present”?

    It's not a sign, it's a recording of Alessandro Moreschi singing Ave Maria.

  • Student says she was expelled from college after gay marriage

    07/14/2014 11:13:53 PM PDT · 21 of 43
    Talisker to Pining_4_TX
    Homosexuals are doing this deliberately. They plan on using the force of government to destroy as many Christian businesses as they can, and then to attack churches that hold to the truth. It’s only a matter of time before pastors will be prosecuted for saying the homosexuality is a sin.


  • How the world sees America: They really love us

    07/14/2014 11:11:05 PM PDT · 8 of 12
    Talisker to Citizen Zed

    The world is horrified over what is happening in America. They know damn well what would happen to them if America fell.

    The ONLY idiots on this planet stupid enough to actually BELIEVE in American collectivism are American liberals. Even their Leftist Rat and RINO handlers look at them with amazement at their rock-bottom stupidity.

  • Some Sharks fans object to plan of using 'ice girls'

    07/14/2014 10:41:17 PM PDT · 37 of 46
    Talisker to ConservativeStatement

    Shouldn’t it be up to the women who want to be Ice Girls?

    Tell the hag collective to get out of the way of women who want the work.

  • Protestants: It's time to come back

    07/14/2014 10:20:18 PM PDT · 399 of 647
    Talisker to JPX2011
    You're free to leave at any time. Is heresy from the demonic and does it need to be addressed?

    I don't think you understand. Your support for the mass murder of a half-million people in the name of Church teachings cancels you out.

    As a Catholic, and as a human being.

    In the name of those murdered over which you pronounced your joy, in mental and prayerful witness to the sea of their blood, the chopped bodies of their children, and the smell of the charred flesh of the burned families, all of which you praise NOW - not then - as a triumph of Church teachings and obedience to Jesus Christ, I reject you utterly.

    And I pray that you are insane. Because if you are not, then you are surely damned.

  • Protestants: It's time to come back

    07/14/2014 10:05:35 PM PDT · 395 of 647
    Talisker to JPX2011
    Apparently we have a comprehension issue. Nowhere did I advocate or defend it. In fact, I said the opposite.

    Enough of your brazen lies. In response to a half-million Cathars being murdered, you said, quote: "And yes, Catharism has been settled. Permanently. Praise be to God! better believe I celebrate its demise."




    Get thee behind me.

  • Protestants: It's time to come back

    07/14/2014 10:01:56 PM PDT · 394 of 647
    Talisker to NKP_Vet

    You’re just trying to be inflammatory and divisive. Protestantism has to be taken as a block, none of the millions of pro-life Protestants can be acknowledged, and yet Catholics can be carefully parsed and those who do not fit your description of Catholicism are simply not included in your claims?

    Please, this is sheer nonsense and you know it. Why are you doing this? Is it because the Pope just said that the rash of sex abuse scandals is “a leprosy in our home” and admitted that the pedophiles include “priests and even bishops and cardinals. And others, even more numerous, know about it but keep quiet, they punish without saying the reason why. I find this state of things untenable and it is my intention to confront it with the severity it requires”? Is that it?

    So should all of Catholicism be judged by these sex predators, the way you would lump together all the different Protestant churches and damn them all for the sake of those who deviate from Jesus’ teachings? If so, then how do you defend Catholics like Pelosi? Shall we get into details, or does this standard simply not matter for Catholics - only for Protestants?

    Again, why bother? Even a child can see that differences and failures happen in any human enterprise. Why not just admit that and stop trying to destroy those who have different beliefs? Why is it necessary for Protestantism to fall, in order for Catholicism to live? This is a child’s concept.

    It’s time to grow up.