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  • Global Warming: Michael Mann defamation lawsuit against CEI, Mark Steyn, NR, argued today, 11/25/14

    11/25/2014 4:02:06 PM PST · by steelyourfaith · 14 replies
    Competitive Enterptise Institute | 11/25/14 | Sam Katzman, CEI general counsel
    Background (from Sam Katzman, Competitive Enterprise Institute general counsel) going into the hearing of 11/25/14: “Regardless of where one stands on global warming, this case is about the First Amendment. Michael Mann’s defamation lawsuit is an unfounded attempt to chill speech on a major issue of public concern. Professor Mann is a high-profile figure in the global warming debate, and he himself is responsible for much of the overheated rhetoric in that debate. His complaint about CEI’s criticism of his statistical methods belongs in the arena of public discussion and scientific inquiry, not in the courts. “This is precisely the...
  • Free RNC Tampa Event: Food, Wine/Beer, Freedom Films & a former Reagan Speech Writer talk

    08/22/2012 1:04:44 AM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 3 replies
    If you're headed down to Tampa for the RNC next week, don't miss this fabulous event brought to you by the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Passing Lane Films. On wednesday, August 29 please join your fellow patriots for The Grand Old Picture Show at Carol Morsani Hall in the Straz Center for the Performing Arts in Downtown Tampa. This complimentary event begins at 3:00. Guests of the reception will be treated to free wine, beer and food followed by a screening of short films that tackle some of today's most important issues. After the films, guests will enjoy a lively...
  • "The Big Broadcast" Sunday 2/25/12 7-11pm est Live

    02/26/2012 4:00:29 PM PST · by steelyourfaith · 47 replies
    WAMU ^ | 2/26/12 | Ed Walker
    Friends, it's Sunday night again. Warm up the tubes for another 4 hours of classic radio programs... Listen Live Info
  • Firefox and Camino Browser Issue (vanity)

    12/02/2011 4:04:24 PM PST · by steelyourfaith · 6 replies
    After my most recent Firefox software update a couple of days ago I have experienced font problems.
  • How the US's Climate of Opinion Changed

    09/28/2011 2:15:14 PM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 5 replies
    STANDPOINT. (UK magazine) ^ | October 2011 | Myron Ebell
    The global warming fad is waning. At the same time, a majority of the American people have realised that the policies proposed to address global warming would cause increases in energy prices ranging from substantial to immense. This shift in public opinion presents an equally immense opportunity to President Obama's Republican opponent in the November 2012 election. Whether the Republican nominee takes advantage of the opportunity depends on two factors. First, it depends on whether the issue is needed at all. The apparent collapse of America's feeble recovery and the fact that Obama's economic policies are counterproductive across the board...
  • New York State Geologist Rebuts Fracking Alarmism

    03/21/2011 7:13:42 AM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 15 replies ^ | March 21, 2011 | William Yeatman
    In an interview last week with the Albany Times Union, New York’s state geologist, Dr. Taury Smith, a self-described liberal Democrat, called the state’s natural gas deposits “a huge gift.” Over the last decade, the natural gas industry has been revolutionized by the rapid development of a drilling process known as hydraulic fracturing. In that time, economically recoverable reserves in the U.S. roughly doubled. New York could be among the biggest beneficiaries, as it sits upon huge deposits of gas, known as Marcellus Shale, that are now recoverable. Environmentalists, however, oppose hydraulic fracturing because they oppose all fossil fuels, and...
  • Cool Heads Digest for November 5, 2010

    11/05/2010 5:04:10 PM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 1 replies
    Competitive Enterprise Institute ^ | November 5, 2010 | Competitive Enterprise Institute
    Cooler Heads Digest is a free weekly email newsletter containing topical items related to global warming matters. It is available from the Competitive Enterprise Institute and arrives every Friday.
  • Cooler Heads Digest, free climate change e-mail newsletter

    03/28/2010 4:33:07 AM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 4 replies · 1,195+ views
    Competitive Enterprise Institute ^ | Competitive Enterprise Institute
    The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) offers a free climate change e-mail newsletter "Cooler Heads Digest" which arrives weekly on Fridays.
  • Reviving the Constitution: Free Hillsdale College Web Seminar, January 30, 2010, 9:00AM-3:00PM EST

    01/29/2010 9:01:58 AM PST · by steelyourfaith · 3 replies · 657+ views
    Hillsdale College ^ | January 30, 2010 | Hillsdale College
    RUSH LIMBAUGH: "We love Hillsdale College here at the EIB Network, and we want you to as well.  They refuse to accept one penny of government money.  Why?  Simple. Because they don't want government telling them how to teach some of the nation's brightest students." "America's in the middle of a constitutional crisis right now, and Hillsdale wants all of you to understand the Constitution as well as understand the dangers of rampant government intrusion into our lives and how critical it is that we return to our constitutional principles now."
  • CEI Will File Suit to Block EPA Endangerment Finding

    12/07/2009 3:33:37 PM PST · by steelyourfaith · 33 replies · 1,195+ views
    The Environmental Protection Agency today finalized its finding that greenhouse gas emissions endanger public health and welfare and therefore must be regulated under the Clean Air Act. CEI announced that it will file suit in federal court to overturn the endangerment finding on the grounds that EPA has ignored major scientific issues, including those raised recently in the Climategate fraud scandal. “EPA is clinging for dear life to the notion that the global climate models are holding up,” said Sam Kazman, CEI General Counsel. “In reality, those models are about to sink under the growing weight of evidence that they...
  • Climategate reveals 'the most influential tree in the world'

    12/05/2009 4:06:12 PM PST · by steelyourfaith · 17 replies · 1,361+ views
    Climate Realists ^ | December 5, 2009 | Christopher Booker
    Leaked emails from the Climatic Research Unit show how the world's weightiest climate data has been distorted.
  • Australia's climate bill thrown into chaos

    11/27/2009 4:03:29 PM PST · by steelyourfaith · 8 replies · 904+ views
    UPI ^ | November 27, 2009 | UPI
    Dissent among Australia's Liberal Party members meant a missed deadline for the Senate to pass the emissions trading legislation, officials said.
  • Ocean Losing Its Appetite for Carbon

    11/26/2009 4:05:23 AM PST · by steelyourfaith · 35 replies · 1,189+ views
    National Geographic News ^ | November 18, 2009 | Christine Dell'Amore
    The world's oceans, which normally gobble up carbon dioxide, are getting stuffed to the gills, according to the most thorough study to date of human-made carbon in the seas.
  • Daniel Hannan : 'Vexing the ghost of Thomas Jefferson'

    08/07/2009 5:18:40 PM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 5 replies · 355+ views
    Telegraph UK ^ | August 7, 2009 | Daniel Hannan
    American idealism is infectious. I’m as cynical about my own country’s political system as the next world-weary Brit. But, whenever I go to Washington, I give in to that guileless enthusiasm which foreigners so often dismiss as naïveté. Like the James Stewart character in Mr Smith goes to Washington, I goggle reverently at the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials, the Battle Hymn of the Republic swelling in my mind. As regular readers will know, Thomas Jefferson is one of my heroes: he kept alive in North America a strain of British liberty that has all but perished from the mother country....
  • The 10 Most-Respected Global Warming Skeptics

    07/31/2009 8:59:29 AM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 9 replies · 642+ views
    The Business Insider ^ | July 30, 2009 | Joe Weisenthal
    The media portrays climate scientists as having delivered a final verdict on global warming... They haven't... There remain some holdouts who say this consensus is little more than conformity to a politically correct idea. Perhaps even more surprising is that a few of these global-warming skeptics are actually respected... No matter where you stand on this debate, you should know who the major skeptics are and what they think.
  • CEI Injects Suppressed EPA Global Warming Report into White House Science Proceeding

    07/17/2009 10:49:12 AM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 2 replies · 373+ views
    Competitive Enterprise Institute ^ | July 17, 2009 | Christine Hall
    Requests US Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) to Do More Honest Job Than EPA In Assessing New Climate Research
  • SUN heats EARTH, EARTH heats ATMOSPHERE - NOT The Other Way Around

    05/17/2009 6:11:58 AM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 33 replies · 1,019+ views
    Right Side News ^ | May 14, 2009 | Hans Schreuder
    The so-called greenhouse effect of the atmosphere is commonly explained as followed: "The heating effect exerted by the atmosphere upon the Earth because certain trace gases in the atmosphere (water vapor, carbon dioxide, etc.) absorb and reemit infrared radiation. [...] The component that is radiated downward warms the Earth's surface more than would occur if only the direct sunlight were absorbed. The magnitude of this enhanced warming is the greenhouse effect. Earth's annual mean surface temperature of 15°C is 33°C higher as a result of the greenhouse effect ..." The above definition is the accepted one by climate alarmists and...
  • New Video Campaign—Global Warming Regulation Will Lead to the Next 1984

    05/13/2009 7:58:46 AM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 9 replies · 518+ views
    Washington, DC, May 13, 2009 - Global warming regulation is the target of a new 90-second video campaign released on YouTube today by the Competitive Enterprise Institute. CEI’s video follows in the steps of Apple Computer’s 1984 Super Bowl ad and the 2007 take-off on it, the anti-Hillary Clinton “Vote Different” spot that become an election year viral hit. CEI’s release comes at a critical time: • House Democrats are expected to soon mark up the Waxman-Markey climate change bill; • The EPA, in a decision with major economic ramifications, decreed that carbon dioxide is a pollutant; and the agency’s...
  • Meteorologist rips facts, motive for global warming doomsday scenario of MSNBC's "Future Earth"

    04/27/2009 5:10:57 AM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 10 replies · 958+ views
    WOOD TV Grand Rapids, Michigan ^ | April 26, 2009 | Bill Steffen
    Bill Steffen, chief meteorologist of WOOD TV, Channel 8 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, takes MSNBC's four part "Future Earth" special to task for selective and misleading use of facts, wild speculation, and the underlying profit motive of parent company General Electric.
  • Comedic highlights of the Waxman-Markey global warming bill hearing

    04/24/2009 11:59:26 AM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 11 replies · 1,091+ views ^ | April 23, 2009 | Marlo Lewis
    File these vignettes among the endless list of political inanities that would be uproariously funny if the potential economic fallout were not so toxic. Yesterday, in honor of Earth Day, House Energy & Commece Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA) held an interminable hearing on global warming legislation that he and Rep. Ed Markey (D-CA) have drafted. Ranking Member Joe Barton of Texas today issued a press release providing some comedic highlights from the proceeding. A grim green award goes to anyone who can read it without laughing.
  • Statement of Lord Christopher Monckton before House Ways & Means on Carbon Emissions

    03/18/2009 11:57:31 AM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 8 replies · 993+ views
    U.S. House of Representatives, Ways and Means Committee ^ | March 12, 2009 | Lord Christopher Monckton
    ... I warn this honorable House that any proposal to inflict billions of dollars of new taxation on all citizens by charging selectively-disfavored industries for arbitrarily-rationed permits to emit a harmless and beneficial trace gas that is necessary to all life on Earth and has little effect on its surface temperature will fall cruelly and disproportionately upon the poor, will threaten their very lives, will gravely diminish the liberty that is the glory of your great nation, will render difficult if not unlawful the pursuit of happinessy ...
  • Photos of Hansen's Folly

    03/02/2009 7:27:15 PM PST · by steelyourfaith · 13 replies · 1,071+ views
    Competitive Enterprise Institute | March 2, 2009
    Photographs from the 2 Mar 09 District of Columbia power plant protest provided on C.E.I. blogs.
  • Mr. President, End this Farm Subsidy Boondoggle

    02/28/2009 6:51:12 AM PST · by steelyourfaith · 15 replies · 1,073+ views
    TCSDaily ^ | February 27, 2009 | Amanda France
    Before taking office, President Barack Obama pledged to cut government waste: "We cannot sustain a system that bleeds billions of taxpayer dollars on programs that have outlived their usefulness." Yet after signing the $410 billion omnibus (the largest annual increase in 30 years) on top of the gargantuan $787 billion spending package with questionable items to "stimulate" the economy, it seems like what is bleeding is that promise's credibility.
  • Oxford educated College Dean @ $400K/year (Adbul Rao) steals student bicycle, resigns

    02/18/2009 5:30:11 AM PST · by steelyourfaith · 28 replies · 1,382+ views ^ | 2/17/09
    University of South Florida associate vice president Addul Rao who was caught on videotape stealing a student's bicycle last week with tbe aid of an accomplice who has an extensive criminal record, Vernon Waiters, says he will resign his post Friday. This is the same university that employed Sami Al-Arian, who was sentenced to 57 months in prison for conspiring to violate a federal law that prohibits making or receiving contributions of funds, goods or services to, or for the benefit of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).
  • Global warming: Al Gore's convenient untruth freezes over

    01/11/2009 8:33:49 AM PST · by steelyourfaith · 43 replies · 2,427+ views ^ | January 7, 2009 | Gerald Warner
    You have to wrap up well against this global warming. Over the past 48 hours the temperature has fallen as low as -12C in Dorset, with the sea at Poole Harbour frozen up to 20 yards from shore, and parts of Britain colder than Greenland. Phew, what a scorcher! Might be a good idea to start up the car (if it will start) and pump some more CO2 into the atmosphere before we freeze to death. What did the media warn us about climate change?
  • Obama Gaffes & Follies (vanity)

    12/29/2008 2:26:32 PM PST · by steelyourfaith · 53 replies · 1,293+ views
    I'm seeking to compile refutations to the Obama-is-smart mythos. Especially anything funny ... and can be verified by reference to an internet link.
  • Who were the nameless McCain-staff-weasel(s) who tried to destroy Sarah after the election? (Vanity)

    12/05/2008 6:13:39 AM PST · by steelyourfaith · 12 replies · 586+ views
    I think it was revealing that McCain allowed Sarah Palin to twist in the wind for days before finally voicing a tepid defense. If only the McCain staffers had gone after Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Bernardine Dohrn, Rashid Khalidi, etc., with as much enthusiasm as the went after Sarah then they might not be such losers.
  • Gore's Hypocrisy Exposed in New Video, 7/17/08

    07/17/2008 6:36:42 PM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 18 replies · 166+ views
    Americans for Prosperity ^ | July 17, 2008 | Mark Block
    Gore Entourage's Lincoln Town Car Outside Global Warming Speech Idles w/ AC Cranking for 20 Minutes!
  • G8 agrees climate change deal to halve emissions

    07/08/2008 2:32:24 AM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 16 replies · 81+ views
    The Guardian ^ | July 8, 2008 | Patrick Wintour & Larry Elliot
    In meetings at Hokkaido, Japan, the leaders of the G8 made a breakthrough on climate change when they agreed to adopt a goal of at least halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, according to a draft communique.
  • Secret report: biofuel caused food crisis

    07/04/2008 3:52:32 AM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 24 replies · 140+ views
    The Guardian ^ | July 4, 2008 | Aditya Chakrabortty
    Internal World Bank study delivers blow to plant energy drive. Biofuels have forced global food prices up by 75% - far more than previously estimated - according to a confidential World Bank report obtained by the Guardian.
  • DUmmies have successfully FReeped a poll

    06/11/2008 3:18:23 AM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 12 replies · 61+ views
    Our good friends over at Democrat Underground have (thus far) successfully FReeped a Presidential Election poll. It's not too late to play.
  • Climate-Change Collapse

    06/06/2008 7:28:08 PM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 70 replies · 151+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 6/6/08 | Stephen Moore
    Environmentalists are stunned that their global warming agenda is in collapse. Senator Harry Reid has all but conceded he lacks the vote for passage in the Senate and that it's time to move on. Backers of the Warner-Lieberman cap-and-trade bill always knew they would face a veto from President Bush, but they wanted to flex their political muscle and build momentum for 2009. That strategy backfired. The green groups now look as politically intimidating as the skinny kid on the beach who gets sand kicked in his face.
  • Paul McCartney furious as new eco-friendly car delivered by jet

    05/13/2008 6:02:31 PM PDT · by steelyourfaith · 78 replies · 91+ views
    Expo Say ^ | May 13, 2008
    Sir Paul McCartney was furious when his new eco-friendly car was delivered by jet. The £84,000 hybrid Lexus limousine - a gift to the former Beatle from the manufacturers to thank Paul for promoting green cars - was flown from Japan to Britain, creating a carbon footprint almost 100 times bigger than if it was shipped.
  • Weather: 50 To 0 In A Matter Of Hours (Climate Change Alert)

    01/30/2008 8:01:42 AM PST · by steelyourfaith · 21 replies · 55+ views
    CBS Chicago ^ | January 30, 2008
    Whether you are driving, riding the bus, taking the train or hailing a cab, it's a must to bundle up and leave plenty of extra time to get to work, with snow on the ground and temperatures 40 to 50 degrees lower than they were 24 hours ago.