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  • (vanity) Will you vote for the Republican nominee if it isn't your first choice candidate?

    02/14/2016 1:26:13 AM PST · 130 of 156
    Soul Seeker to gusty

    You want my vote, don’t nominate a liberal for the Republican nominee. I am not voting for Trump.

  • The Ego Has Landed: Why Trump Damaged Himself Tonight

    02/14/2016 12:54:03 AM PST · 9 of 176
    Soul Seeker to 2ndDivisionVet

    Embraces the “Bush lied” caricature and supports Planned Parenthood at a Republican primary debate. The base has come a long way from 2004. It’s depressing.

  • LIVE THREAD: CBS Republican Presidential Debate - 02/13/16 @ 9PM (EST)

    02/14/2016 12:10:09 AM PST · 3,043 of 3,286
    Soul Seeker to dfwgator

    Right...that is clearly the point of my missive. Well done. Ignore the part about not being able to fill his STAFF and zero in on a little anecdote given for no other reason then to demonstrate how toxic the environment was in DC.

    I don’t know why I bother

  • LIVE THREAD: CBS Republican Presidential Debate - 02/13/16 @ 9PM (EST)

    02/14/2016 12:07:12 AM PST · 3,042 of 3,286
    Soul Seeker to itsahoot

    It was widely reported at the time. I am not going to track down articles from 2001. Go do it yourself.

    As for Bush and Clinton, what do I care? I stopped supporting him years ago. It is possible to not be a fan of GWB and still think people blaming him for 9-11 are out of line.

  • LIVE THREAD: CBS Republican Presidential Debate - 02/13/16 @ 9PM (EST)

    02/13/2016 11:41:13 PM PST · 3,035 of 3,286
    Soul Seeker to WTFOVR

    No, it really isn’t reasonable unless you decide to analyze the events through hindsight. Even then you conveniently fail to provide context. Such as Bush was coming off one of the most divisive elections in American history with little mandate to do much of anything. conditions were so hostile he was struggling to fill positions in his staff because Democrats were keeping their appointment backed up in committee. This is a man who entered the WH with “W’s ripped off keyboards.

    Yet you seem to be under the illusion there was some smooth transition where he peaceably went to work and should have been able to 1) deduce this threat superseded all the other threats on his desk and 2) persuaded a divided republic to take action.

    It was never reasonable to blame GWB for 9-11 and no one ever did until several years later because Democrats wanted to break that glow he had around him and win elections again. It was a cynical tactic that paid some dividends but to see it repeated in a Republican primary is a disgrace.

    You want to disagree with the decision to go to war, fine, but you go down that road of blaming GWB for 9-11 and you deserve to be called out.

  • LIVE THREAD: CBS Republican Presidential Debate - 02/13/16 @ 9PM (EST)

    02/13/2016 11:27:10 PM PST · 3,031 of 3,286
    Soul Seeker to FreeAtlanta

    I don’t know if Palin was ever who I thought she was, or if she became corrupted along the way. Either way she long ago fell out of favor with me. Coulter is just in it to keep her name out there. I abandoned her back during the Alito hearings. Supposedly loves him now but she was doing her best to stop his confirmation. At least Roberts you could see a point of him not having as visible a record, but there was ample evidence Alito was who he was presented to be. He had the visible record to prove it.

  • (vanity) Will you vote for the Republican nominee if it isn't your first choice candidate?

    02/13/2016 9:25:19 PM PST · 58 of 156
    Soul Seeker to TigerClaws

    Voted for Bush, got Roberts betraying us with Obamacare.

    I’m not voting for a Liberal or “moderate” anymore.

  • (vanity) Will you vote for the Republican nominee if it isn't your first choice candidate?

    02/13/2016 9:22:27 PM PST · 52 of 156
    Soul Seeker to RC one

    I would vote for a conservative. If you aren’t a conservative, No.

    I don’t vote for Liberals anymore. Haven’t in 6 years.

  • LIVE THREAD: CBS Republican Presidential Debate - 02/13/16 @ 9PM (EST)

    02/13/2016 8:46:29 PM PST · 2,626 of 3,286
    Soul Seeker to All

    Once upon a time people who insisted on supporting Rudy Guiliani were banned because he isn’t pro-life. Trump just praised Planned Parenthood at a debate but he’s still acceptable. Unbelievable.

    Some of you act like you are the first to be betrayed by the GOP and know better than the rest of us. Difference is I just stopped voting. I didn’t embrace someone who is a liberal, but not in their special club, to register my complaint. I’m failing to see how nominating a guy more liberal then the GOP establishment and more willing to sell out than any of them advances any cause conservatives would support. It’s nothing more than wishful thinking or willful naivety to support him and in the end about as useful as the Palin mania that overtook this board at one time.

  • LIVE THREAD: CBS Republican Presidential Debate - 02/13/16 @ 9PM (EST)

    02/13/2016 8:10:02 PM PST · 2,273 of 3,286
    Soul Seeker to lodi90

    I see. So people who rightly state Bush isn’t responsible for 9-11 are somehow not right in the head, as opposed to just not being 911 Truthers. Love what happened to this site. There was a time a candidate who just praised Planned Parenthood would be forbidden from being supported here. Now liberals are embraced as candidates and conservatives are trashed.

  • LIVE THREAD: CBS Republican Presidential Debate - 02/13/16 @ 9PM (EST)

    02/13/2016 7:35:52 PM PST · 1,738 of 3,286
    Soul Seeker to All

    Trump says Planned Parenthood does good thing, thinks they should be funded and issues a Michael Moore attack on GWB but he’s a conservative? Will the liberal shills supporting this man please exit and go join Bernie’s campaign.

  • LIVE THREAD: CBS Republican Presidential Debate - 02/13/16 @ 9PM (EST)

    02/13/2016 7:14:37 PM PST · 1,380 of 3,286
    Soul Seeker to Mr. Mojo


  • LIVE THREAD: CBS Republican Presidential Debate - 02/13/16 @ 9PM (EST)

    02/13/2016 7:13:40 PM PST · 1,358 of 3,286
    Soul Seeker to lodi90

    No, it is infact not the way it is. I have spent 15 years fighting against people who would make this argument and I will not support them now. And something people like you need to realize real well...that man isn’t winning a presidential election without people like me that have stopped voting. Because the people that share that viewpoint he just espoused, will vote for Bernie or Hillary.

  • LIVE THREAD: CBS Republican Presidential Debate - 02/13/16 @ 9PM (EST)

    02/13/2016 6:52:13 PM PST · 909 of 3,286
    Soul Seeker to over3Owithabrain

    Nor is it the time to elect a man who would make Michael Moore proud.

    I bashed Bush toward the end as much as anyone but to embrace he was responsible for 9-11 when he’d been in office less than 9 months and didn’t even have a full staff because the Democrats were blocking his nominations after the close election? Ridiculous.

    I have nothing in common as a conservative with anyone who would support Donald Trump, and I’m glad for that.

  • LIVE THREAD: CBS Republican Presidential Debate - 02/13/16 @ 9PM (EST)

    02/13/2016 6:43:31 PM PST · 735 of 3,286
    Soul Seeker to All

    Trump blaming Bush for 9-11. How anyone could ever spin this guy isn’t a liberal I do not know. But I gave up voting for liberals in the Republican party years ago. I am not going to start again for this man.

  • Trump: I’ve always liked Ted Cruz and haven’t ruled him out as VP

    02/05/2016 9:32:19 AM PST · 46 of 146
    Soul Seeker to SeekAndFind

    Guessing he’s realizing attacking the one guy in the race with a contingent known to sit home at election time wasn’t the smartest path. Or he realizes it this week. Who knows what next week brings.

    The guy he should actually attack is the one with the same ability to draw the same liberal/moderates as him. Rubio. Because he’s not getting the conservative vote with Cruz.

  • How Donald Trump helped Democrats pass Obamacare

    02/04/2016 9:52:29 PM PST · 85 of 100
    Soul Seeker to Neu Pragmatist

    No, he didn’t. He wasn’t in Congress. Just what happened to this place?

    The Freerepublic I left years ago featured posters who were more educated than this about politics.

    Anyone who would try and suggest Cruz is responsible for Obamacare is no friend to conservatism.

  • Greta V. Susteren GOES OFF on Cruz Camp Dirty Tricks: "HORRIBLE! Appalling! SHAME on Cruz Campaign!"

    02/04/2016 9:41:31 PM PST · 70 of 261
    Soul Seeker to Red Steel

    Yeah, I see where you all are coming from. This isn’t at all trumped up by people because the guy is the only one in the race who has proven he will disrupt WA over conservative principle.

    You know what real dirty politics is? Unearthing a DUI conviction on eve of a presidential vote very likely resulting in the “hanging chad” mess in Florida. But you know what? That was GWB’s fault for not coming clean giving the other campaign the ability to do that.

    Not seeing any of this trumped up whining coming anything close to that particularly with Carson outperforming his estimated totals.

    Stop whining

  • PPP Poll Out Tomorrow - Trump lead lowers; Rubio tied for third (VANITY)

    02/03/2016 11:00:31 PM PST · 94 of 161
    Soul Seeker to JediJones

    Agree with this

  • BOOM! Karl Rove Breaks Down How Cruz Camp’s Cheating Stole Iowa from Trump (VIDEO)

    02/03/2016 10:55:10 PM PST · 424 of 604
    Soul Seeker to Helicondelta

    Stop whining

  • Gallup Poll: Donald Trump Has Highest Unfavorable Rating of Any Candidate Since 1992

    02/03/2016 5:09:31 PM PST · 39 of 64
    Soul Seeker to TigerClaws

    Trump is a liberal putting on some parody of what the other side thinks a conservative is, and some on the right buying it because they are mad at the GOP.

    Well, so am I. I haven’t voted in a few election cycles now but this man is hurting the conservative cause. He is not helping it. and if by some chance he ever were elected would sale out all the people who bought this “outsider” act.

  • GOP Exits: Spoiler Alert–Trump Didn't Convince Conservatives

    02/02/2016 6:27:05 PM PST · 35 of 75
    Soul Seeker to Kaslin

    Trump isn’t a conservative and it’s been incredibly annoying to see base voters treating him like he is one and spitting on actual conservatives in the race. I didn’t vote in the last presidential election and haven’t been here in some time, but if Cruz actually won that might change.


    02/23/2013 8:10:16 PM PST · 44 of 54
    Soul Seeker to txrangerette

    I love my state (Washington) but hate the politics destroying everything. I do wish we could transfer Texas policies here so I could continue to enjoy my environment... Texas is too warm for my tastes but eventually may have to sacrifice the way we’re going.

    What’s the common refrain these days? “Let it Burn?” That’s my attitude right now. Politically anyway. Few stand for anything anymore and I have no hope it will recover. I would like to thank the good people like the fair Michelle Malkin and Palin surrogates for ripping Perry over a few debates. Such good conservative warriors. This country would certainly have come to an end sooner if someone of Perry’s backbone had won the presidency. and oh so glad his stance on illegals was denied fruition. That issue was certainly worth derailing every other good he offered. Not like anyone in the GOP is leading the charge to bring about a worse solution :::coughing Jeb Bush’s puppet Rubio::::

  • GOP civil war: Herman Cain calls for third party

    11/09/2012 7:11:50 PM PST · 61 of 83
    Soul Seeker to 2ndDivisionVet

    Yeah...they nominate a Massuchusetts liberal and yet they lost because he and the party were too conservative. LOL!!

  • Nearly eight million white voters who were expected to vote, didnt; Update: Or did they?

    11/08/2012 6:40:24 PM PST · 70 of 86
    Soul Seeker to All

    Just stop with the conspiracies.

    People didn’t vote for him, I was one of them. I’m 35, not in a higher income bracket, white, female, single. the type usually considered a liberal Democrat that vote for abortion except I’m a conservative Christian albeit not evangelical. Haven’t considered myself one since my 20’s. I voted for Dole once, Bush twice, held my nose for McCain and....that was the end. I held my nose once and it made me sick. Romney was worse. He was an opportunistic flip flopping MASS liberal that was nowhere near being “severely conservative” and I refuse to support him or a party that increasingly shove one candidate after another that are more liberal then the next. Watch them put up someone else even worse next time and lose because they are in denial about the fact you can’t treat conservatives like garbage indefinitely then have then still vote for you. Good luck trying to replace those independent conservatives with a new demographic.

  • Boehner: Obamacare Is The Law Of The Land

    11/08/2012 3:10:56 PM PST · 86 of 207
    Soul Seeker to All

    Defund it.

    Spending originates in the House. Republicans control the House and have for 2 years. Did they defund it? No? Then don’t tell me they couldn’t do anything. They never intended to get rid of it. When Boehner admits that, then you all go praise him for truth telling. Until then he’s just continuing to spin.

  • Boehner: Obamacare Is The Law Of The Land

    11/08/2012 3:06:08 PM PST · 68 of 207
    Soul Seeker to SoFloFreeper

    Nice try.

    The House could have defunded it. They chose not to because of the storm that would follow. Oh, not over the law itself, but that Democrats would have attached it to something else considered politically untenable.

    As to Romney...give me a break. His would be Chief of staff supported it and Romney refused to say he’d repeal all of it.

    Republicans had no intention of following through. they were just hoping they could milk the issue toward another 2010 win. well, not enough people bought into the fairytale they constructed this time.

  • Boehner: Obamacare Is The Law Of The Land

    11/08/2012 3:01:15 PM PST · 53 of 207
    Soul Seeker to ConservativeMan55

    And just when did they ever try to repeal it? I don’t remember them withholding funding. LOL

    Yes folks, continue on blaming people for not voting all the while ignoring the GOP was just playing everyone with no intention to ever repeal it. I knew they had no intention, it was sealed with Roberts’ vote. If they were truly against it they’d have fought it with their jobs on the line by holding back funding and certainly wouldn’t stop with on election.


  • Despite election losses, GOP Sen. Cornyn poised for promotion

    11/08/2012 1:48:10 PM PST · 7 of 21
    Soul Seeker to Arthurio

    In the past if you lost elections you’d be forced to step down. Frist and delay and Hastert are gone. yet McConnell and Coryn remain. That says it all about the current GOP. LOL

  • Boehner pivots on taxes after Obama win

    11/08/2012 1:45:01 PM PST · 24 of 42
    Soul Seeker to donna

    Pretty much.

    Then they whine and call those that don’t reward them for this behavior with their vote traitors, responsible for the destruction of the country blah blah...

    Last I checked I didn’t promise not to raise taxes and then did so. I didn’t promise to cut taxes and renege. I didn’t promise to fight healthcare then continue funding it. I didn’t sign off on earmarks and subsidies to my personal districts to grease palms for votes. I didn’t promise to read every piece of legislation before a vote then surrender. No, these are actions the people who claim to be our frontline warriors in the halls of congress make then every two to four years arrive back with empty promises things will be different this time when they didn’t follow through.

    They are liars, they are cheats, they are corrupt, they have no morals and ethics, no soul centered on a strong foundation. I’m not giving my money so they can stay rich in power and not represent my interests. I’m not giving my time only to be backhanded by these elites with snickers and derision for my faith. I’m certainly not giving them the one thing mythey truly covet. A vote they have to do nothing to earn.

  • Christie rejects blame for Romney's loss, looks forward maybe to '16

    11/08/2012 12:33:29 PM PST · 93 of 160
    Soul Seeker to Behind Liberal Lines

    I could see him being nominated.

    He’ll lose just like McCain and Romney. I won’t vote for him as I didn’t Romney. but republican primary voters and establishment could convince themselves he’s “electable”. LOL

    Such a laugh...”electable” should mean has a fighting shot to win even under harsh conditions. Not what they mean. Which basically comes down to “Liberal Republican with no principles that can even blow en election against Carteresque conditions”.

    On the bright side this kinds of kills once and for all that Reagan won just because he gave a good debate and Carter was inept. Now they are trying to say it’s demographics. No, losers, it’s because your candidates stink.

  • Evangelicals and Church Going Catholic Voters Favor Romney by Wide Margins

    11/08/2012 11:16:50 AM PST · 16 of 28
    Soul Seeker to MplsSteve

    I didn’t vote for him, left my ballot blank on that line. Wasn’t because he was Mormon though I suppose that could have been a reason for some.

    I said I wasn’t going to vote or work on behalf of an unprincipled opportunistic Massuchusetts Liberal and I meant it. Never once did he offer me any hope he could be counted upon to do anything that would reverse the trajectory of this country. Not socially, not religiously, not economically and he hadn’t a clue what he was talking about on foreign affairs. He wanted the glory of being “president” for the sake of it. That just isn’t good enough.

  • Republican strategist Karl Rove's very bad night

    11/08/2012 11:08:41 AM PST · 26 of 33
    Soul Seeker to precisionshootist

    He was shocked because he and other insiders thought they could shove a Massuchusetts Liberal on their voters and they’d still turn out. Their models were based on assumptions everyone that voted McCain and maybe slightly more turn out for Romney. He thought Romney would win because he thought those same voters were still going to suck it up and turn out indefinitely. The insiders got a nasty surprise. McCain was bad, Romney was worse. If the totals are indeed below 2008 they have no one but themselves to blame. Them and the primary voters who were convinced that man was “electable”.

  • Conservatives who didn't vote? (Vanity)

    11/08/2012 10:49:17 AM PST · 81 of 137
    Soul Seeker to Arlis

    Roberts (republican nominee) sealed Obamacare. So much for the argument we elect Republicans and the court will be saved. Snowe could be argued to have even sealed it when she voted it out of committee giving democrats (they thought at the time) cover.

    Romney wasn’t going to do a damn thing to drag us away from the fiscal cliff. He made his intention well known by stilfing Ryan on the campaign trail. he made his choice clear when he mediscared in the Republican primary to political advantage.

    So yeah...not feeling the guilt trip. Basically all I hear when you guys parrot these lines is that you are either partisan hacks or bought into what those hacks sale to get a few people to the polls every four years. Tired of being treated like garbage by the party, looked down upon and ignored. republicans are just as culpable for this nation’s mess as Democrats. Now me there is a good faith effort to change. Start with DeMint being elected Minority leader with McConnell being booted. Oh? Hasn’t happened yet? Guess it will anyday now right...After all...they’ve only lost several cycles with him at the helm he must be leaving soon...

  • The Case of the Missing White Voters (7,000,000 of them!)

    11/08/2012 10:36:43 AM PST · 90 of 148
    Soul Seeker to R_Kangel

    Not all were conservative but some were. I voted other races but skipped my governor race and the presidential vote. Democrat was going to win no matter what but I despised my choices. The Republican nominee for Governor helped cover up the theft of Rossi’s first gubanatorial run. Like hell I’d vote for that guy. And Romney? LOL

    Just what was he going to do again if elected? Best I figure we could count on him not to take cheap shots at Israel and ease some regulations to let business breathe. A few more people get jobs but under no cicrcumstance would he do a solitary thing to limit or decrease government. He was already teasing his willingness to work with the other side, wouldn’t throw out all of Obamacare, and after Roberts why would I trust any republican to get the SC nomination right. The party, both it’s leaders and followers, elected a Mass Liberal and expect me to get in line to elect him? The country was screwed either way.

  • Conservatives lambast Romney, vow to take over Republican Party

    11/07/2012 6:48:59 PM PST · 83 of 158
    Soul Seeker to Libloather

    Whatever. They gave the same speech four years ago. Didn’t stop romney’s nomination. The establishment will make an alternative good choice toxic or the grassroots will either pick someone toxic or divide between several candidates. End result the establishment will get their choice and then conservatives will fall in line, well some of them anyway, like they always do and we’ll be told the survival of the republic depends on us holding our nose...again. And as for “Tea Party” candidates holding the line...LOL Get back to me when they stage a coup against Boehner. Until then it’s all talk.

    Yeah, I’m cynical. Used to be passionate and optimistic. the GOP destroyed that and quite honestly so did conservatives. Just as many conservatives have sold out as the GOP operatives. Four blasted years, or 8 if we go back to Bush, and conservatives still are screwing around and can’t select a credible conservative alternative to unite around? It’s all about petty bickering and one’s pet issues with no regard to the wishes of as many conservative coalitions as possible

  • Vanity: Time to stop being down in the dumps and start planning for 2014 and 2016

    11/06/2012 9:29:05 PM PST · 151 of 223
    Soul Seeker to All

    Ridiculous pronoucements in this thread.

    If you want to claim conservatism is dead go right ahead but don’t you dare claim it is so because Romney was defeated. He is not and never was a friend to conservatism. He doesn’t have the slightest idea of what it is. you can cite his nomination for an argument but not his general election run. Even then you are on shaky ground because Republican voters have this damn foolish tendency to simply annoint next in line without regard to what they believe.

    To the second point you are exactly right. Conservatives don’t form a majority. No shocker there! Hey, newsflash, neither do liberals! The difference is that when your base is happy and excited and voting for YOU and for YOUR stated campaign agenda they are more inclined to work on your behalf in convincing that 10% undecided to lean toward that party instead of the other. Those undecided gravitate to the likeable candidate everyone seems to favor. Tell me the base liked and supported McCain or Romney in any form like Dems do Obama and I’ll call you a liar. So the GOP can keep shoving these guys down out throat and the primary voters can keep marching in line to nominate them but they’ll lose until we’re given better then “at least I’m not that guy”.

  • Vanity: GOP need some serious soul searching (get ready for "stop Palin" 2.0)

    11/06/2012 8:55:52 PM PST · 4 of 19
    Soul Seeker to Kolath

    Any good will I once had for that woman, and I had plenty, dried up long ago. I no more want her as President then I did Romney. But you could be right. The GOP will probably trot Jeb out and try to stick him down our throat.

  • Vanity: 0 wins Ohio

    11/06/2012 8:41:49 PM PST · 42 of 51
    Soul Seeker to factmart

    Yeah, yeah...never the candidate’s fault. Never the party’s fault. Never the “moderates” who always say they want the moderate candidate them jump ship and vote for the liberal democrat when they get it. Nope. It’s always the conservatives who generally are more loyal to the party then the moderates (liberals) ...with far less cause.

    I live in Washington state. My vote meant nothing but I’ll admit for the first time I didn’t bother to vote for President. Never meant anything in 1996, 2000, 2004 or 2008 but I still voted. Regretted voting in 2008 though. Don’t feel bad, I already resigned myself to the situation once these were our only two choices. Neither party is to be taken seriously, both are corrupt. They are liars, cheats and think we’re unaware. Well, I’m no longer giving the GOP my vote or energy until they clean house IF they ever do. 2010 was their last chance and they blew it as did all the newly elected who got co-opted. Everyone talks about not depending on government, well damn it I’m not. I’m saving every dime I have and have been doing so for awhile and my security will not be dependant on these unethical politicians in either party. If I have to work longer hours and have additional jobs on the side to keep saving I’ll do it because I’m surely not counting on any safety blanket at the end of my life. But what I won’t do is fall down weeping because one liberal statist politician lost to a liberal tyrannical politician.

  • Romney has closed to less than 1% in OHIO with 69% reporting

    11/06/2012 8:11:59 PM PST · 13 of 62
    Soul Seeker to Republic Rocker

    Yes, it is.


    11/06/2012 7:30:10 PM PST · 27 of 49
    Soul Seeker to TNCMAXQ

    Haven’t seen the numbers but usually midterms favor more committed voters (EX. senior vote) while presidential years bring out the “I vote once every four year crowd”. That alters the results somewhat.

    Also, 2010 had people who believed they could change Washington and stop that health law. Since then it passed, Romney was nominated as a candidate after pushing his own version in MASS and refusing to say emphatically he’d repeal the whole damn thing, with Robert’s recent decision and the GOP’s complete refusal to defund it in the House bringing into question their resolve to kill it...well...

  • 2012 ELECTION LIVE THREAD II !!!!!!!!

    11/06/2012 6:49:18 PM PST · 603 of 1,982
    Soul Seeker to SoDak

    The “right’s” punditry doesn’t preach optimism just because they believe it will turn a certain direction. They do it to encourage enough people to still turn out and vote because their are down the ticket races at stake. People had no hope and it was a massacre in 2008. Least they keep the house by raising hopes about Romney’s chances. Sure, it’s unethical but I don’t look to the Washington corridor to represent integrity.

  • Wealthy CEO torments ex-wife (Staples founders ex-wife: Ill be out on the street)

    10/23/2012 10:49:00 PM PDT · 53 of 91
    Soul Seeker to yldstrk

    House of Horrors? LOL

    Give me a break. I know nothing of the marriage nor do I care to. But she hardly seems like she was an innocent bystander. It’s been 25 years, she got millions, she got stock. She foolishsly sold the stock losing out on more millions then spends 4 million trying to sue the ex over the course of several decades because he should have to pay for her mistakes? No, thank you. He had a responsibility to care for the son who is now an adult. She has a responsibility to take care of herself and not stalk her ex in court.

    I sincerely doubt God and the sanctity of marriage entered either of their heads.

    None of this is relevant to the election. My takeaway is that Obama must be sinking in Ohio to pull something this weak.

  • What is Scott Walker doing in Wisconsin to put Romney over the top?

    10/20/2012 3:39:43 PM PDT · 9 of 22
    Soul Seeker to All

    Nothing. Romney did nothing. He didn’t want to be seen with Walker and certainly didn’t support his reforms during the worst of the turmoil. Playing up to Walker after the fact is meaningless.

    Walker has been helping him despite Romney’s actions but don’t expect him to warmly embrace Romney or pretend his own supporters will buy the idea Romney is a “Walker” Republican.

  • GALLUP: One Of Republicans' Biggest Advantages Has Evaporated At The Worst Possible Time

    09/20/2012 9:35:38 AM PDT · 47 of 48
    Soul Seeker to granada

    Trends in polling show up first in national polling then are followed a few weeks afterward in state polling. Current state polling reflects the bump received from Clinton’s speech.

    People voting for Romney shouldn’t be concerned as it will fade. They should be focused instead on the surge upward reflected in Rassmussen’s polling just released and the fact Romney wasted his opportunity to even his standing with Obama at his own convention. Instead of being at a tie or statistically slightly ahead once polling has faded imo Obama still slightly leads. That’s on Romney.

    The debates are his last opportunity to convince apathetic and/or hostile voters towards him that a vote for him is more then just the “slightly less bad” choice. Otherwise some people will just vote Obama again while others that cannot tolerate either of them sit home.

  • Laura Ingraham to GOP: If you cant beat Barack Obama shut down the party (video at link)

    09/10/2012 3:58:16 PM PDT · 43 of 130
    Soul Seeker to tsowellfan

    You picked him Laura.

  • Romney lied? Gee who would have guessed.

    09/10/2012 12:06:18 PM PDT · 99 of 171
    Soul Seeker to dirtymac

    I’m not a Republican. He isn’t “my” candidate.

    Ridicule at will. The Republicans ridicule conservatives frequently. It’s partly why they are struggling.

    Partly because Romney is a LOUSY POLITICAL CANDIDATE! Runs for one office after another for decades and pulls off only ONE win. Conservative Idealogy (or lack of) may be playing a role but he isn’t exactly luring all of those apathetic, moderate or liberals to his side either with his methods.

    If Republicans were going to back a liberal Republican maybe they should have found one a little better at running a campaign that connects with people. Bush wasn’t a conservative but he pulled it off. He came off more likeable and in tune with the common man even if he wasn’t one. This is on Romney in ways extending far belong whether he has any core political idealogy he won’t abandon in search of only his SECOND political victory.

  • Rand Paul suggests DNC booing God could swing 2012 election

    09/10/2012 9:48:24 AM PDT · 13 of 48
    Soul Seeker to nhwingut

    Isn’t Rand the guy who just spoke of moving away from social issues to expand the GOP’s political outreach? Now he wants to use God as a political football. Which is it Rand. Do God and social issues hurt republican electoral expansion or help?

    It won’t alter the election. That happened out of primetime and Romney didn’t bother to address it until days later. GWB would have addressed it and it would have been authentic. For all his faults while in office, he knew how to run a campaign. Romney’s only managed to win once in a lifetime spent seeking political office.

  • Romney: I'll Keep Parts of Obamacare

    09/09/2012 9:26:05 PM PDT · 146 of 224
    Soul Seeker to Chunga
    You might want to click on that link at the bottom that says "Show more Text".

    MR. ROMNEY: Well, of course not. I say we're going to replace Obamacare. And I'm replacing it with my own plan. And, you know, even in Massachusetts where I was governor, our plan there deals with pre-existing conditions and with young people. Everybody…

    GREGORY: So you'd keep that part of the federal plan?

    MR. ROMNEY: Well, I'm not getting rid of all of healthcare reform.

    Doesn't use the term "Obamacare" but you'd have to be incredibly dense or partisan not to understand what he says here. He has no intention of removing it all nor does he stipulate he'd stop at keeping only the three examples he gave.

    I personally think he and the republicans want to use it as a rallying cry for their elections. The way they have abortion. I don't believe they are serious about removing either laws. Which is why I refuse to be dragged into supporting another liberal statist on the Republican ticket. Obama's marginally worse. Well isn't that precious. They've trotted out that damn line for decades as both parties find themselves culpable for it progressively being worse by the year. The Republicans look down upon my beliefs and principles just as the democrats do, it's just that the Democrats feel free to be open now that half of their base is as morally bankrupt as they are. Let Romney and co. go find people like them and see if they can cobble together enought for a majority. I'm staying out of the race since both disgust me.

  • Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Obama 46% Romney 44%

    09/08/2012 12:29:30 PM PDT · 79 of 101
    Soul Seeker to The Fop

    Scott Walker is a an effective conservative communicator with a record to offer as proof.

    Romney is no Scott Walker.