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  • "Ownership Increasingly More Important Than The Job", says Reagan's economist

    04/17/2014 9:18:21 AM PDT · by se99tp · 7 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | April 17th, 2014 | Dr. Norman Kurland
    The rich are not the problem, the greedy are not the problem, the crooked are not the problem - the problem is the system that brings them about. If the system is ours, the system means by the people, of the people, for the people, then now it is time to take it back. Now it is time to demand that it would be changed.
  • Soviet roots of the anti-Israeli Christ at the Checkpoint campaign

    03/27/2014 12:39:25 AM PDT · by se99tp · 8 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | March 27th, 2014
    The coexistence of "Palestinian" Arabs and Moscow started from a lie, which will be ever-present in the propaganda of so-called Palestinian cause. As former American intelligence service’s expert James Hansen emphasized in his book, Soviets advertised “cause of Palestinian guerilla groups” using untruths about “the battles between the Israelis and Palestians”. In late 1968, publicity was apparent in the Soviet press over the cause of the Palestinian guerrilla groups. This publicity was coupled with exaggerated numbers of Israeli casualties and nonexistent battles between the Israelis and Palestinians.
  • TRAGEDY a view from Ukraine missing in American (also conservative) media

    01/24/2014 9:47:32 AM PST · by se99tp · 10 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | Jan 24th, 2014 | Jurij Andruchowycz
    If dictatorship prevails in Ukraine, the country will become a prison for its citizens and the new North Korea for international community – warns Jurij Andruchowycz
  • Ariel Sharon had first hand knowledge about Soviet/Russian military intentions and strategies

    01/15/2014 2:06:56 AM PST · by se99tp · 1 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | Jan 14th, 2013
    This kind of toughness of character and the understanding of the personal calling characterized Ariel Sharon, a strategist and politician. He learnt early during his military service, who was continued threat for Israel and who would not stop before the setting the whole Middle East and possible even the world on fire. Israeli Army identity 38166 owner, who retired with the rank of Major General witnessed probably one of the most dangerous days of the Cold War which are still to be researched by historians. After Six Days War another one started, which is rarely being mentioned in the popular...
  • Agreement with the Palestinians has nothing to do with the real threats

    12/23/2013 7:29:46 AM PST · by se99tp · 5 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | December 23, 2013
    "Kerry has forgotten, apparently, that the devil is in the details and that no real agreement exists now, or has ever existed, on the relevant issues -- not on the refugees, not on Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, and not on recognition and security….
  • Mandela Memorial Service. A Festival Hypocrisy and Cynicism

    12/12/2013 7:02:16 AM PST · by se99tp · 12 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | Dec 12th, 2013
    Whether or not they were aware, the leaders of the Western democracies gathered in Pretoria’s stadium were inadvertently taking part in the celebration of “the people’s democracy” and not the democracy. (…) On the day of Mandela's Memorial Service in the Pretoria Stadium, the former deputy general secretary of the South African Communist Party, Solly Mapaila stated in an interview that Mandela was a member of the party but it was denied at the time for “political reasons”. Documents...
  • Unknown Evidence from the Soviet Archives: What organization did Nelson Mandela belong to?

    12/09/2013 6:46:25 AM PST · by se99tp · 9 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | December 9th, 2013
    The Soviet documents clearly show the true nature of the activities of the African National Congress of the South Africa, which Mandela belonged to. Without them the image of the Nelson Mandela would not be complete.
  • Gao Zhisheng, Hero of Our Times, Who Revealed the Truth About the 21-st Century China

    12/06/2013 7:41:44 AM PST · by se99tp · 2 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | December 6th, 2013
    It was Gao Zhisheng, who put his life at risk and provided the most important knowledge on the nature and essence of the Communist regime in China in the twenty first century. Gao Zhisheng told the truth about the Communist China.
  • Ladies And Gentleman, Whoever Among You Heard About Judge Clark?

    08/15/2013 9:51:51 AM PDT · by se99tp · 3 replies
    Epoch Times ^ | August 14th, 2014 | Tom Pompowski
    The closest friend of President Ronald Reagan, his confidante and great freedom fighter William P. Clark known as Judge Clark passed on Saturday 10th of August in his rancho in California. As one of his long-time friends put it: “Nobody else helped the President so much to change the history by breaking the Evil Empire”. Judge Clark was great Christian, brilliant politician and noble-minded man.
  • Essence of Education: To Detest What Lord Detest And Love What He Lauds

    06/25/2013 2:48:44 AM PDT · by se99tp
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | June 25th, 2012 | Dr. John A. Sparks
    Some in the post-modern snobby, secular academy view these Christian faith-based perspectives as not being academically respectable. They hold to a rigid, narrow dogmatic “establishment of unbelief” (Marsden). Our faculty members, by contrast, think it is intellectually dishonest and stultifying to examine the large questions of truth, beauty, evil, community, the physical world and the human mind as though Christian religious ideas have nothing to say about them. So faith is foundational to everything we do here on this campus. My old friend the late Russell Kirk use to put it this way—As he watched students lining up, as they...
  • PM Netanyahu's right hand: Peace is a historic process, not a timetable

    05/03/2013 4:34:00 AM PDT · by se99tp · 2 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | May 2nd, 2013 | Zalman Shoval
    At first, Palestinians have to recognize Jewish state... "Dramatic." "Historic." These are the words used by some jubilant left-wing politicians (including one cabinet minister) upon hearing the Qatari prime minister announce the Arab League's decision to support Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations on the basis of the 1967 borders with the addition of a land-swap. Not only was this declaration neither dramatic nor historic, it heralded absolutely no change in the Arab attitude toward the conflict with Israel.
  • Margaret Thatcher the Spokesperson for Freedom and Faith

    04/09/2013 1:44:23 AM PDT · by se99tp · 3 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | Tom Pompowski
    She was never a politician. At least not in the understanding of the famous American preacher James Freeman Clarke, who in the nineteenth century had noticed that politicians think of the next election, a statesman, of the next generation. (...) Gorbachev never understood the value and the sense of democracy. For him democracy equals with the people’s democracy, Soviet tautology that had been used by Communist regimes as a smokescreen. Although some public figures understood it, not many had courage to admit and even less wanted to correct Mr. Gorbachev in public. Margaret Thatcher did. She understood that alleged Gorbachev’s...
  • Netanyahu's Special Envoy: West may not have sufficient time to stop Iran

    11/30/2012 8:52:17 AM PST · by se99tp · 15 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | November 30th, 2012 | Ambassador Zalman Shoval
    "We hope, but we are not very confident or we are very sanguine about it, but we hope that the Obama administration, the US administration, will live up to its commitment to stop the Iranians getting the bomb before it is too late. Few months ago there was tremendous debate going on, the controversy between what Prime Minister Netanyahu said about the need for drawing a red line, and the American position. Namely the Israeli position was that the red line should be a point from where the Iranian has achieved enough enriched uranium, plutonium in order to cross the...
  • The label tolerance became an excuse for clear thinking

    09/04/2012 8:04:25 AM PDT · by se99tp · 3 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | Sept 4th, 2012 | Dr. Mark Durie
    Dr Mark Durie: Australia is doing better than many. There are a couple of factors, we have controlled our immigration much more than we might have. The points system for immigrants has made it quite hard for Muslims to come into the country. Because they come from certain circumstances and backgrounds, which makes it harder for them to meet those criteria. If you look at the immigration of Muslims in the past decade. There are more Hindu Indians coming from South-East Asia, England and other places. So we have managed to control immigration indirectly. Whether it was intentional is an...
  • Israeli intelligence expert: President Obama needs war with Iran to be reelected

    07/30/2012 9:13:24 AM PDT · by se99tp · 19 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | July 30th, 2012 | Avi Lipkin
    Would seem to be sagging at this moment, so I think Obama would need a war with Iran. I think that all these negotiations now are basically shadow boxing and posturing for what will eventually will be a war with Iran. And I think the Iranian Ajatollah regime will be overthrown by a UN coalition. I wouldn't be surprised if... Iran was divided up in World War I between the Russian Czars administration and the British because Shah in Iran in World War I was pro-Kaiser and in World War II Iran was divided up with the Soviets, British and...
  • Obama's consequential Marxist policy

    07/26/2012 7:13:34 AM PDT · by se99tp · 5 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | July 26th, 2012 | J.R.Nyquist
    "The communists have gotten themselves entrenched and have been working with tremendous dedication for their Marxist ideology. What we are about to face is truly a socialist abyss" - says Marielena Stuart is a candidate for the U.S. Senate in the state of Florida. Marielena Stuart is a candidate for the U.S. Senate in the state of Florida. She has an interesting message about the economy and what ails it. I had an opportunity to speak with Marielena at length about today’s economic crisis. “When [people] speak about the economy and jobs,” Stuart told me, “they don’t understand … that...
  • New Threats For Old

    07/12/2012 9:36:02 AM PDT · by se99tp
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | July 12th, 2012 | J.R. Nyquist
    Communism has continued to swallow countries because resistance to Communism fell away after 1991.The adoption of a private property system in Russia did not signify the triumph of capitalism. It signified a new kind of danger which involves the subversion of capitalism through capitalism itself argues sovietologist J.R. Nyquist.
  • ObamaCare. Justice Roberts started out well but he finished poorly

    07/11/2012 11:02:22 AM PDT · by se99tp · 6 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | July 11th, 2012 | Dr John Sparks
    The point is that whether a “tax” or “penalty,” the exaction is a heavy burden on low- and middle-income Americans for a product that they may or may not want to “purchase.”
  • The Market and the Militarists. China and its inevevitable war with USA

    07/05/2012 6:15:44 AM PDT · by se99tp · 17 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | June 5th, 2012 | J.R.Nyquist
    When speaking of contradictions, Marxist theory (including Chinese Communist theory) holds that the central contradiction is class struggle. When Chinese general says the “contradictions” between America and China cannot be resolved by a single individual, he is referring to the inevitable outcome of class struggle. That outcome, by Marxian historical necessity, can only signify defeat of the world bourgeoisie; and America is the embodiment of the world bourgeoisie,
  • Christians and July 4th. Thomas Jefferson: American Enigma

    07/04/2012 7:48:03 AM PDT · by se99tp · 9 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | July 4th, 2012 | Warren Throckmorton
    Jefferson was a man of rare intellectual gifts and many political accomplishments. For modern Christians, Jefferson poses some troubling paradoxes. While it may be appealing to Christians to aggrandize Jefferson, we need to see the man for the enigma he was.
  • Discussin Russia: What type of Russia we are dealing with?

    06/30/2012 9:56:13 AM PDT · by se99tp · 18 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | June 28th, 2012 | J.R.Nyquist
    Many conservatives and Christians see the encroachments of socialism and secularism. If they want to know what is driving this process forward, and the answer is surprising. It has been the work of the Communist International led by Moscow -- decade after decade.
  • President Barack Obama and Muslim Agenda

    06/27/2012 7:46:04 AM PDT · by se99tp · 19 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | June 27th, 2012 | Avi Lipkin
    But worse than a so-called "Christian" president doing the bidding of the Arab/Islamic agenda, is a Muslim president flying under the radar with no one politically incorrect enough to stand up and say: "The emperor has no clothes!" Today, the United States has a president by the name of Mubarack Hussein Obama. Until proven otherwise I believe he is a Muslim.
  • The Strategic Imperative of Security

    06/26/2012 7:01:23 AM PDT · by se99tp · 2 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | June 26th, 2012 | Dr. Earl Tilford
    ...Admissions from “the highest levels” of the U.S. government that it was party to a cyber attack on Iran risks a retaliation that could take many forms, compelling further escalation. ...
  • God and Barack Obama - What we can learn from reading between the lines?

    06/21/2012 4:47:56 AM PDT · by se99tp · 6 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | June 21, 2012 | Dr. Paul Kengor
    As for Obama’s personal path, Newsweek noted how Obama, in his younger years, enjoyed, on one hand, Augustine, and then Nietzsche and Graham Greene. Obama hopped and groped his way through Islam, Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism, asceticism, and eventually settled at the political church of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright...
  • Reagan's biographer: A Dad Like Jack - How Ronald Reagan's Father influenced future President

    06/17/2012 12:37:01 PM PDT · by se99tp · 3 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | June 17th, 2012 | Dr Paul Kengor
    When we open our newspapers on Father’s Day, we expect to find something nice about dads—often heroic dads. Yet, for every boy or girl whose father was a doctor or Marine who stormed the beaches of Normandy, there is a dad who was more complicated; not a great dad but one still loved and had an impact, sometimes in unorthodox ways. This describes a father I’ve studied: Jack Reagan, father of the late president, Ronald Reagan.
  • Red Networks in America

    06/14/2012 3:51:08 AM PDT · by se99tp · 8 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | June 14th, 2012 | Jeff Nyquist
    The evidence and documented testimony is overwhelming. If you study it, there can be no doubt regarding Obama’s ideological preferences and loyalties ... "Our goal as socialists is to abolish private ownership of the means of production,” explained David Green of the DSA National Political Committee. “Our immediate task is to limit the capitalist class’s prerogatives in the workplace….” America under the DSA would resemble the Soviet Union....
  • New Federal Regulations cost in excess of US$100 million. It increased by 60 pc since 2005.

    06/11/2012 5:57:55 AM PDT · by se99tp · 1 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | June 11th, 2012 | Dr Norman Bailey
    Would unfettered markets maximize social wellbeing? This is where the weakness of the arguments for tighter financial market regulation lies. It is not in the thesis or the framing of the question, but rather in the conclusion that is reached. To a large extent, the argument for ever-increasing regulation is like the argument that in order to minimize the risk of being run over by a car, one should walk as little as possible, or, alternatively, that in order not to catch the flu, one should stay indoors. This argument is embodied in the EU’s so-called ‘precautionary principle’ which essentially...
  • Contemporary Academia's ID

    06/07/2012 8:09:27 AM PDT · by se99tp · 3 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | June 7th, 2012 | JR.Nyquist
    ...many of the greatest scientists in history have been metaphysical dualists who accepted the existence of matter and spirit. Why this idea should be considered “unscientific” is never fully explained. It is sufficient to know that materialism is the dominant philosophy of today’s scientific establishment. Any scientists who dare to publicly disagree with materialism aren’t going to gain any career advantage. Materialism, in fact, has become a political power in the academic world
  • Just Capitalism. Compassionate economic system. Another way to economy back on track

    06/05/2012 2:00:32 AM PDT · by se99tp · 7 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | June 6th, 2012 | Norman Kurland
    There is an economic fault line running throughout America and the world which today’s economic gurus seem unable to explain or remedy: the widening wealth and income gap between a tiny rich elite and multitudes of poor in every country (including the United States), and between developed and developing nations. ... Access to capital ownership, asserted economist Kelso, Reagan's friend, is as fundamental a human right as the right to the fruits of one’s labor. Furthermore, Kelso argued, the democratization of capital credit is the "social key" to universalizing access to future ownership of productive wealth, so that every person,...
  • Financial Markets in Permanent Turmoil

    06/04/2012 11:44:24 AM PDT · by se99tp · 2 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | June 4th, 2012 | Norman Bailey, Alexander Mirtchev
    Among the reactions to the global financial and economic crisis of 2008-2009 none was expressed with more ardor than the call for increasingly tighter and more comprehensive regulation of market activity, with a particular focus on the housing and financial sectors. The uncertainty brought about by the crisis expressed itself in a growing feeling of helplessness and subsequent anger. This anger was generally directed at the perceived failure of market capitalism, but its specific targets were the ‘greedy bankers’ and the financial markets as a whole.
  • Diminishing concept of God not only in Communist China

    06/01/2012 3:54:10 AM PDT · by se99tp · 5 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | June 1st, 2012 | J. Nyquist
    “Marxism is a religion for them,” Noted Dr. El Tassa. “They are very simplistic. They are so simplistic that you cannot compare them to other communities at all. They cannot imagine certain abstract concepts any more. The idea of God is completely out of their reach. They cannot conceive of God any more. And it was not always like that in China.”
  • Global Inflation - waiting for a new Constantine

    05/31/2012 7:32:04 AM PDT · by se99tp · 1 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 31st, 2012 | Dr Norman Bailey
    It is worthwhile noting that inflation as a factor of global economic security has the innate capacity to upend carefully laid plans and further upset the equilibrium, being a source of economic hardship that only a limited number of state actors can affect via their national policies argue former Reagan advisor Dr Norman Bailey and Dr Alexander Mirtchev Governments everywhere are responding by devaluing currencies, applying price restrictions, raising interest rates or imposing currency controls — in a way, true to the legacy of Diocletian. In some cases, they are attempting to obfuscate price increases — by changing definitions, altering...
  • Leo Strauss and the Conservatives

    05/24/2012 3:21:17 AM PDT · by se99tp · 4 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 24th, 2012 | Jeff Nyquist
    The illusion of supposed conservatism, for scholars like Strauss and for politicians like George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, is that the political spectrum in America has shifted so far to the Left that yesterday’s liberals are today’s conservatives says Author and Speaker Jeff Nyquist... Consider the state of America: marriage is no longer an enforceable contract in most states (i.e., no fault divorce); even more telling, homosexual marriage is increasingly acceptentage of the population attending religious services has been falling steadily for years, along with honesty and our nation’s work ethic.....It would seem that conservatives have nothing left to...
  • American Arabic Human Rights Advocate: We must begin to want peace with Israel

    05/23/2012 10:08:24 AM PDT · by se99tp · 9 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 23rd, 2012 | Nonie Darwish
    Gamal Abd Al-Nasser... Ahmadinejad..., and the Hamas Charter says that they want to annihilate Israel... Israel... left Gaza- and then what happened? They began launching missiles at them from Gaza. I have lived in America for 28 years. I love America and I love freedom. This country has given us a lot of freedom. I get really angry when I hear that some Muslims here curse America.... Do you know what they used to say in the mosques in Egypt? " We want to go to the White House, and turn it into the Islamic House. We want to cancel...
  • Global Inflation Wave. Economists about economic crisis and Emperor Constantine's solution.

    05/21/2012 7:17:20 AM PDT · by se99tp
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 21st, 2012 | Dr Norman Bailey
    Confronted by multiple challenges in the wake of the global financial and economic crisis and having exhausted more traditional central bank levers which left interest rates at near zero, governments adopted a series of policies almost as a matter of course. Whether termed ‘credit easing’, ‘quantitative easing’ or ‘twisting’, these policies all have one thing in common – they increase the money supply... Further complicating the book keeping, some central banks, most significantly the U.S. Federal Reserve, are maintaining the policy of directly monetizing the federal debt. To be clear, debt monetization is not a result of the 2008-2009 crisis;...
  • Beefburger from cloned cow? It is time to question that "Man is the measure of all things"

    05/18/2012 8:19:31 AM PDT · by se99tp · 8 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 18th, 2012 | Dr John Hodges
    Many now take up the theme of the religious leaders in calling for ethical behaviour based upon transcendent values in the public place and in the market and for government regulations based upon these ancient human values. We frequently hear from secular leaders in all areas of life including a few top scientists, for example, astrophysicist Professor Martin Rees, President of the Royal Society and Master of Trinity College Cambridge, that Payback Time has already begun and it may be too late to change (Rees, 2003). We are on a course of self-destruction. The threats we create come from human...
  • Gay rights, homosexual marriage... what's next?

    05/17/2012 11:31:29 AM PDT · by se99tp · 42 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 17th, 2012 | JR.Nyquist
    The Culture War rages all around us. One side in this war supports abortion and promotes homosexual marriage. They would lower the age of consent and make divorce as easy as changing your clothes. In fact, they have already succeeded in advancing their agenda in Europe and America...
  • The major crime of WWII that was never brought to trial

    05/17/2012 1:56:58 AM PDT · by se99tp · 56 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 17th, 2012 | Herbert Romerstein
    The American communists joined in the Soviet propaganda campaign. Corliss Lamont, a millionaire communist propagandist, wrote “Soviet Russia’s severance of relations with the Polish Government-in-Exile, over the Nazi-inspired charge that the Russians murdered 10,000 Polish army officers, shows clearly the danger to the United Nations of the splitting tactics engineered by Hitler and definitely helped along by the general campaign of anti-Soviet propaganda carried on during recent months in Britain and America. According to the London Bureau of the New York Herald Tribune, ‘It is a safe assumption that the Poles would not have taken so tough an attitude toward...
  • Fmr IDF Spokeperson: Israel's Striving for Peace in the Middle East vs Fanatic Islam

    05/15/2012 12:40:24 PM PDT · by se99tp · 3 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 14th, 2012 | Avi Lipkin
    Very often, people in Israel, Jews, Christians and Moslems ask whether peace is attainable in the Middle East, considering that two peoples- Arab and Jews- are fighting over a very small piece of land in a very large territorial sea of Islam... ...The reason I mention these five wars between Israel and the Arabs is not to try to attempt to give a history of Israel's military history, but to put into perspective certain quotes by Syrian President Hafez Assad, who has gone on record as saying: "These Arabs have lost five wars against Israel. We can afford to loose...
  • Only tyrannical government can survive in Muslim state. Fmr Muslim quotes sharia law

    05/15/2012 3:50:59 AM PDT · by se99tp · 4 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 15th, 2012 | Nonie Darwish
    If you believe that all political ideologies, all religions and cultures are equal in their adherence to human rights and civil liberties and thus they are all beyond criticism, then there is no need for education to distinguish or be critical. And you will probably not like this article. The definition of jihad in mainstream Sharia books is : “to war against non-Muslims, derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare, to establish the religion.”(law # o9.0 p 599). In Al Azhar Islamic University it is defined as “A permanent war institution against Jews, Christians and Pagans.” When the word jihad...
  • Fixing the current crisis causing future one. How coming a financial tsunami can be stopped?

    05/14/2012 3:14:21 AM PDT · by se99tp · 6 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 14th, 2012 | Dr Bailey, Dr Mirtchev
    Western states are no longer able to repay its debt. Overwhelmingly, the debt burden of a number of stakeholders is predicated on the existence of large-scale and long-term commitments that are at the core of the overall social contract prevalent in the Western world and beyond. The policy approaches employed thus far, whether ‘quantitative easing’ or ‘twisting’ have not helped lower the debt waters — indeed, they have made matters worse. Instead of ‘quantitative lowering’ of these waters, at least in the United States, private banks and corporations are using their excess liquidity to re-leverage at a feverish pace, thereby...
  • Beefburger from cloned cow? What went wrong with science? Scientist is warning against disaster.

    05/11/2012 4:51:47 AM PDT · by se99tp · 11 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 11, 2012 | John Hodges
    Today the newly emerged worldview of many scientists sets caution aside and moves into immediate use of the new molecular genetic techniques in food. Scientists who question this position are often seen by their peers as heretics.... in 2006, the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved milk and meat from cloned cattle, pigs and goats for the human food chain without labelling; • large biotechnology companies are already engaged in promoting transgenic livestock as a means of improving animals and their products for human consumption (Biotechnology Industry Organization, 2008);... the use of transgenic livestock in practical farming and in...
  • More evidence that Obama is Marxist

    05/10/2012 2:21:02 AM PDT · by se99tp · 11 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 10th, 2012 | J.R.Nyquist
    If Obama was a Marxist-Leninist in 1983, why did he join the Democratic Party and soften his views? It was all a matter of tactics... Obama and his socialist colleagues of the 1980s realized that they were not going to bring about a socialist revolution in the United States, so their strategy changed.
  • Muslim: current Arabic regimes are fascist! Theocracy contradicts with Islam

    05/09/2012 2:20:31 AM PDT · by se99tp · 19 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 9, 2012 | Dr Zuhdi Jasser
    There is not one Islam. This statement leads us to the question: what Islam predominates? Judging from what we can see in Arab countries, we can say that most of them are fascist, dictatorship, monarchies and autocracies. Some of them were radicalized by theocrats like in the case of Iran or Afganistan under the rule of Taliban. However most of Muslim countries are run by secular dictators like Assad in Syria, Mubarak in Egypt before his fall, Saddam Hussain in Iraq or monarchs in Gulf States. In many ways they have fueled radical Islam.... that Quran is open for interpretation...
  • Obama's supporters and mentors

    05/08/2012 12:38:46 AM PDT · by se99tp · 3 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 7th, 2012 | Herbert Romerstein
    The collapse of the Soviet Union had many effects but one was a split in the Communist Party USA. A number of Communist Party officials and activists, with the Soviet Union no longer there to offer instructions and funding, and disillusioned with the dictatorial rule of Party leader Gus Hall, left to form their own group, the Committees of Correspondence (CoC), also known as the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS) Mitchell, referring to the collapse of the Soviet Union, which she called “the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe”, complained that it “left the United States in...
  • What if the austerity measures and balancing budget won't work? The worst may be still on the way...

    05/07/2012 6:16:02 AM PDT · by se99tp · 8 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 7th, 2012 | Norman Bailey, Alexander Mirtchev
    Other than the stock market crash of 1987, which was seen at the time as the harbinger of another great depression, the worst was avoided due to excellent Federal Reserve policies directed specifically at market psychology. The effectiveness of the Fed aside, it should be noted that the short and medium cycles did not coincide during that period. After the mid-point of the decade of 2000, they did, so that a long-wave theorist could hypothesize that the collapse phase of the long wave was delayed by about a decade, when the three cycles did, in fact, coincide. The confluence of...
  • Former Muslim: Islamic teacher admits that islamic state resembles the Fascist and Communist state

    05/06/2012 4:09:22 AM PDT · by se99tp · 8 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | Aprl 23, 2012 | Nonie Darwish
    (..,)Sheikh Abul Ala Maududi, defining the Islamic Sharia State as follows: “…It seeks to mould every aspect of life and activity…. In such a state no one can regard any field of his affairs as personal and private. Considered from this aspect the Islamic State bears a kind of resemblance to the Fascist and Communist states. (Quote from his book “Islamic Law and Constitution”. (page 262).) Maulana Maududi’s comparison of the Islamic State with fascism and communism was not meant as negative... Sharia law also exempts Muslim head of State from being charged with serious crimes such as murder, adultery,...
  • Jesus talk to Samaritan woman has different meaning than modern scholars suggest

    05/05/2012 5:55:53 AM PDT · by se99tp · 24 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 4th, 2012 | Dr Murray D. Gow
    Many writers focus here on what they consider to be the moral failings of the woman making her out to be an immoral loose woman but this reads into the text what is not there. In reality, the focus is on the failure of the men in her life. We are simply not told how she came to lose her husbands; was she divorced or was she widowed? In view of social practices in ancient Samaria, it is not unlikely that the woman was married more than once to men very much her senior in which case she could well...
  • Why Arab spring's consequence will be tyranny?

    05/04/2012 1:12:39 PM PDT · by se99tp · 4 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | May 2nd, 2012 | CCD
    There must be head on collision with Islam before real change takes place in Middle East. There is mechanism of self-destruction inside Arab regimes. This is why the outcome of the Arab spring will not be democracy and freedom – says author, speaker and expert in Islam Nonie Darwish .
  • Were Americans duped on Polish goverment plane crash by mainstream media?

    05/04/2012 10:30:42 AM PDT · by se99tp · 20 replies
    Christian Concepts Daily ^ | April 30, 2012 | J.R.Nyquist
    On 10 April 2010 a Polish Air Force Tupolev Tu-154M crashed near the Russian city of Smoleńsk. All 96 people aboard the plane were killed, including President Lech Kaczyński and his wife. American media coverage of the crash is best represented by The New York Times, which offered the following description of what happened: “President Kaczyński’s plane tried to land in a thick fog, missing the runway and snagging treetops about half a mile from the airport in Smoleńsk….” This version of events has been repeated throughout the English-speaking media, and is consistent with official Russian claims. What other claims...