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  • Cuba's Dissident Leader on Cuba After Castro

    11/29/2016 4:25:35 AM PST · by se99tp · 1 replies
    Perth Herald Tribune ^ | Nov 28th, 2016 | Jose Daniel Ferrer
    Soon, the regime will be on the hunt for hate speech of individuals who have lost their relatives by the dictatorship, either shot or killed in prison, or also drown in the Straits of Florida. These understandable demonstrations will serve the regime to say that the “Miami’s Mafia cave people” rejoice at the death of a man.
  • Mr. Castro You Are Involved in Death of Many Salvadorans

    11/25/2016 9:09:08 PM PST · by se99tp · 13 replies
    Perth Herald Tribune ^ | November 25th, 2016 | Bernardo Toar
    Western hemisphere did not end the Cold War. With the arrival of democracy in Cuba, this dark era will be truly over in all of America, as it fortunately ended for El Salvador.
  • Another Putin’s critic targeted with car bomb

    10/05/2016 8:54:01 AM PDT · by se99tp · 14 replies
    Perth Herald Tribune ^ | Oct 5th, 2016 | pht
    A car bomb exploded in the center of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, Tuesday night, targeting the car of Givi Targamadze, Russian president Vladimir Putin’s critic.
  • Israel has historic chance to strengthen its strategic position in the Middle East

    06/16/2016 8:34:42 AM PDT · by se99tp · 3 replies
    New World Standard Critique ^ | June 16th, 2016 | Ephraim Sneh
    All other aspects… due to the UN are not becoming any better. I will tell you all that in details. First, let’s talk about weapons. The development of long-range ballistic missiles continues. Only recently there were tests of long-range new missiles with the capacity to carry nuclear weapons. So in this area, the progress of Iran continues. The subversive activity of Iran in the Middle East continues, augmented by the Russian intervention Iran succeeds to keep Bashar al-Assad in power. Iran took control over Iraq. Shias militias trained by the Revolutionary Guards are spread out all over Iraq. The government...
  • Belgian police: ISIS symphatisers as staff at the airports. Terrorist: This is trueEU police warns a

    03/31/2016 9:42:20 PM PDT · by se99tp · 5 replies
    The police union, expressed also its concern about the terrorists scouting the airport to plan possible attacks. (...)The police raised also suspicions about the other airport staff members, who apparently celebrated terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015. The astonishing claims come on the top of revelations by the Salafist senior official in Gaza Strip. The terror operative told Israeli-based Breitbart journalist that jihadists are working in western airports.
  • Brain cancer: Two essential amino acids might hold key to better outcomesThe discovery of two amino

    03/31/2016 8:20:17 PM PDT · by se99tp · 21 replies
    Science Daily ^ | March 31, 2016 | Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
    Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Tryptophan and methionine are essential amino acids -- the diet must provide them because cells cannot make them. Normally, the lack of an essential amino acid in the diet can lead to serious diseases and even death. Foods rich in tryptophan and methionine include cheese, lamb, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, nuts and soybeans.
  • Propaganda video for ISIS in Belgium shows sophistication of the terrorist group

    03/30/2016 4:49:16 AM PDT · by se99tp · 11 replies
    New World Standard Critique ^ | March 30th, 2016 | .
    The group that prepared ISIS presentation on the public square in Brussels is not an amateur. It employs propaganda techniques such as a board filled with pictures of alleged victims of war in the Middle East as the background for the staged interview of their leader, changes scenes to communicate the messages and uses audio and video effects that influence emotion and imagination of viewers.
  • Islamic terrorist crucified a priest on Good Friday

    03/27/2016 8:54:37 PM PDT · by se99tp · 83 replies
    Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna confirmed this sad news.
  • Belorussian KGB says that Brussels terrorists came from their country

    03/22/2016 7:13:13 AM PDT · by se99tp · 5 replies
    New World Standard Critique ^ | March 22, 2016 | Benjamin Goldberg
    Belorussian KGB Spokesperson revealed mind-boggling details on, as they are saying, terrorists who perpetrated todays attacks in Brussels. Brothers who were born in Belorussia travelled to Belgium and Syria. After military training in Syria they returned to Europe.
  • In Moscow another Putin's critic was found dead

    01/13/2016 5:09:55 AM PST · by se99tp · 11 replies
    New World Standard Critique ^ | January 13th, 2016 | New World Standard Critique
    "According to Russian media, he died from apoplexy on January 10th, 2016. He was found dead after two days. But at least two opposition members including Mr Andrey Malgin expressed their fears that Mr Pribylovsky was, in fact, murdered. Mrs. Anastasia Kirilenko, who was co-operative of Mr. Pribylovsky, revealed on her Facebook, that he worked on a new books about Vladimir Putin in his regime as well as 'who is who' in Ukrainian politics and business for Western audience."
  • China abducts anti-Communist from Hong Kong. The Democracy Activist Issues Dramatic Appeal

    01/03/2016 5:46:01 AM PST · by se99tp · 6 replies
    Ms. Chow said: "In the past, we were safe because we lived in Hong Kong instead of the mainland China." But as she emphasised "the circumstances have changed" after abduction" of anti-Communist bookstore worker Mr. Lee ...Ms. Chow informed that, the bookstore located on busy street in Hong Kong, was established by Mr Lee. (..) I hope everyone in the world who believes in universal values of freedom and human rights could stand up and speak for this incident to stop the political suppression. Even though I am also concerned for my personal safety after this incident happened, I still...
  • Former FSB officer Accuses Putin for bombing of Russian passenger plane over Sinai

    12/27/2015 3:54:29 AM PST · by se99tp · 30 replies
    New World Standard Critique ^ | December 27th, 2015 | New World Standard Critique
    The motive and details of the operation were outlined in a memorandum compiled by the former FSB spy: ‘In order to accomplish all these aims and to get Western consent to fighting Islamic State (which was, essentially, official support for keeping the Assad regime in power), the Kremlin desperately needed the kind of justification which would generate worldwide attention and full international sympathy and approval for military action.’
  • It is our misfortune that part of Muslim world is convinced that current times are the end times

    12/23/2015 12:25:15 PM PST · by se99tp · 26 replies
    New World Standard Critique ^ | December 23rd, 2015 | Bernard Lewis
    For the first time in a millennium, as I said, the Arabs are in charge for their own affairs, responsible for their own affairs. (...)Khomeini in one of his writings talks about the need to drive out the Americans and that little protégé, the illegitimate offspring, he calls it, in the region.(...) In much of the Islamic world the defeat and collapse of the Soviet Union is seen as an Islamic victory.
  • Chinese dissident emphasises that the foundation of political system in China remains unchanged

    12/11/2015 5:37:07 AM PST · by se99tp · 6 replies
    New World Standard Critique ^ | Dec 11, 2015 | New World Standard Critique
    Chinese dissident Harry Wu emphasises that to not be deceived by Chinese propaganda broadcasted to West one needs to understand that the Communist Party of China has still absolute power in the state.
  • High ranking Chinese general called 1st Secretary Xi to begin transformation in China

    12/10/2015 3:36:13 AM PST · by se99tp · 18 replies
    New World Standard Critique ^ | Dec 10, 2015 | New World Standard Critique
    A friend of current First Secretary of Communist Party of China Xi Jinping published unprecedented open letter. A high-ranking general living in the West, is a son of founding member of Communist Party of China. He called Chairman Xi to begin transformation of the country political system.
  • ISIS is controlled by Russia

    12/08/2015 12:32:28 PM PST · by se99tp · 31 replies
    New World Standard Critique ^ | 12/08/2015 | New World Standard Critique
    ISIS is being controlled by Russian secret services says Hon. Ahmed Zakayev, Chairman of Government of Chechnya on Exile. Zakayev received asylum in Britain after escaping Putin's regime revenge.
  • New Prime Minister of Australia - Inadvertent Propagandist of Islam

    09/15/2015 8:10:37 AM PDT · by se99tp · 50 replies
    "I mean Islam is an ancient religion of great scholarship" - said Mr. Malcolm Turnbull. He argued on the eyes of millions television viewers that " It is important for us that we promote and encourage Islam" (...) Mr. Turnbull statements seem to be misinformed and confusing which promote and communicate, at best, incomplete view of complex political reality. Because Islam has never been perceived by its proponents in Eastern world, as Christianity is being seen in Western civilization.
  • The main problem is not China but Obama financial regulations

    09/02/2015 8:41:08 AM PDT · by se99tp · 2 replies
    Deflationary Thoughts ^ | 09/02/2015 | Deflationary Thoughts
    What is the topic that dominates today conversations in financial circles? “It isn’t Greece, or the U.S. economy, or China…It is the lack of liquidity in the markets and what this might mean for the world economy—and their businesses. Market veterans say they have never experienced anything like it.
  • Neo-communists in Kremlin. Moscow acts according its ideology, it is non-ideological

    08/21/2015 4:50:14 PM PDT · by se99tp · 4 replies
    CCDReport ^ | August 19th, 2015 | CCDReport
    "The East West conflict continues as long as there is general acceptance of the unspoken but nevertheless operational assumption that the there isn't any underlying ideology of the post Cold War Kremlin and that hardly anybody - even among the Russian ruling elite - believes in anything. This assumption leads to subsequent assumption that Kremlin rulers and their entourage had thereby changed to such an extent that it no longer subscribes to any attributes of communist system."
  • The Greatest Revelation of G20 Summit

    11/18/2014 7:06:34 AM PST · by se99tp · 2 replies
    CCD Report ^ | November 18th, 2014
    (…) While Putin was sitting alone at the table, the other tyrant (not elected in democratic elections) was warmly received, accepted if not worshipped. Current First Secretary of the Communist Party of China (It is worthy to note that Prime Minister Abbot and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop did not even dare to utter his full communist title in their public statements) enjoyed their company. Comrade Xi, as he should be known, not one time declared that the Western democratic values can not be reconciled with Marxism-Leninism. Comrade Xi preaches “Chinese Dream” that is another disinformation term to conceal the totalitarian...
  • Nw Australian newspaper repeats Russian propaganda

    11/05/2014 8:34:24 AM PST · by se99tp · 11 replies
    ccd Report ^ | 11/5/2014 | B.G.
    The début of the new printed newspaper in the era of the digital domination, which shrank or eliminated conventional centuries old media must come as a big surprise. Last Saturday the first issue of “Australian National Review” enriched the offer of the political magazines available in the Australian newsstands. The owner of the new title is the Australian “entrepreneur”, “financial advisor” and “educator” Mr. Jamie McIntyre, who now decided also took role of publisher. In his attempt to portray himself as pro-Russian Mr. McIntyre is ignoring views of significant percentage of Russian population. He seems to be satisfied with the...
  • Cultural War during the Cold War 2.0

    09/26/2014 6:14:55 PM PDT · by se99tp · 7 replies
    CCD Report ^ | September 26th, 2014 | B.G.
    When American political nymphomaniacs and masochists marched in New York, the Russian freedom defenders walked in a peaceful protest against the current policy of Kremlin on Ukraine and in other neighboring states. They wanted to speak their thoughts above the cameras of the regime-controlled media. Supporters of opposition or apolitical citizens declared on the streets of Moscow, Sankt-Petersburg, Saratov, Novosibirsk, Rostov, Tomsk, Yekaterinburg, Barnaul “We do not want a war!” Some put this slogan into even more telling one: “It is better to be active today, then to be radioactive tomorrow!” (…) Last Thursday, September 25th, 2014, President of Lithuania...
  • Kremlin 'modus operandi' origins in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Georgia invasions

    08/29/2014 1:26:50 AM PDT · by se99tp · 7 replies
    CCDreport ^ | August 29th, 2014
    The Kremlin regime continues to misinform the Western audience trying to convince that that Ukrainian war is its internal issue. How successful it will be? It depends when the Western media will decide to finally report the bigger picture of this war.
  • The West 's green light for the federalization of Ukraine and its dependence on Russia

    08/27/2014 12:56:33 AM PDT · by se99tp · 53 replies
    CCDreport ^ | August 27th, 2014
    Current political situation suggests that the silent permission of West for a federalization of Ukraine may be already a fact. Russia is restoring its political, military and economic influence on one more state closer to the border with the Pre-1989 West. It may not be unrealistic to think that if the pragmatic Germany sold Ukraine to Putin, unimpressed by the incredible price it paid in blood for an independence of the KGB regime in Moscow, Berlin can also trade the other political achievements of Ronald Reagan with Russia.
  • Wondering Jew Envied by Nations Consoled by G-d

    08/04/2014 9:44:54 AM PDT · by se99tp · 3 replies
    CCD Report ^ | August 4th, 2014
    Jewish people arguably more than any other nation have their history marked with suffering and sorrows. Almost every hundred years this nation has been oppressed with new strength of the methods revealing viciousness and hostility in its fullness. The primitive cultures conceived its own form of the anti-Semitism, which had characteristics of the religious belief. This ancient hatred did not clash but merged with Western rationalism and theology causing world catastrophes.
  • PM of Australia Reganesque politician?

    07/29/2014 4:04:30 AM PDT · by se99tp
    CCD Report ^ | July 27, 2014 | B.G.
    Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbot said words, which convey truth that was until that day rejected in West and censored in East. Like Reagan over thirty years ago, Prime Minister Abbott reminded about the boundary between the good and evil in a public life:...
  • How Vietnam Vets were embraced - what media did not cover

    07/04/2014 6:56:05 PM PDT · by se99tp · 19 replies
    ChristianConcepsDaily ^ | June 4th, 2014 | Dr. Joseph Horton
    Independence Day is the yearly pinnacle of patriotism. But, as the media in the 1960s and 70s reported, Americans did not seem very patriotic when it came to the Vietnam War. What if what we know about Americans’ lack of support for our troops in Vietnam is wrong?
  • A Decent Respect: Renewing the Spirit of '76

    07/03/2014 9:06:39 PM PDT · by se99tp · 1 replies
    ChristianConcepsDaily ^ | July 4th, 2014 | Marvin J. Folkertsma
    July 4, 1776 gave birth to perhaps the most revolutionary political document in the history of civilization, submitted by men who proclaimed, “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”
  • WWI and the Second Fall of Man

    06/27/2014 8:58:56 PM PDT · by se99tp · 27 replies
    ChristianConcepsDaily ^ | June 28th, 2014 | Paul Kengor
    On June 28, 1914, a Bosnian-Serb student named Gavrilo Princip killed Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, the duchess. (…) That deadly summer unfolded 100 years ago, and the world truly was never the same. Civilization was soon engaged in a horrific conflict marred by mechanized warfare previously unimaginable: tanks, subs, battleships, air power, machine guns with names like “the Devil’s paint brush,” and legions of poison gas—the largest-scale use of chemical weapons in history.
  • The tragedy to end all of tragedies?

    06/26/2014 8:17:54 PM PDT · by se99tp · 4 replies
    ChristianConcepsDaily ^ | June 27th, 2014 | Gary Welton
    We are our brothers’ keepers, and we need to be wise as we plan international policy and personal treatment. Nevertheless, it is idealistic and unreasonable to expect that the insane consequences of our human condition will be eradicated this side of eternity.
  • Daddy, daddy, are you o.k.?

    06/12/2014 8:17:02 PM PDT · by se99tp · 1 replies
    ChristianConcepsDaily ^ | June 13th, 2014 | Dr. Gary Welton
    "the importance of honesty, integrity, transparency, and reliability are still requirements for the job. Dad, I thank you for modeling those traits."
  • I would encourage that hate be met with love, says the shooting hero

    06/11/2014 2:32:27 AM PDT · by se99tp · 10 replies
    ChristianConcepsDaily ^ | June 11th, 2014 | CCD
    I would encourage that hate be met with love. When I came face to face with the attacker, God gave me the eyes to see that he was not a faceless monster, but a very sad and troubled young man. While I cannot at this time find it within me to forgive his crime, I truly desire that he will find the grace of God and the forgiveness of our community.
  • The Ultimate Sacrifice

    05/23/2014 10:29:29 PM PDT · by se99tp · 2 replies
    ChristianConcepsDaily ^ | May 24th, 2014 | Mark Hendrickson
    They laid down their lives so that others—originally Americans, but later, people of many nationalities—might live and enjoy the blessings of liberty. Scores, if not hundreds of millions, of people are not only alive, but are free today because Americans took up arms and laid down their lives for the sake of others.
  • World War III: gas as a weapon of mass destruction

    05/14/2014 8:02:23 AM PDT · by se99tp · 3 replies
    ChristianConcepsDaily ^ | May 14th, 2014 | Yuri Felshtynsky
    There is something unusual (and cynical) that the occupation of Ukraine by Russia is combined with simultaneous demand to pay out billions of dollars to Russia for past and future supplies of Russian gas in not yet occupied part of Ukraine. Actually in the occupied as well, as the Russian gas was supplied in the Crimea and Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
  • Remembering Gary Becker: A Supporter of Freedom, Critic of Obamacare

    05/09/2014 7:54:33 AM PDT · by se99tp · 2 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | May 9th, 2014 | Tracy C. Miller
    Like his teacher Milton Friedman, Gary Becker was a supporter of freedom and free markets. One could certainly disagree with him for being too tolerant of some kinds of interventionist government economic policy. Nevertheless, he was often critical of government intervention in the economy, arguing in support of free trade, deregulation, privatization, and against the Affordable Care Act.
  • Putin is Pursuing Lenin's Goal

    04/30/2014 9:35:52 AM PDT · by se99tp · 25 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | April 30th, 2014 | -
    In 2014 West seems to be in the same place {like in 1939]. Its experts do not understand the transformation of Russia after the Cold War. They are oblivious to the fact that the Russian regime did not change at all. Although the Politburo may have gone and the communist ideology is not required anymore, the institutions and nomenklatura remained intact. What is more important, the strategic goal of current Kremlin to defeat West, in war or without it, differs little from the goal of Soviet communist to rule over the world.
  • "Ownership Increasingly More Important Than The Job", says Reagan's economist

    04/17/2014 9:18:21 AM PDT · by se99tp · 7 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | April 17th, 2014 | Dr. Norman Kurland
    The rich are not the problem, the greedy are not the problem, the crooked are not the problem - the problem is the system that brings them about. If the system is ours, the system means by the people, of the people, for the people, then now it is time to take it back. Now it is time to demand that it would be changed.
  • Soviet roots of the anti-Israeli Christ at the Checkpoint campaign

    03/27/2014 12:39:25 AM PDT · by se99tp · 8 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | March 27th, 2014
    The coexistence of "Palestinian" Arabs and Moscow started from a lie, which will be ever-present in the propaganda of so-called Palestinian cause. As former American intelligence service’s expert James Hansen emphasized in his book, Soviets advertised “cause of Palestinian guerilla groups” using untruths about “the battles between the Israelis and Palestians”. In late 1968, publicity was apparent in the Soviet press over the cause of the Palestinian guerrilla groups. This publicity was coupled with exaggerated numbers of Israeli casualties and nonexistent battles between the Israelis and Palestinians.
  • TRAGEDY a view from Ukraine missing in American (also conservative) media

    01/24/2014 9:47:32 AM PST · by se99tp · 10 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | Jan 24th, 2014 | Jurij Andruchowycz
    If dictatorship prevails in Ukraine, the country will become a prison for its citizens and the new North Korea for international community – warns Jurij Andruchowycz
  • Ariel Sharon had first hand knowledge about Soviet/Russian military intentions and strategies

    01/15/2014 2:06:56 AM PST · by se99tp · 1 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | Jan 14th, 2013
    This kind of toughness of character and the understanding of the personal calling characterized Ariel Sharon, a strategist and politician. He learnt early during his military service, who was continued threat for Israel and who would not stop before the setting the whole Middle East and possible even the world on fire. Israeli Army identity 38166 owner, who retired with the rank of Major General witnessed probably one of the most dangerous days of the Cold War which are still to be researched by historians. After Six Days War another one started, which is rarely being mentioned in the popular...
  • Agreement with the Palestinians has nothing to do with the real threats

    12/23/2013 7:29:46 AM PST · by se99tp · 5 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | December 23, 2013
    "Kerry has forgotten, apparently, that the devil is in the details and that no real agreement exists now, or has ever existed, on the relevant issues -- not on the refugees, not on Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, and not on recognition and security….
  • Mandela Memorial Service. A Festival Hypocrisy and Cynicism

    12/12/2013 7:02:16 AM PST · by se99tp · 12 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | Dec 12th, 2013
    Whether or not they were aware, the leaders of the Western democracies gathered in Pretoria’s stadium were inadvertently taking part in the celebration of “the people’s democracy” and not the democracy. (…) On the day of Mandela's Memorial Service in the Pretoria Stadium, the former deputy general secretary of the South African Communist Party, Solly Mapaila stated in an interview that Mandela was a member of the party but it was denied at the time for “political reasons”. Documents...
  • Unknown Evidence from the Soviet Archives: What organization did Nelson Mandela belong to?

    12/09/2013 6:46:25 AM PST · by se99tp · 9 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | December 9th, 2013
    The Soviet documents clearly show the true nature of the activities of the African National Congress of the South Africa, which Mandela belonged to. Without them the image of the Nelson Mandela would not be complete.
  • Gao Zhisheng, Hero of Our Times, Who Revealed the Truth About the 21-st Century China

    12/06/2013 7:41:44 AM PST · by se99tp · 2 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | December 6th, 2013
    It was Gao Zhisheng, who put his life at risk and provided the most important knowledge on the nature and essence of the Communist regime in China in the twenty first century. Gao Zhisheng told the truth about the Communist China.
  • Ladies And Gentleman, Whoever Among You Heard About Judge Clark?

    08/15/2013 9:51:51 AM PDT · by se99tp · 3 replies
    Epoch Times ^ | August 14th, 2014 | Tom Pompowski
    The closest friend of President Ronald Reagan, his confidante and great freedom fighter William P. Clark known as Judge Clark passed on Saturday 10th of August in his rancho in California. As one of his long-time friends put it: “Nobody else helped the President so much to change the history by breaking the Evil Empire”. Judge Clark was great Christian, brilliant politician and noble-minded man.
  • Essence of Education: To Detest What Lord Detest And Love What He Lauds

    06/25/2013 2:48:44 AM PDT · by se99tp
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | June 25th, 2012 | Dr. John A. Sparks
    Some in the post-modern snobby, secular academy view these Christian faith-based perspectives as not being academically respectable. They hold to a rigid, narrow dogmatic “establishment of unbelief” (Marsden). Our faculty members, by contrast, think it is intellectually dishonest and stultifying to examine the large questions of truth, beauty, evil, community, the physical world and the human mind as though Christian religious ideas have nothing to say about them. So faith is foundational to everything we do here on this campus. My old friend the late Russell Kirk use to put it this way—As he watched students lining up, as they...
  • PM Netanyahu's right hand: Peace is a historic process, not a timetable

    05/03/2013 4:34:00 AM PDT · by se99tp · 2 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | May 2nd, 2013 | Zalman Shoval
    At first, Palestinians have to recognize Jewish state... "Dramatic." "Historic." These are the words used by some jubilant left-wing politicians (including one cabinet minister) upon hearing the Qatari prime minister announce the Arab League's decision to support Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations on the basis of the 1967 borders with the addition of a land-swap. Not only was this declaration neither dramatic nor historic, it heralded absolutely no change in the Arab attitude toward the conflict with Israel.
  • Margaret Thatcher the Spokesperson for Freedom and Faith

    04/09/2013 1:44:23 AM PDT · by se99tp · 3 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | Tom Pompowski
    She was never a politician. At least not in the understanding of the famous American preacher James Freeman Clarke, who in the nineteenth century had noticed that politicians think of the next election, a statesman, of the next generation. (...) Gorbachev never understood the value and the sense of democracy. For him democracy equals with the people’s democracy, Soviet tautology that had been used by Communist regimes as a smokescreen. Although some public figures understood it, not many had courage to admit and even less wanted to correct Mr. Gorbachev in public. Margaret Thatcher did. She understood that alleged Gorbachev’s...
  • Netanyahu's Special Envoy: West may not have sufficient time to stop Iran

    11/30/2012 8:52:17 AM PST · by se99tp · 15 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | November 30th, 2012 | Ambassador Zalman Shoval
    "We hope, but we are not very confident or we are very sanguine about it, but we hope that the Obama administration, the US administration, will live up to its commitment to stop the Iranians getting the bomb before it is too late. Few months ago there was tremendous debate going on, the controversy between what Prime Minister Netanyahu said about the need for drawing a red line, and the American position. Namely the Israeli position was that the red line should be a point from where the Iranian has achieved enough enriched uranium, plutonium in order to cross the...
  • The label tolerance became an excuse for clear thinking

    09/04/2012 8:04:25 AM PDT · by se99tp · 3 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | Sept 4th, 2012 | Dr. Mark Durie
    Dr Mark Durie: Australia is doing better than many. There are a couple of factors, we have controlled our immigration much more than we might have. The points system for immigrants has made it quite hard for Muslims to come into the country. Because they come from certain circumstances and backgrounds, which makes it harder for them to meet those criteria. If you look at the immigration of Muslims in the past decade. There are more Hindu Indians coming from South-East Asia, England and other places. So we have managed to control immigration indirectly. Whether it was intentional is an...