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  • Katie Couric interviews Ted Cruz

    06/29/2015 8:59:53 AM PDT · 12 of 102
    Peter Libra to Signalman
    I hope he handled her better than Sarah Palin did.

    I understand the tapes of that interview which Couric did with Sarah Palin had 18 different applications. This to use a manipulation of the interview and make Sarah Palin look bad.

    Once described as the "perky one," Couric's methods tell us more about her, never mind about Sarah Palin. She is a spiteful person. Can one imagine what bile drives her each morning as she gets up and preens herself in the mirror?.

  • Confederate Hollywood

    06/26/2015 7:41:19 PM PDT · 31 of 41
    Peter Libra to Kid Shelleen
    I mention The General.

    Buster Keaton was the lead role in 1926. He played Johnnie Gray and he got the girl also. The film was loosely based on the epic chase of a commandeered locomotive, called the General. A Union spy, Virginia born and Union troops drove the train many miles, intent on damage to the Confederacy. They had seized it by force.

    An engineer and other Confederates seized another locomotive called The Texas. A wild chase ensued. They halted the General and the Union men ran for cover. The Texas, when I saw it at the Cyclorama building in Atlanta was on display.

    Some critics have called this silent film "One of the greatest films of all time".

  • Black lawmakers call for removal of Confederate flag on government property

    06/26/2015 8:27:27 AM PDT · 42 of 54
    Peter Libra to C19fan
    I could scarcely believe my ears when I saw on CNN ,a new assault. A usual suspect claimed a move was afoot to change the names of US Army bases. A number were named after Confederate Generals such as Fort Hood, Fort Bragg and Fort Beauregard.

    I can hardly believe it, but like the energizer bunny, the zealots keep on going. Hopefully they will run out of whatever drives them on a single subject.

  • Gettysburg to remove Confederate flag items (The Country has Gone Mad!!!!!)

    06/25/2015 7:24:01 PM PDT · 61 of 75
    Peter Libra to Red in Blue PA
    Something tells me I should not get in on the conversation, being from up Canada way. Still just cannot go on without mentioning my little trip to Atlanta in 1959. There is a splendid building housing the Cyclorama. It is a huge round painting depicting the siege of Atlanta.

    Outside is the locomotive called "The Texas". It is mounted and displayed. Union troops had forcibly boarded a locomotive called "The General". They were intent on mayhem and drove many miles away. An engineer and Confederate soldiers chased the General, using the Texas and halted the train.

    Sadly, because of the rules of war, eight Union men were hanged. Nine survived. An epic story. Buster Keaton appeared in the 1926 film "The General" loosely based on the real event. His role was of the engineer who was a Southern hero. Very sympathetic to the South, this old movie.

    Surely this revisionism will blow over. Even liberals get tired .

  • Constitution-denier Piers Morgan: Whites who use the N-word should be jailed

    06/24/2015 7:51:09 AM PDT · 37 of 37
    Peter Libra to Sean_Anthony

    Likely following the old London Daily Mirror tactic that was so successful. Just spout something outrageous and then sit back and laugh at the reaction. Just an opinion here though. Now he is back front and centre in the limelight.

  • Ann Coulter: Nikki Haley ‘Is an Immigrant and Does Not Understand America’s History’ [Watch Video]

    06/24/2015 7:40:31 AM PDT · 23 of 76
    Peter Libra to SeekAndFind

    Birth name is Nimrata Nikki Randhawa. Parents from the Amritsar District of India.

  • Piers Morgan Proposes Jailing White People Who Use the ‘N-Word’

    06/23/2015 1:11:04 PM PDT · 71 of 81
    Peter Libra to 2ndDivisionVet
    I remember a retired newspaper columnist from the London Daily Mirror many years ago. He let readers into a secret concerning the Mirror's success.

    "Write something that makes them choke over their breakfast". It must have worked. The Mirror had six million sales daily in a population of fifty million.

    Cunning old Piers Morgan. To think I took his part when he challenged Australian cricketers. They said he never played any real cricket. He stood at bat and they had at him. They broke the rules of the bowlers delivery, which is the extended arm to deliver. They threw the ball at him. Nasty stuff.

    Oh well.....

  • Movement Grows To Make June 27 ‘National Burn The Confederate Flag Day’

    06/22/2015 7:47:05 AM PDT · 94 of 108
    Peter Libra to Pelham; 2ndDivisionVet
    Your post #90 noted.

    There seems to be some sort of politically correct appeasement in this old word of ours. Now the original flag of England was the Cross of St. George. A red cross on a white background.

    To mark themselves as English, soccer fans, some of them rowdies painted the red cross on their faces. A village in England called Radstock, banned the flying of the old St George flag. There were 16 muslims in the village of 5000. Did not want to offend them. Others spoke of removing that old flag from town halls. vis: do not offend muslims with the flag of the Crusaders. Another reason being to do not associate with anything that soccer rowdies use.

    So it goes. In friendly fashion I will check back on June 30th.

  • Movement Grows To Make June 27 ‘National Burn The Confederate Flag Day’

    06/21/2015 8:13:19 PM PDT · 60 of 108
    Peter Libra to 2ndDivisionVet

    I wonder if the sound and fury generated by the would be flag burners will die soon? Like many cries of “outrage” over some perceived “racist” problem, it is likely to have a shelf life. It will be interesting to view the media coverage at the end of this month.

  • Charleston, Dylann Roof and the racism of millennials

    06/19/2015 11:10:09 AM PDT · 31 of 35
    Peter Libra to Biggirl
    My post on the President of the NAACP seemed somewhat harsh accusing him of race hatred. I tried to access any information and cannot seem to find any real overt Sharpton type stuff.

    I did find an interview with one Erin Burnett with Mr. Brooks. She quoted the stepfather of Michael Brown, an black male shot by police. He screamed "Burn this bitch down" referring to Ferguson city. Mr. Brooks replied " I don't think it was a call for violence, or caused violence". Somewhat debatable I would think. I just seemed to think that race baiting was a valid criticism of Mr. Brooks on the subject of Roof's evil deed.

  • Charleston, Dylann Roof and the racism of millennials

    06/19/2015 9:52:41 AM PDT · 28 of 35
    Peter Libra to Biggirl
    I have just been watching CBC Canada T/V. A member of the NAACP is holding forth. I think I caught the name Brooks. What followed is a diatribe of pure thinly disguised race hate. The man had veins standing out on his forehead. One target was the flag of the Confederacy. I stand to be corrected but he was calling for the banning of it.

    I consider myself to an extent independent here. I make no mistake. The man's speech and manner is hatred of the vilest kind, because of it's thin disguise. Easy to see through the Reverend Wright, he left himself wide open. This man more skilled.

  • Vanity: Obama Slams America and Guns in Response to Shooting

    06/18/2015 10:49:23 AM PDT · 46 of 62
    Peter Libra to kenmcg
    Notice how every news report describes the perp as a white male.

    I took special note of the MSM and there was Ashley Banfield et al on CNN. Also the banner headline beneath the various presentations of this tragedy.

    White male, white male, and more white male. They did the phrase to death. All deliberate of course. More white guilt I would suppose.

  • Liberal Guilt Produced Rachel Dolezal

    06/17/2015 7:20:52 PM PDT · 23 of 24
    Peter Libra to mrs ippi; Kaslin
    She desperately needs help. She has lost reality which is psychotic. May God bless her and heal her.- so sick.

    I agree with your empathic comments.

    I have this book.
    A Singular Woman
    The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother.
    Author: Janny Scott 2011.

    It is the story of a young impressionable woman who has her mind corrupted by liberals. She despised old fashioned America.These ideas were taught by her high school teachers and others. What may be missed by some critics, is the infiltration of America haters into the educational system.

    In this way the white liberal preaching contempt and even hatred for old fashioned America, blighted young minds. They then switched their vile message to then preaching against white authority. Called it white priviledge.

    None of them ever thought of giving up the wonderful advantages of an American society. No guilt for their lily white selves though. They simply preached some sort of white guilt on impressionable young minds. Please excuse this rant. Just had to sound off.

  • Magna Carta: Eight Centuries of Liberty

    06/12/2015 12:47:45 PM PDT · 20 of 23
    Peter Libra to beaversmom
    Your post #17.

    Under the laws of the land a husband could thus have all rights over wife's property including monies. The children of a widow would be in jeopardy of their inheritance being taken by the aforesaid husband.

    The Charter fore bade this. Among other things.

  • Magna Carta: Eight Centuries of Liberty

    06/12/2015 12:25:04 PM PDT · 15 of 23
    Peter Libra to Peter Libra
    Whoops! My bad. 4th line down.

    ..... and she may remain in the house of her husband for fourty days after his death, within which time her dower will be assigned to her.

  • Magna Carta: Eight Centuries of Liberty

    06/12/2015 12:20:26 PM PDT · 14 of 23
    Peter Libra to beaversmom
    Of interest. Article 7.

    A widow , after the death of her husband, shall forthwith and without difficulty have her marriage portion and inheritance; nor shall she give anything for her dower, or for her marriage portion, or for the inheritance which her husband and she held on the day of the death of her husband for fourty days after his death, within which time her dower will assigned to her.

    Another clause calls for the expulsion of various mercenaries. Crossbowmen, armed knights and other nuisances to the common man. Back to France with them!

  • New hideous huge London feminist hell dog statue

    06/11/2015 6:14:12 PM PDT · 96 of 126
    Peter Libra to NYer
    I am instructed by my socialist wife (bless her) to make this statement. She is university educated and born and brought up in the London area. We have lived in Canada for over fifty years. She has a strong connection to England an especially London. Herewith her statement:

    A beautiful old city with historic buildings and art should not be defiled by hideous ugly things. This will help ruin this ancient city. Some people seem to think their creations are a sign of intelligence. It appears to be the exact opposite. What would Leonardo have thought?

  • NTSB: No evidence that Amtrak engineer used phone at time of crash

    06/10/2015 11:03:35 AM PDT · 49 of 55
    Peter Libra to DiogenesLamp; Kickass Conservative
    Your post #25.

    He was trying to kill himself and everybody else. As is common for Homosexuals, he was trying to commit suicide.....

    It seems to me that there is a tactic used by police and other interogators, where a crime may be suspected. Ask the person concerned whether he/she will take a polygraph test. Leading question.

    Do you remember the increase in speed, before derailment?

  • Cop shot and killed in west Edmonton (Alberta-Canada-"hate crimes" constable)

    06/09/2015 9:41:59 AM PDT · 15 of 15
    Peter Libra to 1010RD; Nextrush
    Every reporter I have ever met wished he was the king. He'd do it right. It's egoism at a key stroke. It's narcissism with a microphone.

    I wished I said that (grin). Never a truer word. Irrespective of anyone's views of President George W. Bush, it seemed the MSM strove to denigrate him. At times it was akin to hate. Seemed like a most affable gentleman to me. Sure, disagree with his policies if they wished.

    Same in Canada with moderate conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The Canadian television monoliths churn out politely well disguised snipes about him. So clever are they some viewers are hardly aware of their bias. They cannot stand to see him in power.

    Someone described it as "death by a thousand cuts".

  • Muslim Woman's 'Fake Hate' Over a Diet Coke, Of Course It Was a Lie

    06/08/2015 8:47:58 AM PDT · 22 of 27
    Peter Libra to lifeofgrace; I want the USA back
    Ever since 9/11 these psychopathic people have used "legitimate" or vague actions to keep us off balance. Witness the imams on passenger flights in Minnesota. Praying loudly and shuffling seat places near the emergency exits. Then underneath the International Bridge connecting the Upper Peninsula with Ontario came a group of muslims from Dearborn, Michigan.

    Not your tourist spot for sure and they took videos and made a noisy display. Canadian security alerted the American border people. They said there was nothing they could do as no law prevented them from doing this. In my opinion it is a war of nerves and designed to give various muslim groups a special status. They know exactly what they are doing. Anyone that is doing this in a democratic country, in which people risk their lives to enter, are malevolent and mentally sick.

    I repeat - a war of nerves. (excuse this rant).

  • 25 Places In Scotland That Are Straight Out Of A Fantasy Novel

    06/06/2015 12:57:18 PM PDT · 58 of 72
    Peter Libra to the scotsman
    The words of "The Road to the Isles" started up in my mind as I viewed the great picture studies. One, of Rannock Moor brought me back to 1954. I was a youth hosteller up from London Town. I was told at Kinloch Rannoch station, no train for four hours to Fort William.

    I asked the station master if the path starting at the moor would take me to Glencoe. It was about twelve miles. I started walking and he said "I hope ye know what ye are doing". After ten miles with absolutely no dwellings, but the streams and the croaking of frogs, I lost it. Became disoriented.

    Not the website to go on the subject, but the memory still vivid. I later learned that in 1907, four Irish lads working on a great hydro project, had walked the same route. There was no tavern at Kinloch Rannock and with their pay went to Glencoe to drink. At the area where I almost lost it, on their return, a storm blew up. They died.

    This was on the eastern side of Rannoch, not where the Glencoe massacre took place. I finally saw a lodge and a path to the highway.

  • MTV: Bruce Jenner Changing his Gender as Brave as Veterans

    06/05/2015 6:35:18 PM PDT · 34 of 60
    Peter Libra to Organic Panic

    June 6th 1944.
    Picture brings this to mind. The biggest invasion flotilla in history. The Allied landing in France.

  • [Canadian] PM announces expanded biometric screening

    06/04/2015 6:56:30 PM PDT · 3 of 3
    Peter Libra to Dartman
    Dats my boy!!

    I seemed to have missed the reaction of Thomas Mulcair, leader of the parliamentary opposition. I know he kicked up a fuss about his personal safety where he resides. Not enough done for him, I presume, after the attack on Parliament. Coupled with the brutal senseless slaying of a volunteer guard at the cenotaph. This includes his eulogy to Islam at a mosque.

    Steer her straight Prime Minister.

  • Texas Police Play “lets make a deal” With The Constitution – Twenty Five Waco “Twin Peaks” Bikers Re

    06/03/2015 8:08:08 PM PDT · 61 of 103
    Peter Libra to humblegunner

    I posted to another Freeper and added that post to you and may have it wrong. Thought you were from Michigan. Then I saw the flag on your about.

  • Anger over Caitlyn Jenner Being Chosen Over Lauren Hill for ESPY Courage Award

    06/03/2015 8:02:10 PM PDT · 36 of 40
    Peter Libra to ping jockey; humblegunner
    We are headed toward a time when our ultra frivolous, easily amused. populace will just hand it all to anybody that screams BOO.

    I read you and know there is a valid reason for your apparent despair. As I watch the various television shows and the fawning agenda driven sycophantic talking heads, I shout in disgust. However and it is a big however, I often visit our neighboring twin city of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

    It seems that the rot and degeneration has not reached much of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Maybe someone will say different. Life goes on and the long ships pass up and down the St Mary's River. The tourists flock along the waterfront. One murder in the last five years. Low crime rate.

    I have read the book "The Blue Highways" by William Least Heat Moon, first printed about 2002. His little odyssey around the periphery of the USA. The quiet strength of the men and women in little towns stands out. Now I know this is a long screed, please excuse. I am now 83 years old. The highlight of my summer is to be driven by my daughter and family up to Michigan's Copper Country. This in August. I first "discovered" it in 1961. Took relatives from England up there.

    Then there is the classic film Anatomy of a Murder. This made up in those parts. I expect to see everything much as I last saw it. This old fashioned America must and will endure. The struggle will not be easy. Those who sneer will have to face one heck of a winter season (laughs). No room for frivolous do nothings, I would guess.

  • Anger over Caitlyn Jenner Being Chosen Over Lauren Hill for ESPY Courage Award

    06/03/2015 6:26:39 PM PDT · 34 of 40
    Peter Libra to lbryce
    I would presume Bruce Jenner has a sexual preference. Had he privately and quietly had his "change" it might have been less provocative. What concerns me is that some years ago I read of a man hooking up with a "female" at a bar. They got into some groping in the back seat of his vehicle. He was so disturbed when finding out the "female" had male genitalia, he committed murder. His life ruined. I could not find that reference, but found this.

    February 2015. A Texas College football player met online a "female." A relative explained they got into some hot and heavy stuff on meeting. This was in a vehicle. Two shots were heard and forensics put the football player on trial for his life. The trans gender person was dead.

    The 21 year old football player as his photograph showed, could have had success with women in general. I am saddened by the sudden revulsion that causes some men to completely lose it. Lives ruined.

    Let us get back to normal.

  • Post-election sniping continues at UKIP as Farage criticized

    05/31/2015 12:35:21 PM PDT · 9 of 12
    Peter Libra to Flintlock; Olog-hai

    The problem appears to be with those who profess their holy than thou humanity. Were they to be directly responsible from their own pockets, we would see a change of mind. They simply rely on the system to go on and on printing up money. I did some research as to the cost of HIV treatment in Canada.

    November 24th 2011. Canadian AIDS Society. 1.3 million dollars per person. Total expectancy over 4 billion dollars for all. The number still increasing of infected persons.

    If the system we support in Western Civilization, ever breaks down as in 1920's Germany then everyone is screwed. The money system collapsed and along came a little dictator. (pardon the word usage). Excuse the rant.

  • Adios, America! The Left's Plan to Turn US Into a Third World Hell Hole (Coulter's new book)

    05/25/2015 8:17:03 PM PDT · 88 of 190
    Peter Libra to smoothsailing; Beave Meister
    I have read your assessment of Ann Coulter's book. I like to do book reviews myself as shown on my profile. This impels me to trot down to Indigo books up here in Canada and invest. Canada too does suffer from seemingly unrestricted immigration. It has not really hit yet, because of it's widely spread thin population.

    I sadly smile at some of the exchanges and will keep my nose out of it. I will however repeat a statement made at one time.

    We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall hang separately.
    Ben Franklin.

  • Memorial Day: Remembering a generation defined by duty, one woven into our national tapestry

    05/24/2015 7:59:46 PM PDT · 19 of 20
    Peter Libra to Cincinatus' Wife
    From up Canada way my wife and I watched the NATIONAL MEMORIAL DAY CONCERT. It was on the Detroit Channel 14. We both remembered WW2 living in Greater London, England. Both kids though. Just this from us and including the marvellous singing and bands. Not forgetting who saved our bacon.

    Thanks America!

  • Pro-Gay Marriage Senator: Irish Vote Will Lead To Change Like Soviet Revolution

    05/23/2015 11:58:00 AM PDT · 18 of 36
    Peter Libra to silverleaf; 2ndDivisionVet
    Anyone who romanticizes the Bolshevik Revolution should watch the movie Dr Zhivago again.

    The Russian royal family as you will know were faced with these same Bolsheviks. The more moderate revolutionaries were displaced and the Bolsheviks murdered the whole family together. Children were included.

    I would like mention studies given the quiet treatment by the MSM. The violence in relationships, both male and female, within the homosexual "community" are much higher that straight people.

    The IRA murdered their own kind after the establishment of the Irish Free State. Michael Collins comes to mind.

  • Nine dead in violent clash between rival biker gangs at Texas restaurant.

    05/18/2015 9:38:10 AM PDT · 304 of 325
    Peter Libra to BeadCounter
    Whoops! I did not notice your link #178 to the Southern Ontario massacre at Shedden. Well before I posted a rough outline. Just hearing about massive police arrests down in Texas of bikers. One figure was 165 of them. Hope they could find room in a jail.

    Going to be quite a process to sort them all out, I would think. Still the law shows it's teeth here.

  • Nine dead in violent clash between rival biker gangs at Texas restaurant.

    05/17/2015 8:32:20 PM PDT · 239 of 325
    Peter Libra to jocon307; BeadCounter
    Further to my post on Bandidos massacre in Ontario, Canada. Seems an "El Presidente" from a chapter in the United States ordered Canadian Bandidos to kill the eight men.

    "The Canadian Chapter is finished". he said. Never brought to justice if that is true.

  • Nine dead in violent clash between rival biker gangs at Texas restaurant.

    05/17/2015 8:07:32 PM PDT · 229 of 325
    Peter Libra to jocon307; BeadCounter
    Just to fill in some information from up Ontario, Canada way, though nothing to do with Texas. It was in 2006, at the tiny community of Shedden, Ontario. It was the biggest mass killing for years in Ontario. Eight members or associates of the "Bandidos" were found dead in vehicles by a farmer. Other individuals had decided to kill them. Also believed to be loosely connected with that gang.

    Heavy penalties were handed out totalling 44 counts. Only last year, were three of the men appealing their sentences. I cannot really get to the reason for the deaths, but one version was they refused to go to Winnipeg. This was over a 1000 miles away and it was to attend a funeral of a Bandido.

    Damn glad I live in Northern Ontario.

  • BREAKING & NSFW: Here Are #Amtrak Engineer #BrandonBostian’s Disturbing **** Pics

    05/17/2015 4:20:43 PM PDT · 140 of 198
    Peter Libra to MeshugeMikey; Enterprise

    If this man feels the heat, he could always ask for a polygraph test. Or maybe an authority could enquire if he would submit to one. (just a thought here).

  • Amtrak Train May Have Been Struck Before It Derailed, Officials Say

    05/15/2015 8:09:36 PM PDT · 234 of 375
    Peter Libra to Theo; MeshugeMikey

    I hope his PC hard drive is seized.

  • SA:Girlfriend fires 2 Shots at Armed Home Invaders; video

    05/14/2015 7:21:03 PM PDT · 10 of 15
    Peter Libra to 2banana; marktwain
    Nadine Gordimer. 1915-2006. Noted Anti-Apartheit activist. Was attacked by black intruders. Refused to go into gated community when urged by friends. I would suppose that to have to go into a heavily fortified enclave, would prove something. It would expose her ideological dream as a nightmare.
  • SA:Girlfriend fires 2 Shots at Armed Home Invaders; video

    05/14/2015 7:12:06 PM PDT · 9 of 15
    Peter Libra to 2banana; marktwain
    She should be arrested for racism.

    Of course I recognize this as sarcasm. Now that there is a significant application of laws and by a black judiciary. White people are at an incredible disadvantage. There is a question here.

    Could she, as in England, then be prosecuted for murder - or even manslaughter? To fire warning shots and get their evil selves out quickly could have served the purpose.

    I smile sadly as I read of one of the foremost anti-apartheid women, an author. White of course. She now lives in somewhat nervous circumstances, as thugs broke into her house and shoved her maid aside. She was lucky, possibly they recognized her and only stole a few things including her wedding ring.

  • SFC Christopher Speer Is Dead; Omar Khadr Is Free

    05/10/2015 8:40:04 PM PDT · 9 of 13
    Peter Libra to Ethan Clive Osgoode
    We can agree to disagree. Your detail of those who awarded Arar honours seem to me to be the Canadian left.

    I will concede errors were made in the Arar case. His description was of being months in a 10 foot X 7foot cell, beaten with cables. Mouse droppings seeped down into his cell, said he. A few days after arriving in Canada he looked sharp and well rested. A careful forensic medical team could have verified whether his account was true. He should have been hardly able to walk if he was thus treated.

    Council of Canadians Human Rights Award etc. What a laugh!

  • SFC Christopher Speer Is Dead; Omar Khadr Is Free

    05/10/2015 6:49:00 PM PDT · 5 of 13
    Peter Libra to george76
    I hope Freepers will bear with me as this is my third post on the subject. Michelle Malkin is absolutely right in remembering the victims of this man. This includes the family members.

    Prime Minister Harper instructed government lawyers to oppose bail for Khadr. He still has to face a trial I believe. A Queens Bench Court judge of Alberta, granted bail. Again Canadian government lawyers appealed this verdict. The next judge threw out the government case. Both judges are women.

    Prime Minister Harper went on television and decried the court's decision. He flatly stated Khadr committed murder. He offered condolences to the family of the murdered American Army Medic.

    Not Canada here, but the activist judges who abound in Canada. That kind of judge is also active in the United States.

  • SFC Christopher Speer Is Dead; Omar Khadr Is Free

    05/09/2015 8:14:33 PM PDT · 16 of 17
    Peter Libra to Perseverando
    Just to clarify what actually occurred here. The Prime Minister of Canada instructed lawyers to oppose any attempt to free Khadr. Our Canadian system of law is very much like American law in some respects. The government is not all powerful over the courts.

    A judge ordered Khadr released on bail, while he appeals his sentence. She was of the Alberta Queens Bench. The government then took that verdict to another court and appealed the decision. The second judge, also being a women, threw out the government appeal.

    Prime Minister Harper appeared on television. He decried the decision. He repeated that Khadr committed murder and other offences. He gave his condolences to the family of the American medic who was killed by Khadr.

    Friends, it was the Black Robes who did this. Same as they have done in the United States against the public will.

  • Pamela Geller Is Not "Morally Responsible" for the Terrorist Attack in Texas

    05/09/2015 7:12:21 PM PDT · 27 of 30
    Peter Libra to 2ndDivisionVet
    A well worn and effective device used here. If one wishes to publish a view that may well draw some fire and indeed some contumely, use it. Thus one deflects some of the vituperation that might come one's way. While I do not disagree what was written in this biography, I would like to give an example.

    Robert Payne wrote "The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler". A masterful work. In the introduction he savaged Hitler and his gang with a burst of invective. He poured it on. Why not? He had to guard against the usual reactionaries, who might think he tried to show a human side of a young Hitler. This in the early days of that man's life.

    It is the safest way to get one's point across and deflect the vitriolic naysayers. It works!

    I call the professor a bigot. I call the man an ungallant cad. Then our world is full of these would be censors. If they want YOUR opinion they will give it you.

  • 'Free to go': Omar Khadr out on bail

    05/09/2015 1:58:32 PM PDT · 18 of 29
    Peter Libra to Bulwyf
    There's no justice when we let guys who kill our best friends and allies go free.

    Sun Media Poll. Re whether Khadr should be trusted.
    Yes 9%
    No 81%
    Don't Know.9%.

    I would wonder if the enthusiastic supporters of Khadr would still feel the same. This if their father/brother/relative were killed and or blinded in one eye as was the other American.?

  • 'Free to go': Omar Khadr out on bail

    05/09/2015 9:39:22 AM PDT · 12 of 29
    Peter Libra to bob_denard
    Whoops! A correction in order.

    The Alberta Court of Queen's Bench Justice, June Ross, granted Khadr bail. Oh dear I have maligned the Supreme Court of Canada. Apologies.

  • 'Free to go': Omar Khadr out on bail

    05/09/2015 9:31:41 AM PDT · 11 of 29
    Peter Libra to nuconvert
    Another article said he had to live with his lawyer

    That is right and we were insulted by CBC, the main television behemoth in Canada. I will put this matter into the proper perspective as Canada is not responsible for this "freedom". Prime Minister Harper and the official government lawyers strongly opposed this release of Khadr. Americans will surely know the chagrin many of us feel. This is the reason.

    A Supreme Court judge overruled Harper's lawyers and released Khadr. How many times in the USA have Supreme Court judges gone in the face of States Rights etc.? The lawyer, one Scottish born Edney, went on T/V and called our Prime Minister a "bigot", he added that Harper "hates muslims." Now for the other part. Lawyer Edney and his wife will board Khadr. The neighbourhood bought forth women putting out flowers for Khadr at the Edney residence.

    Ok everyone excuse the rant. I had to put it in perspective. Black Robes rule (dammit).

  • 'You want to kill her! You want her to die! Hannity, Pamela Geller against Muslim Imam [John 16]

    05/07/2015 10:43:53 AM PDT · 9 of 40
    Peter Libra to Jan_Sobieski
    Taking into consideration the charges and convictions of ordinary Englishmen for some "racist" statement, this is an indication. A man supporting the attack of Saddam's Iraq, argued over his garden fence with a muslim. The argument got heated and he was charged. I think he had to go for "re education ".

    That the authorities in England are shivering moral cowards. Frightened of their own shadow. Feeding the crocodile hoping it will eat them last.

    This man is the absolute proof.

  • Bush celebrates Mexico in Spanish-language Cinco de Mayo video

    05/05/2015 11:46:29 AM PDT · 22 of 26
    Peter Libra to 2ndDivisionVet
    From the text:

    Cinco de Mayo is an honorable date when Mexico, our neighbor bravely defended itself against foreign intervention.

    A little reminder of another brave defence against a foreign intervention. Sam Houston, American commander against General Santa Anna of Mexico. The Battle of San Jacinto. April 21st 1836. Near La Porte. Texas.

    Wikipedia informs us.
    Mexican surrender and retreat to the Rio Grande.
    Casualties: 630 Mexican dead. 9 American dead. Texas thus remained Texas. The Texan forces were well aware of the uncivilized treatment of a defeated enemy by Santa Anna and his men. They had to win, else face another Goliad. This where the garrison surrendered to Mexican forces and most were murdered.

  • Kentucky Derby-goer from Canada murdered when returning to hotel after race

    05/04/2015 3:37:18 PM PDT · 40 of 42
    Peter Libra to madison10; Ken H
    That doesn't explain Michigan. We're still high. Detroit and Flint mess with the averages.

    As interesting and informative as the map shows rates of crime, there is a difference. Definitely the two cities mentioned really distort the overall picture. I went to the statistics of our American sister city, Sault Ste. Michigan. Zero homicides in 2014 and as far as I know, none in this year. Somehow that massive bridge over the Mackinac Straights brings one to another world. In fairness, the lower peninsula below the bridge seems very, very crime free.

    Sometimes statistics are not always the whole picture.(Excuse the ramble).

  • Kentucky Derby-goer from Canada murdered when returning to hotel after race

    05/04/2015 2:45:51 PM PDT · 37 of 42
    Peter Libra to JudyinCanada; golux
    No Canadian I know thinks this way. It's a sad story.

    Ditto that. I live at the border between Ontario and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Never any rhubarbs regarding the differences. So dern nice to drive over the International Bridge and know people like you, if you act decently. I will concede that the CBC and sometimes the CTV make these politely guarded put downs of the USA. I wince when I hear and see the smugness of it all.

    I remember when following a kidnapping of a person in the USA, some of the main Canadian media took a stance that "it could not happen here". Seems like ages ago when poor Laporte was kidnapped and murdered in Quebec. Then we had the FLQ terrorists. We are all vulnerable as human beings to thugs. Thugs who know no borders.(Excuse the sermon).

  • S. California victim of baseball bat hate-crime attack dies

    05/03/2015 10:34:30 AM PDT · 24 of 32
    Peter Libra to xrmusn
    Believe in England even if you catch a perp in your house and assist him in assuming room temperature, you are likely to be charged with excessive force/ and or be charged with owning a gun.

    Sadly only too true, as was indicated in the celebrated case of Farmer Tony Martin. In 1999, after being burgled ten times and furniture stolen, he obtained a shot gun. His farm was a remote dwelling. Three individuals styled as so called "travellers"( itinerant losers posing as gypsies). burgled him again. He shot downwards as they ran. The 16 year old Barras bled to death. No one near to get help.

    Martin got 9 years prison. A public outcry got him parole after 3 years. Originally charged as "murder". Also with not having a gun licence. Barras had 29 arrests on his record. At least the system gave the other two with Barras 3 years and 30 months durance in jail.

  • BRAZEN BILL and daughter inspect Foundation projects (elite entourage unmasks wretched excess)

    05/01/2015 11:37:08 AM PDT · 13 of 21
    Peter Libra to Liz
    Rush Limbaugh had mentioned the ratio of payments to an actual cause. He used 85% administration and salaries to 15% for the cause. I checked and it is accurate for the 2009-2012 period. More disturbing were the more recent figures which took into account the carnage in third world countries. It read as 141 million taken for the Clinton Foundation and 9 million actually dispersed. Thus about only a 6% actually given to the specific causes.

    From up Canada way I must mention to be fair, about many so-called non-profits. While some do conscientious valuable work, it seems 85% for the administration and salaries are prevalent. Yet the average citizen in both countries are prevailed on again and again to give.

    Hard to know what heck to do sometimes, when one is torn inwardly by the commercial appeals.