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  • Man arrested in Key Largo an admitted neo-Nazi, member of the ‘Atom Waffen’ and National Guardsman

    05/22/2017 7:02:30 PM PDT · 11 of 13
    Peter Libra to Elle Bee
    Buried deep in the story his conversion to the religion of peace.

    I am glad you noticed that. Up here in Canada, the news television blithely and cheerfully just states "he was an alt right racist". Nothing else about Islam.

    The pikers!

  • Julian Assange Live outside the Equadorian Embassy in London as Swedish prosecutors drop case.

    05/20/2017 9:17:17 AM PDT · 35 of 35
    Peter Libra to libsdrinkkoolaid
    Your comments #26 and #27.

    Whoops! My error in thinking you directed the comment at me only. I see that it was in a general sense at both posters. Sorry 'bout that.

  • Julian Assange Live outside the Equadorian Embassy in London as Swedish prosecutors drop case.

    05/20/2017 9:10:57 AM PDT · 34 of 35
    Peter Libra to pepsionice
    I don't condemn the guy, but on the safe sex scale ... he's a zero at best.

    A fair comment and I agree the whole business of what Assange did, or did not do, does muddy the waters. I smile and note what a desire for sex with women brings men too. I do not exclude my youthful self howver.

  • Julian Assange Live outside the Equadorian Embassy in London as Swedish prosecutors drop case.

    05/20/2017 9:06:31 AM PDT · 33 of 35
    Peter Libra to libsdrinkkoolaid
    Wrong. Not convicted. These were unproven allegations.

    A comment was made, not by me about "guilty". It was made in a general sense, by another poster. Not in a legal sense. I am glad that you adhere to the fact that in the United States you are innocent until proven guilty.

    I would however like to point out that the MSM, much of the Democrat Party and some Republicans do not adhere to that tenet.

  • Julian Assange Live outside the Equadorian Embassy in London as Swedish prosecutors drop case.

    05/19/2017 6:38:15 PM PDT · 25 of 35
    Peter Libra to Krosan
    Your comment.

    Assange is guilty of more things like having sexual intercourse when the woman was asleep while not wearing a condom- both carry charges under Swedish law.

    I am remiss in not researching further on the actual events with the women. A messy business with various incidents which while very nasty, the women did not immediately take action.

    We had a case in Canada when a CBC host stood trial for assault against women. He said only "rough sex". A woman lawyer got the women contradicting their own testimony. He got off. Many felt a miscarriage of justice. The man is sort of a pariah now. No more nice guy on Q. (radio show).

    Yes, Assange is much more the "an odd duck" as some call him. He has one heck of a problem.

  • Julian Assange Live outside the Equadorian Embassy in London as Swedish prosecutors drop case.

    05/19/2017 10:04:17 AM PDT · 14 of 35
    Peter Libra to The Westerner; dontreadthis
    Your well thought out and careful response to my post, well taken by me. I will concede that two factors should be born in mind. One is which I stated at this time. That one factor, is the damage unauthorized leaking of information that may happen. The other, which you stated, is of the vast network of information gathering on otherwise unsuspecting citizens.

    It has a chilling thought. Even up in Canada where there are only murmurs about surveillance, it is disquieting. You state

    "Is everyone so compromised that no one is beyond being blackmailed and controlled"?

    I remember accounts of a long gone American president who had a secret surveillance of individuals. He wielded incredible power. Yes, as an English lord stated on absolute power. It's final end is absolute corruption. There seems to be no check or balance. Only thing is the cold, harsh light shining on on it. (IMHO).

  • Julian Assange Live outside the Equadorian Embassy in London as Swedish prosecutors drop case.

    05/19/2017 9:03:26 AM PDT · 8 of 35
    Peter Libra to dontreadthis
    This is certainly at least, delayed justice for Assange. As I understand it and do stand to be corrected, here are two facts.

    (1). In Sweden he had legal consensual sex with two women. However, the rule of law there, mandates a condom must be used. The women alleged Assange slipped off the condom and quickly penetrated them. The law states this classified as rape.

    (2) Awaiting extradition to Sweden, he appealed and bail was set. He was broke. Nine persons put up the bail. 140,000 pounds. He skipped his court appearance and the judge ruled the bail donors had not been deceptive. He reduced the loss to 93,000 pounds. I would say about 140,000 dollars US. They were hard hit by this.

    My own view is that although Assange has been through hell this should be noted. An interfering busy body that did not care who he hurt. Thrusting out information that probably sent people to their deaths or vile imprisonment.

  • A New Discovery in Roman Britain

    05/10/2017 6:34:58 PM PDT · 10 of 27
    Peter Libra to LouieFisk
    Roman city of Verulamium.

    Thanks for this information. It brings me back to the late 1940's, when I cycled out to that area. The City of St. Albans which is said to be where the Verulamium is, was named for the Christian Martyr- Alban. He refused Roman conversion to the gods and was executed.

    The actual Verulamium is a outdoor theatre, still complete with a dais for musicians. The hypocaust in the area is a bath which could be heated. There were trenches beneath it, where hot charcoal was pushed. All available for tourists.

    Notable for me is of the exploits of Boadicea (Bodicca). She was a Briton and chafed under Roman occupation. She roused her tribesmen and sacked three Roman cities including the Verulamium. On her eventual defeat, she is said to have taken poison to evade capture. A magnificent sculpture is at Westminster Bridge. This shows the warrior Queen in her chariot. Blades sticking out from the wheel hubs.

    Excuse the history. It does bring me back to being a raw youth of 17 years in England.

  • Billy Joel Is 68 Today — And His Music Is Still Terrible

    05/09/2017 1:42:00 PM PDT · 49 of 138
    Peter Libra to nickcarraway
    Not an avid fan of modern music myself, I was completely taken by Billy Joel and his:

    "We didn't Start The Fire".1989

    The staccato delivery of the names that intrigued millions. A history teacher had his class listen to it and then write a paragraph on some the leading figures. An example of part of it.

    Foreign debts, homeless vets, Aids, crack, Bernie Goetz.....Rock and Roller, Cola Wars, I can't take it anymore.

    Easily got via Google.


    05/08/2017 5:15:24 PM PDT · 48 of 63
    Peter Libra to GraceG
    If this new leader of France was so enthusiastic about the advantages of welcoming the migrants. He emphasised their future contributions they would bring to his country.

    Why try to palm them off on Poland?

  • Ontario teacher guilty of misconduct for talking about sex and putting her legs behind her head [tr]

    05/04/2017 12:49:43 PM PDT · 51 of 55
    Peter Libra to simpson96
    Slavish catering to diversity has it's drawbacks. I cannot visualize such a person being hired under the old fashioned screening in Ontario.
  • Those who think Canada’s Defense Minister will resign are living in the past

    05/04/2017 9:39:54 AM PDT · 15 of 15
    Peter Libra to AC86UT89
    Thank you Canada.

    Your comment much appreciated. I note from Wikipedia these facts. Operation Medusa 2006,was a joint Afghan Army, American Special Forces and Canadian forces.

    1st Btn. 3rd Special Forces Group. 2nd Btn. 4th Infantry. All US forces.
    1st Btn.Royal Canadian Regt. The Canadian forces.

    The Taliban suffered over 500 deaths and were defeated. Unfortunately they rebounded later and regained control of the area.

  • Those who think Canada’s Defense Minister will resign are living in the past

    05/03/2017 9:39:21 AM PDT · 10 of 15
    Peter Libra to PGR88
    First I'm hearing of this scandal.

    Just in case Freepers do not have the gist of this matter, I will fill in a few details. The gentleman who is the subject of the furore is one of the new appointees to show diversity. He comes with qualifications. He served in combat action with Canadian forces in Afghanistan. He is a Sikh by religion and is pictured in a turban. Nothing wrong with this.

    He is a Liberal, but the press and opposition politicians are out full cry. Again and again saying he "must go". The full force of the dread weapon - political correctness has turned on this unfortunate man. All he did was make a chance remark to embellish his image. The sharks are circling He was addressing an assembly of persons when he said he was "the architect of Medusa". This being a Canadian Forces action in destroying terrorism. He happened to be a minor player.

    What is noteworthy that in the Canadian Parliament he stood up and admitted his error and apologized. The sharks of political correctness are still circling the waters. Absolute overkill. (IMHO)

  • Why You Should Buy the Dumbest Appliances You Can Find: Against the internet of things.

    05/01/2017 12:09:54 PM PDT · 53 of 121
    Peter Libra to Organic Panic
    Don't bother with the younger models. They don't know how to wash dishes. .

    My wife had to get rid of a well known make of dishwasher because it kept on clogging up. Tried everything but it still clogged. Was simple though and about eight years old.

    We then got a super dishwasher with four different "choices" of application. The simplest is 30 minutes fast wash for lightly soiled dishes/pans. Great! The next is 1hr 45 minutes for more heavy cleaning. Also two other applications for even more sticky utensils. Four times out of five the 30 minute "fast wash" will not seem to come on, but switches to the long wash.

    Could be me pushing buttons, but unlikely, cos' I simply hit the fast wash every time. Oh well!.....

  • Maxine Waters: ‘92 L.A. Rebellion Was A ‘Defining Moment’ For Black Resistance

    04/27/2017 7:26:38 PM PDT · 57 of 65
    Peter Libra to publius911; 2ndDivisionVet
    Your post #47.

    The "Rodney King" beating video was shown 35,814 times the first week 24/7.

    As I watched the television coverage, it seemed that the press had a pathological desire to bring about violence. Anyone with any experience in the media surely must have known that it was criminally irresponsible. Sure, go ahead and show the whole scenario to be up front. They kept on and on until all hell broke loose. No, they wouldn't even show the mitigating circumstances that brought on police action.

    As for Reginald Denny, the innocent truck driver hauled from his rig and stomped. Very little of this was shown. Rush Limbaugh used to refer to one of his attackers as "Football Williams". I believe this brutal man eventually got life for another crime.

  • Border wall fight looms as White House, Capitol Hill scramble for deal to avert shutdown

    04/24/2017 7:30:11 PM PDT · 33 of 83
    Peter Libra to Mariner
    Up Canada way we have full CNN on our cable network. Tonight I watched a Jake Tapper. Again and again, brief videos of President Trump making pre election statements were shown. Then they were juxtaposed with what seemed to be contradictory statements by President Trump.

    I have seen it all in my time. The power of strictly controlled propaganda press in England. Necessary to "win the war" (WW2). An excuse for it then of course. The CNN is nothing but a massive propaganda machine for the Democrat Party. It is utterly and completely corrupt. It has not got the slightest inclination to at least show some fairness. Unbelievable.

  • Leaked Poll of French Election Has Le Pen (26%) In The Lead, Followed by Conservative Fillon (22%)

    04/23/2017 4:18:01 PM PDT · 35 of 35
    Peter Libra to Former Proud Canadian

    Your point well taken by me about the softwood lumber dispute. Good for a laugh on our precious Stanley Cup though.

  • Leaked Poll of French Election Has Le Pen (26%) In The Lead, Followed by Conservative Fillon (22%)

    04/23/2017 4:16:18 PM PDT · 34 of 35
    Peter Libra to snarkpup
    Your post on the predictable and coming press treatment of Marie Le Pen. we can either ignore or laugh at the subsequent articles lying about what she just said.

    I have had to search around for the likes of the British Press for an idea of Nigel Farage's statement to her. Bye Bye EU. My computer video with audio just got filled with a green screen blank out- nothing. Time to call in an expert, a lad who just lives in the neighbourhood.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Shock waves through France as far-right Marine Le Pen makes it

    04/23/2017 11:51:40 AM PDT · 113 of 264
    Peter Libra to Crucial; COUNTrecount
    France needs to fight back unless it wants to be conquered.

    Agreed. I have observed the accounts posted on FR of the awful unlivable situation in Marseilles, France. It has become an enclave of a caliphate. Still more stories of the arondissments (divisions within a city). The original inhabitants have lost any semblance of control. This in Paris itself. Police and Firemen attacked on entry to do their duty.

    I can only assume that a large portion of French people live in - as yet pristine districts of small cities/villages. For surely if human nature is, as I believe it is, they would flock to Le Pen's side. They must think they live in a vacuum and only others have to face the problems caused. (IMHO)

  • Leaked Poll of French Election Has Le Pen (26%) In The Lead, Followed by Conservative Fillon (22%)

    04/23/2017 9:27:00 AM PDT · 20 of 35
    Peter Libra to Former Proud Canadian; drewh
    She will end up "unexpectedly" winning,just like Trump

    If she does win and I hope she does, one will have to sit back and watch the media. One will have to weather the caterwauling and the doom and gloom of these worthies. Oh calamity!

    Meantime, day in and day out, even as I type, the MSM Canada is droning on. Every day, every hour, it is Trump this and Trump that. Climate change, the Chinese, the Canadian dairy industry.

    Maybe it will change to be the horror of Le Pen and a world disaster. (chuckle).