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  • Melting snow new danger for those fleeing to Canada from U.S.

    02/27/2017 5:18:28 PM PST · 37 of 64
    Peter Libra to hinckley buzzard; mdittmar
    I suspect that whatever enthusiasm the locals have for the poor beleaguered "undocumented immigrants" will soon wear thin enough, once they get an taste of what is coming across.

    It was the Prime Minister of Canada making a grand statement who was responsible. On hearing of the American President and his determination re illegals, he said it was open doors to "refugees".

    FWIW. This hard working class community of Emerson, Manitoba is about 700 folks. They were blind sided by the do good, diversity advocates of the Canadian news media. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation set up "chance encounters" with some poor half frozen person in the snow. This just from the American border.

    No help from the Canadian Government yet. The big city of Winnipeg giving some aid. The Mayor and his aide, the Reeve of Emerson have held emergency meetings. They are absolutely overwhelmed and all accommodations filled. These ordinary folks just got swamped. Minding their own business and now this. The press walks away, caring nothing for the aftermath.

    I hope you will excuse this rant. I just had to inform our Freeper friends just how it is.

  • Canada's PM Trudeau: No, we won’t be stopping illegal border crossings. Why do you ask?

    02/23/2017 6:47:10 PM PST · 44 of 44
    Peter Libra to Mr. Douglas; SeekAndFind
    As long as the numbers stay small, they will be fine with it, If it gets, um, larger they will have to be a little more stern. Of course, by then it will be too late for them.

    This hits on the current situation which has occurred in the last three days. There were photo ops and the press publicity which included videos of the migrants. Most ordinary viewers would only feel some empathy and indeed distress. Now reality has hit home.

    The Mayor of Emerson has called emergency meetings. The Salvation Army Hostel filled to the brim. The medical system now overburdened. He called on Ottawa, where Canada's Liberal Party rule. There is now some desperation for these ordinary, decent folks. They realise that they could be damned as having xenophobia or being bigots at the drop of a hat.

    The nearest large city is Winnipeg and they seem to be making some effort to help. I heard a 110,000 dollars coming the way of Emerson. From Prime Minister Trudeau I do not hear very much at this time.

  • Geordie Put-Downs: The Wittiest North East Ways to Put You in Your Place

    02/23/2017 11:04:22 AM PST · 33 of 37
    Peter Libra to Peter Libra
    To self. Correction on locations.

    Audio hoaxer lived at Castleton,Sunderland. It is in North East England, as is Newcastle. I am glad to be able to avoid Geordie invective, should I have been over there. I am sure I read elsewhere -probably in the UK tabloids the hoaxer was from Newcastle.

  • Geordie Put-Downs: The Wittiest North East Ways to Put You in Your Place

    02/23/2017 10:43:47 AM PST · 32 of 37
    Peter Libra to nickcarraway
    Your post certainly produced much lively and interesting comments. From London, England myself, I heard myself on the telephone at home conversing. "Orrible" that's what it is. I cannot lose it, here in Canada, no matter what.

    During the period about thirty years ago, a dreaded psychopathic serial killer was on the loose. He was a truck driver, picking up women who service truck drivers. Another socio-path made up audio tapes taunting the police. He had a strong Geordie accent. The police had already tabbed the real killer, but were not ready to arrest him. Thinking the accent was that of a Newcastle native, they dropped the tail on Sutcliffe. The real killer was from Yorkshire, not County Durham. He later murdered four more unfortunate women, while the police searched elsewhere.

    An expert then identified the miscreant who so deluded the authorities. He identified the voice down to an actual section. This of about three streets in Newcastle. The police then went door to door, they found there was a man who professed hatred for the police. The police arrested the hoaxer and he got 7 years imprisonment for impeding justice. Let out sooner than that however.

  • Canada's PM Trudeau: No, we won’t be stopping illegal border crossings. Why do you ask?

    02/22/2017 10:01:36 AM PST · 37 of 44
    Peter Libra to SeekAndFind
    First application for "refugees" in Ontario, Canada gives out double the regular welfare payment for able bodied individuals. This is followed by two years free rent. At the end of this period the "refugee" is expected to meld into the community and work.

    The designation "refugee" does not fit the official description. It is the first country that the "refugee" sets foot in after leaving tyranny etc. They will be telling Canadian authorities America is the country that they are fearful of remaining in.

    As for the Prime Minister of Canada, I being mindful of good manners would just say this. He does not have any idea of the logistics involved in resettlement. He thinks accommodation is just there for the taking.

  • Rinkeby, Sweden On Fire! Muslim Immigrants Riot And Set Fires! Enemy Inside The Gates!

    02/21/2017 1:14:55 PM PST · 48 of 48
    Peter Libra to Peter Libra
    To self (need a strong coffee).

    Charles Schumer is of course a Democrat.

  • Rinkeby, Sweden On Fire! Muslim Immigrants Riot And Set Fires! Enemy Inside The Gates!

    02/21/2017 8:40:29 AM PST · 43 of 48
    Peter Libra to davikkm
    Possibly off topic- apologies.

    Now on the "View" is a guest. He is Republican representative Charles Schumer. He is pouring it on against President Trump. There are calls for action by persons watching the television to derail the Presidency.

    I am watching pure subversion here.

  • Rinkeby, Sweden On Fire! Muslim Immigrants Riot And Set Fires! Enemy Inside The Gates!

    02/21/2017 8:13:18 AM PST · 41 of 48
    Peter Libra to davikkm
    Oh boy! My liberal spouse (bless her), has the show called "The View" on. Trying to ignore it myself, but I could not help but hear one Whoopi Goldberg. She set up a blistering and loud condemnation of President Trump re his statement on Sweden. No mention of the awful riots there Monday. So far in other T/V coverage it is only that it was in a certain neighbourhood. Yeah, a neighbourhood taken over by the usual group of infiltrators.

    Show should not be watched by conservatives who have high blood pressure. (Chuckle).

    Whoopi maybe one of the 72 virgins one day.

  • Carl Bernstein: Trump’s Media Attacks ‘More Treacherous’ than Nixon’s

    02/19/2017 5:45:31 PM PST · 69 of 94
    Peter Libra to Peter Libra
    Whoops! My bad.

    Bernstein sure did milk his relevance with his role in the Watergate story back in 1972.

  • Carl Bernstein: Trump’s Media Attacks ‘More Treacherous’ than Nixon’s

    02/19/2017 5:42:39 PM PST · 67 of 94
    Peter Libra to orinoco; governsleastgovernsbest
    Bernstein sure did ilk his relevance with his role in the Watergate story back in 1972. They were successful to a degree in hounding Nixon out of office.

    How do I remember the tragedy of the demise of President Nixon. A fifth rate burglary and an amateurish attempt to bug the conference of the Democrats. Nixon, loyal as ever, simply tried a cover-up. He paid the penalty for something minor and not even approaching other sins of other presidents. Bernstein should be ashamed of himself.

    I will never forget the words of the former president, Richard Nixon, as he left.

    If you hate those that hate you.
    Then they have won!

  • Eight people flee U.S. border patrol to seek asylum in Canada

    02/18/2017 11:40:20 AM PST · 33 of 54
    Peter Libra to usurper
    Your post #20.

    The thing looks completely staged because it was. They knew in advance where the Border Patrol parks to observe the border. If the agent had overreacted it would have been an even better story.

    Right on. I saw another segment on the Canadian television of "casual" reporters supposedly scouting the area. They saw a man kneeling in the snow. Then followed the kindly, supportive, decent approach of various persons.

    The joker for me up here in Canada is what happened in Emerson, Alberta. thid crossing point about two years ago. A young native Indian woman went public because of a policy of the town's main restaurant. She said she was asked to put money up at the counter BEFORE having her meal. True, one could concede it was distressing.

    All politically correct hell broke loose. Reporters charging in and raising their consternation. The restaurant had been afflicted with "dine and dash", by natives from the local reservation. The restaurant wanted monies up front first. The police cannot go in the reservation after them for this kind of thing( as far as I know). The restaurant was losing it's shirt. What a shabby and mean trick! Worse than taking goods off a shelf. The work put in to prepare a meal and so on.

    A bit of a rant, but I just had to put it down.

  • Karl Marx Was A Pretty Bad Person

    02/16/2017 6:53:12 PM PST · 35 of 37
    Peter Libra to Olog-hai
    So that excuses his stance on abolishing the family, religion and private property?

    Your point well taken by me. Of course I do not excuse him for those views. I just have some first hand accounts of the desperate misery of the London poor. My own people came to the East-End of London in 1844. They were not native Irish, but came from County Cork.

    It is hard for even a rational human being to think straight in some conditions. Today many people would just do desperate things to survive under those conditions.

    (Excuse the sermon .....chuckle)

  • Karl Marx Was A Pretty Bad Person

    02/16/2017 6:06:51 PM PST · 32 of 37
    Peter Libra to HiTech RedNeck; OddLane
    Marx presented a false dichotomy. He asked whether capitalism was bad, and answered yes.

    That's the wrong question to ask. The question to ask is whether and how. capitalism can be used to good or bad ends.

    In the light of how capitalism eventually proved a wonderful gift to ordinary mortals this is true. The use and proliferation of the electricity system for one. The example of a man like Henry Ford for another. His idea of paying the working man enough to THEY could have a car worked well.

    As a native Londoner, I have studied the life of Karl Marx in London. He was given political asylum there from three countries, who wanted to lay their hands on him. This was in Victorian times. I might be excused for speaking for a little understanding of Marx.

    Some of the conditions for the working class in England were absolutely horrendous. Cotton Mill workers had a terribly low survival rate. Children worked down mines, including women. So bad was it that Marx could only see the capitalist system in that light.

    Just a little ramble here by me, with a soft spot for Marx.

  • Why Thomas Hardy, Not Jane Austen, Is a Better Guide to Love

    02/16/2017 11:20:51 AM PST · 11 of 11
    Peter Libra to C19fan
    I am a big Hardy fan. "Far From the Madding Crowd" is a wonderful novel with a very modern heroine and her three love interests who represent different models of masculinity."

    I was brought up as an army child in Dorchester, Dorset in the 1930's. Lived at the army barracks mentioned in the novel. I tried to have my wife name her daughters after the two women in that novel. One was the headstrong Eustacia, the other was the gentle Thomasin. My wife allowed the names as a middle name only. I learned that Eustacia, feminine of Eustace would have been shortened by friends as Stacy. The name Thomasin, feminine of Thomas would be shortened to Tamsie.

    Yes, Troy is a very present type of figure today in the affairs of women. There are many Gabriel Oaks as husbands also. The handsome dogs like Troy, have spent their famous wives fortune in bad deals. Doris Day for one.

  • Hang on a minute. Isn't Trump right? We SHOULD try to be pals with Putin?

    02/15/2017 7:17:04 PM PST · 29 of 33
    Peter Libra to Alberta's Child; ConservativeDude
    From up Canada way I have seen and heard the mounting satisfaction of the CBC Canadian Television. Americans being shown and "consulted" about the situation with the resignation. They parrot the line CBC wants to hear. Doom for the White House and President Trump. As I speak- there they go again. Nothing would please them more than the demise of the American president.

    I did see a statement on FR that President Trump should take a leaf from Admiral Farragut. He was facing the Spanish fleet in the battle for Cuba. Something to the effect of "Steer her straight& damn the torpedoes"."The concern could be that the charges about Russian influence etc. may take a life of it's own. Thus like a giant snowball gathering size and momentum.

    If it is all speculation and absolutely nothing can really come of it, hopefully it will not cause permanent damage. A little quote from Shakespeare here, that could well describe a corrupt and unscrupulous segment of the MSM. Add some of the Canadian media to that.

    It is a tale told by an idiot.
    Full of sound and fury.
    Signifying nothing.

    McBeth. Act 5. Scene 5.

  • Newcomer centre has no more room for border-crossing refugees (Canada)

    02/13/2017 11:01:40 AM PST · 22 of 29
    Peter Libra to Responsibility2nd
    The Europeanization of Canada continues.

    I had watched a discussion panel on CBC Canada's massive television service. The talking heads piously toed the politically correct line, except for one woman. She tries to be a responsible journalist. She said "it may be a matter of logistics". She was right. Here with a definition of logistics.

    The detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies.

    Those who trumpet diversity and general admittance to Canada do not have a clue as to the above definition. They first get in on the welcome committee and the photo -ops. They then depart to their comfortable, ordered way of life. They then leave the real work to some harassed authority to try to figure out accommodation, medical treatment, funding and transportation. Any complaints about this are met with smears of xenophobia etc.

    So it goes.


    02/11/2017 1:08:12 PM PST · 19 of 58
    Peter Libra to MarvinStinson
    A psychiatrist has stated that this man has remorse and is fit to enter society. The man now has an apartment and no supervision. One is entitled to wonder just how close the persons who unleashed this man will be in actual distance from him.

    My concern is for his neighbours. Imagine being alone on an elevator with him there. The victim on the bus had merely smiled and greeted Li as he sat down beside him. "Voices" commanded Li to kill the "devil". He did just this.

  • "I am going to eradicate the inbound Windows Support scam"

    02/09/2017 5:29:16 PM PST · 45 of 47
    Peter Libra to relictele; Rebelbase
    Back in India, they have turned call centers and workers into a force for evil as they plug away attempting to scam someone out of $100, $50,even $30.

    Unfortunately I picked up on this post quite late. I had purchased a card from Norton Security to install an anti-virus system. It advised for the more unskilled persons that a site existed to "walk one through" the installation.

    Somehow I was put on to Guru-Aid of Mumbai, India. It does have offices in - I believe Massachusetts. To cut a long story short, they took over my computer and scammed me for $225 US dollars to install the Norton system. No such installation took place and Norton never replied to my query. Their phones were busy even at 2am in the morning.

    A hard lesson but cured me and I have always used Google to identify various so called systems. Microsoft, it is said does not call. Nor advises users to contact a technician.

    A bit of a ramble, but I feel better for putting it down.

  • the truth about execution of Australia child during World War II (11y/o for espionage by Japanese)

    02/06/2017 1:34:17 PM PST · 23 of 26
    Peter Libra to naturalman1975
    Thanks for the link, it works fine. I am even after all these years surprised at a certain obstructionist attitude. This being of certain military high ranking bureaucrats. One Major General seemed almost obsessed with denying justice concerning this man Shojiro.
  • the truth about execution of Australia child during World War II (11y/o for espionage by Japanese)

    02/06/2017 12:33:48 PM PST · 11 of 26
    Peter Libra to naturalman1975
    I researched the name Mizaki Shojiro, the officer who gave the orders for execution. No luck, a tribunal was set up at the end of the war for thousands of Japanese accused of war crimes. I read that about a thousand were executed and about that number acquitted.

    Perhaps this man was executed. I did read a book by an Australian prisoner of the Japanese called Russell Braddon. His theme was forgiveness. He expressed regret, because a fellow Australian beat a vicious Japanese guard to death, when the surrender came. The man broke both his hands on the guard.

    All hard to understand unless one had those same experiences.

  • Preacher Locked Up for Hate Crime After Quoting the Bible to Gay Teenager

    02/05/2017 9:03:40 PM PST · 26 of 29
    Peter Libra to fella
    Just breaking with all the put up indignation and concern by the Canadian television behemoths is this news. A Montreal photographers called Premiere, had their manager refuse to photograph a "gay wedding". Two young men involved. Religious views were stated by him.

    They have gone public and say 29 other photography studios have offered to take the photographs. So far so good, but a zealous representative of some human rights organization is on the war path. He is urging a lawsuit. The press in full cry smelling blood.


  • McCain calls Australian ambassador to express support after Trump exchange

    02/02/2017 10:27:06 AM PST · 113 of 130
    Peter Libra to RummyChick
    I have been doing some hasty research of the Australian situation with "refugees". I used The Guardian newspaper and also Wikipedia. Two islands in the South Pacific are virtual dumping grounds for the "refugees". A horrendous situation exists. They are Nauru and Manus. One brief example here.

    Nauru 21 square miles. Population about 9000 persons. Troubles from desperate persons so confined with some violence. Conditions causing a nightmare for administrators. One set of monetary figures are that between 2013 and 2016 - 9.6 billion dollars have been spent by Australia. One successful relocation was to Cambodia and it cost millions (so it was said) to do this for one man.

    With all due respect to the Australians who are caught between a rock and a hard place. They must think America under the previous administration were a bunch of absolute patsies.


  • What Really Happened at the Grand Mosque in Quebec City?

    02/01/2017 7:34:59 PM PST · 20 of 24
    Peter Libra to albertabound
    Cannot trust the media anymore... they are all in the leftist tank...

    Not only cannot we ordinary mortals trust the Canadian media, but it is getting worse. The statement initially by Fox News, was that a second man was also involved in the carnage. It was thumped home time and time again that Fox had to backtrack after a police statement.

    The press has what they wanted. Soon, it will follow with a campaign to absolutely smear anyone who dares question the whole business.

  • Have We Reached Peak Hissy Fit With The Late Night Hosts?

    01/31/2017 7:33:43 PM PST · 22 of 22
    Peter Libra to Trump20162020
    I notice James Corden was born in Hillingdon, Middlesex. Quite close to my hometown area. Been trying to lose that bland accent for years in Canada without success.

    Corden should mind his manners and mind his own business.

  • Celebrities Offer to Match ACLU, CAIR Donations to Fight Immigration Restrictions

    01/31/2017 9:37:36 AM PST · 14 of 23
    Peter Libra to ColdOne
    I would wonder what really happens to cash that is collected for certain causes? What would be the percentage of monies actually deposited to that account.

    Being cynical I can imagine the greedy itchy little fingers and the gob eyes pouring over the hard cash. Take Haiti for instance.

  • (VANITY) Did Anybody Watch Any of the Saggys?

    01/29/2017 8:56:43 PM PST · 28 of 37
    Peter Libra to originalbuckeye
    Up Canada way in Ontario the temperature dipping to about 20 fahr, I started watching with my wife. Just settling back and trying to fight off a bit of seasonal affective disorder. Expecting a fun filled bit of hokum and bright people enjoying being themselves. (why not?)

    A bearded actor called Dennis Harbour (I think) went into a shouted rant. Sort of a screech for all to be included in America, including "freaks and outcasts". It appeared that female persons were sort of trying to get him to tone it down. They gave up. The man seemed to be choking with anger.

    I just wanted to see if Canadian actor Ryan Gosling would get an award. Well Denzil Washington got it and no doubt deserved it. Sickened by the anti-Trump nonsense. I turned it off. Entertainment should be entertainment. Excuse my own bit of a rant.

  • Trudeau, Sturgeon Respond To Refugee Ban: "Welcome To Those Fleeing Persecution, Terror And War"

    01/28/2017 9:04:10 PM PST · 34 of 58
    Peter Libra to BluH2o; SeekAndFind
    Me thinks Justin Trudeau just stepped into a stinky pile of crap... most Canadians will not be on board with his position.

    In spite of a Canadian Main Stream Media beating the drums of indignation against President Trump, I think this is right. It is a matter of logistics in many cases. Canada has a real homeless problem and in some cities a long waiting list for affordable public housing.

    Prime Minister Trudeau has a roof over his head of course.

  • Air pollution in London passes levels in Beijing...and wood burners are making problem worse

    01/24/2017 8:02:41 PM PST · 53 of 58
    Peter Libra to SMGFan
    On the actual number of deaths in that smog of 1952.

    I read 4000 died elsewhere, but still.

    Probably the only Freeper that was there at the time. I came down from Scotland by long distance coach to Finchley, North London. A non-smoker and only 21 years old, I remember breathing in and it cut like a knife.

    The bureaucrats of the "Yes Minister" type claimed it was only old people who died. They said they were ready to die anyway. There was an immense cover up. The coal mine owners had a huge investment in coal for the fire place. A most wasteful use of fuel, since it went up the chimney first.

    I knew of a smokeless fuel called "Coalite". It was burnt in enamel stoves in the kitchen. Someone got the Nobel Prize posthumously for bringing it into use. Pity they did not use more of it.

  • Trump Responds To Ashley Judd And All Her Friends In Pink Hats

    01/23/2017 10:24:04 AM PST · 45 of 52
    Peter Libra to Opinionated Blowhard; Enlightened1
    Their march is over. They made spectacles of themselves. Let it die quietly at that.

    Persons who find themselves becoming unduly agitated about the scene, should bear that in mind. I have watched the MSM for years now. They seize onto an event and fuel it with speculation and sometimes lies. The thing to observe is a "shelf life". This is the eventual withering on the vine of whatever the latest phenomenon is.

    Up Canada way we saw the absolutely mindless accolade of a new Prime Minister for week after week. Now all is quiet, except for a little selfie here and there. One might project where this female "outrage" will be next Monday. Possibly nothing.

    Excuse the rant.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Julian Assange says he WILL still go to the US to face questioning now Wikileaker

    01/19/2017 6:21:13 PM PST · 39 of 40
    Peter Libra to RedWulf

    Lots of laughter over this one re Islam. Then there is the task ahead in the heavens with numerous virgins. No wonder some guys convert.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Julian Assange says he WILL still go to the US to face questioning now Wikileaker

    01/19/2017 6:15:20 PM PST · 37 of 40
    Peter Libra to sarasota
    Julian claims Sweden has confirmed they have absolutely no case against him.

    I hope I am able to recall the facts of the case accurately. Swedish women are legally allowed to sell sexual favours. The rule is that the recipient must wear a condom.

    I understand that this man slipped off the condom and performed the sex act. This is considered to be actual rape in Sweden. The spectre of a violent act against unwilling women does not fly. Still, laws are laws. Certainly nothing like a rape in most countries - this kind of act.

  • Inauguration Protesters Plan To Destroy Property And Disrupt Balls

    01/14/2017 1:50:26 PM PST · 36 of 46
    Peter Libra to ColdOne
    Time to review a rarely used definition. What is going on is:


    Defined sometimes as mobocracy. This is the rule of the mob. Very often not representative of the true majority, but very prominent in what they do. Disruptions and violence against legitimate proceedings.

    I was amused to read in The Daily Beast, an article using this word. It accused Donald Trump and his supporters of ochlocracy. They included a history lesson going back about 1,500 years using the old latin definitions. Once again, to repeat what has been often said. This is that the Left, often accuses the opposition of exactly what they do themselves.

  • Ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steele in hiding after Trump dossier

    01/12/2017 9:42:18 AM PST · 50 of 51
    Peter Libra to pepsi_junkie; VitacoreVision
    Your post #41.

    Is it just me or is the media working overtime to keep the damage to Trump by referring to "damaging dossiers that allege Russian blackmail schemes.....

    From up Canada way, I do hope that sufficient members of the general public realize just what is going on. I have viewed elections for over 60 years, I have never seen such a contrived and organized juggernaut against one person. Even if persons dislike Donald Trump, surely they can take a step back and "give the man a chance".It has been said that a smear is almost impossible to disprove. Sometimes it can, but vague references and anecdotal accounts can be seen as reality.

    It is a media conspiracy and they should be damned as political tools and flunkies. I did hear a great rebuttal and put down, on talk radio the other night. It was Clyde Lewis on Ground Zero. He did not lose his cool, but gave it to the press both barrels. (Excuse my rant. Canadian television just as bad as their counterparts in the States.)

  • UK: Schoolboy put into “deradicalization” program for saying Muslim women should not wear the Burka

    01/09/2017 6:25:35 PM PST · 19 of 26
    Peter Libra to Cubs Fan
    We who read 1984 can never forget the complete and utter destruction of Winston Smith. Tortured, he is now "free". He sits in a café. He is blurry with rotten “Victory Gin”. He smokes an evil inferior cigarette. The tears roll down his cheeks.

    For he loved Big Brother.

    I take a chance here and travel back to the time of the England I knew as a youth in the 1950's. One can imagine the remarks thus about that kind of authority :

    The bloody sods!

  • Even more evidence Obama birth certificate 'fake'

    01/09/2017 6:09:42 PM PST · 106 of 323
    Peter Libra to ml/nj
    Your post #82.

    Out of politeness from up Canada way I will not give vent to my conclusions about the now President. I have read "Dreams From My Father" and have misgivings about his inner beliefs on race .

    What I do enjoy is research into family histories. I somehow find it hard now to find the Ah'Nee certificate- perhaps just me. I did study it previously and found the name of the hospital typed under the heading Hospital Name. It seems to me different placements under the title. Two different applications comparing the Barack Obama birth certificate, with the Ah'Nee certificate.

  • Watch Hugh Laurie Roast Donald Trump, Republicans at Golden Globes

    01/08/2017 8:37:28 PM PST · 95 of 117
    Peter Libra to GuavaCheesePuff
    Hugh Laurie would have been chastised in the England of my youth circa 1950. I can hear them saying this about him as a guest in another country.

    Didn't his mother teach him his manners?

  • Watch Hugh Laurie Roast Donald Trump, Republicans at Golden Globes

    01/08/2017 7:23:56 PM PST · 46 of 117
    Peter Libra to toldyou
    Just watched Meryl Streep.


    Very timely your remark. I was watching the show with my liberal spouse (bless her). At first on a cold Sunday evening I relaxed to just see something light and cheerful. Then came Streep. Ok, she did a moving and well paced presentation .... for a while.

    Then she distorted the situation between Donald Trump and a reporter who was - I believe physically handicapped. She mentioned someone sitting on the highest seat and then mocking the person.

    Could not she just kept quiet and got on with it? She also snidely threw in the number of "foreign born" personalities at the awards. If you "kick em' all out" she went on, only mixed martial arts etc. would be left. Trump bashing again.

    Excuse the rant, FR lets me vent.

  • Canadians will eventually warm up to Trump. Until then, stop treating him like a monster

    01/06/2017 6:51:42 PM PST · 11 of 12
    Peter Libra to 2ndDivisionVet
    Is that the place with the cheese curds?

    Some quick Google work brought me to the City of Toronto and the cheese curds. No, I fled Toronto years ago. We are the friendly twin cities of Sault Saint Marie. Ontario and Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. Ironically the American side retains the original spelling. It was the French missionary priest explorers that were here first.

    Pretty handy situation to have our American neighbours close by. Both sides of the border seem to absolutely avoid dabbling in each others politics.

  • Canadians will eventually warm up to Trump. Until then, stop treating him like a monster

    01/06/2017 6:37:25 PM PST · 9 of 12
    Peter Libra to jmacusa; 2ndDivisionVet; Peter ODonnell
    Bunch off pansy-ass liberals wetting their drawers over nothing!

    Which is a fair description as long as it is remembered we do not live in a classless society. The effete liberal lives in a vacuum. They are a distinct group in Canadian society. One characteristic is a smug put down on America whenever they approach the subject. An obsolete description is the bourgeoisie. True it is a Marxist term, but they are the people who generally do not do hands on work. They actually enjoy working themselves up to a hissy fit.

    Now down at the local Tim Hortons..... The affairs of the United States seldom if ever get discussed. Unless one marvels at gasoline nearly a dollar a gallon cheaper. Just over the St. Mary's River Bridge. This even with a 75 cent return on the Canadian dollar. Now those sipping coffee at Hortons are yer average Canadians, mostly working people and retirees.

    Phew! please excuse this rant/sermon.

  • Pilot charged with being impaired was 3 times the legal limit, say Calgary police

    12/31/2016 4:31:38 PM PST · 10 of 33
    Peter Libra to Ray76

    The pilot said to be from Slovakia on a work visa. Oh lordy, that old multi culture again. Someone probably had their druthers when they hired this man. The spectre of being called xenophobic or other on a refusal to hire him, may have done the trick. Just saying.

  • Donald Trump dissuades Canadians traveling to United States: Poll

    12/31/2016 3:45:17 PM PST · 68 of 86
    Peter Libra to Peter Libra

    Should have mentioned our taxes. 13% on many products which are both provincial and federal taxes. They knocked it down from 15% as a gift a few years ago.

  • Donald Trump dissuades Canadians traveling to United States: Poll

    12/31/2016 3:39:56 PM PST · 67 of 86
    Peter Libra to Ciexyz
    They'll come to avoid the high sales taxes in their own country.

    To say nothing of the great price reductions in places close to the border. The St. Mary's River Bridge where I am between Ontario and Michigan easily crossed. Even with a Canadian dollar at about 75 cents US, bargains are aplenty at the American Walmart. Milk and cheese half of our local products. Gas still about fifty cents a gallon cheaper with the exchange.

    All this is to try to denigrate Donald Trump. A lot of hoey says I. Again, these Canadian critics and American naysayers should simply "Give the man a chance". See what he actually does, when in office.

    Excuse the rant.

  • Trump populism comes to Canada as Conservatives seek leader

    12/29/2016 6:30:03 PM PST · 6 of 6
    Peter Libra to AlaskaErik; mandaladon
    You know the liberal press hates her because they used a very unflattering photo in the article.

    I thought that much of the American liberal press were devious and lacking even basic integrity. The old admonition by those who like fair play is ignored. This being "give the man a chance". Surely a President elect deserves at least this? Then I took a good look at the Canadian press. This includes the two monoliths CTV and CBC. The number they did on former Prime Minister Stephen Harper was an incredible exercise in controlled propaganda.

    Today, even they have exhausted their worship of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Not disillusioned, but tired of parroting the same old lines. Kellie Leitch one tough woman and she needs to be.

  • Pretty much everyone in the U.S. hated Kerry’s awful anti-Israel speech

    12/29/2016 11:04:43 AM PST · 34 of 35
    Peter Libra to Sean_Anthony
    That phrase by John F Kerry has me baffled. Something about Israel cannot be both- alluding to Israel and Democratic. I concede I can sometimes fail to see what most people DO see.

    Of some interest is of the genealogical roots of John F. Kerry. His paternal ancestor was Fritz Kohn, born 1873 in Austria. He changed his name to Kerry in 1902 when emigrating to America. On his own assessment of his forbears, John Kerry claims very direct Jewish roots. I believe Fritz Kohn declared himself a Catholic at one time though.

  • U. of Wisconsin professor teaching “whiteness” class celebrated murder of five cops

    12/26/2016 10:03:06 AM PST · 8 of 14
    Peter Libra to Sean_Anthony
    It would be interesting to know just whom would this man scream out for? This, if some low life approached him and threatened him for his wallet? Another scenario would be if certain a minority group, just tried to knock him down for the hell of it- What body of society would he scream out for, to save him?

    I wonder if the first word would be POLICE?

  • Witness Describes Ivanka Trump's JetBlue Incident

    12/23/2016 9:51:25 AM PST · 61 of 144
    Peter Libra to fatman6502002; 2ndDivisionVet
    On your post #23.

    I am gratified that you certainly did read all of this man's statement. I read it and thought this -”Scheff is a shill”.
    Well maybe not quite. I was further informed by the link you posted of who this individual is. I do find in my own use of FR, that if I do not read carefully, a wrong conclusion can be reached.

    Live and learn. (chuckle)

  • Minnesota: Yes to Immigration, No to Jihad

    12/22/2016 12:14:16 PM PST · 43 of 47
    Peter Libra to Kaslin
    Only last September at the Cross Roads Mall in St Cloud, Minnesota, a frightening event took place. A Somali immigrant pulled out a knife and slashed at bystanders. He was shouting something and people said it was "Allah".Fortunately all eight persons survived and were hospitalized with "minor injuries".

    A legally armed citizen shot the man dead.

  • YouTube star says he was pulled off Delta flight after speaking Arabic

    12/21/2016 4:58:27 PM PST · 25 of 25
    Peter Libra to madprof98
    Passengers dispute this man's version of events. They said he was shouting and causing a disturbance. My view of hoaxers and pranksters is that so many of them are sociopaths.

    Cleverly, they know how to tread a fine line and use some excuse. Their inner soul is filled with bile.(IMHO).

  • Obama: ‘This is going to be a browner country’

    12/19/2016 10:52:56 AM PST · 89 of 104
    Peter Libra to TigerClaws
    I have read "Dreams From My Father" supposedly written by Barack Obama". In addition to that I have a copy of "A Singular Woman" by Janny Scott.

    The America that I first knew was portrayed in the Saturday Evening Post circa 1948. It was the Norman Rockwell cartoons. This in hard scrabble England at the time. I helped a Cockney deliver piece goods. We had very little. We thought what a paradise the United States must be, looking at the cartoons.

    I have seemingly identified the inner soul of the President regarding race. He has a smouldering resentment of the white working and lower middle classes. They who have done him no wrong. Surely he could not see that as an American citizen, no one has to be forced to conform to that life style. They could go to Europe and try to kowtow to arrogant effete intellectual Europeans. They could go and be lectured by some far off Guru. Preaching the virtue of having nothing, then asking for money.

    What I am trying to say is that the average white person, only desires to be left alone. Sadly the President - who owes virtually everything to ordinary America, is resentful. He wants a third world country- except that he wishes to live like a Lord himself.

    I hope this digression by me is excused. I finally came to live opposite Michigan and know Rockwell's America still exists.

  • VIDEO 1000 Muslims block London streets chanting Allahu Akbar to demand Islamic caliphate

    12/15/2016 10:10:01 AM PST · 40 of 57
    Peter Libra to Perseverando
    Welcome to Londonistan, peaceful Muslims.

    How times have changed the average ordinary Londoner. They have been brainwashed by the usual suspects. To digress- if I may.

    1936 saw a police protected march by the British Union of Fascists down Cable Street, Stepney. A massive crowd barred their way and there was some violence. Seems that the London Jewish Community and others resented Fascists. The Fascists did not pass. Sir Oswald Mosely, the leader of the British Union of Fascists, was lucky to leave unscathed.

    Today, nothing is done, not even a protest against that which is worse, far worse than Mosely.