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  • Sen. Cruz Compares Nuke Deal to Munich, Netanyahu to Churchill

    03/03/2015 9:28:59 AM PST · 18 of 28
    Peter Libra to Borges
    Chamberlain seemed to have gotten a lot of undeserved historical rancor. Yes, I certainly agree. With all respect to those who disagree, I think the rancor has become standard fare - repeated until persons believe it unconditionally.

    I do remember England as a child. WW1 saw 900,000 British dead. 160,000 war widows. Thousands of amputees and gas victims. Britain's gold was expended. She initiated paper money and all gold sovereigns called in. Britain was exhausted and just trying to muddle through the end of a depression.

    Persons deny the splendid efforts post Munich to build an all-metal fighter force. Only six were operational at Munich speech. I have it that a thousand Hurricane and Spitfires were ready in Sept. 1939.Even the bombers were mostly canvas strengthened with dope- re the Wellington bomber.

    Molders of the Luftwaffe got a 100 kills over canvas WW1 vintage Dutch, French, and Polish aircraft. He had an all metal fighter. Imagine- 100!They never had a chance. Our guys would have with their new fighters.

    Excuse the rant

  • Austria is taking controversial steps to tighten a 100-year-old ‘Law on Islam’

    02/26/2015 7:50:52 PM PST · 28 of 29
    Peter Libra to Lurkinanloomin

    I did not see that you had already aptly described the great victory of the Polish hero over Islam. This in 1683.

    Welcome to the club!

  • Austria is taking controversial steps to tighten a 100-year-old ‘Law on Islam’

    02/26/2015 7:36:16 PM PST · 26 of 29
    Peter Libra to Noamie; NRx
    Very apt comments here. I have studied a little history about the great menace to all Western civilized Europe. The mighty Ottoman Empire twice sent huge forces to take Vienna Please excuse the history if anyone already knows of it.

    1529. Siege of Vienna. Ottomans defeated.
    1683.Siege of Vienna. Ottomans defeated.

    The forces of Islam made the attempt to subjugate Europe. A great pair of victories. They who ignore the lessons of the past are thus doomed to make terrible mistakes (or something like that) Excuse the rant.

  • Mysterious Woman From Canada’s Rapid Rise In ISIS Puzzles Intel Analysts

    02/04/2015 7:20:06 PM PST · 41 of 51
    Peter Libra to Linda Frances; blam
    I am absolutely in agreement with your carefully worded statement. A little slapdash myself, I am afraid. The Prime Minister's reply to the press was very succinct on our troops in a firefight. He said that if our troops are instructing Iraq soldiers are fired on- we will kill them (ISIS).

    Our American friends should be aware much of the Canadian Press. Like sharks, they came in for the kill. Crying that the Prime Minister said Canadian troops would not be in combat. They thought they saw the moment when the Prime Minister could be brought down.

    They care not for the facts, just flunkeys and lackeys of those who dislike P.M. Harper.

  • Coast Guard Rescues Dog from Icy Lake – Your Feel Good Video of the Day

    02/04/2015 6:39:58 PM PST · 9 of 24
    Peter Libra to artichokegrower

    Thank you for the post and video. Lovely stuff, well done the Coast Guard. I have a part German Sheppard/Golden Lab, a shelter dog. Got quite emotional- silly me!

  • Army Deletes Tweet About ‘Chinks In Armor’ After People Cry Racism

    02/04/2015 10:34:39 AM PST · 63 of 63
    Peter Libra to cripplecreek

    I know you will be aware of the ceremony yesterday honouring the Brigade in Washington DC. A Calgary newspaper titled it- A long time coming.
    14 Canadian vets along with their American band of brothers got the US Congressional Medal. This was a one award for the group. They will each get a replica in bronze.
    Well done gentlemen! we could sure use a Devils Brigade today and for you know who! (smile)

  • Army Deletes Tweet About ‘Chinks In Armor’ After People Cry Racism

    01/31/2015 12:39:18 PM PST · 52 of 63
    Peter Libra to cripplecreek
    Your post #27 re Canadian and American co-operation in defeating the Nazi Forces appreciated.

    By way of a little extra news, Canada has sent about 70 special force soldiers to help the Iraqis with knowledge and knowhow with tactics etc.

    It so happened that while the Canadians were pinpointing targets with technical devices, they were fired on by Isis. They fired back.

    The cries of protest came from the opposition. They accused the Prime Minister of falsely saying Canadian troops are not "boots on the ground, but advisers. Prime Minister Harper stated that Canadian troops are instructing allies. He said "If they (Isis) fire on us - we will kill them.

  • Army Deletes Tweet About ‘Chinks In Armor’ After People Cry Racism

    01/31/2015 10:19:57 AM PST · 24 of 63
    Peter Libra to Rides_A_Red_Horse; rktman
    It seems George Orwell was a few decades off when he wrote "1984".

    True observation by yourself. On a lighter note- and someone has to laugh sardonically, I remember WW2. The "blackout" was enforced by newly appointed Air Raid Wardens. Very officious some of them were. I remember a voice saying to the householder.

    'Ere, you've got a bloomin' chink in your curtain".

    Ooh! the racist devil! (sarc)


    01/24/2015 12:09:12 PM PST · 42 of 50
    Peter Libra to Polynikes
    On the Battle of Saratoga, which my countrymen lost, it gives me a chance to mention this book.

    Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World.
    Sir Edward Creasy.

    I like to repeat this story of gentlemanly behaviour at the time. British Major Ackland was wounded and in American hands. His wife, Lady Ackland insisted the British commander Gentleman Johnny Burgoyne that he give her a letter to American General Gates for safe conduct. She resisted advice and proceeded the American lines.

    The sentry could not believe his ears and called for back up. He was superstitious and the clear tones of a woman calling out spooked him. Finally they held fire and she was conducted to her husband. All aid was given to him.

    True this has nothing to do with the post, for which I ask largesse. To recall the incident of the death of General Fraser, the account stated that two American officers viewed Fraser and his damaging directions. One said "That man must die". Such is war and now history.

    As for Maher, I will not waste invective on such a man. Another ramble by me.

  • Winston Churchill: How a flawed man became a great leader

    01/23/2015 12:00:06 PM PST · 33 of 42
    Peter Libra to gr8eman; sparklite2; fuzzylogic

    1945 British General Election, Woodford, Essex.
    Winston Churchill (Conservative 27,688 votes. A Hancock (Independent). 10.488.

    A majority of 72.53%. The political party actual designates the leader, not the public, of course.

  • Winston Churchill: How a flawed man became a great leader

    01/23/2015 10:50:24 AM PST · 21 of 42
    Peter Libra to sparklite2
    On the other hand, the Brits did dump Churchill from office before lionizing him later.

    He did hold his own constituency in the 1945 election. His party was dumped and thus he lost power. I clearly remember that election as a small boy. The awful postwar years of WW1 were fraught with unemployment in Britain. The hard line old Tories were known to be unyielding to the unemployed. Not Churchill though.

    The leftists dealing on pure emotion as usual, said the Conservatives would bring back unemployment and misery. All lies of course. People had been so happy with the full employment of the WW2 years, now they were scared. The famous cartoon of the "Sunday Pictorial" showed a gaunt woman kneeling down scrubbing a floor. Nothing to do with unemployment. The theme was hammered home -Conservatism equals unemployment.

    The Conservatives under Churchill got back in power after five years hiatus. I got back from National Service overseas under a Conservative government. There was absolutely full employment under their new regime. The public had been coerced with pure fear.

    Please excuse the ramble.

  • Paris mayor to sue Fox News over ‘no-go zones’ slur

    01/20/2015 5:11:14 PM PST · 23 of 24
    Peter Libra to CatherineofAragon
    I note your remarks and agree. I am glad you were able to hold your own against this thought and mind control. My wife is a liberal socialist (bless her). She was born in England 1939. She emigrated to Canada in 1961. She had to take Canadian citizenship to continue teaching special education.

    At Heath Row Airport seven years ago, she returned for a reunion. A muslim woman customs officer cross questioned her. This was in a most adversarial manner. Remarking that two months stay was rather long. She asked other probing questions. On my wife stating she was still a British citizen, the woman slapped her passport down hard. She was waved through.

    Her brother in law is a minority person. As they drove through certain districts, they had to check the door locks. Her sister said "they are all muslims in this district. The psychological cunning of these people is mind boggling- a fine art by them.

  • Paris mayor to sue Fox News over ‘no-go zones’ slur

    01/20/2015 2:52:28 PM PST · 15 of 24
    Peter Libra to wtd
    Governor Jindal ran into some heavy indignation recently in London, England. He backed Fox News and said there were no-go areas in England. A CNN reporter from London, got quite hot under the collar. "Name one street," he rasped. I believe the irritated man was a Max Foster. The Governor stood his ground, but appeared taken aback by the man's vehemence.

    It is George Orwell's 1984 nightmare come true. These people hold two separate beliefs at one time. Political correctness fear drives them to actually deny what they know to be true.

    British people know of the awful things happening to women. Women who just happen to be in those areas. They know of beatings to unwary "trespassers." Never mind the name of the street.

  • Boom: Canadian troops and ISIS exchange fire in first confirmed ground battle in Iraq

    01/20/2015 9:36:00 AM PST · 15 of 15
    Peter Libra to Bulwyf
    Thank you for the clarification of the real reason for Canadian involvement. Just one more thing and it may be my view only.

    Evan Solomon interviewed a government representative. This when the news broke of the recent firefight. He had that slight agitation in his voice. Seeming to try to denigrate the integrity of Prime Minister Harper. One could ask what are troops who are advisors supposed to do when fired on? Maybe just me though.

  • Boom: Canadian troops and ISIS exchange fire in first confirmed ground battle in Iraq

    01/19/2015 7:40:23 PM PST · 11 of 15
    Peter Libra to Migraine; SeekAndFind
    Go you Canucks! Kick some A!!!

    Well said, if a little direct. Gives me a chance to hold forth on the Canadian Press. Scared stiff of insulting our Canadian troops, they keep sniping away at the Canadian Prime Minister. He said he would not have the troops in a shooting war, they wheedled.

    The Canadians are in the position they were in the Serb/Croation conflict of 1993. They were peacekeepers. The Serbs were pictured as the evil ones by the press. This in both the USA and Canada. The Croats had wiped out two Serb villages. The Canadians were supposed to go through Ottawa to ask permission to defend the Serbs. The Commander of the Light Infantry Regiment took the initiative. Firefight at the Medak Pocket.

    It was hushed up until 2002 when the medals were handed out. Saving the helpless Serbs was not on the news agenda in 1993.

    Excuse the ramble. but much of the press does not approve of hard hitting military action. God Speed Canada, says I.

  • Michael Moore Fires Back at ‘American Sniper’ Accusations: I Didn’t Mention the Film

    01/19/2015 6:04:04 PM PST · 74 of 86
    Peter Libra to South40
    Yes, Michael Moore just does not get it. He needs to read a bit of a young officer's account of his service on the Afghan frontier; Winston Churchill. Even better, read this book.

    A Prisoner of the Khaleefa: Twelve Years Captivity At Omdurman.
    Charles Neufeld.
    HardPress Publishing. Originally G.P Putnam.(1899).

    The 1914-18 War was fought between predominantly Christian nations. Brutal as it was, rules were followed. Prisoners on both sides were hospitalized.

    Neufeld was rescued in 1898 by Lord Kitchener's British, Egyptian and Black Sudanese troops. The Sudanese cleaned up on the Dervish Islamic remnants. They slaughtered the wounded Dervish. The British press Johnnies embedded with the victorious army protested. They wanted civilized rules.

    Neufeld said let them go and minister to the dying Dervish. Their chums will write their obituary. He stated that the Dervish will fight to the death and the kindness of enemies is repaid with treachery and death.

    What I am trying to say is that the Taliban and Al Quada cannot be beaten by conventional rules. They do not observe any rules. Moore is applying different standards at different times. To ask the fighting forces to use some sort of rule enacted by some desk bound individual, is utterly ridiculous.

  • Government Tells Mosques: Force Out The Preachers of Hate [Preachers of Islam?]

    01/18/2015 5:32:44 PM PST · 23 of 25
    Peter Libra to Steelfish
    I understand that in the UK there are severe laws enacted against "Hate". I read on FR sometime back that a man got into a heated argument with his neighbour. It was about American actions against Iraq. The neighbour was a muslim.

    The Englishman was threatened with imprisonment and evaded it by taking sensitivity training. This by a court of law.

    The arrant cowardice of it all!

  • South Africa power blackouts problematic for ANC as poor claim unfair targeting

    01/16/2015 8:22:49 PM PST · 15 of 31
    Peter Libra to junta; Tolerance Sucks Rocks
    I read your remarks and do concede you have a point. However, the utter frustration felt by people like myself, brings on sarcasm and so on. My anger is directed against the anti-apartheid activists in my native country England and to some extent in Canada.

    Where are they today? One can make an educated guess. In England living in neat semi-detached villas. A nice recreational park close by. A friendly Bobby on the beat- or a the beck of a cell phone call. The white South African, if rich, living in gated, electronically controlled enclave. Of the lesser South African whites I am dubious about their peace of mind.

    Yes, snide could not describe my invective regarding the liberal white activists safe and sound elsewhere. Excuse my ramble. We had only one power outage in my neighbourhood in Canada for years. I would not wish an outage on anyone.

  • Europe needs to better integrate Muslim communities: Obama

    01/16/2015 12:11:20 PM PST · 43 of 87
    Peter Libra to ilovesarah2012
    With respect to the Office of the Presidency. It might be appropriate to remind the President of the 2005 tragedy in London. Four British Islamic youths with backpacks set them off, three in the London Underground Railway. The other went off on a London bus.

    52 innocent travellers were killed and 700 persons suffered various injuries. All had at least lower or ordinary middleclass upbringing. A journalist held forth with absolute self pity. I will never forget his words- quote fairly accurately.

    They played cricket, they went to school, they ate fish and chips, they drank Tizer (popular red fizzy pop). Why?

    The quote about the pop drink seemed to draw ridicule and was redacted. Not integrated into society? Think again Mr President!

  • The French (at last some French) are the Courageous Ones Now

    01/14/2015 8:22:06 AM PST · 42 of 44
    Peter Libra to DesertRhino
    I had viewed your posts rather late and thank you for your much more comprehensive knowledge on the subject of French valour in Mexico.

    I am that old and I remember the BBC bulletins in England the year 1954. The two months death struggle for the Vietnamese City of Dien Bien Phu.(French Indo China). A bitterly fought battle with the Viet Mihn. The French inflicting four times their own casualties. It is debatable. but it has been said that if America had thrown in their forces, the French could have won. Thus no debacle as we all know, regarding that country.

  • The French (at last some French) are the Courageous Ones Now

    01/13/2015 8:25:38 PM PST · 27 of 44
    Peter Libra to DesertRhino
    Your post with kind words for the French had me digging up a few facts. I remembered some sort of annual ceremony observed by the French Foreign Legion.

    30th April 1863. The Battle of Cameron, in Mexico.
    62 Legionnaires and 3 Officers.
    800 Mexican Calvary and two thousand foot soldiers.

    The Mexican officer called on the French to surrender twice. "Merde"was the reply. Finally a surrender was accepted. 43 French dead, 17 wounded. 190 Mexicans died. Some of those 17 wounded died. Major Campos said "These are not men, they are demons", surveying the carnage

    Excuse the ramble. However you might agree that to give a blanket condemnation to a whole country is not just. Each country has legends of at least one great act of courage by it's soldiers.

    The Universal Soldier ( Hank Williams Sr).

  • Protesters Gather at Clinton Foundation to Complain of 'Missing Money' from Haiti Recovery

    01/13/2015 12:16:25 PM PST · 21 of 22
    Peter Libra to Peter Libra

    They (not The)

  • Protesters Gather at Clinton Foundation to Complain of 'Missing Money' from Haiti Recovery

    01/13/2015 12:14:50 PM PST · 20 of 22
    Peter Libra to CurlyDave; Beave Meister
    This did not happen by accident, it is the usual result of sending money to third world countries without strict controls on how it is spent.

    True words here and to the point. What has me beat is the absolute greed of many of the "fund raiser". The don't even have a great time and just skim about ten percent of absolute graft. They wantonly take all but a token sum. Often used for photo ops.

    Excuse the ramble, but up Canada way it is mind boggling. The government forced to step in and withdraw the tax free status. This where it is so blatant and never any charges.

    What kind of persons get themselves put in charge? Simple greed does not describe it!

  • Charlie Hebdo jihad mentor’s wife lives on welfare in UK

    01/11/2015 2:10:32 PM PST · 28 of 28
    Peter Libra to Rusty0604
    Just checked on the woman Beghal, who wallows in easy living in the UK. Her husband Djamel Beghal, who was sentenced for plotting to blow up the US Embassy in Paris. He was given maximum of 10 years jail in March 2005.

    Good Lord! He is nearly ready to be released.

    So it goes.

  • Charlie Hebdo jihad mentor’s wife lives on welfare in UK

    01/11/2015 9:57:27 AM PST · 24 of 28
    Peter Libra to deadrock; Rusty0604

    I am somewhat rusty on the past event, even as a Canadian citizen. I did, as an expatriate from the UK, remember this. In 2006 the Israel-Hezbollah conflict escalated in the Lebanon. The British sent five warships to evacuate "British citizens". It was estimated between 10,000 and 12,000 persons were at risk.

    About 4,000 were taken to safety, first to Cyprus. Most collecting pension payments from the UK. I presume as you mention Canada pays the same overseas payments. What a racket! I get a pension also from the UK. Ain't complaining, but it is $130 per month.

  • French Premier Declares ‘War’ on Radical Islam as Paris Girds for Rally

    01/10/2015 10:44:49 AM PST · 38 of 57
    Peter Libra to traumer
    The French may surprise us

    I am willing to draw some flak as I understand the rightful outrage. I state that three of the unmitigated psychopathic swine were shot dead by the French. All out search for the pathetic woman as she flees justice also.

  • Atlanta Fire Chief fired over controversial statements

    01/07/2015 1:36:28 PM PST · 31 of 33
    Peter Libra to butterdezillion

    Thanks for the update on the full name of the Mayor. His religion is said to be United Methodist.
    Once again we see an Orwellian world in front of us. The Constitution being blatantly ignored.

  • Almost 1,000 Migrants Arrive in Italy on Packed Cargo Ship

    01/01/2015 10:49:23 AM PST · 22 of 30
    Peter Libra to Peter Libra
    Whoops! my misquotation- sorry. infested with the third world country that country then becomes a third world country.

  • Almost 1,000 Migrants Arrive in Italy on Packed Cargo Ship

    01/01/2015 10:38:43 AM PST · 18 of 30
    Peter Libra to manc; artichokegrower
    The idiots cannot understand that once a country is infested with the third world that country that country then becomes a third world country.

    Very true. I noticed a blogger on another website brought up this point. None of these third world countries are particularly amenable to others in their country. No diversity for them. I listen to that type of dreamy eyed multi-culturalists with dismay. There is no rhyme or reason considering the ramifications of these incursions.

    I remember the crackdown in Czechoslovak on the Roma. They were fed to the teeth with their excursions. 40 of them came to Canada claiming refugee status from this democratic state. It had been found out that their culture is simply to steal. A way of life. A mall where I worked, had special emergency information to beware of travelling Roma.

    A leftist do good lady arguing for the 40 claimants said, it would "add an exciting mix" to the existing culture.

  • Howard University football player killed in Texas during robbery attempt

    12/28/2014 12:34:57 PM PST · 110 of 141
    Peter Libra to ROCKLOBSTER; albertabound
    Your post #85.

    A bit of a minefield here for anyone. There are differences in Canada between the old fashioned immigrant of the 1950/1960 era. When I immigrated in 1955, I was told with others, commit a crime and get at least 6 months jail- back you go to where you came from. (What a joke these days).

    I lived near an all black community in Nova Scotia called Africville. Years of neglect and hard scrabble from these descendants of slaves saw little crime. The British intercepted slave ships and landed them at Preston, Nova Scotia. No problem at all to anyone white. I never heard of any nasty incidents there.

    Covered up by the Canadian media, are the grim statistics of black crime in Toronto. Mainly more recent arrivals from the Caribbean. A police official was stomped on (verbally) for giving out the statistics. The media hardly dare mention colour, except in all points bulletins.

    I do not live in Toronto. Way up north, but we have the well behaved influx of black students at two educational facilities. It is mind boggling to me why things are the way they are. Immigrants in my day sometimes had a heck of a time at first. Either went back or stuck with it.

    Once more a ramble by me.

  • The Queen's Christmas Message

    12/25/2014 5:50:05 PM PST · 25 of 35
    Peter Libra to hosepipe
    Your post #22 carefully read.

    I will have to do some thinking about the points you have made. We can all agree to disagree on this great website. Former radical socialist in my youth in hard scrabble Britain. Now falling into the mode of trying to be positive. I will agree that political correctness has destroyed much of that which made men proud. This in England.

    Perhaps a spark might touch off a resurgence of the basic freedoms that started with the Magna Carta. Excuse the ramble.

  • The Queen's Christmas Message

    12/25/2014 4:58:50 PM PST · 21 of 35
    Peter Libra to Albion Wilde
    Thank you for the ping.

    All the best to you for a happy new year and hopefully a better year for America. As for Queen Elizabeth.

    "Long may she reign".

  • ISIS Says It Will Conquer Europe Soon, Undertake Religious Cleansing And Kill Ruthlessly

    12/23/2014 6:01:17 PM PST · 83 of 171
    Peter Libra to TigerLikesRooster
    A special strike force to beat them at their own game is needed. No rules of engagement, no Geneva Convention. Such men would not have to be enlisted in massive numbers.

    I am reminded of a little known account of the demoralisation of the British against the Japanese in WW2. This in the Far East. The old tactics that won Waterloo etc. did not work. The Japanese gained in stature. Morale was at a low. Two strike forces were organised. The British were the Chindits. The American were the Merills Marauders. Never mind waiting for the Japanese advance any more. They dropped in behind the Japanese Army lines and pulverised them.

    What I am trying to say is that something has to change. No more pleading and talking multi-culture. No more weak kneed politicos. Talk to the Israelis.

  • World War I in Photos: A Century Later

    12/20/2014 11:04:54 AM PST · 21 of 38
    Peter Libra to Regulator

    The French 8th Colonial Regiment saw action against Germany. Only reason I know about this was as a former boxing fan. One Louis Fall, born St Louis, Senegal was decorated as a war hero. He won a world title as "Battling Siki". He met a violet death in "Hells Kitchen" New York in his twenties.

  • Will Diversity Destroy The Left?

    12/19/2014 11:22:12 AM PST · 8 of 8
    Peter Libra to PROCON
    Interesting post.

    I just caught something on another website that seemed to deal with a curious paradox. It was a view of a blogger, herewith.

    The celebration of diversity and it's advantages for mainly white populations are well known. What has not been realized is that in countries where the population is virtually non-white, this is a fact. There is absolutely no outcry or a demand for "diversity". There appears to be absolutely no requirement for an influx of white people to those countries.

    The real reasons for so-called "diversity" might well be an eventual subjugation and even elimination. This of the much maligned white people, in their own countries. They of an orderly and fairly prosperous society, evolving over hundreds of years.

    Excuse my ramble.

  • Flashback: Muslim Cleric Says ‘Merry Christmas’ Greeting ‘Worse’ Than 'Killing Someone’

    12/16/2014 5:54:05 PM PST · 35 of 36
    Peter Libra to PROCON
    He has not read the Koran.

    The ignorant hate filled sick man.

  • Watch CNN panel end show with AWKWARD ‘hands up don’t shoot’ Ferguson gesture

    12/14/2014 11:05:52 AM PST · 26 of 30
    Peter Libra to 2ndDivisionVet
    The woman on the left has an attractive appearance. Somehow though, her expression could be described as whimsical. Hardly serious in anyway. I am reminded of a post often shown on FR of a young blonde woman. She has an utter look of incredulity. She is saying:

    Yeah, right!

  • Scalia: Constitution silent on torture

    12/13/2014 9:41:37 PM PST · 56 of 61
    Peter Libra to SeeSharp; shove_it
    It's 500 years between Edward Longshanks and George III.

    I liked your observation on the changing of the most cruel and barbaric practices in England. I had not done my homework on the more humane edict of the VIII Amendment to the Constitution.

    The wording is almost exactly the same in the Bill of Rights of December 1689. This was read in the English parliament in front of King William III and Mary, his Queen. I know that some good things were retained by the Framers of the Constitution, of English law.

    As suspected, some vile and cruel things were still enacted by both countries. This before final punishment was meted out. I am sure the Framers of the Constitution were appalled by these practices, previously carried out in England. Especially under Elizabeth 1st. They wanted a swift end in the case of the death sentence. It being enough in itself.

    Excuse the ramble.

  • Feinstein 'Torture Report' outs Charles Martel as Islamophobe

    12/12/2014 11:21:25 AM PST · 29 of 46
    Peter Libra to xzins
    Excellent post and very graphic. I am reminded of:

    The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World.
    From Marathon to Waterloo.
    Sir Edward Creasy.1851.

    That battle is recorded. For, as one learned Oxford professor said-"Had that battle been lost, I would have been teaching the Koran today and not biblical history". It might be a little unkind to the honourable lady here. During the horror of a serial killer roaming at large while she was Mayor, she called a news conference. She told the whole world, that the police had the killers footprints. She said they had the cartridge casings. The police were unhappy, to say the least.

    Later, the killer was caught. He saw the news conference and promptly dumped his shoes and weapon over the San Francisco Bridge. Unbelievable!

  • CIA torture report released; Obama says tactics harmed America

    12/11/2014 7:00:27 PM PST · 81 of 81
    Peter Libra to Peter Libra

    Eighth Amendment.

  • CIA torture report released; Obama says tactics harmed America

    12/11/2014 6:58:01 PM PST · 80 of 81
    Peter Libra to FatherofFive; PghBaldy
    Eight Amendment To The Constitution. 1791.

    Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed. Nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

    I find, to my chagrin I was absolutely wrong in one sense. It was the English Parliament that put a stop to the barbaric tortures of the condemned. The English Bill of Rights 1685 declared torture had to stop. One, Titus Oates convicted of multiple perjury, was whipped, while dragged by a cart.This case aroused the reformers.

    I was right in saying the Framers of the Constitution were appalled by what had gone on in England. Nonetheless England had already six years prior, had their own edict. Read to King William 111,before Parliament. That of no cruel and unusual punishment.

    Mea Culpa.

  • CIA torture report released; Obama says tactics harmed America

    12/09/2014 10:51:11 AM PST · 65 of 81
    Peter Libra to PghBaldy; FatherofFive
    It is implied under "cruel and unusual punishment," but that is for punishment not interrogation.

    Yes, agreed. My take on the Constitution is that among many of the things that revolted and dismayed the Framers was this. The English methods of execution in the past. The method was to draw out the death of the accused just as long as he/she could know and feel pain. (I will have to research as to when that method was discontinued).

    Some of the punishments especially on Tower Hill,London, one can attribute to inhuman devils. The Framers knew they would have to have the death sentence for criminal conduct. They just wanted the orgy of torturing of a poor wretch, with the amusement of the stench ridden crowd watching, to be ended.

    I winced at the disclosure of the methods used by the CIA et al. I ask myself, why in the name of heaven release this stuff?

  • Boy, girl charged with trying to steal baby in Toronto

    12/06/2014 3:09:04 PM PST · 17 of 17
    Peter Libra to Peter Libra
    Addition to my post.

    Seemingly sparse on Middle Eastern demographics. With a population of 625,000 there are 10% Muslims which is 60,000 persons

  • Boy, girl charged with trying to steal baby in Toronto

    12/06/2014 3:02:00 PM PST · 16 of 17
    Peter Libra to raybbr
    My research shows an incredible mix of various groups in the Scarborough area adjoining Toronto itself. Toronto boasts "one of the most diverse multicultural populations" of the major cities in the west.


    Asian 22%
    Chinese 19.5%
    Filipino 7%.

    You could be right. I will keep a good look out for any leaked information. The press even blanked out the parents faces when they honed in on the arraignment of the youths.

  • Boy, girl charged with trying to steal baby in Toronto

    12/06/2014 9:39:48 AM PST · 14 of 17
    Peter Libra to Peter Libra
    Whoops! my bad.

    shed light on their folly

  • Boy, girl charged with trying to steal baby in Toronto

    12/06/2014 9:38:05 AM PST · 13 of 17
    Peter Libra to Varda; lee martell
    Your point well taken and I did my best to ascertain the lady's status. At all times during the brief interviews there was no mention though, of a husband. To throw doubt into the mix the news person said "her family is traumatised". Could mean her parents too.

    Meanwhile we Freepers are all together in wishing this brave woman well. I will follow the evidence and if these young persons shed light on their follow, I will post it. Dormant post though it may be.

  • Boy, girl charged with trying to steal baby in Toronto

    12/06/2014 8:03:29 AM PST · 11 of 17
    Peter Libra to Fred Nerks
    Thanks for the link Fred. Seems we, like our American friends are up against a sort of consensual agreement by the media. This to tone down any racial identity, if minorities are involved. Now if it was a whitey.....

    A long time since our paths crossed. I suppose the trail of the birth certificate of you know who, has gone to a dead end. Still, I enjoyed the splendid research on the subject.

  • Boy, girl charged with trying to steal baby in Toronto

    12/05/2014 9:24:31 PM PST · 6 of 17
    Peter Libra to lee martell
    Agree with your comments.

    We now know she fought desperately to get her baby back. We heard her voice and saw her hands clasped together on the television coverage. I hope the good people around her will rally and tell her what a heroine she is. Keep strong for the child.

  • Boy, girl charged with trying to steal baby in Toronto

    12/05/2014 8:58:37 PM PST · 3 of 17
    Peter Libra to lee martell; Morgana
    Up Canada way we are mostly in the dark about the lady and her child. I don't know her racial background. The authorities will not give out much, because the identity of the two youths are protected.

    I took a quick look on CBC Television at a court room sketch of their appearance. I double checked on the CBC on line court room sketch. Simple as the sketching was, there was a black oblong block over part of the faces.

    Sad as it is, both youths are either black or brown faced persons. They were said to have been sort of looking bewildered in the court room. Thank the Lord it was not any worse. The poor lady must be suffering over this in any case.

  • "So Like Everyone On the Right is Now Outraged by the Garner Death..."

    12/05/2014 9:20:45 AM PST · 26 of 38
    Peter Libra to KeyLargo
    A very important fact to be considered is the physical condition of the person arrested. The police are generally not to know of the persons medical detail. This unfortunate man was in a poor state of health. Had he, at his time of life been reasonably fit, we might have not been talking about the arrest.

    We had a case in Canada 2007. A large forty year old Polish entrant to Canada was tasered at the immigration offices in Vancouver. He had by an error left in a holding room for eight hours. The poor man went frantic, smashing furniture. Four police subdued him.

    Turns out he had absolutely gone "cold turkey" from cigarettes and vodka. He wanted to be fit for a "new life" in Canada. Medical authorities said that two weeks of this set him up for a disaster. He should have tapered off. His system was thus very weak. It started a nation wide furore, of course. Excuse the ramble, but physical condition is the key in many cases. Just bad luck for the police here.