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  • New England Patriots owner: Trump used kneeling players as ‘fodder to do his mission’

    04/25/2018 11:50:08 AM PDT · 57 of 88
    olezip to Berlin_Freeper
    The owner of the New England Patriots said in a meeting with NFL owners, executives and players that President Trump was using public fury over football players who kneel during the national anthem as "fodder to do his mission."

    Could it be that Trump was simply reflecting what 100 million Americans think about paying to be insulted by millionaire players? The NFL used to be an escape or oasis from the daily political badgering in the main stream media.

    So the owner of the Patriots cannot figure this out? The NFL has passed the high water mark in attendance and public interest, and on its way out.

    The owners and players will continue to blame everyone but themselves. Hate and stupidity are not the basis for economic success.

  • Hot New Trend: Refusing to Call the Police

    04/24/2018 8:49:53 AM PDT · 12 of 45
    olezip to detective
    But the anti-police and pro-crime insanity is moving to its next inevitable stage. Divesting from policing.

    What is a law-abiding citizen to do? Call the ACLU?

  • Emanuel wins court ruling in sanctuary city lawsuit against Trump administration

    04/19/2018 4:42:35 PM PDT · 19 of 35
    olezip to Hadean
    Mayor Rahm Emanuel called on President Donald Trump’s Justice Department Thursday to hand over grant money to Chicago, after a panel of federal judges said the funds can’t be withheld from so-called sanctuary cities.

    Federal judges say or demand that the funds be paid. But the panel of federal judges do not control the budget.

    If the amount of funds can be re-allocated, or set aside to accommodate other accounting priorities, then the amount of grant money can be locked up or reduced to near zero.

    Is this not true?

  • 170 lawmakers sign resolution calling for Pruitt's resignation (All Dems)

    04/18/2018 2:23:58 PM PDT · 29 of 62
    olezip to jazusamo
    A group of 131 representatives and 39 senators signed a resolution introduced Wednesday that calls for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Scott Pruitt to resign.

    The panty hose wearing Democrats are indirectly acknowledging how effective Scott Pruitt has been to bring common sense and sound science into the operations of the EPA.

    Remember the previous EPA Administrator said that carbon dioxide was a poisonous gas. The EPA was out of control!

    The Democrats who supported that clearly have disordered minds.

  • This Is Why Melania Trump Hasn’t Been On Magazine Covers Since Becoming First Lady (barf alert!)

    04/18/2018 2:11:54 PM PDT · 25 of 35
    olezip to ethom

    Our First Lady, Melania Trump, is photogenic, beautiful, intelligent, and gracious. I would list Melania number 1, with Jacqueline Kennedy, second. And all other First Ladies third.

    Only spiteful and foolish magazine editors would pass on the opportunity to feature a certain top seller!

  • Senator Menendez to vote against Pompeo as secretary of state

    04/18/2018 9:41:53 AM PDT · 24 of 30
    olezip to Oldeconomybuyer
    “I believe our nation’s top diplomat must be forthright, and more critically his past sentiments did not reflect our nation’s values and are not acceptable for our nation’s top diplomat,” Menendez said.

    This said by a Democrat whose only action is to Hate Trump and America. All we hear from the Democrats has to do with hating Trump and upending an election they did not like. They have nothing else.

    What "values" does he think he is talking about?

  • Boulder files lawsuit against ExxonMobil, Suncor over climate change

    04/18/2018 7:34:39 AM PDT · 7 of 26
    olezip to Oldeconomybuyer
    At a rally on Pearl Street in Boulder on Tuesday, city and county leaders announced they will be suing two major energy producers, ExxonMobil and Suncor, alleging they are responsible for climate change.

    Are the city and county leaders also into smoking marijauna? It is called dope for a reason.

    Do the city and county leaders understand science? Climate change has been occurring for millions of years. Climate change is caused by the Sun. Mankind has nothing to do with it.

    The level of stupidity is unbelievable! Maybe not, they are ignoring the damage done to the safety and security of residents by allowing the production and consumption of marijuana.

  • Holding An LGBT Festival In His Hometown To Spite Mike Pence Is Not A Good Look

    04/18/2018 7:24:02 AM PDT · 9 of 19
    olezip to Ennis85
    By fearlessly standing up for equality, Erin Bailey is showing Pence, who has a long, disturbing record of attacking and demonizing the LGBTQ community, that Hoosiers won’t stand for his brand of discriminatory politics.”

    By stupidly standing up for inequality, Erin Bailey is showing fellow Democrats that they are willing to compromise the health and safety of the entire population to gain a few votes from the LGBT community.

    Homosexuality not only compromises the mental and physical health of those who practice it, but affects those who do not participate in sexual deviancy.

    The statistics are undeniable.

  • Cohen again denies traveling to Prague in 2016 to meet with Russians

    04/14/2018 3:22:03 PM PDT · 56 of 90
    olezip to Texas Fossil
    The dossier said he went there to meet with Vladimir Putin aides to supposedly discuss covering up Russian-Trump hacking into Democratic Party computers.

    The "dossier" has been discredited many times. Why would Mueller re-cycle false information through the same discredited writer?

    “Show me the man,” says any federal prosecutor, “and I can show you the crime.” Somehow the Stalin/Beria technique has found its way into Mueller's camp?

  • James Comey Declares War on President Trump (VIDEO)

    04/13/2018 4:34:34 PM PDT · 28 of 35
    olezip to davikkm
    Former FBI director James Comey, who is described by many pundits on the right as the dirtiest cop in America, is currently in the midst of a huge tour, promoting his upcoming book, which is going to be published next Tuesday.

    I would not describe James Comey as the dirtiest cop in America. That would imply that he actual has notoriety. To me, he comes across as a big dummy, weak-willed, and not that bright.

    What a disappointment because I have always held the top job in the FBI in awe. Such a person has the highest integrity, honesty, and dedication to his job.

    Comey comes across in quite the opposite. Apparently he sold his soul to the devil when he cast lot with the Democrats and the Hillary campaign.

    He really thought that she was going to win, and that he would be working for her. He did not have the intestinal fortitude to enforce the law, even if he had to push back at the Democrat machine.

    Then he was unable to honestly support the president-elect. He was among the corrupt who put all of their eggs in one basket that was dropped. Oh, my. What a disappointment in the integrity of the FBI that I held for more than 50 years!

  • Roger L Simon: Trump Must Be the Strong Horse Now

    04/12/2018 4:46:08 AM PDT · 11 of 18
    olezip to RoosterRedux
    In response to Assad's use of gas...

    Why are we so quick to assume that Assad did it? He is winning. Why would he gas his own people?

    There are plenty of terrorists who are happy to kill by any means, especially if someone else gets the blame, like their enemy, Assad.

    Something does not add up here.

  • Social media mutes conservatives

    04/11/2018 3:36:37 AM PDT · 12 of 15
    olezip to ConservativeStatement
    It’s called “shadow banning” or “stealth banning” where users’ posts are blocked from appearing in followers’ news feeds.

    Is there an alternate to FaceBook? Or, is there a chance that FaceBook will reform and honor the first amendment?

    I use FaceBook to communicate with friends and relatives all over the world. I am ready to delete all my files and get off. I am starting to agree with friends that have never used FB.

    The application is a great way to share photos and activities. Many of my friends are far leftists who post the most outrageous junk!

    I have stayed on FB for the sake of a few friends and relatives who are in their 80s and 90s.

  • Stormy Daniels gives tell-all interview, poses nude for Penthouse

    04/09/2018 3:48:44 PM PDT · 79 of 102
    olezip to McGruff
    The top-heavy porn star, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, also posed nude for the double May-June issue hitting newsstands at the end of the month with her on the cover.

    Why is the media so strongly supporting the dregs of society?

    Stephanie Clifford rents out body parts, collets money from clients, and then wants to be paid again and again?

    I do not understand how her demands for more money is not extortion or blackmail! How can someone legally get paid over and over again?

  • Former AG Lynch defends Justice Department and FBI amid Trump criticism

    04/09/2018 12:14:09 PM PDT · 20 of 33
    olezip to Oldeconomybuyer
    Lynch, speaking with NBC News' Lester Holt, defended the tens of thousands of people who work for the Justice Department, saying it is "troubling when people question the motivations of dedicated, committed professionals."

    Does Loretta Lynch understand that people are NOT questioning the motivations of dedicated, committed professionals who work for the Justice Department.

    People ARE questioning the motives of a few, highly placed political appointees, such as herself.

    She is trying to change the subject, is she not? Is Lester helping her?

  • GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt Rips ‘Imbecile’ Trump For Trade War

    04/08/2018 5:50:28 PM PDT · 60 of 96
    olezip to GuavaCheesePuff
    Republican strategist Steve Schmidt tore into Donald Trump while appearing on MSNBC today — calling the president an “imbecile” for his trade wars and adding that he has “no idea what he’s talking about.”

    Looks to me like Republican strategist Steve Schmidt himself has “no idea what he’s talking about.”

    Has Schmidt taken a deeper look into the collective impact of the tariffs, that is, the pluses and minuses? Does Schmidt understand that the USA lost the trade war many years ago?

    Maybe he has investments to lose. Maybe he is worried about himself and not what is good for our country.

    If the USA nets $60 billion with a tariff on steel and aluminum, and China adds tariffs to 100 items that net them a grand total of $2 billion, how does that work for Schmidt?

    Our country is hurting in steel because we are a shadow of what we used to be. Is our steel production 10% of what it used to be? It that a good thing strategically and economically?

    If Steve Schmidt cannot connect those dots then he is the one who does not know what he is talking about!

  • Gordon Humphrey: "The Nation Needs To Be Rid Of This Vile President," Trump "Personifies Evil"

    04/08/2018 3:49:25 PM PDT · 36 of 88
    olezip to GuavaCheesePuff
    GORDON HUMPHREY: The nation needs to be rid of this vile president. His vileness is so great as to personify evil.

    Gordon Humphrey personifies evil himself. He is projecting his own failure to connect the dots.

    If he does not come to his senses he will perish in his own spittle and excrement, as all driven by blind hate do.

  • ‘Everything Trump Touches Dies’: Rick Wilson slams president in upcoming book

    04/08/2018 11:41:55 AM PDT · 52 of 79
    olezip to GuavaCheesePuff
    Republican political strategist Rick Wilson has become one of the avatars of the “Never Trump” movement on cable news telecasts.

    They say "Garbage in garbage out."

    Is Rick Wilson trying to get on the anti-Trump bandwagon? It is very crowded, and full of fools, is it not?

    Joining a hate group to make money may not be a good business decision. If you wait a bit, you will be able to find his book in the $1 or less book bin.

  • Khan’s London: Lead Surgeon Says Hospital Like Afghan War Zone, Two More Killed Overnight

    04/05/2018 9:36:36 AM PDT · 35 of 38
    olezip to MarvinStinson
    Mayor Khan responded to the crisis by blaming “Tory” cuts to the police, and claiming the crime was affecting other areas of the UK, too.

    Has Mayor Khan implemented any policy changes, like catch and release? Other than blaming cuts to the police, what other changes have been made to the police? Are the police adequately armed?

    As mayor of the city, Khan needs to take some responsibility for the increase in crime in his city. Leftists always blame others, it seems.

  • American conservatives are still clueless about the 97% expert climate consensus

    04/05/2018 8:54:09 AM PDT · 48 of 79
    olezip to Oldeconomybuyer
    While 85–90% of Democrats are worried about global warming, realize humans are causing it, and are aware that most scientists agree on this, independents and Republicans are a different story.

    Disregarding the principles of sound science, 85–90% of Democrats continue to needlessly worry about man-caused global warming. They do not realize that climate change is caused by the Sun. They are not aware that the science is far from settled.

    Democrats are certainly not aware that we may be on the cusp of global cooling.

    Mankind has zero impact on climate change and global warming or global cooling. Our Sun is the primary cause of climate change in the solar system.

  • Mexican Government: Migrant Caravan was Previously Unimpeded Yearly Event

    04/03/2018 6:28:51 PM PDT · 21 of 26
    olezip to McGruff
    The caravan has been a yearly event since 2010 and since the migrants entered the country in an irregular fashion, they are subject to Mexican immigration enforcement.

    The caravan has been a yearly event since 2010 when then President Obama gave Mexico the green light to open their southern border, and grant asylum for passage through Mexico to the USA. Obama and open borders Republicans welcomed the illegal immigrants.

    Our border laws allow asylum seekers from countries not contingent to the USA. Thus Mexico conspired with the Obama administration to flood our borders with illegal immigrants from countries south of Mexico.

    The anti-American main stream media produced sob stories supporting the illegal migration, and showed no interest in telling the whole story about our weak immigration laws.

    Could this be yet another scandal for the Democrats and the Republican establishment?