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  • Germany's Merkel to US: uphold, strengthen multilateralism

    02/18/2017 3:21:11 AM PST · 10 of 21
    olezip to Olog-hai
    Merkel told Pence and other world leaders, diplomats and defense officials at the Munich Security Conference that “acting together strengthens everyone.”

    These are empty words. Acting together strengthens everyone as long as the EU has the last say of what means "acting together." Socialism does not work. Has any nation that rejected God lasted very long?

    The concept of a One-World atheistic global government has failed. It's only success is to set up the EU to become a Muslim dominated culture featuring Sharia Law. That is working very well in France and Germany is it not?

  • Pruitt OK'd as EPA chief over environmentalists' objections

    02/18/2017 3:11:42 AM PST · 12 of 36
    olezip to Olog-hai
    Over the strong objections of environmental groups, the Senate confirmed Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday, giving President Donald Trump an eager partner to fulfill his campaign pledge to increase the use of planet-warming fossil fuels.

    I would correct this statement to say the use of fossil fuels, dropping the unsubstantiated "planet-warming" words.

    Fossil fuels provide 24/7 energy, unlike the costly, uneconomical and environmentally damaging wind turbines, solar panels alternates that only work part time. Plus they are aesthetically ugly, kill eagles, bats, and other birds, and are not there when you need power at night or during unfavorable weather conditions.

    The Obama administration wasted billions of dollars on failed companies. Those dollars could have been directed to making the burning of fossil fuels even more clean and environmentally pleasing.

  • Pope Francis encourages meeting of popular movements in California [George Soros Ties]

    02/18/2017 2:58:30 AM PST · 9 of 11
    olezip to GonzoII
    “Here are the roots of the authentic humanity that resists the dehumanization that wears the livery of indifference, hypocrisy, or intolerance.”

    Do the roots of the authentic humanity that resists the dehumanization that wears the livery of indifference, hypocrisy, or intolerance, address the killing of the unborn, resistance to same sex marriage, and support for legal immigration?

    I pray that it is NOT the usual social justice mantra demanding more government money and negative government influence.

  • University of Wisconsin Students Demand ‘Full and Free Access for All Black People’

    02/18/2017 2:50:57 AM PST · 23 of 67
    olezip to ColdOne
    The student government at Wisconsin's most prominent university has passed legislation calling for "free and full access" to the school for "all black people" as reparations for what it describes as "systemic denial" of minorities from the "white supremacist" institution.

    So forty years of affirmative action and quotas did not work? What about the negative affects of forty years of leaving the best and brightest behind in order to put "minorities" ahead of the line?

    Looks like a bunch of socialists wanting stuff for free.

  • Can we please move the deluge of Catholic-related articles out of news/activism?

    02/17/2017 3:33:56 AM PST · 6 of 210
    olezip to HonorInPa
    While I'm sure that is of interest to some, it merely squeezes out stuff that is more interesting to others.

    I like seeing articles about what is going on in the Catholic Church. I do not read them all, but having them available is somehow assuring.

    There is a connection that is relevant for all Christians.

  • Liz Warren: Trump's EPA pick 'has the nerve' to debate climate science

    02/17/2017 3:26:55 AM PST · 15 of 53
    olezip to kevcol
    Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Thursday criticized President Trump's nominee to lead the EPA for having "the nerve" to say the science behind climate change is still up for debate.

    Does Elizabeth Warren understand anything about the scientific method? Does she understand that the "science" the warmers claim is deeply flawed? Does she know that the Sun plays a major role in global warming and cooling on planets in our solar system?

    She may be making a fool of herself!

    By the way, where was EPA in the very serious environmental pollution by the Dakota Pipeline protestors? They left 2,500 truckloads of human waste, garbage, and trash behind to pollute the river. This is a very serious matter that apparently is being ignored by the EPA.

    Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts leave a campsite cleaner that it was when they arrived. Not so for leftists.

  • Family ... of 9/11 victims denounce Pres. Trump’s travel ban, stand in solidarity with Muslims (tr)

    02/17/2017 3:15:58 AM PST · 4 of 39
    olezip to SMGFan
    Relatives and friends of 9/11 victims called Thursday for an end to President Trump’s travel ban — saying it spreads the same hate that killed their loved ones.

    Perhaps 9/11 would NOT have happened if a travel ban and extreme vetting were in place.

    Do these relatives and friends of 9/11 victims understand the connection?

  • The Media Is Already Linking Oroville Dam Disaster To Global Warming

    02/16/2017 7:36:18 AM PST · 18 of 44
    olezip to Zakeet
    A number of news outlets claim the near collapse of the Oroville dam's emergency spillway in California is a glimpse of what man-made global warming could bring.

    Do you remember the people marching up and down the streets of our major cities with the signs and placards saying "The End is Near?"

    Are these news outlets essentially replacing the people in the street with such signs?

  • PA: We're committed to the 'two-state solution'

    02/16/2017 3:38:27 AM PST · 11 of 11
    olezip to Lera
    “We are ready to work positively with the Trump administration in order to bring peace,” the statement continued, “but the Israeli Prime Minister’s return to using language which dictates the continuation of Israeli control over the western borders of Palestine, as well as his demand for recognition of Israel as a Jewish state - all these are attempts to impose facts on the ground, destroy the two-state solution and replace it with the principle of an apartheid state.”

    We have had a two state solution already for many years, Jordan and Israel.

    Was not Jordan created for the Palestinians?

    Or is that an inconvenient truth?

  • The ‘Day Without Immigrants’ movement is reportedly spreading across the country

    02/15/2017 4:39:07 AM PST · 3 of 50
    olezip to rightwingintelligentsia
    Reports are surfacing about a potential national strike by immigrants this week—the latest in a growing movement to highlight the role immigrants play in the face of Donald Trump’s increasingly harsh crackdown.

    Is there any separation between legal immigrants and illegal aliens in this "strike?"

  • Ex-spy chief James Clapper fears President Trump's travel ban as Muslim extremist 'recruiting tool'

    02/10/2017 10:31:27 AM PST · 52 of 76
    olezip to Menehune56
    Former director of national intelligence James Clapper spoke out on President Trump's travel ban on Friday, saying he fears the order could create a "recruiting tool" for extremists.

    Clapper is correct!

    The illegal stay of the constitutional travel ban is a recruiting tool for extremists to get in before the ban takes effect. The President of Syria already has affirmed that extremists will be rushing into the USA given the window of time created by the activist judges.

  • Health Insurers Face 'Massive Confusion' As GOP Wavers On Obamacare

    02/10/2017 9:50:09 AM PST · 7 of 14
    olezip to outinyellowdogcountry
    There is "pretty massive confusion," said Hickey, whose 45,000-member plan is one of the few nonprofit insurance co-ops created by the ACA to still be in business.

    There is ZERO confusion for the millions of people who voted for Trump to repeal (and replace) Obamacare.

  • Planned Parenthood Supporters Get Tattoos to Show Their Support for Abortion

    02/10/2017 3:17:50 AM PST · 15 of 22
    olezip to Morgana
    The event, “Tattoo To Protect Your Parts,” included suggested tattoos showing women protesting, coat hangers and the slogan “My body, my choice.”

    These women are actually getting permanent marks to indicate their support for the murder of the unborn?

    Do they really want to permantently identify themselves as sinners with the mark of the Beast?

    Is the tattoo on their right hands or foreheads?

  • POLL: Is it wrong for Trump to criticize McCain?

    02/09/2017 9:37:25 AM PST · 35 of 91
    olezip to Jeff Chandler
    Is it wrong for Trump to criticize McCain?

    There is no question that McCain was a POW for five years, and thus an American hero. Acknowledging his past service to this country is warranted.

    Criticizing his political performance as a Senator is fair game. If he does not accept criticism he should get out of politics.

    In addition I believe that he is a broken man well beyond the ability to make rational and just decisions as a Senator. He should retire.

  • Pope Francis urges Trump to not build wall

    02/09/2017 2:49:13 AM PST · 85 of 98
    olezip to 2ndDivisionVet
    Speaking at his weekly general audience, Francis spoke of a Christian calling 'to not raise walls but bridges, to not respond to evil with evil, to overcome evil with good'.

    I do not understand how building a wall to keep evil drug dealers, criminals, terrorists, and illegal aliens out is responding to evil with evil?

    Is it fair to welcome illegal aliens instead of legal immigrants and refugees? Is it wrong to vet refugees before letting them into our country?

    Is it wrong for us to require foreigners to cross a bridge instead of sneaking into our country under, over, or through a fence or wall?

    We have bridges and doors to welcome immigrants plus a wall to keep out the evil ones and illegal aliens. We have the most generous country in the entire world.

  • Virgil: The Left Whips Up a Climate of Violence — the Prime Target Is Donald Trump

    02/08/2017 5:51:37 AM PST · 4 of 7
    olezip to davikkm
    Is there a media-driven “climate of violence”?

    The media-driven “climate of violence” is nothing more than a world wide temper tantrum by sore losers. The forgotten men have spoken in Great Britain and the USA via the Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.

    I expect this temper tantrum to burn itself out because is has no basis in reality. However it is fueled by leftist billionaires, God-less communists, socialists, globalists, Community organizers, Marxists, etc. It will be extinguished by the light of truth.

  • Charlottesville, Groups Prepare Next Steps for Gen.(Robert E.)Lee Statue

    02/08/2017 3:20:28 AM PST · 13 of 30
    olezip to Brad from Tennessee
    City councilors voted 3-2 Monday, February 6, to move the statue from Lee Park. City staff now has 60 days to develop a plan to remove the statue, and recommend where to put it. This process is estimated to cost Charlottesville at least $350,000.

    Are these leftists again trying to rewrite history? Or do the Democrats want to copy the Taliban, who destroyed Buddha statues?

    Or is this just part of the hysterical meltdown of leftists in this country?

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • AFGE Statement on Nomination on DeVos for Education Secretary

    02/07/2017 1:09:52 PM PST · 33 of 63
    olezip to mdittmar
    Rather than work to improve the education system that our democracy needs to create active, engaged and competitive citizens, DeVos has spent her career doing the exact opposite.

    Our democracy needs to create active, engaged and competitive citizens. DeVos has spent her career improving our education systems by creating active, engaged and competitive citizens, especially in introducing the competition needed to encourage the public school system to improve itself.

    As it stands, economically disadvantaged parents are forced to send their children to failing public schools, like the DC public schools characterized by drugs, crime, high drop out rates and poor scholarship.

    It was a shame to see the disappointment of parents when the voucher system was terminated by the unions strongly defending their monopoly on failed school systems.

  • Bernie Sanders: ‘I Don’t Mean To Be Disrespectful, But’ Trump ‘Is A Fraud’ [VIDEO]

    02/05/2017 5:26:06 PM PST · 52 of 62
    olezip to ColdOne
    Bernie Sanders called Donald Trump a “fraud” on CNN’s Sunday broadcast of “State of the Union.”

    This kind of statement by Bernie Sanders is simply more evidence that liberals have disordered minds. Hillary Clinton was not a fraud when she stole the nomination from Bernie? Is Bernie a fraud because he has zero experience or success in the private sector job market?

    Other than ranting and raving and sounding good, he has nothing to offer except giving away tax dollars for votes with free ice cream, free college education, etc.

  • Apple and Others Pen Open Letter to Trump: 'We Are a Nation Made Stronger by Immigrants'

    02/02/2017 2:56:38 PM PST · 46 of 71
    olezip to LeoWindhorse
    Since the country’s birth, America has been the land of opportunity – welcoming newcomers and giving them the chance to build families, careers, and businesses in the United States. We are a nation made stronger by immigrants.

    We are a nation made stronger by LEGAL immigrants.

    Does Apple understand that there is a difference between legal and illegal immigrants?

    If they do understand the difference, why would they even raise the question?

  • The Vatican is 'concerned' by Donald Trump's policies

    02/02/2017 7:58:41 AM PST · 31 of 38
    olezip to Olog-hai
    ”We are builders of bridges, far less of walls, and all Christians should emphatically reaffirm this message.”

    Is it okay for a country to enforce its laws to protect its citizens? Radical Islamic terrorism has impacted the USA to the cost of thousands of lives since 9/11/2001, plus crimes (rape, murder, and mayhem) committed by illegal aliens, drug cartels and gangs.

    Our jails have many illegal alien inmates convicted of heinous crimes. Our laws have been ignored by the Obama regime to allow even more illegal immigrants to enter our country.

    Is it not fair to allow a country to secure its borders and properly vet incoming legal immigrants to stop the terrorism?

    We are the most generous and welcoming country in the world. Thanks to the forgotten man, our new administration is taking a break to properly protect our borders, language, and culture.

    When it comes to building bridges we are the best in the entire world. We now have the responsible leadership to continue our generosity while protecting Americans.

  • Donald Trump Threatens to Cancel Berkeley Federal Funds After Riots Shut Down Milo Event

    02/02/2017 6:22:53 AM PST · 19 of 77
    olezip to davikkm
    “If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view – NO FEDERAL FUNDS?” Trump wrote on Twitter early Thursday morning.

    Why would we want to spend taxpayer dollars on an institution of "higher" learning if it does not allow free speech, and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view?

    Clearly they do not need Federal funds. The students will be happy to make up the difference so they can continue their fascist practices.

  • Sarah Silverman calls for military overthrow of 'fascist' Donald Trump

    02/02/2017 5:03:02 AM PST · 66 of 164
    olezip to Cato in PA
    Actress Sarah Silverman called for a military coup against President Trump on Wednesday night in the midst of violent riots in Berkeley, California.

    FASCIST Sarah Silverman called for a military coup against President Trump on Wednesday night in the midst of violent riots in Berkeley, California.

  • Green party demands travel ban for Trump to Germany

    01/31/2017 3:31:37 AM PST · 20 of 24
    olezip to Olog-hai
    Germany’s Green party has suggested drastic consequences for the US President after he ordered a temporary travel block for refugees and citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries.

    How many Germans have been killed by Islamic terrorism? How many "no go" zones now exist in Germany? How many rapes and assaults have taken place, reported and un reported? How many Muslim able bodied men have entered Germany? What is Germany doing to encourage or require the "refugees" to assimilate?

    Is the Green party suicidal or dominated by Muslim leadership? Are they worried that Trump will point out the obvious to them?

  • Boy Scouts of America to begin accepting transgender boys

    01/30/2017 6:08:24 PM PST · 18 of 31
    olezip to SMGFan
    "Starting today, we will accept and register youth in the Cub and Boy Scout programs based on the gender identity indicated on the application,"

    It is very disappointing to see the BSA taking action to support someone with a treatable mental disorder. I do not see how that helps a child with gender confusion.

    They should talk to Ben Carson or Johns Hopkins, or do their own research instead of blindly following orders of the LGBT crowd.

  • Dissent memo circulating in the State Department over Trump’s policy on refugees and immigrants

    01/30/2017 1:05:08 PM PST · 54 of 63
    olezip to ColdOne
    The document is destined for what’s known as the State Department’s “dissent channel,” which was set up during the Vietnam War as a way for diplomats to signal their disagreement on foreign policy decisions to senior management. The communications are typically private.

    If the State Department is laced with leftists that need to be purged, then those who complain may be helpful.

    Republicans in the past have failed to purge their departments, other than a few cabinet posts. This has been a boon to the Democrats since the Clintons took office.

    Failure of past Republicans to purge government offices supports Michael Savage's claim that we had a dysfunctional oligarchy form of government until Trump took office.

  • Global Criticism of Trump Ban Builds From Germany to Google

    01/29/2017 1:16:11 PM PST · 24 of 75
    olezip to traumer
    Global Criticism of Trump Ban Builds From Germany to Google

    Of course there is global criticism. Except for the thousands of victims of Islamic terrorism. There is zero criticism from them because they are dead.

    According to Merkle the deaths are a "bump in the road" as Germany carries on to get past the "terrorism stage" of their one world socialist government.

  • Scientists' March on Washington The responsible application of science to government What is the M

    01/28/2017 11:13:22 AM PST · 37 of 64
    olezip to tcrlaf
    There are certain things that we accept as facts with no alternatives. The Earth is becoming warmer due to human action.

    The assertion that the Earth is becoming warmer due to human action is UNSUPPORTED. Rather than making a political statement by marching, spend your time providing the data and science to prove the hypothesis that mankind is causing climate change.

    Answer the questions. Document your methodology, assumptions, and data. Be sure to account for the effects and role of the Sun.

  • Plan for California to secede from United States picking up steam

    01/28/2017 10:58:26 AM PST · 50 of 187
    olezip to TigerClaws
    California's secretary of state has given the green light for a group to take the first step in the political process for the state to secede from the United States.

    California probably has enough illegal aliens registered to vote already to successfully secede. They will need to build a wall to keep the successful businesses in, especially after they increase their taxes to make up the loss of federal monies and the pay for their own defense and to maintain their formerly interstate highways. Maybe they will make them all toll roads.

    Do not think it will happen if CA has anyone with common sense to think through such a foolish idea.

    With all the freebies, their populaiton will increase to add all of the freeloaders. Free schools, free ice cream, free health care! Venezuela, here we come!

  • Plan for California to secede from United States picking up steam

    01/28/2017 10:58:03 AM PST · 49 of 187
    olezip to TigerClaws
    California's secretary of state has given the green light for a group to take the first step in the political process for the state to secede from the United States.

    California probably has enough illegal aliens registered to vote already to successfully secede. They will need to build a wall to keep the successful businesses in, especially after they increase their taxes to make up the loss of federal monies and the pay for their own defense and to maintain their formerly interstate highways. Maybe they will make them all toll roads.

    Do not think it will happen if CA has anyone with common sense to think through such a foolish idea.

    With all the freebies, their populaiton will increase to add all of the freeloaders. Free schools, free ice cream, free health care! Venezuela, here we come!

  • THOUSANDS Hold ‘Emergency Protest’ in Support of Muslim Immigration and Open Borders...

    01/26/2017 3:18:09 AM PST · 73 of 77
    olezip to markomalley
    The protesters called it an “emergency protest” in support of Muslims and illegal immigrants.

    The protesters in support of Muslims and illegal immigrants surely have thought through how they are going the replace the federal funding that will be withdrawn from NYC?

    Perhaps Saudi Arabia, the UN, or other terrorist Muslim countries will fill in the loss of income to the city? Or the mayor can again raise taxes. Apparently they do not need the federal funds.

  • Resurrection of Keystone and DAPL cements America's climate antagonism

    01/24/2017 2:10:15 PM PST · 21 of 36
    olezip to Oldeconomybuyer
    “Donald Trump has been in office for four days and he’s already proving to be the dangerous threat to our climate we feared he would be,” said Michael Brune, executive director of the environmental organisation the Sierra Club.

    Moving oil by rail in tank cars is considerably more risky, considerably more costly than by pipeline. The safety record of pipelines vs rail heavily favors pipelines.

    The Obama administration received donations from the environmental groups and the owners of the rail systems transporting the oil. He had little motivation to give up that income to change to a less expensive and safer system.

  • Franciscans Join Profane Women’s March in Chicago

    01/24/2017 2:37:39 AM PST · 17 of 29
    olezip to Morgana
    Father Daniel Horan of the Franciscan Friars went on Twitter to call the Chicago solidarity March "wonderful," and added, "If you think the #catholic clergy have no business supporting #WomensMarch, then you don't understand basic Catholic Social Teaching!"

    May the Lord rebuke Father Daniel Horan of the Franciscan Friars for his failure to do all he can to eliminate the killing of the unborn. I do not believe that basic Catholic Social Teaching in any way supports abortion, or that it supports government paying for abortion.

  • 10 Actions / 100 Days (Women's March on Washington)

    01/23/2017 8:57:37 AM PST · 12 of 22
    olezip to Diana in Wisconsin
    We did it! On January 21, over 5 Million of us worldwide and over 1 Million in Washington, D.C., came to march, speak and make our voices heard. But it doesn’t end here - now is not the time to hang up our marching shoes - it’s time to get our friends, family and community together and make history.

    Being that the events were pointless because their concerns about Trump are baseless. I was bemused by such mindless ferocity. Then, thinking about it a bit, I concluded that, for most, the whole thing was a cartharsis to purge pent up emotions associated with many things including the unexpected pushback against socialism and one world government.

    Are the participants upset because they fear that their support of the culture of death may be waning?

    How can any rational and sane person support the murder of the unborn, ignore ten thousand years of evolution to demand extra rights? Women dominate college attendance today as do women dominate the work place. Do they know that they are supporting Sharia Law?

    What do these foolish and selfish women want?

  • Fan's warning to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

    01/23/2017 8:24:10 AM PST · 19 of 77
    olezip to areukiddingme1
    Your job is to oversee the NFL, coaches jobs are to coach, players jobs are to play the game, half time entertainment is to SIMPLY entertain and not make a political statements --

    Goodell is paid way too much money to dismantle America's interest in professional sports. He already is responsible for a considerable reduction in attendance and viewership. He certainly is not increasing attendance and interest.

    Barrack Obama is no longer the president for him to please. What is Goodell's connection to the leftists in this country? Are they paying his salary?

  • White House vows to fight media 'tooth and nail' over Trump coverage

    01/23/2017 5:46:25 AM PST · 16 of 41
    olezip to bryan999
    White House officials made clear no truce was on the horizon on Sunday in television interviews that set a much harsher tone in the traditionally adversarial relationship between the White House and the press corps.

    During Dan Rather's time, the news media at least pretended to be "objective." But now they do not even pretend with their demented coverage of the President of the Untied States, Donald J. Trump.

    We would love to see responsible, accurate journalism in which case the media reports and we decide.

    This is in contrast to today's press telling us their twisted and biased version of events, plus what we are to think about their writings.

    Examples of responsible journalism abound with conservative talk radio hosts. They provide both sides of an issue for you to consider, then they give us their opinion. They do not hide the fact that they have a conservative bias.

  • WikiLeaks slams Trump for refusing to release tax return and urges people to send them 'so we can'

    01/23/2017 3:11:03 AM PST · 17 of 63
    olezip to markomalley
    They voted for him, and let me make this very clear — most Americans ... are very focused on what their tax returns will look like while President Trump is in office, not what his look like."

    Is this some kind of game where the MSM wants to make Trump say "uncle?" I am among the "most Americans" who are more interested in what my tax returns look like under Trump.

    Have not had much interest in seeing the tax returns of politicians.

    Constantly hounding President Trump over this issue accomplishes nothing, except to make me wonder about the motives of those demanding to see his tax returns. Maybe they should learn what genuine journalism is, and start practicing it, other than complaining that they cannot criticize the POTUS over his past tax returns.

    Talk about a witch hunt! This is simply more pointless and disgusting behavior by Democrats and their accomplices in the dysfunctional media.

  • Michael Moore: ‘…a sociopath is in the Oval Office’

    01/20/2017 5:40:05 AM PST · 36 of 41
    olezip to Trump20162020
    At a protest held in New York City Thursday night, Michael Moore told the crowd they were living in a dangerous time because there was “a sociopath in the White House.”

    There is evidence that Michael Moore displays a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. Moore makes stuff up about people and presents it as the truth.

    Stop getting your news from CNN and spend a little time in a safe space. Maybe your personality disorder will go away.

  • Ohio State offers Inauguration Day ‘safe space’

    01/20/2017 5:23:17 AM PST · 8 of 27
    olezip to markomalley
    Ohio State University will offer a “safe space” for students today as the nation inaugurates Republican Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

    It is time to close Ohio State University and send everyone home. There is no room for education at that school.

  • Larry Elder: Trump 'Disrespects' The Intel Community? What About Obama's Iraq Bug-Out?

    01/20/2017 5:20:07 AM PST · 5 of 14
    olezip to expat_panama
    Larry Elder: Trump 'Disrespects' The Intel Community...

    Larry Elder's wishful thinking has Trump disrespecting the Intel community. The leftists have been so wrong so many times, how can they expect anyone to believe them?

    Many people do not like having Obama appointed leftists serving him in the Intel community as "leaders" and gate-keepers. Have they supported fake news?

    Get rid of those leftists, and we will again have a respected Intel community.

  • ‘Learning Curve’ as Rick Perry Pursues a Job He Initially Misunderstood

    01/19/2017 5:02:21 AM PST · 20 of 36
    olezip to Trump20162020
    In the days after, Mr. Perry, the former Texas governor, discovered that he would be no such thing — that in fact, if confirmed by the Senate, he would become the steward of a vast national security complex he knew almost nothing about, caring for the most fearsome weapons on the planet, the United States’ nuclear arsenal.

    The NY Times continues to produce fake or grossly misleading news. The Department of Energy was created to make the USA free of dependence of other countries for energy. For those at the NYT, energy independence includes oil, gas, coal, green sources of energy, and nuclear.

    Maybe Wikipedia could help the NYT understand the history of the Dept. of Energy.

  • BREAKING NEWS: John Kerry to Skip Trump Inauguration

    01/18/2017 10:50:24 AM PST · 7 of 116
    olezip to seanmerc

    Hope that John Kerry turns in his tickets to the WH. They can use them.

  • Here’s the list of House Democrats Who Are Skipping Trump’s Inauguration

    01/18/2017 5:06:45 AM PST · 62 of 100
    olezip to Resettozero

    That is all well and good if these Democrats want to skip the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. But are they turning over their tickets to Laura Ingraham so she can give them to worthy non-profit organizations who have many people who would love to attend?

  • We Cannot Tolerate Legal and Personal Attacks on Journalists For Doing Their Jobs (NPR)

    01/17/2017 11:52:44 AM PST · 54 of 65
    olezip to Drango
    Citizens depend on independent journalists to give them information needed to hold our leaders to account.

    It would be nice if NPR knew the differences among journalists, propagandists, and moles. They also should take a look at showing a little respect and deference to the target of their "journalism."

    Is it fair for a "journalist" to elbow his way to the front of the line? Is it fair for a "journalist" to repeatedly shout out his questions to the detriment of his companions and competition? Does the person being interviewed have any leeway to select the next questioner?

    Does NPR have any real journalists, or just leftists? When is NPR going to start practicing unbiased fair work?

  • John Lewis starts a fight and then fund raises as the victim

    01/17/2017 3:14:36 AM PST · 37 of 38
    olezip to Starman417
    Trump had the temerity to respond and now Lewis wallows in victimhood.

    Failing to mention that Trump responded to an attack based on an untrue premise, the left is continuing its false narrative and modus operandi.

    The press failed to provide the context of Trump's statements.

    The press failed to address the destructive policies of Lewis in his own district which is characterized by rampant crime, unemployment, babies by single mothers, fatherless homes, drugs, bred hostility to cops, and the increase in hopelessness created by Obama.

    The press failed to mention the lies perpetrated by Lewis over the years.

    Yes, Lewis did good some fifty years ago, but since he has failed to carry out the dreams of Martin Luther King.

    It appears that Lewis wants to continue his failed policies in spite of Trump's offer to work together to bring hope and prosperity back to the inner-cities.

  • German Priests: Open the Priesthood to Women, Make Priestly Celibacy Voluntary [Catholic Caucus]

    01/16/2017 5:25:52 AM PST · 5 of 29
    olezip to BlessedBeGod
    In an open letter on the state of the church and priestly ministry in Germany, a group of 11 German priests from the Cologne archdiocese have urged the church to open the priesthood to both men and women and to make priestly celibacy voluntary.

    Perhaps this group of 11 German priests from the Cologne archdiocese can choose a Protestant denomination that already has an open priesthood and voluntary celibacy, and join it instead of contaminating their own Catholic faith.

  • Here Are 7 Reasons 2017 Could Be The Worst Year Ever For Environmentalists

    01/15/2017 9:53:57 AM PST · 43 of 53
    olezip to rktman
    Republicans control both chambers of Congress, and have vowed to roll back Obama-era environmental regulations.

    The Obama-era environmental regulations were for the most part unjustified because they overreached a sensible and prudent approach to responsible environmentalism.

    Obama's people were overzealous activists who pushed insane and ineffective requirements on the American people. These same EPA people did untold damage to the environment when they released toxic chemicals into the river, that is they turned the Animas River in Colorado a toxic orange with 3 million gallons of contaminated water. The perps walked away.

    That same EPA stupidly declared that carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant.

    Getting rid of dysfunctional and destructive "environmentalists" and replacing them with responsible custodians of our environment is a very good thing.

    With the new administration we will see our air and water continue to be cleaner, with policy based on real science and economics.

  • Trump: Lewis should help me work on inner cities

    01/15/2017 4:55:25 AM PST · 21 of 54
    olezip to RoosterRedux
    “Congressman John Lewis should finally focus on the burning and crime infested inner-cities of the U.S. I can use all the help I can get!” Trump wrote.

    You can be certain that John Lewis will be the first to take credit for any improvements to the inner cities. Ben Carson will be a player whether or not John Lewis steps up to the plate to finally focus on the burning and crime infested inner-cities.

    Very difficult change for John Lewis because he is too involved in the blame game and milking the system for more dollars that produce zero positive change except for lining the pockets of his friends.

  • Lewis fundraises off Trump attacks: 'Stand up to injustice'

    01/14/2017 6:32:15 PM PST · 42 of 78
    olezip to SERKIT
    Lewis and Cummings proving once again how far removed they are from the concepts of Dr. Martin Luther King, and once again proving their irrelevance.

    These two and many others have carried Martin Luther King's dream in the opposite direction. Their cities and districts continue to produce crime, fatherless families, unemployment, and the blame game for more government programs to line their own pockets.

    Why are they not helping the pastors, young black families with a mother and father raising their children? Why do they fail to support judging people by the content of their character instead of by the color of their skin? Why do they not teach citizenship in the community, in the country, and in the world?

    They are disgraceful losers.

    And guess what? When Ben Carson and Trump return hope (jobs, training, and God) to their cities and districts, they will be the first to take credit!

  • Women knit pink 'pussyhats' for rally after Trump inauguration

    01/14/2017 6:15:07 PM PST · 76 of 80
    olezip to E. Pluribus Unum
    For two months, Krista Suh and Jayna Zweiman have called on people around the world to make 1.17 million pink "pussyhats" for those attending the Women's March, a rally on Jan. 21 organized with hopes of bringing attention to civil and human rights issues.

    I can only be amused and bemused by the foolishness of the women who choose to participate in a pointless demonstration.

    The only issues that these women will bring attention to is their own stupidity and ignorance. There are zero women's issues in connection with Donald Trump. None. Zero. Nada.

    If they could stop making things up and relying on CNN and use their own intelligence and logic, they would be embarrassed by how close they came to making fools of themselves. But, as Democrats, they may be too dumb to know it.