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  • Who is Leading and Financing the Orc Army of the Left?

    12/20/2014 10:15:06 PM PST · 7 of 18
    okie01 to 2ndDivisionVet
    We need to know who is footing the bill for our demise, especially if he or she works or lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    The author asks an excellent question. Who was paying the freight for Lisa Fithian, et al, to be in Ferguson? I doubt it would be anybody at 1600 Pennsylvania -- because the denizens of that address are likely on the same payroll.

    For that matter, who was paying for Saul Alinsky to do his thing?

    Answers to questions like this would be very illuminating...

  • For His Own Sake, Mark Levin Should Leave the GOP

    12/20/2014 11:40:33 AM PST · 88 of 98
    okie01 to TomGuy
    Resulting A-V amendments will take a decade to get through the various state legislatures.


    Are you inferring that we shouldn't even bother to try?

  • For His Own Sake, Mark Levin Should Leave the GOP

    12/20/2014 11:12:55 AM PST · 83 of 98
    okie01 to TomGuy; chris37
    An Article V that does not first address term limits is not going to accomplishment much. And the old guard from both parties will fight that tooth and nail.

    Except that "the old guard" won't be involved.

    Term limits is high on the list of the Article V Movement. And it would pass -- because the people making the determination on term limits for Senators and Congressmen would not themselves be affected (state legislators, delegates, etc.).

  • Taliban 'Intelligence Chief And Arms Dealer' Released From Guantanamo [No Outrage?]

    12/20/2014 10:55:17 AM PST · 10 of 13
    okie01 to Terabitten
    He’s closing Gitmo by proxy. If there’s no one in it, it’s essentially closed.

    And, then, it can be given back to Cuba. A little gift for the brothers Castro from their new friend...

  • Luis Viera: Democrats, please don’t concede the South to the Republican Party

    12/20/2014 8:34:18 AM PST · 31 of 77
    okie01 to goldstategop
    Conservative Southern Democrats are as extinct as the dodo and they won’t be coming back.

    And this Viera fellow rightly fears that "moderate Southern Democrats" are right behind them.

  • There Was No Way a P-51 Could Replace the A-10

    12/17/2014 9:34:25 PM PST · 34 of 73
    okie01 to Paladin2
    I'm unclear ont eh cannon firing rate vs. prop blade passing rate and the variations of each plotted up. It's certainly possible to avoid the prop blades, but just how tough is it?

    Many WW II aircraft had nose-mounted machine guns firing thru the propeller arc. They were synchronized so as to avoid damage.

    Apparently, it was no big deal.

  • Convicted Terrorist Ayers Appears on Iranian Media to Give a Rebuke of the United States

    12/16/2014 7:27:54 PM PST · 29 of 49
    okie01 to MeshugeMikey
    why [Ayers]was ever released I don’t know

    The critical evidence was disallowed. Illegal wiretap, as I recall.

  • Scalia: Constitution silent on torture

    12/14/2014 1:10:07 PM PST · 61 of 61
    okie01 to OneWingedShark
    But this does lead to another question: must it be torture to be “cruel and unusual”?

    Legitimate question.

    Again, words mean things. And I would imagine that the terms are not mutually exclusive.

  • Scalia: Constitution silent on torture

    12/14/2014 12:52:54 PM PST · 59 of 61
    okie01 to OneWingedShark
    I'll stand on the contention that none of the things I've heard qualify as me.

    Cold, dark rooms. Loud music. Sleep deprivation. Diet manipulation. Not torture.

    And neither is waterboarding -- because there is no physical injury or maiming. Nor any risk of death...only a perception of one.

    Words mean things. And my definition of "torture" requires physical injury or deprivation.

  • How Big Is the Ted Cruz Caucus?

    12/14/2014 11:58:03 AM PST · 17 of 146
    okie01 to corbe
    Also, don’t forget CRUZ gets some reinforcements in January, Ernst and Cotton are probable allies to us.

    Ernst, Cotton...and Sasse.

  • The Destruction of America’s Pension Plans

    12/14/2014 11:42:24 AM PST · 13 of 19
    okie01 to Sequoyah101
    They were granted by stupid feel good bleeding heart libs and retards who had no idea the cost of what they approved and did not have one clue how out of range the pensions are with what the real world is able to get.

    Horsecrap! Both the public officials and the unions knew exactly what they were doing -- trading bennies for votes.


    12/13/2014 6:56:27 PM PST · 113 of 145
    okie01 to exit82
    Point of order 22 aye, 74 no.

    Once again, roughly half of the GOP caucus has chosen to vote with Cruz on a vital conservative issue.

    McConnell is not in full control.

  • There Goes Oil ... ($60.50 bl)

    12/13/2014 6:39:22 PM PST · 31 of 31
    okie01 to American Constitutionalist
    Do they recycle the sand ? If not, what other uses are there for it ?

    I would assume the answers to your questions are found in general practice. That which works best...and is most efficient...will be what is employed.

  • Scalia: Constitution silent on torture

    12/13/2014 6:35:20 PM PST · 54 of 61
    okie01 to OneWingedShark
    Amendment VIII Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

    Most people would consider torture to be cruel… maybe even unusual. Isn't that what makes it torture?

    The Bill of Rights applies to American citizens or legal residents.

    The terrorists aren't members off this class. Nor are they members of any class covered by the Geneva Convention.

    As "illegal combatants", they are subject to being shot on sight, if the capturing force prefers. From there, it's not a long stretch to allowing "extreme interrogation tehniques".

    Personally, I would not consider waterboarding "torture". The subject is not injured or maimed. They walk out of the room in the same condition they walked in.

    And, since we subject 28,000 of our own troops and agents to the practice to familiarize them with it, I don't think we're in the business of torturing our own troops.

  • 57 Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Urge Senate to Nix Sacred Land Giveaway

    12/12/2014 5:25:29 PM PST · 19 of 25
    okie01 to Oldeconomybuyer
    If I am not mistaken, the new deep copper mine is being developed on the site of and a mile underneath an abandoned copper mine -- the old Magma Copper mine at Superior, AZ.

    As such, the environmental impact of the operation should be relatively small.

  • Backers: Romney more open to 2016 run

    12/12/2014 7:31:18 AM PST · 20 of 47
    okie01 to Logical me
    Bias is the death of the Republican chance in 2016 and it won’t matter who wins the primary because of these child like voters that just won’t vote if they can’t have it their way. What is the good of America, a perfect human being? I think this is a sickness isn’t it?

    Alright, I voted for Romney in '12. And preferred him over McCain in '08.

    That said, I understand why many conservatives couldn't vote for him.

    Romney was a deeply flawed candidate. In the first place, his candidacy made it impossible to run against Obamacare -- the most powerful single issue the Republicans had.

    Secondly, even though Romney said all the right things, there was real reason to distrust him -- based on his prior actions and statements.

    Third, while Romney certainly appears to be a genuinely good man, he's far from a genuine conservative. He often gave the impression that the real meaning of the word escaped him (i.e., "severely conservative").

    Subsequently, it seems to me that, while Romney certainly would've been better for the country than Zero, we didn't miss much. Since losing the election, Romney has reverted to what has proven to be his core "moderation" -- much of which reflects liberal political values.

    I.e., you're not going to effectively make a pro-Romney case to the FReepers who failed to support Romney in 2012. There is no way they'll support him in 2016, either.

  • Budget Bill Passes the House!

    12/11/2014 7:24:32 PM PST · 28 of 60
    okie01 to defal33
    When is Boehner up for re-election? Any word on a Recall in his state??

    All Representatives are subject to re-election every two years.

    There Constitution makes no provision for recall of any elected federal official.

  • Ted Cruz for President?

    12/11/2014 7:07:45 PM PST · 45 of 88
    okie01 to cripplecreek
    I wouldn't want Snyder at the top of the ballot but he might not be a bad pick for a Cruz running mate with the right marketing. Snyder is pretty liberal but tends to defer to his inner businessman with social issues

    There is one reason why The Reagan Revolution didn't last: George H.W. Bush. Had Reagan had a believer as his VP, we'd have had 16 years of conservatism -- and imagine where this country would be today.

    Never again. The VP can't be a RINO -- he's got to be "with the program".

  • Ted Cruz for President?

    12/11/2014 7:02:28 PM PST · 42 of 88
    okie01 to South Dakota
    Cruz is not eligible. He is not a natural born citizen. I don’t care who says he is

    And the actual law doesn't much care what you say, either.

    You are free to stand aside and let the rest of us vote for Cruz.

  • Hawaii envisions presidential library on the beach

    12/11/2014 6:57:36 PM PST · 43 of 61
    okie01 to nathanbedford
    Surely, we can find locations in Alaska that are even farther away from Washington.

    Shemya is nice this time of year...

  • Seven More States Join Suit Against Obama's Amnesty Bringing Total To 24

    12/11/2014 6:01:13 PM PST · 32 of 33
    okie01 to bestintxas
    Art V says that approval by 3/4 of states can do anything affecting this country.

    That means:

    Dissolving Congress
    Dissolving the Supreme court
    Firing the President. NO impeachment by the HOuse followed by removal by the Senate, but FIRING.

    Excuse me, but have you actually read Article V?

    It states only that 3/4 of the states are necessary to ratify amendments to the Constitution. If you want to propose an amendment to the Constitution that "fires" Obama...or dissolves Congress...or the SCOTUS...I suppose you could.

    But it seems a bit awkward...

  • Defeat the Omnibus

    12/11/2014 12:25:03 PM PST · 19 of 20
    okie01 to hondact200
    why are all these bills so massive in pages.

    Easy. <

    To hide the corruption.


  • There Goes Oil ... ($60.50 bl)

    12/11/2014 12:23:18 PM PST · 25 of 31
    okie01 to American Constitutionalist
    I read on a few posts here on FR that they frack conventional well also,

    Fracking has been employed on conventional wells since the late forties.

    The only thing that's new about today's fracking is that it is employed in tandem with hortizontal drilling -- which is now also being tried on older conventional wells.

    As you might expect, fracking equipment and formulae for fracking fluids have also undergone about 70 years of technological advances in the interim. But the concept is the same -- fracture the formation and release the fluids (and/or gasses).

  • Seven More States Join Suit Against Obama's Amnesty Bringing Total To 24

    12/11/2014 10:07:06 AM PST · 30 of 33
    okie01 to bestintxas
    Please read the Constitution of the US.

    3/4 of the states = 38

    Yes, I know that.

    But where does it say 3/4 of the states can "fire" the President?

  • Venezuela, Not Russia, Will Be The First Domino To Fall With The Price of Oil

    12/10/2014 8:16:39 PM PST · 27 of 28
    okie01 to Maelstorm
    Cuba may not be able to survive without Venezuelan largesse. It is possible that Cuba will send its own armed forces to block the replacement of the Chavistas by a true democracy. Is America prepared to stand by while the Cuban dictatorship colonizes Venezuela?

    America may not be prepared to "stand by". But President Obama most assuredly is.

    Clearly, our President was an admirer of Chavez and would doubtless support Maduro. And, if Castro's Cuba felt compelled to intervene, Obama would support them -- at least passively, perhaps actively.

    Our President tends to cozy up to dictators...

  • GOP Members Release New Anti-Amnesty Amendment

    12/10/2014 8:07:26 PM PST · 19 of 34
    okie01 to ExCTCitizen
    Brat is already seated? I’m impressed if he is trying to get this pass WITHOUT being a congressman, yet.

    Cantor resigned the seat effective August 18, allowing Brat to complete his term.


    12/10/2014 4:46:45 PM PST · 60 of 70
    okie01 to Kackikat
    However in February there will be 54 Republican Senators (only 3 short for 67 needed to get a VETO PROOF VOTE.)


    That would be 13 short...

  • Seven More States Join Suit Against Obama's Amnesty Bringing Total To 24

    12/10/2014 4:04:51 PM PST · 17 of 33
    okie01 to bestintxas
    Hell, with 38 states, he can be fired, not impeached and removed, but FIRED.

    With 38 states, congress can be dissolved, even the Supreme court.

    Where, perchance, did you find this?

  • Iran: Fall in oil prices is 'treachery'

    12/10/2014 3:23:08 PM PST · 33 of 37
    okie01 to sagar
    Well, the other side of the argument is that a zero profit is better than a negative profit. It all depends on how much reduction in price can the companies take before they decide to just stop.

    You understand that your "negative profit" is a function of sunk costs -- acquisition, drilling costs, etc. -- which are unaffected by production.

    My point is that production income will generally exceed cost of production, creating positive cash flow.

  • Iran: Fall in oil prices is 'treachery'

    12/10/2014 11:56:33 AM PST · 31 of 37
    okie01 to sagar
    Expected cash flow will shrink, thereby shrinking expected profits, hence the value of the company.

    Shutting down the well and reducing cash flow to zero will shrink profits even faster.

  • Iran: Fall in oil prices is 'treachery'

    12/10/2014 11:55:09 AM PST · 30 of 37
    okie01 to FatherofFive
    In simple terms, there are many costs associated with an oil well, items such as Acquisition Costs, Exploration Costs, Development Costs, and Production Costs, Maintenance and Transportation costs. Some of these costs are expensed or capitalized.

    I'm well aware of all that. But charging capitalized costs against current production income is an insane way to do business.

    Capitalized costs have already been spent. They are "sunk". Operating costs for producing wells, however, are quite low. If you shut down an operating well, even if it producing $40 oil, but operating costs are $20/bbl, that is a positive $20/bbl cash flow.

    Shutting down the well means zero income, while capitalized costs continue.

  • The 2016 Republican Field: They Don’t All Suck

    12/10/2014 8:34:03 AM PST · 27 of 55
    okie01 to taildragger
    We need Senate Majority leader Ted Cruz, but that is just my 2 cents...

    That would be a.) a waste of talent and b.) unlikely -- most of the GOP Senators hate his guts.

  • Iran: Fall in oil prices is 'treachery'

    12/10/2014 8:18:18 AM PST · 17 of 37
    okie01 to FatherofFive
    All of his Bakken wells are losing money. He'll be shutting them down when the hedges expire.

    How can a producing well loose money?

    Once the well is producing, there is little direct cost associated with it. Almost all of its output would contribute to cash flow.

  • Rick Perry, hungry for redemption, says he’s a ‘substantially different’ candidate

    12/10/2014 7:52:51 AM PST · 81 of 102
    okie01 to Drew68
    Do you really believe that Obama is a failure simply because he had no executive experience?

    This is a significant part of it.

    Obama is a failure because he's an anti-American Communist, not because he has no executive experience.

    And when we talk about "executive experience", what are we really talking about? Decision-making ability...exercising good judgment in a timely fashion. That and "management skills" -- which is effectively limited to hiring the right people for his immediate staff and cabinet. Finally, there's the gossamer area called "leadership" -- which separates the great presidents from the merely good ones. Can he inspire people to follow him?

    And, justifiably, we are marking down veteran Senators because they don't learn or practice these skills in their job -- which consists of negotiation toward consensus. That is, veteran Senators run committees as opposed to making decisions.

    However, Ted Cruz isn't a "veteran Senator". And there's all the evidence in the world that he's capable of making tough decisions and of leading the way. He managed to win 19 of 21 cases, I believe it is, that he brought to SCOTUS because he made good decisions and hired a capable staff. Success is a pretty good measure of a manager's mojo.

    Thus, I suggest that, rather than rely on "executive experience", we define what we mean by that term: good decision-making and leadership.

    Accordingly, Cruz should be in every conservatives mix of candidates. Not necessarily the favorite, but in the mix.

  • Rick Perry, hungry for redemption, says he’s a ‘substantially different’ candidate

    12/10/2014 6:13:39 AM PST · 58 of 102
    okie01 to Drew68
    Unfortunately, he has zero executive experience. The office of the presidency is no place for amateurs, a lesson we have painfully learned.

    Do you really believe that Obama is a failure simply because he had no executive experience?

  • Minimum wage dissent: San Jose's law resulted in lost jobs [many restaurants cut jobs and hours]

    12/10/2014 5:47:27 AM PST · 17 of 29
    okie01 to central_va
    The Chamber of Commerce is against the minimum wage, therefore I am for it.

    Even though that posture, in effect, places you against small business and teen employment?

  • Four Months of ‘Basic Shelter Care’ Cost Twice a Year at Sidwell Friends

    12/09/2014 8:15:33 PM PST · 9 of 16
    okie01 to Hojczyk
    Baptist Children and Family Services … I must assume they have nothing to to with the church…..

    They do not. And they are taking steps to remove "Baptist" from their name.

    The organization is a non-profit that gains over 98% of its funding from government grants.

    In other words, it is a liberal tool -- no more, no less.

  • Obama: Racial equality has improved under me

    12/09/2014 7:50:19 PM PST · 13 of 55
    okie01 to rockinqsranch
    Yeah The Caine Mutiny.

    Captain Queeg was twice the man Obama is.

  • Arizona, Florida and Ohio join multi-state lawsuit over Obama's immigration order [TOTAL: 20]

    12/08/2014 9:35:50 PM PST · 27 of 44
    okie01 to chris37
    It seems to me, but perhaps I am wrong, that courts have already decided that he can enforce whtever law he wants and however he wants to enofrce them.

    True, heretofore he hasn't been challenged. But I believe this is the first time he's been challenged by the states on "prosecutorial discretion". The earlier Arizona case was decided on a separation of powers issue -- the states having no constitutional role in immigration enforcement.

    Separately, Boehner's lawsuit has now been filed, too, challenging the President's usurpation of Congressional legislative powers.

    We'll just have to wait and see how the court challenges play out.

  • Arizona, Florida and Ohio join multi-state lawsuit over Obama's immigration order [TOTAL: 20]

    12/08/2014 8:26:41 PM PST · 6 of 44
    okie01 to chris37
    One has to be damaged before one can sue, and how can one be damaged by someting that does not actually exist?

    While there is no Executive Order, there is still an identifiable policy that has been formally adopted and justified on the basis of "prosecutorial discretion".

    The case will hinge on whether "prosecutorial discretion" can be used to justify a broad policy of non-deportation of millions of illegals or whether it's applicability is limited to selected case-by-case decisions.

    In other words, is the President violating his oath to "faithfully execute the laws" or is he justified in applying "discretion"?

  • Identify Boehner suppoerters

    12/08/2014 3:06:56 PM PST · 26 of 26
    okie01 to arthurus; Paine in the Neck
    If it was unanimous then there is no opposition to Boehner or his methods or his policies.

    Not necessarily. It means that, at this particular time, nobody feels confident they can beat Boehner.

    And, in order to mount a challenge, confidence is absolutely necessary. See Paine In The Neck's #16.

  • A Virginia cop is kidnapped and murdered by several black gang members. Sharpton, where are you?!

    12/08/2014 3:02:37 PM PST · 46 of 46
    okie01 to heartwood
    Lots of kidnappings get tried in state courts. Eve Carson’s killers were sentenced in NC courts. Polly Klaas’s killer by California’s.

    Then, they probably weren't charged with kidnapping; they were charged with murder and tried under state law.

    It's called the Lindbergh Law. Ever since the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby, all kidnappings are presumed to have involved the crossing of a state line. This allows the FBI to become involved from the outset.

  • A Virginia cop is kidnapped and murdered by several black gang members. Sharpton, where are you?!

    12/08/2014 7:36:11 AM PST · 40 of 46
    okie01 to heartwood
    Why is this being tried in federal court?

    Kidnapping is a federal crime. There is a presumption that state lines have been crossed, even if they haven't.

  • Identify Boehner suppoerters

    12/08/2014 7:33:52 AM PST · 3 of 26
    okie01 to Pietro
    A breakdown, by representative would be helpful. Does anyone know where we could get such a list?

    At present, it's virtually impossible to compile such a list. Boehner was re-elected Speaker pretty much unanimously by the caucus -- so there is no record of who, exactly, is anti-Boehner.

    Moreover, nobody has ever announced an intention to run against him. And the caucus knows that, if they vote against him...and lose, they would be sacrificing their committee chairmanships -- even their committee assignments.

    Accordingly, there won't be a meaningful show of hands until somebody announces he's running against Boehner AND he's got a real chance of winning.

  • College Football Playoff and Bowl Projections

    12/07/2014 8:45:30 PM PST · 69 of 80
    okie01 to yarddog
    They threatened them with a lawsuit but always agreed to let them use it if they paid a nominal fee, something like $10. I guess they just wanted to maintain ownership of it.

    Two stories. And I'll name names.

    First, I was shocked by how unprofessional some universities were about licensing their logo (this was in the late seventies). For example, the licensing authority at Michigan State (Michigan State!) was a student who worked part-time in the Business Office. She had repro quality B&W art of the Spartan...but, for the green color, she gave me a paint chip (a paint chip! not an ink spec!). I got the impression, too, that she was the one who had selected that particular chip...

    Second, the licensing officer at Oregon told me that their logo was not trademarked. And that, institutionally, they were very nervous about using it in any kind of prominent fashion. Seems that the then President of Oregon was a fishing buddy of Walt Disney. And on a particular fishing trip on the Rogue, the president noted that, though their team name was "Ducks", they had no logo to represent it.

    Walt immediately sat down and, there in the tent, proceeded to sketch a "Donald Duck", passing it to the president. "You can use this", he said.

    They never signed a licensing agreement with Walt, which would've allowed them to use the character without any risk. Now, if they used Donald, they were seriously concerned about the possibility of a lawsuit from Disney Corp. As a consequence, they paid us to do a logo for the project and allow them to use it on a limited basis. They evidently had several agreements along this line -- and they used a variety of logos at the time. We chose to work with the "Webfeet" nickname and did a pair of duck tracks for them.

    Oregon may have rectified the problem since -- or worked their way around it.

  • College Football Playoff and Bowl Projections

    12/07/2014 8:08:01 PM PST · 66 of 80
    okie01 to FamiliarFace
    Some say that it’s UT’s fault for not wanting to admit that they aren’t the powerhouse team they think they are.

    I spent about two years of my life negotiating licenses to use the logos of, as I recall, 98 different colleges.

    Only two weren't satisfied by our standard contract and insisted on a.) a higher royalty rate and b.) greater control over usage. Their position was derived from a sense of inflated importance (i.e. arrogance).

    Those two universities were Notre Dame and Texas.

    They finally settled for our standard deal once I'd convinced them we'd just have to sell more Texas A&M mugs to make up the difference (or Indiana, Purdue, Michigan and Michigan State, etc.).

    Real assholes to deal with...

  • Obamacare nears ‘primary care cliff,’ with programs serving poor set to expire

    12/07/2014 7:02:32 PM PST · 9 of 22
    okie01 to goldstategop
    I’ve never seen a program eliminated as long as I’ve been alive.

    Suggestion for Article V convention:

    No new spending program can be initiated until at least two spending programs have been eliminated.

  • Victor Davis Hanson: A large war is looming

    12/07/2014 5:57:33 PM PST · 91 of 181
    okie01 to Dr. Bogus Pachysandra
    Grumpy Cat is, at the least, fun. HG is just annoying!

    Nonsense! Humblegunner is OUR Grumpy Cat.

  • Victor Davis Hanson: A large war is looming

    12/07/2014 5:44:36 PM PST · 85 of 181
    okie01 to humblegunner
    The name in front of the title is like "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"

    Sorry. Don't like it.

    Then direct your bitch to the Headline Editor at the Fresno Bee. He's the one who wrote it.

  • Victor Davis Hanson: A large war is looming

    12/07/2014 5:27:22 PM PST · 67 of 181
    okie01 to Dr. Bogus Pachysandra
    He’s the self-appointed thread cop here. Annoying at the best.

    Like Grumpy Cat? Right?