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  • The Odds of a GOP Wave Are Increasing

    07/23/2014 2:57:23 PM PDT · 43 of 43
    Oatka to cotton1706

    IMO, if there is any wave, it is against incumbents. Some guy in Georgia named Perdue knocked off imbedded 20-year e-GOPer Kingston in a Republican primary.

    From comments in various articles elsewhere, I fathom that there is a massive anger out there at Washington. We can only hope that that anger will continue to uproot this self-appointed aristocracy that our Congress has become.

  • Is Costco actually restocking Dinesh D'Souza's "America" or is is a lie?

    07/23/2014 6:47:34 AM PDT · 48 of 49
    Oatka to Southflanknorthpawsis

    Not sniping at you, just thought the idea of an employee walking around with this info didn’t ring true.

  • Is Costco actually restocking Dinesh D'Souza's "America" or is is a lie?

    07/22/2014 5:50:45 PM PDT · 37 of 49
    Oatka to Southflanknorthpawsis

    Caveat Emptor: “He further explained that the book shipment and been rejected by the store and showed her the paperwork illustrating such. “

    Why would an employee be walking around with these papers?

  • US to send $47m in humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip

    07/21/2014 4:31:04 PM PDT · 43 of 46
    Oatka to ScaniaBoy

    I wish someone on our side would take the initiative, and instead of saying “$47m”, say “all the income taxes paid by people in the state/county/city of X were sent over to Gaza . . .”

    In these days of computerized everything, you’d think our side could come up with specific amounts and associate them with some part of the electorate.

    If they would start personalizing these millions, it would make a bigger impact. Peoples’ eyes glaze over at the million/billion/trillion descriptions, but if you put it in terms of THEIR money, specifically, maybe some of the will start to yell “Hey! Wait a minute!”

  • Dinesh D'Souza's 'America' Will Have Some Conservatives Yearning For Michael Moore's

    07/21/2014 8:54:31 AM PDT · 41 of 51
    Oatka to Oatka

    Denish = Dinesh

  • Dinesh D'Souza's 'America' Will Have Some Conservatives Yearning For Michael Moore's

    07/21/2014 8:49:43 AM PDT · 39 of 51
    Oatka to SeekAndFind

    Saw the movie and wished he would have nailed the anti-American people he interviewed by asking:

    Hispanic “You stole out land”: What did you do with the land we let you keep? In 1847 the land on each side of the border looked exactly the same. Today, our side is a generator of wealth while your side generates crime cartels and desperate people risking their lives to get out. (Maybe I read too much into the border fence scene where a road was on our side, but their side was still unimproved, but I thought it a subtle commentary.)

    Black “You enslaved us”: In what battle did the blacks overthrow the whites and gain their freedom? It was other whites who said it was wrong and spilled their blood to end it. (He touched on this with the Union casualties, but I would have shown the actual daguerreotypes and not the “clean dead” re-enactors.

    American Indian “You stole our land”: “Your race was a Stone Age culture and were ripe for exploitation by ANY technologically superior race. Which race would you have preferred to come here? (I have used this statement against all the whiners of this type: “You ought to get down on your knees and thank God the Americans screwed you over. At least you can make them feel guilty. Any other race or nationality would have kept their foot on your neck and given you the obama excuse: ‘We won. Deal with it.’ “)

    I thought the smallpox-Black Plague was a good comeback on the “Genocide” B/S - Remember how skitzy the govt was about bringing back the moon rocks for fear of a pandemic?

    I had to laugh at my wife, who was getting pist at the anti-American slant as Denish outlined the charges in the beginning (she calmed down later :-) ). I would have liked for him to point out that what he just outlined is taught at most colleges today - by people who have never been outside of academia and thus have no real world experience.

  • Hit the Road Barack: Newsweek cover calls out president on policy promises

    07/21/2014 7:47:04 AM PDT · 19 of 21
    Oatka to Reo
    Read the fine print. The magazine cover is dated 2012.

    And look at the damage he's done since then. The next two years ought to finish us off - while Congress hangs their head and draws circles in the dust with their toes.

  • “The Hairy Ape” (Movie Review-7/3/44)

    07/21/2014 7:34:42 AM PDT · 7 of 7
    Oatka to GeronL
    Well, he gave it a good try [Warn of Pearl Harbor]

    Yeah, gotta give him that.

  • Feds OK first-in-decades oil studies off East Coast

    07/18/2014 2:07:01 PM PDT · 16 of 18
    Oatka to thackney
    Reminds me of this funny Clarke & Dawes (Australian) routine about a dead whale found off their coast that starts at :49.
  • Holding Company Of Portugal's 2nd Largest Bank Just Filed For Bankruptcy Protection

    07/18/2014 1:54:22 PM PDT · 7 of 11
    Oatka to Former Proud Canadian

    I wonder if they took a page from Cyprus and warned all the rich Portuguese expats to close out their accounts.

  • Kremlin-Backed Insurgents Now Claim Malaysia Airlines Plane Was Carrying Corpses

    07/18/2014 1:47:29 PM PDT · 9 of 26
    Oatka to nickcarraway
    According to Girkin, the plane’s passengers were already dead when the plane went down. What a line of B/S! Life imitating art:
    Sci-fi story "Air raid" .
    Movie "Millenium"

    Then there's the old Polish joke of an airliner crashing and the headlines blared "Plane Crashes Into Cemetery. Hundreds of Bodies Found!"

    I wouldn't be surprised if these jokers claimed that as well.

  • Police say gunmen in Stockton shootout were gang members

    07/17/2014 6:14:03 PM PDT · 15 of 46
    Oatka to BenLurkin
    Police said Ramos used the bank customer, who had been taken hostage, as a human shield. She and two suspects were killed. Ramos was not injured in the hail of gunfire.

    Not mentioned, but I would suspect it will turn out that the woman was killed by police return fire (human shield).

  • TX: Concealed Permit Holder Shoots Attacker in Four Star Hotel

    07/17/2014 8:59:49 AM PDT · 18 of 22
    Oatka to marktwain

    “He shot Torres once, ending the attack.”

    Has a nice ring to it.

  • Miami Cop in Trouble after Pulling Over Speeding Driver, who Turns out to be internal Affairs

    07/16/2014 10:29:31 AM PDT · 34 of 51
    Oatka to cuban leaf
    Looks like this is a textbook case of why honest people may want to record everything around therm in certain situations.

    About two months ago I bought one similar to THIS . They take a cell phone battery to run as well as off the cigarette lighter. Bought mainly for fender benders, but lately, because of the actions of some police, it has taken on a higher favorable factor.

    Luckily, I haven't had to depend upon it.

  • Kuhner Report: Mayor Judy Kennedy tells Jeff that illegal aliens are bankrupting Lynn.

    07/15/2014 9:04:19 AM PDT · 23 of 27
    Oatka to Prolixus

    Reparagraphed, warts and all. Breaks are mine and are arbitrary - Took me five minutes to do and it shows (I’m retired with nothing better to do. :-) )

    “Weekday morning from six to ten on WRKO. Important hours for. 3617666868. Here on AM 680. WRKO. And now I’m 93 point seven HDQ.

    My friends as I’ve been talking about for the last couple of days. Lynn. Has now become in many ways ground zero. For the immigration crisis engulfing this country. And now. Berlin’s mayor. Judy Kennedy. Has now come out and sad that — is basically now at the breaking point.

    And here is what she told. According to. Mike fox Boston quote. We have been aware of the unaccompanied children issue for quite awhile and we were able to absorb a lot of these children early on. Said Lynn mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy. Quote but now it’s gotten to the point where the school system is overwhelmed. Our Health Department is overwhelmed. The city’s budget is being sustainably altered in order to accommodate all of these admissions in the school department.

    In other words Lindh is in trouble and they’re feeling the brunt of this immigration crisis. To talk about this it’s my honor and pleasure to have Lynn mayor Judy Kennedy. Mayor Kennedy thank you so much for coming on the — report.

    Thank you for having me good morning can’t. Mayor Kennedy so let me ask you this. How much has this been affecting land over the last couple years. And where are you feeling this influx of these illegal immigrant children the most.

    It’s definitely the school system actually a week’s first started noticing. That we — getting in the mutual number. Unaccompanied children. From a province in Guatemala is very much like XP would be here — in our growth they believed at least I think he’s we have. You know sixteen nearly — there are coming true — Marcos. None of them are coming with parents and — You know from there to — to the point. Where last year we had 248. English and harm — country Guatemala in our school system alone.

    And that and I think that all of those unaccompanied children but at least a 126. Of them in the ninth grade are. I’m on by the senate to. — — Now I mean mayor Tom. How is this how is straining. The school system’s budget just for a listeners out there how was it hurting you walk. I mean the argument that many people make is where rich country we should be generous country these are — children they need our help what’s the problem. Well our children need our help coup and the problem here is that I eight have no way a terrifying each is one thing settle. — children were coming — are all claiming to be between fourteen and seventeen years old a lot of them. Looked much older — we have — Alley another also coming and with very little if any schooling from their home country so they are illiterate in English they’re literate in any case.

    Many of them don’t even speaks Spanish they speak a dialect they’re — tribal — — from their villages. So we practically spent somewhere in the school system. We get up at night school we was told by our child that can be lawyers that that was not a substantially equal education into the state program. We had to — intra day program and there are going into the ninth great. We have. 639. Total new out of country students in the school system for a the — school yet just ended.

    We’ve — an elementary school school kids we have over how to go to collect what you respect at almost a high school what does it. And we just don’t — and — And Merrick Americana I have to ask you this. A lot of my listeners have been texting me and emailing me why can’t choose just ask these children their age in other words if you suspect they’re 181920. Why not just get documentation how — and unable to us their age. Because — directive. The superintendent we see. The directive by it’s not a complete a team from the Department of Justice. — — byways of the Department of Justice from the opposite Homeland Security. At that we were not. To ask for verification of each become — papers they’re not birth certificates they are.

    What I would call transcript papers across. Processing paper. And they need to bring a lot of lot of them are born January — Believe cannot and we think. I am date they tell us we cannot ask any of the dare — speech. What about I mean how about a criminal background check I mean many of them mr. 181920. I mean god forbid what if there. The child molesters — they’ve been rapists what if they’ve killed somebody would have their violent criminals is there any way that you can check that out. Now — expressed my concern. It exactly we don’t get any criminal or mentioned with the people who come here in fact they can tell you it one person team.

    And presented his papers to school department. And among those papers was it — the — but because he couldn’t read he didn’t know he was giving up cigarettes aren’t. A terrible. Armed have you been forced to hire. More teachers more part time teachers how — this impacting your budget that you have to accommodate this influx of all of these. Unaccompanied minors. Like school budget has gone up nine point 3% this year — not discriminate site it’s not all do. To unaccompanied minors but. Our school system that they had — world.

    They’re playing as introducing a housing students in the last year’s sellout we’ll department but it has kinda. 09%. All of my other budget and cut BP. To — 2% 4% in some cases Cyprus and I happened that the landing but they are yet this year. But next here who knows who I just. Had to keep feeding money — schools need more translators. — to work well apparently you don’t work. Trees were classroom. Space and we. We had run out of money rights cannot. In this summer I don’t anymore. We need help. Or. Are we need district could stop and secondly we need help — financially in accommodating all these people.

    We are talking with the mayor of — Judy Kennedy trees at the center of the immigration crisis. National spotlight now being put on the influx that’s pouring in to land here in Massachusetts. The mayor Kennedy. The overflowing classrooms is this affecting the quality of education that our students are receiving. Because we have to divert so much attention and resources to this influx of all of these children from Guatemala. Oh without without and in fact that the lower grade level and this is a problem route to great that the lower grade level. We Dell has four elementary school they could not accommodate here kindergarten classes. We had opened a separate kindergarten Centre here in order to keep the class and it. — — eat up all these young kids and he can’t have a five year old in the class of 2822.

    Hits it. You know I’m not going to be conducive to their learning anything certain. And and it caused the a couple of million dollars. Now you have had in. There are an occasion to get children to learn from their home districts and that’s and a Aaron and end. Obviously. Having to go out — district when you’re five year old child is. UK longer making it tougher on these kids and I mean not now or other one is graduated — went to junior so. Not so much for my children but for the younger one I do worry about the quality of education — —

    Lynn has Ali had a reputation not having — the school system but I’ll tell you. Given the number of language you spoke connect given that the — to your children that the F educate. We consistently rank either first or second amongst. Urban school districts in Massachusetts we — who has really take teachers and — a really good education system works. In urban community and in the common law and I don’t wanna see that some. — you anticipated my next question. If you don’t have all of this influx of these students coming from Guatemala and as you say many of them don’t speak English some of them on juvenile Spanish. And some many of them 1617181920. Years of NH.

    What is this going to do to your drop out rate. And isn’t that gonna hurt your potential funding because if your performance is not as high as other schools eat in the did the school district is gonna get talents correct. Yes and and many of these children and will drop out in the springtime what we’re seeing a pattern it’s sweet and live with it for a couple of years still drop out in the spring time. They’ll work during the summit don’t work in the fall remember him nobody gets colder until we enrolled in the school system. And then drop out again the following spring. Each time a child dropped out because — that the drop out so for example we have one person who has. Dropped out and create — — fortuyn’s. Now one per — and count the fourth drop outs in the drop — — that we have to report since state.

    Now we don’t see the improvement. In our drop alligator. This gate and it would not doing our job as a school system that would not retaining our student. Our — currently at level three school system. We have just emerge from double what we — a couple of schools it was considered local court. We worked really hard we turn around without that level — But it kind of respect diplomacy can we could go back level floor no problem that it went through trial and get to school system. Under a lot they had KBM asking you are true. There a role in who. Now a lot of these kids are gonna have to take the tenth grade MCAS and they can barely write I don’t see how big or it can’t — proficient on the M Keck school.

    Which has also been — the data that we sent to state. And that and — and asking her — funding in the long run correct. It could — an and that certainly not gonna help considering. That are funding needs to — increased not increased and mean I’ve. And what can do — Were — to. Stabilize the city’s finances. When I came in he had — beat — or anyone reading that we we know that — plus credit rating here in the city Atlanta and and — — is — just make all of the hard work arm. Oh was conducting. And I don’t wanna keep that happened. Mayor there’s been a lot of concern. On the health issue about diseases. And in particular they’re seeing incidences growing everywhere not just inland. Of outbreaks of tuberculosis. A skate beast. Of chicken pox. The border they’re even concerned about potential Swine Flu. Our use is there any danger to our students in terms of diseases spreading have you noticed they rising Ke B and Arnold students being vaccinated. Okay we don’t actually.

    These children before they entered school system and it — Put it real — on my Health Department we do vaccinations for three for four hours a week. But we had to hire extra hour to administer the vaccinations because Eric too many people meeting them. And — instead he beat goes on we have seen fluctuations in the rampant TB cases. I’m the one that we’re aware that they are being treated real well. Have to have the — — are now in that required more data collection of the state itself what.

    I certainly don’t think it. An immediate concern for any of our schoolchildren I mean I’m I would not. And my own children to school here I thought it was a problem. But it does. Take a lot of action on his part to make sure that the schools and making sure that these children. Get it activation in the camp that salt on the beach can that make sure.

    According to the report to my faux Boston a public health director Marianne O’Connor. Says that she estimates the department has seen a 200%. Increase. In vaccinations. Particularly for TV over the last couple of years. Is that true oh my god 200%. That’s astronomical. Yes it is and we have to move. These are our primary has not received any of it cracks — so we have been stagnant they were one — and and and administered — inflation that any United States count would have had from literally day one of his existence. And it’s just become. An ongoing problem for the Health Department and we don’t see any scientific slowing down I mean I heard. Yet today that another plane load of miners had. Arrived in Boston I still haven’t been able and trying to map but I have to believe at least another stroke in the coming —

    Now I have to ask you — mean I have to ask you with the 64000 dollar question. And I talked about it earlier on my show. These kids you’re saying they’re coming from province in Guatemala but over the — from Salvador Honduras Guatemala. That’s a long way away. Now I understand when they crossed the border if they would stay in El Paso ‘cause it’s right there — San Antonio ‘cause it’s right there. But how the hell do they find their way not only to Massachusetts. But of all places limb. In other words if somebody telling them are they being directed. To say — — it’s basically a de facto Sanctuary City. They won’t refuse you don’t get a health care you’ll get education you’ll get all the benefits so go to Lynn have you have you seen any evidence about — it to him. Well I’ll tell me how I can refuse them legally. That because that can’t. If a child arrived and as they want to be meant school system and legally obligated to provide good — and education. I think.

    Don’t have any direct evidence that they are being directed here how ever let me go back to that current group of say sixty yards that we noted. Can come in here a couple of years ago they were all coming up in the police called the — — In any Antonio — and so — interior to. What is — no matter what and I think global it and it seems to me like nothing more than a charter school work with different — school down — Nothing to indicate that they — on the ballot. A police station on the way from Guatemala to — — but a lot of peace. People are asked when they cross the border you know anybody — of — — do you have the sponsor. And it is my suspicion that — somebody up here who was allowing his or her name could be due. So that these government can say oh sure I know one parent that — — and and get what they are directing a Massachusetts.

    And into — What are you I mean. I know look you’re legally obligated you have to accept these children I understand that. What do you think needs to be done in other words can — sustained basis if something is not done. We’re — and reached a breaking point in what do you think needs to be done to stem this — Well I have reached — breaking point and that’s why. I has decided to speak up. Nationally about this problem and Ali has reached out to the center of the pot — immigration studies in Washington DC. I am going down there next month to participate in a panel discussion a bubble. All of the strange that the split. On a community and it’s not just.

    The tactic in newcomers because limit salaries welcomes newcomers and I do have a wonderful existing art art community ever want. Note that — want a dual — is not a question of being big is it or. You know — it’s a question of being that the question of police sources spoke and starting at the senate immigration studies. I am hoping that they’ll be at the meat from the the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. When I’m down there and they may be on recess they may still be in session it’s there and elsewhere if they are still in Washington. I’m going to ask them for help either by way of getting these children back to their home country or ending some resources but when nature to try to resettle others to. — other communities. For resettlement because — Is only so big it is the ninth largest city Massachusetts. And we have to — largest school enrollment — she and — — tried to work I worked with senator brown not to try a couple of months and and when he was no longer an option I.

    Then turn to congressman in these — but I have gotten no where. At the local level and I feel I have to go to the national level to get some help from the city Emanuel — On American — There are reports out from national review online which had been picked up by other media outlets. That apparently the article names to people. Who I look at the pictures of them there is no way either fourteen or fifteen different place — ninth grade they look frankly 35 or forty. One is a man one is a woman. These are clearly much older adults. Is and is first of all what do you make of that article. And should parents be concerned that their fourteen year old child. Is sitting in a classroom with a 3540. Year old male adult.

    Who god forbid maybe a criminal may be — pissed we have no idea what that person’s criminal background is. They’re not the only till I those photos. I. Do not process and — — the people went to the school such country the school system and the parent and make — better but again as to look at. Some of the intake papers — some of these people who have been coming and I agree with you in my opinion no way they anywhere near. — teen spirit. When he got a minimum probably in their thirties. And again and verify it you know — — and sick parent you know comfortable. Yes it they should get comfortable — no way a child to be sitting next LeBron — adult not classroom. Should they be worried. Now like I really don’t think that anything. Untoward is going to happen in a classroom.

    Trying to create the reports — correct is that the guys that hit on the — — — content — — aren’t that doesn’t make it right. I think I can. Don’t — well they can do it they said we try to night programs. And — the couple that was not. Legally permissible because these children deserve that she shouldn’t — well — gay students and we just couldn’t provide 990. Hours. — — — — let me ask you one final question. What has been the response. From the community inland what are you hearing from citizens. From voters from parents. Are they upset about the situation do they share your concerns Atlanta is now at the breaking point. They have very concerned they’ve asked me. If they can may tell me when the boxes are coming in and we wanna Scott a blockade Billy Murray — it now we don’t have. Big yellow school buses coming and attention and that kinda did an organized. — — It’s been much more than tripled at a constant trickle they’ve asked me if he can hold a rally on the steps of City College — go right ahead. No permit required. Speak up. Party congressmen.

    Call your senator and let them know what’s going on most of them I just wishing that I could do more I had not had. One day it’s free reaction. From any of the city can simply must. I mean I have to say marriage you know money I mean I know it’s an interview and I wanna put words in your mouth but. I gotta tell you I’m listening to now we’ve been not with us — — very generous of your time twenty minutes. It’s your hands tight. I’m I’m just listening to you what it’s like you wanna do something but you can’t either ‘cause of the state or because of the federal government in my mistreating. Now you’re actually corrected that I’m going to Washington. Because that I can’t hear this on my own. And all of the decision making is out of my control. I have to go to the people that make the rules and you can see — they can’t. Change the rules are allowed me. Decision making allow me — — I’m that I don’t have right now because pat. I’m open — and if you have any idea of what I can do to alleviate that problem a be happy and to — them — — bring — down to election. — listen to Somerville.

    Having a great it would be a little bit at a and. So it’s no longer illegal to. — a — he wants a man to say you know why I sent them to — He’s as tolerant person — Itanium and and and that’s domestic beer and make sure people get. I don’t wanna see — portrayed as big into our close minded beak — it’s the people here are not. But we are not. Well see we don’t have peaks basins for a lot about those who sit on. Five repeat Atlanta the — mind currently we’re against city and we don’t. Meat can increase from in — population density anymore because there is no more broke it becomes to have great. Beacons that helped that it becomes. A fire has it and done it it’s not sustainable in the long run and I wanna put a stop to a peaceful work. Aren’t they it’s gone beyond the — in my city.

    We have been talking with Lynn mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy. Mayor Kennedy thank you so much for coming on the corner report we really appreciate — and mayor up to all of the aim at members out there and corner country. Mayor Kennedy has generously agreed on August 14 we’re going to be holding a major town hall. A here at where where’s it gonna be packaged Adobe. Yet the WGBH. Building we’re gonna give you more information coming weeks. But myself — Kennedy and others were gonna hold a town hall on immigration. — — — superb on this near Kennedy and I wanna thank you so much. Jobless 6172666868831. On WRKO. My friends I got to ask you you heard the interview with the mayor of land. — liberals out there are you finally waking up let’s stick it to tell Anderson. In the newsroom.”

  • Young migrants unlikely to bring diseases to U.S., experts say

    07/13/2014 8:35:40 AM PDT · 68 of 76
    Oatka to DallasBiff
    In the spirit of "Know thy enemy", I am on the World Socialist Website's mailing list, which despite their spin, sometimes has an interesting article.

    IMO, this is one of them. California’s whooping cough epidemic

  • Bloomberg: Colorado Gun Recall Towns So Rural, They Don’t Have Roads

    07/12/2014 6:54:56 PM PDT · 61 of 62
    Oatka to Paine in the Neck
  • Gun violence is a crisis in public health

    07/12/2014 9:06:27 AM PDT · 72 of 77
    Oatka to rellimpank

    I remember back in the ‘70s, some anti-gun people were showing slides of John Snow’s breakthrough study of London’s 1854 cholera epidemic where he discovered a contaminated water pump was “the focus of infection”. These “doctors” were equating firearms to that pump.

    The room was full of lawyers who were scribbling notes and nodding sagely - and these were supposed to be educated people.

    In olden times, doctors advised that the same poultice put on a stabbing victim’s cut be applied to the weapon that caused the wound as it would speed up the healing process. It appears that in some areas, we haven’t come very far, for the antis are still taking this crack-brained approach.

  • Burger spicier than pepper spray sends UK journalists to hospital

    07/10/2014 6:44:35 PM PDT · 29 of 60
    Oatka to Billthedrill
    My friend notices he's dripped a drop of the super hot sauce on the table, and then a wasp lands, touches it, and promptly keels over dead.

    Great Tabasco commercial.

  • Breaking News - Gun Confiscation Has Begun In NY!!! Must Watch!!

    07/10/2014 3:21:28 PM PDT · 46 of 54
    Oatka to Ruy Dias de Bivar

    Thanks - going into the archives for the next comment in an article about “paranoid” gun owners.

  • Breaking News - Gun Confiscation Has Begun In NY!!! Must Watch!!

    07/10/2014 10:13:11 AM PDT · 40 of 54
    Oatka to Ruy Dias de Bivar
    As Emanuel Cellar and Thomas J Dodd said back in 1962,... “We don’t want to take your guns away, we ONLY want to register them! Long guns will not be affected.”

    I think it was back in the '70s when there was some "Register All Guns" telethon going on and actor Robert Lansing (TV 12 O'Clock High) was overseeing the phone banks. One volunteer asked him a question about registration, and as the guy walked away, Lansing added, "Tell 'em we don't want to take their guns, just register them.". I nearly fell off the chair over the lunacy of that statement and I wish to God someone had asked him how they could "take their guns" if they didn't know who had them and where they were.

  • The awesome (and chilling) genius of the Germans: From soccer to supermarkets,

    07/10/2014 7:57:13 AM PDT · 19 of 28
    Oatka to JeanLM
    In WWII the Tiger tank was much better that the Sherman but we built dozens more per Tiger. In wars quantity is better.

    I think it was Stalin who said "Quantity has a quality all its own."

    Reading one of Stephen Ambrose's books on WWII, when veterans were asked which Europeans they admired the most, he was surprised that most of them said the Germans.

    One veteran said that they would fight their way through a town and by time they reached the other side, the Germans were out in the street cleaning up, while in other countries the people were either complaining about the damage or were stealing anything they could from the Americans.

  • St. John deputy shoots suspect toting air gun

    07/09/2014 5:26:30 PM PDT · 36 of 38
    Oatka to BBell
    But in this case, the Sheriff's Office said, the orange tip had been removed.

    I read a while back where they were using a black Marks-A-Lot felt pen and obliterating the orange. Either way, they are asking for it.


    07/09/2014 5:17:22 PM PDT · 4 of 4
    Oatka to moonshinner_09
    JOSE DE LA CRUZ AJQUI, 27, a citizen of Guatemala last residing in Willimantic, was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge Alvin W. Thompson in Hartford to 12 months of imprisonment for illegally reentering the U.S. after he was deported.

    He should have gotten a suspended sentence . . .

    . . . Old West style.

  • 17 Former Google Interview Questions So Ridiculous The Company Banned Them

    07/08/2014 4:20:22 PM PDT · 23 of 30
    Oatka to SeekAndFind

    From the Reader’s Digest YEARS ago re: college students applying for a job:

    What are your strengths?
    I am honest, trustworthy, reliable, diligent, faithful, etc.
    What are your weaknesses?
    Sometimes I am not honest, trustworthy, reliable, diligent, faithful, etc.

    What positive change have you noticed in yourself lately?
    The sight of blood no longer excites me.

    A buddy of mine looking for a job went through these endless questioning routines. When asked why he wanted this job at this company, he snapped and replied “to feed my family in the manner to which they have become accustomed to.” (He didn’t get the job.)

  • More Fuel Efficient Cars Causing Highway Trust Fund to Go Broke

    07/07/2014 2:40:31 PM PDT · 52 of 54
    Oatka to Red Badger

    On top of all the other non-highway expenditures listed in this thread, don’t forget that Slick Willie passed a 5c a gallon increase that went into the General Fund. Newspapers reported at the time that it was the first time (?) taxes for a specific purpose were redirected to the General Fund.

    Raise taxes because they’re broke? Rescind that 5c a gallon General Tax diversion for openers. (Yeah right).

  • California Flooded With People Tattling on 'Water Wasters'

    07/07/2014 7:58:30 AM PDT · 57 of 65
    Oatka to Scrambler Bob

    Amen. While not in a rural area, I was in Oceanside, CA when the call came to cut water usage by 20% - or else. Like you, we were already frugal with our usage yet were treated as if we were refilling a swimming pool everyday.

    We did the “brick-in-the-toilet” and followed the “If it’s yellow, let it mellow” cutsey slogans. Well, water usage dropped so much, the utilities were losing money, and by law they weren’t allowed to, so rates went up - about that 20% figure.

  • California Flooded With People Tattling on 'Water Wasters'

    07/06/2014 8:07:47 PM PDT · 26 of 65
    Oatka to Tolerance Sucks Rocks

    Reducing water usage is step one in the Kabuki Two-Step. When water usage drops off, rate will rise to compensate the utilities for their loss of income. Those that snitch will not be able to make the Cause-Effect linkage and blame it on the “greedy” utilities while the politicians sneak out the back door.

  • Sheriff, feds: Rancher must be held accountable

    07/06/2014 1:58:36 PM PDT · 64 of 64
    Oatka to Nachum
    THIS is how they do it in Nye County (North of Vegas). Part 2 of a three-parter, about 10 minutes each.
  • IT’S ABOUT TIME: Militias From CA & TX Are Joining Together To Defend Border

    07/06/2014 1:21:13 PM PDT · 31 of 31
    Oatka to kingattax

    I would think there’s going to be a problem of logistics - food, water, etc. Shouldn’t a fund be set up to ease the financial problem?

    For those of us who can’t physically be there, some bucks to support those who are would, IMO, be greatly appreciated.

  • Obama’s criminal invasion of the United States

    07/06/2014 9:34:32 AM PDT · 12 of 13
    Oatka to Oldpuppymax
    Number has to be updated.

  • Washington’s PR Nightmare Continues in Murrieta as Residents Turn Back the DHS Buses Again

    07/05/2014 4:23:59 PM PDT · 9 of 46
    Oatka to Lurker
    Send them all the the DC suburbs in Maryland and Virginia.

    Send them all to their respective embassies and be amazed as how quickly this "humanitarian crisis" is resolved.

  • California citizen militia units joining forces with Texas units to defend the border

    07/04/2014 8:45:35 PM PDT · 157 of 321
    Oatka to servantboy777
    I’ve heard of the state guard, my uncle is a member. State militia? I’ve not heard of a state militia.
    Is this just folks that get together and declare themselves militia?If so, how would Perry call them into service?

    During the Armageddon talk as we approached year 2000, I understand that one sheriff in Iowa planned on deputizing any CCW holder who volunteered. Mebbe something along that line would work today.

  • Homeless parolees weigh on California counties

    07/04/2014 7:30:19 PM PDT · 17 of 18
    Oatka to Jack Hydrazine
    Bring back the flop house!

    Walter A. Wyckoff wrote three books on his experiences of working as an unskilled laborer in 1891-93. (He was a college prof who did it as a social experiment and because of that trek, became known as "The Father of Sociology".

    Anyway, he hit Chicago in the winter of '92 and for a few weeks he had to sleep at a police station and a couple of times in flop houses. What got me about the latter is that they just strung a rope across the room and you hooked your arm over it to keep from falling down when you went to sleep standing up. Yikes!

  • Racism in America…. Caribbean Nationals just don’t get it?

    07/04/2014 7:05:43 PM PDT · 19 of 24
    Oatka to MuttTheHoople
    That's because they come to America for the same reason other immigrants come to our country, and can see the opportunities.

    I worked with a couple of Jamaicans who were just off the boat and were helping mom and dad set up a Jamaican restaurant. Both of them asked me what in the world was wrong with American blacks. The Jamaicans had a "How long has this been going on?" attitude and couldn't believe the others didn't seize all the advantages they saw.


    07/04/2014 12:24:45 PM PDT · 16 of 36
    Oatka to stanne
    They have it in their minds that we are imperialistic
    If we were we would own a lot of countries,

    I think it turned out to be an Urban Legend, but there was a quote by some American generals that the only land we ever asked for in liberated countries was enough to bury our dead.

    That would still make a good comeback or general statement by our side.

  • Pop, Soda or Coke? 11 Maps Show How Differently Americans Speak

    07/04/2014 12:16:04 PM PDT · 108 of 124
    Oatka to rwa265

    Jay Leno pulled that in one of his “ask the public” skits. When they didn’t know the answer, he’d ask “Don’t JUNEAU?” None of ‘em ever caught on.

  • Pop, Soda or Coke? 11 Maps Show How Differently Americans Speak

    07/04/2014 8:00:16 AM PDT · 82 of 124
    Oatka to NYer

    “No, jew?’

    Translation (heard abord ship in the 1950’s navy.) Dunno where these guys were from.

    “Did you eat?” (last call for mess)
    “No, did you?”

  • "Ludlow Kissel and the Dago Bomb that Struck Back" [Jean Shepherd's July 4th story, a free download]

    07/04/2014 7:38:03 AM PDT · 8 of 20
    Oatka to Rodamala

    What’s the name of the TV episode where his dad buys a house in kit form from Sears, who delivers it to a railyard. All his dad’s “friends” come down to help him load the boxes on their trucks, then decide to open a few and have the stuff scattered all over the yard. Then it starts to rain and they all bail out on him.

  • “The Hairy Ape” (Movie Review-7/3/44)

    07/03/2014 10:15:35 AM PDT · 5 of 7
    Oatka to Homer_J_Simpson
    Earlier in the year we saw William Bendix as the doomed sailor, in “Lifeboat.” It seems his luck hasn’t changed with this role.

    He didn't do too well at the start of WWII either. This from a Twilight Zone pilot.

  • The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Hoax

    07/03/2014 9:23:23 AM PDT · 33 of 45
    Oatka to rktman
  • Librarian Feels Target-ed

    07/03/2014 8:43:46 AM PDT · 6 of 8
    Oatka to TaxPayer2000
    Eighty percent of the students at our bilingual school are Latina/o, yet only a handful of the books from the Target makeover came in Spanish.

    The only book in Spanish, etc. in ANY library is a xxx-English dictionary. Some years ago the NYC library bragged it had the largest Korean language book collection in the U.S. and my first thought was "What reason do they have to assimilate"?

  • June Full-Time Jobs Plunge By Over Half A Million, Part-Time Jobs Surge By 800K, Most Since 1993

    07/03/2014 8:30:36 AM PDT · 9 of 12
    Oatka to DonaldC
    Globalism has wrecked this country.

    Amen. "Global Competition" is a code phrase for "A race to the bottom".

  • China’s Most Dangerous Missile (So Far)

    07/03/2014 8:25:36 AM PDT · 7 of 8
    Oatka to C19fan

    All I could think of, reading this, was how the Argentinians nailed those British frigates with their Exocets in the Falklands war.

    They sent out two-plane teams of a Phantom (I think) and a Mirage, at low level towards the target. The Mirage flew below radar and occasionaly sent the Phantom up higher, like a periscope, to vector the Mirage. All the radar guys on the frigates saw was an occasional blip that lasted for only one sweep. Next thing they knew, they were hit.

    What got me was how such “outdated” equipment was cleverly used.

    I realize ship defense has come a long way, but I’ve always wondered about even Third Worlders doing something equally ingenious. All we’d have to do is lose one carrier and the hue and cry for a pullback would be deafening.

  • America Could Cut Illegal Immigration by 90% If They Did This One Simple Thing (VIDEO)

    07/02/2014 4:08:31 PM PDT · 25 of 41
    Oatka to kingattax

    Cruel and inhumane treatment that is far beyond the pale. :-)

  • America Could Cut Illegal Immigration by 90% If They Did This One Simple Thing (VIDEO)

    07/02/2014 4:03:07 PM PDT · 20 of 41
    Oatka to rellimpank
    —and a fine so high for employing an “undocumented immigrant” that it would put any employer out of business-—

    Fines are just considered a cost of doing business with these people. Jail the owner or CEO for six months to a year (first offense) and see how much quicker this exploitation stops.

  • New Jersey: Magazine Capacity Restriction Vetoed!!!

    07/02/2014 3:57:39 PM PDT · 4 of 11
    Oatka to Jack Hammer
    Christie still thinks he has a shot at the nomination.
    Sorry, Chris, too little, too late.

    Yeah, but pat him on the back. Mebbe with a few "Thanks" from gun owners, he'll veto more of this crap. "Thanks" does not equal voting for him, but why stick a thumb in his eye when he does something good for our side?

  • Florida sheriff defends acquisition of surplus MRAP

    07/02/2014 11:11:12 AM PDT · 60 of 75
    Oatka to zeugma; JRandomFreeper
    During one of the uprisings in a Soviet satellite, insurgents riveted two pie pans, face to face, and placed the empty arrangement in the road.
    It stopped tank traffic for several hours, until the fake could be investigated.
    It doesn't even take anything dangerous to throw sand in those gears.

    I like that a lot. It will come in handy.

    Somewhere I read wher that during WWII, guerrillas would dig up a dirt road in spots to make it look like something was planted there, when it wasn't - they planted the mines alongside the road where the tanks would go to bypass the obvious.

    Also, when they didn't have any mines, they'd dig up the road where it bottle-necked for the purpose mentioned in the first post.

  • Rasmussen poll has Hickenlooper, Beauprez tied at 44 percent (Colorado Governor's Election)

    07/02/2014 9:32:38 AM PDT · 5 of 5
    Oatka to Red Steel
    I hope Doomberg does send his millions like he did with his money in the recall elections that ended up backfiring on the Dems.

    What bothers me about losing him this dough is, can he write it off as "campaign contributions" and in effect, have the taxpayer foot the bill or is the money actually out of his pocket?

  • How the EU and the Left Ruined Italy

    07/01/2014 2:59:01 PM PDT · 5 of 6
    Oatka to Rusty0604
    “immigrants over 65 were entitled to old-age pensions (whether or not they had paid into the pension funds), and... the old-age pensions were extended to the relatives of immigrants who joined them in Italy.”

    I've worked with LEGAL immigrants who bragged how they brought mom, dad, aunt, uncle, etc. over here and IMMEDIATELY got the older ones on SS and a couple on Disability. When I asked how that was possible since it was illegal, they clammed up. I can just imagine the illegals gaming the system the same way.

    Meanwhile, we have our citizens, who worked at low wages all their lives getting $500 per month.