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  • An American Dentist Killed Zimbabwe’s Famous Lion

    07/28/2015 8:04:17 PM PDT · 137 of 190
    Mr Rogers to Zhang Fei

    “Pretty tasty, but not much meat on them bones, and obviously way more expensive than wings.”

    That is odd. I’d expect frog wings to be darned expensive...

  • I’m Confused about God (Protestant/Evangelical Caucus)

    07/28/2015 2:59:22 PM PDT · 22 of 29
    Mr Rogers to Mark17

    I cannot imagine how the God Who Created the Universe could care about man. I cannot understand how God can love sinners. At the same time, I don’t think I have a clue about how much He hates sin.

    It seems I’m not the first who doesn’t understand:

    “When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;

    What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?” - Psalm 8

    Of course, a God I COULD understand would be a mighty puny god...

  • In Spanish, Jeb Bush recounts his children were taunted for their skin tone

    07/28/2015 8:53:09 AM PDT · 34 of 41
    Mr Rogers to Burkean

    We moved a lot. Central Texas, New Mexico, Washington state, Arizona. My son has had a lot of folks just start talking to him in Spanish. He just smiles and replies, “I’m Filipino, not hispanic. Either way, all I know is English!”

    Maybe part of why they never had a problem is that they never got upset if someone asked them if they were mexican (or black - my son gets very dark in the sun and has curly hair).

    My daughter DID once have a guy sit on her desk and say, “Asian Pride, baby”. She glared at him and replied, “I don’t feel pride in anyone I can bench press - get your scrawny rump off my desk before I hand it to you!” She ended up marrying a 6’1”, blond & blue eyed guy. Their kids could pass for Mexican, but haven’t had a problem in southern Arizona...

  • In Spanish, Jeb Bush recounts his children were taunted for their skin tone

    07/28/2015 7:44:33 AM PDT · 21 of 41
    Mr Rogers to jimbo123

    Odd. Two of my kids were adopted in the Philippines, and they have never been harassed for their “skin tone”. And while I eat ample mexican food, that doesn’t mean I don’t want borders enforced.

    Jeb is such a pathetic squish!

  • Donald Trump just showed why his campaign may be doomed

    07/27/2015 1:46:14 PM PDT · 12 of 62
    Mr Rogers to chris37

    I’m not a Trump supporter, but after the Senate’s betrayal of conservatives today, I’d love to watch him deck Mitch McConnell on live TV...


  • National Review Calls for Impeachment Over Iran Deal

    07/27/2015 10:58:48 AM PDT · 18 of 23
    Mr Rogers to QT3.14

    Mitch McConnell would gladly lick Obama’s butt clean. He’s more likely to give Obama oral sex on live TV than take part in an impeachment.

  • Senate blocks Lee's vote to defund Planned Parenthood

    07/27/2015 10:32:01 AM PDT · 68 of 70
    Mr Rogers to PROCON

    Am I the only one who keeps hoping he’ll wake up one day and find out a certain senator was killed in a car crash? Mitch McConnell is doing everything in his power to make conservatives stay home in 2016!

  • Christ Our Passover Lamb: Jesus' Real Presence In The Eucharist

    07/27/2015 6:48:11 AM PDT · 26 of 30
    Mr Rogers to Morgana

    “Do this in remembrance of me” is not the same as “This is me”.

    Or as the Apostle Paul put it:

    “This can only mean that whenever you eat this bread or drink of this cup, you are proclaiming that the Lord has died for you, and you will do that until he comes again. So that, whoever eats the bread or drinks the wine without due thought is making himself like one of those who allowed the Lord to be put to death without discerning who he was.” - 1 Cor 11

    “eats the bread or drinks the wine”.

    “Then He took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you. For this is My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins. But I say to you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father’s kingdom.” - Matt 26

    “fruit of the vine”

  • Your Secure Inheritance (from the book "Drawing Near") (Protestant/Evangelical Caucus)

    07/26/2015 10:44:04 AM PDT · 14 of 18
    Mr Rogers to metmom

    ” When you find men who have been enlightened, who have experienced salvation and received the Holy Spirit, who have known the wholesome nourishment of the Word of God and touched the spiritual resources of the eternal world and who then fall away, it proves impossible to make them repent as they did at first. For they are re-crucifying the Son of God in their own souls, and by their conduct exposing him to shame and contempt. Ground which absorbs the rain that is constantly falling upon it and produces plants which are useful to those who cultivate it, is ground which has the blessing of God. But ground which produces nothing but thorns and thistles is of no value and is bound sooner or later to be condemned—the only thing to do is to burn it clean.”

    Hebrews 6:4-8, JB Phillips translation

    FWIW, here is Calvin’s commentary on the passage:

    “But here arises a new question, how can it be that he who has once made such a progress should afterwards fall away? For God, it may be said, calls none effectually but the elect, and Paul testifies that they are really his sons who are led by his Spirit, (Romans 8:14;) and he teaches us, that it is a sure pledge of adoption when Christ makes us partakers of his Spirit. The elect are also beyond the danger of finally falling away; for the Father who gave them to be preserved by Christ his Son is greater than all, and Christ promises to watch over them all so that none may perish. To all this I answer, That God indeed favors none but the elect alone with the Spirit of regeneration, and that by this they are distinguished from the reprobate; for they are renewed after his image and receive the earnest of the Spirit in hope of the future inheritance, and by the same Spirit the Gospel is sealed in their hearts. But I cannot admit that all this is any reason why he should not grant the reprobate also some taste of his grace, why he should not irradiate their minds with some sparks of his light, why he should not give them some perception of his goodness, and in some sort engrave his word on their hearts. Otherwise, where would be the temporal faith mentioned by Mark 4:17? There is therefore some knowledge even in the reprobate, which afterwards vanishes away, either because it did not strike roots sufficiently deep, or because it withers, being choked up. 98

    And by this bridle the Lord keeps us in fear and humility; and we certainly see how prone human nature is otherwise to security and foolish confidence. At the same time our solicitude ought to be such as not to disturb the peace of conscience. For the Lord strengthens faith in us, while he subdues our flesh: and hence he would have faith to remain and rest tranquilly as in a safe haven; but he exercises the flesh with various conflicts, that it may not grow wanton through idleness.”

    Frankly, I think the plain & obvious meaning of the passage is that some DO fall away and renounce Christ, even after experiencing God’s grace. I agree with Calvin in this, they are the ones Jesus mentioned:

    “Similarly, the seed sown among the rocks represents those who hear the message without hesitation and accept it joyfully. But they have no real roots and do not last—when trouble or persecution arises because of the message, they give up their faith at once.”

    For us, not having perfect knowledge, I think it is safe to say we need to cling to Christ. IN HIM we are blessed.

  • Do You Disapprove of Theological Controversy in the Christian Church? (Protestant Caucus)

    07/25/2015 4:48:08 PM PDT · 68 of 75
    Mr Rogers to Religion Moderator

    Romans chapter 14. Part of 15, too.

  • Do You Disapprove of Theological Controversy in the Christian Church? (Protestant Caucus)

    07/25/2015 2:30:56 PM PDT · 63 of 75
    Mr Rogers to HarleyD

    Welcome a man whose faith is weak, but not with the idea of arguing over his scruples. One man believes that he may eat anything, another man, without this strong conviction, is a vegetarian. The meat-eater should not despise the vegetarian, nor should the vegetarian condemn the meat-eater—they should reflect that God has accepted them both.

    After all, who are you to criticise the servant of somebody else, especially when that somebody else is God? It is to his own master that he gives, or fails to give, satisfactory service. And don’t doubt that satisfaction, for God is well able to transform men into servants who are satisfactory.

    Again, one man thinks some days of more importance than others. Another man considers them all alike. Let every one be definite in his own convictions. If a man specially observes one particular day, he does so “to God”. The man who eats, eats “to God”, for he thanks God for the food. The man who fasts also does it “to God”, for he thanks God for the benefits of fasting. The truth is that we neither live nor die as self-contained units. At every turn life links us to God, and when we die we come face to face with him. In life or death we are in the hands of God. Christ lived and died that he might be the Lord in both life and death.

    Why, then, criticise your brother’s actions, why try to make him look small? We shall all be judged one day, not by each other’s standards or even our own, but by the standard of Christ. It is written: ‘As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God’. It is to God alone that we have to answer for our actions.

    Let us therefore stop turning critical eyes on one another. If we must be critical, let us be critical of our own conduct and see that we do nothing to make a brother stumble or fall.

    I am convinced, and I say this as in the presence of Christ himself, that nothing is intrinsically unholy. But none the less it is unholy to the man who thinks it is. If your habit of unrestricted diet seriously upsets your brother, you are no longer living in love towards him. And surely you wouldn’t let food mean ruin to a man for whom Christ died. You mustn’t let something that is all right for you look like an evil practice to somebody else.

    After all, the kingdom of Heaven is not a matter of whether you get what you like to eat and drink, but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. If you put these things first in serving Christ you will please God and are not likely to offend men. So let us concentrate on the things which make for harmony, and on the growth of one another’s character. Surely we shouldn’t wish to undo God’s work for the sake of a plate of meat!

    I freely admit that all food is, in itself. harmless, but it can be harmful to the man who eats it with a guilty conscience. We should be willing to be both vegetarians and teetotallers if by doing otherwise we should impede a brother’s progress in faith. Your personal convictions are a matter of faith between yourself and God, and you are happy if you have no qualms about what you allow yourself to eat. Yet if a man eats meat with an uneasy conscience about it, you may be sure he is wrong to do so. For his action does not spring from his faith, and when we act apart from our faith we sin.

    We who have strong faith ought to shoulder the burden of the doubts and qualms of others and not just to go our own sweet way. Our actions should mean the good of others—should help them to build up their characters. For even Christ did not choose his own pleasure, but as it is written: “The reproaches of those who reproached you fell on me.”

    It is one thing to delve deeper into scripture. But I’ve had people tell me I’m going to hell for not accepting Calvin’s 5 points. I don’t think God agrees with that assessment.

    I don’t think systematic theology gets much support from scripture. It seems more like human philosophy pretending to be a desire for God.

    Like most Baptists, I reject infant baptism. I suspect others on this thread support it. But regardless of the age at which it is done, water baptism gives spiritual life to no one. I would be glad to explain to someone why I reject infant baptism, but I need to be very careful in how I go about it. God is a lot bigger than I am, and I have no business trying to shackle Him.

  • We Will Not Bow

    07/25/2015 1:16:59 PM PDT · 24 of 32
    Mr Rogers to Mariner

    I think God blesses a country that honors Him, and will destroy a country that USED to honor Him. This is a sign how far America has fallen. It also means open persecution of Christians has arrived. Not will arrive, but HAS arrived. Make an open statement critical of homosexuality, and see how quickly you and your business will come under attack.

  • We Will Not Bow

    07/25/2015 1:12:56 PM PDT · 23 of 32
    Mr Rogers to daniel1212

    Good post. Thanks!

  • Do You Disapprove of Theological Controversy in the Christian Church? (Protestant Caucus)

    07/25/2015 9:59:05 AM PDT · 38 of 75
    Mr Rogers to Gamecock

    It depends on the clarity of the doctrine. Saved by grace? Pretty clear. Corporate vs individual predestination? Well, the Arminian Baptist in me thinks THAT is pretty clear, but a lot of Calvinists seem to think otherwise.

    If someone wants to teach homosexuality is fine, or that Jesus loves abortion, or that we need to do good works to win salvation...then we’ve got a fight. If someone wants to teach the Prosperity Gospel...we’ve got a fight. If someone believe Calvin was right...well, God may or may not clarify things in the end. We might find ourselves agreeing with Job:

    “In the past I knew only what others had told me,
    but now I have seen you with my own eyes.
    So I am ashamed of all I have said
    and repent in dust and ashes.”

    Systematic theology is not a good way to approach God. God is not an insect to dissect, and our human and sinful nature limits our understanding.

    “At present we are men looking at puzzling reflections in a mirror. The time will come when we shall see reality whole and face to face! At present all I know is a little fraction of the truth, but the time will come when I shall know it as fully as God now knows me! In this life we have three great lasting qualities—faith, hope and love. But the greatest of them is love.”

    Where scripture entertains ambiguity, love for others and faith in God should rule. Where scripture is clear, love and faith REQUIRE strong action.

  • Obama pledges gay rights push in Africa

    07/24/2015 8:04:59 AM PDT · 46 of 54
    Mr Rogers to Mr Rogers

    Dang, someone already had the same thought - before me!


  • Obama pledges gay rights push in Africa

    07/24/2015 8:04:15 AM PDT · 45 of 54
    Mr Rogers to C19fan

    It will go over like a turn in a punchbowl...

  • Trump: 'I identify with some things as a Democrat'

    07/24/2015 7:37:52 AM PDT · 148 of 286
    Mr Rogers to VerySadAmerican

    “This crap of “vote for a rino or you might as well vote for a democrat” is BS. Voting for a rino IS voting for a democrat!”

    No, it is not. Voting for a RINO is getting half a loaf instead of a whole one. Voting for a Democrat is getting the whole loaf shoved up your rear end. I see a difference between the two.

  • Trump: 'I identify with some things as a Democrat'

    07/24/2015 7:17:13 AM PDT · 119 of 286
    Mr Rogers to C. Edmund Wright

    “Gee wiz Donald, you econ genius, all of that crash happened precisely because of what “Democrats would have done’ and what they DID...”

    I agree. GWB made some dumb decisions too, but the structure for the bubble and crash was rooted in laws passed by Democrats.

    That is why I’m not a Trumpster. I’d vote for him against a Democrat in the general election. But I think it has been obvious at least since Bill Clinton that Democrats, as a rule, loathe what made America great and have no clue whatsoever about how the real world operates. They have no clue how their “fairness” policies CREATE bigger problems than the ones the are supposed to solve (but don’t).

    “... the ability to become personally wealthy, while a damned good ability,hasn’t got anything to do necessarily with understanding the macro economy.”

    More true words. Stuff going on under Obama with housing is setting up huge problems for us 10-20 years from now. If someone cannot understand that, they won’t understand how to head them off. If Trump couldn’t figure out in 2000 what problems were being created, then he won’t be much help now.

  • Would you vote for Donald Trump if he wins the Republican nomination? ( Poll )

    07/23/2015 7:12:43 PM PDT · 68 of 217
    Mr Rogers to sushiman

    I won’t vote for him in the primary. If anyone but Jeb wins the primary, I’ll vote for the GOP candidate against the Democrat. Maybe even Jeb, although it would be darn hard...but there are some old liberals on the Supreme Court, and I’d prefer a moderate to a flaming liberal on the Court.

  • The True Military Record of John McCain Written by an Active Marine

    07/23/2015 7:08:19 PM PDT · 24 of 33
    Mr Rogers to NKP_Vet

    ” Other POWs won’t even sit at the same table with him.” ~ Ross Perot”

    Except for men like Stockdale and Bud Day. Ross Perot didn’t know squat all, either. And you KNOW better, but still repeat his lie.

  • The True Military Record of John McCain Written by an Active Marine

    07/23/2015 7:06:19 PM PDT · 23 of 33
    Mr Rogers to G-Bear

    ” He told me that most of the crashes you hear about in the peacetime military are the result of the pilot managing to piss off the ground crew to the extent that they sabotage the aircraft.”

    Absolute horse poop! And that is being kind.

    “A favorite trick was to duct-tape a wrench inside the air intake. It would hold on during any revving up on the ground...”

    Even more horse poop. The guy you used to work with was blowing smoke up your butt.

  • The True Military Record of John McCain Written by an Active Marine

    07/23/2015 7:03:50 PM PDT · 22 of 33
    Mr Rogers to dontreadthis

    The Marine is full of dog poop. I knew some darn good fliers who cheated on their wives and who drank too much.

    I’ve flown under power lines - both in the back seat of an F-4 and in the right seat of an F-111. Heck, my Dad got in trouble for flying a P-51 down Main Street, below the rooftops.

    “For 23 combat missions (an estimated 20 hours over enemy territory), the U.S. Navy awarded McCain ...”

    Nope. He got them on the recommendation of his superiors for his time in prison and his behavior there.

    “There were infantry guys — grunts on the ground — who had more than 7,000 hours in combat and I can tell you that there were times and situations where I’m sure a prison cell would have looked pretty good to them by comparison...”

    McCain still can’t lift his arms. I met Vietnam POWs who were limping and could not get on flying status. Yes, I’ve known grunts with the same sort of problems. My SIL is on 90% disability after two tours in Marine infantry in Iraq. But that doesn’t mean the POWs were having a good time.

    Blast it, there are a thousand things to blast McCain for since he came back. I donated to his primary opponent in 2010 and voted against him in the general election. I despise McCain - but is it so tough for people to be honest about what he DID do right?

    “A “war hero” doesn’t systematically vote against every single pay and benefit increase for military and veterans throughout his entire political career...”

    That didn’t happen, either. If nothing else, McCain gets conservative every 6 years...

  • My promised article concerning McCain and the USS Forrestal(CV-59) Fire

    07/23/2015 4:58:38 PM PDT · 77 of 83
    Mr Rogers to Georgia Girl 2
    "Behind his aircraft was an F-4 Phantom jet fully loaded"

    Ummm...there was nothing but ocean behind McCain's jet:

  • My promised article concerning McCain and the USS Forrestal(CV-59) Fire

    07/23/2015 4:53:58 PM PDT · 76 of 83
    Mr Rogers to Hillarys Gate Cult

    “A pilot loses a plane for any reason, then after all is said and done said pilot is lucky to be able to return to the cockpit flying for Uncle Sugar, even if the loss wasn’t his fault.”

    Not correct. I can’t think of a pilot REJECTED from further flying after a crash UNLESS he was found at fault. I knew a guy with 2 ejections, still flying. That was in the 80s.

    In the 60s, we lost a LOT of planes. They were cheaper back then...

  • Trump: If RNC isn’t “fair” to me, I’ll run as an independent;

    07/23/2015 4:19:05 PM PDT · 156 of 165
    Mr Rogers to entropy12

    “This is beginning of primary season. Freepers can support any candidate of their choice, but hopefully it is not a liberal republican. You will not find any anti-anybody posts from me. I try to stay positive about candidate of my choice.”

    Thank you and I apologize for the tone of my post. I’d vote for Trump if the choice is him or Bush, and I’d vote for almost anyone over the Democrat, regardless of who they nominate...but maybe not if Jeb wins the GOP primary. I can’t stand that SOB. Wish he’d run as Hillary’s vice...

  • Bush calls on GOP to embrace Latinos, African-Americans

    07/23/2015 4:16:15 PM PDT · 26 of 49
    Mr Rogers to Olog-hai

    It is hard to embrace someone who spits in your face.

  • McCain on Military Budget Cuts: ‘This Madness Must Stop’

    07/23/2015 2:06:51 PM PDT · 9 of 18
    Mr Rogers to lbryce

    It is 2016. He is running this year. He’s always conservative when he runs for office in Arizona. It just disappears a few seconds after he wins, and stays away for the next 5 years...

  • Trump: If RNC isn’t “fair” to me, I’ll run as an independent;

    07/23/2015 12:25:39 PM PDT · 130 of 165
    Mr Rogers to entropy12

    I don’t like Trump. I’m not a Trumpster. I support Cruz.

    According to you, I’m a RINO-lover: “The anti-Trump crowd are all RINO lovers. No surprise here.”

    So either Cruz is a RINO, or I’m not a RINO-lover. I hate to break it to you and the other Trumpsters, but someone can think Donald Trump is a lying phoney without being a RINO or a RINO lover.

  • Trump: If RNC isn’t “fair” to me, I’ll run as an independent;

    07/23/2015 10:28:49 AM PDT · 102 of 165
    Mr Rogers to dfwgator

    “Cruz likes Trump.”

    If he really did, he’d drop out and throw Trump his support.

  • Trump: If RNC isn’t “fair” to me, I’ll run as an independent;

    07/23/2015 10:25:23 AM PDT · 98 of 165
    Mr Rogers to entropy12

    “The anti-Trump crowd are all RINO lovers. No surprise here.”

    I was unaware Cruz was a RINO...or Walker.

    “Donald Trump is just one of many big name donors funding Terry McAuliffe’s campaign to win the Virginia governor’s mansion this fall, according to newly released financial disclosure reports - and he isn’t even among the most generous givers.

    The New York real estate magnate cut McAuliffe a check for a whopping $25,000 in late March...”

    How many true conservatives donated money to Terry McAuliffe in 2009? Hmmm?

  • Trump is Right about Songbird McCain and here’s why

    07/22/2015 9:31:57 PM PDT · 29 of 124
    Mr Rogers to virgil

    There is no proper way to eject from a plane other than pull the handles and hope. Injuries from a high speed ejection are common and not pilot error.

  • Trump is Right about Songbird McCain and here’s why

    07/22/2015 9:30:34 PM PDT · 28 of 124
    Mr Rogers to flaglady47

    What you posted is factually false. As in a lie. If you ever bother to look at how the aircraft were arranged on deck, it is obviously a lie.

  • Trump is Right about Songbird McCain and here’s why

    07/22/2015 9:27:22 PM PDT · 27 of 124
    Mr Rogers to NKP_Vet

    “According to his fellow prisoners, he was never tortured by the North Vietnamese.”

    Odd. That isn’t what his cell mate said. Nor is it consistent with the injuries seen after he arrived and was seen by others.

    “And from a US Navy Aviator who served with McCain: “His “shoot down” was self-induced, as he DISOBEYED ORDERS and flew well below the ‘floor,’ getting himself shot down.”

    He went down to release altitude. That is determined before takeoff. It is mandatory when dropping manual bombs. That supposed naval aviator is either a fake, an idiot or a liar.

    “There were several other jets on that particular mission and he was the only one shot down, because the others obeyed their orders.”

    Actually, we lost three planes on that mission.

    “Navy Lt. Verlene Daniels, flying an A-4 bomber like McCain, was the first to go down, about 20 miles southwest of Hanoi. Moments later, one of the F-8 fighter escorts, piloted by Lt. Charles Rice, was hit by another missile half a dozen miles west of the capital. Both Daniels and Rice ejected and were promptly captured by angry Vietnamese peasants.”

    McCain was number three.

  • Obama Takes Sick Revenge on Gun Store Owner Who Dared to Ban Muslims

    07/22/2015 9:00:03 PM PDT · 107 of 111
    Mr Rogers to Semper Mark

    “Sure they do. They just don’t tell you that.”

    I’ve had a muslim room mate before, and spent time living around muslims overseas. Had a room once in a hotel filled with them. Still alive. Amazing, isn’t it...

  • Obama Takes Sick Revenge on Gun Store Owner Who Dared to Ban Muslims

    07/22/2015 7:47:56 PM PDT · 105 of 111
    Mr Rogers to Semper Mark

    “And part of the Muslim religious belief is the destruction of all infidels.”

    Not all Muslims believe that.

    How am I supposed to have religious freedom if I don’t give it to others?

  • What? Evangelicals Come Against Franklin Graham's Views on Islam

    07/22/2015 7:20:37 PM PDT · 39 of 59
    Mr Rogers to markomalley

    I see no reason to allow Muslims to immigrate except for a small handful of people who have helped America in the past and therefor face persecution - such as translators who helped the military.

    No one has a right to come to America. We need to be much choosier, and that includes religious beliefs. Heck, a moratorium on legal immigration would work for me...say, for 10 years.

  • Obama Takes Sick Revenge on Gun Store Owner Who Dared to Ban Muslims

    07/22/2015 6:58:23 PM PDT · 98 of 111
    Mr Rogers to UCANSEE2

    ” I was unaware that all Muslims try to kill everyone they meet.

    How many have you met ? “

    Quite a few in Turkey. Had an Iranian room mate in college for a few months. He was a good guy - loathed both the Shah and the Ayatollah. He said they were both the same evil under different names.

    Suppose a Muslim girl wants to get a gun to protect herself from a potential honor killing. Why is that wrong?

    At a time when the right to EXERCISE our religious beliefs is under the strongest attack in the USA’s history, it is NOT time to refuse to give service to someone JUST because they are of a given religion. If I want my baptist religious rights recognized, then I need to extend them to others as well.

  • Obama Takes Sick Revenge on Gun Store Owner Who Dared to Ban Muslims

    07/22/2015 4:30:26 PM PDT · 80 of 111
    Mr Rogers to knarf; UCANSEE2

    “He’s a gun store owner with different rules established...”

    If he has reason to believe someone is buying illegally, he can deny service. Doing it simply based on religion is illegal.

    “Even if their religious ‘belief’ is that they should kill the owner and rob his store ?”

    I was unaware that all Muslims try to kill everyone they meet.

  • Obama Takes Sick Revenge on Gun Store Owner Who Dared to Ban Muslims

    07/22/2015 3:23:55 PM PDT · 27 of 111
    Mr Rogers to Enlightened1

    Actually, the owner is violating the Civil Rights Law. Freedom of religion - remember? It applies to Muslims as well as Baptists and Catholics. A business is not supposed to be able to discriminate against someone based on their religious beliefs.

    Pity that Obama doesn’t know how to apply that to the Sisters of the Poor and Hobby Lobby...

  • The Day John McCain Got Shot Down

    07/21/2015 10:23:19 AM PDT · 56 of 68
    Mr Rogers to Mr Rogers

    ^^ Should have been “as a WSO”...

  • The Day John McCain Got Shot Down

    07/21/2015 10:22:24 AM PDT · 55 of 68
    Mr Rogers to Democratic-Republican

    My Dad was once threatened with court-martial for flying a P-51 down Main Street, below the tops of the surrounding buildings. A year later, he was in Korea. He died flying helicopters in Vietnam.

    As a lieutenant, in the 80s, I once told the Wing Commander that if he didn’t want a lieutenant making decisions for him, he needed to come to work in time to make them himself. In the 80s, I got away with it. In today’s military, I probably would not.

    The 50s & 60s had a very different standard for crashing planes. It was far more common back then.

    And I can remember flying (a WSO) UNDER power lines on several occasions, so I cannot fault someone else for doing so. It happens.

  • The Day John McCain Got Shot Down

    07/21/2015 10:10:27 AM PDT · 53 of 68
    Mr Rogers to KeyLargo

    “By his own admission, then, McCain failed to follow instructions in combat. He did not try to evade the missile.”

    Going down the chute takes about 5 seconds. At the end, your recovery is essentially an evasive maneuver. Once you start down the chute, you SHOULD ignore SAM warnings - in part because SAM warnings are not - or at least, were not back in the 80s, let alone the 60s - perfectly reliable.

    As for AAA - if your planned release is at 3500 feet, you are in the AAA zone. You are not “wrong” for pressing to your planned release altitude to drop a bomb. You MUST do so with dumb bombs to get reliable hits. You dive bomb so that you will only briefly be in range...but you need to get to planned release altitude, which is determined before you take off.

    There is no reason to fight your way to the target if you are going to chicken out during the most critical 3-5 seconds of the flight. Whoever wrote this stuff was tactically WRONG. Once you commit to the dive attack, you finish it - at the planned release parameters - and then recover.

    “Yet Rice had figured out under tremendous pressure how to eject without getting himself killed or injured. Just as most other pilots had figured it out when they were shot down. It left a question: Why wasn’t LCDR John S. McCain, 31, able to put himself in the proper position to eject like LTJG Charles D. Rice, 24, who had much less flying experience?”

    Written like an idiot lawyer! When you are in an inverted spin below 3000’ AGL, you eject any way you can. It is accepted that you may have injuries. Someone who has never been in a spin has no business trying to critique the ejection!

    I’ve known guys injured in ejections. Luck plays a role. One guy was killed when his checklist caught on part of the ejection seat and spun the seat into his face, crushing his skull. Luck. I’ve known guys who ejected out of the ejection envelope, and who survived without any injuries. It happens.

    The article was written by someone with no clue about dropping manual bombs or flying jets.

  • A Time for Resistance (Protestant Caucus)

    07/20/2015 8:54:24 PM PDT · 18 of 21
    Mr Rogers to Gamecock

    “At his execution, he withdrew his forced confession, and proclaimed the truth of the Protestant faith. He placed his hand in the fire, the hand with which he had falsely signed his renouncement of his beliefs, and said, “I have sinned, in that I signed with my hand what I did not believe with my heart. When the flames are lit, this hand shall be the first to burn”.

    And when the fire was lit around his feet, he leaned forward and held his right hand in the fire until it was charred to a stump. Aside from this, he did not speak or move, except that once he raised his left hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead. With that gesture, the government’s hope of quelling the Protestant Reformation was lost.”

    That is the sort of witness we must make. It is not time for silence or lying low. Speaking for myself personally, I often put my faith in America instead of in God. If the sinfulness of our nation causes more of us to focus on God instead of man, then revival may come. But if it does not, let at least our witness burn bright.

    This is not, first and foremost, a political battle. This is a spiritual battle. I’m all in favor of fighting the political side as well, but victory or defeat comes from revival - or not. And ultimately, our witness IS our victory. We are meant for another world...

  • Meet Fox News latest contributor (Sarah Palin's replacement)

    07/20/2015 8:31:17 PM PDT · 3 of 76
    Mr Rogers to Kazan

    Fox News jumps Whale Shark.

  • "When I drink my little wine have my little cracker I guess that's a form of asking for forgiveness"

    07/20/2015 8:07:14 PM PDT · 193 of 212
    Mr Rogers to Cicero

    ““I’m a Protestant, I’m a Presbyterian. And you know I’ve had a good relationship with the church over the years. I think religion is a wonderful thing. I think my religion is a wonderful religion.”

    I’ve never met a Christian who talked like that.

  • The Superbowl of Superholes [Steyn on McCain]

    07/20/2015 7:55:48 PM PDT · 5 of 63
    Mr Rogers to austinaero

    5 sentences that sum it all up. Perfect!

  • McCain Ordered To Refuse Early Release From The Hanoi Hilton (Hostage)

    07/20/2015 3:44:58 PM PDT · 171 of 187
    Mr Rogers to Hulka

    I’ve always enjoyed your posts as well. And I appreciate your good advice! Cheers!

  • McCain Ordered To Refuse Early Release From The Hanoi Hilton (Hostage)

    07/20/2015 3:08:15 PM PDT · 167 of 187
    Mr Rogers to Admin Moderator

    I’ve been called worse without anyone ever moderating it...

  • McCain Ordered To Refuse Early Release From The Hanoi Hilton (Hostage)

    07/20/2015 3:07:18 PM PDT · 166 of 187
    Mr Rogers to Hostage

    “The term ‘heroic achievement’ is not the same as ‘heroic acts’. And there is a distinction between those terms. It’s not an act of heroism to survive. It’s commendable, it’s an achievement but it’s not heroism as an act.”

    Darned if I can figure out how a non-hero has heroic achievements, let alone “For heroism while participating in aerial flight 26 October 1967 in North Vietnam...”

  • McCain Ordered To Refuse Early Release From The Hanoi Hilton (Hostage)

    07/20/2015 2:40:35 PM PDT · 161 of 187
    Mr Rogers to Hostage

    “Good try but that’s not while he was a POW.”

    You just are not very good at reading.

    “For heroic achievement while serving as a Prisoner of War in North Vietnam...”

    “Distinguished Flying Crosses went to just about every pilot that flew combat sorties over North Vietnam.”

    Yeah, ever wonder why? BECAUSE IT WAS DANGEROUS!

    Sorry, boy, but you are full of crap! You don’t have the brains God gives a goose.

    “The scam the press has created...”

    The press didn’t create his time in Hanoi. It didn’t send him to Vietnam in the first place. The press didn’t break his bones. The press didn’t torture him. Heck, the press wasn’t in the plane with him when he pressed the attack - like a good pilot would.