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  • Man who spoke about Palin family brawl fired from job for sharing details

    09/23/2014 3:25:32 PM PDT · 42 of 50
    meadsjn to KC_Lion
    Thanks for these Sarah pings.

    Glad to hear she is still all important.

  • Ebola Death Rate 70 Percent, WHO Says in Dire New Forecast

    09/23/2014 3:18:57 PM PDT · 45 of 47
    meadsjn to GOPBiker
    OK, let’s take a breath here.
    Ebola used to be over 95% death rate. Now in Africa it is a 70% or less death rate.
    That is worth a cheer.

    Not really. At a 90% fatality rate, the outbreak would burn itself out quickly. That's why the apparent 50% rate up to this point has been so terrifying. Half of those getting infected would not die in three weeks, but would continue to move around and spread the infection for six months, and so on.

    The 70% fatality rate that WHO chose to report today is slightly less terrifying than the 50% fatality rate, but will result in wider spread, and subsequently an exponentially higher number of deaths than would a 90% fatality rate.

    Gee, with this 50% to 70% fatality rate, it's almost like a more perfect biological weapon.

    As far as I know every known Ebola patient that came to the USA has recovered. That is called 100% folks.

    I've seen people healed from blindness and lifetime crippling ailments at those summer revivals. No kidding. And people in 127 different towns saw the same people miraculously relieved of their hopeless conditions.

    Government is an even greater scam.

  • Candidate Says Illegal Immigrants Have Earned Right to Receive Welfare [Fiction]

    09/23/2014 2:41:55 PM PDT · 27 of 27
    meadsjn to John Semmens
    Your intent is to deceive; and further, to have that deception perpetuated outward by whoever links back to your headline or article.

    It is not satire.

  • Why I Want to Be Left Behind

    09/23/2014 2:33:18 PM PDT · 41 of 60
    meadsjn to RegulatorCountry
    Condemning an interpretation of scripture on the basis of novelty with a novel interpretation oneself does seem rather conflicted and ill-informed, doesn’t it?

    Because several hundred million lemmings can't possibly be wrong, no matter how far the fall.

  • Why I Want to Be Left Behind

    09/23/2014 2:24:15 PM PDT · 39 of 60
    meadsjn to Blood of Tyrants
    I could not find a single reference where being “taken” was translated to mean killed and judged.

    You could try reading the article; the part that quotes Jesus himself:

    Jesus confirms this when he says, smack-dab in the heart of this passage, that before the flood came people were partying it up in the empire ...

    "They knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away."

    If you lived in Noah's day, you didn't want to get taken. You wanted to be left behind.

  • Why I Want to Be Left Behind

    09/23/2014 1:16:29 PM PDT · 19 of 60
    meadsjn to Morpheus2009
    I think of previous societies that were too "civilized" to defend their "civilization", and were thus rendered extinct by their "turn the other cheek" idiocy.

    That sort of behavior and thinking is worthy of eternal damnation in the fires of Hell, is such exists.

  • Why I Want to Be Left Behind

    09/23/2014 1:08:19 PM PDT · 11 of 60
    meadsjn to SeekAndFind
    Pretty straightforward, right? Son of Man shows up. Some are taken. Some are left behind.

    The problem is this: taken means killed.

    If you lived "in the days of Noah," getting taken by the flood wasn't a good thing. It didn't mean being rescued, it meant getting taken out. Dead. Gone. Killed. Knocked over by the judgment of God. Wiped out by the flood.

    Good luck getting this little bit of common sense through the dense noggin of any idiot religious fruitcake.

  • How bad can things get under Western administered Sharia law; here’s how bad

    09/23/2014 10:33:05 AM PDT · 5 of 20
    meadsjn to GeronL
    They did not stand and do nothing.... they helped the perps

    For that reason, the leftists who facilitate muslim infiltrations into western civilization are just as guilty as the muslim infiltrators, and just as deserving of exile and/or death.

    Following a quick and fair trial, of course.

  • Candidate Says Illegal Immigrants Have Earned Right to Receive Welfare [Fiction]

    09/23/2014 10:16:38 AM PDT · 15 of 27
    meadsjn to John Semmens
    This is a hoax article and headline; this is not satire.
    You can look up the definition of satire, and you can find some samples of real satire.

    Your purpose for posting this trash is to discredit Free Republic, FR posters, and other conservative sites by tricking posters into reposting links to your hoax articles as if they were true.

  • RFK, Jr.: Climate Skeptics 'Should Be at the Hague with All the Other War Criminals'

    09/23/2014 10:00:04 AM PDT · 79 of 85
    meadsjn to BradtotheBone
    Mark Levin played some of the audio from this Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. creature's speech.

    This pathetic creature's voice reveals a heavily drugged, severely mentally ill, sub-human, twisted mutant.

    Of course, that is pretty much the case with any climate scam scum.

  • Sarah Palin ... expresses pride in daughter Bristol

    09/22/2014 10:21:08 AM PDT · 77 of 120
    meadsjn to Georgia Girl 2
    As a Republican, Rick Perry would be a slightly better choice than Chris Christie or Jeb Bush. However, Rick Perry would still be a Democrat if being a Democrat still worked more easily in a Texas statewide election.

    Sarah Palin has never been a Democrat.

  • Sarah Palin ... expresses pride in daughter Bristol

    09/22/2014 10:03:13 AM PDT · 76 of 120
    meadsjn to Georgia Girl 2

    Correction: “Going Rogue” was published on 11/17/2009

  • Sarah Palin ... expresses pride in daughter Bristol

    09/22/2014 10:03:12 AM PDT · 75 of 120
    meadsjn to Georgia Girl 2

    Correction: “Going Rogue” was published on 11/17/2009

  • Sarah Palin ... expresses pride in daughter Bristol

    09/22/2014 9:55:06 AM PDT · 73 of 120
    meadsjn to Georgia Girl 2
    The royalties from her first book covered that and then she made about $12 mil a year or so after leaving office. She could easily have paid her attorney’s fees. Those are hard facts. discernment has nothing to do with it. Perry Will Tap Campaign Account to Pay Attorneys

    "Probably" means I obviously know more about this than you do, and you are sounding an awfully lot like a PDS troll.

    Palin announced her resignation on 07/03/2009, effective 07/26/2009.

    "Going Rogue" was published on 11/07/2009, after Palin was forced out of office by the costs of the bogus ethics charges.

    Writing process

    The book deal was announced in May 2009 when Palin was still Governor of Alaska, with Palin stating that she wanted the public to hear her true story, "unrestrained and unfiltered".[3] She reportedly received an advance of $1.25 million[4] from the publisher, Harper Collins, with two projected additional payouts of between $2.5 million and $5 million each.[5]

    Palin announced that although she would have a ghostwriter to help, she would be doing a lot of the writing herself, employing her journalism skills and the personal diaries and notes that she had kept throughout her life.[3] Nonetheless, critics questioned whether Palin could write a book.[6]

    Responding to concerns that writing and promoting the book would interfere with her duties as governor, Palin stated she would only work on the book after hours and would promote the book "schedule permitting".[3] The Alaska law department issued a legal opinion which okayed the project, stating: "A book publication project is compatible with your position as governor so long as it does not interfere with your official duties."[3]

    Conservative journalist and author Lynn Vincent worked on the book with Palin for several weeks shortly after she resigned the governorship in the summer of 2009. Palin then met with HarperCollins editors for intensive editing sessions in New York City. HarperCollins publisher Jonathan Burnham said that Palin had been "unbelievably conscientious and hands-on at every stage", adding that the book was "her words, her life ... in full and fascinating detail."[7] HarperCollins had planned publication for Spring 2010, but later moved the date to November 17, 2009, as the book was completed earlier than expected.[7] The publisher attributed the speed with which the memoir was written to Palin devoting full-time to the writing process after she left office.[8] A paperback version of the book, with new material, released on August 24, 2010.[9] Palin released a second book, America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag, on November 23, 2010.[10]

  • Sarah Palin ... expresses pride in daughter Bristol

    09/22/2014 8:55:00 AM PDT · 60 of 120
    meadsjn to Georgia Girl 2
    How come Rick Perry hasn’t cut and run yet?

    Rick Perry probably isn't getting stuck with the total legal bill for the Texas fiasco.

    Alaska law was pretty unique at the time for politicians who were being sued or charged for ethics violations. The accused had to pay for their own defense, and could not even use donated legal defense funds. Political opponents of Palin filed many bogus ethics complaints, all of which were defeated in court, but were costing the Palins over half a million. The Alaska ethics laws have since been changed.

    You showed up here in 2009, during the flurry of bogus ethics charges, yet you claim not to be afflicted with PDS, while continuing the liberal PDS tirade about Palin "quitting", while pretending to know nothing about the circumstances or the reasons.

    Either you really do have a "very shallow discernment factor” or you are being very dishonest.

  • Bob Beckel: Get ready for an October surprise, Republicans

    09/21/2014 6:40:39 PM PDT · 39 of 63
    meadsjn to Cringing Negativism Network
    perhaps someone has heard of a Republican effort along these same lines, and his is an effort to attack first.

    Yes, the Republicans attacked first -- against the TEA Party candidates in the primaries, and against the citizens of the USA.

  • [Photos] Aspiring Model Spent $45,000 Transforming Herself into a Sex Doll

    09/21/2014 6:01:22 PM PDT · 63 of 81
    meadsjn to walford

    That’s well said, and applicable to a “wide variety of disorders” as you so stated.

  • ‘I Will Not Settle'

    09/19/2014 2:11:16 PM PDT · 14 of 19
    meadsjn to Kaslin
    Lepke responded, “I refuse to think that way. I will not settle. I will always look for something better, or I will die trying.”

    Great story.

  • In the U.S., gun violence kills blacks at twice the rate of whites

    09/19/2014 11:07:15 AM PDT · 40 of 68
    meadsjn to TurboZamboni
    gun violence kills blacks at twice the rate of whites

    No. Black violence kills blacks. Whatever the rate, it is not the fault of the guns. It is the fault of the sub-human behavior of the inner-city inhabitants.

  • No Wave for the GOP: Fire consultants who urge the party to mute social issues.

    09/19/2014 9:32:02 AM PDT · 24 of 64
    meadsjn to Paine in the Neck
    I recommend the Roman practice of decimation for GOP political consultants.

    Decimation only kills one of every ten.

    We have less than one of every ten politicians who deserve another day on this planet.

  • Need Some Help From Musical FReepers! (vanity)

  • Rove: GOP Establishment Can’t Win Senate Alone (ya think??)

    09/18/2014 9:26:18 PM PDT · 62 of 68
    meadsjn to cotton1706

    Can’t Rove raise some cash from those cross-over voters who put Thad Cochran over the top in MS?

  • Ebola: Does It Matter?

    09/18/2014 2:57:51 PM PDT · 92 of 98
    meadsjn to yefragetuwrabrumuy
    Still, it is good to that if 1 million people a day died, it would be about 2 years and 9 months to kill a billion people, and there are an estimated 7 billion on Earth.

    Faulty math. At the current rate of increase in infections and deaths, modeled over the past nine months, the projection is for more than two billion people to die by September 2015.

    Of course, the rate of increase could accelerate, decelerate, or stop completely. But right now, that's what the numbers project.

  • Another version of this saying?

    09/18/2014 1:13:53 PM PDT · 7 of 33
    meadsjn to Drango
    There is no such thing as a free lunch.
  • Miley Cyrus under criminal investigation for twerk stunt with Mexican flag

    09/18/2014 11:28:29 AM PDT · 41 of 63
    meadsjn to Responsibility2nd
    I'm plenty OK with desecrating the Mexican flag. It represents a third-world sewer created by communism, crime, corruption, and Catholicism; like every other former Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian colony in the world.

    That said, I'd be in favor of a prisoner swap -- Miley Cyrus in exchange for the innocent Marine being held down there.

  • The Top Leaders Of A Navy Ship Were Fired In The Middle Of Their Deployment

    09/17/2014 1:12:49 PM PDT · 47 of 66
    meadsjn to wtd
    Calloway had previously served in destroyers as the engineering officer on USS Barry (DDG-52) and a 27-month tour as executive officer of USS Gonzalez (DDG-66), according to an official Navy bio.

    Onshore tours included time as the Antiterrorism/ Force Protection Officer at Commander DESRON 2 and Naval Surface Fire Support section head in the Surface Warfare division of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV).

    Before taking command of Williams’, Calloway was, “Surface Warfare division of the Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force, where he was the Operational Test Director for the DDG-1000 program and a Special Projects Officer,” read the bio.

    Unless there were several (like six or eight) paragraphs omitted from the biographical excerpt, Calloway's at-sea experience was pathetically weak for a DDG command assignment.

  • Lorna Weafer, bear attack victim, aspired to be a psychologist ( Canada )

    09/16/2014 12:05:01 PM PDT · 54 of 77
    meadsjn to george76
    Occupational Health and Safety, as well as Alberta Fish and Wildlife, continue to investigate the incident, trying to find out how Weafer's death could have been prevented.

    Duh? How about "with a large bore firearm"?

  • Anybody else Vape???

    09/16/2014 2:40:47 AM PDT · 13 of 54
    meadsjn to djf
    Good luck. Seems like the only detractors are those who depend on the tobacco taxes (that would be about every gov employee).

    I've heard no negative reports from people who are using it to cut down or quit smoking; only many positive ones.

  • Vanity - Ebola model projects future case based on Daily Transmission Rate

    09/16/2014 12:11:36 AM PDT · 98 of 152
    meadsjn to exDemMom
    I have not heard a reasonable explanation why the “developed” world would have a lower rate of transmission. Better sanitation of course, but that sure doesn’t seem to prevent the transmission of the common cold.

    We have a better health care system, and are able to keep patients quarantined while tests are run to determine if they do have Ebola (if they have the travel history to suggest such testing is worthwhile). In the hospital, we practice good infection control measures.

    An even more important factor is that we do not have the customs that they have in Africa.

    That's right. The USA has 128 Million people who commute to work every day. Only 75% of these people drive alone. The rest really "commute", sharing the ride by carpooling, bus, train, subway, plane. Lots of filthy people contact all along the way.

    Most of those people interact with others a couple of times each day at fast food joints, convenience stores, gas stations, dry cleaners, grocery stores, big box stores, etc., exchanging money, credit cards, products, etc., hand to hand.

    Probably half of these working people have at least one meeting each day, crammed into little meeting rooms.

    There are also 200 Million people who don't go to work, but interact with other people daily at schools, daycares, stores, bars, on the street, sporting events, etc.

    People in the USA are just as filthy and stupid as people in the worst cultural conditions in Africa, just in different ways.

    When ebola starts spreading in the USA, it will travel faster and farther than in Africa. Aiding in its spread will be the people saying, "there's nothing to worry about here," to their last gurgling gasp.

  • Rotherham child-sex victim confronts her alleged abuser in the street... but SHE is arrested

    09/15/2014 3:30:20 PM PDT · 42 of 53
    meadsjn to SeekAndFind
    "victim arrested"

    That's about the state of a nation when the peasants are almost fed up enough to slaughter their aristocrats.

    The French thing went sideways afterwards, but the cleansing was necessary. Same now for many nations.

  • Was Ferguson the beginning of a new civil rights era?

    09/14/2014 2:44:10 PM PDT · 31 of 54
    meadsjn to 2ndDivisionVet
    Here's a bio for the commie author (bonafide commie; but not a millennial. Probably a Gen-X, because the oldest millennials entered the work force about 2001-02).

    Patrik Jonsson , Staff Writer

    Patrik Jonsson is the Atlanta-based correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, covering the South -- both physically and philosophically -- from the paper's small basement bureau on Locust Street. Having emigrated to the United States from Sweden as a 10-year-old, Patrik began writing for American newspapers at age 16, covering high school sports for the Foster's Daily Democrat in Dover, NH. He parlayed that into a full-time writing gig a few years later at the Exeter News-Letter, where he covered town meetings, fires and car accidents. He also worked at the Portsmouth, NH, Press, Portsmouth, NH, Herald and the Deming, NM, Headlight before launching a freelance career that included sending dispatches to the Monitor and the Boston Globe from Raleigh, N.C., starting in 1999.

    He was hired by the Monitor as a fulltime staff writer in 2005 after covering hurricane Katrina's immediate aftermath for the paper and moved to Atlanta. Among many other things, he writes about race, gun rights, tornadoes, extremist groups, hockey, and the tea party wing of the Republican Party, with the occasional weird animal story thrown in for internet posterity. Patrik lives in a small 1920s-era bungalow in Atlanta's Kirkwood neighborhood with his wife, Alice, and two children, Jake and Lena. When he's not in the bureau or taking care of the kids, you'll most likely find Patrik playing hood hockey -- an urban version of street hockey -- or chugging along some Southern waterway in his motorized canoe. He is probably the only Monitor correspondent with a commercial fishing license.

  • Palin Family Brawl Witness Gets Fired for Talking to Good Morning America

    09/12/2014 6:41:30 PM PDT · 35 of 141
    meadsjn to EveningStar

    If -— big IF there — the part is true about Bristol throwing and connecting with six haymakers in a row, there’s a whole lot not being told. For one, whoever took the hits would probably be unconscious. And secondly, they must have said or done something really bad to draw such fire.

  • Ted Cruz Is No Hero For Insulting A Room Of Persecuted Christians

    09/12/2014 1:18:40 PM PDT · 183 of 193
    meadsjn to Pyro7480
    Toss around some holy water, watch the vampires screech when splattered. Separates the wheat from the chaff.

    Pro-Israel speech pretty much draws out the pro-communist, pro-muslim, anti-Israel evil bunch, regardless which label they happen to be hiding under.

  • 245 Confirmed TheatersAtlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?

    09/12/2014 1:06:56 PM PDT · 32 of 86
    meadsjn to Publius
    No way. I read the original, unabridged, never-ending, painfully epic, repetitive, redundant, verbose, repetitive, never-ending, etc., the version by Ayn Rand.

    It was like listening to a Ron Paul supporter for weeks on end. No mas.

  • 245 Confirmed TheatersAtlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?

    09/12/2014 12:52:50 PM PDT · 22 of 86
    meadsjn to DesScorp
    a thousand pages to tell a story that 400-500 would have done with some effective editing,

    Three main chapters of ten or less pages each, a short introduction, and a short conclusion; such could have made her points clearly, and would have been read, understood, and celebrated by 100 times whatever her existing fan club amounts to.

  • Third Time’s the Charm: Mitt Romney should run in 2016. He could win.

    09/12/2014 11:58:17 AM PDT · 84 of 129
    meadsjn to nikos1121
    Cruz is a great senator, would be a good VP, but sorry not presidential timber.

    It is just bizarre that you would issue support for another Romney run, and then use that lack of "presidential timber" to downplay a possible run by Ted Cruz.

    Romney was the epitome of "lack of presidential timbre" by Republican candidates. He was the end result of the downward slide of GOP-e liberal Republican candidates. He was worse than McCain; McCain was worse than GWB; GWB was worse than Dole; Dole was worse than GHWB; GHWB was worse than Ford; Ford was worse than Nixon.

    Out of that whole half century of increasingly liberal Republicans, we were blessed, lucky, or whatever, to have the short two terms of Ronald Reagan, the only real Republican candidate of the whole bunch.

    Candidate Romney could not, did not, and will never be able to articulate any resemblance of a conservative message. Romney simply has never been a conservative. Romney has no history of ever trying to live by, or understand, conservative principles. He does not understand why or how a free market economy works, or should work; the crony-capitalist-communist market has always worked for him and his inner circle.

    Romney may be a fine business administrator or executive, working behind the scenes with a spreadsheet, but he has no capacity for leadership; no understanding of the nation and its people outside his little circle; and no ability to articulate a vision of the USA as a constitutional republic as the founders and framers intended. And where there is no vision, the people perish.

    Romney may be a nice guy, good family man, and all that jazz, but he is a liberal -- big intrusive government, nanny state, cronyist, -- just plain liberal.

    Ted Cruz is a conservative. He is capable of articulating just what that means. He understands what conservative principles are, and he has a history of living by those principles. Cruz has the courage to speak publicly in support of his principles. That is leadership. Cruz has it; Romney does not.

  • Ships without crew set for the seas

    09/12/2014 12:16:44 AM PDT · 39 of 62
    meadsjn to 2ndDivisionVet

    Pirate’s dream!

  • Lest we forget: FReepers Barbara K. Olson (bko) and John Moran (BCM) Sept 11, 2001

    09/11/2014 8:44:40 AM PDT · 26 of 28
    meadsjn to ken5050

    Thanks for the link.

  • The college degree has become the new high school degree

    09/09/2014 10:08:11 PM PDT · 20 of 34
    meadsjn to 2ndDivisionVet
    employers are increasingly requiring a bachelor’s degree for positions that didn’t used to require baccalaureate education.

    There is much more to this story that is not being told. Looking at just the IT development arena:

    The technology boom of the 1980s and 1990s, and the averted Y2K disaster, created jobs faster than academia could create qualified applicants, especially in Business, Information Systems, Computer Science, and related technologies. These jobs required, and really needed, those BS degrees for them to be performed at profession levels.

    Far too many job-seekers took advantage of the hiring boom by getting a couple of semesters of coding classes, and never continued their education. Companies with IT departments got stacked with coders who could code, code, code, but could never wrap their little heads around the business needs for the coding, and who could never grasp the need for the other phases of the project process.

    Once employed, these people could have continued their education toward being fully qualified, but far too many chose not to. Yet they stayed on the job, and advanced solely on coding skills that should have been recognized as only one tenth of the necessary qualifications.

    These badly hacked-together software systems are costly to maintain and upgrade. When they need to be replaced, the people needed for the work need to understand both the business behind the software system, and they need to understand the project process. The very experienced coders just want to code. Like the jack-leg carpenter whose only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. They just want to hammer out code, and they are angry that their ignorance of the other 90% part of their job has caught up with them.

    To aggravate the problem, over the years many of these coders have moved into IT management, still without any of the requisite knowledge for either the development positions, and definitely not sufficient for the management positions. They can't hire the qualified Americans with STEM degrees (half of whom are underemployed, working outside their fields) because their own glaring defects might get exposed. They can, however, hire qualified Indian H1Bs, who are very happy to fill the positions for a while, and will not make any noise.

    Here is one solution.

    First, recognize the problem. If we are outsourcing the development of a major system because we don't have the "talent" to do the job, it isn't just the "talent" that is at fault. Managers kept promoting their "talent" who possessed 10% of the needed skills for their jobs. The "talent" had the income needed to continue working toward their BS degrees, but they had absolutely no incentive to do so.

    Second, recognize the solution. Encourage existing job-holders and managers to finish their educations. Incentivize the return to school with tuition reimbursement programs. A company can use a tuition reimbursement program to guide the educational choices of the reimbursed employee through a field of study that is beneficial to both the company and the employees.

    Third, let attrition serve its purpose. Those who are too close to retirement to consider returning to school can wind down their careers maintaining the systems that are being replaced.

  • Sir John Franklin: Fabled Arctic ship found

    09/09/2014 2:20:04 PM PDT · 15 of 35
    meadsjn to miss marmelstein; Lazamataz
    sound just like Clinton! (Does anyone remember THAT story?!)

    The mummy girl? Isn't that where the "I'd hit it" phrase came from?

  • Teen With a Lengthy Criminal Past Possibly Linked to Dozens of Robberies (Killed by Intended Victim)

    09/09/2014 11:51:18 AM PDT · 41 of 49
    meadsjn to EC1
    Still - can’t help looking at it and wondering just how and where he went bad.

    Circa 1964, thanks to LBJ.

    Long before these kids were born, they were sentenced to become livestock for the Democrat vote farm.

  • Ebola Spreading 'Exponentially' as Patients Seek Beds in Liberia

    09/09/2014 11:40:56 AM PDT · 43 of 51
    meadsjn to DoughtyOne
    I'm not sure. I haven't visited England since 1977, and that was only for a couple of weeks.

    Their UKIP voters seem to be as outraged as our TEA Party at the systemic dysfunction and decline. The big difference is their subjects don't have any rights to self-defense, and their sub-humans are very at-ease with their criminal behavior, knowing that the liberals will bend over backwards to keep the criminals in business, and keep the media cover-ups going.

    In the USA, whites make up 72.4% of the population; blacks are 12.6%.

    In England whites make up 85.4%; blacks are 3.5%; Asians (UK code for muslims) are 7.8%.

    Slightly different set of problems, but the liberal commies in both places started the problems, and continue to be the aggravation.

    England 2011 censuses recorded the following ethnic groups:

    Ethnic group 2011 population 2011%
    White: Total 45,281,142 85.4
    Asian or Asian British: Total 4,143,403 7.8
    Black or Black British: Total 1,846,614 3.5
    British Mixed: Total 1,192,879 2.3
    Other: Arab[note 2] 220,985 0.4
    Other: Any other ethnic group 327,433 0.6
    Other: Total 548,418 1
    Total 53,012,456 100
  • Ebola Spreading 'Exponentially' as Patients Seek Beds in Liberia

    09/09/2014 10:47:49 AM PDT · 32 of 51
    meadsjn to DoughtyOne
    Am I wrong, or have blacks basically gotten it in Britain? You sure don’t hear the same idiocy you hear about here.

    Other than the massive gang rapes, kidnappings, beheadings, and full-blown institutionalized racism against the white citizens subjects, the UK experiment with multi-culturalism is just peachy-keen, I guess.

    Some of Britain's sub-humans are from the Pakistan region, some are of African origin; some are from the Caribbean regions.

    The worst of Britain's sub-human problems are its white liberal Labour Party communists who are pushing for the nation's total destruction. Like our Democrats.

  • How Empires End

    09/09/2014 10:33:10 AM PDT · 17 of 18
    meadsjn to listenhillary
    11. In this final period, the empire turns on itself, treating its people as the enemy.

    Are we there yet?

  • Ebola Spreading 'Exponentially' as Patients Seek Beds in Liberia

    09/09/2014 10:15:52 AM PDT · 22 of 51
    meadsjn to DoughtyOne
    They had to work and scrape and create the nation we have today. Why didn’t that take place in Africa?

    Same reason it isn't happening in St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Philly, Baltimore, D.C., Memphis, New Orleans, Oakland, and any other city that is predominantly dark and/or Democrat.

  • Ebola Spreading 'Exponentially' as Patients Seek Beds in Liberia

    09/09/2014 10:09:43 AM PDT · 19 of 51
    meadsjn to Qiviut
    spreading exponentially

    Gee whiz; Maybe some of these Pollyannas finally found a dictionary and a spreadsheet tool.

  • Video: One Second They’re Walking Away From a Gang, Next They’re Fending Off a Brutal Attack

    09/08/2014 10:06:50 PM PDT · 20 of 24
    meadsjn to TurboZamboni
    Multiple attackers justifies the use of deadly force.

    Judicious Use Of Deadly Force

    When would the use of deadly force by a private citizen against another human be considered judicious, sensible, prudent, cautious, careful, justified, or well thought out? What is judicious use of deadly force? How can a private citizen be authorized to kill another human under his or her own summary judgment?

    The very simple answer is that deadly force is recognized as a last resort for when you need to use it to save your life. Here we are referring to the “doctrine of competing harms” and the “doctrine of necessity.” Put very simply, you are allowed to break the law (in this instance: kill), in the rare circumstances where following the law (i.e. not killing) would cause more injury to you or other innocent humans than would breaking it.

    In reality, the answer is not so simple. Any time you even draw your gun, you are walking on thin ice. If you are going to keep or carry a gun for self-defense, in addition to being well trained in marksmanship and tactics, you should be well educated about the circumstances under which the use of deadly force is warranted legally and morally, so that you can be judicious. If you own or carry a gun, you must be judicious.

    Judicious use of deadly force

    There is probably no one who has contributed more to our understanding of the conditions under which the defensive use of deadly force is ethically, morally, and legally justified than has Massad Ayoob. Ayoob is a prolific firearms writer, book author, master firearms instructor, legal expert, and the founder and director of the Lethal Force Institute ( In this month’s column, we will examine some of the important points taught in Ayoob’s instructional DVD: Judicious Use of Deadly Force. This DVD is an ideal companion to Ayoob’s authoritative textbook on the subject: In the Gravest Extreme. I consider this DVD to be essential study material or every citizen who keeps or carries a loaded gun. I have also been fortunate to train with Massad Ayoob, taking his Lethal Force Institute I and II courses and I consider him to be one of the best master instructors with whom I have ever studied.

    Let us begin with some definitions. Deadly or lethal force is that degree of force that a reasonable person would consider capable of causing death or grave bodily harm (i.e., crippling injury). Those of us who carry a concealed handgun carry with us the power to use deadly force. This is a tremendous power. With such power, as Ayoob points out, there comes a tremendous amount of responsibility and thus, a higher standard of care. This higher standard of care demands that the armed citizen, senior or otherwise, exercise good judgment and appropriate restraint:

    Good judgment includes always effectively concealing your firearm and retaining it. It entails properly securing your firearm at all times so that your weapon does not fall into unauthorized hands. Good judgment means avoiding situations that you know beforehand could turn ugly. It means you never provoke a confrontation when you are armed and that you leave the scene of a potentially escalating confrontation if you can.

    Appropriate restraint means exercising appropriate self control and self discipline in confrontational situations because you are armed and you carry the power to use deadly force. It means using your head and not overreacting.

    Let’s examine what Ayoob teaches about the circumstances that justify the use of deadly force:

    As civilians our only obligation and right is to keep ourselves and our families from being unlawfully injured or killed. We may only use equal force in response to the application of force against us. If we are not innocent of provoking a confrontation, or we are not being immediately threatened with deadly force, we cannot use deadly force in response. This is unlike the obligation of a sworn police officer who may use necessary force to fulfill his or her duties, such as seeking out and arresting malefactors.

    Ayoob teaches a formula for determining the circumstances under which we would be justified in employing deadly force. The formula is both simple and yet complex. Deadly force is justified when you are confronted with “an immediate and otherwise unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily harm” to either yourself or other innocents, whose innocence and situation you are totally certain about. You can’t intervene with deadly force in a situation you come upon without knowing what’s really happening. Don’t make assumptions based on what seems to be happening. The danger must be clear and present, immediate and unavoidable. This formula is based on English Common Law and Dutch/Roman Law, and it applies in all fifty states. It is determined by three criteria which can be remembered by the acronym A.O.J. Think “Administration Of Justice”. The situation must meet all three criteria.

    • A = Ability. The person deemed to be a threat must possess the ability or power to kill or maim.
    • O = Opportunity. The person deemed to be a threat must be capable of immediately employing his power to kill or maim.
    • J = Jeopardy. This means that the person deemed to be a threat must be acting in such a manner that a reasonable and prudent person would conclude beyond doubt that his intent is to kill or cripple.
    All of the above are judged by the doctrine of the “reasonable man”. That is, what would a reasonable and prudent person have done in that situation knowing what the defendant knew at the time? After the fact information is inadmissible into the equation. Your defense of self-defense is affirmative if you knew all of the above at the time you employed deadly force.

    Now, with that said, I would add a fourth criterion to Ayoob’s three. That is the criterion of preclusion. What this means is that you must have done everything within your power to have avoided having to use deadly force in the first place, without placing yourself or other innocents in jeopardy.

    Let us now look at some caveats that Ayoob goes into in detail in his DVD and in his Lethal Force Institute training. I’ve already mentioned my fourth criterion of preclusion. This criterion does not contradict the “Castle Doctrine,” or your right to stand your ground and defend yourself in any place where you have a right to be. Ayoob gives the following general rule in the DVD: If you have warning that a situation is likely to turn bad, you should not venture knowingly into it. For example, if someone says that if you show your face at a particular place (a bar, a street corner, a class, etc.) they will kill you, don’t go there! If you do go there, and then you are forced to use deadly force in self-defense, and you kill the guy, you may be found culpable. We don’t live in the Wild West although there may be some who beg to differ.

    Another caveat has to do with how you size up the criterion of ability. Here we are talking about the concepts of power and disparity of force. Clearly, a person with a gun or a knife, and the ability to use it, has the power to kill or cripple you. However, you can’t shoot that person unless he has the immediate opportunity to use that ability on you, and he acts in such a manner that leads you to reasonably conclude you are in immediate jeopardy. What about if the threat does not have a gun, or a knife, or a bludgeon? There are several other factors that would fulfill the ability criterion:

    One factor is force of numbers. Two or more threatening persons, even without identifiably deadly weapons, against you alone, would constitute a disparity of force. If they attack you and act in such a manner as to lead you to believe that, unless you do something, they are going to kill or cripple you, you are on solid legal ground. Against a group of attackers, each member of the group shares the same responsibility for the fear the group creates in the intended victim, and also shares the danger from the intended victim’s lawful response.

    A second factor is the able bodied against the disabled. So, if you are old and frail, or physically challenged, and you are viciously attacked by a younger, more able bodied man (and the criteria of opportunity and jeopardy are in play), you are on solid legal ground.

    A third factor is greater physical size and strength. If you are attacked by King Kong Bundy, you are on solid legal ground in using a force multiplier (a weapon) to avoid being killed or crippled.

    A fourth factor is training or reputation. Is the attacker or threat a person known to you to be highly trained in the destructive (martial) arts? For this criterion to be considered a valid, affirmative defense for the defensive use of deadly force, you must have known about it before you resorted to using deadly force. It is not valid if you didn’t know it at the time, but learned that it was so after the fact. You will be judged based solely on what you knew at the time!

    A fifth factor is male versus female. Our society assumes that females are more vulnerable and that there is a cultural predisposition for males to be more inclined than females to violent physical aggression. So, if you are female, and you are being attacked by a lone male, and the other criteria of opportunity and jeopardy are in play, you are on solid legal ground in terms of using deadly force if you have no other viable choice to avoid being killed or crippled. This would also include self-defense against rape.

    Rape is violence.

    No one submits to rape unless the aggressor says submit or else get murdered or crippled or maimed! Ayoob’s DVD notes that criminal justice statistics show that 79% of rapists are unarmed, but nevertheless, there is a disparity of force present–they are armed with ferocious aggression, greater size or physical strength, or strength of numbers, as in a gang rape situation. It also notes that 14% of rapists are armed with contact weapons (e.g., an edged weapon, a bludgeon, etc.), and only 7% of rapists tend to be armed with a gun.

    The knife or edged weapon is a lethal threat.

    Now let us briefly address the issue of being threatened by someone who has a knife. Clearly, a knife or edged weapon is a contact weapon, as opposed to a firearm which is a remote control weapon. So, a man one hundred feet across a busy street who yells and threatens to kill you with a knife is not an immediate threat. You can’t shoot him! However, that same man brandishing a firearm is an immediate threat if, by his actions, he places you in imminent jeopardy.

    The knife issue merits a closer look. Here, opportunity is of special importance. The opportunity factor is a component of two things: distance and obstacles. It may not be part of the common knowledge, but a man with a knife or club twenty-one or fewer feet away from you, has the ability and opportunity to place you in imminent jeopardy. Thanks to the pioneering work in the 1980s of Dennis Tueller, a since-retired Salt Lake City Police Dept. Lieutenant and Gunsite instructor, we now know that it takes around 1.5 seconds for a person with a knife to close a gap of twenty-one feet and be on top of you! For the average trained person who is carrying a concealed handgun, it will take more than 1.5 seconds to draw from concealment, fire, and hit the target at seven yards. So, a person who is threatening you with a knife at twenty-one feet is placing you in imminent jeopardy. The original Tueller study was published in 1983 in SWAT Magazine in an article entitled, “How Close Is Too Close?”

    Well, there you have it. This has been a summary of the highlights of what Massad Ayoob goes through in his DVD, and his DVD contains but a small part of what he goes through in his actual courses. I strongly recommend that, at a minimum, you get the DVD and read Ayoob’s book: In the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection.

    As I stated earlier, Ayoob emphasizes that with power comes responsibility, and with more power comes more responsibility and a higher standard of care. So, if you own a gun for self-defense, and especially if you carry, you had better be prepared to exercise a higher standard of care. In addition to being capable of making a bullet fly true, you had better know when you have the right to do so, and when you do not.


    Massad F. Ayoob (1990). Judicious Use of Deadly Force. The DVD. Concord, NH: Police Bookshelf. (

    Massad F. Ayoob (1980). In the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection. Concord, NH: Police Bookshelf (

    The Lethal Force Institute. P.O. Box 122. Concord, NH 03302. Tel: 603-224-6814.

  • Sowell: Success or Failure? (Obama)

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    meadsjn to qman
    You also must have missed the news about how this administration will NOT revoke the passports of any "Americans" who run off to fight and behead for ISIS. They'll just come home, and settle in among their former neighbors like nothing ever happened (maybe in your neighborhood).

    They do have planes (from Libya). They have tons of money. They have oil wells, and oil shipments out of Iraq, for which they are collecting more money.

    They have open borders on our south and north, and can come into the USA as they wish.

    Yeah, just because the ragheads tried to bring down the World Trade towers in 1993 did not mean they would ever try to do it again. Until they did.

    Just because ISIS promised to hit the USA, it doesn't mean they will. Until they do.

    Just because ISIS claims to already have several thousand suicide jihadists already inside the USA doesn't mean they really do. Until they actually blow up something.

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    If whites were one tenth as racist as blacks are, the blacks would have left this continent long, long ago.
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    meadsjn to marktwain
    What sort of scenario do you envision for when the SHTF?

    It matters not what the cause would be. Human behavior, and sub-human behavior already in evidence abundantly, would turn any major crisis into a nationwide disaster.

    It could be as simple as the EBT cards stop buying gimmedats. It could be that the trucks stop running, for any of several reasons. An EMP, or several, could cause both of the above. A severe economic reset could cause both.

    A cluster of terrorist attacks in several cities would probably not initially kill as many people as would the subsequent rampaging of the inner-city sub-humans. ISIS has promised such attacks, and this administration is doing nothing to stop them. La Raza adherents indicate similar upheaval, but are not yet as vocal about it.

    It is easy to envision twenty, or thirty, or a hundred, major cities erupting like Ferguson, MO, over anything or nothing, just because ...