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  • The terrorist inside my husband's brain

    10/03/2016 6:08:33 AM PDT · 13 of 21
    LurkLongley to spintreebob

    It’s possible, not probable,however. My Dad is 84, a retired physicist and a non smoker who never used any type of drugs and had only an occasional beer.

    This article is a very good primer for the uninformed on the horrors of Lewy Body disease which Dad was diagnosed with about three years ago.

    The difference between the two stories is faith. My Dad is embracing God’s plan for the end of his life. He settled all of his affairs when he was still able, and now he waits, in peace, for the Lord to take him home.

    I pray for RW’ s wife and any family faced with this diagnosis.

  • Robin Williams’ Wife Describes His Last 10 Devastating Months

    10/03/2016 6:08:33 AM PDT · 58 of 64
    LurkLongley to golux

    My Dad was diagnosed with Lewy Body about three years ago. It is a horrific combination of the worst parts of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. In addition to the loss of cognition and motor skills, there are frequent and sometimes very scary hallucinations that accompany it.

    OTOH, as a former scientist, my father has extensively researched his own disease and has come to a peaceful acceptance of God’s will for the end of his life. If ever I am discouraged or down, all I have to do is think of Dad’s loving embrace of his own mortality, and I see how small my concerns are compared to the life that awaits us.

    My Dad can begin to pierce the veil, ever so slightly, and what he sees draws him ever closer to our Savior. I wish that RW could have enjoyed the same peace.

  • Blame Minimum Wage, Not Carl’s Jr. CEO, For Automated Restaurants

    05/18/2016 4:10:23 AM PDT · 62 of 73
    LurkLongley to Jim Robinson

    I fail to see how any of these couldn’t be reduced by reducing the size of government.

    Money, as a market force is fluid. It will always flow to the lowest point, there being no other artificial obstacles, such as regulation, or artificially high labor prices.

    We need a government that recognizes that we must become the attractive setting for business that we once were before Roosevelt and the progressives started pulling us down the road to socialism.

  • Blame Minimum Wage, Not Carl’s Jr. CEO, For Automated Restaurants

    05/17/2016 1:14:30 PM PDT · 18 of 73
    LurkLongley to baltimorepoet

    Labor, like any other part of the manufacturing process, is a commodity, and,like any commodity, the money will flow to the most cost efficient source. That may not have to mean moving jobs to other countries, but it makes that decision a whole lot easier when you can shake the feds off your back, not have to deal with union thugs, and actually return a profit to your shareholders.

    As far as slave labor goes, if slavery is ever found in a company’s supply chain, send every executive to jail. However, definitions matter, and if you ask someone working for a sweat shop whether the 3 dollars they earn in a week is slavery, they will tell you that it is better than the 3 dollars a year that they earned before the factory.

    A tariff, like any other tax, will always be paid by the final purchaser, namely, you and me.

  • Trump: "We Don't Have Much Of A Race Anymore"

    04/20/2016 4:57:34 AM PDT · 33 of 61
    LurkLongley to central_va

    So sorry. I was under the impression that this was not the hq of any campaign but of conservative thought.

    Bring it on. Been here a long time. If my opinions are no longer valued, let JimRob let me know.

  • Trump: "We Don't Have Much Of A Race Anymore"

    04/20/2016 4:49:32 AM PDT · 29 of 61
    LurkLongley to central_va

    Yeah, let’s have us a good old fashioned purge! Anyone outside of the groupthink...Gone!

    Who is the greater fool, the fool or the fools who follow him.

  • Winners or Whiners?

    04/19/2016 7:39:35 AM PDT · 41 of 58
    LurkLongley to irish guard

    My apologies.

    You are spot on about the vitriol, and not being a Trump supporter, the flak can come in heavy and sometimes you squeeze the trigger too quickly. I think he might do better than 180, but, not by much.

    My Dad had me working the Nixon campaign and I cut my teeth on B.B. and National Review.

    I can forgive the CSC, signed God, S.J.

  • An Election Eve Message To Our Brothers and Sisters In New York

    04/19/2016 7:26:18 AM PDT · 12 of 19
    LurkLongley to JBW1949

    Ooh. Coattails of conformity, a commendable use of alliteration.

    Is that like nattering nabobs of negativity?

    Spiro Agnew, if you are in the room, please raise your hand.

  • An Election Eve Message To Our Brothers and Sisters In New York

    04/19/2016 7:17:37 AM PDT · 11 of 19
    LurkLongley to detective

    Only the solution.

  • An Election Eve Message To Our Brothers and Sisters In New York

    04/19/2016 7:07:17 AM PDT · 7 of 19
    LurkLongley to detective

    This guy’s been subdancing in his treehouse a little too long.

    Another America will Die Without the Donald thread. How refreshing.

  • God’s Man: Firefighter shares 2011 vision of President Trump

    04/19/2016 6:56:29 AM PDT · 64 of 71
    LurkLongley to Enduro Guy

    I’m fairly certain that God hasn’t made an endorsement I think someone would have covered that.

    God Bless all.

  • Winners or Whiners?

    04/19/2016 6:33:06 AM PDT · 26 of 58
    LurkLongley to RoosterRedux

    Oh, Lord, are you serious? Did you read that before you posted it?

    We are supposed to be the party of thinking people, but I think that you have inadvertently nailed Donald s support, gut, or substitute another word, emotion.

    We most certainty would not want to use logic or reason to help in our selection of the chief executive of the US. sarc.

    Also, don’t think that the Donald enjoys such overwhelming support. He hasn’t even won a majority in a primary. I’ll give you that his supporters are enthusiastic, but, that doesn’t translate to electoral successes.

  • Winners or Whiners?

    04/19/2016 6:17:13 AM PDT · 20 of 58
    LurkLongley to stockpirate

    What a maroon. Don’t take on Rush, or anyone else for that matter, if you can’t even spell bane correctly.

    Talk about low information.

  • If anything, globalization increased the cost of meat in America

    04/19/2016 6:11:44 AM PDT · 9 of 27
    LurkLongley to expat_panama

    This author needs a better understanding of economics. It is entirely a political rant. To equate the consumer price of certain commodities with the effects of global trade is hogwash.

    The major reason for the increase in US food prices is the unintended consequence of the ill conceived renewable fuel ethanol mandate. It has increased the price of feed for every farmer, and as a result, herd sizes of all types of livestock have been decreased, resulting in higher food prices. This is a gross oversimplification of a complex system, but it is a good basic overview.

    In almost every market, it is government interference that distorts and subverts true market forces. It is an unseen tax on every activity, product, and facet of daily life. In their wildest dreams, no monarch that ever reigned would have been able to crush their producers the way we do now.

    This is another reason for true conservatives to support Cruz. He gets the regulatory state, and he wants to bring it down for real. Trump has played the system his whole life, why should we think that he wants to change it.

  • GOP Primary Process Rigged [Barf Alert!]

    04/19/2016 4:55:29 AM PDT · 12 of 27
    LurkLongley to servantboy777

    Spot on.

    The Donald has said that he does this, it’s his explanation for the love fest with the Clintons. It’s horse hockey. He’s the sleazy insider. He’s the one who brags about buying influence.

    How does this man, who is so dirty, muck out the stables in Washington, answer, he doesn’t. At best we get a place holder. At worst we get Il Duce.

    New York values, they’re a lot like the Illinois values that I moved to escape. It doesn’t matter who you know, only who you blow.

  • GOP Primary Process Rigged [Barf Alert!]

    04/19/2016 4:04:32 AM PDT · 2 of 27
    LurkLongley to markomalley

    And of course his will be populated only by the angels.

    Sheesh. Who do you think the GOP is? They’re what’s left of the Whigs.

    I wish the Donald would shut his pie hole and leave or stay. It’s nauseating to watch. Will he, won’t he.

    What a crybaby.

  • God’s Man: Firefighter shares 2011 vision of President Trump

    04/19/2016 3:55:49 AM PDT · 61 of 71
    LurkLongley to Enduro Guy; All

    This whole post is sickening.

  • Women Really, Really Dislike Trump: Take Note, Republicans

    04/18/2016 6:36:07 AM PDT · 117 of 170
    LurkLongley to Sicon

    First off, although I would consider some of those who you mentioned to be gentlemen, that really isn’t the point. None of them were conservatives. The GOP hasn’t run a conservative since 1980, and, certainty no one who could articulate conservative principles. I do not believe that the Donald is that person.

    While it is eminently possible that he could win the nomination, without the ability to clearly differentiate the principles that makes conservatism the clearly better policy choice, then Hitlery will clean his clock.

    If anyone thinks that the campaign he’s been able to run due to all the free media will continue, they’re deluded. The long knives will come out,and every negative story that has been on page 16 and hasn’t even gotten a mention on the networks will suddenly lead. Every day. Every hour. They will crucify him. A lot of it will be personal, so, yes it does matter.

    Always has, always will.

    Just to set the record straight, GW was the last gentleman to occupy the office. I didn’t see eye to eye with him on a lot of things, but he was a gentleman, and one of the reasons he won was because he promised to bring decorum back to the office after the Clintoon years. Algore should have won in any normal year, but people were sick of the sleaze emanating from the Oval Office and GW made that a central part of his campaign.

  • Trump: ‘I Don’t Want To Play The Rule Game…We Live In A Democracy’ [VIDEO]

    04/18/2016 4:16:27 AM PDT · 56 of 204
    LurkLongley to RedWulf

    Agreed with the founders intent ‘re career pols, however, it’s his rants about democracy and rigged contests that stick in my throat. The majority of these rules are quite old and have nothing to do with the Donald. Where are his vaunted leadership and smarts.

    He’s just used to paying off the pols he wants something from.

    Most importantly, the man is already getting his supporters to be ready to take what he may not be able to win outright.

    Mob rule. The founder’s greatest fear and the Donald s most potent weapon. Crazies who refuse to let any stray thoughts permeate the gray matter.

  • Trump's rants risk annoying those who may decide nomination

    04/18/2016 3:54:35 AM PDT · 22 of 74
    LurkLongley to markomalley


    It’s all about the Donald.