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  • Chris Hayes: Electoral College ‘Would Be Unconstitutional’ If It ‘Wasn’t... In The Constitution’

    08/31/2019 3:48:28 PM PDT · 59 of 107
    leftcoaster to DesertRhino

    And I would be sober if I hadn’t drank that whiskey.


    But tomorrow, I will be sober, but Chris Hayes will still be stoopid.

  • Omar Gives Her Take On 'Asylum Seekers' And Her Explanation Is A Hot Mess

    06/22/2019 11:05:49 AM PDT · 24 of 34
    leftcoaster to jazusamo

    She is from Minnesota, not Michigan.

    Townhall article has a typo.

    Should be “(D-MN)”.


    05/27/2019 2:46:22 PM PDT · 23 of 62
    leftcoaster to blueunicorn6


    “We just make crap up.”


    Remember Dan Rather’s “Fake, but accurate” letters from TANG?

  • US Fighter Planes Intercept Russian Bombers Near Alaska, Says NORAD

    05/21/2019 6:53:05 PM PDT · 44 of 52
    leftcoaster to KC_Lion

    Trump and his immoral insistence on enforcing our borders.

  • Amash faces fresh GOP primary challenge after Trump impeachment comments

    05/20/2019 9:41:03 AM PDT · 1 of 21
    This is most of what was Gerald Ford's former district, in Grand Rapids.

    I've never quite been comfortable with Amash. The stories now out about his family's interest in importing tools from China, but stamping "U.S.A." on them, makes it all understandable now. Trump takes a hard line against China, adding tariffs, and Amash calls for Trump's impeachment.

    Yeah, right, nothing to see here...

  • Trump’s Tax Returns Show the Mark of a Great Businessman

    05/08/2019 6:45:18 AM PDT · 17 of 24
    leftcoaster to central_va

    I am not saying Trump did anything untowards tax wise but....I think the statute of limitations on tax fraud is only 3 years.


    On some issues it is 6 years. And there is no doubt that Trump’s operations would be complex enough to have those kinds of 6-year items involved.

    Additionally, real estate has long-lived assets that appear over multiple years’ returns, such as a 30-year depreciation schedule. So a discrepancy on an item that began being depreciated in 1990 would still be around on the tax returns until 2020. That can give IRS the predicate to go back the 30 years and review the return when that item was first placed in service, since it affects returns now in the recent 6-year window.

  • Clinton: ‘China, if you’re listening, why don’t you get Trump’s tax returns?’

    05/02/2019 6:03:02 AM PDT · 59 of 64
    leftcoaster to 2ndDivisionVet

    Blasted for inviting a foreign power to interfere in an American election, Trump subsequently claimed he was not serious. However, the Mueller report indicated Russian hackers — clearly paying close attention to the U.S. campaign — did go after Clinton’s emails within hours of Trump’s remarks.


    I know this is in the Mueller report, but how can it even be true?

    Hillary’s server was shut down years before. Where were the missing 30,000 emails in July 2016 when Trump made his joke? The Russians knew where they were, but no one in the US did? Except for Weiner’s laptop turning up a couple of months later, the emails were supposedly gone forever.

  • Pictures show moments after Indiana man threw phone at Trump during NRA rally

    04/27/2019 6:48:18 PM PDT · 20 of 39
    leftcoaster to NoLibZone

    NRA meeting, eh? Where most everyone there knew to have their guns safely unloaded.

    Too bad this idiot was loaded.

  • Rush Limbaugh & Donald J. Trump Golfing & Winning At Mar-a-Lago This Weekend

    04/20/2019 6:35:42 PM PDT · 11 of 45
    leftcoaster to CaliforniaCraftBeer

    Late in his Thursday show, El Rushbo said he was going to be off on Friday because of a Top Secret meeting. I had a hunch it was something to do with POTUS 45.

  • Notre Dame rector: “Computer glitch” possible fire culprit

    04/19/2019 9:28:30 AM PDT · 42 of 78
    leftcoaster to TalBlack

    They sure don’t seem to be narrowing it down. Elevators, computers...gee didn’t someone have a hotplate or soldering iron somewhere? Hey! maybe an old kerosene lamp...?


    Was some lady milking a cow, who kicked over the lamp?

  • "The Gracious Father--and the Two Lost Sons" (Sermon, Fourth Sunday in Lent; Luke 15:1-3, 11-32)

    03/30/2019 5:48:39 PM PDT · 4 of 5
    leftcoaster to Charles Henrickson

    I have studied this reading extensively the past few years, for its extraordinary example of forgiveness.

    I had a terrible situation with family members committing evil, and have looked to this as a guide of how to cope with it.

    We do not forgive someone for their benefit; we forgive them for our own benefit. We forgive because it is best for us.

    The father had forgiven his son, but the son had no idea and did not know he had been forgiven. He only discovered it when returning home, in a desperate move to keep from starving.

    The father did not go looking for his son to inform him that he had been forgiven. It was up to the son to discover that. The son probably assumed he would never be forgiven, and never considered bothering to ask. He was only asking for a job, to keep from starving.

    And the older son, who was jealous of his father having forgiven his younger brother’s evil is also an important lesson.

    A lot to study and ponder, and learn how true forgiveness is to be conducted.

    I still love my estranged family members, and have learned to forgiven them. (Not easy.) But, like the prodigal son, they are still distant, and have not yet returned to discover that they have been forgiven. They may not ever return, which is their loss, not mine. I have no duty or obligation to inform them, and also have no duty to expose myself to any further acts of evil by them, either.

    Some day, they may discover they had been forgiven, and wasted so many years of their life in avoiding asking for forgiveness, assuming it would never be given. They will be as stunned as the younger son, and realize they could have ended it so much sooner. But that is up to them to learn on their own schedule, not on mine or anyone else’s.

  • Mueller Report Exceeds 300 Pages, Raising Questions About Four-Page Summary

    03/28/2019 1:18:46 PM PDT · 40 of 49
    leftcoaster to faithhopecharity

    What a ridiculous commentary


    Yep. The only point made is this number of pages “raises new questions” about the 4-page summary.

    1) There are no questions raised in the article. Seems like that is what the article ought to contain, based on its headline and lead paragraph.

    2)Apparently, the only issue is the length of the summary relative to the length of the report. There are a lot of folks involved in preparing various sections of the Mueller report that would have read the summary. If one of them were to comment that they didn’t think the summary was accurate, then the Slimes might have some news to report. They’ve gone to anonymous sources for this kind of stuff multiple times throughout Trump coverage. Seems odd that they couldn’t even find a single anonymous source to point to for this.


  • Ocasio-Cortez hits NRA after New Zealand shooting: 'What good are your thoughts and prayers?'

    03/15/2019 6:34:08 AM PDT · 71 of 124
    leftcoaster to rjsimmon

    She probably believes New Zealand is a part of northern Texas.


    New Jersey
    New Mexico
    New Zealand

    3 of our 57 states.

  • Facebook isn’t doing a great job protecting the phone number you gave it

    03/05/2019 1:44:33 PM PST · 18 of 19
    leftcoaster to al_c

    Why would anyone give their phone number to Facebook in the first place?


    I think FB was pushing members to submit their phone numbers in order to utilize 2-factor authentication, where when the user signs in with their password to do something important, a code is sent to the phone number of record that the user must submit in order to verify the person entering the password is also the same person with access to the phone line.

    Not a bit surprised that they got Zucked again.

  • Facebook isn’t doing a great job protecting the phone number you gave it

    03/05/2019 6:51:48 AM PST · 2 of 19
    leftcoaster to DUMBGRUNT

    I’m shocked.

    Insert clip of Animal House “You effed up. You trusted us!” scene.

  • The Attorney-Client Privilege [Does Cohen Face Massive Civil Lawsuit?]

    02/27/2019 6:27:31 AM PST · 30 of 49
    leftcoaster to bk1000

    “From what I’ve seen, Trump hasn’t even made any public statement objecting to Cohen’s testimony before Congress at all.”

    Trump did (rightly) raise a stink about A/C priviledge. Now we have to let it play out. Further foot-stomping about it would, of course, be spun as the President throwing a tantrum, and would “raise questions”.


    I’ve read elsewhere that for Trump to challenge Cohen for the A-C Privilege violation would be an admission that what Cohen is saying is the truth.

    I question whether this is correct.

    If an attorney discloses truthful information about his client, that is a violation, but if he LIES about what his client is supposed to have said/done/communicated, that is not a violation? Give me a break.

    I had a legal settlement that included a gag order. It was a payoff for damages from a utility company, and they did not want other parties to whom they also had to pay a settlement finding out what the terms of their deal with me was. I made sure that they were not allowed to make false claims to others about what their settlement was to me, and that was the case. They were also covered by the gag order agreement, and even making false claims about what was in the settlement would be a violation.

    So it would seem to me that an attorney making false claims about his client would also be in violation of the attorney client privilege.

  • Reporter: Bezos investigator believes 'government entity' may have obtained texts

    02/08/2019 8:00:59 AM PST · 44 of 48
    leftcoaster to kingu

    Huh, you’d imagine they’d confirm that both phones weren’t hacked which leads them to believe some outside agency provided the texts... Yet oddly they assert only Bezos’ phone wasn’t hacked.


    First thing I noticed as well.

    Aren’t all these involved pics ones that were sent to the girlfriend’s phone? If that is the case, then it is one of only 2 phones.

    But if the pictures were sent to several different numbers, and the only commonality is the source phone, then it would pretty unlikely that several destination phones happened to be hacked.

  • Why We Never See Bob Mueller (Has he checked out?)

    02/05/2019 7:11:01 PM PST · 7 of 17
    leftcoaster to Libloather

    Remember Ken Starr? It seems every day there was a camera crew filming him walking from his house to his car to drive in to work. They probably also shouted questions at him that he did not respond to. I remember Dan Rather always referring to him as “Ken Starr, the Republican special prosecutor,...”

    The only time we ever see Mueller is in file photos or footage. And I can’t remember the last time I heard his voice in any fashion.

    Of course, that is what you would expect Mueller’s handlers to make sure is done, as his purpose is to have an “investigation” whose entire purpose is to prevent anyone else from looking into all the Dem crimes.

  • I’m curious to hear CNN’s explanation for why they falsely labeled Ralph Northam as a Republican

    02/02/2019 6:51:08 AM PST · 53 of 72
    leftcoaster to wetgundog

    Love Leftists eating each other. However, this was 35 years ago. He who has not done stupid shit in HS, the military, or college, cast the first stone.....


    Good point, but I don’t think that really applies here.

    1. He was something like age 25.

    2. He was graduating from med school.

    3. He choose that picture himself to publish on his page in his med school yearbook.

    4. Even if it was at a Halloween party or some similar dress-up themed event, it was 1984. I was about that age then, and no one thought the KKK was funny then, either. I don’t ever remember anyone dressing up in that kind of garb in any party event. Let alone memorializing it in a picture to be published in something as important as a yearbook.

    This is way beyond what the Fake News MSM was trying to make of Kavenaugh’s HIGH SCHOOL yearbook scribble of “boof”, when he was only 18 or so.


    01/24/2019 10:20:37 AM PST · 7 of 21
    leftcoaster to DUMBGRUNT

    What about the seismographs that were set up on the moon? Are they still operating? If so, it would seem that they would record any vibrations from an impact.