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  • In need of Win 10 help ( laptop)

    03/20/2018 11:04:29 PM PDT · 32 of 37
    ldish to ButThreeLeftsDo

    WIN 10 totally sucks - screwing up my life with office products WORD and Excel - it’s subscription interaction is a total FU with constantly getting Needs Repair” error messages and then just wiping out your file without saving and losing everything. Bill Gates and family and foundation - super ripoff agents...elites above reproach somewhere on a mountain top above the fray and the trash below and all us pinons forced to use their garbage!

  • Smithsonian moves Michelle Obama portrait to larger space over high demand

    03/20/2018 1:52:19 PM PDT · 51 of 73
    ldish to Simon Green

    in these trying times, we all need a reason to laugh and giggle at something funny to look at....oh wait a minute...that’s the other portrait...the one with the monkey sitting in a field of poison ivy or some other “weed” in a one armed chair.

  • Trump stuns GOP, Dems with impassioned push for gun control

    03/01/2018 7:01:12 AM PST · 98 of 157
    ldish to JayAr36

    Trump got great TV and the Dems were cumming all over themselves! Same as he did with DACA. But now look at his text and see what he is emphasizing today:

    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · 2h

    Many ideas, some good & some not so good, emerged from our bipartisan meeting on school safety yesterday at the White House. Background Checks a big part of conversation. Gun free zones are proven targets of killers. After many years, a Bill should emerge. Respect 2nd Amendment!

    We will see...TRUMP is a goner if he doesn’t support strong 1A and 2A.

    Everyone is missing the angle here. The GOP needs to harp on the fact that it is Hollywood that GLAMORIZES terror, guns and violence in movies NOT the gun itself that is the game changer here. Yet that would go against their money making bottom line...but that is what the GOP should be pushing as the big cause of increase in violence - movies and all the prescribed mind controlling drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GreenTech, the electric car company once led by McAuliffe, files for bankruptcy

    02/28/2018 6:37:53 AM PST · 33 of 36
    ldish to armourenthusiast

    The design could’ve been sculpted using Lego’s

  • Obama Not Embarrassed by His Scandals?

    02/28/2018 6:34:55 AM PST · 27 of 40
    ldish to McBuff

    This is not my list as I saw it on another post of all the things he gave us, but many of them are embarrassing and troubling still to our countries future!

    “ays his administration “never did anything” embarrassing during his presidency...I call...BULLSHIT!

    he got one part right...I put it in quotes...he “never did anything”...except we are still the closest to imploding as a country as we have ever been and we haven’t yet turned the corner on is still up for grabs!!!!!

    Just take a look at the mixture of lawlessness, criminal acts, lies, and treasonous actions against the US Constitution, and the citizens of America by the n obama Regime.

    • EBOLA Syops, Lies, and Distraction (squirrel crossing the road)
    • ISIS (JV Squad)
    • IRS
    • Iraq, Benghazi, Libya
    • Bowe Bergdahl
    • $18.2 trillion in debt and growing
    • NSA Spying on Americans
    • Vets dying due to VA Neglect
    • Muslim Brotherhood
    • Allowed open homosexuals to serve in the military
    • Fast & Furious
    • Obamacare
    • Obamacare Website costed taxpayers “2 Billion Dollars”
    • “You like your doctor you can keep your Dr.”
    • Obamacare v.2.0
    • “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it”
    • Amnesty for 22 million illegal’s...
    • The Independent Payment Advisory Board (appointees by the president)
    • Any decisions by IPAB will instantly become law starting in 2014 – Separation of Powers, Article 1 Section 1
    • NDAA
    • “I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”
    • “I will restore trust in Government”
    • “The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my desk”
    • “It’s not my red line - it is the world’s red line”
    • “Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration”
    • “We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto companies, with interest”
    • “I am not spying on American citizens”
    • “Obama Care will be good for America”
    • “If you like it, you can keep your current healthcare plan”
    • “The Obamacare website is just like shopping at Amazon”
    • “I knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” gunrunning to Mexican drug cartels”
    • “I knew nothing about IRS targeting conservative groups”
    • “I knew nothing about what happened in Benghazi”
    • I have never known my uncle from Kenya who is in the country illegally and that was arrested and told to leave the country over 20 years ago.
    • And, I have never lived with that uncle. He finally admitted (12-05-2013) that he DID know his uncle and that he DID live with him.
    • It was a spontaneous riot about a movie
    • If elected I promise not to renew the Patriot Act”
    • ObamaCare death squads/panels
    • “If elected I will end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan within the 1st 9 months of my term”
    • “I will close Guantanamo within the first 6 months of my term”
    • “I will bridge the gap between black and white and between America and other countries”
    • Dream Act Abuses
    • DACA
    • Free obama phones on the taxpayers dime.
    • The Great Recession
    • Renewing the Patriot Act
    • “You didn’t build that”
    • Shovel ready jobs
    • Carried out military interventionism in Libya without Congressional approval
    • Systematic removal of many of the most capable and patriotic active duty Generals.
    • Restarted the Cold War
    • Obama nominated Timothy Geithner, a repeat tax cheater, to head the government agency that enforces the tax laws.
    • Refusal to salute the American Flag
    • Refusal to wear American flag pin
    • Wears FAKE flag pin
    • Most Transparent Administration
    • No Lobbying- Has an administration full of lobbyists, after promising he wouldn’t have any.
    • Waged the biggest war against medical marijuana of any president, which was the opposite of what he had promised.
    • America will be respected again when I’m president
    • Eric “race card” Holder
    • Holder in Contempt of Congress and not being held accountable
    • Harry “poo bear” Reid
    • Nancy “what’s in it” Pelosi
    • Joe “2 barrel blast” Biden
    • Sending a larger delegation to Ferguson thugs funeral than PM Thatcher’s funeral
    • Keystone XL Pipeline
    • Supported non citizen voting
    • Sequester
    • Using the healthcare industry to disarm American citizens
    • Turned the IRS and NSA into the KGB
    • “Raising the debt limit doesn’t raise the debt”
    • Closing down the WWII Memorial
    • Voluntary Ebola Quarantine
    • “Corporations and businesses don’t create jobs”
    • Obama’s IRS destroying evidence
    • Opening border to gang members and drug dealers
    • VA’s intentional deaths of veterans
    • Negotiating with terrorists
    • Executive action directing DHS that almost all immigration offenses were unenforceable absent a separate criminal conviction
    • SEAL Team 6
    • Issued directive instructing ICE to NOT enforce immigration laws in certain cases
    • Trading 5 Terrorists for a deserter
    • “You want to build a coal pant? You can, and we will regulate you right out of business”
    • Marine stuck in Mexican jail
    • Supported the $700 billion TARP corporate-welfare bailout just like Bush.
    • DOMA Law – Obama directed DOJ to ignore the Constitution and separation of powers and not enforce the law
    • Obamacare would save the average family $2500 per year
    • Forcing businesses to violate their religious beliefs
    • Violating the rights and sanctity of our Churches
    • Obamacare web site-cronyism
    • Welcomed Ebola across an ocean into the USA
    • Four Exec. appointments – Senate was NOT in recess (Court has ruled unconstitutional yet the appointees still remain)
    • NSA acting as Obama Gestapo
    • Lies about Benghazi
    • Common Core
    • “Obamacare would be like the cost of your cable bill”
    • Voter fraud
    • Exposed identity and methods of operation of a Navy SEALs team
    • Material Support of Terrorism
    • Going after states (AZ lawsuit) for upholding Federal law (immigration) -10th Amendment
    • Dodd-Frank – Due process and separation of powers. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau writing and interpreting law
    • 23 Executive Orders on gun control - infringement of the 2nd Amendment
    • Intentionally trying to hurt Americans during the sequester
    • Refuses to acknowledge state’s 10th Amendment rights to nullify Obamacare
    • Intentionally trying to hurt Americans during government shutdown
    • Shutting down ‘The Peoples House’ tours
    • “Resume funding for Egypt’s military, despite Congressional restrictions and objections from human rights and democracy advocates.”
    • “If I could just bypass Congress”
    • Used DOJ to prevent Arizona and Alabama from enforcing immigration laws
    • Military not getting their votes counted
    • Appointing agency czars without the “advice and consent of the Senate
    • Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood with arms and money
    • Chrysler Bailout -TARP - violated creditors rights and bankruptcy law, as well as Takings and Due Process Clauses – 5th Amendment (G.W. Bush also illegally used TARP funds for bailouts).
    • Healthcare waivers – No president has dispensing powers
    • Bypassed Congress and gave EPA power to advance Cap-n-Trade
    • Contraceptive, abortifacients mandate violation of First Amendment
    • DOJ spying on the free press
    • Separate AF1 plane for Presidential canine’s
    • Drone strikes on American Citizens
    • Obama took Chairmanship of UN Security Council
    • Not securing our borders
    • Attempt for Graphic tobacco warnings (under appeal)
    • ACA (Obamacare) mandate – SCOTUS rewrote legislation and made it a tax because there is no Constitutional authority for Congress to force Americans to engage in commerce. SCOTUS has no authority to Legislate or lay taxes
    • Spying on Americans on American soil with drones
    • Used DOJ to ignore section 8 of the Voting Rights Act. ” he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,” Article II Section 3
    • IRS targeting conservatives
    • IRS targeting the Tea Party
    • IRS targeting whomever the criminal administration tells them to target
    • Millions losing health care coverage
    • 2 Executive actions mandating private health information on patients be turned over to NICS - Violation of HIPPA law
    • Increasing welfare rolls
    • Forcing Catholic hospitals to perform abortions
    • Increasing disability rolls
    • Ignored law that requires Congress be notified prior to any detainees being moved from Guantanamo
    • Countless parties
    • Unilaterally issued new exemptions to immigration restrictions law that bars certain asylum-seekers and refugees who provided “limited material support” to terrorists
    • Executive Order bypassing Congress on immigration
    • Supported Sandy Hook Syops/Hoax
    • Countless exorbitant vacations
    • Releasing illegal’s from prison
    • Information memorandum telling states that they can waive the work requirement for welfare recipients, thereby altering the 1996 welfare reform law
    • Executive Order 13603 NDRP – Government can seize anything
    • Executive Order 13524 – Gives INTERPOL jurisdiction on American soil beyond law enforcement agencies, including the FBI
    • Obama administration quietly released $1.5 billion in foreign aid to the new Egyptian government, now dominated by a Brotherhood-led coalition in parliament.
    • NO budget for 5 years
    • Clapper lying to Congress
    • Holder lying to Congress
    • Executive Order 13636 Infrastructure Cyber security
    • War on women
    • Great Churchill Bust Incident of 2009
    • No government lunches for needy kids
    • Promoting race war
    • A123 Systems
    • Confirmed Loretta Lynch
    • Democrat Speaker of the House Boehner
    • Wolf in sheeps clothing Senate Minority Leader McConnell
    • REFUSING to RAID, SWEEP AND DEPORT illegal aliens on a State level
    • Keystone Pipeline - FOREIGN CORPORATION CONFISCATING American private property
    • Funding Obama’s halted deportations
    • Funding the UNCONSTITUTIONAL, OPPRESSIVE DHS, IMMEDIATELY AFTER it was revealed that AMERICANS were their surveillance targets
    • Omnibus bill
    • Funding UNCONSTITUTIONAL nation-building
    • Allowed Lerner to skate
    • $200 billion for UNCONSTITUTIONAL Medicare (MARXIST healthcare)
    • Fast-track TPP for Obama
    • The “Freedom” Act, which EXPANDS NSA CAPABILITIES
    • “I’ve campaigned in 57 states”
    • “You never let a serious crisis go to waste”
    • Cash for clunkers
    • Closing the WWII monument and refusing our Veterans access during the sequester.
    • Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson lied to Congress about deporting illegal’s that were also tied a terrorist group.
    • The pentagon deciding that they will allow the UN to enter our sovereign soil to kill Americans they disagree with.


    • “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

  • Mueller’s Russia probe zeroes in: When did Trump decide to run?

    02/27/2018 3:44:01 PM PST · 44 of 89
    ldish to Truth29

    enough is enough folks...with the ever widening censorship of youtube, google the web and all it is getting time for the executive branch - someone with sanity to set in and protect the forms of our being able to get all forms of information. These companies are not really private and they are a monopoly of left wing communist who are trying to pull off a coup d’é·tat

    they have to be stopped quickly NOW before it is a too late Venezuelan situation my friends!

  • GreenTech, the electric car company once led by McAuliffe, files for bankruptcy

    02/27/2018 3:38:22 PM PST · 2 of 36
    ldish to Hojczyk

    but how much did terry make to “funnel under the table” to some other crooked dem operative?

  • Democrats spooked? Internal letter says FISA memo 'provides no credible basis'...

    02/03/2018 8:20:05 PM PST · 50 of 58
    ldish to gaijin

    obvious judus shopped to find a rudoph...from where did he doth reside...his pathway to judgeship...merits and so on to gory?

  • Breaking: Senate Judiciary Committee to Release Memo on FBI, Christopher Steele and Russia Dossier

    02/02/2018 8:52:03 PM PST · 219 of 288
    ldish to Jeff Chandler

    whatever happen to the sen blurrrrrrrrrrr committee...demmmmms in hidding...boy do they have something juicy on burrr. a total do nothing , worthless committee!


    01/06/2018 3:30:37 PM PST · 43 of 51
    ldish to Sean_Anthony

    So true...Trump doesn’t help nor friends like this...he was a late comer to the campaign anyway but in his own mind God’s greatest gift to all!

  • Jerry Van Dyke, Luther the Football Assistant on 'Coach,' Dies at 86

    01/06/2018 3:27:36 PM PST · 46 of 59
    ldish to Karl Spooner

    who cares what andy Griffith after he second wife f..ed over his children when he died. most say in real life he was a real sob! same faith, he lived 35 miles from me growing up, then when to unc chapel, got to be the big deal...

  • Senate may put off most anticipated Russian probe findings

    12/15/2017 1:22:31 AM PST · 16 of 18
    ldish to Olog-hai

    burr is such a pitiful do nothing loser. just blurr the whole time in the senate. embarrassed he has been our senator. definitely on the take with serious blackmail problems to be folding like an awning chair this way with a goofy conclusion of a nothing result letting the demos off and only searching with a dim flash light in the middle of the night for conclusion by the repubs...never to be found since everyone know s there wasn’t any!

  • Sean Hannity And Steve Bannon Fear Deep State Will Arrest Them For Supporting President Trump

    12/05/2017 2:38:13 PM PST · 41 of 72
    ldish to plain talk

    disagree...this is much more serious than you give credit in my opinion. IF anyone should have been moved on at this point it is hitlery, comey, nobama, and most of her underlings at stat and the last two sec of doj’s. Yet none of these have been rightly investigated with much more lying, many more issues of illegal activities, and other gray areas, yet no action there and all this action here, so yes they are right they are out to get rid fo TRUMP pure and doubt about it!

  • Trump's Justice Department Takes on Harvard's Asian Quotas

    11/28/2017 11:12:53 PM PST · 23 of 43
    ldish to Blue House Sue

    Duke university does this too...our daughter is 1/2 Thai and 1/2 American and same thing happened there...they have gone one step further...they have gone full court on preferring islam middle eastern and african muslims over all others regardless over all others. Our daughter and three others applying had GPAs in top 5 with other outstanding qualifications and yet the “m” with GPA ranking 30+ from same HS was only one to get in...go figure

  • What All Men Must Do Next

    11/16/2017 6:31:16 PM PST · 38 of 60
    ldish to peeps36 a lot of women a free ride to get away with dick murders so to speak

  • Mueller shifts to Tony Podesta, Democratic lobbying firm:

    10/30/2017 12:31:02 PM PDT · 57 of 103
    ldish to ColdOne

    I say that’s bullsh*t

  • McDonald's & others are trying to appeal to millennial employees by offering daily paychecks

    10/26/2017 10:49:27 PM PDT · 28 of 76
    ldish to bigbob

    dumb them down anyway you can...fits the plan!

  • Biden calls Trump's conduct "absolutely bizarre"

    10/17/2017 3:13:54 PM PDT · 25 of 40
    ldish to Oldeconomybuyer

    fondling little girls every chance he gets in front of the world and their parents certainly give no one any credibility to speak ill of any other walking human being on earth...scumbag POS Bitemyass!

  • California Could Start Jailing People Who Don’t Use Transgender Pronouns

    08/29/2017 8:04:21 AM PDT · 67 of 67
    ldish to onedoug

    not hardly any in some professions, unfortunately today, private or public in this state, the administrative leaderships are all alike and are all saying the same things They are all socialist, spouting and expressing communist slogans and ideas, and in my opinion bordering on sedition type tactics.

    Believe me, it I were paying for her education there, she would not be going there! If she can endure the peripheral BS she should still get an education in her chosen profession that will be at the top of heap. We will see after the first year. I am sure there are profs there, that are as mum and quiet and trying to be below the radar as she and I are at this point.

    But the grand standing, in the face intimidation of the freshmen by the “leadership” on down will not be forgotten. It is not their job and I am sure their are many alumni that would not appreciate it either, the in your face intimidation!

  • California Could Start Jailing People Who Don’t Use Transgender Pronouns

    08/27/2017 9:13:36 PM PDT · 52 of 67
    ldish to onedoug

    Hell it is not only there. My daughter had to listen to this sh*t from an advisor during the freshmen orientation at WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY in Winston Salem NC, implying that it they didn’t use the “correct” pronoun with them “the instructor, educator, professor, advisor” there could be implications and problems for the students. In addition, everyone in leadership kept complaining and and worrying everyone about the dire straights that Trump has left the country in with “his” racist actions and comments about Charlottsville, Va saying dangerous times on campuses will be on his and his fault...actually they are blaming the wrong president...the one at fought left in Jan 2017 and he has been building this fire for over 8 years and is now fanning it in the “dark” from the sidelines - unfortunately. She was very upset and honestly scared and intimidated by all the words and the shear volume and tone of it by the fact it was coming from the very top down over and over and repeated again and again...real get in line and tow the line and shut up or get out.