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  • Wells Fargo Glitch Leaves Customers With Empty Bank Accounts

    01/18/2018 1:20:25 PM PST · 8 of 39
    Justa to DFG

    I got State Farm Bank in 2004. Every few months a -$6,437 entry would show up in my savings ledger. I’d go ballistic and call the bank. They’d remove it within hours. A few months later it’d happen again. So I’d call again. After the 4th time it stopped.

  • Will we soon be able to charge electric cars in just a minute? [Super capacitors?]

    01/18/2018 1:14:57 PM PST · 24 of 58
    Justa to allendale

    “To do so would require a power withdrawal from the grid and storage in a battery of some sort. Please explain how such a feat is physically possible in under two minutes. It’s not.”

    Ummm, maybe another super capacitor in the garage slow charging to fill up the vehicle? How long does it take to drive 300 miles? That’s the minimum time requirement to charge-up the refill battery.

  • NYPD officers raid Newsweek headquarters

    01/18/2018 1:05:11 PM PST · 20 of 28
    Justa to Fido969

    But doesn’t that only work before bankruptcy? Once bankruptcy is declared don’t all assets go to bankruptcy court for distribution regardless of liens? Plaintiffs litigate for their slice of the assets. But seizing the assets prior to bankruptcy ...well, how much of the law is possession?

  • NYPD officers raid Newsweek headquarters

    01/18/2018 12:45:37 PM PST · 17 of 28
    Justa to rdl6989

    I suspect unpaid state, county and municipal taxes. They photographed assets. The respective govt.s likely want to seize the assets before the company declares bankruptcy. No body likes to wait.

  • The Most Reliable Cars in the US: the 15 Cars Americans Keep the Longest Before Trading in...

    01/15/2018 5:20:20 AM PST · 209 of 262
    Justa to Southside_Chicago_Republican

    I read 300,000 miles is the norm for the Dodge Caravans. Whenever I get ticked off at my ‘05 Trailblazer I search for used Caravans.

  • Trump says F-52 jet found only in Call of Duty sold to Norway

    01/13/2018 5:38:33 AM PST · 34 of 34
    Justa to stockpirate

    Pretty slick of him to sell them a video game jet.

    -The F-52 has zero carbon footprint.
    -The F-52 has zero maintenance costs.
    -The F-52 has a 100% readiness rate.
    -The F-52 has a 100% safety record.

    At their level of air operations would they even notice?

  • Google Managers Kept Blacklists Of Conservative Employees - 'Trials', Alleges A New Lawsuit

    01/09/2018 4:11:46 AM PST · 10 of 17
    Justa to Nateman

    I’d like to hit them proportional to their attacks on our freedoms.

    Social networking is a known health hazard. Texting while driving now causes more injury and death than DUI. Children who use social networking lack social and integration skills, iow, it retards their development.

    I propose the following regulations for social networking:

    1) Social networking sites must audit customer usage and limit account access to two hours per day. Thereafter accounts are logged out for 22 hours before they may log in again.

    2) Social networking must use age verification. All social networking account holders must be 21 years of age or older.

    2) US-based social networking sites must commit to reducing their total active accounts by 20% over a 10 year period. Foreign based social networking sites must commit to a 2% reduction which will be voluntary.

    I’d name it The Social Networking Public Health and Safety Treaty (since they’re globalists).

  • U.S. Spy Satellite Believed Lost After SpaceX Mission Fails

    01/09/2018 3:40:13 AM PST · 67 of 91
    Justa to Monty22002

    The Falcon was able to return to its launchpad safely so its all good.

  • Apology NOT accepted! White House says 'the man has lost his mind, and good riddance..

    01/08/2018 5:33:44 PM PST · 67 of 76
    Justa to TexasCruzin

    “Trump has turned the Senators and Reps he has into Trump loyalists. They’re on the Trump Train now and Bannon is done.”

    Don’t be fooled. They’re still loyal to the $wamp. That’s how they get paid and earn their millions.

    The only reason they’re supporting Trump is they now believe they have leverage over him so can get some of the things they want. Such as protection of investment banker tax loopholes (done), DACA amnesty (in the works), no border wall (in the works), etc.

    They don’t represent Americans’ interests, only their own. Hopefully Trump won’t ‘work with them’ any more than he has to. With Bannon gone there’s no one in the WH Administration I know of to push the America First economic and other nationalist (vs. globalist) policies. There are plenty of Globalists though, like the ones who speak badly and leak about Bannon.

    Personally, I trust Bannon more than any of them. They’re all part of a culture that worships power and their access to it for personal gain. Promoting policies which use that political power to serve the best interests of the nation and the states is anathema to them. It’s like kryptonite. It takes their power to exploit the political process for their own gain away from them. This is why we hear politicians and pundits calling the tax reform theft. Because it takes away their access to power and money. That’s why they’re there. That’s all they’re about.

    Unless I hear Bannon say it or hear it second hand from Rush, David Horowitz, Dennis Prager or a member of the Freedom Caucus then Bannon didn’t say it or do it. I suspect the vast majority of the unsourced ‘Bannon said, Bannon did’ is Fake News. They do it to Trump but people don’t think they’d do it his political strategist who authored the platform that elected Trump?

  • Apology NOT accepted! White House says 'the man has lost his mind, and good riddance..

    01/08/2018 4:47:24 PM PST · 56 of 76
    Justa to Fantasywriter; All

    You all got it wrong. It was the Left’s plan to take down Bannon in order to undercut Trump’s America First Economic Nationalism which Bannon authored and has championed for years. Without Bannon Trump would have gotten off message and H> would have won.

    The Swamp, Leftists and Globalists scored a major coupe getting Bannon out of the White House and now repudiated. Without him it will be hard for Trump to stay the course which won in 2016 causing loss of support for Trump. That’s their plan.

  • [Photo] Convoy of Chinese military trucks seen moving towards North Korea border in late December

    01/08/2018 4:25:45 PM PST · 28 of 29
    Justa to Thibodeaux
    You do know that David Haberstam was an anti-American NYC Leftist? A frickin Red Diaper Baby and you're reading him for an honest account of the Korean war?

    "Pulitzer Prize-winning Korean War correspondent Marguerite Higgins was the staunchest pro-Diệm journalist in the Saigon press corps, frequently clashing with her younger male colleagues such as Neil Sheehan, Peter Arnett, and Halberstam. She claimed they had ulterior motives, saying "reporters here would like to see us lose the war to prove they're right."

    "Newspaper opinion editor Michael Young posits that Halberstam saw Vietnam as a moral tragedy, with America's hubris bringing about its downfall. Young writes that Halberstam reduced everything to human will, turning his subjects into agents of broader historical forces and coming off like a Hollywood movie with a fated and formulaic climax.

    Wars are strategic initiatives directed by political leaders. They are top-down affairs. A proper evaluation can only be of geopolitical necessity and consequence. Those are the reasons wars are fought. To frame a war in a humanistic view implies the war was fought to cause human suffering and death. It is a false and dangerous premise which provides cover for the aggressor and tyrants.

    Reading about war from what soldiers and civilians experience is rather ridiculous and deceptive. There is always failure, suffering and death in war but that is not what the war is about or why it is fought. Such a viewpoint is an improper analysis which usually just leads to another war. The French vindictiveness against the Germans at Versailles for their suffering as one example. The Korean partition and communist attack upon South Korea not being fully repudiated leading to the Vietnam partition and the communist attack upon South Vietnam being another. You won't read that in David Halberstam's book. The failure of fully prosecuting the Korean war is what convinced the Soviets to repeat the strategy in Vietnam. Without naming and repudiating the aggressor millions more lives were lost. How's that for a humanistic perspective?

    "Hey, I'm gonna write a book about WWI and it's gonna be set in a British company that was wiped out at Passchendaele. It will really tell the tale about that war... and... (why Britain and France should never have opposed the Germans). Would you say that book would be pro-German? Then why not David Halberstam's work being pro-communist? It is.

    All wars are bad but some are just. Since America hadn't lost a war David Halberstam had to write from war's victims point of view to support North Korean, Soviet, Chinese and North Vietnamese communists. Basically, all communists who opposed and attacked the West and its allies. Don't be a dupe.

  • Obamas criticized for lavish library plans, including 'test kitchen'

    01/08/2018 1:00:56 PM PST · 86 of 106
    Justa to Salamander

    Looks like a white hut with a built in golf course.

  • Male co-pilot allegedly slaps female commander, leaves cockpit unattended during Jet Airways flight

    01/08/2018 12:27:18 PM PST · 134 of 159
    Justa to rlmorel

    When lives depend on it NOTHING should come before professional duties and obligations.

    They both should be canned. Otherwise one walks away believing they are in their right to place their own interests before their duties.

  • The Drug-Fueled, Sex-Laced Parties of Silicon Valley

    01/08/2018 10:41:30 AM PST · 25 of 36
    Justa to fella

    So that settles it. The article is about management, not the actual engineers. Power, money, corruption, debauched revelry. That’s the corporate IT management I know.

  • Grand Jury Empaneled In Burlington College Case (Bernie & Jane Sanders)

    01/08/2018 10:31:18 AM PST · 17 of 18
    Justa to cgbg

    Why would a director of trust fund investing need clout?

    If you were facing bankruptcy would you hire an actor as your financial advisor?

  • Father stabs family dog to death to save one-year-old child

    01/08/2018 8:28:33 AM PST · 25 of 44
    Justa to Puppage

    Dogs are all about pack and hierarchy.

    I usually have labs and now a lab-pit mix. The lab is a pig. The lab-pit mix is a sweetheart. She’s a beta to the older lab and zeta to the family. The lowest of the low. Poor thing -and she’s our favorite. The lab regularly beats the C out of her in the yard. No blood just very rough play.

    For pack I impress on them that they are lower members of the human/family pack. For hierarchy I reinforce that dogs are below people. There are websites which provide dos and don’ts for how to enforce this. The dogs must always know their lives and welfare are subordinate to people.

    My black lab is always competing with my daughter. She respects the pack and hierarchy but that doesn’t stop her from punching my daughter in the stomach during playing with ‘her’ Frisbee. Jumps straight up for the Frisbee then ‘wham’ full left front leg punch to the gut.

    I’ve had labs for decades but she is the first one I’ve seen who uses her front legs as arms. She opens doors, punches, hold things, pushes, pulls and grabs with them. Maybe they’re evolving?

  • Grand Jury Empaneled In Burlington College Case (Bernie & Jane Sanders)

    01/08/2018 7:52:16 AM PST · 11 of 18
    Justa to blam

    Two theories:

    Theory #1:
    Bernie was selected by H because his extreme Leftist views would make H look moderate, thereby attracting independents. So the Dems needed to launder money to Bernie to fund and own him. So his neophyte wife Jane gets pointed to a college trust investment officer position where she makes a trust purchase of a $10 mil. private property. She transfers $10 mil. of public trust money into a non-reporting entity. She takes her kickback and gets large. Then H/DNC, Leftists contribute to the college trust to make it whole again -or not.

    Theory #2:
    The Burlington college directors knew the college was headed for bankruptcy and wanted to raid the trust before the creditors. Jane, an outside patsy, was hired to do the deal because she was not familiar with the plotters. Jane and certain directors got PAID and the college goes belly up, creditors get @%@#@$-ed. Their plan was to cash out as much of the trust before the college went under.

  • [Photo] Convoy of Chinese military trucks seen moving towards North Korea border in late December

    01/08/2018 6:15:56 AM PST · 20 of 29
    Justa to Thibodeaux

    What a fantastic vision you have. Much of what you wrote is very inaccurate.

    You wrote:

    “china dis not enter until threatened by McArthur’s rants about having a war with china to allow the return of Chang Kai Shak.”

    The truth:

    “On 1 October 1950, the day that UN troops crossed the 38th parallel, the Soviet ambassador forwarded a telegram from Stalin to Mao and Zhou requesting that China send five to six divisions into Korea, and Kim Il-sung sent frantic appeals to Mao for Chinese military intervention.”–_December_1950)

    You wrote:
    “China was not allied to North Korea and was protecting Chinese interests. What’s more, after the initial devastating attacks destroying whole American units, the chinese drew back.”

    The truth:

    The Chinese entry into NK was to wage war against the UN Coalition at the direction of Moscow.

    “After consulting with Stalin, on 13 November [1950], Mao appointed Zhou Enlai the overall commander and coordinator of the war effort, with Peng as field commander.”

    China’s intention in Korea was to solve the “Korean question”

    “On 20 August 1950, Premier Zhou Enlai informed the UN that “Korea is China’s neighbor ... The Chinese people cannot but be concerned about a solution of the Korean question”.

    The December 1950 Chinese draw back was not some peace offer. They drew back because they were out of supplies and had suffered 70% casualties. Several PLA divisions were annihilated and removed from the Chinese Order of Battle for two years. Many of the Chinese casualties were due to the cold and lack of supplies. IOW many froze to death and many others were frostbite casualties.

    China launched its Second Offensive in January, 1950 respective to their war planning, not MacArthur continuing the advance to the Yalu. MacArthur’s troop disposition and decisions show clear ignorance of the Chinese commitment and his limited strategic authority to use nuclear weapons.

    I do agree with you on:
    “The defeats were handed to the complete lack of the situational awareness by American officers that never visited the battlefield and gave orders from the Da Ichi hotel in tokyo.”

    IMO they believed they could limit any escalation, even with China and/or Russia by using atomic weapons. They would rely on America’s qualitative and quantitative advantage in nuclear weapons in 1950. A strategically correct but not politically correct assumption.

  • [Photo] Convoy of Chinese military trucks seen moving towards North Korea border in late December

    01/08/2018 4:31:49 AM PST · 12 of 29
    Justa to Lonesome in Massachussets

    Need to qualify the above a bit. I should have written it “may be a replay of the Korean war.

    This is why Mattis has stated that in the event of a US/Coalition military incursion into NK that all forces would return below the DMZ following the action. But this would not prevent triggering the Sino-NK mutual assistance treaty. So the Chinese have pre-positioned troops on the border for a rapid entry into NK to protect the Kim regime in the event of a US led invasion.

  • [Photo] Convoy of Chinese military trucks seen moving towards North Korea border in late December

    01/08/2018 4:23:40 AM PST · 11 of 29
    Justa to Lonesome in Massachussets

    Since the end of WWII NK has been a protectorate of the Soviet Union with China being the military arm starting in the 1950s. I don’t know to what degree the Russians or Chinese have relinquished their control of NK. China however has an active ‘Friendship Treaty’ with NK which specifies each country will come to the aid of the other in event of a military conflict.

    There is no two ways about it. In the event of a US/Coalition attack on NK China will militarily support NK. They will invade the North and it will be a replay of the Korean war.