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  • WATCH: Jesse Watters Confronts Hampshire College Pres. Over Flag Removal

    12/01/2016 9:17:12 AM PST · by JesseWatters · 13 replies
    Fox News Insider ^ | Nov 30 | Staff
    Jesse Watters visited Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass., to ask some of the residents about the college removing the American flag from campus, and attempted to get some answers from the school's president, Jonathan Lash. On his way into his house, Lash refused to speak about his decision, which has led to demonstrations. "Don't you realize the whole country is laughing at you right now? ... Don't you think you owe it to the veterans to explain yourself?" Watters asked.
  • 'Watters' World' Exclusive Video: Al Sharpton Screams About 'Offing Pigs' And 'Crackers'

    03/21/2016 11:18:06 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 10 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | March 20 | Staff
    In a recently released video from 1992, Al Sharpton calls for "offing the pigs" while speaking at a college. Jesse Watters and the "Watters' World" panel discuss who is really responsible for the violent political climate.
  • 'Have You Ever Smoked Weed?' Watters' World Donald Trump Interview Part 2

    02/08/2016 3:02:48 PM PST · by JesseWatters · 52 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Feb 7 | Staff
  • 'How Did You Land Melania?' Watters' World Donald Trump Interview Part 1

    02/08/2016 3:00:56 PM PST · by JesseWatters · 33 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Feb 7 | Staff
  • Watters' World: Americans Can't Name Obama's Accomplishments or Republican Presidential Hopefuls

    04/14/2015 6:15:10 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 16 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | April 13 | Staff
    “The O’Reilly Factor” sent correspondent Jesse Watters on a trip to Baltimore to ask Americans if they could name any of President Obama’s greatest accomplishments or recognize 2016 Republican presidential hopefuls. Most of them couldn’t name either. On Obama’s Accomplishments: “Can I get back to you?” one person responded. “Having an in-shape wife, I guess. That’s about it.”
  • FOX News' Jesse Watters Barred From Muslim Conference?! (VIDEO)

    01/20/2015 6:33:15 AM PST · by JesseWatters · 24 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Jan 19 | Staff
    This week, O'Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters traveled to Garland, Texas, in an attempt to attend the 'Defend the Prophet' conference. A meeting of various Muslim groups, the conference was marked by a cloak of secrecy as the selected press entities allowed in were only permitted to cover it for only a short time. Watters and his team were not allowed in. "They revoked my ticket as I landed in Dallas," Watters later told host Bill O'Reilly. Outside the convention center, Watters spoke with an organizer about his rescinded press credential.
  • Vermont Governor Debate The Kookiest Loons Ever On Stage (VIDEO)

    10/22/2014 8:04:38 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 11 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Oct 22 | Staff
    The debate almost immediately turned animated with wild answers and interactions coming from the colorful group of candidates. From introductions to closing statements, the debate was filled with flamboyant, uninhabited and sometimes downright confusing statements that even brought laughter to the audience. Republican Scott Milne introduced himself as ‘third generation, born in Vermont’ but then quickly corrected himself because he was in fact born in Brooklyn, NY. Another highlight included Independent candidate Cris Ericson suggesting that citizens of Vermont who are on food stamps may want to use their food stamps to purchase lottery tickets in order to purchase the...
  • Fox News' Watters Confronts Dem Reps For "Uncle Tom" And Racial GOP Smears: "I Pay Your Salary!"

    05/13/2014 7:41:20 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 12 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | May 12 | Staff
    This week, O'Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters caught up with two Democratic Congressmen whose inflammatory remarks have drawn attention in recent weeks. One was Watters' own Representative, Steve Israel, from Long Island, New York. Watters made note of his constituency when he confronted Israel in a House office building. "You said that the Republican base was animated by racism--can you explain that?" Watters asked as the Democrat waited for an elevator. "Well, you are picking up on something that was out of context, and happened three weeks ago, so I question why you would even ask that," a visibly irritated...
  • Fox News hits Harlem: 'You may be calling me a [n-word] in your house!' (VIDEO)

    05/01/2014 6:10:43 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 19 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | April 30 | Staff
    Earlier this week, news broke regarding racially charged remarks made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The Beverly Hills billionaire was subsequently punished by the new NBA commissioner, Adam Silver. O'Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters traveled to Harlem, N.Y. to discuss the case, as well as the state of racism in America. "It's a reflection of the general sense of what the country's been built on," one woman said of Sterling's remarks.
  • Watters' World vs. Earth Day: 'I Don’t Really Know What It Is…I Just Believe In Global Warming'

    04/29/2014 7:32:06 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 33 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | April 28 | Staff
    Forty-four years after its first commemoration on the Belmont Plateau in West Philadelphia and in Central Park, New York City, a large group of activists and interested citizens alike came together in Lower Manhattan to celebrate Earth Day. "What is global warming?" Watters asked one man. "I don't really know what it is," he said, "I just believe in global warming." When asked at what rate the Earth's average temperature had increased over the last fifteen years, respondents' answers were widespread: "35 degrees", "3.75 degrees," "100-and-something degrees…" Many were shocked learn from Watters that the earth had warmed only 0.11...
  • Watters' World Crashes Miley Cyrus Concert: "Who's the Vice President?"

    04/08/2014 7:44:37 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 52 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | April 8 | Staff
    This week, O'Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters traveled across the Hudson to East Rutherford, N.J., to attend its recent Miley Cyrus concert. Before heading into the arena to watch the performance, he quizzed some of the other young concertgoers outside on four major public figures. The first image was that of Vice President Joe Biden, a Democrat. "I don’t even know who that is," one man said. "This is the Vice President of the United States of America..." Watters hinted. "Dick Cheney?" the man responded.
  • "I trade my food stamps for cash to buy beer, vodka and cigarettes"

    12/10/2013 6:16:57 AM PST · by JesseWatters · 18 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Dec 9 | Staff
    There are innumerable beach towns in the United States. Many are home to iconic sites that make them notable: the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Jersey Shore Boardwalk, Coney Island 'Cyclone' and Santa Monica Pier just to name a few. But way down at the southern tip of the continental United States, at the famous "Mile 0" of Route 1 lies the very notable beach town of Key West, Florida. The inspiration for many symbols of American culture such as Jimmy Buffett's hit Margaritaville, Key West is home to artists, tourists, beach bums and numerous others. This week, O'Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse...
  • Watters' World ObamaCare Edition: Liberal Blames Website Crash On CIA!

    11/12/2013 6:28:16 AM PST · by JesseWatters · 7 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Nov 11 | Staff
    Jesse Watters hits Central Park in New York City to find out how much Americans really know about ObamaCare
  • Fox News' Watters' World Probes Brown University’s Nudity Week

    10/10/2013 5:17:42 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 18 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Oct 9 | Staff
    O’Reilly Factor producer Jesse Watters visited Brown University to cover nudity week. In the Watters’ World segment above, he asks students about what they believe going nude accomplishes. From creating a more positive self-image to gender expression, students seemed in favor of the event. One student said, “If the whole thing was violence in the media, people are okay with that. But if you show one nipple, everyone goes crazy.” After a few phone calls to parents and an attempt to seek out some of the events, Watters was eventually kicked off campus by an administrator.
  • Watters' World Heads To The United Nations

    10/01/2013 7:36:10 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 15 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Sept 30 | Staff
    FOX's Jesse Watters visited the UN to find out exactly what goes on there. The UN has a reputation for not doing all that much. Is it true?
  • Jesse Watters Confronts Radical Professor Who Organized Ugly Anti-Petraeus Protests (VIDEO)

    09/24/2013 10:04:20 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 6 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Sept 23 | Staff
    Former CIA chief and four star General David Petraeus is teaching at City College of New York for a semester. On the way to class he was verbally assaulted by a mob of students and his presence on campus has led to controversial reaction among some staff and students. FOX’s Jesse Watters confronted S. Sandor John, a professor of Latin American studies, about encouraging the student body to pester General Petraeus. John said “Students and faculty […] are not okay with a death squad organizer and somebody who organized drone attacks.” Jesse also spoke with CUNY students who supported Petraeus'...
  • Jesse Watters Confronts MT Judge For Giving Teacher 30 Days For Child Rape...It Gets Physical

    09/18/2013 9:37:56 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 35 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Sept 17 | Staff
    O'Reilly Factor producer Jesse Watters visited Big Sky Country this week to confront Montana District Judge G. Todd Baugh. Judge Baugh, the son of late Washington Redskins Quarterback "Slingin" Sammy Baugh, has drawn criticism over his ruling to give a convicted child rapist, Stacey Dean Rambold, a 30-day sentence. Rambold, a former Senior High School teacher, would reportedly be released sometime in October under Judge Baugh's sentence. Watters caught up to Judge Baugh at his Montana home. While questioning Judge Baugh in a doorway inside the magistrate's garage, Watters was forcefully pushed off of the raised threshold by Baugh.
  • The Dumbest Things Ever Said On O'Reilly Factor's Watters' World, Part 2 (VIDEO)

    09/06/2013 10:01:47 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 9 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Sept 5 | Staff
    In the second installment of "Dumbest Things Ever Said On Watters' World", O'Reilly Factor producer Jesse Watters can be seen criss-crossing the nation, engaging with people on the topic of current affairs. Watch the segment below to see Watters become quite popular around a number of St. Paddy's Day revelers in the Big Apple, engage with a Long Island beachgoer who seems to have lost track of the number of American presidents, and speak with one man who seemingly wants to be enshrined in the American Museum of Natural History post-mortem.
  • The Dumbest Things Ever Said On Fox News' Watters World (VIDEO)

    08/27/2013 10:25:45 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 15 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Aug 26 | Staff
    'O'Reilly Factor' producer Jesse Watters has spent much of the last two years crisscrossing America to find out what Americans think of the important issues of the day. Sometimes, he has been known to test interviewees' knowledge of contemporary politics as well as basic American history. Watch the video below to find out why one beachgoer believed Abraham Lincoln was a 'leader 'well before his time', and to hear what nudists in America think of our humble correspondent:
  • Fox News crashes magic mushroom festival

    08/23/2013 9:13:22 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 20 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Aug 23 | Staff
    'O'Reilly Factor' producer Jesse Watters recently visited a mushroom festival in Telluride, Colo. One of the festival's attendees told him that the fungi are allegedly considered a 'fifth taste' in some cultures. Another proffered the idea that one is able to "see sounds" after ingesting some of the mushrooms. Jesse also ran into a fellow FOX contributor at the festival. See what else happened over the weekend in the small community southwest of the Mile High City:
  • Fox News' Jesse Watters Denounces Oprah's 'Atrocious' Trayvon Martin Comments (VIDEO)

    08/06/2013 7:56:45 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 39 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Aug 6 | Staff
    Monday afternoon towards the end of The Five, fill-in host and frequent O’Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters shared his opinions about Oprah Winfrey’s first public comments about the Trayvon Martin case. Watters called Winfrey’s analogy to Emmett Till “atrocious” and said it was a “missed opportunity” for the influential media mogul to move the country forward on the issue of race. After explaining to Fox viewers who exactly Emmett Till was, Watters expressed his dismay at what he saw as an unfair comparison.
  • Fox News' Jesse Watters Ambushes Charlie Rangel Over His Zimmerman Comments And Black Crime Rates

    07/25/2013 5:26:03 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 39 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | July 24 | Staff
    Representative Charles Rangel recently made some inflammatory remarks regarding the Zimmerman trial. After dodging the Factor, Fox New's Jesse Watters tracks him down!
  • SHOCKING VIDEO: Christian Street Preachers Assaulted at Gay Pride Festival

    07/05/2013 7:19:42 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 52 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | July 5 | Staff
    Two men were arrested Sunday for attacking Christian street preachers at a gay pride festival in Seattle. A video shows the two Christian preachers actively avoiding a man who had approached them in a menacing manner. After members of the NOH8 crowd ripped the protesters’ signs down, at least one of the two Christian preachers was punched repeatedly before police arrived and made two arrests.
  • Marine Destroys Senator at Town Hall (HOT VIDEO)

    05/06/2013 7:22:56 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 27 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | May 6 | Staff
    Marine Veteran Shaun Adkins had some tough questions for West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) regarding the future of the country. Adkins expressed his concern with outrageous spending in Washington, the Obama administration's policy on coal, unsecured borders and the climate change "hoax" in the four minute video posted to YouTube.
  • Left-Wing Violence Rocks Seattle... Police Attacked... Businesses Destroyed (WILD VIDEO!)

    05/02/2013 6:16:48 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 36 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | May 2 | Staff
  • Media Cheers ObamaCare at White House Correspondents Dinner (VIDEO)

    04/29/2013 9:21:41 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 26 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | April 29 | Staff
    During his opening remarks, White House Correspondents' Association President and Fox News' Ed Henry brought up President Obama's signature healthcare law to... wild applause from an audience comprised of prominent media figures.
  • Benghazi Bombshell Drops On Obama, Hillary

    04/23/2013 1:41:39 PM PDT · by JesseWatters · 43 replies
    Fox Nation (via The Hill) ^ | April 23 | Staff
    Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Tuesday unveiled a report on last's year attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that blames then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for lapses in security. The 46-page report by the five committees of jurisdiction concludes that reductions in security levels prior to the attack that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were approved at the highest levels of the State Department, including by Clinton herself.
  • Heated Exchange Between Fox News' Ed Henry and Jay Carney (VIDEO)

    04/02/2013 11:27:03 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 12 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | April 2 | Staff
    A testy exchange broke out today between Fox News' Ed Henry and White House press secretary Jay Carney over border patrol furloughs. Henry challenged Carney on Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s claims that America was going to be less safe due to the sequester furloughing border patrol agents. The border agency announced yesterday that it would be postponing the furloughs.
  • HOT VIDEO! O'Reilly Unleashes The Beast On Dishonest Editor

    03/14/2013 9:27:44 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 11 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | March 13 | Staff
    Last month, Bill exposed Colorado Speaker of the House Mark Ferrandino (D) as the man responsible for killing Jessica’s Law in that state. On February 22nd he interviewed Mark Lunsford, father of Jessica Lunsford, and Republican Rep. Libby Szabo, the sponsor of Jessica’s Law in the House. Bill explained that Ferrandino’s priorities, instead of protecting the children of Colorado from sexual predators, were pot legalization and civil unions, reporting that Ferrandino is Colorado’s “first openly gay House Speaker.” But Curtis Hubbard, editorial page editor of the Denver Post, called Bill a bigot...
  • Explosive Exchange at Gun Hearing Between Ted Cruz and Dianne Feinstein (WATCH)

    03/14/2013 9:19:58 AM PDT · by JesseWatters
    Fox Nation (via Weekly Standard) ^ | March 14 | DANIEL HALPER
    "The question that I would pose to the senior senator from California is," said Cruz to Feinstein, "Would she deem it consistent with the Bill of Rights for Congress to engage in the same endeavor that we are contemplating doing with the Second Amendment in the context of the First or Fourth Amendment, namely, would she consider it constitutional for Congress to specify that the First Amendment shall apply only to the following books and shall not apply to the books that Congress has deemed outside the protection of the Bill of Rights?

    02/06/2013 8:31:21 AM PST · by JesseWatters · 59 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Feb 6 | Staff
    Comedian Chris Rock showed up on Capitol Hill today to support President Barack Obama’s new gun control laws. Here is what he said: ROCK: I am just here to support the President of the United States. The President is our boss, but he is also... you know, the President and the First Lady are kinda like the Mom and the Dad of the country...
  • Al Gore Slams Fox News

    02/01/2013 11:10:59 AM PST · by JesseWatters · 34 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Feb 1 | Staff
    Former Vice President Al Gore spoke with Charlie Rose on January 29th on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. After praising the integrity, independence and journalistic standards of foreign oil-backed anti-American Al Jazeera, the former Vice President took a swipe at Fox News Channel.

    01/16/2013 9:16:55 AM PST · by JesseWatters · 147 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Jan 16 | Staff
    The following is a list, provided by the White House, of executive actions President Obama plans to take to address gun violence. 1. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system. 2. Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background check system.
  • Obama Classmate Dishes to Fox News (VIDEO)

    01/04/2013 8:57:09 AM PST · by JesseWatters · 80 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | Jan 4 | Staff
    O’Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters spoke to the President’s former classmate, Bernice Bowers, who attended the Punahou School in Honolulu with Barack Obama. She shared her memories of “Barry” as a student, her feelings about his friends and family, elaborated on the school’s unique curriculum and weighed in on the infamous birth certificate controversy.

    11/19/2012 1:04:01 PM PST · by JesseWatters · 38 replies ^ | Nov 19 | Staff
    A spirited exchange between an Associated Press reporter and spokesperson Victoria Nuland marked the U.S. State Department's daily briefing Monday on the continued violence between Israel and Hamas.
  • Fox News Crashes Bill Maher Show (VIDEO)

    11/14/2012 6:51:33 AM PST · by JesseWatters · 13 replies ^ | Nov 14 | Staff
    O'REILLY: "Watters' World" segment tonight. As we told you in the "Talking Points Memo," some far-left elements in America now running wild after the re-election of President Obama. So, we sent FACTOR Producer, Jesse Watters, to check out the situation at a Bill Maher show in New York City.(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE)
  • Harry Reid Nuking Filibuster Rules (VIDEO)

    11/07/2012 11:47:18 AM PST · by JesseWatters · 16 replies ^ | Nov 7 | Staff
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said today that he plans to "change" the filibuster rules because they have been "abused" in the Senate.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Allred Met with Obama Before 'October Surprise' (VIDEO)

    10/24/2012 11:29:28 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 19 replies ^ | Oct 24 | Staff
    DNC delegate and partisan Democrat lawyer Gloria Allred attended the “30 Days to Victory” Obama fundraiser at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on October 7th…featuring George Clooney and musical acts Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, Bon Jovi and Earth, Wind & Fire. After the fundraiser, Allred admitted to O’Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters that she “just had a few words with the President” backstage, “he had some very kind words for me,” and “knows of my work…”
  • Ann Coulter Causes Mass Hysteria on 'The View,' Whoopi Bleeped...

    09/27/2012 10:29:08 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 93 replies ^ | Sept 27 | Staff
    The conservative commentator make the case in her new book, "Mugged" that liberals use race mongering for political advantage. Host Whoopi Goldberg confronted Coulter on the topic of race asking, "how much do you know about being black?" and accused her of not knowing what she was talking about. Coulter defended her book, claiming her book was about white liberals.
  • Ryan Compares Obama to an NFL Replacement Ref (VIDEO)

    09/25/2012 9:24:09 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 16 replies ^ | Sept 25 | Staff
    Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan said Tuesday in Ohio that NFL referees reminded him of President Obama on the economy, "if you can't get it right, get out." NFL replacement referees are under fire for a controversial call made at the end of the Packers-Seahawks game, yesterday. Ryan also joked that the NFL refs worked part-time in Obama administration's budget office, "they see the national debt clock starring them in the face, they see a debt crisis and they just ignore and pretend it didn’t even happen. They are trying to pick the winners and losers and they don’t...

    06/13/2012 12:55:41 PM PDT · by JesseWatters · 73 replies ^ | June 13 | Staff
    OPEC member Saudi Arabia has been pumping hefty amounts of oil to lower prices and do what it can to ensure that President Barack Obama is re-elected this November, says billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump on CNBC June 12.

    06/05/2012 12:05:24 PM PDT · by JesseWatters · 28 replies ^ | June 5 | Staff
    On WMAL’s The Chris Plante Show today a Michigan resident by the name of "Mike" called in to discuss how he had infiltrated a Michigan Union's organized bus convoy, en-route to vote in the Wisconsin recall election for Democrats. The caller claimed that Michigan’s “Democrat Unions” had organized a convoy of 4 buses, filled with Michigan Democrats, with the intention of voting for Tom Barrett in the Wisconsin recall election. Caller “Mike” describes “Greyhound size buses, filled to capacity” with a good amount of “freebies” available, “They treated me to lunch!”
  • Buy 'Thingamajigs,' Obama Tells Americans (VIDEO)

    06/01/2012 11:36:14 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 32 replies ^ | June 1 | Staff
    Fresh off a disastrous jobs numbers report, 8.2 unemployment and only 69,000 jobs added, the President traveled to Minnesota where he explained to voters how an extra “$3,000 a year” could be used to help Americans buy more "thingamajigs"...

    05/21/2012 8:40:18 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 11 replies ^ | May 21 | Staff
    The University of Notre Dame filed a lawsuit Monday (May 21) challenging the constitutionality of a federal regulation that requires religious organizations to provide, pay for, and/or facilitate insurance coverage for services that violate the teachings of the Catholic Church. Filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, the lawsuit names as defendants Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, and their respective departments. The federal mandate requires Notre Dame and similar religious organizations to provide in their insurance plans abortion-inducing drugs, contraceptives and sterilization procedures, which are...
  • Barney Frank Loses It on Sunday Show (WATCH)

    05/14/2012 7:42:05 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 51 replies ^ | May 13 | Staff
    On this weekend’s broadcast of ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” outgoing Democratic Rep. Barney Frank locked horns with Tennessee Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who wanted to focus on economic issues instead of gay marriage. Frank, an openly gay member of Congress, claimed that Blackburn was relying too heavily on talking points. Blackburn objected to Frank’s assertion, but then Frank lashed out at Blackburn and host George Stephanopoulos.
  • VIRGINIA RACE MOB ATTACK: Fox's Watters Enters Projects, Confronts Editor

    05/08/2012 8:44:08 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 25 replies ^ | May 7 | Staff
    Last week THE FACTOR reported on a bias assault in Norfolk that left two newspaper reporters injured. Shortly after 11:00 p.m. on April 14th, 26 year-old Marjon Rostami and 31-year-old David Forster were coming home from the theater when someone threw a rock at their vehicle. Mr. Forster got out to affront the assailant and was set upon by approximately five African-American young men who beat him. The thugs then attacked Ms. Rostami as a crowd of about 30 surrounded the vehicle and witnessed the assault. Hysterical, Miss Rostami called 911 and the police arrived. The initial police report described...

    05/08/2012 6:35:08 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 24 replies ^ | May 7 | Staff
    On the same day the Obama campaign revealed the first in a series of political ads devoid of political attacks, Senior Campaign Advisor David Axelrod derided several Romney backers as "contract killers." In a conference call with reporters Monday, Axelrod said the positive spin on the new ads, focusing on Obama's accomplishments rather than reverting to political attacks, doesn't preclude the campaign from reacting when it sees fit. "We're also going to be prepared, and I want to be clear, to respond to the attacks that we expect to continue from-- not just from the Romney campaign but from the...
  • Obama Goes on Socialist Rant In Front of US Troops(WATCH)

    04/27/2012 11:23:31 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 34 replies ^ | April 27 | Staff
    President Obama and the First Lady spoke to soldiers at Fort Stewart on the Georgia coast today in order to discuss an executive order the President would be signing that would crackdown on scams used to bilk veterans out of their federal education benefits. Towards the end of the President's speech, the tune shifted towards a hyper partisan tirade hailing big government spending. The speech invoked much of same rhetoric the President had employed during his recent “official” campaign-like stump speeches.
  • Fox's Jesse Watters Catches Van Jones, Gets Booted From Green Festival (VIDEO)

    04/26/2012 4:54:12 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 7 replies ^ | April 26 | Staff
    Factor Producer Jesse Watters attended the Green Festival in New York City, confronted Van Jones and was later escorted out of the building.
  • Accountant: Obamas Botched their Taxes

    04/24/2012 9:06:53 AM PDT · by JesseWatters · 16 replies
    WSJ Fox Nation ^ | April 24 | Laura Saunders
    When President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden released their 2011 tax returns just before Tax Day, most comments focused on their income and tax rates. There’s more to say, according to CPA Steven Bankler in San Antonio, who is certified as a forensic accountant and worked for the Senate Whitewater committee. Every year Bankler shares an analysis of our leaders’ tax returns with the journal Tax Notes. Here are some of his observations for this year. The Obamas should pay down their mortgage. They apparently have a 30-year mortgage on their Chicago house with a fixed rate of 5.625%...