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  • Your Incorruptible Inheritance

    07/25/2017 7:16:38 AM PDT · 3 of 7
    JAKraig to metmom
    The older I get the more I realize that I am just of steward of God's possessions that He allows me to use while I'm here. When I'm gone someone else will use them for a little while and on and on.

    Don't get attached to your worldly possessions, someone else will have them soon enough.

  • The Psychology of Bunker Survival

    07/24/2017 1:02:46 PM PDT · 67 of 67
    JAKraig to Arthur Wildfire! March

    A tin can maybe, but necessarily.

    A metal container with metal on all sides is best, grounded is even better.

  • The Psychology of Bunker Survival

    07/22/2017 7:20:50 AM PDT · 65 of 67
    JAKraig to Arthur Wildfire! March

    I’m no electrician [any more than a nuclear physicist] but as I understand it nukes would cause power surges from hell that would blow up the entire system. Power relays and power plants would explode. Even the larger wires.


    Actually, not so much.

    What happens to the grid is that there are over voltage situations where the voltage destroys much of the equipment attached to the grid. What happens is that the overvoltage destroys electronics. Most of the grid equipment has recently been updated with devices that harmlessly drain away high voltage spikes on the long lines.
    the long lines allow the current from a nuclear blast to be induced into the wires and then the wires carry the induced current to any way the current can get to ground, usually through our electronic equipment.

    Many manufacturers of electronics now include drains to harmlessly drain away these high current/voltages.

    If a blast is right on top of you your local equipment might be affected, not unlike an electrical, or lightening strike near you.

    People worry more about EMP’s than necessary. The main scare in an EMP is that the large transformers will be destroyed. Electric companies are taking pains to keep that from happening by installing protective equipment, it takes time though to do the whole grid.

  • The Psychology of Bunker Survival

    07/20/2017 6:29:55 AM PDT · 59 of 67
    JAKraig to DCBryan1

    What you need to worry about is anything that leads to a loss of electricity.
    You mean like every ice storm? Every tornado that hits nearby? Like every deer camp trip? Like every duck camp week? Like turkey hunting weekend? Like when we go prairie dog hunting? Like when we go camping?

    A country boy can survive.


    Perhaps a country boy can survive but the not the way you are accustomed.

    We aren’t talking about an ice storm or tornado that passes over and things eventually return to normal. We could be talking about the rest of your life without electricity.

    No gas? No commercial goods. Once your supplies are gone and you find that everybody had the same idea to go hunting for food and wildlife is scarcer than hens teeth, you will start looking at tree bark soup.

    If you have a country boy existence with raising your own crops to feed your animals you better have some family and friends to protect it.

    Until Society and law and order is restored your lifestyle will be very difficult. Even a country boy will be severely challenged.

    Life however you plan will not be normal. If you store a lot, and I mean a lot, of food and water where it is not obvious you have it and it is easy to protect you might have a chance.

    Radiation sickness is not fun and usually means death. If you can get under a concrete slab somewhere in your basement until there is a heavy rain to clear off the most of the radiation from your roof you will need to stay put in that space. After the rain you still won’t want to walk around outside. The wildlife you want to eat will all be dead of radiation sickness if your area was affected by fallout. In the event of no fallout your neighbors will be coming by to see if you can feed them after all the squirrels and rabbits are gone. After a while they won’t take no for an answer and will organize against you.

    You will need 24 hour watches, armed guards who you can trust while you sleep.

    It could really be nasty and all the making of fun about it aside, it will be ugly.

  • The Psychology of Bunker Survival

    07/19/2017 3:00:36 PM PDT · 44 of 67
    JAKraig to DCBryan1

    Actually, I’m a helluva lot more worried about our soaring crime rate, violence against republicans/Christians/whites, and the next Ice Storm or tornado than I am of a limited or general nuclear war.


    What you need to worry about is anything that leads to a loss of electricity.

    No electricity, no gasoline. No gas no food. No refrigeration, spoiled food.


    If it happens from government breakdown, war or crime loss of electricity will mean society failure and mass death in a few days.

    After a few days those that survive will be looking to cannibalize anything they can to survive, the survival of the fittest. Political correctness will fly away. Be strong or die.

  • The Psychology of Bunker Survival

    07/19/2017 9:27:00 AM PDT · 27 of 67
    JAKraig to TalonDJ

    Did you have any idea how long a hand full of car batteries will run some LED lights? A long freaking time.


    I don’t know about you, but, I want a lot more than a couple LED lights to keep me going.

    If you really want to prepare then live the way you want to live when the SHTF now. Get some solar electric, get a deep well and store lots of food, ammo and booze. You don’t necessarily ever have to fire a shot if it looks like you can and ammo makes great money, same for booze. Money unless it is precious metal may be worthless.

    If you don’t have a house with a good basement, that is a poured concrete foundation with the windows so deep that they have to have window wells to have light, then move.

    If you live close to a major city it is time to move. Living close to a city has advantages but they are far out weighted by the disadvantages. You don’t want to be close to a lot of other people, it gets hard to protect against thousands of people who want what you have. With a few guns you might dissuade a couple hundred but thousands, you won’t make it.

    Food and water are must have, electricity is a nice thing to have. Fuel, forget it. Yes you can store a little fuel but using it is problematic. Once anyone knows you have fuel you will have a hard time keeping it or anything else you have.

    The danger from a nuclear blast it two fold, first the initial explosion causes great damage and radiation exposure for up to a few miles away. The bigger problem is long term exposure to nuclear fallout. A brick house offers much better protection than a wooden structure but the the asphalt roof is not wonderful for either one. If you have the ability to wash off your house on a clear day, (reason for well and electricity) then you have a good chance of survival. After a couple weeks you aren’t likely to be re-exposed to new fallout but what is on the ground may not go anywhere for a long time, pray for rain. The rain is great for water but only if you have a deep well.

    There is so much to know, perhaps it is just easier to hope the government will come save you, but it won’t.

  • Woman who called 911 to report disturbance shot dead by cops

    07/17/2017 9:09:22 AM PDT · 97 of 125
    JAKraig to Alas Babylon!

    Not a bad shoot (single). She was shot multiple times.

    Quote from article in post 82:

    “A source with direct knowledge of the shooting said Monday that the woman was shot multiple times. The source said that Noor was sitting in the passenger seat at the time of the shooting.”


    Yeah, I saw that someone said the cop shot multiple times but I find it hard to believe that because what idiot would shoot through the partners door across his chest multiple times?

    We’ll see the truth in about 6 to 9 months.

  • Woman who called 911 to report disturbance shot dead by cops

    07/17/2017 8:56:03 AM PDT · 92 of 125
    JAKraig to Gay State Conservative

    Bad shoot.

    I shouldn’t get involved in this, there are just too many unanswered questions. Unanswered questions aside there are certain things we can figure out from the circumstances.

    You never shoot across the car in front of your partner.

    This had to be an accidental shooting, you just wouldn’t do what was done. While I say accidental shooting I have to blame the police department that purchased the hair trigger weapons. I see no excuse for them. Yeah I know you aren’t supposed to put your finger on the trigger until ready to shoot but it is just too easy to accidentally shoot.

    My son, a cop with a hair trigger. He will tell me it is safe, we put the safety on so mistakes can’t be made but we see these mistakes over and over again. I would if I were king of the country make all Police departments switch to double action only weapons where this kind of accident just can’t happen. Double action with heavy trigger pull can be just as accurate as these silly hair trigger guns, you just have to train for them.

    I do realize that with the safety on and your finger outside the trigger guard it “should” be safe but these mistakes keep happening.

    This is sickening.

  • Opioid, Schmopioid

    07/14/2017 1:13:03 PM PDT · 156 of 183
    JAKraig to Veto!

    Sad. Do you consider alcoholism an addiction? I do. It has decimated my family, taking down brilliant, successful people, and I can’t understand it as I have zero desire to drink or do drugs or take prescription meds.

    Families of alcoholics/addicts take a big hit with sorrow, fear, fury...So hard to just live your life and ignore your loved ones who are essentially trying to kill themselves.


    Sad indeed!

    Yes of course I consider alcoholism an addiction. My mother died from the liver damage her alcoholism caused. When she asked if she could get a liver transplant the doctor actually laughed at her, in my presence. It was a difficult thing to watch her go through, it took me a long time to forgive her actions.

    Addiction is beyond logic. I was a smoker and didn’t believe I was addicted, a friend of mine bet me air fare home when we both lived far from our homes that I couldn’t quit for two weeks. After a few days I bought him his ticket.

    I don’t smoke now but have a greater understanding I think of people who have addictions. My little sister died of lung cancer because she couldn’t manage to stop smoking.

    Addictions are a disease. It requires some stupidity to get the disease but once you get it, it is terrifyingly difficult to get rid of it.

  • Opioid, Schmopioid

    07/14/2017 6:08:29 AM PDT · 23 of 183
    JAKraig to mewzilla

    Clearly also written by someone without any knowledge of addictions.

    I disagree.


    I think I agree.

    First, addictions are at “epidemic” proportions.

    It is USUALLY pretty stupid to get hooked on any addictive pain killer. Very often the person is addicted from using prescription drugs. the drugs don’t do a very good job and the person is in severe pain so they take two pills instead of one. It helps. It doesn’t take long however for the pain killing to take more and more pills until the doctor says enough then the person goes doctor shopping, and eventually they steal the prescriptions medicines because they are hopelessly addicted.

    One of my children, a cop, had back surgery and was prescribed Vicodin as a pain killer after surgery. His pain never got better and his life was ruined from his desire for more. While he has gotten over the addiction, that is he is no longer using, he has not gotten his life back together fully yet.

    I understand the desire to punish drug users, when my son was stealing medications from me and my wife we were pretty upset about it. The problem is that it can start pretty innocently and grow to an uncontrollable addiction.

    I realize that the answer is to cut off the drugs and the desire subsides somewhat over time until it is manageable. To cut off help however is not a good answer. Yes these people brought it upon themselves BUT they didn’t know it was happening when it happened. They know better. Once they get hooked their power of reason for good and bad diminishes greatly. the most important desire is to get what we used to call a fix. This “fix” is more important than food, shelter or sex, it runs their lives. It is the first thought when they wake up and the last thought on falling asleep. I for one don’t believe that abandoning people when they need it most is a Christian thing to do. Ok Government is not Christian but we are still at least for now a Christian society and I feel we need to help those that cannot help themselves. Addicts are beyond helping themselves.

  • Trump’s Stunner in Poland: An America and Europe First Speech for the Ages

    07/11/2017 8:21:39 AM PDT · 8 of 9
    JAKraig to marshmallow

    I am a Louisvillian. I am a Republican. I sent money to Ted Cruz. I am a conservative. I love President Trump.

    I do not think of Trump as a conservative but whatever he is much of his ideology fits conservatism. I wish he believed everything the way I do I don’t expect to ever see a politician that does, that we overlap as much as we do is wonderful. Trump is MORE than I hoped he would be.

    Some time after Trump announced I noticed that he was drawing huge crowds for his rally’s. I decided to tune into one and then another and another. I truly liked what he was saying. The newscasters were all saying that Trump was lying and he didn’t really believe all that he was saying, it sounded like he believed it. I started sending my money to Trump.

    What Trump has done to the Main Stream Media is magical. There is probably only one organization I dislike more than the Democratic party, that is the press, at least the MSM. The MSM is simply an arm of the Democratic party so I guess I really shouldn’t separate the two.

    Trump has done more to undo what Obama took 8 years to do than any of us could have hoped for. Trump sent a true conservative to the Supreme court and is likely to send at least one more.

    Trump is the first person in government who has been willing to admit that Global Warming is nonsense, or worse a scam. It was amazing to see him despite all the pressure not to to pull out of the Paris accords, what a guy.

    I loved President Reagan for many of the same virtues but I have never in my long life seen the press attack one person like they have done to Trump. I have never seen the Deep State attack someone like they have to Trump. What Nixon got was child’s play compared to what is happening to Mr. Trump. President Trump is his own man. Nobody tells him what to do. Nobody intimidates President Trump.

    I can hardly wait to see the next three and a half years.

  • ‘Killed’ in Vietnam and Buried With Comrades, One Marine Returned From the Dead

    07/10/2017 1:04:12 PM PDT · 10 of 26
    JAKraig to Gay State Conservative

    I fear that too many people have no clue the risk one takes when they sign up to serve their country. It is one thing to give one’s life, that is truly a great sacrifice but to have to suffer like this poor kid is unimaginable. He should be honored with all other veterans on a regular basis.

    There is no excuse for the way we treat our war heroes at the VA hospitals or watching them be homeless and jobless after what they have given for us.

  • YOU’RE FIRED! Trump’s VA Terminates 500, Suspends 200 For Misconduct

    07/10/2017 6:35:16 AM PDT · 25 of 44
    JAKraig to jalisco555

    My experience at the VA has been a mixed bag. Many of the people there are kind, gracious and seem to truly be grateful for veterans service. That said, they don’t have the manpower to do what they are assigned to do.

    When you need to see a doctor at the VA you call and set up an appointment, usually a month or so away. You go the doctor looks at you and orders x-rays or other tests and tells you he will see you after the tests. So, in a month you get your x-rays or other tests and sit back and wait for the doctor to call you or a clerk to tell you you have an appointment to see said doctor. Mind you, everytime you see the doctor you are charged a co-pay, it is more than reasonable at $50.00 but it does add up. So you go in and see the Dr. and he says you know you really need to see this specialist who is a PA at the same place. That person is nearby but it takes a month to get an appointment. You go to that specialist and they tell you sorry I can’t do anything for you, you will need to see another specialist. This time the VA does not have the specialist so they send you outside via the “Choice” program. This happened to me and the outside DR. sent me to another doctor which had to be approved by a council of “nurses” at VA. The nurses turned it down and said they didn’t know if the Outside Doctor (Neurologist) made a good diagnosis and recommendation and they sent me back to a physical therapist where it takes several weeks to get an appointment.
    I can’t imagine why they would spend the money on a doctor and then poo poo his prescription. That is the way it is at VA. You can get some good medical attention but it is like the service, hurry up and wait.

    I understand the frustration of so many veterans. When I went into the service one of the selling points of risking my life for my country was that there would be a lifetime free medical service. That was changed after I got out, it isn’t free if you aren’t poor but it is less than the premium for medical insurance and I was not willing to participate in Obama care. I dropped my previous insurance and started at the VA. My wife didn’t drop hers and it doubled in cost and her co-pays are now through the roof.

    VA health care could be wonderful but is useless if you can’t really get the care.

  • Plus-Size Model Confronts Fat-Shamer on Plane

    07/07/2017 7:13:41 AM PDT · 51 of 105
    JAKraig to dfwgator

    There is a seldom an excuse for being rude, however you don’t have to be rude to demand that you get all the space you pay for on an airplane. When I sit next to someone who encroaches into my space I don’t like it. I sometimes get up, find a stewardess or steward and ask to be moved to a seat that allows me to have all my space. They have done this for me and have also moved the fat person next to me.

    Now, I have a problem with people who equate being fat with being yellow, black or white, something they have no control over. You make yourself fat. Queers say they were made that way, they weren’t and I don’t care if they are queer as long as they don’t show it off in public, they aren’t made that way any more than fat people are. Perhaps some people have a propensity to be queer and perhaps some people have a propensity to be fat, I sure do, but you don’t do things just because you want to or have a propensity to do them. We take responsibility for our actions and become what we want to become unless we are just too lazy to fight the natural man.

    I’m sure a man or woman who sexually abuses children has a propensity to do that, an urge if you will. Perhaps we all have those urges in some form but we don’t act on them. Nearly everybody likes to eat and would eat too much except we know what it would do to us so we stop.

    I do not feel sorry for this fat woman. She puts every ounce of fat on her body herself. Nobody forces her to eat more than she needs. She knows when she puts those calories in that she will be bothering someone else when she gets to a confined space but is too lazy to do anything about it. I say lazy but actually a better word is irresponsible.

    As far as I’m concerned fat people should have to sit next to another fat person on a plane so they realize what they are doing to others.

  • Slave quarters of Sally Hemings, the maid who gave birth to six of Thomas Jefferson’s children found

    07/03/2017 9:43:11 PM PDT · 189 of 376
    JAKraig to Bodleian_Girl

    Sally was with Jefferson in Paris.


    There may be some source somewhere that claims that but Jefferson says he only took his daughter to Paris with him.

  • Slave quarters of Sally Hemings, the maid who gave birth to six of Thomas Jefferson’s children found

    07/03/2017 8:01:32 PM PDT · 111 of 376
    JAKraig to RegulatorCountry
    I believe this theory has been discredited in favor of one of his nephews. Family legends often have a factual basis but they get confabulated with the retelling over the centuries.


    It was actually his brother that managed the place for him while he was in Washington and Europe.

  • ‘Trump Is What Happens When a Political Party Abandons Ideas’

    06/29/2017 8:32:48 AM PDT · 38 of 69
    JAKraig to lowbridge

    What an effin idiot.

    Voted for Hillary. I wish he would have said that early on so I could have stopped reading earlier.

  • Colorado jury acquits Army Green Beret who killed intruder

    06/27/2017 11:02:26 AM PDT · 23 of 31
    JAKraig to Rinnwald
    Adolph battled many demons in his life . . . . .

    I would say the first demon was his name. How could anyone in their right mind name their child Adolph.

    I feel sorry for Adolph and his family but Adolph brought this upon himself. The out building was on the same property as the house, to me it is covered by castle doctrine.

  • Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch Blast SCOTUS for Refusing to Hear Major Second Amendment Case

    06/26/2017 1:11:32 PM PDT · 62 of 75
    JAKraig to skimbell

    Sounds like Gorsuch is a keeper thought.
    Next up Ginsburg and Kennedy. Next year Souter and the following year Thomas.


    I hope Thomas stays till he turns 100!

  • Trump Follows Reagan’s Lead

    06/26/2017 5:20:14 AM PDT · 2 of 7
    JAKraig to Kaslin
    I'm liking this president more and more each day.

    I'm hoping that Kennedy will announce retirement today and Mr. Trump will appoint another Supreme Court Justice in the mold of Clarence Thomas and help MAGA.