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  • Is rooftop solar worth it?

    09/28/2016 5:51:25 AM PDT · 98 of 99
    JAKraig to RckyRaCoCo

    One of the problems with solar and camping is that in camping weather you usually try to locate yourself into shade.

    500 watts is not much power considering you won’t have them at their best angle but it is a whole lot more than nothing. That being said you need to realize that you will not get 500 watts except on very sunny days in cool to cold weather. You will never want to take your batteries past 50% of charge. You can if you are willing to get a short life from your batteries but if you intend them to last you will not.

    It would be wise to get a camping refrigerator that uses both cycles, that is electric and propane. During the day when the refrigerator gets a lot of use use the battery electricity but at night use propane. The propane will be slow to recover but can hold temperatures just fine.

    Your battery is rated at 20 hours but you should calculate everything based on 10 and subtract 10% off the top for losses. I wouldn’t count on more than about 10KW to get you down to 50%. If your refrigerator pulls 2000W then that gives you about 5 hours of run time without charging the batteries. The refrigerator will run a lot until it gets everything in it cool and then will only run about 25% of the time after that if you don’t leave the door open.

    Since you have 500 watts and you could potentially have it 5 hours a day that 2500W total, with losses you should be able to just about keep up on your refrigerator without running a generator to charge the batteries. If you add lighting you will likely have to run a generator a couple hours each day.

    If your refrigerator is 12V and your system is 12V you are more efficient and could get a little more than going through your inverter first. LED lighting is the only lighting you should consider, you will be able to do a lot with 20W.

    You have enough to do what you want if you are careful, very careful. You must make sure your panels are at the best angle, never in the shade and that you get in and out of the frig quickly and don’t open unless you absolutely have to.

    My expectation is that you will probably have to run the generator each day at least an hour or two to make sure you never go below 50% unless you don’t care about the life of the batteries. Most people are more concerned with having a good time than they are managing their electricity.

  • Is rooftop solar worth it?

    09/27/2016 1:05:57 PM PDT · 83 of 99
    JAKraig to mad_as_he$$

    Forklift battery?


    Yes, Forklift or lift truck battery. 3000 lbs each. I bought 4, 36V batteries and converted them into 4, 48V batteries. I took the cells out of their cases, each cell weighs about 120 lbs with water, that is 72 cells. Takes up a lot of room in my basement. It took me several days to get them all down to my basement. I hope someone else carries them out.

    The steel case they were in weighted about 400 lbs. I used a lift in my garage to lift each cell out and then sent the boxes to the scrap yard. Yes, it was a job.

  • Is rooftop solar worth it?

    09/27/2016 12:56:50 PM PDT · 80 of 99
    JAKraig to RegulatorCountry

    The lower cost Chinese manufacturers haven’t lasted long enough for such a warranty to have any meaning. Even some domestic manufacturers have gone out of business, so there’s no one to honor their warranty.


    You are correct, that is why I bought all American products, cells made in Georgia. The company as been around a very long time and are still competitive.

  • Is rooftop solar worth it?

    09/27/2016 12:35:05 PM PDT · 71 of 99
    JAKraig to resistance

    When batteries are better so I can truly be off the grid and still run my 220v shop tools I’ll be all over solar.


    I have 3, 48V 1125A (rated at 20 hours, that is 3.2MW) that connect to my inverter that produces 16KW of 240V. It is here now. I can run my shop tools for weeks with no other input and no sun.

    In reality I would never run more than two weeks without charging, it just takes too much life out of the battery. Your battery will be one of your most expensive components you definitely want to take care of it. If there were prolonged bad weather and the grid was down I would start cutting loads pretty dramatically. The naturalgas/propane generator is pretty expensive to run but I would run that before I went down more than 20% of my battery storage.

  • Is rooftop solar worth it?

    09/27/2016 12:22:13 PM PDT · 68 of 99
    JAKraig to Boogieman

    “That all being said, properly maintained battery packs in fleet carts tend to last about 4-6 years while private owners tend to get about 6-10 years out of their battery packs.”

    That site is talking about batteries being used in actual carts, not with solar panels, but I imagine the maximum lifetime won’t exceed 10 years either way.


    Proper management of a solar power battery should provide at least 10 years of service but with proper care can last 30 years. The trick here is to oversize to begin with. Never use more than 25% of your storage and your batter will hardly know it was used. There are still a few maintenance tricks to keep sulfides down but it can be done.

    I personally believe you should only get a battery that was designed for very heavy use, I only recommend tow motor or lift truck batteries. They are huge, unwieldy but can last a lot of years with good management.

  • Is rooftop solar worth it?

    09/27/2016 12:15:23 PM PDT · 61 of 99
    JAKraig to Boogieman

    Betcha those panels won’t last 20 years either...


    Actually most are guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years, may of them are guaranteed for 30 years.

  • Is rooftop solar worth it?

    09/27/2016 12:12:31 PM PDT · 56 of 99
    JAKraig to Gay State Conservative
    And there might come a day when it makes sense in places like Europe,the northern two-thirds of the US and Japan/South Korea.But that day hasn't come.


    Actually it has come. Germany is one of the largest markets for Solar Electric panels. Solar electricity does very well in Alaska. The farther north you go the higher the angle of the panel and they run much better, efficiently that is, in cold weather.

    I know a little about the subject, I have 36, 325W panels on my roof. They produce in the neighborhood of 12KW. By the time I dump that into my rather large batteries I'm only getting about 10KW but everyone has loss problems that we can't do much about. I average 5-6 hours of full output per day, that is 50-60KW going into my battery. My average usage including electric freezer, refrigerator, A/C and a bunch of lighting and computers is only about 40KW per day, so I let the grid be my backup first. If the grid fails, there is no sun and my battery is used much more than a week I then have to use my backup generator which will charge the battery at 16KW per hour. I would then have to use the generator every other day for a few hours until the sun comes back out. The truth is that even on cloudy days the cells produce quite a bit of power.

    Do I recommend Solar electric? I do but only conditionally. If you purchase the components yourself and can do the work yourself you save a fortune. Solar installers are making a killing on pretty simple work. There are certain times of the years that most equipment providers are slow, that is the fall. People getting ready to spend money on Christmas and cold weather don't make people think of spending on equipment that must be mounted outside, so , the dealers offer sales and packages to help you want to spend. Take advantage of it. October is likely the best month to buy. Also realize that if you spend $30000 the government (this year anyway) will give you $10000 of it back. If your electric bill is $250 a month that is less than a 7 year payback. You can do a great deal with $30K if you are wise and careful.

    Buy more than you think you will need, there are losses you won't anticipate. If the grid goes down here we won't notice it even in the hot summer.

    Replace heavy electrical loads with more energy efficient loads. For heat consider a high efficiency heat pump, perhaps a heat pump water heater. Use ONLY L.E.D. lighting and replace your old refrigerator and freezer with high efficiency models.

    Since I have a 1 floor 3000 sqft house with breezeway and large garage I had plenty of roof in the right direction, not everybody does but roof placement is the easiest and cheapest installation.

    I have learned a great deal on this project, it has been fun. I read and read and read before I jumped in, I highly recommend anyone considering solar do that, know what you are doing before you start.

  • Cruz called in to Beck's show this morning

    09/27/2016 6:10:46 AM PDT · 72 of 74
    JAKraig to PCPOET7
    when you talk about hunter take a look at the pedigree of his wife...The church hierarchy is all about the familiar relationship to the prophet. I have also read the correspondence between Benson Ezra Taft and David O McKay.
    I belong to a writers group and we revue each others manuscript and one of the authors I work with does scholarly material on polygamy and the Mormon church. because of his research he has delved into the history of the Quarm and its presidents. there is nothing inherently wrong with the fact that the leadership has a pedigree if you look at the presidents of the united states you will find that most of them are related in some way to each other.
    I have nothing against the church but like all organizations it is lead by flawed people just as myself am flawed. I just believe that Glen beck is trying to get this groups approval.


    I agree in part, we all want approval, but, trying to get into the group is different than trying to get their approval. It seemed to me that you were saying he wanted in, that I would doubt.

  • Cruz called in to Beck's show this morning

    09/26/2016 8:32:48 AM PDT · 27 of 74
    JAKraig to PCPOET7
    eck is a complete out sider because he is a convert to the religion and generally ton get into this group you need the right genetic pedigree of being related to joseph smith or Brigham Young.


    This is just BS. Howard W. Hunter was a past president of the Mormon Church and his father never joined the church. Hunter was considered a convert even though his mother was a member.

    Nearly a third of the church membership is made up of converts. They pick their leaders from everybody. It is true that brand new members are not as likely to be leaders but after one generation you have learned as much as anybody else about the church so you are good to go.

    I doubt that Beck wants to be a leader, they don't get paid and I think Beck really likes money.

  • Going down: Hillary Clinton has already lost

    09/21/2016 6:23:51 AM PDT · 25 of 52
    JAKraig to Buckeye McFrog
    You are right. NEVER forget that the Democrats have 47% of the vote in the bag based on freebies alone. No matter WHO they run as a candidate.


    This 47% is very true, but, if the 47% are even a little dissatisfied with what they have and if the 47% can be made to believe that working is better than welfare . . . Well if only a few percent of those 47% stay home AND if a good percentage of the remaining 53% vote there is a chance.

    Because of the way our founding fathers set up the electoral college the 53% are actually better represented in the college than the 47%. The 47% are packed into cities, in states with large populations. Thus, while there are a lot of US House representatives in those states the flyover country has an advantage of sorts in senate electors.

    In states, basically states not on the coast, there is a higher percentage of people not of the “47%” than in the states with big cities, except for Nebraska all those electoral votes will go to the winner. Likely Trump will carry all those states. It is looking more and more like Trump will carry some of the contested or usually Democrat states too. Trump will lose the 55 votes in California but has a chance in Pa., NJ., FL., NC., certainly SC., and maybe even his home state of NY. Several of the far west states like CO, NM,AZ and NV are in play. If Trump wins most of these states he will be president. Right now he is leading in polling in most of these states. Counting electoral college votes right now based on liberal polling Trump is winning. We haven't seen Hillary's October surprise yet and that worries me. If Trump wins, I think he will, it will be surely in good part because he can draw a crowd but he will owe an awful lot to Julian Assage.

    There are many people at State and IRS that are guilty of crimes and should be tried and all of them that participated in the shenanigans of Hillary and Obama should be impeached and never draw another penny from the treasury. This includes John Kerry, who by the way served in Vietnam.

  • Pope Francis and Divorce

    09/18/2016 6:07:16 PM PDT · 3 of 7
    JAKraig to marshmallow
    First, I am not Catholic.

    The Church has dealt with this problem for centuries by granting annulments, annulments have been granted for people with children and married for several decades. The beauty of annulment is that once the Church realizes that there is not really a marriage, and likely never really was one then all can realize a mistake was made and the marriage removed.

    Annulments don't work for everyone, mostly one of the partners has to be condemn-able, if both are amicable then the priest will likely try to talk them back into a good married relationship. When there is a separation for cause then likely there is only one who will ever come back to church anyway so the annulment is usually granted. The annulment is not simple. Many letters have to be written and several clergy must make a decision. I would like to see The church make annulments easier, that way there is no change, then the queers and others can't cry foul.

  • Glenn Beck's bad bet on Ted Cruz

    09/15/2016 9:26:06 AM PDT · 43 of 54
    JAKraig to nhwingut

    A few days ago I received a notice that Blaze had renewed my yearly membership. I called to cancel and get my money back, they wouldn’t do it. I filed a complaint and they said they would look into it. They denied my request.

    I’m done with Beck because of his opposition to Trump. I don’t care that he liked Cruz, I did to but then Cruz lost and then tried to bring down the whole Republican Party. I’m done with both of them.

    I have sent Trump money, I’m expecting some good things out of him. He won’t be Reagan but he won’t be Hillary either.

  • Cyber Warfare; should you be worried?

    09/14/2016 12:16:56 PM PDT · 18 of 25
    JAKraig to TMSuchman

    Gasoline fuel stabilizers are good for one winter season, long term gasoline storage is not a real good option. You can stabilize Diesel fuel for a longer period and diesel generators last much longer although they are more expensive.

    If you do get a generator and want to use it for more than a few days get one that runs at the lowest possible RPM, preferably 1800 or less. These low RPM diesel engines can run for years with little more than oil and filter changes.

    One of the problems with diesel fuel is algae growth but a good filter will keep it from contaminating your system. Diesel also provides more power per gallon. If you are half way handy with tools get an engine from India, it will require a lot of clean up work but will be inexpensive. The Chinese make some good inexpensive generators. Figure about double the horsepower to wattage. 30 hp for 15KW for instance.

    I know it will sound crazy to most people but I personally recommend getting a battery backup for whatever kind of electric backup you have. If you don’t intend to have air conditioning you don’t need a lot. You could likely recondition a used fork lift truck battery that would give you at least a couple days storage and then charge it with only 3 or 4 hours with your generator. I’m not talking about a little 5KW generator but at least 15KW and a good 100 amp charger. Know that even a really good choice is going to use 1/2 to 1 gallon of fuel per hour. You want to make sure you are always at full load to get best economy. This is where the battery can be a big help. Two or three gallons every couple of days should be doable.

    The feeling of security this will provide you is worth the cost. If you ever have a storm or the economy crashes you will be glad you did, so will all of your family that comes to live with you.

  • Cyber Warfare; should you be worried?

    09/14/2016 7:00:10 AM PDT · 15 of 25
    JAKraig to Tilted Irish Kilt
    If the world crashes all the stolen data will be useless.

    Cash will be king and precious metals will be the emperor.

    Life now is good for most folks, in a crash it will not be so good but many of the things we enjoy can be preserved. Roof top solar can provide electricity even if you have no money to pay an electric bill. Cellular technology will not likely go anywhere but prepaid plans will become the norm.

    Food purchases could be problematic, just look at Venezuela.

    You should have storage at home. Food will be available but it may be available only sporadically. If you don't have means to keep refrigerated food your options could become unattractive. Get a deep freeze and a means to keep it going for at least a couple hours a day.

    Have a means to protect what you have and hide what you have from others, family will be the most important associations you will have.

    The value of cash will fluctuate, likely in the wrong direction as the government prints more and more of it, it will be nearly worthless. Keep a good portion of your cash in pre-1964 coin, quarters, dimes and half dollars. They will always have value. While gold has a lot of value is worth violence to get, people will kill for it if they know you have it, be careful. Ammo will be a good barter tool and likely as good as money. If you have an opportunity to get ammo for a good price it doesn't matter that you don't have a gun that will shoot it. If ammo is scarce then guns will be cheap.

    Organize your family to help hold what you have, be a survivor.

  • Still Report #1139 – Clinton May Use Invisible Spy Earpiece in Debates [August 23, 2016]

    09/08/2016 8:29:44 AM PDT · 20 of 29
    JAKraig to EarlT357

    Can you just imagine her actually freezing up or seizing up as her lifeline starts screeching into her ear?

    Too delicious!


    It isn’t that simple.

    These kind of signals are nearly impossible to jam. They use sophisticated frequency hoping technology. If you don’t have the same device or the frequency keys then you don’t have a chance. The only way to jam is to jam all the frequencies it can possibly use at the same time. There is no way you could broadcast a stronger signal to put intelligible sounds into the receiver.

    There might be some system that the government has to decode these things or perhaps the manufacturer could give up the codes but don’t bet on it.

    Cheating, lying, crooked Hillary.

  • “What happened? What the hell happened!?”

    08/30/2016 12:05:01 PM PDT · 67 of 91
    JAKraig to NorthMountain

    What the hell happened?

    We let people who aren’t paying for the government decide how the government will spend our money.

    We let the government take on powers that are not legitimately authorized to it, because somebody claimed it was a good idea.

    We let government become the province of government professionals.


    A number of truly bad things have happened. The crony capitalists have bought off the representatives of the people so that they don’t really represent the people. The people have become ignorant of truth because the crony capitalists and the politician class are in bed with the Mainstream Media and hide the truth from us, by doing so they have control of the country. Power is money and they have much of both. The Millions that work for government try to please their political leaders and their unions to insure that they make plenty of money, one third higher than average citizens in the same type of employment. Everybody is featherbedding.

    It is obvious that when a representative in the House who never made $100,000 in a years time comes out a millionaire like Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reed, it is a sick broken system.

    The internet has helped expose much of the graft and crimes of the political cast. The elites who think they are so much smarter and better than the populace of just average workers, the proletariat are finally starting to be exposed.

    Patriots are making facts available to the public through the new media, it is refreshing.

    The Hillary Clinton Email scandal is a good example. The many thousands of employees of the State Department knew what was going but did nothing to protect America because they thought they were better, smarter and in a better place to make decisions for Americans.

    The Clinton Email Scandal is bad as it hides truth but what is worse is to think that our “rulers” could be so audacious as to think it was Okay to hide truth. They continue to try to hide truth by taking many years to answer Freedom of Information Requests or even ignoring them.

    The Clinton’s should be in prison instead of running for the White House. Obama should have been impeached a long time ago for ignoring the Constitution. Obama should have been dismissed as a contestant for President when it was found that he was an Indonesian Citizen in his youth.

    There is much more I could say but I fear I would bore you, so I’ll just answer the question. Ignorance. That is what the Hell is wrong with our country.

  • GE Breaks Ground On Ontario Engine Facility

    08/29/2016 6:33:57 AM PDT · 16 of 19
    JAKraig to cp124

    GE is a corporation, they have to make a profit. If the CEO fails to make the best possible profits they will be fired. I can’t blame them, it is a shame the US can’t compete to keep businesses.

    When Trump lowers the corporate tax rate to 15% business will be able to keep enough of their profits to want to stay here. I would prefer no corporate tax, but certainly 15% is better than 35% or more

  • "Anecdotal Evidence is Wrong"--or is it?

    08/23/2016 4:41:38 PM PDT · 18 of 39
    JAKraig to x

    Some people are afraid to tell pollsters they’re voting for Trump.
    The other side of the coin is that some people who’ve said they’re voting for Trump may be so worn down by all the controversies that they may just not go to the polls in November.

    I’m not convinced that crowd sizes and crowd enthusiasm are that important though. If they were, Trump would be running against Bernie Sanders.


    Sanders lost because the election was rigged.

    I knew after a couple of Trump rally’s that Trump would be the next president. I don’t even think it will be close.

  • Samsung's Galaxy Note7 is the best smartphone on the planet, period

    08/23/2016 2:22:26 PM PDT · 39 of 55
    JAKraig to Dacula
    I got an LG Stylo 2 last week as a less expensive version of the Note7.

    Works fine and has all of the bells and whistles of the Note7.


    My wife has the Stylo 2 and I have the Note 4.

    Yes, the Stylo is a nice phone for the price and has several of the Note features but not even close to all of them.

  • Rand Paul: Clinton should be in jail, vote Trump [VIDEO]

    08/23/2016 12:01:50 PM PDT · 3 of 19
    JAKraig to faithhopecharity

    I like Paul. He was not my choice for president but I will be glad to vote for him as one of my senators.

  • Cop Shoots and Kills Unarmed Deaf, Mute Man as He Tries to Communicate Using Sign Language

    08/22/2016 1:35:33 PM PDT · 104 of 138
    JAKraig to Harmless Teddy Bear

    I would think that if I was a deaf mute I would carry a card that said that along with a note book and pencil for communication with those who don’t understand sign language but that is Monday morning quarterbacking.


    Most deaf people today socialize almost exclusively with other deaf people or friends who sign.

    Years ago, deaf people learned to read lips and even speak, once signing became available deaf people didn’t see the necessity of reading lips or even speaking, signing is dramatically easier and is many cases faster.

    About 50 years ago while in college I befriended a deaf/dumb kid. He could speak a little and could read lips pretty good because his parents put him in a deaf school. He didn’t know know about signing until one day he met someone in school who signed. That was it, he no longer wanted anything to do with the school and was very angry with his parents for hiding this means of communicating from him. He refused to communicate with his parents unless it was signing. He and I communicated mostly by writing notes. Watching him with his deaf friends was amazing, they communicate very easily and fast with each other. They have many universal slang signs that basically substitute for a whole sentence. The problem is that when signers only are away from signers they are like a fish out of water, nearly helpless.

    Most of the deaf I have associated with have a horrible handwriting (scribble).

  • Cop Shoots and Kills Unarmed Deaf, Mute Man as He Tries to Communicate Using Sign Language

    08/22/2016 12:31:28 PM PDT · 75 of 138
    JAKraig to Moonman62
    You’re obviously biased. Nobody has all the facts yet.


    Moonman6, I don't need ALL the facts. I need the facts that say he was unarmed and that neighbors saw him get out of his car and get shot. He didn't have a hostage, he didn't have a record, he is just dead. That is enough for me to eliminate any justification for shooting him.

  • Cop Shoots and Kills Unarmed Deaf, Mute Man as He Tries to Communicate Using Sign Language

    08/22/2016 12:16:23 PM PDT · 57 of 138
    JAKraig to Scythian_Reborn
    Everybody is acting like the media, over-reacting when little facts are in, let’s wait a bit shall we ... ?


    there was a neighbor who saw the deaf man get out of the car and start signing and then he was shot.

    A 28 year old man, nearly still a kid who wasn't trying to do something bad, is dead. I can simply not bend my mind enough to figure out what could have happened to justify his death.

    If it was your kid that was dead in this situation you wouldn't think my reaction is an overreaction. This is just plain wrong.

  • Cop Shoots and Kills Unarmed Deaf, Mute Man as He Tries to Communicate Using Sign Language

    08/22/2016 12:06:51 PM PDT · 53 of 138
    JAKraig to Moonman62
    In the land of the free, a deaf man suspected of driving too fast can be killed in cold blood.


    That’s jumping to conclusions, but when you’re trying to whip up emotions against the police I suppose it’s allowed.


    Jumping to conclusions? Ok Moonman6, just explain to me a good reason to shoot a man who is unarmed and making signs with his hands.

    In my opinion, there can not be any justification for shooting a small unarmed man if you are a cop. You have a baton, you have a taser and you have your hands. If the only way you can manage the situation is shooting then you don't need to be a cop.

    I highly suspect the cop will serve time for this stupidity. He can't serve enough to satisfy me. Serve and protect? Hardly.

  • What Will You Do When The Lights Go Out? The Inevitable Failure Of The US Grid

    08/17/2016 11:38:38 AM PDT · 101 of 103
    JAKraig to JohnT416
    Won’t an EMP burn out all of the electronins in AC Units and all Generators (gas & solar), making them useless?


    Most of the damage in an EMP comes from transmission of very high voltages and amperage from induced currents into long transmission lines. Damage in most homes and transmission equipment happens because they are connected to these lines.

    Anything near the explosion could also suffer direct damage from the EMP but most of the US won't have to worry about that, long distance damage is greatly exaggerated in the press. I am connected to the grid but, I have had to place an overload device between me and the grid to protect the grid. It also protects me in the case of a spike which an EMP would cause on a grand scale. I do not anticipate any damage to my equipment or household goods because of the disconnect.

    If there is ever any reason to believe that EMP is imminent then disconnect all you can except while using it. Turn off he main to your power panel and you will likely be unharmed and can then use your portable generator to make life more normal again. Make sure you keep plenty of gas on hand, it could be a long while before gasoline distribution gets back on line.

  • What Will You Do When The Lights Go Out? The Inevitable Failure Of The US Grid

    08/15/2016 7:37:02 PM PDT · 97 of 103
    JAKraig to Karl Spooner

    ..3300 amps of battery storage for 20 hours which means I can use the battery for a week and a half before I worry about it.

    No, actually it is 3300Amps rated at 20 hours.

    It is a 48Volt Battery so that works out to a little over one megawatt total in 20 hours. I will not likely use more than 25killowatt a day except in very hot weather, if the weather is hot there will be sunshine to charge my batteries at the rate of nearly 12KW per hour for over 6 hours in the summer.

    I realize that I have more storage than I am ever likely to use but the life of a battery is in the number of deep discharges. Taking 15 or 20% out of a battery is nothing, it will last many more years than the rated life of 7-10 years at 2000 to 3000 full discharges.

  • What Will You Do When The Lights Go Out? The Inevitable Failure Of The US Grid

    08/15/2016 9:25:37 AM PDT · 29 of 103
    JAKraig to Bringbackthedraft

    I have 12KW solar cells on the roof, 3300 amps of battery storage for 20 hours which means I can use the battery for a week and a half before I worry about it. I have a natural gas 16KW gen to charge the battery and a 6KW backup gasoline generator.

    I’m old and I really like my A/C, I don’t plan to be without it just because of a grid failure.

  • How Do We Know It’s the True Church?

    08/14/2016 5:46:57 PM PDT · 28 of 122
    JAKraig to ADSUM
    This is an interesting glimpse into the mind of someone who does not understand authority. Authority does not come from tradition, it does not come from history, certainly it is not adaptable, authority does not have to be objective, authority is not adaptable, it either is or isn't, authority is for sure universal but that precludes it being local, authority has nothing to do with education in either the source of the authority or the people to whom the authority applies, in my finite mind authority is not human, it is however divine though it may have a human voice. If authority is not divine it is not authority it is simply the mingling of scripture with human philosophy.

    Fr. Dwight Longenecker has given us interesting thoughts but they are incompatible with authority. Authority comes from God and yes His designated servants. Just because a council does not like what God has put in place does not give them authority to change it. I suspect that most people would like women to be ordained to the priesthood but if God says no, then no amount of discussion can make the answer “Yes” come from God.

    While the Protestant world at least most of it claims scripture as their authority there are so many interpretations of scripture that in only the rarest of cases can the scripture be claimed as authority. Only the persons serving in their divinely appointed positions can say that “the scripture says this”!

    Either the Pope is the conduit to Heaven or he is not if he is then nothing any other group has to say really matters, if he is not then the same holds true, then we are just making it up as we go along.

  • Florida woman dead after accidentally shot by officer during citizen police academy roleplay

    08/10/2016 11:54:16 AM PDT · 113 of 122
    JAKraig to bgill

    There is no excuse for not using a fake gun and/or checking his weapon so no accident. Yank his badge and fire his butt.


    I’m pretty sure there are guidelines for this kind of activity that include making sure that what happened can’t happen. Someone didn’t follow the rules and got someone killed, negligence, that means man slaughter, Jail time is deserved.

  • Here's what pilots who've flown the F-35 have to say about the most expensive weapon's project

    08/06/2016 10:47:41 AM PDT · 15 of 46
    JAKraig to sten

    put them in the F-22 and ask them to choose.

    F-35 ... if your opponent is long range and no dog fighting is required


    ALL F35 Pilots were F-22 Pilots first most also flew either the Eagle or F18.
    The 35 is a very advanced plane. It is however not designed for close in dog fighting with guns, it is designed to kill the enemy before the enemy even knows the 35 is in the vicinity. Read a little more about it before you condemn it. So far in battles with the F22 it has won EVERY battle with up to 3 F22’s going against one F35. The same is true for the F15 for up to 5 15’s against one F35. This plane is a killer of enemy planes and it does it so before they know they are even targeted. These were Top Guns trying to get the F35 and they were unable to do it even in a coordinated attack.

  • Question about Benghazi

    08/05/2016 8:22:49 AM PDT · 7 of 9
    JAKraig to HogsBreath
    So I ask, what was so important about removing Assad?


    Are you really asking or do you have your tongue firmly planted in your cheek?

    Remember that Assad is a close ally of Iran. The Obama administration however is close to the Muslim Brotherhood. They supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and wanted the Brotherhood to have power in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia and Syria. Iran and the Brotherhood are not allies, they want the same thing basically but have different means, the Brotherhood is more political and Iran is more religious but they have totally different leaders. The revolution against Morsi was a real shock to the Obama administration, one they are still trying to recover from.

    Obama wants to rid the world of Israel but as long as there are those who oppose the Brotherhood it is unlikely to happen.

    What people don't realize about Obama is that they think he is all about race, that is just political hype, he is all about the Brotherhood.

  • 3 Things Reagan Said About Trade That Apply Today

    08/05/2016 7:52:29 AM PDT · 25 of 64
    JAKraig to 1rudeboy

    The article says the truth but there is information that is not included that should have been. Namly, the US does not now have free trade. The US discounts our trade to importers. It is cheaper here to sell than anywhere in the world, in effect the US subsidizes imports. Before you get mad and call me crazy understand a couple of things. US Manufacturers have to pay up to 39% of their profits as taxes, that is over 1/3rd of the profit is lost. The US requires manufacturers to conform to many, many regulations that are costly and require added employees to deal with it.

    Importers don’t have to deal with either of these things. Some countries have business that is wholy owned by the government so that they don’t pay taxes and in many cases have few if any environmental concerns. On top of that instead of welfare they just assign citizens to work in said factory at a low salary. They avoid the cost of welfare and we support their workers who work for a company that pays no taxes but gives all the profits to the government because the government owns the factory. In the US about 70% of every dollar taxed goes to transfer payments, welfare and Social Security. I know there is a special tax for Social Security but the government spent that a log time ago and now the money comes out of the general fund.

    I would ask why we would make our companies conform to regulations and then discount purchasing to companies outiside the US who don’t. It is foolish. It is a prescription for failure and it is working wonderfully.

    In Japan importers have to comply with all the same regulations in the manufacturing process that the domestic companies do, that is why we don’t sell beef or cars there. Their beef is way more expensive there but mostly because the government forces the growers to conform to a ton of regulations.

    I think Japan does it right. Why hamstring domestic and discount imports?

    We need to fix it. I think Trump understands this and will.

  • First Female Enlisted Sailor Gets Submarine-Qualified

    08/05/2016 7:28:20 AM PDT · 73 of 76
    JAKraig to napscoordinator

    Her brothers are NOT going to allow that to happen. The Chief’s Mess is tight. Thank God most of those on this thread are clueless.


    How are her brothers not going to allow that to happen? It happens to almost everybody at least once. I lived on the Patrick Henry from 68 to 73 and one of the most fun things to do was watch for the new guy to flush while blowing tanks. You have to bend over the bowl to reach the handle, whoosh! I know it shouldn’t be so comical but it really was.

    For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, when you are underwater you have to save everything that goes down the drain in a tank. On occasion the boat comes up to a shallow depth, usually to get a satellite fix, when that happens the external pressure is greatly reduced so it doesn’t take as much air to blow the tanks to sea. When the tanks are blown to sea it takes time, more than a few minutes. The person who is doing that job hangs signs in the head saying that the shitters are being blown but there is always someone who gets out of bed to take a leak or a dump and ignores the sign. It is ok to do this as long as you don’t flush while the tank is pressurized. It doesn’t take much pressure to spray a lot of crap in your face. After you clean yourself then you get to clean up the area you just sprayed with $#It, you wake up and learn not to do it again.

  • First Female Enlisted Sailor Gets Submarine-Qualified

    08/04/2016 7:37:25 PM PDT · 54 of 76
    JAKraig to Bryanw92
    When I got my dolphins, you had to actually go to sea! If you were in the yards, they’d send you to another boat for a patrol so you could get your at-sea quals done. Or you waited until your boat got underway.


    I could see getting a few signatures but “qualified” no eFen way. How can you be qualified if you have never even gone to sea. I can't wait till she blows the shitters on herself and everybody comes to see what the screaming is all about. It will look cute with the turds dripping out of her hair.

  • Student facing 50 day suspension for saying 'All Lives Matter'

    08/04/2016 6:37:46 AM PDT · 45 of 54
    JAKraig to gunsequalfreedom

    When I was in school I would have had to drive a thousand miles to surf.

  • The Sunni-Shia Divide and Islam’s Puzzling Origins

    08/02/2016 8:18:34 PM PDT · 21 of 23
    JAKraig to BeauBo

    I fail to see the great similarity between Catholicism and Islam though.


    The ONLY similarity that I pointed out was that there was a time that believing in the wrong form of Christianity could make you forfeit your life.

  • The Sunni-Shia Divide and Islam’s Puzzling Origins

    08/02/2016 8:41:10 AM PDT · 13 of 23
    JAKraig to ResisTyr
    Do some research into the origins of Islam and the Roman Catholic Church. I think you might find it “eye-opening” if not “eys-popping-out-of-your-head” 😞 _______________________________________________________

    I could not agree with you more. that is not to be badmouthing Catholicism, but, most people have no true ideas about Constantine and the early Bishops of The Church.,

    There is much in Roman Catholicism that is similar in every other early Christian Church, especially The Sacraments. The mechanics of church operation is way different in the different churches and in the Roman church many of the organizational structures of government were put into place in The Church.

    While none of those things has much to do with the central doctrines of The Church, namely that God sent His Son to earth to be perfect so that he could innocently take our punishment for sins and to also allow his life to be innocently given for our sin so that we could live again with God. Since we were not perfect and any imperfect being could not stand to be in the presence of God someone had to be punished for our sin so we could stand before God and be judged sinless. From there however doctrines vary greatly.

    Prior to Constantine there was much division in The Church, different Bishops taught different doctrines. Once the Apostles were dead and those that walked with them were gone there was no longer a good connection to a source of knowledge that could set everybody straight on to the same path. I believe that Constantine saw this and realized that it must not continue in this disorganized fashion. He was after all a general and emperor, positions that were all about organization.

    After the some 300 or so bishops gathered and presented their view of doctrine he made a decision of what doctrines all would follow. Probably a wise decision for the health of The Church. Unfortunately in my opinion, after the council in 325 and especially after the 385 council great power over life and death and possessions were given to bishops and people were forced to either believe or forfeit all their possessions and their lives in many cases. Many were allowed to be banished for nearly 100 years but after that it was very much like Islam is today, be true to the faith or die. This worked very well until the printing press brought us into an age of enlightenment over a thousand years later. I would not like to have been a citizen of Rome in 325 but would love to go and visit and learn more of the people and their religion then.

  • OR: Misleading Headline of the Month: AP "Man who shot sleeping intruder"

    08/02/2016 8:00:02 AM PDT · 4 of 7
    JAKraig to eyeamok

    Maybe we should make any reporter get a license and a proficiency and safety test in truthful reporting before getting said license. All this of course only if they have never had a felony conviction and can pass a background test.

  • Dethroned Miss Florida USA 2017 Files $15 Million Lawsuit Against the Pageant

    08/01/2016 7:15:06 PM PDT · 21 of 25
    JAKraig to Boojum

    “Eh... Rules are rules. She knew it going into this gig. Can’t abide by them? Find another job.”


    Didn’t you read the story? She didn’t break any rules, they lied and she has proof they did it maliciously, I don’t blame her a bit and I hope she gets every dime of the money she has asked for. How would you like to go around for the rest of your life as the person who cheated in a beauty contest when you didn’t?

  • Religious Conservatives and Donald Trump — the Cheapest Date in Politics?

    07/29/2016 11:15:19 AM PDT · 10 of 22
    JAKraig to Buckeye McFrog
    C19fan said:
    Trump is not everything they could wish for but he’ll let them live to fight another day.


    I'm not so sure any more that Trump isn't what we all want. Since I have started looking at his stump speeches I'm really impressed by what he says.

    I have turned into a Trumpster even though I gave money to the Cruz campaign, I feel he wasted it but now I'm not sure Trump isn't even better. I believe him.

  • Breakthrough solar cell captures carbon dioxide and sunlight, produces burnable fuel

    07/29/2016 8:58:09 AM PDT · 8 of 85
    JAKraig to Red Badger

    This will drive liberals crazy, it means we don’t need to get rid of cars, we just get the gas from the sun instead of the ground. Sounds great.

  • VIDEO: WikiLeaks' Julian Assange on Releasing DNC Emails That Ousted Debbie Wasserman Schultz

    07/25/2016 12:28:05 PM PDT · 31 of 42
    JAKraig to thouworm
    Assange asked about the “Russian” hack at min 12:50

    He didn’t deny-—just said we never reveal our sources; said “dnc has been hacked dozens and dozens of times according to its own reports.”

    Your answer to the question is a little misleading. Yes, he did say he didn't reveal his sources, and that they never have and never will, but, he called it a wild conspiracy story. While he wouldn't reveal his sources he said when asked the DNC also would not reveal their sources or “experts” that suggested it may have come from Russia. Assage did however go on to reveal who one of the DNC “Experts” were, and it was someone who has come up with wild conspiracy stories in the past who used to work at NSA. So one crazy guy who floats conspiracy stories says it was Russians and the DNC expects the press to dutifully carry it's water for them. I don't think that is going to float anywhere although I have heard it in the news.

    It's all a bunch of political hewy, just nonsense. The DNC has been hacked several times by a number of people. They likely have little more security than Hillary did. You can probably count on Assage revealing the 30000 deleted emails of Hillary but it won't be until the fall when there is nothing the DNC or Hillary can do about it. It will be too late to replace Hillary and too late for Hillary to get behind the story to discredit the revelations. You can bet however that right now the Hillary staff are preparing just that, a way to combat the revealed emails from Hillary.

  • DNC Wikileaks hack outs Hillary shill at Washington Post

    07/25/2016 7:18:03 AM PDT · 41 of 57
    JAKraig to DJ Frisat
    “The leaked emails confirm it.”
    Oh, you mean the leaked emails that Russia has tampered with to help Trump defeat Saint Hillary?


    What utter nonsense. This all comes from Julian Assage, hardly a Russian or has anything to do with Russia. The Russians hate him as much as we do because he leaks Stuff about Russia all the time too.

    The accusation about Russia doing this was just Hillary's attempt at deflection, utter nonsense.

  • KimDotCom Suggests He Will Drop 'Smoking Gun' on Hillary October 26 (vanity)

    07/25/2016 6:02:35 AM PDT · 34 of 63
    JAKraig to TigerClaws
    I suppose Obama could pardon her his last day in office.

    Pardon her? For what? She hasn't been indited. I am supposing that the only she wasn't indited was so that Trump could indite her without the risk of Obama giving her a pardon. If there is no crime then there can be no pardon. You can't sell indulgences here. You have to have something to pardon before you can issue a pardon. The FBI director may have done something very wise.

  • Erick Ericson: I Now Believe Donald Trump Is On Track to Win the Presidency

    07/25/2016 5:46:54 AM PDT · 21 of 86
    JAKraig to Pelham

    They are starting to finally see the writing on the wall. I don’t think it will even be close, Trump will win in a blow out.

  • Former assistant FBI director slams Comey's recommendation

    07/24/2016 5:51:22 PM PDT · 38 of 41
    JAKraig to captmar-vell

    It is hard to fire an FBI director they are appointed for a term.

    I think that charges weren’t brought because you can’t pardon someone who hasn’t committed a crime. I’m hoping that he is around long enough after Trump is president to be able to charge Hillary via the new Attorney General who will likely be Christie.

  • Three Simple Reasons Why Trump Will Win

    07/24/2016 5:35:52 PM PDT · 35 of 39
    JAKraig to HerrBlucher
    I am amazed at how quickly Trump thinks on his feet, he is a smart guy.
    He isn't a youngster yet still seems to be all there.
    He hasn't said anything that hurt my feelings or made me cringe except I cringed knowing that the left would take it and run with it.

    Trump is speaking the truth, the truth hurts. Hillary does have one advantage, the dead always vote for democrats. In the last presidential election there were approximately 12 million dead people that voted. While that is a small percentage of the total it would have been enough to get Romney elected.

    I'm certainly glad Romney did not run again, or at least did not win in the primaries that he thought he could steal.

    I have a feeling that Trump will win by more than any president ever, at least I sure hope that is the case.

  • That’s more like it! Watch Donald Trump Jr.‘s excellent convention speech

    07/20/2016 9:23:38 AM PDT · 14 of 15
    JAKraig to BenLurkin
    I have no idea who wrote his speech but he hit it out of the park, at the end he referred to his dad as his mentor and his best friend. What idiot would have Hillary for a best friend?

    I have turned into a Trumpster.

  • John Kasich's very public snub to Trump as he holds party for Republican 'friends' [trunc]

    07/20/2016 7:09:06 AM PDT · 54 of 92
    JAKraig to bgill
    The sad thing is that he could have gotten on the bandwagon and helped win Ohio in the general. I think Trump will win Ohio and when he does K-sick will have no leverage, have no thanks, he will be done.

    Trump could have used the party organization that Kasich has put together but will now have to spend resources to reorganize. Kasich is toast in national politics because of his own stupidity. Kasich will be too old to run in 8 years but he doesn't know it.

    What an idiot.

  • Jeff Sessions ignored on Fox & Friends(Vanity)

    07/19/2016 8:20:52 AM PDT · 39 of 42
    JAKraig to central_va
    Sessions gave a great speech but the hall was mostly quiet. There were many applause lines that didn't draw any applause, just dead silence. GOPe doesn't understand that free trade does not mean suicide. Trumps approach to trade deals is what we need.