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  • US Bishops Silent on Trump’s Many Pro-life Measures

    01/14/2018 6:25:14 PM PST · 7 of 20
    JAKraig to ClearCase_guy

    In many cases, they are Communists, not Christians.


    Actually in many cases they are queer, Communists, and not Catholics. They can profess Jesus Christ and I suppose in many circles that would be enough to call them Christians but not in my book.

    When Trump selected a true conservative for the Supreme Court I thought, “if he never does anything else during his presidency then he is a great president.”

    When Trump continued to pick conservative lower court judge after conservative judge, again I said “If he does nothing else he is a great President.”

    Now that Trump has done so much to stop abortion, many thousands of them, again I say, “ If Trump never does anything else he is a great president.

    Most have no idea how much he has done to defend the innocent. I have never before thought of Trump as a Godly man, perhaps I have been wrong.

  • Trump wants fewer immigrants from “shithole countries” and more from places like Norway

    01/11/2018 6:30:00 PM PST · 72 of 108
    JAKraig to ImJustAnotherOkie

    In the card game of Bridge that is called “calling a spade a spade”, I got his back on this one.

  • Parish-Priest, “I Don’t Say the Creed Because I Do Not Believe in It”

    01/11/2018 12:20:23 PM PST · 23 of 65
    JAKraig to neverevergiveup

    In my opinion. We’re all in this together, and I personally think God is there for all of us.


    The problem with this type of thinking is that what we think has no effect on The Church. Prior to 325AD there were many creeds and confessions of faiths in the many churches that followed Christ. The concept of a universal church was not a reality before that. People who worshiped Christ were all called Christians, but, after 325 there was a definition of what a Christian was. For the next 50 years there was turmoil over this canonized statement of what a Christian was, either you were or you weren’t. As time went on there were less and less people who followed any Christianity other than the now Universal(Catholic) faith. After 375AD those who claimed to be Christian but would not recite the creed were heretics, often forfeiting their lives for their individual beliefs.

    Until the reformation there was basically one church. We call it the reformation but it was really a rebellion of sorts. The protestants however kept the creed as a statement of belief and many still recite it in their worship.

    I personally think that if the pope had ended the sale of indulgences and even met with Luther there would have been no reformation but we will certainly never know if that could be true or not.

    My point in all this is, it really doesn’t make any difference as an individual what you think as long as it conforms to the creed. Once you profess faith in Jesus Christ you may think you have arrived, but once you are in The Church perhaps you have a difficult time reconciling the actions of The Church or perhaps even pieces of The Creed. None of those things makes you a bad person, but, it could make you a non-Catholic.

  • Sessions ending federal policy that let legal pot flourish

    01/04/2018 1:55:43 PM PST · 43 of 67
    JAKraig to Dilbert San Diego

    I wish we could do polls here, such as, do you favor marijuana legalization, yes or no. Then, have comments on that subject.

    I get the feeling many here have the libertarian view of marijuana.


    We live in a republic.

    I’m not sure what business the US Government has in deciding what drugs I can or can’t take, but, if it is a Federal Law it should be the same everywhere.

    California and New York voted for a different president than say Michigan. If the California State house now passes a law that says they don’t recognize President Trump it is meaning-less. The same with drug laws that go against the federal laws.

  • Trump's Top 8 Pro-Life Victories Listed as Operation Rescue Names Him 'Pro-Life Person of the Year'

    01/04/2018 11:36:41 AM PST · 11 of 13
    JAKraig to SunkenCiv

    God bless our president and the untold thousands of lives he has saved from abortion. Simply nobody expected this success. I think Trump is great on many counts, but none any greater than this. Tears fill my eyes as I contemplate what he has accomplished in this area.

    I hope I never hear a pro lifer ever say a mean thing about this president. If this is all Trump ever accomplishes he will still be truly great.

  • 17 Facts about Mormonism: A Mormon Response and Counter-Response by Damon Whitsell

    01/03/2018 6:57:38 PM PST · 136 of 136
    JAKraig to Wuli

    I don’t intend to go anywhere.

    The Lord asked His Apostles at a critical time in The Lords travails. (Please don’t think I am trying to equate that with this but the example is good.) The Savior of The World knowing how men’s hearts had been stirred up asked his Apostles if they would leave him. With incredulity Peter asked The Lord, “ to whom would we go, You have the words of Eternal life”.

    To the good Bishops of 325AD and again 385AD who were burned at the stake because they would not accept the “new” doctrines put forth by Constantine, I would say, they only wanted to follow their hearts and follow The Lord.

    There are always individuals and groups who would force others to profess the same belief as them. I personally believe the inquisition and other like acts were grossly wrong. I don’t condemn the church for it but pray for those who will have to face God one day for what they did.

    It is possible that I don’t ascribe to the “preferred” religion but I doubt there is anyone who who loves the Savior of The World, even Jesus Christ, The very Son of God, The King of The Universe any more than me.

    Some will say I worship a different Christ than the preferred church does. Perhaps, but I worship the one who was born of the Virgin Mary, raised by fine Joseph. The same one who turned water into wine, the same one that raised Lazarus from the dead after being dead for 3 days. The same one in the Garden of Gethsemane took upon Himself the sins of the entire world and became the sacrificial lamb of the world. He carried all our sins from the garden to the altar of Golgotha where he gave up the ghost for me and you. The same one who on Easter morning rose alive from the dead allowed the world to see him alive.

    That is the Jesus Christ I worship.

    While there are those who would be gate keepers and decide for us what religion we must conform to be Christian or certainly to be Conservatives, I don’t think that is the majority.

    When those same gate keepers thought that Trump was horrible and a-religious well I just kept quiet. We don’t hear from those never-trumpers now. Some day my turn on earth will be over. I will stand before God with all my horrible sins having been previously washed away with the blood of Jesus Christ, with Christ Himself having already suffered the punishment, my punishment, death and separation. The Savior will usher me in with Him to the Kingdom He has prepared for me.

    So, I just don’t sweat the small stuff. Most people here get it and enjoy sharing it. I enjoy someone thinking enough of me to give me their hand.



  • 5 Best Handguns in the World (Glock, Sig Sauer and Colt All Made the Cut)

    12/20/2017 7:14:51 AM PST · 20 of 40
    JAKraig to Yo-Yo

    The reality is that there are many good gun choices but, the best gun is the one you have when you need it.

    I recommend that if you carry a gun you practice with it often. This insures that it will work when you need it and you will know what you are doing when you need it.

    A big 45 might be just what the doctor ordered for some folks while a 380 or even a 25 petite gun might be just right for some small 90 pound woman. A head shot with a 25 will not be good for the recipient.

    If you have a gun big enough to blow someones head off it will do no good if you can’t hit their head, or at least hit them somewhere.

    I personally like 9mm, but my wife likes her little 38 revolver that fits nicely in a pouch in her purse.

    How you use it is much more important than the size of the round and knowing how to use it is more important than the brand.

    No matter which gun you prefer, if you don’t have it when you need it, then it is useless. I always tell people, if you carry, carry ALL the time.

  • Of Gays and Wedding Cakes-Sifting through the arguments

    12/15/2017 9:18:17 AM PST · 14 of 21
    JAKraig to SJackson

    This whole post is so deceptive and leaves out so much information. The basic argument the poster makes is this:


    The most commonly heard argument for Phillips is that the First Amendment, by guaranteeing his freedom of religion, also guarantees his right to turn down any job that would involve him in an activity that is at odds with his religious beliefs. This argument doesn’t work for me, because my first reaction to it is to picture a devout Muslim doctor presented with the case of a gay or Jew or Muslim apostate who’s on the verge of death and whose life he, the doctor, is in a position to save. Let’s say the doctor, aware that Islam commands him to kill such people, not save them, allows the patient to die. Does he have First Amendment religious protections on his side?


    Several things to be aware of.

    The baker didn’t mind making a cake, it was what was to be written on it that he found objectionable. I understand the position, there are several things I would not write for someone too. In the story of the queer patient that needed emergency surgery there was no religious feature involved. The doctor was not going to be asked to make his anus more comfortable for sex, he wasn’t going to be asked to do something to any sex organs, he was simply going to be asked to save his life, not sexual statement there at all. The argument like most are simply straw man arguments. You should always look for the straw man in any leftist or queer arguments.

    I detest queer acts. I have never been unhelpful or rude to someone because they were queer. I have never even been rude to some queer who was hitting on me but simply expressed that I travel a different road. It is not my job to punish or even judge queers, but it is my job to judge what I do. Writing “Congratulations c**k suckers” on a cake is something I don’t think I would do.

    If a queer needed my help to save his life there isn’t one person in a million who would deny him help because he was queer.

  • Single shot .45-70 Rifle takes down Hog

    12/14/2017 5:53:20 AM PST · 12 of 34
    JAKraig to Little Pig

    “Because this was a heavy bullet its trajectory was an arc.”

    This is true for even very light bullets, or any unpowered projectile really, is it not?

    Yes, all bullets travel in an arc, sort of.

    The reality is that they simply fall to the ground. If you were to shoot a gun level, and drop a bullet at the same time as you fired the gun both bullets would hit the ground at the same time.

    Usually we think of an arc as going up and coming back down in a curve, half a sine wave if you will but the reality is more like a quarter sine wave. This is true of anytime you shoot either level or aiming below your straight line of sight. When you aim down it is possible to reach the ground with your bullet before the one you dropped at the same time, the speed of the bullet outruns gravity.

    Some people think that a bullet falls when it runs out of energy from the firing in the gun, it is not true. The bullet starts falling the instant it leaves the barrel of the gun. It gets to its target simply because it is traveling horizontally faster than it is falling vertically.

    I realize that all sounds counter intuitive but it is true.

  • Fusion GPS Confirms Hiring DOJ Official’s Wife To Investigate Trump

    12/12/2017 6:44:25 PM PST · 4 of 26
    JAKraig to SSS Two

    Simply Incredible. Deep State Coup.

  • so i just had an interesting email exchange with the special counsel’s press office:

    12/12/2017 4:28:13 PM PST · 36 of 44
    JAKraig to Ann Archy

    Sessions is Barney Fife. . . . .


    Perhaps, but, I don’t think so but then again I don’t really know. The news everyday makes the left look like Barney Fife a lot more than Sessions.

    Sessions has had a very remarkable career in local, state and federal governments. I don’t think he has ever even been accused of doing anything wrong. I have heard him grill people before a variety of committees, he is absolutely no Barney Fife. For that matter Donald Trump has likely the highest IQ of any president since Thomas Jefferson (my hero) and I don’t think he would have put Sessions there if he were a Barney Fife.

    While you may not think so I absolutely believe that Trump is in command of things and they are going very well, very well indeed. The Mainstream news look like idiots, Democrats in Congress look like stupid idiots and they are falling by the wayside in droves.

    The FBI has been exposed, the Dept of Justice has been exposed, the Clintons have been exposed it’s just fun watching the news every night. The fact that they don’t all go to prison at once is ok, the longer we draw it out the longer it will be remembered.

    Watergate was childs play compared to the crimes committed by the Obama/Clinton cabal. Big name people will be rotting in prison before Sessions is done.

  • so i just had an interesting email exchange with the special counsel’s press office:

    12/12/2017 2:09:36 PM PST · 28 of 44
    JAKraig to Jolla

    I do not believe that Sessions is idiot. I certainly don’t believe that Donald Trump is an idiot. Trump is in charge. Sessions is a prosecutor. He knows how to give a criminal enough rope to hang themselves and I think that is what he has done in this charade of the Special Prosecutor.

    In my opinion there has been nothing in the history of the Republic that has approached the evil of this attempted coup. I don’t believe that it is just Obama, Hillary is involved up to her Chin.

    I do think the truth is starting to drip out. The advantage of the truth just dripping out is that you can then watch everybody try to cover their A$$. It is too late. Sessions knows too much and he will be able to get career personnel who want to stay out of jail and keep their Federal retirements to sing like a canary. The shredders won’t be able to hide the criminals and I think there will be some serious prison time for several people near or at the top of the Obama administration.

    These people thought there was no way in the world that Hillary could lose. They thought they could break the laws of the land with impunity because they knew Hillary would never prosecute them. They thought they were home free. I understand why these people screamed election night.

    The crap has been hitting the fan now for a few weeks and just look at the wall, the writing is all over it.

    I’m an old guy, this is the most sickening thing I have ever seen in our country. The recent revelations of leftists getting caught with their pants down however is encouraging to me. I look forward to seeing them getting their just rewards.

  • Qualcomm’s crazy new Snapdragon chips are a lot more than just faster

    12/11/2017 2:46:04 PM PST · 33 of 46
    JAKraig to blam

    The machines will eventually realize we’re not needed.

    They will go to the stars without us and in a couple million years, humanity will be completely forgotten.


    There are actually many scientists who espouse exactly what you say but, I think the reality is that man and machine will be welded together. Man will communicate with machine in a way that is like thinking, the machine will become part of us. When this welding takes place there will be no demarcation line between where human ends and machine starts. Once our mind controls machines the thinking will be assisted in our own mind not in the mind of some isolated robot.

    Yes there will always be people who disconnect from the grid and don’t want any part of the man/machine world but they will be few and far between because of the crazy advantages of the man/machine concept. Imagine being able to walk up to a piano and playing a Bach Sonata by sight reading it. Now imagine being able to do that the first time you ever see a piano.

    Definitely a different world. My hope is that it will be good but my intuition says the Lord will come and stop it all before it happens. Genesis says that God told Adam that man would eat bread by the sweat of his brow, I don’t think we have been released from that promise. I think we will be released from that promise or punishment but not before The Lord comes to take charge of the earth.

    If you discount religion, Christianity in particular then things will get very interesting indeed in the next several decades.

  • Qualcomm’s crazy new Snapdragon chips are a lot more than just faster

    12/11/2017 12:29:08 PM PST · 21 of 46
    JAKraig to Swordmaker

    I have a Snapdragon in my Galaxy Note 8. I’ve had the original Note, the Note 3, the note 4 and now the 8. All of them have done essentially the same thing they just keep doing it better and better and faster and faster.

    I am a hobby photographer, I shoot with a Nikon D810. What my Note camera does is amazing me. I’m starting to wonder if I should stop spending so much on good camera equipment. I went somewhere recently to a evening display of Nativity Scenes, only tiny Christmas tree lights and my Note 8 took wonderful pictures.

    I have watched with interest the evolution of computers since the early days. I cut my teeth on an IBM 34 and then later an IBM 360 (70 mod). I have in my pocket so much more computing power than any of those, my head is spinning just thinking about it.

    We have only just scratched the surface of what computers will do for us. Man has used machines to get ahead of the other animals on earth for a long time but in the near future things will change in a way most people have no clue of. Who will work when nobody needs to? The transition to this period will not be pretty. Imagine in just a few years that there will be no truck drivers, no farm help, clerical workers, no construction workers, it will be a brave new world for sure. If you wonder where all the manufacturing jobs have gone now just wait a few years when our factories will consist of mostly robots.

    There will be good to come from this for sure, imagine that there is no labor tied to any manufactured good. Imagine that there is no labor in mined goods. The property owners will still get rich but the cost of minerals will drop dramatically.

    You want a car? They don’t cost nearly anything to make. the government will eventually step in and guarantee that everyone has a basic income and basic standard of life. That standard will be pretty high because unlike any time in man’s history there will be little or no cost to housing, food, clothing and transportation. It will be wonderful when professors cannot spout their political views while getting paid a quarter million for allowing interns to teach their classes. The best schooled people in this country now are home schooled and they get their schooling from computer programs.

    Different times are coming.

  • The Supreme Court Continues To Let The Second Amendment Fade

    12/11/2017 5:42:04 AM PST · 4 of 23
    JAKraig to reaganaut1

    I’m not sure I see a problem with the particular case used as an example here. A convicted felon has partial rights restored in the state he committed the felony, including gun ownership rights and then moves to Maryland where the state denies rights to felons unless the the felon receives a full pardon.

    I think that most states do not restore all rights to felons without a full pardon. Live a good life for a while and then apply for a pardon and all is well. If you don’t get it remember to tell your kids to not be convicted felon.

  • EXCLUSIVE – Handwriting Expert Touted by Washington Post Turns on Gloria Allred [TR]

    12/09/2017 7:21:24 AM PST · 33 of 36
    JAKraig to moehoward

    Well, we knew this was coming. Why add the “D.A.” ??


    You may have missed this, it was in the story. It turns out that Moore was the judge in a divorce for Mrs Nelson. While he was never the DA and never signed DA after his name, when he was the judge his clerk signed papers for him with a stamp of his signature. The clerk would always put her initials after his stamped signature so people would know that it was her that did it, here name Deborah Adams, DA.

    So, when Nelson needed an example of Moore’s signature to use in a forgery she simply pulled out the divorce papers and copied the signature as best she could from the example she had.

    Stupid people is what Alred and Nelson are.


    12/05/2017 8:36:42 AM PST · 26 of 65
    JAKraig to rigelkentaurus

    We don’t need the federal government encouraging us to do anything, but, there is a sure effect. The effect certainly isn’t always good or bad.

    When a wealthy person purchases a house it is usually more house, that is more expensive than a not so wealthy person can afford. Because of the tax deduction the not so wealthy man subsidizes the the purchase of the wealthy mans home that the less wealthy man cannot afford.

    It is wonderful that the wealthy man can afford to buy an expensive house, that home builders can make money from him, that local governments can make money on his now increased property tax, but perhaps without the subsidy he would buy less house and all taxes would be lower and now the less wealthy could afford a little more home and still keep the home builders busy.

    From the politicians standpoint the subsidy is great because the banks can make a lot more money which is in part donated to the politicians to keep the subsidy going.

    When I was young, many decades ago, Sirloin Steak was not for poor people but average middle class people could afford it, at least on occasion. We had it a lot when I was a kid in the 1950’s. Enter Food Stamps. The price of Sirloin shot up because people who could not previously afford it could and the people who paid for it, the middle class tax payer could no longer afford it.

    At the turn of the last century, that is going from the 1800’s to the 1900’s there was no income tax. The economy flourished but people who made a lot of money had nothing to do with it other than invest it to make more money. Soon we had several very rich families that controlled most of America.

    There is a place for government. The government should promote the welfare of it’s people. Sometimes that means limiting the power of the few to rule over the many. Sometimes it does mean something other than having a free for all.

    I don’t like the idea of having a tax deduction for interest nor do I like having a deduction for Property Tax. I have used both to great advantage and will until it is discontinued but, I do believe it should be discontinued.

    I do believe that government should promote the welfare of the society but that it should not pick winners and losers. It should do all it can to make all of us winners.

    Paying 35% corporate tax is so stupid. Business don’t pay any tax, the customers of a business pay the tax and then the business can’t compete in world markets because they start off at a one third disadvantage.

    I don’t know the answer to the proposition of a graduated income tax but I do know that everyone should participate in the economic good of the country by paying taxes. A national sales tax would have to be pretty high, likely about 21% to keep up with what we already spend. It would hit the poor very hard because they don’t pay taxes, they actually get an “earned income credit” that they would lose under a flat or sales tax.

    It is actually pretty complicated except business should not pay tax because only consumers really pay it.

  • Crew in missing Argentina submarine reported a fire, leak in final message

    11/28/2017 9:30:34 AM PST · 26 of 37
    JAKraig to American in Israel

    It sounds like an incredibly stupid decision to go back down after a battery problem and likely chlorine gas problem. Surface and ventilate the ship would be the logical call to me. I was qualified as diving officer and that is what I would have done.

  • You can’t possibly be serious (market ticker guy finds forgery)

    11/15/2017 12:31:50 PM PST · 13 of 84
    JAKraig to pgyanke

    Not to be a total wet blanket on this... but if the pen was running out of ink (I know it doesn’t look like that) then that would be a plausible reason for the different colors. Happens to me all the time.


    Yeah, pens run out of ink, when they do they usually start skipping first. The newspapers didn’t show it in color as to hide the difference. That’s called collusion.

    McConnell needs to apologize and someone needs to go to jail.

  • You can’t possibly be serious (market ticker guy finds forgery)

    11/15/2017 12:31:07 PM PST · 12 of 84
    JAKraig to pgyanke

    Not to be a total wet blanket on this... but if the pen was running out of ink (I know it doesn’t look like that) then that would be a plausible reason for the different colors. Happens to me all the time.


    Yeah, pens run out of ink, when they do they usually start skipping first. The newspapers didn’t show it in color as to hide the difference. That’s called collusion.

    McConnell needs to apologize and someone needs to go to jail.