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Posts by JAKraig

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  • This U.S. missile is about to get a ship-killing upgrade

    02/05/2016 11:07:57 AM PST · 13 of 14
    JAKraig to nuke_road_warrior
    One thing most people may not realize that nearly every navy now has ship killers, some only work for a few thousand yards, some several miles and some many 10’s of miles. The only way to own the sea around you is kill threats within strike distance, 200 miles is pretty a pretty good strike distance, likely farther than even high masted radar can see. Ship board armor is mostly on the hull, the deck is not that hard and superstructure even less hardened on the top. Coming straight down at 3 times the speed of sound will do serious damage even without a warhead. I would expect something that fast to go through all the superstructure to the hull, if it hits fuel, explosives or steam it is all over.
  • Married Priests? At the Gregorian They’re Voting Against

    02/05/2016 9:39:35 AM PST · 34 of 35
    JAKraig to Ransomed
    Why do you think the most liberal Catholics, the ones that support priestesses, homosexuals clergy in relationships, and ‘gay marriage’ invariably want the discipline to end? I think they believe the Catholics will end up like the Anglicans and Episcopalians, not the Orthodox. I mean, why haven’t the liberal groups that have been pro-homosexual for 10 plus years instituted the discipline of celibacy, if it promotes all the stuff they want?



    Anglicans and all of Christianity in western Europe has fallen into non-religious standards, that is due to socialism. Western Europeans seldom go to church even though they identify themselves as Christians they do it just barely.

    The reason liberal clergy want standards as we now have them is because of a hope of increased membership and attendance at church. The churches are dying, the membership and worst of all donations are drying up. If everybody was welcomed they assume membership would go up, it doesn't. It may briefly but eventually believers stop coming and all that is left is the non-believers who wanted legitimacy. Once the believers stop coming the legitimacy is lost.

    In the east because there were few freedoms people held on to things they could not have and admired standards that were even sometimes illegal.

    The one thing that Celibacy gives a homosexual is legitimacy. Many parishioners know their priest is either gay or effeminate but they don't know if he is practicing his homosexuality or just dealing with it and remaining celibate. They hope for the latter.

    Some people have a legitimate attraction for same sex. Other people have a real attraction for children. There many attractions that humans have to deal with and most do successfully deal with it. The problem is that sexual attraction and desire are overpowering feelings that require satisfaction at some point and even then return. I have some feelings of sadness for people who have these problems just like I have for some people that have other incurable diseases. There is a difference though, the person with the incurable disease can do nothing about it, the person with same sex attraction can and most usually do satisfy themselves with a heterosexual relationship. It may not be as satisfying as a homosexual relationship but it leads to a “happy” life with natural children and “normal” life.

    I have much admiration for people with same sex attraction that lead normal, heterosexual lives. I believe that acting on feelings that will end up causing harm is stupid. We don't allow the pedophile to act on his feelings for any number of reasons, in my opinion it should be the same for homosexuals and has been for most of mankind's existence.

    It used to be called “queer” and “unnatural”, it is queer and unnatural to act on same sex attraction. It is even more queer for those who represent God to do so.

  • Married Priests? At the Gregorian They’re Voting Against

    02/04/2016 8:41:08 AM PST · 14 of 35
    JAKraig to pgkdan

    Not every Roman Catholic Priest is homosexual or practicing homosexual but I admit that many I have run into are. There are still some very good unselfish priests who are priests because they love God and want to serve him. Unfortunately there are many priests who are priests because it is a good place to find sexual partners.

    The problem of homosexuality is not as big a problem in the Orthodox church where priests can be married, while many are not. In the Eastern Catholic church you must not be married if you wish to become a bishop.

    There is no strictly religious or doctrinal reason for celibacy, the early church fathers started expounding on it and it was eventually canonized in the centuries after Constantine. The idea is that without a family you can devote your whole life to The Church and it’s members. You can be “married” to The Church and therefore to Christ.

    The Apostles in the time of Christ were married except for Paul however there have been writers that say while they were married they did not have sex with their wives. There is absolutely no early doctrine or written support for this position.

    I personally think celibacy is a mistake. While I admire those who can devote their lives to The Church I think the doctrine promotes homosexuality, pedophilia and adultery. God placed in man the desire for a woman if you deny the fulfillment of that desire then the desire turns into a fire that is never quenched until a horrible mistake is made. Once the mistake is made it then requires the sin to be hidden which moves the priest far from God and he becomes a shell of his former devoted self.

    Marriage of priests would solve a lot of problems in The Church.

  • Breaking News Sex-assault case against Bill Cosby can proceed, judge says

    02/04/2016 6:45:13 AM PST · 24 of 24
    JAKraig to Graybeard58

    The accusations have come forward since then but the crimes were reportedly several decades ago.

  • Breaking News Sex-assault case against Bill Cosby can proceed, judge says

    02/03/2016 3:46:59 PM PST · 10 of 24
    JAKraig to dfwgator

    I expect he will have a whole slew of lawyers.

    I do however believe that if you wait 50 years to make an accusation something isn’t right. I’m not saying he didn’t do something but I doubt that who he did it to didn’t want it, or at least weren’t expecting it. When they didn’t get what they wanted out of it they now try to get something “extra” from it.

    If you sit on it for 50 years you can’t have been too upset about it.

    Had they accused him at the time it happened it would be a whole lot more believable. I do not know the whole story but nobody will after 50 years the participants can’t even remember the facts.

  • Packing while Fishing

    02/01/2016 12:57:15 PM PST · 46 of 49
    JAKraig to eartrumpet

    My advice is that if you carry, then carry. Always carry. Never be without your protection. The chances of your ever having to use a gun are slim to none but the minute you leave it at home is the time you will need it.

  • I am Looking at getting either an Apple 6s or a Samsung Galaxy S®6 any suggestions?

    01/24/2016 8:34:11 PM PST · 55 of 77
    JAKraig to amihow
    Yes. I have S3. Hate everything over a 5. They changed the 6 up and the note. Awful.
    Better with a 5 if you can find one.


    I had the original Note, the Note 3 and now the 4. I'm still learning about features, they are incredible, but, I have to charge it every day. If I don't use it much I could go for a few days but these machines are so incredible you have to use them.

    Being able to say “Ok Google” where is this or that place and getting directions to it is incredible. Asking Google for a phone number is instantaneous. “OK Google” call the Shelbyville Road Outback, and it just happens.

    I will never go back to Apple and Itunes again. I just plug my phone into my computer and transfer files. Easy peasy.

    The features of the stylus on the Note and the ease of using the phone in gloves is too good to be true.

    Love my Note,

  • National Review Squanders Its Legacy; Disdains Founder Bill Buckley’s Advice

    01/22/2016 12:19:02 PM PST · 70 of 285
    JAKraig to Cecily
    This whole affair is rather sickening.

    The worst president in the history of the country is ruling like a dictator, after Carter that is really saying something. The current president/dictator hates the country and is doing everything Cloward and Piven said to do to bring down the country to make it ready to be rebuilt as a socialist/communist society. GOP_e says Bush over Trump? Get real. Our Congress fails to represent us and does the bidding of the government contractors who pour their “winnings” back into the governing class to keep the teat full of milk and we worry about Trump.

    I simply don't understand what is happening to conservatives. Cruz is the real deal, Trump is not Obama. Ok, I want Cruz, I'm not likely to get him but Trump or Cruz will easily beat Clinton or Sanders and probably even Biden.

    The first rule is to win. If you don't do that you don't do anything. It would be nice to have a touchdown but even a 1st down would be nice right now. Trump would be a great first down and might get us to the goal line.

    The once great country of The USA is being lost to immigration. There are only two candidates that would take us in the right direction, Cruz and Trump. Every other issue, as important as they all are, pale in comparison. We have to get this right. Conservatives, RINO's and people who call themselves independents need to pull this together to get us out of the event horizon we are quickly falling into.

    As far as being dictator, there is nobody that will ever abuse the Constitution like Obama has, hopefully. I'm willing to take my chances with Trump if he is the nominee. In the general election if he is the nominee wild horses couldn't keep me from the polls.

  • Donald Trump Is Right About Cruz's Presidential Eligibility

    01/21/2016 7:07:45 AM PST · 76 of 207
    JAKraig to Don Corleone
    This is really difficult.

    I really like Cruz, we need him as president but I am not 100% convinced he is eligible. He only renounced his Canadian citizenship 2 years ago, in 2014. How can someone who has been a citizen of another country be president of this country?

    Perhaps the above question can be answered in a way that makes it legally possible for Cruz to be president but the very fact that there is a question about it even though some may not consider it a legitimate question could lose him a lot of votes.

    It didn't cost Obama votes because the press was on his side but in this round the press will do all they can to belittle any Republican or conservative candidates.

  • Who Is Permitted To Be The President Of The USA? The Full Story Is Embarrassing

    01/21/2016 6:35:36 AM PST · 134 of 163
    JAKraig to cynwoody

    The significance of the 1790 law is that it demonstrates what the common understanding of the term NBC was at the time. Namely, that being a citizen due to being born abroad to Americans is to be natural born.


    My take is the opposite of yours, their understanding made them remove “Natural Born” from the law.

  • Who Is Permitted To Be The President Of The USA? The Full Story Is Embarrassing

    01/20/2016 9:08:45 PM PST · 51 of 163
    JAKraig to DB

    I does not reflect well at all, the words “Natural Born” were striped from the 1790 law before it ever became law.

  • Walmart Closes LA Store Over $15 Minimum Wage

    01/20/2016 9:00:25 PM PST · 94 of 97
    JAKraig to DH

    Perhaps if you had taken the time to read my post you would not have said the things you said. I didn’t say the taxes weren’t paid. What I said was that prices go up to reflect the cost of taxes so that in the end the consumer actually pays the cost of the tax in higher prices.

    If you can’t understand that then we don’t need to be having the conversation.

  • Coulter: The case against Cruz as ‘natural-born citizen’

    01/20/2016 7:22:40 AM PST · 31 of 154
    JAKraig to impimp
    The difference is Obama’s mother was too young to confer citizenship. Cruz’s mother was not too young to confer it. She overlooks this.


    You miss the point, the only reason his mother was old enough is that congress passed a law that said she was old enough. If you are a citizen at birth because of a law then you are not natural born.

    The difference is that natural born citizens are citizens at birth without the contrivance of congress. Without the law that congress passes saying who could be a citizen and who could not Cruz would not be a citizen, much less a natural born citizen.

  • Coulter: The case against Cruz as ‘natural-born citizen’

    01/20/2016 7:18:10 AM PST · 25 of 154
    JAKraig to RC one
    This is difficult for me. I think Cruz would be the best possible person for the job of President of The United States. Coulter, however makes a lot of sense. Don't you just hate logic.

    There was a time when I realized that Trump would be the likely nominee that perhaps Trump would select Cruz for VP but now I can see that the position for Cruz would be The Supreme Court.

    Coulter by the way is not an idiot. She is an attorney. If you have ever been a citizen of another country you cannot be a natural born citizen of this country. That is why Obama is ineligible, he was a citizen of Indonesia. He may have also been a citizen of Kenya and therefore a subject of the United Kingdom.

    There is nobody that approaches the quality of Cruz in this election. Trump has certainly been on the right side of a lot of positions in this cycle but certainly not on the right side of others. In my opinion the most important consideration in this cycle is immigration, send them all home. At least on this Trump is not far from where I am. The difference is I would have a long waiting period for those who broke American law to be able to legally return. Coming here illegally is breaking American law.

  • Walmart Closes LA Store Over $15 Minimum Wage

    01/18/2016 8:20:26 AM PST · 74 of 97
    JAKraig to meatloaf
    You don't get to be the largest company in the world with the largest number of employees by doing stupid stuff. Wall-mart is in business to make a profit and to make as much profit as they can. Their job is not to support government with taxes.

    No business actually pays taxes. All business income is from sales. If governments take part of the income from sales then the price of sales increases. If a company does not make profit it closes.

    Governments in this country take over half of our earned income. We have Federal, State and local income taxes, we have sales taxes we have excise tax, property taxes and government fees out the wazoo. Even though governments get more of our money than we do it is not enough, governments spend more than they collect even though they collect record amounts each year.

    When I was born in the 40’s the defense department was 75% of the federal budget. Today payments to individuals is nearly 75% of the federal budget and similar percentages are starting to happen in all the state budgets. But still it isn't enough, the governments borrow against our future earnings which guarantee an increase in future taxes to pay it off, it also guarantees an increase in the inflation rate. 40% of every dollar spent by the federal government is borrowed, or perhaps “printed” from thin air would be a better description. A day of reckoning will have to come, it will not be pretty.

    Where in our Federal or state constitutions does it allow the government to make slaves of us to support people who don't earn a living but get one anyway? Before LBJ this was not the case, this is called “vote buying” and I for one am sick of it.

  • Saw "The Revenant" (Movie Review-Vanity)

    01/17/2016 12:05:44 PM PST · 26 of 48
    JAKraig to kaila

    I saw the film. The production was done exceptionally well, I could feel the cold and snow.

    The violence was extreme. I’m not saying the violence was overdone, I don’t know what people were like in the wilderness back then but I hope it was overdone. It was a dog eat dog world portrayed in the movie. It is hard to imagine such a brutal world or such dishonest people in it.

    One good thing about the movie is that DiCaprio had so little to say past a few grunts. If nothing else the story was gripping, it holds you on the edge of your seat, I will be glad when I can forget it.

  • Excellent analysis of the Cruz eligibility issue (vanity - thread post by freeper Cboldt)

    01/15/2016 8:25:36 AM PST · 45 of 146
    JAKraig to chris37
    Which makes me think that he could go all the way, win, and then be disqualified by a suit, and that is not something that I find appealing to be perfectly honest.


    I do think that Cruz could go all the way, I doubt that he will, I think Trump may have it sewed up. If Cruz wins the speaker of the house certifies the election and then he is president. True there might be lawsuits but they won't affect his being president until it is appealed to the Supreme Court which could take years. I have my doubts about a court having the guts to kick out a sitting president.

    I am a Cruz first supporter. I wish however that he had renounced his Canadian Citizenship a long time ago instead of waiting until he decided he wanted to be president.

    I do not believe that any of the lawsuits will prevail against Cruze but it will certainly make a circus attitude with the press. The press was afraid to say anything on the Obama birth issue but won't feel any constraint with Cruze. If nothing else it will be interesting and entertainging.

  • Rove predicts multi-ballot convention for GOP

    01/07/2016 11:30:38 AM PST · 21 of 45
    JAKraig to Buckeye McFrog

    If there are two ballots they will both have a Trump majority.

    Trump is walking away the leader, nobody is touching him.

    It is true that Iowa may be won by Ted Cruz, I love him, but when was the last time the Iowa picked the winner? One state with a tiny population of evangelicals does not a nation wide election make. The majority of people in this country are not evangelicals and they are not rural. New York loves Trump, even many of the liberals.

    This election is Trumps to lose.

  • The Reason to Believe Donald Trump Will Lose

    01/06/2016 9:07:19 AM PST · 59 of 145
    JAKraig to Uncle Miltie
    Perhaps the Time article makes some valid points, or should I say points that would be valid in another situation. Hundreds of thousands of people who take the time to stand in the cold for hours to wait to see Mr. Trump will not miss going to the polls. I have never seen so many people so enthusiastic about a candidate. I went to the Reagan rallies and never saw this.

    People are tired of their country slipping away from them. We thought Jimmy Carter was the worst president in the countries history but he pales in comparison to Obama’s stupidity or evilness. I think Trump will be a blowout.

  • How Cruz Wins New Hampshire and the Nomination

    01/04/2016 8:38:09 AM PST · 20 of 23
    JAKraig to Fantasywriter
    I like Cruz. He says how he is going to do things. I hope he wins but I don't think he can beat Trump. I have nothing against Trump except that he was a Democrat for so long, that being said so was Reagan.

    It is hard to imagine the huge crowds that Trump is getting so early in the contest. I'm old, I remember Eisenhower's campaign and especially Nixon and Kennedy. Eisenhower was a wonderfully popular general. His name was in the headlines nearly everyday in the late 40’s. Everybody liked Ike but there was nothing of the enthusiasm for him as there is now for Trump. There was a lot of enthusiasm for Kennedy but nothing like what we are seeing for Trump.

    I worked in local government for 15 years. The government mindset is absurd. Everybody wants more money, better equipment and higher salaries, they get it. They get all this stuff at the expense of those who provide the money for it and have contempt for those people. Governments think they know best in every situation. I think that Trump is likely the only person running right now that really understands this and potential voters realize it.

    If Trump wins I at least hope he makes Cruz VP, Cruz will then have a chance to learn a little about business from a real business man.

  • How Donald Trump destroyed the Republican Party in 2015

    12/29/2015 1:50:23 PM PST · 97 of 108
    JAKraig to DiogenesLamp

    Donald Trump has done more for the Republican party than anybody save Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. Even if he is never nominated he has taught conservative Republicans to stand up and fight back against the liberal press and establishment.

    I have been excited to see Ted Cruz doing as well as he is but if Trump wins the nomination It will be easier for me to vote for him than it was for either Bush.

    The likes of McConnell and Ryan have got to go, they should switch to Democrat.

  • Killed ISIS Commander’s Cell Phone Shows Direct Ties To Turkish Intelligence

    12/28/2015 8:01:42 PM PST · 22 of 72
    JAKraig to Eddie01

    Obama treason pure and simple.

  • Huckabee: My Money's On Trump

    12/28/2015 10:16:42 AM PST · 28 of 50
    JAKraig to skinndogNN

    You can’t win Florida, Virginia, and Ohio with such an anti-Hispanic message. And you can’t win the presidency without Florida, Virginia, and Ohio. . . . .


    I have no idea what you are listening to but, Trump is popular with many Latinos, He has nothing against Latinos his problem is with illegals and they know that.

  • Louisville, KY: Episcopal Rector Forced to Resign Because He Would Not Perform Gay Weddings

    12/28/2015 8:02:40 AM PST · 37 of 39
    JAKraig to frog in a pot

    And, those of us who walk away from the EC as I did some years ago will always wonder if we should have stayed and fought. . . . . .


    You ask a hard question. Martin Luther fought for a while but the mainstream of the day didn’t care for what he had to say.

    Unfortunately, today the mainstream churches are all about money. The term poor as a church mouse was a reference to ministers of the church being poor, today in the mainstream churches they are not. The “mainstream” denominations have a very large hierarchy that sucks money from the local congregations and every minister works toward a larger church and eventually to be a bishop or other administrator in the leadership of the denomination.

    When one of the homosexuals in the Calvary decided that the priest was not homosexual friendly he left and took his donations with him and many in the leadership of the congregation were upset over the loss.

    To me it is most unfortunate that money takes a higher position than doctrine.

    I believe in loving the sinner and hating the sin, but honoring the sinner in his sin is not hating the sin. I would hope all sinners including queers, adulterers and all the rest of us would attend church and learn to do without the sins and give them all away but we won’t as long as the church honors it.

  • Louisville, KY: Episcopal Rector Forced to Resign Because He Would Not Perform Gay Weddings

    12/27/2015 12:29:35 PM PST · 17 of 39
    JAKraig to frog in a pot
    I sang at that church for over 25 years, not as a part of the Choir but as part of the Louisville, Bach Society. For the most part it is a very liberal congregation, mostly very fine people who are generous with their time, their talents and their pocket books in taking care of the indigent in the inner city parish. Jonathan Erdman seems to be a very kind man and accepted all who came to his parish, he realized that we are all sinners and so accepted all sinners into his congregation. His “fault” is that he would not honor sin. I greatly respect him for that and wish him only the best and suspect that Calvary Episcopal Church will soon fade away and only the homosexuals will be left.
  • Video prompts calls for D.A. to reopen case of fatal shooting by L.A. sheriff's deputies

    12/27/2015 11:30:28 AM PST · 6 of 12
    JAKraig to E. Pluribus Unum
    What color is Mr. Aguilar's skin?
    That's the only thing that matters in these cases.


    Mr Aguilar did nothing to deserve a death sentence but that is what he got. The cops lied about what happened until witnesses said that he never had a gun. When that came out the cops said that he reached for their gun and that is probably how the one cop got shot but that wasn't so and is clearly so from the video. This is a sickening murder or execution. I wish I hadn’t seen it, I'll likely never forget it and never have respect for an LA copy for as long as I live because of the actions of these two murders.

    What difference does it make what color a mans skin is, murder is wrong and it is even worse when committed by those we pay to protect us. I hope these two murdering cops rot in prison for the rest of their lives and rot in Hell for eternity.

  • Biblical Birth Narratives Are Weird And Incredible. We Can Stop Sanitizing Them.

    12/24/2015 7:31:27 PM PST · 19 of 25
    JAKraig to tbpiper

    Christ Also says that He and His followers must also be one with him, that does not make His followers God. If the Trinity is a mystery we shouldn’t get upset if people have different ideas of what it is. There are plenty of scriptures in the New Testament to give a person a good reason for having a “different” view of what the Trinity is, whether it was Stephen seeing Jesus at the right hand of God or the voice of God recognizing Christ as His Son at His Baptism by John or even Christ praying to His Father to have the Cup removed but instead agreed to do His Fathers will or perhaps admitting that He didn’t know when the end would be that only His Father knew that.

    What is important is that Jesus Christ The Son of God condescended to come to the earth to be punished and die a miserable death so that we could all rise if we follow Him.

    This is the season that we celebrate the gift that The Father gave to the world of His son via the Holy ghost. I don’t think I particularly care about the nuances of the Holy Trinity and certainly I am not going to give someone else a hard way to go about their understanding of it. The important thing is to follow Christ Jesus, then we will have perhaps and eternity to understand the Trinity.

  • SpaceX plans to return Falcon 9 rocket to flight Sunday

    12/19/2015 9:00:55 AM PST · 4 of 8
    JAKraig to montag813
    Elon WHO? Jeff Bezos ate his lunch, and without corporate welfare. Call us when you succeed in landing a rocket, Musk.


    Actually Bezos did nothing of the kind. Musk's rocked goes several times the speed of sound and drastically higher than the little Bezos rocket. The Bezos is a tortoise compared to the Musk Hare.

    Yes Bezos did land his little rocket but it was not a big feat compared to what Musk is trying to do.

  • Dashcam Video Shows Florida Deputy Getting Punched, Shot During Traffic Stop

    12/19/2015 8:55:30 AM PST · 24 of 34
    JAKraig to Oatka

    Thankfully the officer survived this encounter. Thank goodness the career criminal will be going back to prison, perhaps he’ll die there. . . .


    Perhaps you are right, but he should have already been there for the rest of his life. How many violent crimes does a person have to be arrested for before they are taken out of society for good.

    This officer should have never been shot, what a shame.

  • Why Donald Trump chose Corey Stewart to chair his Virginia campaign

    12/17/2015 8:55:39 AM PST · 10 of 11
    JAKraig to jjsheridan5

    The definition of a crony capitalist, and a (albeit probably a non-fatal one) mistake for Trump.


    I don’t know the guy but what is important is that he gets results. The campaign chairman is mostly not seen and simply organizes the staff into doing productive work. It really doesn’t make any difference what his stance or relationship to “crony capitalism” is.

  • The Vatican Is Wrong, Jews Need Jesus for Salvation, Says Messianic Group

    12/14/2015 8:34:02 AM PST · 14 of 73
    JAKraig to SeekAndFind

    RE: I think it’s clear from Paul that Jews who do not believe in Christ are lost.


    My personal opinion, and it is simply an opinion, I think the question is a little complicated.

    The Jews as all Israel have always believed in “The Messiah”, but they believe he has yet to come, in other words they simply don’t believe that Jesus was the Messiah.

    The Jews in leadership positions in the day of Jesus’s mortality are surely responsible for this un-belief. I think many of them knew or at least suspected He may have been the promised Messiah. They however were in fear of losing their leadership positions. I would think that their logic would have been something on the order of, “well if He is the Messiah then let Him stop us”. Jesus didn’t stop them however because He had to be the sacrifice for the guilt of the whole world.

    This puts the followers of the Jewish leadership in an awkward position, namely: do they follow the meek Jesus Christ or the great and powerful Jewish leadership whom they believed received the priesthood of Arron in the tribe of Levi and the High priesthood from the descendants of Aaron.

    I can’t believe that the same Jesus that loved Israel and Who gave the promises and blessings of Abraham to those descendants will condemn them for doing what they truly thought was what He wanted them to do. I don’t know how it will be accomplished but I do believe that those who after seeing who Jesus really is will repent of their denial and will then serve Him. I have to believe that the reason Jesus went to visit the spirits of those in “prison” was so that He could show them who He was so that they could then accept Him. I sure hope so anyway. If I am wrong then judgement day will be very sad indeed for those who thought they were doing what they were supposed to be doing.

  • Mark Furman just told all CC holders to carry EVEN IF THERE is A NO GUNS SIGN

    12/04/2015 7:13:29 AM PST · 30 of 102
    JAKraig to bravo whiskey

    If they have a sign and I can get what I want somewhere else I go somewhere else. If they have a drive through I may consider that. If I have to have what they have and they don’t have a metal detector then I just go in anyway. There are movie theaters that have signs that I totally ignore. I think you would have to be crazy to go to a theater unarmed.

  • 17 Facts about Mormonism: A Mormon Response and Counter-Response by Damon Whitsell

    11/28/2015 6:43:03 AM PST · 88 of 133
    JAKraig to svcw
    Mormonism is not Christian maybe you should actually look into the cult.


    I suspect I know more about the Mormons than most people although there are likely Mormons who know more than me.

    If you define “Christian” as one who follows the Nicean Creed or what most now call The Apostles Creed then no, Mormons are emphatically not Christian, but I don’t think that is a good definition even though perhaps most people think of that when they think “Christian”. I do not. In my mind anyone who tries to follow Christ and His teachings is Christian. If you follow the Nicean Creed then you are either one of the several “Catholic” churches or one of it's offshoots, Protestant if you will. I personally don't believe that the Nicean Creed really defines Christianity very well. I'm not saying there is something wrong with it but it really was created to put up a fence around a particular view of Christianity. I won't go into great detail here, I likely have in the past but I'm on vacation so will just touch the subject lightly. In 325 AD when the Emperor of Rome, Constantine, who was the head of a Non Christian Church called all the Christian Bishops to a meeting in Nicea he did it to define what Christianity was and was not. He allowed the different Bishops to present their definitions and decided on one in particular as what would be the legal Christianity. The Bishop who presented the winning plan was from Greece and had an ally from Egypt. The ally from Egypt was actually Greek but was living in Alexandria where he had a very large church and was a close friend of Constantine.

    This “Eastern” view of Christianity was not accepted by approximately 1/3rd of those in attendance and they were threatened with expulsion, excommunication even death if they did not sign on, still very many didn't. Constantine relented and said they could still call their churches Christian and be a part of the now universal or “catholic” church without signing on to the Nicean Creed. The only part of this creed that was not acceptable was the definition of the “Holy Trinity”. For another 60 years there was division in The Church about the Trinity until another council was held in 385. After that it was mandatory to believe in the “Creed” to be Christian and to refuse could mean death, especially if you were a Church leader.

    Today in the “Universal” Church we have a Pope, someone who is the senior bishop to all the others, he is considered “infallible” in his proclamations about Church doctrines. He occupies the same position as Peter did in the Early Church according to the Universal church as an Apostle of Jesus Christ.

    Now to the point. In the Universal church or Catholic church specifically The Roman Catholic Church there has since it's beginning been a definition of who was in the universal church and who was not. If you said you believed in the Creed then you were else you were not. Believing in the creed did not make you Christian but made you part of the “Universal” or Catholic church. There have always been Christian churches that were not a part of this “Catholic” church and their differences were varied.

    Eventually the Romans and Popes killed off most of the leaders of these non conforming churches although some still exist there are only a few left. I put Mormons in the same category as the non conforming early Christian churches. They are not part of the “Universal” church but are still most definitely Christian.

    In the letters or epistles we have from the Apostle Paul we hear of him rebuking the several organized churches for their waywardness. The several churches without an Apostle in their presence would tend to fall away from the pure worship of Christ ascribed by the early church leaders and kept bringing other doctrines in. Although the churches taught many things that Paul condemned they were still considered Christian churches.

    If you ever investigate the Mormons you will find that they are Christian. They worship The Son of God as The Savior of mankind. They worship His Father as God. They do not believe that Christ is The Father, they do however believe that He is the God of the Old Testament, that He is in fact Jehovah. that is in fact what nearly broke the universal church apart before it even got started in 325AD. there is no one alive or in holy writ save a very few who have claimed to see God The Father. There is really only one that I know of and that is the Martyr, Stephen. In his description of what he saw while being stoned to death for being a Christian he claimed he saw Jesus and God standing side by side. While John The Baptist never claimed to see God he did claim that there was a voice from Heaven testifying that Jesus was His Son.

    I'm not trying to make an argument for the Mormon view of The Trinity only saying that there is plenty of room for acceptance of their view scripturally.

    Mormons have a prophet who claims to be an ordained Apostle of Jesus Christ. The Roman Catholic Church makes a similar claim. While Roman Catholics don't call their Apostle a Prophet, apostles are by definition prophets. Really not much different than the Mormons except that the Catholics claim that their first Apostle was ordained by Christ in mortality and the line continues unbroken today. There are many who dispute this claim but, anybody can dispute anything. There is nobody forcing anybody to accept the Nicean Creed today. Unlike believers of Islam Christian can believe what they want and still claim to be Christians without having themselves crucified or losing their heads.

    The Mormon churches in the area around my wifes church belong to a local group of “Christian” churches who perform humanitarian service to those in need. When this council of churches allowed the Mormons to start being a member a leader of one of the group of churches complained about it saying they weren't Christian. they asked the representative to summarize their beliefs and the council decided that they were indeed Christian and they became a member of the group.

    I'm not sure why one person who says they are Christian would have so much animus with someone else who said he was a Christian but personally I think that anyone who really tries to follow Jesus Christ is a Christian. All churches probably have some baggage we would rather they left behind but I don't think it affects their being Christian.

  • Why one political scientist thinks Donald Trump might actually win

    11/25/2015 5:31:07 PM PST · 27 of 34
    JAKraig to Tax-chick
    Trump is ahead in the polls, and true others have been ahead and fallen but there is a difference. Trump is drawing larger crowds than anyone else by a mile, twenty and thirty thousand at a time. I think that is the sign that he will win the nomination. I do think the Latinos like him, they don't like the illegal competition anymore than we do.

    I couldn't vote for Bush, it would be Hillary slightly light. I could perhaps force myself to vote for Rubio, but, after the gang of 8 it would really be difficult. I think Ted Cruz is the real thing, about the best I can hope for is Trump/Cruz and second term we get Cruz.

  • 17 Facts about Mormonism: A Mormon Response and Counter-Response by Damon Whitsell

    11/25/2015 2:22:37 PM PST · 24 of 133
    JAKraig to IWONDR

    are you a biblical scholar? i believe there may be some question regarding the order of the books in the Bible. i don’t believe that mormons have edited or redacted anything in the Bible. however, they do believe in modern day prophetic revelation, as they claim is the case with their Book of Mormon.


    I am not a “Bible Scholar”, but, I am not in total ignorance either. While there may be some question to the exact time a small minority of the Biblical books were written there is no doubt as to when they were compiled into a bible. In my seven decades on this earth I have tried to learn much. Much of what I have learned is in The Holy Bible and about The Holy Bible. I am dismayed that people say they believe in a book in which they really have little understanding of. Were I a Bible Scholar I would still be studying. The words of life are contained in it. I know this not because someone told me they were there but because I have found those words and applied them in my life. My life which is filled with wonder and awe that The Son of God would come to earth, be human, suffer the frailties of man, suffer the evil of mankind and yet love mankind enough that He would take upon Himself the sins of mankind including mine and willingly be punished for them.

    How foolish would it be to hear this and try to believe it without testing it, without investigating it to the best of my ability. How silly it would be to say I was a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ The Lord and not be a better person than I was. How silly it would be to continue to sin helter skelter depending on the Grace of God with no thought of what I do. How can I, a nobody belittle the Koran or other religions if I don’t know what it is that I believe. I don’t believe in fairy tales, I believe in truth. If you don’t know the truth then it is easy to believe in fairy tales. Knowing the truth sets me free from the frailties of the world, of the frailties and evil of mankind.

    You speak of Mormons believing in prophetic revelation. How can you be a Christian and not believe in Prophetic revelation? In the book of James we are told that if you don’t know the answer to a question to ask God and He will tell us. If you don’t believe in prophetic revelation then you are bound by the philosophy of man instead of the truth of God. Ministers of the world mix their philosophy with a scripture here and there and gather a following because the followers are too lazy to study for themselves.

    Someone earlier in this thread said they didn’t believe in the Nicaea Creed. If you really studied how this came into being, if you understood the Roman History from the time of Constantine you would question that creed.

    When I was 15 years old my father as part of punishment for something stupid I did made me read the Holy Bible from Genesis to Revelations. He did me a wonderful favor. Reading the Bible will teach you more about God and His Son Jesus Christ than all the sermons in the world. It will light a fire under you to have a desire to know truth. I am burning still with that fire, I hope it never goes out.

    I can truthfully say that I know that Jesus Christ walked on the earth, was dead as a door nail but is alive again and walked and talked with those who knew him in Mortality. I know Him and follow as best I can with the hope that I will be better tomorrow than I am today until I become like Him.

    At the last day when I stand before God and my life is reviewed and I am found wanting, Jesus will say “he is Mine, his shortcoming have already been punished, I took those punishments willingly for his sake”. I will belong to Jesus for ever and ever and He will forever have my love and devotion.

    What do I think of the Mormons? My wife is one. A better Christian I never met on this earth. Because of their fruits I have a hard time calling them a cult. I am perhaps not ready yet to weigh in on their prophets but I can weigh in on their Christianity.

  • 17 Facts about Mormonism: A Mormon Response and Counter-Response by Damon Whitsell

    11/25/2015 12:57:34 PM PST · 20 of 133
    JAKraig to Terry L Smith
    As for me:

    The mountain meadows massacre displayed an ‘infidelic’ attitude to anyone passing through their territory.

    To actually amass a separate standing army, and in effect, threaten war with the U.S. government, again, displays their ‘infidelic’ attitude.

    Since the last written passages in the bible are from John’s hand, warning that no editing or redacting occur, i consider both the Jehovah’s Witless AND the mormons to be doggerel aberrations and cults.


    I don't have a horse in this race so I am very reluctant to chime in but when a person displays such gross ignorance of the facts I have to make a statement.

    The mountain meadows massacre was indeed a massacre. The wagon trains were poisoning the wells and ponds and any water they came across out of spite for the Mormons. Out west water is everything, when you poisoned a source of water it killed the livestock and people, what the Mormons did may not have been right but I understand their anger. There was never much proof that this wagon train did any of the poisoning and a trial would have been nice but it wasn’t the first time lives were lost without a trial. The Mormons had plenty of innocent lives lost at the barrel of a gun well before this.

    Since at them time you refer to a standing army the Mormons had been raided driven off the land they owned, had their homes and property burned to the ground and murdered many times and since they were not in the United States it seems only logical that they would have an army. Militias were popular then and still are.

    There is likely no Biblical scholar that believes that The Book of Revelations was the last book written in the Bible. The Holy Bible was compiled as a volume hundreds of years after John. Interestingly the Book of Deuteronomy makes the same statement. Both of those books being written prior to the compilation of the Bible in your words would preclude all the other books. They referred to themselves. The Bible is a compilation of books, a group of books put together. Revelations is a Book. Anyone who adds to or takes away from the Book of Revelations is condemned to suffer the plagues mentioned in that book.

    Mormons and JW’s may well be cults, I personally don't think so but what I think has little to do with whether they are or aren't but the reasons listed above are certainly not reason to believe Mormons are a cult.

    Jesus says in Matthew 7:20 “that by their fruits ye shall know them”. They got a lot of good fruits. One of their prophets said “you can't have the fruits without the roots.

    If you want to say something bad about a group at least try to make it truthful. When people say stupid stuff about others it only lends legitimacy to the group they are speaking about.

  • How Should Police Stop A Knife-Swinging Laquan On PCP?

    11/25/2015 12:17:04 PM PST · 19 of 198
    JAKraig to AlaskaErik
    It may be possible that a person can close the 21 foot distance in one and a half seconds but that is only true if the perp is standing up. If two shots takes him down the other 16 were unnecessary and overkill (no pun intended).

    I saw the film. The perp on PCP was being stupid but if he had been captured would not have received anything close to a death sentence. I'm hard pressed to call it murder in the 1st degree but it was murder. Unfortunately the cop had a history of overreacting with force, this will not end well for him. The cop will likely spend many well deserved years behind bars with those he put there.

    I may sound harsh but as a society we give our police great power and authority. The only way to make sure they don't abuse it is to come down very very hard when they do.

    I imagine if the cop had it do over again he would rethink using lethal force or continuing to use it after the perp went down. Continuing to shoot that many times after the perp is on the ground was unnecessary and murder.

  • Three men arrested in sexual assault, murder of Indiana pastor's pregnant wife during home invasion

    11/23/2015 9:30:24 AM PST · 51 of 88
    JAKraig to Resolute Conservative

    It is not my job to forgive them. Jesus will decide their afterlife. I would just try to end the current one, with prejudice.


    Atcually, it is your job to forgive them. It is however not the law’s job to forgive them. We have laws in this country and the laws job is not to forgive anybody but it is to exact justice for all.

    Even The Savior while on the earth forgave sinners but at the same time recognized that there were laws and that they were not to be ignored. The Savior forgives people that seek forgivness after repentance, the law is supposed to be blind to intent only the action counts. The law makes allowence for intent only in the law that was broken, that is why we have 1st degree, 2nd and 4th degree crimes, sometimes there are even more degrees than those. There are specified punishment for crimes Juries and judges have some latitude because the law gives room in sentencing but only to a point.

    These feral animals didn’t do anything to me personally so I have nothing to forgive them of. If it was my wife I have my doubts that I could have a forgiving nature towards them until the system put them to death as they deserve. While I might not forgive them in my heart I don’t think I would try to kill them as long as they were in custody. If they broke out I might want to join the manhunt and hope I was the one that found them.

  • New glasses promise a solution to colour blindness

    11/23/2015 6:05:01 AM PST · 8 of 26
    JAKraig to CharlotteVRWC

    I spoke to a teenager in church last week who had just gotten a pair. He was amazed to see the colors in the world that he had never see or suspected were there. He wears them indoors. They look like a very slight colored sun glass. He loves them.

  • Watch How Ted Cruz Handles Persistent Reporter’s Attempts to Get Him to ‘Attack’ Donald Trump

    11/20/2015 1:08:58 PM PST · 16 of 53
    JAKraig to rrstar96

    I can’t think of a better way to answer the question. Basically he said ask me whatever you want about what I think. Ask Donald Trump about what he thinks.

  • FBI Expert: ISIS Used Paris to Test Their Capability to Assault Western Cities

    11/17/2015 1:07:07 PM PST · 41 of 49
    JAKraig to ctdonath2

    I hope that if they must try another city it is Dallas. I expect at least half of the people in a gathering are packing, it will be fun to see the results.

  • Trump homes in on national security days after Paris attacks

    11/17/2015 12:51:28 PM PST · 13 of 46
    JAKraig to Amendment10
    First, let be up front, I support Cruz. He seems to be the real thing who knows what he is talking about and backs down from nobody. That being said, when Trump first came on the scene I chuckled. I thought his rhetoric about illegal immigration was great but Cruz has been saying it since before he was a senator.

    Most politicians go nowhere after p!$$ing off the press/left but it doesn't seem to apply to Trump.

    I have my doubts about Trump being conservative but I sure like a lot of what he says. It is hard to be excited about anyone who has donated to Hillary Clinton, but, if he makes it to the general I will happily vote for him over any Democrat or other RINO.

  • Why I am Not a Doomsday Prepper

    11/17/2015 9:04:52 AM PST · 72 of 73
    JAKraig to Jamestown1630
    But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. . . .


    Ok, I have and am doing that, I have found it. So what, I should stop purchasing food? Stop paying mortgage.

    I'm prepared for going to work in the morning and I am prepared for an ice storm if it comes. I'm prepared for a loss of electricity whether it be a few hours, few days, few weeks or a few years.

    I don't spend “extra” money prepping. When I purchase food I try to purchase twice as much as I need. I eat one and the other goes to storage. Next time I do the same thing only now I have two in storage. Soon you have 20 in storage and when you go shopping it all goes in storage and you use the storage to keep it rotated. It is like having a grocery store in your basement. It saves a ton of gas, you aren't constantly having to go out to get something, you already have it. When there is a special sale or special purchasing opportunity I take advantage of it, if it is something I can use I get it perhaps many of whatever it is.

    My solar electric cost money but it pays for itself over time. Gardening is a pain but it produces good food and keeps the knowledge base up. I plan for living every day but don't plan on changing much if shtf except for more security.

    When others come to my door and want to eat they will IF they have something I want or are willing to work for it. I will not be a soup kitchen.

    There was a book that came out a few years ago called “The Host”. Aliens took over the world and there were a few remote groups of humans left. In the story there was one older guy that had a pretty neat cave that he had worked on prepping for decades and now there were about a hundred others that were staying with him. Each had to pull his weight in order to eat.

    If you want my food you better have something pretty good to trade or be willing to work.

    Prepping saves money.

  • Trump Was Right About TPP Benefiting China (This is interesting)

    11/12/2015 9:09:09 AM PST · 39 of 55
    JAKraig to cport
    I just bought 36 large panels, nearly 12kw for my house. The original brand I selected after months of research was made in Germany. The German company has a couple of manufacturing facilities in the US because most of the demand is here and you save by not shipping them. The Panel I wanted however was a large size and not made here yet. The company I bought them from let me know that they would be a couple months late because of production problems in Germany and suggested I take a slightly smaller cell from China and that they would refund me money based on that. I didn't want a cell from China. So ended up buying from the last major American manufacturer of solar panels. For a $5.00 radio I guess China is OK but when it comes to spending 10’s of thousands of dollars I'm not doing it in China.

    The Tariff on solar cells likely cost me about $15,000 extra, I'm not sure what I would have done if the China cells were only 1/5th the cost of the American. China was dumping their cells here, the tariff was fair.

  • Boy, Aged 13, Home Alone Shoots Suspected Burglar With His Mother’s Gun

    11/11/2015 5:48:49 AM PST · 22 of 61
    JAKraig to mountn man
    While the perps were black it doesn't say what the victim of the robbery was. If white he while likely have a hard time from some people for a while, but, he is alive and his mom's stuff is still in the house. It is difficult to have caring feelings for someone who shoots at you with a gun.

    The 13 year old boy is a hero in my book and I suspect his mom's. His mom apparently made sure he knew how to use the gun and he used it very well. What a great mom. I'm sure she is very proud of him, we all should be. It is however a shame he missed the other one.

  • Poll - Who won the Republican Debate in Milwaukee?..[guest welcomed]

    11/10/2015 8:52:36 PM PST · 22 of 64
    JAKraig to nathanbedford

    I am not a Trump supporter. Trump however moved up several notches tonight in my book because he made the point after everyone else says we can’t deport 11 million people that we are either a country of laws or we are not.

    I love Cruz but if doesn’t make it I hope Trump does.

  • Father had hands up when police opened fire, killing 6-year-old Marksville boy, lawyer says

    11/10/2015 8:44:43 PM PST · 89 of 90
    JAKraig to jocon307

    I don’t think it is necessary to be a mind reader to determine if someone committed murder. There have those who have stated that the cops talked about the boy being in the car minutes before the shooting. Nobody accidentally puts 12 bullets into a car, the little boy is dead. The shots fired were premeditated. I am totally sickened by this horrible crime, that this should happen in this country by someone given authority to protect us boils my blood. It is like a little girl being sexually abused by a teacher, it is so wrong on so many counts. I hope he dies in prison and gets all the hell possible from the other inmates because he is a cop.

    It would have been better for them to have had millstones tied around their necks and thrown into the sea.

  • Few's fiancee claims one of the Marksville officers went to her house, sent her messages

    11/10/2015 2:51:45 PM PST · 37 of 41
    JAKraig to Psalm 144

    I would say pumping 12 rounds into an unarmed man with his hands up is a specific attempt to kill him, I do believe that the only case is Murder 1.

  • Preppers: Time to Ditch the Iron Sights-only Builds

    11/10/2015 2:45:13 PM PST · 60 of 78
    JAKraig to grobdriver

    I’m all for scopes being an old guy, but, they really stink in the dark unless you get a really big one (very large front lens) and they are really expensive. Of course you can always get an active night vision scope but then you won’t be able to use it in the daylight.

    Some people recommend having one of each and swapping them out back and forth but the lightly hood of accuracy holding up while switching scopes is not so good.

  • Gay Mormon church members say new rules are devastating

    11/10/2015 2:18:08 PM PST · 19 of 145
    JAKraig to Don Corleone

    The detractors try to make it sound like The Church is between a rock and a hard spot but apparently the church leaders don’t seem to think so. If God said being queer was a sin 25 years ago and there is no record of God changing the position, then what choice does the church have. It’s either answer to God or answer to the queers, I’d rather answer to God for doing it right.
    It is kind of like the college in MO, the students want the college to change stuff and have more or less of this or that and the college gives in.
    If you preach that you are God’s church then you can’t give in to the inmates.