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  • North Charleston settles with Walter Scott’s family for $6.5M

    10/09/2015 5:51:47 AM PDT · 14 of 20
    JAKraig to TigerClaws

    A ‘bad shooting’ for sure. $6.5 million? Based on his what? Future earnings?

    Seems like his family won the lottery here.


    His family didn’t win anything here, they lost their brother, uncle, father or whatever. There is no life worth any amount of money and I find the attitude that “the family won the lottery” repulsive.

    I don’t know why except to promote peace in the community that there was any blood money paid but blood money is a common practice all over the world.

    This guy had a life, maybe he was a dead beat dad but the penalty for being a deadbeat dad is not death.

    This was a bad shoot clear and simple, the stupid cop that did it deserves whatever they give him. He should get his 30 years in prison and perhaps a few other cops will get the message.

  • Cruz: Trump won't be GOP nominee

    10/09/2015 5:34:11 AM PDT · 57 of 243
    JAKraig to reaganaut

    I’m not a Trump supporter, that isn’t to say one day I couldn’t be. I have been impressed that he has some out with some logical position papers but talk is cheap.

    I do believe that Cruz is real. By that I mean that he holds to true conservative principles, but, he is a politician.

    I suppose we have to have politicians, if you have to have them then Cruz is the kind I want.

  • Top GOP official seeks McConnell ouster as Senate leader (Villere- Vice Chair RNC)

    09/27/2015 4:07:01 PM PDT · 25 of 59
    JAKraig to tinyowl
    I personally don’t completely fault the Senate for inability to block Obama, especially since he’s been using Executive orders for much of this, which really require the courts to strike down. . . . . . .


    I vehemently disagree.

    Because the House controls the purse they are by far and away (potentially) the most powerful half of the Legislature. Without money nobody in government can do anything, this president has tried to make a government shutdown hard on little people but it doesn't have to be that way. the House should pass funding bills for parks and other sites and make Obama veto it if that is what he wants to do. It would be really hard on Democrats for a change if Obama did that but I don't think McConnell wants any of that I think something else is going on, I just don't know what it is. If McConnell would simply acknowledge that the Senate would pass small spending bills for individual departments the House would send them over in a matter of hours.


    09/24/2015 8:16:34 PM PDT · 43 of 45
    JAKraig to Ken522

    Shouldn’t she be headed to prison about now?


    If she is beheaded why send her to prison.

  • Bulger Wasn't Hardwired to Be a Murderer. No One Is

    09/24/2015 2:01:44 PM PDT · 32 of 58
    JAKraig to dfwgator

    I have some pretty unconventional ideas about evil especially murderers.

    I believe that Man is the highest of God’s creations. Whatever time we have on earth is a chance to be almost like God in that we can have our own children, learn the difference between good and evil and make our own decisions. If someone cuts our time short then they take away from that person part of that opportunity which may include becoming a follower of The Savior.

    I believe there is a very special place in Hell for Murders and I doubt there will be any murders in Heaven. How can you repent of taking a life short of giving yours to get it back and we can’t do that.

    No matter how nice a murderer is, he is still a murderer.

  • Customer carrying concealed weapon shoots bank robber

    09/24/2015 1:46:21 PM PDT · 15 of 29
    JAKraig to gorush

    Can’t carry here in Kentucky banks but my wife says it is too much trouble to take it out of her purse and put it in the glove compartment so she ignores it. I always just go through the drive through.

  • New emails show GAB assisting in John Doe defense after judge said stop

    09/22/2015 8:59:10 AM PDT · 9 of 18
    JAKraig to kabar

    We all did wrong by Scott Walker and we ignore Wisconsin at our peril.


    Until Trump got in I really thought Walker would be the next president, I was kind of hoping for it if Cruz couldn’t make it. Walker isn’t close to the constitutionalist that Cruz is but he has gonads and does what he is supposed to do to liberals, beat them.

  • MORNING JOE: Trump still soars in new tracking poll

    09/22/2015 8:42:11 AM PDT · 48 of 162
    JAKraig to cuban leaf
    Cruz can.

    I love what Trump is doing right now, but he needs to how out before the primaries. I’ll not vote for him. Walker and Cruz are the only ones that will get my vote, and only one is still running. I

    23 posted on 9/22/2015, 11:23:57 AM by cuban leaf


    Trump isn't my man but if he wins the primary I will certainly vote for him. Mitt Romney was not my man but I voted for him in the general. Perhaps if you would have we would not now have Obama. guess you can say "well if we would have had Romney it would have been the same thing!" It wouldn't have been the same thing. Perhaps it wouldn't be good or great but it wouldn't be what we have now. Maybe, just maybe if Trump is elected we will change directions. That would be a good start.

    This idea that if you can't get your way is childish. Get what you can and live with it.

  • VW Is Said to Cheat on Diesel Emissions; U.S. to Order Big Recall

    09/21/2015 1:49:06 PM PDT · 69 of 79
    JAKraig to DAC21
    There is a lot of smoke blowing by here and it is a bit early. VW has not answered or told their side of the story but it could be as simple as the engine emissions were optimized for the test RPM and conditions, what idiot wouldn't do that, I'm sure all the car makers do it. The faster you drive the more emissions you have, duh. there is a power curve and an emissions curve, I would bet that that is the argument that VW makes and they will likely get by with it.

    They stopped the union in TN, that is what this is all about I suspect. What other big car can you buy that gets 45 miles to the gallon and that while it is going 80 MPH? When the pollution controls drop it down to 35MPG you will be spewing more actual pollution. I don't think all the engineers at VW would try to get away with committing a crime, there are too many people involved to keep it a secret. This will all quietly go away and no one will be hurt except VW will be warned that they have to pay the politicians or else.

  • VW Is Said to Cheat on Diesel Emissions; U.S. to Order Big Recall

    09/21/2015 1:33:40 PM PDT · 64 of 79
    JAKraig to AlaskaErik
    Yeah, but can you go over 500 miles on a tank of fuel cruising at 80MPH?
    My 2005 Passat can. If I got the recall notice, the last thing I would do is get it “fixed”.
  • Volkswagen Accused Of Hacking 482,000 Diesels To Fake U.S. Emissions Tests

    09/18/2015 1:39:36 PM PDT · 41 of 52
    JAKraig to g.orwell
    Diesel fuel is the same as heating oil. It goes up in winter and down in the summer. Europe has caught on to the good of diesel engines and over half of their cars now use it thus creating a significant increase in demand which increases price.

    I am on my 4th VW TDI Passat, I love the mileage and the power. I frequently drive back and forth to Florida from Kentucky, a little over 1000 miles, it costs about half of what my wife's mini van cost to drive down.

    The thing is the government specifies that at a certain RPM the emissions must be below a certain level, well they are. If you don't like the results change the test, they made the car to do what the government told them to do.

    The car does not sense the test it is just that the test is a certain set of parameters and VW makes sure that at those parameters they meet the level. If they want to make it better just ad more parameters, different RPM ect to the test.

  • CNN debate changed nothing but rearrange the seats of 2nd, 3rd and 4th place

    09/17/2015 12:34:25 PM PDT · 52 of 54
    JAKraig to Slyfox

    it’s very early in this race, way too early to call.

    While I do believe that it is possible that Trump could be a good manager, a good executive I do not think he is what we want as president but, I do believe he could pull it off.

    The person I would like to see would be Ted Cruz. If I’m not mistaken Trump is 69 years old, Ted Cruz is a young man. If Cruz does not win the nomination and the presidency then I hope Trump does and names Cruz as his vice presidential running mate. Cruz then gets at least four years as vice president which would be fantastic if Trump had enough sense to give him the same opportunities to lead as George Bush did Dick Cheney. Then Cruz would be in an excellent position to win the next eight years.

    I appreciate what Trump has done to help us talk about the things that need to be talked about in this election cycle but when I hear Ted Cruz speak I am enthralled, he is good and understands the U.S. Constitution like no other.

  • Who Was the Most Appealing Person in the GOP Debate?

    09/17/2015 11:23:00 AM PDT · 133 of 141
    JAKraig to John S Mosby
    I could hardly agree more with you that Rubio made a very nice showing, mostly I like Rubio except for his pushing ammnesty in the past. I realize I should forget about it but I can't. I look at Ted Cruz and see everything that is good in Rubio plus a lot more understanding of what this country is all about. Cruz understands the constitution protects people and the States from the Federal Government.

    So, Cruz is the man in my book.

    All that being said, with the exception of Jeb Bush I would not be sickened having to vote for any of them as the Republican Candidate. Jeb Bush is a fake. I was so angered when he tried to do his “apoligize to my wife” stunt last night. I was so relieved when Trump said “No”. I was further repulsed when I found out that Bush, already the tallest on the stage stood on his tip toes for all the group pictures that were taken. Talk about sophomoric.

    I live in Kentucky. I voted for Rand Paul as senator, I like him as senator. I wish we had two of him instead of him and McConnell but Paul would not be one of my first choices for president. I did however like his answer to the drugs question. Millions of drug users are in prison but Jeb Bush is running for president, perhaps he didn't inhale but just like I thought it should disqualify Clinton I think it should disqualify Bush. I am not a black activist, I'm not even black but I do think that rich kids don't go to prison for the same things that poor kids do especially poor black kids. There are a lot of reasons for that but it still doesn't make it good. About 3/4’s of our prison population is there because of drugs, we gotta change that. I doubt that anybody in the media will pick it up but I think it is possible that Paul took away hundreds of thousands of votes from Bush because of his talking about the inequality of the drug laws and how Bush took advantage of it. Certainly every black person ever involded with drugs in any way heard that. So, I think Rand Paul stuck a fork in Bush and I thank him for it.

    I thought Huckabee sounded really good, unfortunately I know too much about his past to ever “want” to vote for him. Christi was OK but although Fiorina had some good lines they would have been much better in print, she is a sour, dour puss. She did however probably have the best line in the debate last night when she talked about Planned Parenthood and the videos that expose them. She sounded truly emotional, angered and saddened at the same time, just like most of us.

    Same goes for Kasish as far as having a few good lines, some pretty bad though, but what a sour, dour puss.

    Carson, he ran a department in a hospital. There is nothing wrong with Carson, a great guy but I would much rather see him at Health & Human Services. I could be a lot more excited about him if he expressed his understanding of the Constitution but alas he doesn't do that. Experience is great but it is worthless without a conservative understanding of the Federal Constitution and having a desire to defend it.

    I used to be “stuck on Walker”, I thought he was the man. He did not impress me last night. It is a shame because he has done really wonderful things. Rick Perry was kind of the same way in the last election, he had a great track record but did poorly in the debates and couldn't stay in. He learned early on this time and wisely got out. I expect that if Walker shows poorly in NH and IA that he too will fade away.

    Cruz really doesn't have any experience running things of any importance but he surely has the constitution down pat.
    If I have to vote for Trump I will but oh how I hope I get to pull the lever in the general for Cruz!

  • Bystanders come to aid of ambushed Polk deputy

    09/16/2015 1:06:19 PM PDT · 10 of 12
    JAKraig to freedumb2003

    yes, the perp was black but he was also a criminal having been arrested seven times in the past.

    I don’t know whether the black lives matter mantra has anything to do with this or not but, if our news stories keep promoting this kind of untrue allegations of police officers and making it look like black criminals, and thugs are victims then this will happen more and more.

    The guy that stepped in to help took a big chance, he sounded like a really nice guy. Congrats and thanks for the help. He has probably made a friend for life with the cop he saved.

  • Linden Football Player Hits Immaculata Player in Head with Helmet on Video

    09/16/2015 12:15:34 PM PDT · 28 of 44
    JAKraig to mware

    If I was the principal or the coach the kid would never play sports again in my school. He is likely to face some kind of legal discipline, perhaps probation for several months.

    Not good.

  • Donald Trump is party's 'best chance' of winning 2016 election, say Republicans

    09/16/2015 11:58:45 AM PDT · 10 of 23
    JAKraig to RoosterRedux

    I don’t particularly care for Donald Trump. I don’t have anything against him, it’s just that he is not a true conservative like say on Ted Cruz.

    While Trump may not be a true conservative he understands things that are tearing our country apart that our conservative Congress is doing nothing about currently, namely illegal immigration, namely Islamic Jihad.

    Why in the world our elected representatives don’t understand what our thoughts and feelings on these subjects is beyond me.

    I have nothing against Ben Carson but he doesn’t understand the “illegal” part of illegal immigration. He feels sorry for the lawbreakers who have invaded our country and wants to find a way to make them legal.

    It may sound like I have something against immigration, I don’t. We have laws in place that say who can legally immigrate into the United States. We encourage people to come to this country who have special skills, who have money, or anything that can help the stability and growth of this country. Instead our current administration allows people who are trying to destroy our country and they are doing a pretty good job of it.

    So, no, I’m not particularly enthralled about Donald Trump but you better believe I will vote for him in a heartbeat if that’s what I had to choose from. In the primary I will vote for Ted Cruz and the general I will vote for the Republican nominee unless it’s a RINO. I sure hope I get to vote.

  • Microsoft case: DoJ says it can demand every email from any US-based provider

    09/11/2015 12:08:51 PM PDT · 16 of 18
    JAKraig to TexasRepublic

    Meanwhile, Microsoft themselves are using Windows 10 to violate the privacy of your computer. Ironic.

    No, not really.

    if you never communicate with Microsoft about Windows 10 they won’t put anything on your computer that has anything to do with storage. If on the other hand you reserve your “free” copy of Microsoft Windows 10 then they will start downloading it to your computer. If you read the notice from Microsoft they will tell you that, like an idiot however I didn’t. I guess I trusted Microsoft. Anyway if you don’t want it turn automatic updates off and don’t reserve a copy.

  • Like It Or Not, Microsoft Silently Downloads Windows 10, Grabbing Valuable Disk Space

    09/11/2015 11:51:49 AM PDT · 51 of 107
    JAKraig to Mr. K

    I have tried a variety of operating systems, I keep coming back to Windows, jokes aside it works.

    Windows 10, friends of mine have downloaded the beta versions of Windows 10 and told me how wonderful it was but I didn’t.

    I have a couple of desktop computers that I use frequently, I sit at one most of the day at work, have one for me and my wife at home, I also use a large laptop and the Microsoft surface Pro 2, and oh I forgot a little Lenovo tablet that runs 8.1 full version. I like them all.

    I spend most time at work in front of the Windows 7 and use the XP window that came with it. I do not yet know if that will work in 10, but I’ll find out before I convert to 10 on my workstation. But I have decided to convert on my surface, I did it two days ago.

    The Microsoft surface Pro tablet is one very fine device, expensive but oh it is one fine machine. It will handle anything I throw at it including illustrator and Photoshop. When I hook it up to an external monitor keyboard mouse and hard drive it will compete with most high-end desktop computers. So, what do I think of 10 so far? I was annoyed when I reserved my copy of 10 and then found that Microsoft had downloaded the thing on my computer without ever asking. If I would’ve done just a cursory little bit of investigation I would’ve known then in advance, I should have and then I could have avoided the download had I wanted to. Mind you I thoroughly enjoyed Windows 8.1, I thought it was perfect for my tablets, very easy to get around in. I never, never turn my iPad on anymore. After watching the Windows 10 YouTube videos I had pretty much decided I wasn’t going to install it. I use a Samsung galaxy note 3 cell phone, it comes with Google voice and Samsung speech recognition program and they are both wonderful and very convenient, driving down the highway and there’s a conversation in the car you want to know the answer of, just double tap the button and ask Google voice and it comes back with an answer. After watching a couple of demonstrations of Microsoft Cortana I kept thinking about how nice that would be to have on a Windows machine. So now I have it, I like it.

    After you install Windows 10 plan on spending some time tweaking it. I have the power cover on my Surface Pro 2 which increases my battery life by about 60% or so, I can usually get a pretty substantial ten-hour day from the surface when I need it. After installing 10 I was lucky to get three hours. The stock set up would never turn the processor off and turned every radio on the machine on all the time. After tweaking I think I’m back up past my 10 hours, I was able to run four hours last night and the battery display said 50% of the power cover was used and none of the internal battery was used, that made me very happy.

    One thing disappointing about the surface Pro two has been boot time, it would often take 30 or 40 seconds just to boot up, now it takes less than 10 seconds.

    So far I am thinking that my Windows 10 installation and I am going to get along very, very well.

  • How Ben Carson Saved a Four-Year-Old Boy’s Life

    09/10/2015 7:30:13 PM PDT · 21 of 42
    JAKraig to conservativejoy
    Mormons are not trinitarians in the Catholic (Including Latin, Eastern, Orthodox and even Protestants)b meaning of the word but they do believe Jesus Christ to be eternal but they do believe that Jesus and Elohim are separate individual personages as is the Holy Ghost.

    As far as believing in the Same Jesus as everyone else I have mixed feelings on that. They believe in the Jesus that was born of Mary and all that is said of Him in the Bible, they believe He is God, The Son and that He Has a Father Elohim. Before Nicea there was a lot of discussion on the topic, the Mormon Bishops at the meeting would have been kicked out and banished or worse had they been there then but they would not have been alone.

    I don't know exactly what the definition of cult is but I would be reluctant to call them a cult, I would call them a sect.

  • A supermodel wife and Sarah Palin: How Donald Trump hopes to solve his 'sexism problem'

    09/08/2015 7:30:23 AM PDT · 21 of 22
    JAKraig to Cringing Negativism Network
    I think Trump has somewhere in his 69 years on earth, probably (inadvertently or not) taken advantage of a naive subordinate.

    He’s a good guy.


    I just cannot agree with these comments. If he took advantage of someone, a naive subordinate then he is not a good guy, good guys are good.

    From everything I have heard so far, he is a good guy. He is kind to subordinates who try to do their job, he is kind to complete strangers who he has heard about being down on their luck.

    I am not a Trump supporter, at least not yet, I think I would rather see Cruz as president. I believe however that Trump could win the general and I'm not sure Cruz could.

    It's all just a shooting match. I am grateful that Trump brought immigration to the the contest, that needed to be done. If nothing else Trump is stirring it up making it interesting.

  • Gresham resident shoots and kills intruder, one of four who entered his home, police say (OR)

    09/07/2015 8:19:42 AM PDT · 14 of 19
    JAKraig to Right Brother

    I have no idea whether or not drugs were involved, I can’t imagine why it would make a difference though. I also can’t imagine what it is in this article that would suggest drugs.

    If someone wants to break into your house and kill you so they can have what you have what difference does it make what they are stealing, what counts is the stab wounds you are receiving.

    I’m glad that at least one perp is dead I just wish it was all 4.

  • Donald Trump Calls Meghan McCain "Angry and Obnoxious"

    09/06/2015 11:33:48 AM PDT · 35 of 42
    JAKraig to wny
    This guy’s a buffoon. If he’s the nominee, he loses.


    Ok, first let me say I don't think you are correct. That being said I have learned a great deal from very wise people that happen to hang out on the Free Republic, so perhaps I am wrong, BUT, my feelings about John McCain are probably not like yours. I believe that McCain got favors in POW prison for giving information not only about his military service but about what other prisoners were doing, there are many other prisoners that were there with McCain that will agree with me and have publicly. All that being said, being in a prisoner of war camp is undoubtedly a horrible experience, I can forgive what he did or said to protect himself there but he is not a hero for winding up in a POW camp, heroes do something good. Heroes save people from danger, heroes tell the truth when the whole world conspires to keep them from doing so. Perhaps I'm a blowhard but McCain is no hero.

    McCain is too far to the left to be considered a RINO and he once considered running with Hillary.

    I cannot think of anything in the last 10 years that makes me think good about McCain. To me McCain is closer to Harry Reid than to Ronald Reagan.

    So, perhaps trump is a blowhard, perhaps what the country needs is a good blowhard.

  • A Sin Unforgiveable (Protestant and Evangelical Caucus)

    09/02/2015 10:30:42 AM PDT · 15 of 17
    JAKraig to caww

    Not one word in the Bible - not even one - suggests that there will be a second chance after death for those who have willfully rejected Christ in this life and chosen to shut Him out of their lives. . . .


    You must not have read all of my post. I did not mean in any way to say that those who reject Christ will have a second chance after this life. I was speaking about those who have never heard of Christ. What did they do to earn eternal damnation?

  • A Sin Unforgiveable (Protestant and Evangelical Caucus)

    09/02/2015 9:19:21 AM PDT · 12 of 17
    JAKraig to caww

    The unpardonable sin is to deny the finished work of Christ ....some might do so for a time in their life and later come to accept it for themselves.....If they die in denial they are lost.


    I would disagree in that the work of Christ is not finished. His work that He performed while on the earth was finished when He gave up the Ghost but He is still striving with man to bring man unto Him so that man can have eternal life.

    I know it is crazy but even after death I wonder if there are opportunities for man. While Christ was dead but before being Raised to immortality He preached to the dead. I have always wondered why He did that if there was not some opportunity for them to be saved. I have also wondered about the majority of mankind who have never heard of Christ, through no fault of their own they are damned to Hell forever? I don’t think we can believe in a just God and at the same time believe that because we were lucky enough to be in the minority that heard The Gospel and accepted it that we will be saved and they that didn’t hear it won’t.

    Unless my spirit existed before earth and I did something wonderful to earn the opportunity of hearing The Gospel it doesn’t make sense and I do not believe that I am being rewarded for something I don’t remember doing. I don’t know the methodology but I do believe that there is a way for those who through no fault of their own who don’t know Jesus will have the opportunity to know and accept Him. This is a real problem in my view of Christianity one that no one seems to address. If God is no respecter of persons why would He give me something more than someone else?

    I know of no sect other than Mormons who have an answer to this question but their answer requires you to be Mormon. Surely there is another answer.

  • Teen fatally shot while taking selfie

    09/02/2015 6:48:34 AM PDT · 26 of 33
    JAKraig to TXnMA

    Had the “teen” been white he would have been called a young man. In the press the word “teen” nearly always means black youth.

    This teenager got a woman pregnant 4 years ago. What are we doing to ourselves in this country? “Finding” a gun was one of the best things this “teen” could do for society.

    The loss of a life is sad it is not nearly as sad as the commentary on society that this story is.

  • A Sin Unforgiveable (Protestant and Evangelical Caucus)

    09/02/2015 6:25:15 AM PDT · 5 of 17
    JAKraig to Gamecock

    If I understand what the writer is saying I disagree.

    First he says a Christian can’t sin against The Holy Ghost. I vehemently disagree in that it is nearly impossible to commit this sin unless you are a Christian, for it is only Christians who have this witness from The Holy Ghost that Jesus is Christ.

    In my understanding it is only people who have had a sure witness from The Holy Ghost who can commit this sin. For instance, When Christ asked His Apostles “Whom do people say that I am?” After the others answered Peter said that He was the Son of God, even Christ. After Peter said this Christ explained that no earthly person had given him this knowledge but that he got it by revelation, I think from The Holy Ghost. If Peter had later denied The Christ after having received this spiritual witness then he would have committed the unpardonable sin.

    I do not believe this sin can be committed by anyone to whom the Holy Ghost has not given sure witness of the divinity of The Christ.

    One of the difficulties of Christianity is that for most of us our practice of Christianity is based on faith, not a pure knowledge. Perhaps after the exercise of our faith we will gain a witness from The Holy Ghost of the truthfulness of the Divinity of Christ but I’m not sure that most Christians have this knowledge. Once we have been privileged to receive this witness of the Holy Ghost we are no longer unable to commit the unpardonable sin but are very much subject to it.

    I do not necessarily believe that just because The Holy Ghost communicates with you that you have received this witness but once you KNOW whom it is that Jesus really is that you could commit this unpardonable sin. You can’t fall off the precipice until you have reached it.

    I imagine that all the Apostles knew by a witness of The Holy Ghost that Jesus was The Son of God even Judas. It is my belief that Christ called him perdition because of this sin. Woe be unto Judas, his suffering will be eternal.

    As I read scripture I believe that I feel the Holy Ghost telling me the truthfulness of what I read. Once He tells me the truthfulness of reading about The Savior then I am subject to the law of the unpardonable sin.

  • To Teach as Jesus Taught – A Reflection on the Qualities of Jesus as Preacher and Teacher

    09/01/2015 12:47:57 PM PDT · 4 of 5
    JAKraig to Salvation
    There is little to argue in this treatise. The few things I find that I don't completely agree are hardly worth mentioning but there is one thing that bothered me. Please don't be offended by anything I say, I found what you wrote to be very interesting and a great compilation of the scriptural facts on the subjects you treated. I enjoyed your mentioning your own experiences but, yes I have a few thoughts to add. I have not had the benefit of seminary and therefore I will not see all things the same way as someone who has had learned professors explaining the facts of the Bible that are likely beyond my ability. I do not see things the same way as someone who has had to prepare countless sermons on the Life of Jesus Christ. I do however seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost as I read the scriptures and have thoughts that might be worth adding to yours.

    First, yes Jesus could speak about His father from experience but that is not the same thing as having the authority to do so. There were many that were disciples of Jesus Christ but only 12 were called and ordained by Him during His earthly life to be special witnesses, they had authority. This authority thing is a big deal to me. Jesus was not just some wilderness preacher He was the Son of God. Though He was the Son of God and needed no more authority than that we are given His genealogy to make sure we understood that He was the legitimate heir to the throne of David, that He, Jesus Christ was rightfully the King of Israel. We are also told that He was a priest, indeed a High Priest after the order of Melchisedec according to Paul. Because Jesus was a rightful Priest He could offer sacrifice for the people. He did indeed do that.

    To me these two things, Him being heir to the throne of Israel and His holding the priesthood makes Him more than a prophet. The Son of God is more than a prophet.

    When a man is the son of the king we don't call him the son of the king we call him a prince. Likewise when The Son of God philosophizes about some topic we don't call Him a prophet, we call Him The Son of God.

    Islam says that Jesus was a prophet. He philosophizes for sure but He was not a Prophet, He was the Son of God. To me calling Him any less than this is getting awfully close to the abyss you referred to from your teacher.

    Jesus Christ taught us because He loves us. He suffered, bled and died because He loves us. He authorizes His priests to preach to us on earth today because He loves us.

    He sounded like He preached as one having authority because He did have that authority. He taught perfectly so that all could understand because He was God and His mind could understand much more than ours therefore knew what to say to make us understand. When He died on the cross nobody took His life He gave it. Even in dying He was in control. He told His Father when it was done and He gave up the Ghost. What a most remarkable personage the Son of God is, what a great and loving God He is.

    While I may not hold the authority we speak about when we speak of Him I can say, even without authority, that I know Him to be the very Son of God, the Redeemer of the world, the Great I Am.

  • Shocking video shows two Texas deputies fatally shooting a man who had his hands up

    09/01/2015 9:15:43 AM PDT · 31 of 42
    JAKraig to Above My Pay Grade

    an armed criminal who beat a woman and a baby and resisted arrest is dead. My tear ducts must be clogged because I can’t manage any tears for him


    Perhaps you are correct, perhaps the police are telling the truth that he was a wife beater and hurt the child but, I have my doubts that it is that simple.

    Whatever happened it looked like the bad guy gave up. He was standing still with his hands in the air and got shot dead. While the video we have does not show that as clear as we would like the video the police have shows it even more clearly that the cops erred.

    Sometimes cops have a hard job to do, that is not an excuse to make life and death errors. Had the guy been arrested he likely would have received some counseling and perhaps lived happily ever after with the woman and kid, whatever happened it doesn’t look like he committed a capital crime, maybe the cops did. It is sad all the way around. The cops lives are likely ruined and so is the families.

  • Could the Doctrine of the Trinity Be Wrong?

    08/30/2015 5:31:30 PM PDT · 49 of 128
    JAKraig to the_daug
    Did God need Mary’s ovum? . . . . . .


    Of Course God needed Mary even if He could have made children out of stones. Jesus needed to be the Son of Man and the Son of God, there was no other way other than Mary or some other woman.

    God has already proven that He can make Man from the dust of the earth, that is how Adam came about.

  • Could the Doctrine of the Trinity Be Wrong?

    08/30/2015 12:37:24 PM PDT · 22 of 128
    JAKraig to fluffy
    If God possessed male and female character then what was the need of Mary. God is God The Father not God the Father Mother.

    There are very good arguments in The Bible to support the Trinity just as there are very good scriptural verses that support the opposite view.

    The Church got along well for hundreds of years without the Doctrine of the Trinity and I don't personally worry about it one way or the other.

    God is the Father of Jesus Christ, whether they share a body or have bodies made of the same stuff but inhabit them individually is of no importance to me. I don't think I know of any good reason to care one way or the other.

  • Shannon Miles Arrested And Charged In Execution Of Texas Sheriff’s Deputy

    08/29/2015 4:28:42 PM PDT · 38 of 89
    JAKraig to SkyDancer

    What people here don’t seem to understand is that is just the reaction the administration and Democrats want. This is the way that that they can say society is out of control and that they must implement martial law for our own good and protection.

    I realize that many people here will think I’m nuts but that really is exactly what the left wants. They know that they can’t get Congress to pass the laws they want so they hope to make society fall apart and then the leftists will be forced to take over everything for our own safety. When this happens hold on, you ain’t seen nuttin yet.

  • Questions on Acts 3

    08/28/2015 10:36:21 AM PDT · 11 of 17
    JAKraig to knarf
    I think it is rather absurd to believe that anyone needs a theology degree to understand the Scriptures. The writers, at least of the New Testament, had no theology degrees, instead they lived for three years with the Savior Jesus Christ.

    The lame man was expecting silver or gold.

    When the lame man got up leaping into the Temple the people in the Temple definitely recognized the man and wondered how it was that he was doing what he was doing. When they asked questions of Peter, Peter gave them a lecture/sermon. Peter explained how it was that the man was healed by what power it had happened and how they, the Jews in attendance at the Temple, were among those who just disowned Jesus and threw him to the wolves to be crucified.

    While not explicitly forgiving those in attendance Peter explained to them that he realized that they did what they did in ignorance and that therefore God would accept their repentance and forgive them.

    Peter explained who Jesus was by listing the references to other prophets in the past and explaining that Jesus had fulfilled all the prophecies.

    While the good news is that they could be forgiven of their mistakes if they repent the bad news is they will suffer eternally if they don't.

    Many people in our society today think they will sit on the fence and avoid offending anyone and avoid offending God but that concept is preposterous, the Savior condemned people for not being hot or cold but for being lukewarm they would be spewed out of the mouth. Fence sitters are as guilty as those who nailed the Savior to the cross and will be punished in the same way if they do not repent just like those who hammered the nails will be punished if they do not repent.

    Peter makes it clear that the descendents of Abraham were very privileged to be the first to receive the good news of Jesus Christ but that through the descendents of Abraham the whole world would be blessed because the good news would be taken to the whole world where all could partake in the Gospel. Peter did fully understand the significance of being a descendent of Abraham, of being a Jew and how that through the Jews the Gospel would reach the entire world and gave his life to help that to happen.

    Other people may interpret the Scriptures differently than me that does make not make them more right or less right than me, what I have said is what this means to me and after all is said and done that is what is really important to me. If it means something different to you then I'm ok with that.

  • Editorial: Jeb Bush the responsible one on immigration

    08/27/2015 12:05:42 PM PDT · 27 of 28
    JAKraig to tumblindice

    From the article: “Bush understands immigration, and he recognizes that immigrants illegally entering the United States from Mexico are searching for jobs and better lives for their families. “


    My response is, yes bank robbers, home invasion teams, burglars, purse snatchers, tax evaders and any number of other criminals are only trying to help their families have a better life.


  • The most damning part of Donald Trump’s political rise

    08/27/2015 11:58:33 AM PDT · 50 of 52
    JAKraig to ilgipper

    Trump dwarfs the field on both sides in lifetime achievements.


    yes, the big difference between Trump and all the others, well maybe not Rand Paul, is that the rest all spend other peoples money while Trump contributes millions of dollars in taxes that they spend.

    Trump is what my father always hoped all his children would be, contributing members of society.

  • Myths and Exaggerations About Teacher Pay

    08/27/2015 11:40:30 AM PDT · 26 of 29
    JAKraig to mountn man

    You know what they say, “those that can do, those that can’t, teach”.

  • Yes, Trump does mean the end of the GOP

    08/27/2015 11:11:57 AM PDT · 104 of 134
    JAKraig to Uncle Miltie
    There was a time when GOP meant conservative, it was a long time ago though.

    I have no desire to get rid of the Republican Party, I would just like to see new leadership in that party, for instance, Ted Cruz.

    The problem that American politics has is career politicians. Our system of government was not designed to have career politicians instead we were supposed to have people who would volunteer to take a little time away from their work and lead the government.

    I would rather see a new, revitalized, conservative Republican Party with term limits than I would see a third-party. I realize that the Republican Party came about as a third-party but I have no desire for us to go through that again. The last time we did that we had a civil war.

  • Why Polls Alone Don't Show the True Leaders of the GOP Race

    08/25/2015 8:18:13 AM PDT · 6 of 10
    JAKraig to Slyfox
    I really believe that the way things are now and if there are no unforeseen circumstances to change them that Trump will be the nominee.

    Ok, why would I say such a stupid thing, after all Trump has no organization, no donors, and is hated by the press and GOP/e.

    Our economy is sour, we have been lulled into a false sense of security by the fake money Obama is giving to all the unemployed and those that say they can no longer work. Food stamps have doubled, Disability has increased over 50%, true unemployment is likely approaching 50% yet everyone has money. Spending counterfeit money only works for so long. People are starting to understand the situation. Only 60% of Americans own a home. 93,000,000 Americans are unemployed. The number of Americans working is lower than in the 60’s when there were 100,0000,000 less Americans. Americans are having to sustain not only the unemployed but the 40,000,000 illegals in the country who are invading us through our porous borders.

    People are starting to understand where we are. Record numbers of people are purchasing guns because they don't trust the government to protect them.

    People believe Trump when he tells them he understands business and hope he will bring America back. They believe that perhaps Trump will end the Socialist spiral we have been in for the last 7 years.

    So, even though Trump may not have much organization he has publicity, he does know how to get that. What Trump does not have is political experience, he needs a vice president who can work with congress and that would be Ted Cruz. After four years of Trump if the economy is turning around trump will be in his mid 70’s perhaps it will be time for Ted Cruz to take over, then finally we will have someone in the White-house who understands and revers the constitution.

    I don't care much for Trump, I have nothing against him he just isn't a conservative but if it will get Cruz in the White-house I'll vote for him.

  • Hillary's email scandal will head for the bone yard, right there with the others

    08/21/2015 9:28:31 AM PDT · 22 of 28
    JAKraig to Calpublican
    Gowdy has been wonderful but don't short change Judicial Watch. They have been steadfast in pushing, pushing and pushing this issue.

    I think Hillary is unlikely to go to prison but I do think she is toast politically. If she could pull off the nomination and then win the general and pardon herself maybe she could get away with her crimes but I'm convinced that Trump will be the next president and he wouldn't pardon her on a bet.

    I think if Trump wins she is prosecuted and will have to elocute about all the crimes to stay out of prison.

    I personally realize it won't happen, that she goes to prison, but I would sure enjoy her worrying about it. She and her husband are the worse lairs to hit politics until Obama came along.

  • Vigil for homicide suspect fatally shot by police

    08/19/2015 8:08:42 AM PDT · 19 of 22
    JAKraig to raybbr

    I am as hard on bad cops and bad shoots as anyone on the FR but that is not what this was.

    This post and replies is getting a little silly. The cop shot a fleeing murder suspect. If the guy would have stopped his car raised his hands he would be in jail awaiting trial.

    When someone shoots an unarmed innocent the cops need to go after him with all they have.

    It would have been fine for the suspect to go to trial, but, he made the decision to risk his life in fleeing from the police. Do you think he expected the cops to just give up and hope he turned himself in? The cops did the right thing in this particular instance. They did what we would hope they would do, they protected society from a violent murderer.

    Suspected felons are fair game for police to use lethal force to stop. This wasn’t just a suspected felon, he was a suspected Violent felon who was in route to kill.

    Way to go cops, keep up the good work.

  • Two former Ga. police officers charged with murder for stun gun death of handcuffed man

    08/18/2015 2:57:36 PM PDT · 6 of 20
    JAKraig to Responsibility2nd
    You can say all the snarky things you want, the guy was a bum, the family are just taking the city for what they can get, whatever, BUT, the cops killed someone they didn't have to.

    Let them kill your brother after he had an argument with his wife and see how you feel. I'll guarantee you a million wouldn't even start to satisfy me. The city and police department are lucky to have gotten off for a million dollars. I hope the bad cops rot in prison before they rot in Hell.

  • The Gospel Part 2: You Better Get It Right

    08/18/2015 7:12:21 AM PDT · 126 of 153
    JAKraig to MHGinTN

    I personally do not believe in the concept of once saved always saved, I believe that when God put Adam and Eve into the garden of Eden and told them not to partake of the tree with the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil that while he gave them the command he also gave them the opportunity to choose.

    God sacrificed his son and gives us the opportunity to take advantage of the gift that He has offered us, Grace. No one is forced to accept Jesus Christ as their savior, no one will be forced into heaven.

    I do not know of any scriptural reference that describes the taking away of our ability to choose. For those who believe they are saved and cannot fall it would mean that they no longer have the ability to choose evil, that would mean that God has taken away our agency. I do not believe in that kind of Christianity.

    I understand the concept of choosing Christ Jesus as Savior and following Him forever but I do not accept that we cannot fall away. Judas Iscariot was an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ yet he fell.

    I love the Lord Jesus Christ, I suspect I will always follow Him. I am imperfect, I am a sinner and will need the forgiveness of God and that the grace He offers for those who repent and do their best to follow His son Jesus Christ.

  • From Trump To McDaniel: Is Ted Cruz Running A Brilliant Stealth Campaign?

    08/17/2015 1:18:25 PM PDT · 64 of 67
    JAKraig to right way right

    When I first heard the name of Donald Trump I did not believe he was serious. Now that I have seen him devote a lot of time and money I realize he wants to be president of the United States.

    I like Ted Cruz, I like him a lot, a lot better than Donald Trump but I like Donald Trump whole lot better than Jeb Bush. It is Jeb Bush that the Republican establishment wants as president, Mitch McConnell would love Jeb Bush as president. I do not believe that Jeb Bush has a chance, the only thing that a Jeb Bush primary winner could give us would be president Hillary Clinton.

    Donald Trump has donated money to Democratic candidates including Hillary Clinton. While I do not like that I do understand it.

    The press acts as though Donald Trump is a buffoon, nobody who is a billionaire, self made billionaire is a buffoon. It is obvious to me that Donald Trump knows how to negotiate and win, he has even written books on the subject.

    It is obvious that Donald Trump knows how to state a position as he has done so well with immigration. He is the first candidate that I have ever heard who has said that all 40 million or so need to go back home, it is humorous when he says families can stay together, as they go home.

    I love the way that he ignores the political correctness that everyone else seems to worship.

    I like Ted Cruz enough that I have donated money to him but I will not cry if I have to vote for Donald Trump.

  • The Gospel Part 2: You Better Get It Right

    08/17/2015 12:29:30 PM PDT · 59 of 153
    JAKraig to metmom

    We can’t do a THING to be allowed into the kingdom except throw ourselves on the mercy of God.

    It’s ALL Christ and His righteousness credited to our account.

    Jesus told us God’s will. Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.

    Not a one of us can attain that. Not even close.

    THAT is why Christ had to die for us. . . .

    Christ did not have to die for us. He Chose to die for us because He loves us. He died for us because we are imperfect and only perfect beings can reside with God. To be less that perfect requires a punishment, the punishment is banishment from the face of God and death.

    Christ was and is perfect. He did not deserve either death or banishment but He suffered both so that when we stand before the judgment seat of God and the books are opened and we are found to be sinners Christ can say, “yes, he is a sinner and I have already received his punishment, he/she stays with Me.

    The attitude expressed here and in many replies strikes a discordant nerve with me. Since not one of us can attain perfection I guess we shouldn’t even try? We should all be whore mongers, thieves and murders? Even Jesus Christ Himself told the adulteress to go and sin no more. He didn’t tell her He forgave her, only not to sin anymore. We must ask for forgiveness. We don’t simply recognize Christ as Savior and expect the miracle of Grace to have effect in our lives.

    Believing that you can receive the Grace of God without trying is a sure fire way to end up in Hell. Believing that you can receive the Grace of God without trying as hard as you can to be perfect is just as sure a way to end up in Hell.

    No matter how hard you try you will not reach perfection, if you have sinned once you might as well have sinned a million times, but, if you have sinned and repented of the sin with sorrow in your heart and then tried to right the sin and beg Jesus Christ for forgiveness then I would expect that His Grace will be sufficient for you. If you can’t do this I suggest you move to the Sahara desert and start getting used to the heat.

  • If Hillary’s Server Was ‘Blank,’ Why Was It Kept At A Data Center In New Jersey?

    08/14/2015 5:56:50 AM PDT · 39 of 81
    JAKraig to Jaxter
    Somebody on a different forum stated that they were requested to be printed out. . . .

    They were not requested to be printed out. When State Department asked Clinton for her Emails that is the format Clinton decided to give it to them in. That way there was no way to have access to any electronic format related to her computers. The printed emails were simply a guarantee that the drives could not be searched. She's a crook of the highest order, makes Nixon look like a kid stealing a cookie. These people, not just Clinton but the entire Obama administration are traitors of the worst kind and should be behind bars for the rest of their life which should end at the end of a rope.

  • TX: AK-47 clone used to defend Home and Family

    08/13/2015 8:54:09 AM PDT · 9 of 9
    JAKraig to Sasparilla

    One of my sons works at a gun store, one of the largest on line stores in the country, he is in charge if IT, any way he suggested I purchase an AK 47 clone pistol and a couple 30 round magazines. It is really cool to shoot. I hope I never have to use it for protection in my house because cleaning up the mess after using it will take a very long time.

  • Fiorina on Trump: 'There. Is. No. Excuse.'

    08/08/2015 5:21:36 PM PDT · 257 of 261
    JAKraig to GeronL

    Ted called GOP leader McConnell a liar on the floor of the Senate. . . .


    You are right and Cruz has paid dearly for it. Sometimes the truth hurts. McConnell is a liar, Cruz could have said it more politely but in truth I was glad to hear him say it. I likely would have been just as glad for him to have said it differently however.

  • Fiorina on Trump: 'There. Is. No. Excuse.'

    08/08/2015 10:24:39 AM PDT · 139 of 261
    JAKraig to GeronL
    Are you trying to say that Trump is above criticism or something.


    One Republican should not denigrate another Republican, there are plenty of things to say about Democrats that are much worse than anything that could be said about any Republican.

    There are only two Republican candidates right now with any backbone, Cruz and Trump.

    I would like to see a Cruz Carson ticket. Until her comments about Trump and Kelly I would have liked to have seen a Cruze, Florenia ticket. I have no love for the leftest liberal press.

    Trump was harsh, I don't care much for him but it was sure nice to hear a Republican with a backbone for a change.

  • Venezuela troops occupy Polar food distribution warehouses

    07/31/2015 8:33:06 AM PDT · 36 of 37
    JAKraig to Hardens Hollow
    I does seem that every time there is a disaster in the US that the “LDS Helping Hands” are there in their yellow T-Shirts. I have heard that when FEMA got to a couple of places wanting to know where to start they contacted the local Mormon Bishop to ask what they could do.
  • Trump’s Lawyer Threatens To Drain Daily Beast Reporter’s Bank Account

    07/29/2015 8:46:04 AM PDT · 60 of 61
    JAKraig to NorthMountain
    Hildebeeste had a romp with Webb Hubbell. . . .


    I don't doubt that Web and Hidbeast were a thing, not for a moment, Chelsa looks just like Web. That doesn't mean she's not AC/DC.

  • Trump’s Lawyer Threatens To Drain Daily Beast Reporter’s Bank Account

    07/28/2015 9:21:40 AM PDT · 12 of 61
    JAKraig to NorthMountain

    Hillary is queer and has had romps in the white house with other women, will you ever see that in the mainstream press? Not likely, because they know she will inundate them with legal troubles.

    I don’t like Trump but I sure like the way he handles the press.