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  • Damn the Soviet Style, One Party American Political System

    09/16/2014 7:22:54 AM PDT · 28 of 32
    JAKraig to Viennacon

    Please don’t flame me, but, while Mitt Romney is not a conservative he at least knows foreign relations and knows how to get rid of the illegals, force everyone to have a birth certificate to work.

    Some true conservative should pick up this idea and start campaigning on it.

    Already if you pay anyone over $400.00 you have to give the government a a 1099 on the person or company you give the money to. The illegals would have to start going home. At least it sounds like it would work, no body else is giving any ideas at all.

  • A Blind Man, His Guide Dog and Lessons Learned On 9/11

    09/10/2014 6:58:23 PM PDT · 6 of 6
    JAKraig to RWGinger

    NO where did he say “trust your leaders”. Read it again. . .

    This is what I was talking about, the part where it tells us we should trust our leaders.

    “Today it seems as if our leaders don’t trust each other and we as citizens don’t trust our leaders. To get out of the stairwell alive, as a nation, we must choose to trust those leaders who must also work hard earn our trust through wise and timely decision making.”

  • When Boy Scout Dies Before Achieving Highest Rank, Troop Completes Project for Him

    09/10/2014 7:13:48 AM PDT · 10 of 18
    JAKraig to skinkinthegrass

    Having two parents, one a man and the other a female mother makes a big difference in the raising of a child. When you spend time with a child they learn what you want them to learn. If you just throw a child into a hip hop culture, well, that is what they learn.

    The boy was fortunate to have good parents, it is sad they will have to do without him.

  • A Blind Man, His Guide Dog and Lessons Learned On 9/11

    09/10/2014 7:05:31 AM PDT · 2 of 6
    JAKraig to MeshugeMikey
    I'm sure the writer of this story is a fine man as his dog was a fine dog, but, just trust your leaders is a recipe for failure. Liberal do gooders always want to “feel” good. Saying stuff that feels good isn't always the right thing to do. Sometimes you have to expose the truth.
  • Judge Officially OKs Central Park Five's $41 Million Settlement (NY)

    09/07/2014 6:00:13 AM PDT · 24 of 25
    JAKraig to Gay State Conservative
    I'm not sure exactly what happened,However,I suspect that if the evidence showed that somebody other than the ones convicted committed the rape . . . . .

    Read the attached Ann Coulter story, she will bring you up to date on these rapists. They did it and now get paid big time for it.

    This fraud is sickening. When I first heard the story I was angry at the false conviction, after reading the truth I am now sickened that the brutal rapist are getting away with it, even getting paid for it. Some of the 5 didn't actually rape her they just held her legs apart so others could rape her. These men readily admitted to this, even without coaxing told the story of what happened only that some of them didn't actually penetrate her vagina. All they did was hold her down and beat the S#!+ out of her.

    They should be in prison until Hell freezes over. Vile scum!

  • (Personal Defense) Do You Think the M&P Pro Series CORE is Ideal for Your Nightstand?

    09/05/2014 12:25:46 PM PDT · 36 of 38
    JAKraig to envisio
    Safety's will get you killed.


    I could not agree more.

    It will be hard to find a shotgun or long rifle without a safety, but, you can find many double action only pistols that have no safety.

    Many of the double action only pistols are very inexpensive, look at the Kel-Tek PF-9 for instance or Ruger LCP revolver with hidden hammer. Both of the above guns have unexposed hammers. Drop the gun and it won't do anything but lay there. A baby won't be able to pull the trigger and it will never fire accidentally pulling it out of the holster.

    My wife carries the Ruger-38 and I carry the PF-9. at 10 yards we can easily group the size of the palm of your hand, good enough for any indoor shoot and for most outdoor.

    Train, train,and then train some more. When you do have to shoot make sure it is natural. We try to make sure we shoot now every other week.

    One more thing. If you don't now carry and are contemplating it make sure you get a weapon that you can comfortably conceal carry and then carry ALL the time.

  • The Hail Mary of a Protestant

    09/03/2014 7:42:52 AM PDT · 30 of 941
    JAKraig to Petrosius

    At the cross Jesus told John “behold your mother”. Mary is the mother of all those who wish to come Jesus.


    That is nonsense. Jesus did tell John to behold His mother but that meant that since Jesus would no longer be there to take care of His mother that He was giving responsibility of taking care of His mother to John.

    Mary was a very fine woman indeed but we have no reason to believe she was deified. Mary also had mortal children and a mortal husband. She was a woman among women. When Christ told John to behold his mother He did not give His mother authority over John, in fact the opposite was true, John was the new caretaker of Mary.

    The Church’s deification of Mary is a mistake, she does not hear or answer prayers IMHO. That being said most of us have religious beliefs that are nonsense to others. I hold no ill will because someone prays to Mary and I respect them for at least believing in something and following their beliefs, I just think that particular one is wrong.

  • Study links polar vortex chills to melting sea ice

    09/02/2014 7:51:38 PM PDT · 55 of 55
    JAKraig to thorvaldr

    The ice pack last summer was something like 30% more than the year before. Weird how an effect of melting sea ice would happen in a year when the ice was a lot more extensive.

    Actually the Artic Ice was 41%more than 2013.

    It isn’t getting warmer, it is getting Colder. In Australia some private researchers found the government raising the temperature station raw data by over three degrees from 1 degree below normal to over two degrees above normal. Fake global worming.

    There is no global warming. There are cycles, we are at the beginning of a grand minimum we just got off a grand maximum. It is going to be cold for 30 years if we are lucky, 50 years probably and possibly heading into a real ice age for 100,000 years with the icecaps being two miles thick covering norther Europe, Asia and Northern North America.

    Articles like this one are obscene.

  • How to Sink an Aircraft Carrier: Sneak up in a submarine, that's how

    09/02/2014 8:36:26 AM PDT · 39 of 85
    JAKraig to Straight Vermonter

    Can they out run a torpedo? The Skvall goes 200kts.
    But it cannot turn to follow a moving target. The sub has to get very close.


    I don’t know who told you that torpedoes can’t turn but they were wrong. Even the super cavaitating torpedoes the Russians have can modify their course just not nearly so well as other fish, but then again at 200 knots with a nuclear warhead they only have to get close. Modern non-supercavitating torpedoes not only can turn and be guided by a trailing wire from miles away, but if the wire is severed or the range gets too far the torpedo can go into search mode on its own to find and re-engage the target. These torpedoes in slow mode are quiet and have a very long range.

    With small thermonuclear warheads they don’t have to get as close as they used to. The tidal wave from one weapon can take out the whole task force.

    Submarines have their own problems, once found they can be destroyed. The Russians used to try to follow us out of port and stay with us to know where we were so that in the event of hostilities they could destroy us quickly. Once we got lost in the deep water with a variety of different temperature layers it was much harder for them to keep track of us.

    The speed of submarines is great for transiting, but you seldom use speed tactically, speed means noise. The submarine service is called the “silent service” for good reason. On patrol we seldom exceeded 5 knots and usually ran at about 3 knots. The screw turned slow enough that there was no cavitation at all, all the noise generated was generated by systems connected to the hull.

    In those days we were considered quiet, very quiet but we didn’t compare to the new electric boats. They have sound dampeners on the shaft so that even the bearing noise of the electric motors is not transmitted into the water. While we had a water dampening system in the old days it was not nearly good at keeping the turbine noise out of the water as the new electric boats keep shaft noise out of the water. The skin of the new boats are covered in rubber, the decks are mounted on thick sound absorbers. Now even the shapes of boats from design on has only one thing in mind, don’t make or reflect sound.

    USS Patrick Henry SSBN 599(N)

  • Tea party voters could dump Mitch McConnell just by staying home

    08/31/2014 2:56:55 PM PDT · 141 of 146
    JAKraig to morphing libertarian

    I vote for the person who will best represent me. You can waste your vote if your so choose and piss and moan for 4 more years.

    Looks like you’re ready to vote for someone who insults your believes and has no intention of seeing conservative positions be passed.

    So good luck playing that card again.


    I too vote for the person who best represents me. In this case neither of them represent me well but McConnell does a much better job than Grimes, so I will vote McConnell and my vote will at least cancel out one Democrat vote. Grimes represents me a lot less than McConnell and if Republicans don’t vote Grimes is exactly what we will get.

    Where do you draw the line of how close someone has to be to your idea before you will vote for them. If your statement is true, that you vote for the person that best represents you then you don’t have any other choice other than McConnell or Grimes. If you aren’t going to vote for McConnell and you vote that means you will be voting Grimes. Grimes will not best represent you in the Senate. McConnell won’t represent you as you would like but he will be a whole lot better than Grimes.

  • Tea party voters could dump Mitch McConnell just by staying home

    08/30/2014 7:16:34 PM PDT · 136 of 146
    JAKraig to morphing libertarian

    I have never voted for a liberal democrat. Where did you make up that idea.


    When there are two people running and you don’t vote for either of them then the Democrat that does vote will not have their vote cancelled by your vote, the same as your voting for the Democrat.

  • Tea party voters could dump Mitch McConnell just by staying home

    08/30/2014 7:14:27 PM PDT · 135 of 146
    JAKraig to DiogenesLamp
    You let that Traitor Mitch McConnell get away with running those racist attack ads against McDaniel in Mississippi, and in two years it will be racist attack ads against every Tea Party Candidate everywhere.

    You want to win a battle and lose the whole war. You are Penny wise, and Dollar foolish.


    You cannot win a war without winning battles. Look where we are now with what the Democrats did with only two years of both houses and the White house. You want to give them more?

  • Tea party voters could dump Mitch McConnell just by staying home

    08/30/2014 7:11:38 PM PDT · 134 of 146
    JAKraig to DiogenesLamp

    You are looking at this situation in a shallow and superficial manner. You aren’t cognizant of the fact that this weapon will be used against our side again and again if it is seen to have worked without consequences.

    Our only hope of stopping these sort of attacks against us is by making someone pay who orchestrated them.


    This argument is absurd, the Democrats use these arguments against us all the time. Of the two evils I will choose the lesser.

  • St. Paul police defend skyway arrest; charges dismissed

    08/29/2014 11:07:44 AM PDT · 53 of 87
    JAKraig to LoneRangerMassachusetts
    The vast amount of private properties in America do not have obnoxious no trespassing signs to spoil the view. . . .


    No, commercial public accessible spaces have doors that can be closed. They do have signs that say when they are open. When they are open they are fair game. He was not loitering according to the local laws. He was just waiting outside his kids school. The only thing he did was to be black.

    Had most of us been there we would have not been told to leave.

    This whole thing is sickening.

    I am one who realizes that Trayvon Martin and gentle giant Michael Brown were gangsta wannabe thugs who deserved what they got, this guy was being responsible and was only bothered because he was black.

  • Tea party voters could dump Mitch McConnell just by staying home

    08/29/2014 10:23:17 AM PDT · 107 of 146
    JAKraig to morphing libertarian

    So the best way to support conservative positions is to vote for moderates who fight the tea party and support deme in the senate



    So you believe that the best way to support conservatives is to vote for liberal Democrats? Now to me that is insane.

  • St. Paul police defend skyway arrest; charges dismissed

    08/29/2014 9:31:28 AM PDT · 46 of 87
    JAKraig to dennisw
    His rotten attitude was also on display when not showing ID to police. This could be a setup by him to get a lawyer and sue in Obama’s America. . . . . .


    If his “rotten attitude” as you call it is to set up the police, in other words, force them to do something wrong, then I hope it works, the cops did something wrong. They didn't have to. No crime was committed. In the middle of a public, commercial space you need a sign to say it is not part of the public area, otherwise it is. Sounds like some company decided to put a couple of chairs out for their employees and hope nobody else uses them.

  • St. Paul police defend skyway arrest; charges dismissed

    08/29/2014 9:27:13 AM PDT · 45 of 87
    JAKraig to DesertRhino
    It doesn't have to be marked. Marking supposedly prevents entry. An owner or their representative giving you notice you are on private property, combined with a chance to leave, satisfies the law in most states.

    ie,,,”a guy is sitting on my unmarked back porch and I try to roust him by informing him he is on private property, and must leave immediately. He stands his ground,,,”



    Silly argument, your back porch isn't in the middle of a commercial public space. There are laws about commercial public space. Your back porch is not considered public space nor commercial space.

  • St. Paul police defend skyway arrest; charges dismissed

    08/29/2014 9:24:01 AM PDT · 43 of 87
    JAKraig to Sherman Logan
    The public is generally allowed access while the buildings are open, but they're still private property and owners retain the right to ask people to move on instead of loitering. . . .


    If there is a chair there then you have to suppose it is ok to sit.

  • St. Paul police defend skyway arrest; charges dismissed

    08/29/2014 9:17:59 AM PDT · 42 of 87
    JAKraig to LoneRangerMassachusetts

    I totally disagree with your attitude about this.

    If there was no sign posted and it was an otherwise open space open to the public then he was doing nothing wrong.

    That being said, someone could have politely told him he was in a reserved space and would he please go to such and such location.

    In my opinion he was removed because he was a black man with braided hair, he scared someone.

    Cops are not special people. They have a responsibility to the people they stop and talk to as much as those who they think they are protecting. Too often they don’t get to exert much authority because the vast majority of people obey the law most of the time. When they get a chance to exert a little authority they leap at the chance, sickening.

    Was the black man being a jerk? Perhaps. Is it against the law to be a jerk? No, I don’t think so. Being arrested is a traumatic event, a violent event. The charges were dismissed, obviously arresting this guy was simple abuse of authority and force, perhaps assault.

  • Tea party voters could dump Mitch McConnell just by staying home

    08/29/2014 8:19:21 AM PDT · 105 of 146
    JAKraig to DiogenesLamp
    These arguments are nonsense.

    How does having a Democratic Majority in the Senate help the TEA Party?

    It doesn't.

    We can help the TEA Party by getting control of the Senate where they will have some power and some influence.

    Yes, RINO’s hate the TEA Party. Yes I hate RINO’s, Yes I hate Democrats more.

  • Tea party voters could dump Mitch McConnell just by staying home

    08/28/2014 7:44:26 AM PDT · 53 of 146
    JAKraig to 4rcane

    This should have had a BARF alert on it.

    I’m a TEA partier and I will vote for McConnell staying home means another vote for Grimes, ulgh!

  • Both husband, wife now have left loaded guns in restrooms

    08/28/2014 5:48:15 AM PDT · 26 of 46

    I can understand how it happens but, it shouldn’t.

    I have gone places where I had to change clothes, for instance the golf course. If you take a shower at a public or even private facility what to do with your gun. I always find a pocket big enough to hold my weapon, stuff it in there and lock the locker until I change back into my street clothes.

    Some say not to carry on the course that it disrupts the swing, ok it disrupts my swing, bfd. My swing is nothing to brag about anyway. If it weren’t for the social aspect of golf I wouldn’t play anyway.

    I have never had a problem. I have however left my weapon on the bed stand or dresser while changing at home and not realized it until sometime later noticed I didn’t have my weapon, scary, I have a bunch of grandkids.

    While these old people didn’t cause any problem the potential was certainly there. They need a refresher course about gun handling.

    I am one of the “old people”, as a group I think old people should all be armed all the time.

  • Why Israel's bombardment of Gaza neighborhood left US officers 'stunned'

    08/27/2014 8:25:48 AM PDT · 47 of 62
    JAKraig to nuke rocketeer
    In war you don't have acceptable proportionate DEATH.

    One death is too many, you do what ever it takes to stay alive, that often means killing the enemy. They can die or give up but when you agree to let a like amount of your soldiers to die just to keep things even you're stupid. You should just give up if that is what you want.

    It is Hamas that is killing, why don't they get bad PR?

  • The FDA's New Food Regulations Are A Recipe For High Food Prices

    08/27/2014 8:03:42 AM PDT · 13 of 15
    JAKraig to SoFloFreeper
    Higher prices for food push more people to food stamps. More people on food stamps pushes more people to vote Democrat so they can get even more food stamps.

    Once the economy becomes so burdened with free stuff from the government it will collapse, that is what Obama and his friends are pushing for, then they can truly remake the government of the US into a true Socialist state.

  • Yachts continue to exit the Northwest Passage fearing ice choke-points do not open before freeze up

    08/25/2014 5:40:30 PM PDT · 7 of 17
    JAKraig to

    bunch of idiots

  • An Open Letter to the False Church

    08/25/2014 11:16:41 AM PDT · 14 of 24
    JAKraig to DJ MacWoW
    My only problem is that leaders of various churches think they are right and nobody else is and I'm not sure who it was that made them right.

    The statement that there is only one way is correct in my humble opinion, you can't get to God without going through Christ. Christ is the only way. I think most will agree to that but that is about the end of agreement. There are so many different views on what is the right the way to Christ that causes the problems.

    I think immediately of the first centuries of Christianity and the big fight between Arianism and Nicean Trinity. For a couple of centuries and a century after Nicea there was not a conclusive standard on the Holy Trinity. The west were pretty much Niceans and the East were pretty much Arianist. The big difference is that Niceans taught that Christ and God were both Eternal Gods and actually the same God while the Arianists taught that Christ was the Son of God and although still God he was a subordinate of The Father.

    The Bishop of Alexander, a good friend of Constantine motivated Constantine who while not a Baptized Christian chose what we now call Nicean Trinity. It was not the last word but about 100 years later actually became the last word at least as far as the Church of Rome was concerned.

    In those days churches were much more autonomous than today. Constantine's whole idea of calling a council at Nicea was to get some conformity in The Christian Church. There were simply no authoritative standards after the Apostles and those that walked with them all died off.

    Were the Anathieans so horrible that they had to be excommunicated? Then the Anathieans were in charge were the Niceans so wrong that they had to be excommunicated?

    After Luther again we have very religious people finding different ways to get through Christ to God. After Luther other non-mainstream religions sprang up that said if the only way to God is through Christ then it doesn't make sense that God and Christ are the Same. It would be like saying you have to go through God (Christ) to get to God (God) or like saying you have to go through God to get to God.

    So what to do. We are very fortunate on the one hand that The Holy Roman Catholic Church has preserved the Bible we now have but perhaps unfortunate for the many books that were lost to the burn pile of Nicea and beyond.

    Who is the one person who speaks for God on the earth? The Pope? The Patriarch? Someone else like John Denver(RIP)? Inquiring minds want to know and I personally don't t believe that because you can't figure it out that you will go to Hell.

    I'm not stupid enough to think that what I think matters to anybody but me but after all that is what counts to us as individuals. I think if you are truly looking for Christ to get to God then you will get there.

  • ISIS is ISLAM & I Am The Infidel!

    08/25/2014 9:02:51 AM PDT · 17 of 19
    JAKraig to xuberalles

    Right On!

  • St. Louis police release video of shooting of Kajieme Powell near Ferguson, Mo.

    08/21/2014 6:51:55 AM PDT · 55 of 91
    JAKraig to yldstrk

    When someone flashes a knife at a cop with a gun then begs the cop to shoot him I have little compassion for the guy with the knife. He literally got what he asked for in more ways than one.

    All that having been said I do personally believe that the cops could have shown some restraint. Why didn’t they disable the man with a taser? Why must they shoot to kill. At such close range a shot to the thigh could have easily put the guy down, but then there would be a lot of taxpayer expense to keep him in jail or prison for several years.

    The guy was an idiot for displaying the knife, he was asking for it, he was a thief, etc., but, killing him was a little over the top in my book. He never lunged at the cops, never really was threatening he was just being a smart ass.

    The cops will get away with this without even a blemish on their record (on earth anyway) but in my honest opinion they shouldn’t. Poor judgment on their part to kill this guy.

  • Rand Paul: If you don't realize race skews the justice system, you're not paying attention

    08/17/2014 5:00:48 PM PDT · 71 of 71
    JAKraig to JAKraig

    It is starting to look more and more that I was sucked in by the early hype dispensed by the Main Stream Media. I apologize.

    I should know better than to trust the media.

    It is looking more and more that this was a good shoot, and the gentle giant was just a giant a$$hole who deserved what he got.

  • Rand Paul: If you don't realize race skews the justice system, you're not paying attention

    08/16/2014 6:24:15 AM PDT · 70 of 71
    JAKraig to Boogieman

    Because we have paid poor people to support themselves without dads in the home, because the dads have several homes we, with our tax dollars have created a fatherless society. Children, (little girls) having children raising children.

    Proportionally blacks have suffered more than whites at this. Before LBJ the illegitimate birth rate among blacks was lower than whites.

    The “Hood” is now suffering because of our “Progressive” social engineering.

    Now after seeing what we don’t like about the way the “Hood” acts at our giving them a free lifestyle we put a disproportionate number of them in prison.

    I have never suggested that people that commit don’t belong in prison, I’m just saying that progressive politics bears some of the blame and certainly most of the cause.

  • Woman Fatally Shot by SJPD Was Holding Cordless Drill: Police

    08/15/2014 1:10:41 PM PDT · 47 of 51
    JAKraig to Red Badger

    They didn’t specify, it may have been a .5 caliber drill..................

    Probably just a 3/8ths

  • Rand Paul: If you don't realize race skews the justice system, you're not paying attention

    08/15/2014 5:37:48 AM PDT · 59 of 71
    JAKraig to fifedom
    He was unarmed when he was gunned down. He had his hands up when he was gunned down.
    This is what a witness who is a friend of ‘the kid’ says.
    Why don’t you wait for the facts to come in? Last I heard there was a shot fired in the car. Apparently the policeman was attacked in his car by ‘the kid’ who may have tried to wrestle his pistol away from him.

    It wasn't just a friend that witnessed the kid trying to take away the gun. It was an un-involved motorist who also witnessed that happening, so what. Just because someone tries and fails to steal your gun is not reason enough to later execute them when they try to surrender. He got killed for being an angry black kid.

  • Rand Paul: If you don't realize race skews the justice system, you're not paying attention

    08/15/2014 5:30:54 AM PDT · 58 of 71
    JAKraig to fifedom

    He was unarmed when he was gunned down. He had his hands up when he was gunned down.
    This is what a witness who is a friend of ‘the kid’ says.


    No, these comments come from a motorist who saw the confrontation and the subsequent shooting.

  • Rand Paul: If you don't realize race skews the justice system, you're not paying attention

    08/14/2014 8:01:33 PM PDT · 24 of 71
    JAKraig to sickoflibs

    If you don’t realize that he is right you are blind. Black youth are presumed guilty no matter what. Too many honor roll unarmed black kids have been killed by cops because the cop thought they had a gun. It happens way too often. These cops think they have a gun because they know that all black kids are bad and deserve what they get.

    Yeah a lot a kids in the inner city are bad and deserve what they get. This kid that was killed deserved to be locked up but instead he was executed, he didn’t deserve that. He was unarmed when he was gunned down. He had his hands up when he was gunned down.

    You don’t think that is racial?

    Cops just want to go home at night and if they work in the Hood they will shoot at anything that frightens them. The sad thing is they get away with it.

  • Hacktivist Group Anonymous Steps up Threats Against Coeur d'Alene PD [dog shooting]

    08/14/2014 11:47:35 AM PDT · 16 of 37
    JAKraig to BenLurkin

    The dead 18 year old has nothing to do with this they are separate issues. Hopefully the Bad Cop that shot the 18 year old will be punished enough to make other cops think before they execute someone because they are mad at them.

    The 18 year old was executed, make no mistake but he bears some of the blame for getting into an altercation with a cop and trying to steal his gun. The cop perhaps had a right to shoot the first shot, but, only the first shot. I do hope the cop is tried for murder in the first degree and not some lesser charge.

    Now, back to dogs. Nearly all dogs shot by cops are executions. The dogs are not harming anybody, they are on their own property doing what they are supposed to do, that is, bark when a stranger shows up.

    I am a dog owner, my dog is a very dearly loved friend. If a cop were to shoot her for no good reason I don’t know what I would do but I would NOT get over it and forget it.

  • Of Skullcaps And A**hats 

    08/14/2014 7:10:51 AM PDT · 5 of 22
    JAKraig to SJackson
    An enjoyable but eye opening read.

    One statement he made, that it was the last acceptable forms of bigotry, that is discrimination against Jews got my attention. In reality he is wrong, it is more than Jews. It now seems acceptable to denigrate many religious groups. It is quickly becoming OK to discriminate against Catholics. It is already OK to discriminate against or give ill treatment to Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons. Soon the evangelicals will be thrown into the mix too. It will get worse and worse until any Christian group is thrown in the mix of OK groups to give ill treatment to.

    We have indeed in this country started sliding way down the slippery slope.

  • Ann Coulter stumps for ‘crap-a—’ GOP

    08/13/2014 8:55:46 AM PDT · 84 of 113
    JAKraig to Resolute Conservative

    Years ago I asked what is the fascination with this shill? I have never liked her nor trusted her. It is all about promoting her books, which I admit proudly, I do not read.

    I like her, I like her very much. She has a hard hitting humor style that gets right at the point of the matter, using few words she says it all.

    I read her books. Some are better than others but her research on single motherhood shocked me. Single motherhood has done more to hurt this country than anything I can think of. It has filled our prisons to overflowing and introduced a group of people with no social skills and no morals.

    Nobody is perfect, she has a few ideas that differ from mine, but I dare say that most people do.

  • With Christie hobbled, Jeb Bush’s lukewarm reception, Establishment GOP floats another Romney run?

    08/12/2014 11:57:16 AM PDT · 67 of 84
    JAKraig to CSM

    There are worse picks than Romney, but, I do not think the electorate will settle for any less than a Ted Cruz or Rand Paul.

  • Libertarians and fringe candidates could tip Senate races

    08/12/2014 10:32:26 AM PDT · 22 of 22
    JAKraig to BBell
    I hear this kind of nonsense response to candidates that we don't deem as good as could possibly be. Mitch McConnell is a perfect example. Mitch is far from perfect, but he is not Harry Reid.

    Mitch McConnell has done a lot of good conservative things, he has also done a lot of bad progressive things but in my opinion the good outweighs the bad. I would much rather vote for Mitch McConnell than not vote and let my absence of vote go to a Democrat.

    I understand the frustration with progressivism and I understand the hate of Republican in name only but a little bad is a whole lot better than a lot of bad.

    with Republicans who are not wonderful at least the deals they make will include deals with true conservatives. With a Republican majority in both houses we at least, if nothing else, slow progressivism and at best turn it backwards.

  • Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? {coming soon in theaters Sep 12}

    08/12/2014 9:01:21 AM PDT · 19 of 45
    JAKraig to Publius
    The book was very, very long. One of the first novels I read as a child, my mother really wanted me to understand the world from that perspective. There was a lot I didn't catch then but when I read it 50 years later the book made much more sense and was prescient.

    The movies so far have not been terribly well done, but for the limited budget I can't complain. The movies are probably better if you are familiar with the book so that you can understand where the movie departs from the book and where it replicates it. The main theme though still comes through. If you take freedom from people they become poor slaves and there will be a ruling class who live off the slavery of others.

    Today Democrats and all Progressives see themselves as the ruling class. When the country first came into being the rulers felt they were the liberators. The Democrats and other Progressives now have had a taste of power and the taste of imperialism and they like it too much to give it up.

    The movies are worth the time to watch especially if it convinces you to read or re-read the book.

    I have always thought the concept of going Galt was the most unreasonable part of the book. There is not and never will be a hidden valley where everything works and energy is magically made from nothing. Everything else in the movie, the way society falls apart is pretty right on. If you come to think that the hidden valley is really just the reformation of society on sustainable principles then perhaps it makes a little sense.

    We can't run away, it just doesn't work, there is no where to run to.

  • An 'Antiviolence' Boondoggle in Murder-Plagued Chicago

    08/09/2014 7:48:39 AM PDT · 19 of 51
    JAKraig to yldstrk

    the root cause of violence in inner city neighborhoods has nothing to do with the economy or lack of jobs.the single most important factor is single parent families. Contributing factors include our media which glorifies the hip hop culture and our news media which glorifies single motherhood. Once we denigrate this insane culture of violence we call Hip Hop and similarly denigrate single parent families we will see a decrease in violence.

  • 1000 Yard 9mm Shot

    08/08/2014 1:42:00 PM PDT · 85 of 85
    JAKraig to alfa6

    What a wonderful experiment.

    Thanks for finding it and setting the record straight.

  • 1000 Yard 9mm Shot

    08/06/2014 11:09:23 AM PDT · 69 of 85
    JAKraig to Cold Heat

    Not a mechanical engineer or a physicist, but your statement would only be true in controlled conditions.

    Depending on the round, for example, they can tend to gain some altitude as they fly, and as the velocity slows they drop. The air has a lot of effect.


    Actually the air has little or no effect except to slow down the round or blow it off target. Because barrels are riffled the bullet spins. Any aerodynamic advantage from the shape of the round will be averaged out to zero. There are situations where the bullet could be tilted and “ride” the air up but that would be very rare indeed, or, come from elevating the barrel in the first place. I am only talking about a level barrel.

    The purpose of aiming high on a distant target is not overcome the air resistance but it is to overcome gravity.

    I realize this all sounds counter-intuitive but it is true.

  • 1000 Yard 9mm Shot

    08/05/2014 8:03:45 PM PDT · 43 of 85
    JAKraig to kjam22
    Interesting in that he didn't hit the balloon. When the bullet splattered a piece likely caught the balloon. I'm sure it took a while to figure the elevation, but all he had to do was watch where the shots were falling and adjust.

    Bullets all fall at the same speed but the faster they go the farther they go before hitting the ground. If you dropped a bullet from your hand at the same time you fired the gun (if the gun was level) they would both hit the ground at the same time. The bullet starts falling the instant it leaves the gun, it is just a race to see how far it can go before falling all the way down.

    My personal protection rounds of 9mm only have 125gr and that is a little more than my practice rounds at about 115. I would hate to be standing behind someone if they are shot with a 147gr load, it would likely go right through them, but then you wouldn't have to shoot twice. The report would scare anybody away.

  • 1000 Yard 9mm Shot

    08/05/2014 7:59:58 PM PDT · 40 of 85
    JAKraig to kjam22
    Interesting in that he didn't hit the balloon. When the bullet splattered a piece likely caught the balloon. I'm sure it took a while to figure the elevation, but all he had to do was watch where the shots were falling and adjust.

    Bullets all fall at the same speed but the faster they go the farther they go before hitting the ground. If you dropped a bullet from your hand at the same time you fired the gun (if the gun was level) they would both hit the ground at the same time. The bullet starts falling the instant it leaves the gun, it is just a race to see how far it can go before falling all the way down.

    My personal protection rounds of 9mm only have 125gr and that is a little more than my practice rounds at about 115. I would hate to be standing behind someone if they are shot with a 147gr load, it would likely go right through them, but then you wouldn't have to shoot twice. The report would scare anybody away.

  • What the Media Won't Report About Flight MH17

    07/23/2014 6:50:43 AM PDT · 10 of 10
    JAKraig to Robe
    Ron Paul is showing his fathers influence


    I think you have Ron Paul confused with Rand Paul. Rand is the son and Ron is the Father. So in effect you are saying that Ron Paul is showing his own influence.

    Ron Paul is an isolationist. Rand Paul is not quite the isolationist as his father but not far from him.

    The story is not quite simple in Ukraine, there are definitely pro Russians and anti Russians. The election of the Pro Russian was orchestrated by Russian and there were many, many accusations of Russian interference and ballot box stuffing in the election. The Pro Russian President was making moves to have Ukraine annexed by Russia so naturally the anti-Russian citizens revolted.

    Now you know the rest of the story.

  • TLC Wrongly Accused Hundreds of Being Illegal Cabbies in Past Year

    07/21/2014 11:25:42 AM PDT · 18 of 20
    JAKraig to RedMDer

    How do you “flash a siren” ?????
    You float by slowly in your boat while wearing a rain coat.

    I have to say this is one of the very best responses I have ever seen here, very, very good!

  • Jesus Would Support Universal Healthcare, Say Most Americans

    07/16/2014 11:39:26 AM PDT · 68 of 79
    JAKraig to Westbrook

    The New Testament makes it clear that giving should be done from the heart, freely, without compulsion. Indeed, the case for giving is very stronly made, but it is a matter of the heart, not a matter of force.


    Charity comes from giving. Welfare comes from taking.

    There is no good in paying taxes except you get to keep from going to jail. It is not a good deed. What you GIVE to help others is a good deed and is what The Lord would approve of. Although I’m sure He would approve of your paying your taxes but, it would not be a Christian good deed.

  • True or false? Ten myths about Isaac Newton

    07/12/2014 1:04:52 PM PDT · 24 of 39
    JAKraig to El Cid

    No one has every accused Newton of denying Christ. Newton only did not believe in the theology of the “Trinity” as taught in Trinity College. Trinity College was a divinity school. Newton believed in Christ and believed that Christ was the Savior of the world. He believed that God was Christs Father and a separate being from Christ Himself. He also believed that the Holy Ghost likewise was a separate being.

    Newton was an avid student of the Holy Bible and believed mostly in the literal meaning of it.

    Not ascribing to the Catholic interpretation of the Holy Trinity in Newton’s day would however classify him as a “heretic”. By the time of Newton however the classification of being a heretic was not the same as it was just a hundred years earlier.

  • Corey Booker, Rand Paul team up for justice (Barf alert)

    07/08/2014 6:13:40 AM PDT · 11 of 17
    JAKraig to Above My Pay Grade

    I can’t believe I used to admire Rand Paul. He supports Federal interference in State criminal justice matters and coddling criminals by giving them light sentences, clean records, voting rights and preferences in hiring.
    Paul clearly hates law abiding Americans as strongly as any Liberal.


    When you commit a crime in the US and are caught you pay. You pay by going to prison, you pay by being on probation, often for years after you get out. When you are a an ex-con it is nearly impossible to get a job. If you commit a drug crime and you do the time, why should society force you to live a life a crime? If you have a felony conviction that follows you around nobody will hire you. When do you stop paying for doing something stupid? If your record follows you you never stop being hounded by society.

    If you do the crime, do the time and get back into society.