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  • Courting the Felon Vote

    10/22/2016 6:16:50 PM PDT · 1 of 17
  • 'I have nothing to say': Lady Gaga leaves viewers cringing as she refuses to talk...(about Clinton)

    10/21/2016 5:08:21 PM PDT · 55 of 59
    Hojczyk to Peter ODonnell

    She is smart not saying anything…she would only outrage 50% of on one side

    I think she might support Trump …

    I though she was a joke but when she wants to she can sing

    Acting like a fool gets you attention in this day and age

  • Today's Brutal DDoS Attack Is the Beginning of a Bleak Future

    10/21/2016 1:17:56 PM PDT · 1 of 47
  • Facebook Employees Pushed to Remove Trump’s Posts as Hate Speech

    10/21/2016 1:12:33 PM PDT · 2 of 17
    Hojczyk to Hojczyk

    The rest is behind the wall

    Maybe someone here can post the article

  • Facebook Employees Pushed to Remove Trump’s Posts as Hate Speech

    10/21/2016 1:11:34 PM PDT · 1 of 17
  • (vanity) In 1980 two weeks from election polls had Jimmy Carter 47 -- Ronald Reagan 39

    10/21/2016 7:15:17 AM PDT · 17 of 42
    Hojczyk to CatOwner

    Trumps problem is California is a democratic state not when Reagan ran

  • Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner Clinton & Trump will speak in New York City Oct 20, 2016 8:50pm ET

    10/20/2016 2:11:39 PM PDT · 18 of 18
    Hojczyk to stars & stripes forever

    WhaT time does Hillary Talk

  • LIVE Final Debate in Las Vegas, NV--Live Thread

    10/19/2016 4:20:06 PM PDT · 179 of 3,142
    Hojczyk to Parley Baer

    Is free republic running slow or is it my great internet service

    Maybe I should just watch a movie and let CNN tell me what happens tomorrow

    Watching on fox news … might go to fox business

  • Statement from Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter Regarding Possible Voter Fraud

    10/19/2016 4:15:08 PM PDT · 21 of 52
    Hojczyk to AFreeBird

    Hell there been fraud since people started voting

    The GOP never fights for a thing

    Should have been a democrat

    Hell when I was a kid the ward leader would come around with money and you got it when you voted..

  • YouGov: Paul Ryan’s favorable rating among Republicans drops 28 points — in a week

    10/19/2016 4:10:31 PM PDT · 1 of 58
  • EXCLUSIVE: Hundreds Of White House Staffer’s Emails Get Leaked

    10/19/2016 3:48:49 PM PDT · 16 of 28
    Hojczyk to knarf

    These people have no security at all….

    Better go back to the typewriter and snail mail

  • Illinois judge cites “cisgender” subjects in transgender bathroom ruling

    10/19/2016 1:19:17 PM PDT · 2 of 40
    Hojczyk to Hojczyk

    Send this to all women with kids??

  • Illinois judge cites “cisgender” subjects in transgender bathroom ruling

    10/19/2016 1:18:39 PM PDT · 1 of 40
  • Hillary has lost (vanity)

    10/19/2016 7:31:39 AM PDT · 68 of 105
    Hojczyk to Kharis13

    It is better for them to say Hillary will win…her supporters will stay home thing other people will vote

    If your for TRUMP every vote counts

  • Newsgate 2016

    10/18/2016 7:42:13 PM PDT · 2 of 8
    Hojczyk to Hojczyk

    It can be argued that some individual accounts can be rationalized and are not serious breaches of ethics. But taken as a whole, it’s easy to see how we as journalists have done a poor job protecting ourselves from being co-opted by organized interests, often ones that are paid and politically-motivated. Whether we realize it or not, they’ve figured out how to exploit the media and use us to publish their propaganda. It implies a broad and growing trend that has seriously undermined the credibility of the news industry.

    Opinion reporters and those who work for obviously ideological news groups are entitled to publish party propaganda. It’s one matter to provide viewpoint journalism. But it’s quite another for us to act as a tool of any interest, publishing narratives or talking points upon suggestion or demand, without disclosing we’ve done just that.

    The Players

    The following accounts come from human sources, Freedom of Information Act documents and Wikileaks emails. Obviously, this is just a small sampling of the behind the scenes dealings going on between reporters and their sources. Those mentioned below, to the extent they’ve offered comment, have denied doing anything improper or unethical. Some of the reporters have explained that the reason they provided advance drafts of stories to their news subjects, or allowed the subjects to make editorial choices—moves that are generally considered unethical—was to be responsible, as part of a fact check. Some have commented their actions reflect common practice.

    The Associated Press (AP)

    screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-9-41-45-pmThe State Department considered AP reporters Matt Lee and Bradley Klapper “friendlies,” and planned to “place” Hillary Clinton email stories with them and dictate the timing of their release. The goal was to blunt the June 2015 news that Clinton had failed to provide Congress certain required emails. Clinton campaign press officer Nick Merrill coordinated directly with the State Department on the plan to use AP to “lay this out before the [Republican] majority on the [Benghazi] committee has a chance to realize what they have and distort it.” Merrill posited, “It would be good to frame this a little and frankly to have it break tomorrow when we’ll likely be close or in the midst of a [Supreme Court] decision taking over the news hyenas.” AP published a story the following day.

    The pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC American Bridge claimed it “placed” negative stories about Jeb Bush with AP and other news outlets.

    (Also, see Dilanian below under LA Times)

    The Atlantic

    Marc Ambinder from The Atlantic, asked a Hillary Clinton aide for advance text of a speech. The aide dictated “conditions,” including “1) You in your own voice describe [Hillary’s words] as ‘muscular’,” to which Ambinder agreed. Ambinder formerly worked for ABC, CBS and National Journal.


    CNBC anchor John Harwood, who moderated a presidential debate between Trump and Clinton, appears to have offered helpful thoughts and analyses to the Clinton campaign.


    The Clinton campaign emailed that CNN politics producer Dan Merica and Clinton were “basically courting each other.”

    In an email, Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile (then a CNN contributor) said she obtained an advance presidential debate question and passed it on to the Hillary campaign. The question was later asked in a March 13 Democratic presidential town hall including Democrat Bernie Sanders and co-hosted by CNN. Brazile says she didn’t do what she allegedly said she did in the email.

    CNN political commentator Maria Cardona emailed Democratic National Committee officials a draft of her opinion piece that attacked Bernie Sanders prior to the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. She invited the DNC’s editorial input and made changes accordingly, asking the DNC, “Is this better?”

    The pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC American Bridge claimed it “placed” negative stories about Jeb Bush with CNN and other news outlets.

    American Bridge also claimed that a report it produced against the conservative Koch Brothers (billionaire donors) resulted in “a high-profile CNN story.”

    (See also Stelter under New York Times)

    Daily Kos

    A source for the pro-Hillary Clinton smear group Media Matters named Daily Kos as one of several news outlets that are helpful in getting out the Media Matters agenda, according to Daily Caller.

    Huffington Post

    “The [Huffington Post] guys were good, Sam and Nico,” said a Media Matters source to Daily Caller, speaking of reporters who will report what Media Matters puts out. The comment apparently refers to Nico Pitney and Sam Stein.

    Los Angeles Times

    Ken Dilanian, who covered the CIA for the LA Times, explicitly promised positive news coverage and sometimes sent the CIA press office entire story drafts for review prior to publication, according to the Intercept, which obtained internal CIA emails and called Dilanian “the CIA’s mop-up man.” Dilanian now works for AP.

    Jim Rainey of the LA Times “took a lot of our stuff,” a Media Matters source told Daily Caller.



    “Media Matters staff had the direct line of MSNBC president Phil Griffin, and used it,” a Media Matters source told Daily Caller. “If we published something [negative] about Fox in the morning, [MSNBC would] have it on the air that night verbatim. We were pretty much writing their prime time. But then, virtually all the mainstream media was using our stuff.”

    New York Times

    “Brian Stelter at the New York Times [now at CNN] was helpful,” in publishing the Media Matters narrative, a source told Daily Caller.

    New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich gave Hillary Clinton the opportunity to approve or veto her quotes. He later explained that was because he agreed to make the original interview on-the-record and required her approval to use selected pieces of it.

    The pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC American Bridge claimed it placed negative stories about Jeb Bush with the New York Times and other news outlets.

    (See also Haberman under Politico)


    Staffers at Media Matters say they “knew they could dump stuff to Ben Smith [formerly of Politico now editor-in-chief at],” according to Daily Caller. “Ben Smith will take stories and write what you want him to write.”

    Politico chief investigative reporter Ken Vogel emailed soon-to-be-published story to Democratic National Committee official Mark Paustenbach “per agreement” and invited his “thoughts.” Paustenbach gave the draft to the DNC’s head of communications, Luis Miranda. “Vogel gave me his story ahead of time/before it goes to his editors as long as I didn’t share it,” Paustenbach told Miranda.

    In his effort to get an interview with Chelsea Clinton, Mike Allen, Politico’s chief political reporter offered to provide questions in advance, “precisely” agreed upon with a Hillary Clinton aide. “The interview would be ‘no-surprises’: I would work with you on topics, and would start with anything she wants to cover or make news on. Quicker than a network hit, and reaching an audience you care about with no risk,” Allen wrote the aide. After the email became public, Allen apologized and said he would never do what he offered to do in his email.

    Hillary Clinton staffers described Maggie Haberman, then of Politico, as an ideal “friendly journalist” with whom to place stories. “We have had her tee up stories for us before and have never been disappointed,” writes one staffer in an email. Haberman now works for the New York Times. The emails were first reported in The Intercept.

    Read the Intercept article by Glenn Greenwald and Lee Fang


    A Media Matters source told Daily Caller that Salon proved to be a “helpful” news outlet for getting its message across.

    San Francisco Chronicle

    A Media Matters source told Daily Caller that Joe Garofoli at the Chronicle “took a lot of our stuff.”


    The Wall Street Journal

    The pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC American Bridge claimed it placed negative stories about Jeb Bush with the Wall Street Journal and other news outlets.

    The Washington Post

    Democratic National Committee officials discussed “placing” a story with the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent to put a positive spin on some bad news for Hillary Clinton. The goal was “to make sure the first story out of the gate is as helpful as possible,” according to a DNC official. “But, the specific reporter is not as important as getting it to an outlet before the news breaks so we can help control the narrative on the front end. Otherwise this may likely get spun in a not-so-helpful way. We should also get Rep. [Elijah] Cummings on the phone with that reporter.” The email continues, “…can we please consider giving Sargent the first bite to get a good first story out there? Can I have him call you? We had been working him for weeks in general on writing up something positive, we think he’d play ball.”

    Staffers at Media Matters counted on the liberal Plum Line, Sargent’s Washington Post blog, according to a source who spoke to Daily Caller. “Greg Sargent will write anything you give him. He was the go-to guy to leak stuff,” claimed the source. “If you can’t get it anywhere else, Greg Sargent’s always game.”

    “We’ve pushed stories to Eugene Robinson and E.J. Dionne [at the Washington Post],” the Media Matters source told Daily Caller.

    The pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC American Bridge claimed it placed negative stories about Jeb Bush with the Washington Post and other news outlets.

    The Strategy

    A window into how political interests, including super PACs, work to influence and manipulate the news is found in an internal Clinton campaign memo published on Wikileaks this month. In it, the Hillary Clinton super PAC “Correct The Record” boasts it had placed 21 “strategic memos” with the media that “led to stories in a number of news outlets including National Journal, Politico, USA Today, MSNBC and The Hill.” Correct The Record has joined other pro-Hillary Clinton groups founded by Clinton surrogate David Brock, including Media Matters and the American Bridge super PAC, in attacking Clinton’s opponents. Correct The Record’s targets have included Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump.


    Correct The Record president Brad Woodhouse has repeatedly appeared in news interviews without the disclosure that he operates a Hillary Clinton super PAC that coordinates openly with the campaign, unlike any other super PAC.

    Among other functions, the Correct The Record memo says it “arms more than 300 surrogates with facts and talking points to spread the message and the facts on cable and other news” and “deploy products targeted to specific audiences.”

    One of the “products” is “pushback documents” distributed to “members of the media, key surrogates, pundits, opinion leaders” to refute “false information” about Clinton. The documents include “research analyses,” “talking points” and “blog-style posts made specifically for the web.” Other products are “media statements” and “positive media relations with Clinton beat reporters, producers and editors…Our communications team is constantly in touch with the media and provide, whether in our own voices or in the voices of surrogates, a constant stream of statements to the press on all things Clinton related. And because media relations isn’t just going on the record, some of our team’s most important work is killing bad stories before they ever get written.”

    Under “Metrics,” the Correct The Record memo cites its mailing list of 960 members of the national media and 10,756 regional reporters in 28 states. It sends talking points and memos regularly to 369 televisions producers and bookers. It says its work has “impacted the framework for dialogue about 2016, Clinton, and her competitors.” The group says it has “engaged trusted names” to write opinion editorials for newspapers across the country.

    “Correct The Record has placed 132 op-eds nationally and in strategic local markets” and, since May 15, “helped write and place 36 op-eds across the country in a number of publications including Politico, Times Union, Huffington Post, CNN, Washington Blade, and New Jersey’s Bergen Record.”–Correct The Record internal memo

    Correct The Record also says it’s conducted “over 900 on-the-record and off-the-record media interviews” and “identified 372 surrogates including influential and frequent pundits on broadcast and cable news for Presidential 2016 politics and provided them around 80 sets of talking points, background materials and briefings on topical issues” to defend Clinton and her record.

    American Bridge

    More information on how super PACs manipulate the news media is found in an internal memo written by Brock’s pro-Hillary American Bridge super PAC. It was also published by Wikileaks.

    The opposition research group set up “war rooms” for the first time on site in states where its trackers were monitoring Republican candidates to “interact with reporters on site, and to cut and move footage more efficiently so we can break news before anyone else.” In other words, American Bridge uses its formidable resources to do one-sided investigative work and then peddles the product as “news” to reporters.

    Apparently, it works. The American Bridge memo said its on-site war room in Wisconsin collected negative clips about Senator Ron Johnson and got them covered by Talking Points Memo, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, The Capital Times, The Hill, and Roll Call.

    In the memo, American Bridge also bragged that CNN was receptive to its outreach. “CNN recently ran a feature story on our use of livestream technology.” Examples of the group’s rapid response efforts getting picked up by the press included “Jeb Bush’s comments on privatizing Social Security (June 2015), his comment that “all lives matter” (July 2015), Chris Christie jumping on Jeb Bush’s ‘work longer hours’ bandwagon (July 2015), and Rick Perry slamming Jeb’s economic growth record in Florida (July 2015).”

    “Several of these were clipped, cut, and shared on social media and/or by press release while the candidates were still delivering the same speech,” read the American Bridge memo.

    American Bridge said it “placed” negative stories about Bush with CNN, Washington Post, the Associated Press, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and several key Florida outlets. “Our tracking operation has also been key in undermining Jeb through a constant barrage of rapid response attacks.”

    One month after the 2014 midterm elections, American Bridge released a “primer” to “define the field before the prospective candidates could define themselves for the electorate.” The group took credit for successfully marketing a negative media narrative on Scott Walker, leading to his downfall. “We developed a powerful narrative of cronyism, outsourcing, and looking out for the interests of big business over middle class families, which undercut his economic message,” said the group’s memo. It also took credit for “forcing the Kochs [conservative billionaire donors]…out of the shadows” and said an American Bridge report against the Kochs resulted in “a high-profile CNN story.”

    These activities appear to be within the law. But these are just two of many groups working to influence the news. The breadth and scope of their operations confirms how important it is for news organizations to set up policies and systems to retain

  • Newsgate 2016

    10/18/2016 7:39:16 PM PDT · 1 of 8
  • Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: I Arranged Sex Trysts For Her — With Men & WOMEN

    10/18/2016 12:01:24 PM PDT · 12 of 92
    Hojczyk to SteveO87

    The owner of the paper is a big Trump guy..

    They have been blasting Hillary every other week..

    The low information votes cannot miss this at the checkouts

  • My Debate Questions for Mrs. Clinton

    10/17/2016 2:00:31 PM PDT · 2 of 9
    Hojczyk to Hojczyk

    Mrs. Clinton, when you were secretary of state, why did you let a Russian company purchase one half of the United States uranium reserves in coordination with your and your husband’s foundation? How much money was donated by Russian companies to your foundation in exchange for your moving half of our uranium supply to Kazakhstan?

    Mrs. Clinton, when you worked for the State Department, how did you conduct secret classified business without using a secure email server? And don’t say it’s a mistake that you won’t do again because you still had to conduct business. How did you conduct secret classified business on your public server?

    What kind of assault weapons were we funneling through Benghazi, and where were we sending them before Ambassador Stevens was murdered?

    Mrs. Clinton, why were you interested in the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad in Syria?

    Mrs. Clinton, when you left the White House after your husband’s last term as president in the year 2000, why did you steal $200,000 worth of furniture and China and artwork that you were forced to return?

    Mrs. Clinton, when you were secretary of state, why did you solicit contributions from foreign governments to your family foundation after you promised President Obama you would not?

    Mrs. Clinton, why do you and your husband claim to contribute millions of dollars to charity for a tax write-off when it goes to your family foundation that gives less than 15% of the money you collect and you use the balance to support yourself tax-free? How do you do that? How could other Americans set up similar arrangements as you have? What would you tell them?

    Mrs. Clinton, why are you unable to account for $6 billion of State Department money that seemed to have disappeared while you were secretary of state?

    Mrs. Clinton, you said you were broke when you left the White House, but you purchased a $2 million home. You built an addition for the Secret Service. You charged taxpayers of the United States rent in an amount equal to the entire mortgage. Why did you say you were broke?

    Mrs. Clinton, how is it your daughter, Chelsea, can afford to buy a 10-and-a-half million-dollar apartment in New York City after you left the White House when you were broke? I might throw that one out. I might leave out the question about the daughter.

    Mrs. Clinton, could you tell the average American how their child could get a $600,000-a-year job at NBC with no experience like your daughter did? That’s a better one, right? That’s a better one. Yeah, because the 10.6, that comes from the Mezvinskys, you know, she married that. But, yeah, the 600 grand a year, not having done it before.

    Mrs. Clinton, why did you lie to the American people about the terror attack in Benghazi, but you managed to tell the truth to your daughter the same night that it happened?

    Mrs. Clinton, why did you fail the bar exam in the District of Columbia? Why did your husband lose his law license? Take your time, Mrs. Clinton. We’re here for a couple of hours.

    I mean, this is just scraping the surface. I mean, there’s all kinds of other things that we could ask. But these are the kinds of things that are asked of Trump that are not asked of her, is my point. (interruption) Okay, yeah, okay, we could do that.

    Mrs. Clinton, for the past two weeks we have been treated to accounts of Donald Trump and his supposedly abusive treatment of women, many of whom have now been exposed as not having told the truth. Why did you feel it necessary to tarnish the reputations of women who had alleged that your husband had abused them, and in one case raped them? Tell us about the bimbo eruptions unit that helped your husband survive as president.

    Any number of ways you could go with this that Trump is routinely asked about that she is not. That’s the point that I’m trying to make. I mean, the questions, you know, they’re not specific here. They’re generic just to indicate that there are all kinds of places, all kinds of areas that the moderators are not going with Mrs. Clinton.

    (interruption) No, I wouldn’t ask her what her relationship is with Huma. No. I wouldn’t touch on that. That’s inside stuff. I don’t think the vast majority of people even know who Huma is. And so I would leave Huma alone. I might express condolences, “Would you pass on my sincere feelings for Mrs. Danger over the embarrassment of her husband sending pictures of his nakedness to teenagers. Such a terrible thing, and we feel for — would you pass that on for us? Thank you.” Nah. Look, I’m trying to keep this aboveboard here. With the Clintons, you see how easy it is to get to the gutter if you want to go there?


    RUSH: Mrs. Clinton, you made $21 million in two years giving speeches to, among others, Wall Street banks, often at $250,000 per 30-minute speech and in some cases $350,000. Why are you in such close relationships with Wall Street, and what are they expecting for what they paid you? Somehow get the question out there. Tie her to the close relationships she has with Wall Street while her voters think that she’s out to destroy Wall Street. Some of the WikiLeak document dumps indicate how close she is to these bankers. Lloyd Blankfein at Goldman Sachs is just one example.


    Is this site running slow or is my computer

  • My Debate Questions for Mrs. Clinton

    10/17/2016 1:59:11 PM PDT · 1 of 9
  • I’ve been there, and that’s why I smell a rat with these Trump allegations

    10/17/2016 8:20:10 AM PDT · 8 of 19
    Hojczyk to NEMDF

    Maybe people here should read the article

    Even if Trump wins how much can he change in four years

    Look at Reagan eight years and the first Bush trashed it all the first day

    The revolution has to come from the younger generation

    The left controls the media, schools, courts,

    Look at Europe

    Women vote on emotion so there is no logic to there thinking

    Last three paragraphs

    The only thing left for me to say is that while the game is over for Trump, it is just as over for our nation. With the little democracy that is left, still, I shall invoke my first amendment rights, my freedom of expression rights, just to let those of you who plan on voting for Hillary Clinton know, that, I truly hope you rot in hell with her. Traditionally, again, in the name of democracy as we once knew it, I used to be forgiving about other peoples’ rights to choose and vote for whomever they thought was the right choice. This time around, however, I will forsake the political correctness that has characterized most of my dissertations and just warn you to be very careful in what you wish for as it may just happen.

    In lieu of all that is at stake here, the questionable future that awaits future generations of Americans if we elect Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States, I will have to hold all of you, voting for this woman, accountable and responsible for our nation’s demise. I will take this whole thing a step further and go as far as predicting that, should this woman be elected to the White House, our only way out of the chaos that awaits us, would probably be another Civil War – maybe the reason why democrats are steadfast putting up the fight they are for gun control, who knows?

    My fellow-Americans, there is not much more I can say, except but to ask all of you out there who share in my beliefs to just go out and vote for Donald Trump in forthcoming elections on November 8th. If nothing else, let us try our best in reaching-out for that miracle for which we are all hoping and praying. I pray to God to save us all and save this great nation and spare us from all the evils that now abound in the nation. I pray that Hillary Clinton is not voted the next president of the United States of America – for your sake, mine and all generations that follow.

  • So just how important is the voter intensity edge Trump enjoys?

    10/17/2016 7:30:23 AM PDT · 15 of 16
    Hojczyk to trebb

    Voter turnout is what will make the difference

    Can the media depress the Trump vote???

    Time will tell

    I do not think so

    Trump may have a hidden Bradely effect

  • Wikileaks: Tyrant Hillary Kept Conservative Talk Radio Host on UK Hate Speech List

    10/16/2016 12:21:00 PM PDT · 2 of 26
    Hojczyk to Hojczyk

    I’m reading his new book

    Hillary wins it is the end

    Were more like Russia than you know

  • Wikileaks: Tyrant Hillary Kept Conservative Talk Radio Host on UK Hate Speech List

    10/16/2016 12:17:46 PM PDT · 1 of 26
  • Bills fans boo Colin Kaepernick, chant 'USA' before he kneels

    10/16/2016 12:07:02 PM PDT · 40 of 65
    Hojczyk to Bob

    NFL is going way down and ESPN also

    Proof will be when it gets cold up north

    I moved to Florida and lost all interest in the NFL

    Unless it pouring rain theres a lot to do

    I do watch the Super Bowl

    My daughter works for Disney and told her that ESPN will never recover

    She thinks I’m crazy

  • Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country after Obama Hardcover – by Michael Savage (Author)

    10/16/2016 10:40:39 AM PDT · 14 of 15
    Hojczyk to Pollard

    I get books at the library a lot cheaper

  • Breathtaking Criminality in Washington

    10/16/2016 7:51:19 AM PDT · 6 of 55
    Hojczyk to DIRTYSECRET

    John Gotti should have been in government

    Maybe that is why Trump knows what is going on…

    They had to put up with the Mafia to a degree

    They controlled the construction unions in NYC

  • Megyn Kelly to Trump Media Critics: We're Easy To Hate But What We Do Actually Is Important

    10/16/2016 7:48:23 AM PDT · 29 of 90
    Hojczyk to C19fan

    Whatever a woman says has to be believed…right

    What happened to the burden of proof…

    It goes both ways…

    It is the old lie and then the person has to prove he or she is innocent

    It is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty

    Country is boomed..

    Are kids and grand kids will just be peasants

    Hell were all peasants now

  • I Just Want Nate Silver to Tell Me It’s All Going to Be Fine

    10/16/2016 7:03:03 AM PDT · 11 of 24
    Hojczyk to Kenny

    Why do we have no go list??? Need to know what is happening on the left

    How about a no go posting heading for people here who need a safe space

  • NBC/WSJ Poll: Hillary Clinton Extends Lead Over Donald Trump to 11 Points

    10/16/2016 6:58:35 AM PDT · 36 of 140
    Hojczyk to OttawaFreeper

    Most women vote on emotion…

    I think there is a hidden Trump vote..the Bradley effect..with women??

    The Bradley effect posits that the inaccurate polls were skewed by the phenomenon of social desirability bias.[7][8] Specifically, some white voters give inaccurate polling responses for fear that, by stating their true preference, they will open themselves to criticism of racial motivation.

    Members of the public may feel under pressure to provide an answer that is deemed to be more publicly acceptable, or ‘politically correct’. The reluctance to give accurate polling answers has sometimes extended to post-election exit polls as well. The race of the pollster conducting the interview may factor into voters’ answers.

  • Donald Trump looks different when you see him in person

    10/16/2016 6:30:52 AM PDT · 1 of 21
  • Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country after Obama Hardcover – by Michael Savage (Author)

    10/15/2016 6:10:59 PM PDT · 5 of 15
    Hojczyk to dynachrome

    He has been on his show

  • Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country after Obama Hardcover – by Michael Savage (Author)

    10/15/2016 5:55:09 PM PDT · 1 of 15
  • Trump camp says it raised $100M in September

    10/15/2016 1:49:29 PM PDT · 1 of 21
  • WaPo Writes Entire Article on NFL Ratings Nosedive – Without One Mention of Kaepernick or #BLM

    10/15/2016 1:13:28 PM PDT · 1 of 20
  • Donald Trump’s War of Independence

    10/15/2016 11:31:05 AM PDT · 11 of 49
    Hojczyk to HWGruene

    Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country after Obama Hardcover – September 13, 2016
    by Michael Savage (Author)

    Im reading his and it might be to late even for Trump

    No Trump no chance

    Got his in an email

    is based on Alinsky’s eight steps from democracy to socialist
    society. Obama quotes him often in his book and Hillary did her
    thesis on Alinsky.



    are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to
    create a socialist/communist State. The first is the most


    Healthcare: “Control Healthcare and you control the People”

    Poverty: Increase the Poverty level as high as possible.”
    Poor People are easier to control and will not fight back if the
    government is providing everything for them to live.

    Debt: Increase the National Debt to an unsustainable level.”
    That way you are able to increase Taxes, and this will produce more


    Gun Control: Remove the ability to defend themselves from the
    Government. That way you are able to create a Police State -
    total local control.


    Welfare: Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food,
    Livestock, Housing, and Income).


    Education: Take control of what People read & listen to;
    take control of what Children learn in School.

    Religion: Remove
    faith in God from the Government and

    Class Warfare: Divide the People into the Wealthy against the
    Poor. Racially divide. This will cause more discontent and it
    will be easier to Tax the Wealthy with full support of the voting


    The bases are all covered! We are ripe!

  • Media Publicly Shamed by 20,000+ People

    10/15/2016 11:14:23 AM PDT · 1 of 35
  • Republican Party Leaders Plot Purge, Civil War

    10/15/2016 10:56:14 AM PDT · 2 of 100
    Hojczyk to Hojczyk

    Just when you think Republican Party leaders can’t possibly get more cynical, more hypocritical or more suicidal, they surprise you.
    Over the past week, a few dozen prominent Republicans, led by 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain and joined by Utah’s Senator Mike Lee and Colorado’s Cory Gardner, dropped their support for Donald Trump and called on Republican voters to vote for other, “down ticket” candidates but not Trump.

    The New York Times on October 9 published a list of “160 Republican Leaders who do not support Trump,” and newspapers everywhere trumpeted the newest addition to the list.

    That chorus was joined briefly by House Speaker Paul Ryan, who said he would vote for Trump but would not campaign for him or with him. Ryan also advised the entire Republican congressional delegation to do the same.

    This betrayal of the party’s presidential nominee by top echelons of party leadership can only be called overt sabotage. Whether successful or not in denying Trump a victory on November 8, it undoubtedly is the opening shot in a civil war that will erupt full scale on November 9.

    The attempted take down of Trump was explained as an effort to “salvage the dignity of the party” in the aftermath of the public release of a recording of lewd remarks about some women made by Trump in 2005. When asked if the recording revealed anything about Donald Trump they did not know before, they had no answer. It is clear that the party leaders who have jumped ship are using the 2005 video recording as the excuse to do something they had been contemplating since Trump won the party nomination in July.

    Brad Kaaya: Miami Hurricanes Next Heisman Winner?
    Georgian Concerned by ‘Never Trump’ Split in GOP
    White House confident in legality of transgender bathroom rules
    Poll: GOP voters want the party to support Trump
    Raw: Crown Prince Performs Royal Bathing Rites
    Saudi Aramco CEO Nassar Sees Recovery in Oil Prices
    Poll: GOP voters want the party to support Trump
    Raw: Crown Prince Performs Royal Bathing Rites
    Saudi Aramco CEO Nassar Sees Recovery in Oil Prices

    No one citing the recording as an excuse for opposing Trump can say Trump’s lewd remarks are more offensive than the known sexual conduct of former President Bill Clinton — and many other White House occupants. Lewd and crude language is not exactly unknown in the halls of the West Wing, the Rayburn Building, RNC headquarters — or Fox television sound stages.

    Are the American people turning against Donald Trump because of remarks he made in private eleven years ago? No. Might they turn against him if every Republican senator and congressman attacked him for those remarks? Yes, quite possibly. In that case, what would be the cause of the defeat, Trump’s remarks or the party establishment’s treason?

    The answer lies in looking at the facts, not Glenn Beck’s self-indulgent rants. The latest Rasmussen poll shows that 69 percent of voters think Trump’s attitude and remarks about women are either no worse or the same as Bill Clinton’s, and only 23 percent think they are worse. That is a 3-to-1 margin saying it is not an important issue for the large majority of voters.

    So, if moral Puritanism is not a credible explanation for he organized insurrection against the party’s presidential nominee, what is the explanation? Why this open declaration of war on the millions of voters who selected Trump as the party’s candidate? The actions of Paul Ryan, McCain and the other party bigwigs only make sense if it is a signal of a planned purge of Trump supporters by the US Chamber of Commerce globalists.

    The hypocrisy of the Republican establishment’s attempted take down of the Trump campaign is astonishing even by 2016 standards. After insisting that candidate Trump take the pledge to support the eventual nominee, many refused to accept the verdict of the presidential nomination process. It took months for Senator Cruz to endorse Trump, and Ohio’s Gov. Kasich is still silent.

    The other element of hypocrisy is the fear of a Trump victory.

    After arguing for a full year that Trump couldn’t possibly win and would lead the party to a catastrophic defeat, many of the same Republican leaders saw Trump steadily gaining ground on Hillary Clinton and decided a Trump victory would be even more catastrophic than a defeat. Immigration enforcement, an America First foreign policy, and sensible international trade treaties must not be allowed to prevail over globalist ambitions of the party establishment. Trump had to be stopped.

    That is why the sabotage did not occur earlier. Trump is only a mortal danger to the establishment if he has a chance of winning. As long as he was losing badly in the polls, the saboteurs could remain silent. But after mid-September when polls started showing Trump in a virtual tie with Clinton and gaining ground in all the “battleground states,” the knives were out. Why do you think the 2005 video was released when it was, when the liberal media certainly had it for months?

    It is beyond question that the Republican establishment fears a Trump victory more than a Trump defeat. They are more comfortable with Hillary Clinton in the White House than Trump. Only people who have been living on another planet for the last 18 months believe that Washington insiders are opposed to Trump because of his crude language or alleged chauvinistic attitudes toward women.

    So the Republican civil war is under way. Whether Trump wins or loses, the party establishment will use every weapon in its arsenal to purge the party not only of Trump’s policy ideas but Trump’s followers as well.

    On November 9, the order of the day will be — business-as-usual. The party establishment and its allies in the Chamber of Commerce and the media will be working overtime to guarantee there will be no recognition or acknowledgement of the patriotic rebellion against the “go along to get along” mentality of Republican lawmakers that fueled first the Tea party revolt in 2009-2010 and then the Trump bandwagon.

    What the Republican establishment does not understand or will not accept is that the Donald Trump is only the symptom, not the cause, of the grassroots rebellion against establishment thinking. Donald Trump gave voice to those concerns, those very justified concerns, about our nation’s direction and our nation’s very survival.

    Donald Trump the man and Trump the candidate has flaws and warts and weaknesses that were understandably exploited by opponents. But win or lose on November 8, the grassroots rebellion that fueled the Trump campaign will continue.

    That rebellion is now an open civil war within the Republican party, and that is a shame. But at least it is a war over real issues, real concerns, and real worries over the safety and survival of our nation. And that, my friends, will always be a war worth fighting.

  • Republican Party Leaders Plot Purge, Civil War

    10/15/2016 10:54:47 AM PDT · 1 of 100
  • Is Watertown, NY next on the list of towns to be seeded with third worlders?

    10/15/2016 6:41:26 AM PDT · 15 of 37
    Hojczyk to B212

    Take a drive to Schenectady looks like the Arabs have taken over what was left and not much was left

    The welfare costs are killing what is left…

    Hell the state is trashed…I left in 1980

    Albany area lives of all the government workers

    NYC the wall street crowd

    The rest of the state poverty

    Soon coming to every state in the USA

  • Let Paul Ryan and the Elite GOP Know You Have Had Enough

    10/15/2016 6:27:17 AM PDT · 16 of 76
    Hojczyk to Hojczyk

    If Trump wins then we should demand new leaders in the Senate and House

  • Let Paul Ryan and the Elite GOP Know You Have Had Enough

    10/15/2016 6:25:22 AM PDT · 15 of 76
    Hojczyk to Junk Silver

    If it is a RINO I can see not voting for him…but not everyone…We need to keep the senate and house

    We probably need the rinos for two years

    In two years primary all the rinos

  • Hold on your belt, Bubba, & let @Liz_Wheeler tell you about your #StandardRedneck Donald Trump voter

  • Hold on your belt, Bubba, & let @Liz_Wheeler tell you about your #StandardRedneck Donald Trump voter

    10/15/2016 6:16:58 AM PDT · 1 of 12
  • Megyn Kelly Getting Pummeled In Ratings As Trump Supporters Boycott Program

    10/15/2016 1:04:13 AM PDT · 133 of 191
    Hojczyk to Iron Munro

    Tipping point on OANN


    10/14/2016 3:47:48 PM PDT · 1 of 72
  • Face it: Property taxes are forcing Illinoisans out of their homes

    10/14/2016 10:50:06 AM PDT · 40 of 110
    Hojczyk to EVO X

    Taxes in Florida 1700 Dollars

    Lived in Colorado Springs 1980 to 2000

    Taxes 650 ...when I left 690

    Liberals have ruined that state

    Hell the country will be doomed with Hillary

  • Face it: Property taxes are forcing Illinoisans out of their homes

    10/14/2016 10:31:57 AM PDT · 20 of 110
    Hojczyk to EnglishOnly

    Wait till Hillary is President…Venezuela here we come

    Reading Michael Savage.. Scorched Earht

    Were more like Russia than ever

    No free press

    Elite Oligarchs

    Fake elections

    Really a one party system

    Were the peasants

  • The Rigged Debates- Commission on Presidential Debates systematically screws over Republicans

    10/14/2016 8:11:40 AM PDT · 9 of 37
    Hojczyk to NonValueAdded

    If Trump loses the GOP is dead along with the country

  • It's True: The FBI Is in Turmoil

    10/13/2016 3:37:07 PM PDT · 52 of 118
    Hojczyk to rolling_stone

    Read Jerry Spence…Police State…theres a lot of bad guys in the FBI

    Example Ruby Ridge.. The FBI and DOJ in Waco

  • Michelle Obama Says She's Never Heard Anything Like Trump?

    10/13/2016 2:33:20 PM PDT · 2 of 41
    Hojczyk to Hojczyk


    We can only get started on that when Hillary waddles into the White House, the Oval Office? By the way, conflicting stories about what goes on in locker rooms. Aqib Talib is a cornerback for the Denver Broncos, played at the University of Kansas. He’s also played New England, the Patriots, for Bill Belichick. He’s now at Denver. And on Tuesday he told the media in Denver that Trump, yeah, he might fit in in the Broncos locker room. Yeah, yeah, I recognize that. Yeah, we got guys that talk that way in the locker room.

    You know, a lot of guys in professional sports locker rooms have multiple “baby mamas.” Are you aware of this? Some of them have four or five “baby mamas” with eight or nine kids. One was highlighted on HBO’s Hard Knocks. He used to play for the New York Jets. (chuckles) You’re trying to tell us that this kind of talk doesn’t go on in the lock room? I have been in major league sports locker rooms.

    But it doesn’t matter because LeBron James — King LeBron — has weighed in on this and he says we don’t disrespect women. “The authority on locker room talk...” (interruption) Well, that’s how he’s heralded here in this story. Where is this? Mediaite. “The authority on locker room talk, King LeBron, who recently endorsed Hillary, said, ‘That’s not locker room talk. That’s trash talk. We don’t disrespect women in no shape or form in our locker room. That never comes up. We don’t disrespect women in our locker room.’” (interruption) That’s King LeBron. I’m just telling you what he said out there. You don’t believe him?