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  • Poem To A Black Church

    02/19/2018 2:39:11 PM PST · by HiTech RedNeck · 8 replies
    February 19, 2018 | HiTech RedNeck
    I'm from a "redneck" family; We never owned a slave. For God said the Negro should be as free As Him Who came to save. We went out and picked our cotton; That's why our necks are red! But we know that God has not forgotten The words that Jesus said. "As you treat Mine, so I will you" These thunderous words He spoke; Free or slave, gentile or Jew -- Our God, He does not joke. For "stealing away" what should never be owned My great-great uncle they hung; To railroads underground he sent the Negros who groaned Yet...
  • Requesting Prayer to cover proposed musical ministry

    11/20/2017 10:10:48 PM PST · by HiTech RedNeck · 18 replies
    Nov 21, 2017 | HiTech RedNeck
    This is a religious "vanity" and I don't know if Jim Rob or the mods will let it stay up, but I ask if possible that if it can't stay here, that it be sent to Bloggers and Personal rather than losing history.
  • What ever could a Redneck do in Yankee Connecticut?

    11/18/2017 3:59:32 PM PST · by HiTech RedNeck · 129 replies
    November 18, 2017 | HiTech RedNeck
    Dear FReepdom, Well, I'm on the virtual road again, lookin' for a job suitable for a high tech redneck as I camp out in a cheap motel and drive a rented U-Haul pickup truck in Gainesville, Florida. I've already put in for a couple of jobs that are telecommute. But I practically got shanghaied into submitting an application to a company called ASML in Wilton, Connecticut. On paper, at least, I might be able to aggressively jump into this job, which pays $70/hr as contract. Which money is sorely needed if I actually went there. Multi thousand dollar apartments. That's...
  • Let's Make America Great Again

    09/27/2017 6:25:34 PM PDT · by HiTech RedNeck · 3 replies
    Soundcloud ^ | Sept 26, 2017 | Daniel R. Levy
    This was tweeted yesterday night to #realDonaldTrump. The point being to see if he's interested in speaking up for this kind of thing.
  • How crazy would I need to be to move to Detroit?

    07/29/2017 10:37:51 AM PDT · by HiTech RedNeck · 252 replies
    Back in job market again after end of my current contract. I updated my listings (as a UNIX/LINUX C and C++ expert) on Dice and Monster the other day, and the phone began ringing off the hook. Well, one recruiter wants to know if I am interested in full time work, direct hire, in Detroit, for the process control of a steel mill whose business is reportedly burgeoning. This looks like a MAGA move to me, and the recruiter points out that it isn't all decay, there is rebuilding going on too. My rhetorical question: how crazy does a high...
  • US National Archives

    06/03/2017 1:32:21 PM PDT · by HiTech RedNeck · 5 replies
    A lot of interesting historical stuff here, giving background on Cold War, WWII, WWI. Interesting perspectives on fighting and friends and foes. No, situations are not static, but the evolution of national attitudes can be seen and perhaps projected. The gospel is the best answer of course. But we benefit to know what the gospel must address.
  • Organelle Politics

    04/22/2017 10:53:15 PM PDT · by HiTech RedNeck · 1 replies
    You Tube ^ | My Weird Mind
  • Big Bad Bed Bug Secret? (Gas vs. electric cooking)

    03/22/2017 8:03:33 PM PDT · by HiTech RedNeck · 169 replies
    HiTech RedNeck's scientific brain | March 22, 2017 | HiTech RedNeck
    I have a buddy in rural Illinois who is living with and helping out his elderly mom, and he likes to cook. He cooks up a storm. They both enjoy the food. The house they are in has begun to display a very bad bedbug infestation. Both my buddy's mom and my buddy are freaking out. They don't have a lot of money but they are about to call Orkin. I stopped to think about the science of bedbugs. Both my buddy and I did a lot of online research after discovering the infestation. But I think I have a...
  • H1B Indians over a barrel?

    02/04/2017 7:55:34 PM PST · by HiTech RedNeck · 30 replies
    My beady brain | Feb 4, 2017 | HTRN
    Dear FReepublicans, I thought I remembered some time back when I heard about a racket that some H1B heavy contracting firms were carrying out. They would mistreat their (typically India Indian) workers and they would not dare complain because if they did, they'd be fired on some bizarre pretext and back to India they would have to go. Does anyone have any sources about this they can point me to? I think I may be looking at a situation where this is happening. Now yes, I know they took our jerbs, etc. So many may not care. But I have...
  • Is there a wiser way to use FR?

    01/19/2017 2:10:23 PM PST · by HiTech RedNeck · 154 replies
    God, I hope | January 19, 2017 | HiTech RedNeck himself
    Well. It has been 16 years more or less that I have been on FR. My participation began with the contested Bush-Gore election in late 2000. I've seen a lot of debate, a lot of discussion, and a wide palette of points of view from left to right and on many spiritual subjects. I believe the present season, with not just Trump but a new salvational consciousness on the horizon, is an answer from God to the confusion. Anyhow, as the "age of Trump" comes upon us, are there wiser ways to use FR than to chew the fat on...
  • A Humble Redneck, proud of God, looks to Nashville

    01/03/2017 8:03:03 AM PST · by HiTech RedNeck · 46 replies
    the hound of heaven :-) | January 3, 2017 | HiTech RedNeck
    Well, speaking of work, sometimes this place tempts me to spend less time on it than I should. I love to chew the fat, don’t get me wrong. But maybe I can dine on the whole pig, so to speak. Maybe this is an odd place to mention it, but it’s possible that I may be the author of a theme song, from a Christian point of view, for “Let’s Make America Great Again.” This was requested of my musical (and spiritual) collaborator by an ASCAP affiliated Christian music publisher. ASCAP seems to be more into that; BMI (which I...

    11/07/2016 4:19:09 PM PST · by HiTech RedNeck · 17 replies
    Daniel R. Levy, Ronnie L. Houser ^ | 2012 | HiTech RedNeck
    (There's gonna be a redneck revolution. Are you ready?) There's gonna be a redneck revolution; The love of God will be its food And resolute will be its mood 'Cause our politicians ignore the Constitution; They fill our land with a wicked, wicked brew; (Wicked brew) Unto the brim, filthy and crude, We the people, they say are problems, and not a solution, But the wake-up call is gonna be prompt and rude! Yeah! There's gonna be a redneck revolution; There's no one else to shoulder the load; We're gonna go back to the Constitution, And the bums will be...
  • SSD hearing judge to disabled vet: "Smoke the wacky tobaccy."

    11/30/2015 7:05:27 PM PST · by HiTech RedNeck · 26 replies
    The horse's mouth | 11/30/2015 | HiTech RedNeck
    By way of preamble, I know a lot of you folks are more or less down on the SSD program. Either that it's being abused or it shouldn't exist. That being said, a Marine buddy of mine whose attorneys expected him to have a slam dunk SSD case (multiple back injuries with multiple medical documentation) went into a Chicago courtroom this morning and left it wondering where Kansas went, so to speak. He got grilled and scoffed at and was told to go to a clinic where they do "wacky tobaccy." Federal judge, mind you, and this was all on...
  • Okay, Bloomberg is a big fat socialist RINO. What is Bloomberg Media?

    09/22/2014 7:17:32 PM PDT · by HiTech RedNeck · 25 replies
    Sept 22, 2014 | HiTech RedNeck
    Well, the HiTech RedNeck is looking for a job... AGAIN. This job hopping is getting old, but the boss of the group, at a major freight railroad, for which I'm a contractor has an integrity problem, to put it delicately. For some reason, I don't get along very well with liars and phonies. Well, I refreshed my resumes on Dice and Monster this past weekend and crossed my fingers. Well this morning what do I behold, but someone wants to know if I am interested in working for a company that turns out to be BLOOMBERG MEDIA. They are quoting...
  • It's Come To This. Selling Obamacare With Kittens.

    02/16/2014 9:09:20 PM PST · by HiTech RedNeck · 20 replies
    Hot Air ^ | Feb 16, 2014 | Jazz Shaw
  • Into the Belly of the Beast and Out Again

    02/15/2014 2:35:15 AM PST · by HiTech RedNeck · 22 replies
    HTRN | 2/15/2014 | HTRN
    Maybe sometime I will fill out some more details, but this is a beginning of a thread describing how I hired on as a programmer to a state Medicaid program, and what I saw. My outspoken Christian faith, I believe, is what ultimately got me kicked out of the system. That's not how it was put. They complained I hadn't done what the boss wanted (maybe I had misunderstood him, but I honestly thought I had obeyed whatever he actually stated he wanted). But I think that was an excuse, as an experienced co-worker had congratulated me for doing something...
  • Crazy thought and question about Barack Obama

    01/21/2014 7:26:01 PM PST · by HiTech RedNeck · 45 replies
    My crazy redneck mind | 1/21/14 | HTRN
    I'm thinking about how Barack Obama has (once again) complained that America hates him because of his race. We know of course, that it's untrue. Of all the catcalls he has gotten, virtually none are about race and virtually all are about the way he has fouled up the duties of the office, or about political philosophies that would move him to foul up the duties of the office. But I'm trying to grok the issue at a deeper level. Seems to me that Barack is actually wishing for the USA to go "nigga" or "ghetto" out of a wish...
  • Original song: HONEST REDNECK SWEAT

    12/06/2013 6:58:01 PM PST · by HiTech RedNeck · 48 replies
    12/6/2013 | HTRN
    ==================== HONEST REDNECK SWEAT ==================== [Verse 1] It's been another hard workin' day With my neck burned from the sun Out in these fields of the north forty And I know I must work before having fun; I plowed, I planted, and I pulled weeds Looking to the harvest that will come, And now I'm home to my dear family And embrace my wife and daughter and son! [Chorus] Oh Lord, when it's time for my reward Look at this honest redneck sweat; I may not have been the world's big shot But I tried not to forget That my...
  • MARYLAND again? (Hanover/S. Baltimore)

    11/12/2013 2:28:59 PM PST · by HiTech RedNeck · 57 replies
    11/12/2013 | HTRN
    Well, Redneck is looking at a job in Maryland again, after the one in Tennessee didn't work out. This time, Hanover. South Baltimore. Anne Arundel County. Big trouble, I hear. But can it be survived? Has anyone dwelt there and lived to tell the tale?
  • I Yack Too Much

    11/11/2013 3:57:39 PM PST · by HiTech RedNeck · 58 replies
    me | 11/11/13 | HTRN
    I yack too much.