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  • United Airlines BOEING 757 blows tires upon landing at Newark, delaying flights

    06/16/2019 8:18:15 AM PDT · 51 of 54
    hecticskeptic to central_va

    I don’t see that as a problem at all.... certainly no worse than the wheels starting at zero rpm. For the record, it wouldn’t need to be electric motors in the wheels that got them spinning... that can be achieved other ways as well.

    However, I do buy R1b’s point about gyroscopic effects ‘before landing’ causing control issues. It would be interesting to have some history of what was all tried when that was looked at.

  • United Airlines BOEING 757 blows tires upon landing at Newark, delaying flights

    06/16/2019 7:55:21 AM PDT · 46 of 54
    hecticskeptic to central_va

    I would suggest that a ‘slick’ landing is likely more conducive to tyre blowouts than a ‘kiss’ landing... at the moment of contact, I would imagine that at the contact point, the rubber will increase significantly in temperature. Once the wheel is spinning in free air for even a second or so, it gives the surface a chance to cool and when dealing with rubber, this has to be an important consideration.

    I’m wondering if the tyre pre-rotation isn’t done because of gyroscopic effects. If the wheels are all turning, this might make it far less likely that a pilot could do a last second correction.....

  • United Airlines BOEING 757 blows tires upon landing at Newark, delaying flights

    06/16/2019 7:29:39 AM PDT · 44 of 54
    hecticskeptic to CondoleezzaProtege

    While I seem to be on a flight to somewhere every few weeks, I have very little connection to the aircraft industry. However, I have a few questions concerning aircraft tyre operation and since I see there are some smart Freepers commenting here who do have that insight, perhaps somebody could comment on my musings…...

    Here’s my question…. In flight, a tyre is at standstill and once it hits the runway, it has to hit its required rotational speed virtually instantly. If a large aircraft with 54 inch diameter tyres lands at 225 mph, this means that the tyre rotational speed goes from zero to a bit over 1,400 rpm almost instantly. That level of rotational acceleration would present a horrendous design problem for other types of ‘rotational equipment’ such as a large fan impeller but far less so for an aircraft tyre due to its lighter weight and the elasticity of the material. Regardless, at the moment of touchdown, the tyre will be grossly distorted due to the incredible acceleration and the force of the aircraft as contact is made with the tarmac. My guess is that about 99% of the amount of degradation that an aircraft tyre sees over its lifecycle happens in the first few seconds of touching the tarmac on a landing. Would that be about right? This being the case, has there ever been thought given to having the tyres already rotating to match ground speed before the plane lands? Would that not be a good thing to do? I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be a good thing and I’m wondering why it’s not done….. i.e. cost, another maintenance item, extra weight, risk that something could fail and lock a wheel up, somebody’s assessment that tyres are already well within their limitations when accelerated from zero etc.?

    The other thing I’m wondering about is this…. I haven’t really paid that much attention before but when a pilot lands, is the objective to do an initial slight ‘touch’ (a kiss between the tyres and the tarmac) to get the wheels rotating before the rest of the landing is done? It would seem that this might happen naturally anyway since there always seems to be a bit of a bounce before the wheels are in permanent contact. This would seem to me to be a good idea since putting all the weight on a tyre that’s already distorted due to the rapid acceleration would be far more likely to have a tyre blowout.


  • Women of color call out's 'offensive' definition of 'black': 'This needs to change

    06/09/2019 9:05:27 PM PDT · 49 of 62
    hecticskeptic to myerson
    I’ve never seen a “black” person who is black. I’ve never known a “white” person who is white. Some come close, but none 100% so.

    Well exactly... it all depends on the amount of a pigment called melanin. Which means that I think I have a reason to be offended.... They want to command how the word 'black' gets used but I (and everyone else too) also have some of that melanin....perhaps to a lesser extent but it's there. Don't the rest of us have some minority rights on the word 'black'?

  • Report: David Ortiz Shot, Wounded In Dominican Republic

    06/09/2019 8:44:33 PM PDT · 44 of 128
    hecticskeptic to nwrep
    ...possibly the lowest IQ profession after acting.

    Aren't acting and 'journalism' (as in the CNN variety) running about neck and neck?

  • Melania Trump Enjoys a Garden Party in Her Favorite Sky-High Heels on London Trip

    06/07/2019 8:56:49 PM PDT · 8 of 43
    hecticskeptic to simpson96

    Whoa.... those shoes might look nice but they look painful!

  • Local woman dies at same Dominican Republic resort where Maryland couple found dead

    06/05/2019 6:41:28 AM PDT · 38 of 74
    hecticskeptic to 9422WMR

    If that is a working theory then hotel staff would be also affected or they are takng extraordinary protective measures....

  • Canada: Woman breathalyzed by police in own home wins court challenge against new driving laws

    06/02/2019 9:32:44 PM PDT · 32 of 33
    hecticskeptic to HotHunt

    That picture reminds me that during the basketball game tonight, it was mentioned that Zero had been in Ottawa to visit Turdeau. Now why do you think that those two just had a meeting? We know that Great Britain, Italy and Australian are up to their neck as Five Eye allies in the spying of Trump as Obama outsourced it to them to avoid scrutiny. Maybe he outsources something to Turdeau too?

  • Good News for Joe Biden: (Crowd) Size Doesn’t Matter

    05/31/2019 4:44:59 AM PDT · 17 of 32
    hecticskeptic to stonehouse01
    Ronna McDaniel and the RNC had better be out in front of the democrat fraud machine is all I can say.

    Ain't that the truth... if nothing else, the last 6 months of doubling down, tripling down, quadrupling down on total lies and sedition tell one all that is necessary about what a fraudulent mess the DemonRats are going to try to pull in the next election. It's all they got so they will be all in on electoral fraud, all the way.

  • The R.C. Sproul - Alice Cooper - Van Halen - axis

    05/30/2019 8:24:59 PM PDT · 23 of 43
    hecticskeptic to Gamecock

    A friend and I were in Alice’s restaurant in Cooperstown about 10 years ago having dinner when Alice strolled through the room. It was funny because my friend’s wife had just bought a pair a tickets for a concert in two weeks and as Cooper came closer to our table, my friend asked his wife to quick email the purchase confirmation. She did and so my friend was able to show Alice that he and wife were going to see him in a few weeks at a concert (at a location on the other side of the continent). Alice was quite impressed and sat and chatted with us for about 10 minutes.

  • Robert Mueller’s ‘final statement’ was a disgraceful mess

    05/29/2019 4:07:36 PM PDT · 78 of 83
    hecticskeptic to COUNTrecount

    Try watching the Mueller statement with the sound down... he sure looked like a scared puppy to me... and now questions could be asked. What does that tell you?

  • Insanely vain vanity: WHY??? Why do people park backwards???

    05/28/2019 2:58:50 PM PDT · 71 of 204
    hecticskeptic to RedElement
    My daughter the petroleum engineer says they were taught that when on a rig site, to always park for a quick exit, in case things went south (fire, gas leak, etc).

    That is the policy with a lot of industrial cases of emergency, people need to leaving in an orderly fashion.

    A second reason at least for me is that when parking at home, there are always a lot of kids playing about. Driving past and then backing into my driveway is a lot safer because I can already see before starting to back up that there are no kids in the way.... whereas backing out on to the street (if I drove in) always carries the risk that some kid on a bike will swerve around a car and make it far more difficult to see him/her fast enough.

    In my parking lot at work, one of my co-workers parked nose in in and then when backing out to leave, he nailed a car that was travelling past... the car was way closer than normal because the driver was trying to read the numbers on the building units. Where there is a choice of backing in or driving in, I always back in.

  • Joe DiGenova blows the lid off the real scandal: the Russia hoax was a cover-up effort for Obama’s

    05/28/2019 2:46:47 PM PDT · 63 of 83
    hecticskeptic to bitt

    Anybody know when the next time will be for Joe to be a guest on one of the evening Fox shows?

  • Going to ground: Who else has not been identified in this coup attempt against POTUS Trump?

    05/28/2019 5:50:32 AM PDT · 34 of 73
    hecticskeptic to Oscar in Batangas

    It seems that Christopher Wray is not suspected as being part of the coup but I sure don’t trust him as far as allowing and facilitating investigations that get to the bottom of the coup. To a lesser extent, I’d put Gina Haspel in that category too. A total purging and restructuring of all the intelligence agencies is required...the rot goes very deep.

  • FBI recordings accuse MLK of watching and laughing as a pastor raped a woman, having 40l affairs

    05/27/2019 12:47:03 PM PDT · 10 of 75
    hecticskeptic to Altura Ct.

    Think of all the streets and highways across America that will need to be renamed... and all the textbooks that will need to be thrown out and rewritten. The cost will be staggering just for those two items....

  • Petition to Stop Doctor From Getting Fired After Reportedly Asking Muslim Woman to Remove Veil

    05/26/2019 2:38:32 PM PDT · 14 of 23
    hecticskeptic to McQ444

    Good grief….. And the doctor was just trying to hear her better on a medical issue concerning a child? And the complaint ends up with overtones of racist or religious discrimination? Talk about nuckin’ futs and this goes well beyond all kinds of discussions that have already happened all around the world where the issue of full face veils in public have been before the courts. Remember the case where the school girls were forced back into a burning dormitory building because they did not have the ‘appropriate Islamic clothes’ on when the fire broke out? .... 15 girls died.

    I have not thought this through completely but it would seem that the fundamental (or at least a compelling) argument against veils is essentially that when in public, everyone should have unfettered access to be able to see the faces of everyone else in the public around them because being able to see one’s face is the essential ingredient of the mutual bond of trust that members of a civil society have in each other. If one wants to exercise their ‘right’ to not show their face, then the other party should be able to exercise their right to not engage in further discourse until the veil is removed. Why? Very simply it’s because the party with the veil has chosen to withhold something that would validate their part of the mutual trust equation. If I’m a shopkeeper and you enter the store with a mask, I demand the right to have you removed from the premises as would be the case with gangster wearing a mask....who obviously is also violating that mutual bond of trust. GB is already doomed as we know but if this doctor does not prevail, it just adds to the confirmation of this fact….

  • Graham: ‘Political suicide’ for Pelosi to try to impeach Trump

    05/26/2019 1:36:07 PM PDT · 8 of 21
    hecticskeptic to 2ndDivisionVet
    “She knows that impeachment would be political suicide because there’s no reason to impeach the president. So she’s trying to keep the party intact. If she goes down the impeachment road, Republicans take back the House, we keep the Senate, President Trump gets reelected,” Graham said.

    I think that Graham needs to take a lesson from PDJT when he rather slyly encouraged Pelosi as speaker and voila… it happened. A little bit of reverse psychology style baiting might be good as in “well, we’re quite skeered in the Republican Party about the possibility of impeachment…. Prolly would mean that the DemonRats would keep the house and we lose BOTH the Senate and Presidency. God help us if they go down that impeachment road!”

  • Solomon;Decline and Schism...solomon pt 9

    05/14/2019 5:00:07 PM PDT · 6 of 7
    hecticskeptic to JesusIsLord

    You are absolutely correct... I should not have used the word ‘unlimited’. However, one would still wonder about how so much foolishness got mixed in with this great wisdom. I supposed it just goes to show that wisdom doesn’t necessarily mean all that much....

    Matthew 18:3

    And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven

  • Solomon;Decline and Schism...solomon pt 9

    05/14/2019 3:55:42 PM PDT · 3 of 7
    hecticskeptic to pastorbillrandles

    I have never understood the story of Solomon. How could someone given unlimited wisdom by God end up hooking up with 700 wives and 300 concubines?

    Here is the account of Solomon in 1 Kings 3...

    10 And the speech pleased the Lord, that Solomon had asked this thing.

    11 And God said unto him, Because thou hast asked this thing, and hast not asked for thyself long life; neither hast asked riches for thyself, nor hast asked the life of thine enemies; but hast asked for thyself understanding to discern judgment;

    12 Behold, I have done according to thy words: lo, I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart; so that there was none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee.

  • Hillary Clinton: GOP must choose 'rule of law' or 'rule of Trump'

    05/08/2019 7:07:42 PM PDT · 26 of 88
    hecticskeptic to tcrlaf

    They are desperate to do something, anything in fact that will derail what looks like an inexorable slide toward the edge of the cliff....