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  • Donald Trump was right. He got incredibly negative press coverage.

    12/07/2016 10:46:45 AM PST · 40 of 47
    Crusher138 to kingu

    If you read the comments on the story you get what the left really thinks. Stuff like:

    You don’t positively report on sh!t. You don’t positively report on rabid dogs. Etc, etc.

  • Jeep Fans? I am Thinking of Buying a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara

    12/06/2016 7:18:50 PM PST · 126 of 199
    Crusher138 to Chickensoup

    I have a 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara that I bought new.

    We live in New Mexico and this vehicle goes everywhere.
    Nice stereo
    Reasonably reliable

    Crap for gas mileage - 15 MPG around town, 21 MPG highway
    Zero to 60 measured in hours
    Fabric seats don’t hold up
    Rough ride

    If I lived anywhere else I don’t know if I would own one. Around here I can’t see not owning one.

  • Amazon Lifts the Lid on New Amazon Go ‘Shoplifting’ Technology

    12/06/2016 4:13:33 PM PST · 68 of 74
    Crusher138 to mumblypeg

    When I worked as a store manager for Radio Shack I had a similar situation.

    My store was so low volume that I could only afford one part time guy. He was already working at the store when I took over. Seemed nice enough. I did pick up through conversations that he was a close personal friend with the previous manager.

    I would often leave at 6:00pm and the part timer would close the store at 9:00am.

    One morning I come in and noticed that a receiver that was at eye level just as you walked in the back room was gone. I checked the tickets from the night before and there was no record of the sale.

    I immediately called Loss Prevention and explained the situation. The Loss Prevention supervisor - a Mr. Nolan - arrived within the hour with the District Manager.

    Upon sharing the story they asked if they could look in my car trunk. I was taken aback, but agreed.

    They then asked if they could search my house - all the while telling me that I would have to produce receipts for any Radio Shack merchandise they found on my property. I was a pack rat and I knew that I had receipts for EVERYTHING I owned, so I agreed. That seemed to surprise them. I asked if they were going to question my part timer and was told that was none of my business.

    I left the company not long after that. Later, I discovered that the previous manager of my store, the one I inherited the part timer from, is the long time girlfriend of the son of the District Manager and that my part timer was - surprise - his best friend!

    It seems that the reason that the store hadn’t been profitable before I took it over was that they had been stealing from it regularly, with the District Manager turning a blind eye. When she - the previous manager - got a new store they decided to steal from both.

    I found out years later that this particular District Manager was fired when his district had an overall inventory shortage of about $250K. Justice eventually prevailed.

  • Activists push to ban Holiday Season Song -- ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ because it promotes date rape

    12/06/2016 10:17:13 AM PST · 85 of 108
    Crusher138 to workerbee

    I have been blessed with a son who takes his Christianity very seriously.

    He and his girlfriend had gone up to our loft. Since they are both adults, I didn’t really have a problem with it. A few minutes later I needed to go upstairs and I glanced into the loft as I walked by.

    They were seated, side by side, with a Bible across their laps, reading scripture to one another.

    On my way back down, my son asked for the Netflix password so they could watch a movie. I gave it to them.

    A bit later my curiosity got the best of me an I crept up to the loft area to see what they were watching...


  • Committee picks Alabama, Washington, Ohio State and Clemson

    12/06/2016 9:19:50 AM PST · 164 of 176
    Crusher138 to PROCON

    Take the Division I-A Conferences and condense them down to 8. Don’t want to be in a conference? Fine. You don’t have to play for the national championship.

    At the beginning of the season it will be determined by random drawing which conferences will play each other in the first round. After the first round a drawing will determine who plays each other in round two.

    Playoffs and championship will take 3 games. If the teams all play 10 games, plus one to determine the conference champion, the season will be a very reasonable 14 games.

    The major “bowl” games will be rotated through the playoff games, so there will still be “bowl” games.

    Minor bowl games can be between the also rans, pretty much like they are now.

    There, solves that...

  • Activists push to ban Holiday Season Song -- ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ because it promotes date rape

    12/06/2016 8:16:35 AM PST · 45 of 108
    Crusher138 to SeekAndFind

    In the early 1980’s if a guy stopped asking after his first “no” he would have never gotten anywhere.

    I never got physical or angry, but I could be persistent.

    My wife says that she was taught that a proper young lady always rebuffed the first advance.

    All that being said, courting is confusing enough without getting the PC police involved.

    In my world, the line between “persistent” and “rape” was physical force.

    My son - who is in college now - says that they are being taught that “no means no” and that they MUST stop any kind of “persistence” at the first “no”.

    Good thing that wasn’t the case when I went or he might not be here.

  • 15-year-old charged with decapitating classmate [MA]

    12/05/2016 1:49:31 PM PST · 21 of 91
    Crusher138 to Red Badger

    Just a guess, but it looks like to me that the Perp invited the Vic to smoke some dope.

    Vic misinterprets the invitation and is expecting a romantic interlude.

    Perp freaks out when Vic whips it out. Vocal altercation morphs into physical altercation.

    Perp stabs Vic. Decides to hide crime by dismembering victim.

    Discovers after lengthy decapitation process that dismembering is not practical.

    Covered in blood, having left lots of DNA evidence everywhere, he decides to turn himself in.

  • McConnell cautions replacement to health law to take time

    12/03/2016 8:52:33 PM PST · 59 of 178
    Crusher138 to Olog-hai

    Just spoke to a health care executive tonight about repealing the AFA. He says that there is no way congress is going to take health care away from millions who had none before.

    They expect some cosmetic changes, but no real roll back. It would be political suicide.

    Not what I wanted to hear, but when he started going into the details - like are you going to take pregnant women and patients being treated for cancer off the insurance roles - it started to make sense, unfortunately.

    At best we are looking at a slow roll back.

  • FR MASTER THREAD: Recount info and updates for Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

    11/30/2016 11:25:05 AM PST · 120 of 256
    Crusher138 to WildHighlander57

    Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t the legislatures in the contested states Republican dominated?

  • ‘I felt eternal hell’: These crabs can lift 60 pounds, and put a hurting on a hand

    11/28/2016 2:51:30 PM PST · 35 of 57
    Crusher138 to DUMBGRUNT

    The coconut crab (Birgus latro) is a species of terrestrial hermit crab, also known as the robber crab or palm thief. It is the largest land-living arthropod in the world, and is probably at the upper size limit for terrestrial animals with exoskeletons in recent times, with a weight of up to 4.1 kg (9.0 lb). It can grow to up to 1 m (3 ft 3 in) in length from leg to leg.


  • Now Clinton insider claims that Trump WILL prosecute [Hillary] because of push for Wisconsin recount

    11/28/2016 1:48:59 PM PST · 68 of 77
    Crusher138 to rickmichaels

    I suspect this was all a big game of chess with three sides:

    Hillary Clinton - former presidential candidate now focused primarily on staying out of jail while, if possible, retaining enough of her reputation to continue to give speeches for big bucks.

    Barack Obama - President (soon to be former), who has always hated the Clintons like poison and...

    Donald Trump - President elect and master of the game.

    I am starting with the proposition that DJT developed a deep dislike for Hillary during the campaign. He may have previously thought she was just like every other politician, but during the campaign he has seen the depths of her depravity.

    That being said, DJT wants to destroy HRC. He made those wishes known during the campaign, but has since moderated his stance - saying that HE does not wish to prosecute HRC.

    This puts BHO in an interesting position - he can either pardon her, or not. If she is in danger of being investigated/indicted he will be pressured to pardon her, which he really doesn’t want to do. He wants her to go away and leave him in charge of the party, but he doesn’t want to be the one responsible for putting her in jail.

    HRC knows she is in deep kimchi. She has been conciliatory towards DJT for no other reason than she doesn’t want to go to jail. This recount comes up and there is one ray of light - maybe, just maybe, she can be President and this whole nightmare will go away.

    I believe that this all is completely to DJT’s plan. By moderating his stance he gives BHO a reason to NOT pardon HRC. She stupidly jumps on the recount bandwagon, giving DJT cause to go back on his “will not prosecute” statement. So...

    Soon after the inauguration the FBI will come forward with damning evidence against HRC. It will be too late for BHO to do anything. DJT will say that in light of this new evidence he has no choice but to ask AG Sessions to file charges against HRC.

    Of course it will all be for naught. As long as there is one Democrat juror seated, Hillary will never be convicted.

  • Any Stories about liberal guests at Thanksgiving Dinner and political comments?

    11/27/2016 6:18:03 AM PST · 106 of 107
    Crusher138 to detective

    The discussions kept sliding into political talk. My wife, my youngest son and I are conservative. My eldest son sort of is, but he has been corrupted by his bleeding heart wife. She is a sweetheart, but she quietly thinks Trump is a horrible, horrible person. She talked my son into not voting at all.

    Every time the election came up, one of my sons would say, “hey, no political talk!”

    It seemed that no matter what I said it was being interpreted as political talk.

    Finally, after being chastised for the umpteenth time, I growled...

    “I don’t see any of your names on the mortgage bill. Or the electric bill. Or the water bill. When you start paying those, you can tell me what I can talk about in my house.”

    No problems after that.

  • Starbucks Will Have Nativity Cups This Christmas

    11/25/2016 8:54:38 AM PST · 77 of 91
    Crusher138 to markomalley

    Thing one - the Nativity cup didn’t make the cut...

    Thing two - I bought an espresso maker for my home. Even though it was pricey, it paid for itself in fewer trips to Starbucks. It grinds, brews, and has a milk steamer. I keep cocoa mix around to make a killer mocha concoction. The less money that goes to that leftist coffee cabal the better.

  • Stuffing or dressing for Thanksgiving?

    11/23/2016 1:49:09 PM PST · 125 of 131
    Crusher138 to Sybeck1

    One of our family holiday songs - Sung to the tune of Frère Jacques:

    Next Thanksgiving (Next Thanksgiving)
    Save your bread (Save your bread)
    Shove it up your turkey (shove it up your Turkey)
    Be sure he’s dead (be sure he’s dead)

    Ah, the holidays...

  • New Mexico Business: If You Support Trump, Get Out (Matthew Blanchfield, 1st in SEO)

    11/23/2016 8:18:14 AM PST · 28 of 129
    Crusher138 to maggief

    I’m a New Mexico small business owner who is about to refresh his web presence and was looking for a company to partner with. I am guessing 1st In SEO will not be it...

  • Kellyanne Conway Confirms Trump ‘Doesn’t Wish to Pursue’ Hillary Charges

    11/22/2016 10:54:35 AM PST · 110 of 197
    Crusher138 to detective

    If I were elected President in a contentious election:

    1. Immediately after the election I would congratulate my opponent, and start meeting with folks from both sides of the aisle.

    2. I would make conciliatory noises and when asked about the more “controversial” aspects of my campaign, I would say I was “reviewing my options” and/or “thinking them over”.

    3. After the Electoral College has voted I would start naming my cabinet - and they would be serious conservatives.

    4. Once I had taken the oath of office, I would govern exactly as I had promised during the campaign.

    I am willing to bet that Trump will be doing 1, 2 and 4. He is foolish for not doing number 3.

  • Sean Hannity Calls Out MeAgain Kelly Over Claims That Pro-Trump Hosts Were ‘Acting’

    11/21/2016 3:36:41 PM PST · 49 of 62
    Crusher138 to HomerBohn

    I have it on good authority that if you ask for more money at Fox that they offer you a book deal instead. They provide the ghost writer, they get you a publishing deal, and they let you promo the heck out of it on all of the shows.

    Good way to get your people more money without ponying up yourself.

  • UF fraternity house vandalized with swastika and Trump graffiti

    11/20/2016 4:52:59 PM PST · 22 of 42
    Crusher138 to TigerClaws

    some of y’all don’t get what happened.

    The brothers of Delta Tau Delta yelled pro-Trump stuff at the anti-Trump protestors.

    Sometime in the night someone painted swastikas and other stuff on the Delta Tau Delta house.

    Do you really think the brothers did that to themselves?

  • Report: Donald Trump to Pick Mike Huckabee as Ambassador to Israel

    11/18/2016 8:11:26 AM PST · 3 of 114
    Crusher138 to ColdOne

    I can see that.

  • LOSER’S DISCOUNT: Hillary Clinton Campaign Merch Goes on Clearance

    11/17/2016 4:10:20 PM PST · 43 of 43
    Crusher138 to JusPasenThru

    Went to the page to see the discounted merch - hey, I do this stuff for a living.

    Anyway, she has a bunch of bumper stickers that pretty much sums up her campaign. See if you can hear the dog not barking:

    Veterans and Military Families for Hillary
    LGBT for Hillary
    Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Hillary
    African Americans for Hillary
    Native Americans for Hillary
    Labor for Hillary

    I know there is something missing, I just can’t put my finger on it...

  • Paul Krugman: The Economic Fallout

    11/13/2016 5:59:43 AM PST · 11 of 42
    Crusher138 to detective

    You would think that after this election publishers might want to cling to any scrap of legitimacy they may have left and fire non-objective swine like Krugman.

    Nope. Still rushing towards oblivion.


  • Miley Cyrus posts tearful video after Hillary Clinton's loss begging President-elect Donald [tr]

    11/09/2016 12:49:18 PM PST · 16 of 64
    Crusher138 to C19fan

    Miley, Miley, Miley...

    Elections have consequences.

    You promised to leave or are you going to follow in the footsteps of your heroes - Obama and Hillary - and go back on your word?


  • #CalExit: California Is Trying To Secede After Trump Victory

    11/09/2016 12:42:22 PM PST · 130 of 179
    Crusher138 to TigerClaws

    Yes, please. What can we do to help?

  • Topless Pro-Abortion Feminists Arrested After Protest at Donald Trump’s Polling Venue (BARF ALERT)

    11/08/2016 10:37:47 AM PST · 10 of 23
    Crusher138 to Morgana

    Two women...and I use that term loosely...get all this attention.

    Makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

  • OK I voted. Have you??

    11/08/2016 5:22:16 AM PST · 80 of 154
    Crusher138 to cba123

    The last presidential election was a mess here in Rio Rancho, NM. I dragged my family - wife and son - to the polling place early. Neither are morning people. It is 6:24am and we are the only ones in line. I am not a very popular person right now.

  • How to Calm Your Overactive Mind for Better Sleep

    11/05/2016 5:25:48 PM PDT · 54 of 83
    Crusher138 to nickcarraway

    Tried this method. Didn’t work, in fact it made it worse.

    I find reading will put me out, eventually. I have had the occasional really good book keep me up, but nearly every time, 15-20 minutes of reading does the trick.


    11/03/2016 7:51:26 PM PDT · 145 of 178
    Crusher138 to JBW1949

    Sopposedly the Russians expect Trump to weaken NATO and that is why the are supporting him by hacking the Democrats. If this is the best they got, it is pretty sad.

  • The future of PCs and Macs is expensive: The PC is a niche now

    10/31/2016 8:18:21 AM PDT · 47 of 50
    Crusher138 to TXnMA

    Uhhh...this business runs on Macs. Our server is a Mac Mini. Our workstations are two iMacs, two Mac Minis and a Mac Pro. Not to mention the three iPads and two Macbook Pros used regularly around the office.

    We are a Mom and Pop custom printed and embroidered apparel business.

    We have two PC boxes - one is our Quickbooks server and the other is used to run the proprietary software that runs our digital garment printer.

    All of our Macs (except for the server) are also running VMWare Fusion with Windows 7. We require a very specific version of Quickbooks and Intuit has not (yet) ported it to Mac. Once they do, we will really have no use for Windows except for the garment printer.

    I pray every day that that day arrives soon!

  • New Emails in Clinton Case Came From Anthony Weiner’s Electronic Devices

    10/28/2016 1:56:41 PM PDT · 280 of 403
    Crusher138 to Buckeye McFrog

    This is the crap flowing at DU. Put your hip waders on:

    Comey knows that Hillary is going to win reelection. He knows that Rs in the House will very likely rake him over the coals in endless Benghazi like hearings. Comey testified under oath to Congress that he would reopen—or at a minimum reconsider—the investigation should he get additional information. He also testified that if there is a referral from Congress regarding Clinton’s untruthful disclosure to FBI that he could open an investigation vis her FBI interview.

    Somebody in the know dropped some emails in the FBIs lap recently. (Part of the Weiner investigation maybe, I’m not buying it) This puts Comey in a box. He testified under oath that he would relook at things if more information comes to light—so basically he’s in legal trouble (perjury allegation) if he doesn’t.

    Further, if he didn’t send the letter he sent today, he would be accused of political collusion with the Clintons. He’s covering his ass. Plain and simple. He has bristled at the allegation that he is acting in a partisan way, and this (nothing-burger) letter is his attempt to get back to some type of perceived neutrality in advance of his anticipated testimony to Congress. Imagine if he didn’t send the letter. You can just see Gowdy screaming at him, “So you had these additional emails and you kept them a secret until AFTER the election!”

    My legal advice to people here is to take a deep breath. This letter is classic CYA. It’s designed to protect Comey, and that’s it. If he had the goods on Clinton the shoe would have dropped today.

    PS, watch for any and all oppo that the Clintons have to be released today and tomorrow in advance of the Sunday shows. Anything they have on Trump will come out now. The best defense is a good offense. Let’s all strap in and kick this orange bastard’s corpulent ass.

    Couple people have asked about what the oppo probably is. Here’s my best speculative shot..

    Absolutely no way someone as careless as Donald Trump has not been surreptitiously audio recorded. In the modern era, everybody has a smart phone. Odds are its an attractive contract vendor who was not required to sign a non-disclosure contract. You can guess what would be in the recording.

    Is that legal, you ask? New York’s wiretapping law is a “one-party consent” law. New York makes it a crime to record or eavesdrop on an in-person or telephone conversation unless one party to the conversation consents. N.Y. Penal Law §§ 250.00, 250.05. So, while I’m not licensed in New York, if the party recording was in the room, the answer is pretty much it looks to be legal.

    The person with the recording has probably already consulted with an attorney, found out that it wasn’t illegal to make the tape, and they are ready to drop it. Now’s the time my friend. The address to the Washington Post is -— The Washington Post, 1301 K Street NW, Washington DC 20071

  • The Walking Dead Discussion Thread: Season 7 Episode 1

    10/23/2016 5:39:03 PM PDT · 19 of 248
    Crusher138 to Craftmore

    Abraham. It is gonna be Abraham.

  • Colorado prosecutor: Marijuana-related murders are skyrocketing

    10/23/2016 8:19:30 AM PDT · 229 of 242
    Crusher138 to TheStickman

    You’re welcome!

  • 29 Stupid Things White People Do and What We Can Do Instead (get the barf bucket ready)

    10/23/2016 7:16:03 AM PDT · 59 of 77
    Crusher138 to aquila48

    Sad how while they post criticisms, they post little in the way of solutions. Lots of talk about institutionalized racism, but little on what to do about it. I am guessing their “solutions” wouldn’t be too popular.

  • Colorado prosecutor: Marijuana-related murders are skyrocketing

    10/23/2016 7:03:34 AM PDT · 226 of 242
    Crusher138 to TheStickman
    LOL!!! Straw man much? Citing WJC as an example of anything other than evil tells me you are just trolling now. That’s ok. Here’s a testimony from a long woman how used cannabis to help her while she endured chemotherapy for cancer. Maybe you can find a way to lump her in with B. Clinton as well?

    Cannibas - the enemy of coherent sentences...

  • Debate over: IBM confirms that Macs are $535 less expensive than PCs

    10/20/2016 3:52:20 PM PDT · 47 of 87
    Crusher138 to buwaya
    Do people make instrumentation interface UIs that run on your mac? Odds are no. SAP client customized for your corporation? Tough.

    So because you have an extremely specialized need that 99.999% of users will never have, Macs are inferior...

    You understand how ridiculous your argument is?

  • Debate over: IBM confirms that Macs are $535 less expensive than PCs

    10/20/2016 2:07:11 PM PDT · 28 of 87
    Crusher138 to MichaelRDanger
    We build all of our PC’s in house and they cost a fraction of what a Mac would cost.

    I call BS.

    This sounded wrong. I used to build PCs for a living and either this guy doesn't know what Macs cost or he doesn't know what PC component costs.

    On the Mac side I started with a Mac Mini. Intel i5 processor, 8GB Ram, 500MB hard drive. This is the closest Mac comes to a bare bones PC. It does include the OS and a bunch of actually useful software, like Pages, Numbers, iMovie, Photo, etc., etc. It goes for $599.

    I went to and started putting together components. They have nice motherboard/memory/hard drive bundles. I found one that matched the Mac Mini specs for $394. I went for a cheap and fairly ugly case - $59. I went for the second cheapest power supply - $79. A copy of Windows 10 OEM can be had for $99.

    I come up with $631 (plus shipping) for the Windows box that I would still have to assemble and install the OS verses the $599 Mac Mini, ready to use out of the box.

    I intentionally left off keyboards, monitors and mice since both machines can use any of the above and they are very much a personal preference.

    I also left out a copy of Office 365 which has a fairly confusing pricing structure where you appear, in some cases, to only be renting the software for a period of time. No such subscription crap in the Mac world for basic office software.

    Add to this the lower cost of use over time for Mac and their far better security and this myth is...BUSTED!

  • Debate over: IBM confirms that Macs are $535 less expensive than PCs

    10/20/2016 1:24:53 PM PDT · 16 of 87
    Crusher138 to buwaya

    “an application menagerie way beyond what the Mac users do”

    My how condescending of you!

    This Mac user has a WIDE variety of applications on his Mac, including a copy of Windows 7 he runs under VMWare Fusion. In fact, I have two flavors of Windows and a Unix distro on my Mac right now.

    How many operating systems can your Windows box run...simultaneously?

  • Debate over: IBM confirms that Macs are $535 less expensive than PCs

    10/20/2016 1:09:51 PM PDT · 10 of 87
    Crusher138 to cherry
    so, is a Mac easy to learn?...I need a new laptop.

    My wife, who is VERY non-computer literate, moved from her Lenovo Laptop to her Macbook Pro in about a day.

    At first I got a lot of "how do I..." but when my answers started with "how would you like to do that?" she caught on. Macs are more intuitive than Windows machines, plus a lot of the same type of concepts are the same between the two platforms.

  • New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick says he is done with his 'undependable' Microsoft [tr]

    10/19/2016 2:55:08 PM PDT · 24 of 29
    Crusher138 to Alas Babylon!

    You would be correct since - except for the Surface - Microsoft doesn’t make PCs.

    One is a Dell and one is an HP.

    The issue really isn’t hardware reliability. The operating system itself is unstable compared to OS X. Take networking, for example. My Windows PCs will spontaneously “lose” their network drive mappings, even from one PC to another. Clicking and reentering authentication takes care of it, but my Macs never do that.

    One more, but I could do dozens of these, we run Corel Draw on the Windows box to prep art for printing. Every now and then - a couple of times a week - Corel will lose it’s digital mind and start doing stupid things. Restarting the program doesn’t always fix it, usually you have to reboot Windows. I know, that could be a Corel issue (but I’m sure they would blame Windows) but the real kicker comes when you go to reboot and Windows starts installing updates! Sometimes these updates take up to an hour, all the while precious production time is lost. Mac updates are, by default, user initiated.

    I could also toss in issues with Quickbooks, printer drivers, video drivers, Flash updates, Acrobat updates, on and on...

    As a guy who started selling PC compatibles in 1983, who has built dozens if not over a hundred Windows boxes, who at one time was a Microsoft Certified Network Administrator, who once banned his company’s art department from using Macs, who used to make a living doing computer consulting, I have only one thing to say:


  • New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick says he is done with his 'undependable' Microsoft [tr]

    10/19/2016 6:50:01 AM PDT · 12 of 29
    Crusher138 to DanielRedfoot

    My office is a mixed Mac/Windows environment.

    We have iPads for taking payments. We use iPhones to photograph embroidery sew outs to send to customers. Our workstations are iMacs, Mac Minis and Mac Pros. They all run VMWare Fusion/Windows 7 so that they can run QuickBooks. Everything else is done under OS X.

    We have a Wndows PC acting as our QuickBooks server and one to run our garment printer.

    Guess where we have over 90% of our issues...yep, the Windows stuff.

    Seems the Macs play perfectly well in the Window’s sandbox, but not the other way around. The Windows boxes also have many more updates which cause issues with production.

    The thought of a Windows tablet just fills me with dread....

  • Hundreds Rally At Trump Tower To Tell GOP 'This Pussy Votes' [Chicago]

    10/18/2016 12:07:01 PM PDT · 48 of 70
    Crusher138 to Menehune56

    1. This is obviously rent-a-mob.

    2. I just looked at a bunch of photos from the event. Hundreds is optimistic. There might be 100 women their total.

    3. These women do not look like “regular America.” A few of the posters they were carrying looked professionally done. Most were hand scrawled screeds of obscene wrath that could not be shown on TV.

  • Apparently you now have to apologize if you criticize Colin Kaepernick

    10/17/2016 2:30:27 PM PDT · 32 of 37
    Crusher138 to Pearls Before Swine

    I believe Mr. Kaepernick attended Nevada, not UNM.

  • What is your Anecdotal evidence that the Trump movement is real and the Polls and Media are lying?

    10/13/2016 1:50:19 PM PDT · 138 of 186
    Crusher138 to taildragger

    I have seen exactly one Hillary bumper sticker, no yard signs.

    I have seen at least half a dozen Trump stickers on cars (the small-ish oval ones) and three yard signs.

    Nowhere near the amount of signs and stickers of the last election.

    Hispanic customers tell me they will NEVER vote for Hillary. One gentleman of Mexican decent went on for several minutes about how illegals are costing him money because they do jobs cheaper and how we have to send each and every illegal back and how Trump has it right with his wall.

  • Endorsement: We're with Hillary Clinton. Frankly, Donald Trump's dangerous.

    10/12/2016 2:32:41 PM PDT · 64 of 78
    Crusher138 to where's_the_Outrage?

    Oooooh...a lefty web site has come out as anti-Trump.

    That’s it...he’s toast. </sarc>

  • Wall Street Journal: Only One in Five Millennials Has Ever Eaten a Big Mac

    10/12/2016 10:53:34 AM PDT · 90 of 111
    Crusher138 to RegulatorCountry

    What is really scary...the Big Mac has not changed at all. You have!

    The patties are now and have always been 1/10 a pound each. Back when I worked there in the 70’s the meat was 30% fat. I believe it is that or less (fat) today.

    The special sauce recipe has not changed.

    The lettuce came in large bags, already shredded, 40 years ago.

    The cheese came in boxes marked “includes dairy and non-dairy products” 40 years ago.

    The buns haven’t changed at all.

    Sometimes the haze of nostalgia gets blown away by reality.

  • (vanity) Clinton Voter Fraud Claim Circulating Net

    10/07/2016 6:26:43 AM PDT · 15 of 31
    Crusher138 to TigerClaws

    When I worked for a Democrat Rep back in the 80’s we used to help organize local groups like B’nai B’rith who would take buses to the nursing homes and transport the elderly to the polling places. On the bus they would be told about the nice lunch the D party would give them after. Those who were really bad off would be assisted in the voting booth. Additionally, they would make nursing homes polling places to facilitate fraud. I remember one old vet who was quite vocal about the “damn democrats”. No one helped him vote.

  • Opus (Vanity)

    10/04/2016 4:19:14 PM PDT · 52 of 96
    Crusher138 to Tunehead54

    I usually find my posts are more coherent when I am not drunk.

  • 5 Things Disney Doesn't Want You to Know Right Now

    10/03/2016 9:59:31 AM PDT · 43 of 51
    Crusher138 to rktman

    I don’t know why people freak at NM state income tax. It is like 2% and there are so many deductions and the like it comes out to a ridiculous amount. I think mine was $160 last year.

    In Florida my property taxes on a 1,200 SF house were $6000 a year. Here on a 3,000 SF house they are $3500 a year.

    I’ll pay a little income tax...

  • 5 Things Disney Doesn't Want You to Know Right Now

    10/03/2016 8:58:22 AM PDT · 35 of 51
    Crusher138 to rktman

    I lived in Florida for my first 42 or so years. Since the park opened there were reasons to go every year - birthdays, school field trips, anniversaries, etc. When my wife and I returned to Florida from our honeymoon in Jamaica, we had a few days before we had to go back to work, so we went to Disney World. We were Florida resident passholders for many years.

    That being said, when we moved to New Mexico we said goodbye to the mouse.

    My wife decided to surprise me with a trip to Disney for my 50th birthday. It was not good.

    I had forgotten how bad Florida weather, humid, and a tropical depression scooted through flooding out the stores in Downtown Disney. But worse was the people...the Disney Cast Members were fine, but the other guests were just horrible.

    As for the long as people are will to pay it, they will charge it.


    09/30/2016 3:43:36 PM PDT · 43 of 146
    Crusher138 to vladimir998

    They have proof that Hillary was in an unreported plane crash and the head trauma suffered at the time is still affecting her.

    You heard it here first. Take it to the bank.

  • Fuming man walks into Apple store and calmly smashes up every iPhone in sight (video)

    09/30/2016 2:54:53 PM PDT · 43 of 49
    Crusher138 to Cementjungle

    Funny, just upgraded my 5S to a 7.

    Took all of 15 minutes, longer than regular mostly because of it being a business account. The data transfer was definitely less than 5 minutes. But then this was a Sprint store.

    I will say that our Apple store is always busy and waiting to talk to someone isn’t uncommon, even with 20 or so employees on the floor.

    All I can figure is that there may be incompatibilities between the AR and US cell phone systems that were causing an issue. That, or the Apple employee was a moron.