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  • Ted Cruz and the most cynical, despicable political stunt of the year

    09/12/2014 10:16:02 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 321 replies
    Aggressively supporting Israel is a political winner for conservatives. But when it comes at the expense of persecuted Christians who fear for their lives... Since the second half of the 20th century, some of my fellow Christians have been the most persecuted religious group in the world. They still are. You probably are surprised to hear this. That's because most of these persecuted Christians don't live in the West. They are, as the awful phrase has it, too foreign for the right and too Christian for the left. In recent weeks and months, however, the West has heard about the...
  • Tanks at the school gates? San Diego school police acquires its own MRAP

    The nation gaped at the sight of a military-grade Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle trundling through Ferguson, but it turns out that was relatively restrained policing. Relative, that is, to San Diego, where police will use a similar steel behemoth for the city’s schools. The San Diego Unified School District Police Department has acquired its own vehicle, known as a MRAP, and expect it to be operational by October.
  • Army officer is told not to enter his daughter's high school because he's wearing his uniform

    09/10/2014 9:00:41 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 35 replies ^ | Sep 09, 2014 6:47 PM PDT Updated: Sep 10, 2014 7:25 AM PDT | Fox 2 News Staff
    Sherwood, who has served in the Army for 24 years, was told by Rochester Adams High School security that if he wanted to get into the school with his daughter he was going to have to go home and change his clothes. Baker's wife Rachel Ferhadson says, "Before he was allowed in, the security guard stopped him and said sorry you're not allowed in the school. Security told him men and women in uniform weren't allowed because it may offend another student."
  • Michael Moore Slams Obama: HIstory Will Only Remember You Were a Black President

    09/10/2014 7:26:14 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 37 replies ^ | 9/9/2014 | The Hollywood Reporter
    ..."When the history is written of this era, this is how you'll be remembered: he was the first black president," Moore said during a discussion at The Hollywood Reporter's video lounge at the Toronto Film Festival. "OK, not a bad accomplishment, but that's it," the director said. "That's it, Mr. Obama. 100 years from now, 'he was the first black American that got elected president' and that's it. Eight years of your life and that's what people are going to remember.
  • Ebola spreads exponentially in Liberia, many more cases soon: WHO

    09/08/2014 6:38:41 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 26 replies
    GENEVA/FREETOWN (Reuters) - Liberia, the country worst hit by West Africa's Ebola epidemic, should see thousands of new cases in coming weeks as the virus spreads exponentially, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday. The WHO believes it will take six to nine months to contain and may infect up to 20,000 people.
  • Raise the Voting Age

    09/06/2014 10:28:46 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 77 replies
    By and large, 18-year-olds know nothing and shouldn’t be voting. If you don’t believe me, I suggest you actually go to a college campus and talk to some students.
  • 1,500-year-old Papyrus the Last Supper gives valuable insight into Christianity

    09/06/2014 10:09:41 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 12 replies
    A group of researchers have claimed to have unearthed one of the oldest Christian amulets in the form of a 1,500-year-old Greek papyrus fragment with writing that connotes to the biblical Last Supper and ‘manna from heaven’. In a statement, Mazza said, “This is an important and unexpected finding as it is one of the first recorded documents to use magic in the Christian context, while the first charm ever found to refer to the Eucharist – the Last Supper – as the manna of the Old Testament”.
  • Why Is The Muslim World in Thrall to Conspiracy Theories?

    09/06/2014 10:00:34 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 20 replies ^ | September 5, 2014 | By Mehdi Hasan
    Did you know that Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, was trained by Mossad and the CIA? Were you aware that his real name isn’t Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali Al Badri Al Samarrai but Simon Elliot? Or that he’s a Jewish actor who was recruited by the Israelis to play the part of the world’s most wanted terrorist? But millions of Muslims across the globe have a soft spot for such hoaxes. Conspiracy theories are rife in both Muslim-majority countries and Muslim communities here in the west. The events of 9/11 and the subsequent “war on terror” unleashed...
  • Why Do People Believe in Ghosts?

    09/05/2014 11:01:29 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 158 replies
    In June, Sheila Sillery-Walsh, a British tourist visiting the historic island-prison of Alcatraz in San Francisco, claimed that she captured an image of a ghost in a picture she snapped on her iPhone. In the frame of what was otherwise supposed to be a picture of an empty prison cell was a blurry black and white image of a woman. The story, which was printed in the British tabloid the Daily Mail, featured on the Bay Area's local KRON4 TV station and mocked by SFist, isn't the first time the Daily Mail has claimed that strange images have come up...
  • Was Michael Sam Cut Because of ‘Homophobia’?

    09/04/2014 11:10:14 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 33 replies
    He was drafted late, seventh round. Homophobia was suggested. Now that he has been cut, homophobia has been blamed,
  • Plunge in California kindergartners' vaccination rate worries health officials

    09/03/2014 9:02:40 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 47 replies
    California parents are deciding against vaccinating their kindergarten-age children at twice the rate they did seven years ago, a fact public health experts said is contributing to the reemergence of measles across the state and may lead to outbreaks of other serious diseases. The percentage of kindergartens in which at least 8% of students are not fully vaccinated because of personal beliefs has more than doubled as well, according to data on file with the state. That threshold is significant because communities must be immunized at a high rate to avoid widespread disease outbreaks. It is a concept known as...
  • Why Dying Is Easier for Doctors

    09/03/2014 11:16:03 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 65 replies
    Years ago, Charlie, a highly respected orthopedist and a mentor of mine, found a lump in his stomach. He had a surgeon explore the area, and the diagnosis was pancreatic cancer. This surgeon was one of the best in the country. He had even invented a new procedure for this exact cancer that could triple a patient’s five-year-survival odds–from 5 percent to 15 percent–albeit with a poor quality of life. Charlie was uninterested. He went home the next day, closed his practice, and never set foot in a hospital again. He focused on spending time with family and feeling as...
  • Statutory rape victim reportedly forced to pay child support

    09/02/2014 10:08:47 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 166 replies
    PHOENIX — A man who slept with a 20-year-old woman when he was 14 — and didn’t learn he was a father until eight years later — is now being forced to pay child support, the Arizona Republic reports. Olivas, who said he was confused and going through a rough patch at that time of his life time, said the two went their separate ways after the encounter. Arizona law says a child younger than 15 cannot consent to sexual relations with an adult under any circumstance. All of it was put behind him, he thought, until two years ago...
  • In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment for a Novelist

    09/02/2014 8:35:52 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 32 replies
    A 23-year-old teacher at a Cambridge, Maryland, middle school has been placed on leave and—in the words of a local news report—"taken in for an emergency medical evaluation" for publishing, under a pseudonym, a novel about a school shooting. The novelist, Patrick McLaw, an eighth-grade language-arts teacher at the Mace's Lane Middle School, was placed on leave by the Dorchester County Board of Education, and is being investigated by the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office, according to news reports from Maryland's Eastern Shore. The novel, by the way, is set 900 years in the future. Sheriff Phillips told the newspaper that,...
  • The Last Passenger Pigeon Went Extinct 100 Years Ago

    08/31/2014 8:50:42 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 64 replies
    Tomorrow marks exactly 100 years since the last passenger pigeon, a female named Martha, died in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo. At their peak, millions — some argue billions — of passenger pigeons flew together, creating such a ruckus as to make normal conversation a challenge. Yet their numbers diminished rapidly, plunging perilously close to extinction within just a few decades thanks to our voracious appetite for the birds. Then they flamed out completely, the last wild one shot in 1900 and Martha dying 14 years later. “The bird was hunted out of existence,” wrote journalist Barry Yeoman in Audubon...
  • Feminists Furious About Roofie Detecting Nail Polish

    08/28/2014 8:34:15 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 39 replies
    Most people have been celebrating a new nail polish invented by Undercover Colors, which changes color if it comes into contact with a date rape drug. And then there are the so-called feminists.
  • Is Chivalry Too Risky?

    Earlier this month, a 39-year-old Texan visiting Philadelphia was out in the wee hours of the morning when he saw several men inside a car pull up next to a group of women, whom they began taunting and catcalling. A police captain later reported that the visitor “took offense to something that the guys were saying to the girls and said ‘Hey, watch what you’re saying.’” At that point, one of the men inside the vehicle got out and punched the Good Samaritan, who fell and struck his head on the concrete, knocking him unconscious. The suspects then fled and...
  • Ozone-Depleting Compound Persists, NASA Research Shows

    08/27/2014 8:14:08 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 25 replies
    NASA research shows Earth's atmosphere contains an unexpectedly large amount of an ozone-depleting compound from an unknown source decades after the compound was banned worldwide.
  • Good news: 16% of people in France view ISIS favorably

    Via Vox, the poll was conducted on behalf of a Russian state media outlet but the pollster itself seems credible enough. Besides, if the results are being slanted to tar western countries, why would they be slanted against France but not against the UK? Bear in mind, per Andrew Stiles, that France is only 5-10 percent Muslim. Even if every Muslim in the country were pro-ISIS, you’d still need a chunk of non-Muslims giving thumbs up to these lunatics to get to 16 percent. Vox notes that a similar poll taken recently in Gaza showed 13 percent said they supported...
  • Mike Brown funeral: Uncle Calls for Continued #Ferguson Protests – T-Shirts for Sale

    So, they’re selling T-shirts outside of the funeral for Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. And “Don’t Shoot” T-shirts for sale outside the funeral.
  • Which Country Drinks the Most Alcohol?

    Chart Shows Which Nation Has World's Biggest Boozers
  • NYT Op-Ed: It's a 'Moral Hazard' to Call ISIS 'Evil' or a 'Cancer'

    In a Friday op-ed which appeared in the paper's international print edition on Saturday and which can reasonably be seen as giving voice to an editorial board which wouldn't dare put their name to it, La Salle University Political Science Professor Michael Boyle strenuously objected to recent characterizations of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). We can't call ISIS "evil." We also shouldn't call them a "cancer," or "savage," or "barbaric." Oh, and the fact that George W. Bush called Al Qaeda "evildoers" is why ISIS came to be, and why our problems with radical Islam are now...
  • After Foley Execution, Wonders If ISIS Should Be Called 'Evil'

    Is the beheading of an American journalist – along with the genocide of Christians and other religious minorities – enough to label the Islamist terror group ISIS as the consummation of evil? According to, the answer is really quite complicated. In fact, James Dawes, director of the program in Human Rights at Macalester College, argued in a piece for CNN’s online arm that “there are few things more dangerous now than allowing ourselves to think” that ISIS does “evil things for evil ends,”as NRO’s Jonah Goldberg phrased it in a tweet earlier this week. Dawes’s assertion is that Americans...
  • Was the Aurora theater shooting “foreseeable” by owners?

    08/23/2014 12:59:09 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 52 replies
    "The owner of the Aurora movie theater that was the site of a deadly 2012 attack could have reasonably enough foreseen the danger of such an attack to be held liable for it, a federal judge ruled Friday." "Noting “the grim history of mass shootings and mass killings that have occurred in more recent times,” U.S. District Court Judge R. Brooke Jackson ruled that Cinemark — owner of the Century Aurora 16 theater — could have predicted that movie patrons might be targeted for an attack. Jackson’s ruling allows 20 lawsuits filed by survivors of the attack or relatives of...
  • Teamsters appeal to “Top Chef” for employment by threatening to bash in Padma Lakshmi’s face

    08/21/2014 9:09:17 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 26 replies
    "Angry that the show had not signed a Teamsters contract and that the production hired local PA’s to drive cast and crew vehicles, the dozen or so picketers from Boston’s Teamsters Local 25 kept at it for hours, raining down racist, sexist and homophobic threats and slurs as staffers came to and left the set that summer day…"
  • WashPost Covers All the Protest Factions, Including Looter: 'I'm Proud Of Us, We Deserve This'

    08/21/2014 8:45:04 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 11 replies
    Black leftists don’t like President Obama condemning violent protesters and looters in Ferguson alongside the police. On MSNBC Wednesday afternoon, professor Michael Eric Dyson called this balanced approach a “low moment” in the Obama presidency. “He's got the bully pulpit. Be a bully in the pulpit but don't bully black people. Yesterday was a low moment in the Obama presidency because he distracted attention away from the facts of the case. A white police officer armed to the teeth with a gun has killed an unarmed black youth. The president turned this into a referendum, if you will, on internal...
  • How Ferguson made conservatives lose faith in the police

    08/20/2014 12:01:34 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 39 replies
    As we watch the turmoil in Ferguson — where protests and police crackdowns raged for a week in the wake of a police shooting of an unarmed black teenager — many Americans have been forced to reassess their views on the duty and tactics of the police. But we conservatives — with our dueling affinity for law-and-order institutions like the police and our libertarian-inspired opposition to abuses of government power — are perhaps the most torn. Over at the Federalist, Hans Fiene notes, "For many conservatives, especially those of us living in nice, comfy suburbs, it's hard to apply the...
  • Vox's Fisher Spins Pope's Support for Stopping ISIS As A 'Crusade'

    08/19/2014 12:42:55 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 13 replies
    Vox's Max Fisher shamelessly invoked medieval history in a Monday post about Pope Francis. Fisher highlighted the pontiff's support for action against ISIS's "unjust aggression" in Iraq, and hyped that "there is good precedent for this...between 1096 and 1272 AD, popes also endorsed the use of Western military action to destroy Middle Eastern caliphates. Those were known as the crusades; there were nine, which means that this would be number 10." The former Washington Post journalist immediately set the tone with the title of his post: "News from 1096 AD: Pope endorses military force to destroy Middle Eastern caliphate." Fisher...
  • BLACK PANTHERS Lead Massive March in #Ferguson==> ‘Death Chants’ to Officer Darren Wilson (Video)

    08/18/2014 11:14:22 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 27 replies
    The New Black Panthers are leading a march in Ferguson, Missouri tonight. Over a thousand people are marching. The Black Panthers are chanting: What do we want? – Darren Wilson How do we want him? – Dead
  • MSNBC Contributor Michelle Bernard Sees 'War on Black Boys' in America, Fears 'Genocide'

    08/18/2014 8:37:27 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 64 replies
    Move over, War on Women, there's a new war in town. On the August 18 edition of MSNBC's Hardball, contributor Michelle Bernard warned there is a "war on black men" in the United States, as evidence both by the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and persistent criticism of President Barack Obama from Republicans. What's more, Bernard insisted, there would be a "genocide" of young black men unless the problem were seriously addressed to her satisfaction.
  • Slate Writer Asks: ‘Is Kink a Sexual Orientation?’

    08/18/2014 8:30:27 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 24 replies
    It’s been nearly a whole month since anyone strung a new letter on the LGBTQIA freight train. How about “K?”
  • Uh oh: Columnists now calling situation in Ferguson a ‘race war’

    08/18/2014 11:25:40 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 62 replies
    The violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown only grew more intense over the weekend. As the primarily, but not exclusively, African-American locals continue express dissatisfaction with the state of American law enforcement, some of the nation’s commentators are examining the societal circumstances which have led these protesters to believe they have so few stakes in the system that they are prepared to take the risks associated with participating in mass violence. A few political commentators have observed that there is something gravely wrong with our urban centers. They see the violence in Ferguson,...
  • Brown family lawyers: One of the gunshots that hit him was back-to-front

    08/18/2014 11:13:30 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 82 replies
    Big news if true as it seemingly contradicts a key takeaway from Michael BadenÂ’s autopsy, that none of the shots that hit Brown came from the back. As noted in the last post, eyewitness accounts are mixed: Dorian Johnson claims Brown was hit from behind before turning and putting his hands up, an eyewitness who live-tweeted the shooting claims that two shots were fired at his back before Brown turned to face Darren Wilson and was then fired at repeatedly, and a third eyewitness captured on audio claims that Brown initially ran away from Wilson before coming back at him....
  • Ebola crisis: Protesters attack Liberia quarantine centre

    08/18/2014 8:21:33 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 16 replies
    A quarantine centre for suspected Ebola patients in the Liberian capital Monrovia has been attacked and looted by protesters, police say. The incident happened in the densely populated West Point township on Saturday evening. At least 20 patients who were being monitored for signs of the illness have left the centre. Officials said blood-stained bedding looted from the centre posed a serious infection risk. A senior police officer said blood-stained mattresses, beddings and medical equipment were taken from the centre. "This is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen in my life", he said.
  • Eric Holder orders additional autopsy on Michael Brown. Wait… what?

    08/18/2014 1:41:51 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 54 replies
    Attorney General Eric Holder called for another autopsy to be performed on slain black teenager Michael Brown, whose shooting by a white cop in a St. Louis suburb has sparked violent protests that left a man critically wounded early Sunday. “Due to the extraordinary circumstances involved in this case and at the request of the Brown family, Attorney General Holder has instructed Justice Department officials to arrange for an additional autopsy to be performed by a federal medical examiner,” Justice Department spokesman Brian Fallon said in a statement. what is there about the death of Michael Brown that makes this...
  • How the U.S.-favored Kurds Abandoned the Yazidis when ISIS Attacked

    08/17/2014 11:07:39 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 11 replies
    Interviews with witnesses show the Kurds who are now getting weapons and air support from Washington left the Yazidis defenseless earlier this month.
  • Andrea Mitchell Wonders If WashPost Reporter Was ‘Detained For Reporting While Black?'

    08/15/2014 11:51:26 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 33 replies
    In the wake of Ferguson, Missouri teen Michael Brown’s shooting death following a confrontation with local police, two reporters, one with the Washington Post and another with the Huffington Post, were arrested by officials for failing to follow police orders as the town continues to deal with ongoing violence and looting. Following the arrest of Wesley Lowery, an African American reporter for the Washington Post, and later the arrest of Ryan Kelly, a white reporter for the Huffington Post, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell sent out a tweet on Wednesday, August 13 asking if Lowery was “detained for reporting while black?”
  • Should you have the right to fly an ISIS flag?

    08/13/2014 9:15:47 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 120 replies
    Sadly, it’s not a hypothetical question. “Police in Garwood, New Jersey, ordered that a militant flag associated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) be removed from the font of a local home after hundreds of online activists expressed fear and revulsion,” the Washington Free Beacon reported on Wednesday.
  • The Iraqi children 'drinking their parents' BLOOD to stay alive'

    08/13/2014 12:24:43 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 23 replies
    'Another man was saying the children were so thirsty, their parents started cutting their own hands and giving them blood to drink.'
  • The Kotex Lobby: Feminist, Liberal Media Demand ‘Free Tampons’ For All

    08/13/2014 7:20:28 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 101 replies
    It’s the terminus point of modern feminism: make the deeply personal very publicly political, and get someone else to pay for it! If one man is keeping you in the style to which you’re accustomed, you’re a kept woman – perhaps even [shudder] a stay-at-home mom. But if your sugar is funneled from thousands of hapless tax payers through a legion of faceless bureaucrats, you’re a tower of feminist self-determination. Fight the power, sisters! Demand government tampons! “This is less an issue of costliness than it is of principle,” she later admitted, because “menstrual care is health care.” To back...
  • Report: All Arrested Ferguson Looters Were From Outside of Ferguson… And Had Criminal Records

    08/12/2014 11:50:33 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 38 replies
    Via Ferguson Scanner Updates: All arrested yesterday on Felony Looting charges had a criminal background and most were from outside the Ferguson area.
  • Obama: Pulling All U.S. Troops Out of Iraq Was Not ‘My Decision' (it was Iraq's decision)

    08/09/2014 8:25:19 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 81 replies
    ( - When he was running for re-election in 2012, President Barack Obama repeatedly took credit for ending the war in Iraq and bringing all U.S. troops home from that country. Today, at the White House, however, when talking about his decision to use military force against the al-Qaida-related ISIS terrorist group in Iraq, Obama said that removing all U.S. troops from Iraq was not “my decision.” “Under the previous administration, we had turned over the country to a sovereign, democratically elected Iraqi government,” Obama said. “In order for us to maintain troops in Iraq, we needed the invitation of...
  • Smartphone app to help you avoid dangerous areas is obviously racist or something

    08/09/2014 9:16:42 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 63 replies
    What if you were moving to – or visiting – a city where you didn’t know your way around? And what if you were worried about wandering into a high crime area, but didn’t know the layout of the city? What if you were looking for good deals on hotels before your trip, but weren’t sure which areas were safe to go out and grab a cab in? What if you wanted to avoid dimly lit sections of town with scant law enforcement coverage? And if you were to find an app for your phone which could provide all of...
  • Desperate Iraqi Yazidis Flee into Syria After Kurdish Forces Secure Escape Route

    08/09/2014 1:08:29 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 13 replies
    BAGHDAD — Thousands of desperate Iraqi Yazidis who have been trapped by Islamist extremists on a parched mountaintop for almost a week trekked Friday into Syrian territory, seeking refuge in another war-ravaged country.
  • Surprise! Health and Human Services Emails About Obamacare Rollout Have Been "Destroyed"

    08/08/2014 12:54:48 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 30 replies
    The IRS is missing emails. The EPA is missing emails. What's the latest agency to pull the "the dog ate my homework card?"
  • Gutiérrez: Two Million New Latino Voters Will Swamp GOP

    08/08/2014 7:36:07 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 37 replies
    Representative Luis Gutiérrez (D., Ill.) predicted that two million new Latino voters would swamp the Republican Party when he was asked about the 2014 midterms. Gutiérrez said that the Republican response to the border crisis would “energize” Latinos. “Larry, 900,000 Latinos, American citizens, turn 18 every year,” Gutiérrez told Larry King on “Two million more Latinos voted in two o’eight [2008] than two o’four [2004]. Two million more voted in two twelve [2012] than two o’eight [2008]. They voted resoundingly for the Democratic Party.
  • Ronan Farrow Finds a New Cause: Transgender Illegal Immigrants

    08/07/2014 10:18:02 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 18 replies
    Ronan Farrow could barely contain his glee on his August 7 program at being able to work an odd twist in a border-crisis story that ensured the segment was a two-fer involving illegal immigrants and, wait for it, the transgendered.
  • WaPo Plays Ebola Race Card: Why Do Two White Americans Get the Serum & Not Africans?

    08/07/2014 1:07:40 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 57 replies
    Why do two white Americans get the Ebola serum while hundreds of Africans die? What should happen if a massive viral outbreak appears out of nowhere and the only possible treatment is an untested drug? And who should receive it?
  • Michelle Obama: ‘Women are smarter than men’

    08/06/2014 1:39:48 PM PDT · by chessplayer · 131 replies
    “We can’t waste the spotlight. Time is short. Change is needed. And women are smarter than men,” Obama said during the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit to a laughing audience, according to White House Press Pool reports. She continued, “And the men can’t complain because they are outnumbered today.”
  • Oil prices - When ISIS takes Baghdad

    08/05/2014 11:09:24 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 13 replies
    As of today it is at least theoretically possible to scenarize a world oil shock at least equal to the so-called 'Arab oil embargo' of 1973-74 in terms of oil export supply cuts from several key regions and producer states - Russia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and possibly the GCC Arab Gulf exporters. The differences then-and-now are however massive, starting with the twin realities underlying the potential for a coalescing or convergent Oil Shock of 2014. The shock would only be in part politically-motivated and would not unwind and rapidly return to normal afterwards. The biggest convergent factor making a...