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  • Oscars Expected to Get Very Political This Year

    02/22/2017 8:37:19 PM PST · 42 of 73
    butterdezillion to lurk

    I was just going to say, “BORING!”

    Does anybody ever actually watch any of that stuff?

  • Pastor: 'Demonic activity palpable' at Trump rally

    02/22/2017 6:48:14 PM PST · 96 of 96
    butterdezillion to kristinn

    I wonder if they’ve been trained by Scott Foval and/or Robert Creamer...

    You know, trained in how to TRY to elicit a violent response from Trump supporters.

    Come to think of it, I wonder if this “pastor” has been trained by them...

  • Milo Yiannopoulos Full Press Conference (2/21/17)

    02/21/2017 6:39:46 PM PST · 74 of 99
    butterdezillion to tennmountainman; Travis McGee

    I haven’t had time to look at Milo’s presser but I did see his FB? message where he mentioned that a pedophile is attracted to a pre-pubescent child, whereas what he’s talked about is how some gay teens look to older men for comfort when they don’t have a father figure.

    When I read what he said it made me think of what Travis McGee said about pederasts who abuse pubescent males in order to confuse their sexual identity and groom them for future relationships with “father figure” gay men.

    Milo is being honest, and his honesty in bringing it up would be an EXCELLENT opportunity for this whole process to be exposed, and for victims to understand that their coping mechanisms are understandable considering what they went through but are not necessarily the ideal healing.

    The trouble is that right now nobody is willing to truly listen to anybody else. Everybody wants to throw their rocks at anybody they perceive as being “caught in adultery” (or whatever they’re “caught” in). Scripture says that in the end times, because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. I think we see that in the unwillingness to listen, dig deep, understand, and help each other heal.

    Milo seems to have honesty. Where there is honesty there is hope for growth. Give me an honest gay person over a Pharisee any day.

    Tenmuntainman, I hear what you’re saying and I know what you mean. Ideally, he would leave the gay stuff as a private issue. But I do think what Milo does is a coping mechanism, and it sounds like he probably would agree. And I think that gay people need to know that Christians and conservatives (and especially those who are both) are willing to listen and help, and not just throw their rocks or change the subject.

    I don’t know if we can say that every gay person is that way because of a response to a very hurtful past, but I think there are people who prey on adolescent boys, and our society that winks at the victims’ coping mechanisms only enables the exploitation and traps the victims. In many ways the “pro-homosexual agenda” folks are to these victims what Planned Parenthood is to the pregnant victims of statutory rape: those who gain political power and/or money by making it easy for the perps to get away with their crimes because they hide that there are very real victims. A LOT of very real victims, who may scream out wildly in supprt of the political agenda to hide that they really are a victim. They all doth protest too much.

    I think Milo is different, because he’s willing to honestly bring it all out into the open where we as a people can either do the subject justice, or all keep using the issues for political purposes. Those who use it to throw rocks are no better than those who use it to have profane “gay pride” circuses in the streets.

    What needs to happen is real listening, real understanding, and real healing. But it’s not going to happen in this climate. And that makes me incredibly sad.

  • Obama Appointees Preventing Mattis From Rebuilding The Military, Says Armed Services Chair

    02/17/2017 5:39:52 AM PST · 10 of 28
    butterdezillion to DIRTYSECRET

    If they’re the people who are supposed to be coming up with budget figures, they should be easily known, I would think.

  • Obama Appointees Preventing Mattis From Rebuilding The Military, Says Armed Services Chair

    02/17/2017 5:38:57 AM PST · 9 of 28
    butterdezillion to dp0622

    The Obama regime managed to purge leadership on the flimsiest of charges.

  • The Leakers Who Exposed Gen. Flynn’s Lie Committed Serious — and Wholly Justified — Felonies

    02/15/2017 12:37:14 PM PST · 52 of 57
    butterdezillion to Enlightened1

    I hope that’s right. I hope Trump’s team is playing chess, realizing they need to first disable and dismantle the shadow government that’s thwarted the rule of law all this time.

    I’ll keep praying.

  • The Leakers Who Exposed Gen. Flynn’s Lie Committed Serious — and Wholly Justified — Felonies

    02/15/2017 12:12:39 PM PST · 37 of 57
    butterdezillion to xzins

    But “no” is not a wrong answer either, and all this hullabaloo requires it to be a dead-wrong answer.

  • The Leakers Who Exposed Gen. Flynn’s Lie Committed Serious — and Wholly Justified — Felonies

    02/15/2017 12:11:24 PM PST · 36 of 57
    butterdezillion to butterdezillion

    AND if that’s what the “discussion” turned out to be, then the leak of this is sheer poison and the one who did it needs to go to Gitmo for a long time.

  • The Leakers Who Exposed Gen. Flynn’s Lie Committed Serious — and Wholly Justified — Felonies

    02/15/2017 12:07:42 PM PST · 34 of 57
    butterdezillion to xzins

    It would be nice to see the transcript and see who is lying or not, and whether the media is just trying to make trouble.

    If the Russian guy brought it up and Flynn said the Trump administration would look at it when they got into office, then a person could say either thing - that he did discuss it, or that he didn’t - without lying. The subject came up and he said it would be looked at at the proper time. What else was he supposed to do/say, if the other guy brought it up?

    At this point I think we need to see the transcript, to know what’s really going on here.

  • "Trump Campaign Aides had Repeated Contacts with Russian Intelligence" Oh Really?

    02/15/2017 7:52:27 AM PST · 22 of 44
    butterdezillion to silverleaf

    That’s how we got over the election fraud allegations. When a real investigation was begun, it showed up democrat cheating so they said never mind.

    Do the same with this. This “anonymous sources” crap needs to stop. And Obama’s people need to all be canned. Start over from scratch.

  • High Fives At the WaPo As They Claim A Scalp

    02/14/2017 5:11:10 AM PST · 52 of 69
    butterdezillion to Pinkbell

    Obama tried to start a war with Russia based on claims that Russia tried “influencing” the US election. If Flynn or any other US citizen spoke to Russians reminding them that Obama is toothless now, then good for them.

    They thwarted the plans of a man who was illegally put into office through crimes such as forgery, murder, extortion, etc, aided and abetted by the US media which had also been threatened with political annihilation by the FCC if they reported truthfully (akin to the now-blatantly-obvious political machinations of the IRS, the illegal theft from Chrysler’s secured investors to give the money to the union thugs who used threats of violence against Oama’s opponents, the political use of leaks and/or anonymous claims of wrongdoing throughout the Obama regime to commit a “Night of the Long Knives” against patriotic military leadership, etc).

    The US bureaucracy is an enemy of the US Constitution, point blank. It is a political machine, used for political purposes, and it is in bed with the crooks in the media who also hate the US Constitution. The swamp is really, really deep and wide.

    For a long time many of us have suspected that the surveillance done for supposed “national security” reasons is actually being used to threaten/bribe critical people has actually been shown in two cases now - Petraeus and Flynn. With Petraeus there was actual bad behavior substantiated by the leaks. But now the machine has moved on from even that standard and has learned that they can use these recordings in the media to get rid of somebody based merely on the claim of an “impression” that was given.

    How many Congress-critters have been told that their recordings will be used in this same way if they don’t vote this or that way?

    What we are seeing is the true nature of the bureaucracy - a Hydra that corrupts everything it possibly touches, and with the “national security” surveillance being done now that means EVERYTHING. They now touch EVERYTHING.

    My daughter’s roommate mentioned that “the government shut down the National Park Service tweets because they talked about global warming”. What the heck is the National Park Service doing, tweeting about global warming? What the heck does global warming have to do with national parks? We have GOT to get agencies back to just minding their own business, literally. Just do what you were hired to do and cut the crap.

    We also discussed Betsy De Vos, and I said I know nothing about that but just being honest, if the NEA is against her I will automatically assume that she must be doing something right, because the NEA has long since lost any credibility on educational issues since they have become, instead, a racketeering group for liberal causes like abortion, homosexuality, etc. And the Education Dept is just the official tool through which the NEA does its political goals.

    That’s not even going into Lois Lerner and the IRS. It’s not going into the firings of inspectors general who actually DID their job (like Gerald Walpin). It’s not going into a huge story that will come out (and be ignored by the media, I’m sure) about a big-time con by the FAA, NTSB, SEALs, Navy, Coast Guard, several corporations, the media, and individuals who were bought off - all part of a big hoax intended to hide Obama’s ineligibility and the crimes committed to illegally put him into our White House.

    The bureaucracy is a political tool with immense power. It is totally unchecked, totally out of control. It will kill this nation if we don’t get it back to some semblance of accountability.

    What you’ve said is true: Flynn is just the start. I don’t know the best way to fight all this but I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that the corrupt-government beast needs to be slain, and until somebody actuallly suffers consequences for playing politics with what is supposed to be “national security”, the beast has a weapon that holds honest governance hostage.

  • Appeals court judge wants vote on whether to reconsider travel ban ruling

    02/10/2017 4:12:15 PM PST · 19 of 104
    butterdezillion to jazusamo

    Regardless of what happens, Congress should move quickly to split the Ninth Circus. We CANNOT have “so-called judges” throwing out the Constitution for the whole country.

    I have to hand it to Trump - he is bringing out all the enemies of the nation, just as we had hoped he would. Nobody wanted to touch the sacred cows - the activist judiciary, the rotten media, the Islamist enemies including CAIR which are taking over the government, the lawless liberals/left threatening violence, the corrupt, lawless bureaucracy ... ALL this stuff NEEDS to be cleaned out, and Trump has overturned all the money-changers’ tables.

    We have a fighter for us. Thank the Lord!! Lord, protect and guide President Trump, for the good of all.

  • Three Muslim Brothers, IT Professionals Fired from Capitol Hill for Spying – Funneled House Data

    02/09/2017 9:03:35 AM PST · 18 of 122
    butterdezillion to gaijin

    Sounds to me like the “big bad Russians” who supposedly did all the hacking were actually maybe CAIR’s pals.

    Wouldn’t that be embarrassing for the dems to have to acknowledge...

  • US hiring accelerates and more people begin looking for work

    02/03/2017 9:04:24 AM PST · 9 of 9
    butterdezillion to apoxonu

    What I’d expect from the Lincoln Urinal Star.

  • FBI Allegedly Investigating Mayor of Berkeley.. For Inciting Riot And Ordering Police to Stand Down

    02/03/2017 6:29:14 AM PST · 110 of 180
    butterdezillion to snarkytart

    If the FBI is investigating, does that mean that Comey has found a spine (probably with extreme urging from his new top boss)?

  • If you were a victim of the Berkeley Riots, you need to reach out to Mike Cernovich. (LAWSUIT)

    02/03/2017 5:22:47 AM PST · 8 of 9
    butterdezillion to 2ndDivisionVet

    I hope and pray it’s true that Project Veritas infiltrated and got audio proof of Soros’ funding. That man needs to be strung up.

    The bitter irony is that these people are calling OTHERS “Nazis”, when they are funded by a guy who confiscated Jewish property for the real Nazis - who got their power through a false-flag Reichstag fire and hid from the public the state-sponsored murders of millions of innocent people for ideological purposes by creating a “fake news” propaganda monopoly.

    IOW, not only does Soros have PAST connections with the Nazis, but he has adopted their game plan - and these idiots screaming “She’s a witch!” (ala “Holy Grail”) are too brainwashed to do anything except be a tool of that game plan.

    The brainless folks in the USA are the only thing that can truly kill this country.

  • EXCLUSIVE — MMA Fighter Jake Shields on How He Saved a Man in Berkeley From Antifa Rioters

    02/03/2017 5:12:07 AM PST · 39 of 52
    butterdezillion to virgil

    Do you happen to have a link for that petition?

  • EXCLUSIVE — MMA Fighter Jake Shields on How He Saved a Man in Berkeley From Antifa Rioters

    02/03/2017 5:11:30 AM PST · 38 of 52
    butterdezillion to scooby321

    Sounds like they should be knocking on the door of the guy this MMA guy had to rescue.

  • EXCLUSIVE — MMA Fighter Jake Shields on How He Saved a Man in Berkeley From Antifa Rioters

    02/03/2017 5:07:24 AM PST · 37 of 52
    butterdezillion to MeneMeneTekelUpharsin

    What’s your idea?

  • Where are the Republicans? Why is Mr. Trump, our President all ALONE?

    01/30/2017 10:19:37 PM PST · 79 of 95
    butterdezillion to wiseprince

    Thank you for clarifying. There are certain posters here whose desire to destroy Cruz outweighs any love of country they might have. I mistook you for one of them, and I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

  • Where are the Republicans? Why is Mr. Trump, our President all ALONE?

    01/30/2017 9:59:29 PM PST · 76 of 95
    butterdezillion to wiseprince

    Trump needs help so you stab in the back the one Senator who has expressed support.

    But it feels so good and sanctimonious, doesn’t it? Burn all the bridges.

  • Ted Cruz Statement on Firing of Acting Attorney General

    01/30/2017 9:51:59 PM PST · 180 of 244
    butterdezillion to pollywog

    You can’t reason with these people. They believe their own libelous talk. And believe they are righteous because of their libelous talk.

    There’s no way to reason with people like that. Sad.

  • US Navy T-6B flying somewhere near Houston with ADSB callsign "FUTRUMP":

    01/25/2017 10:21:17 PM PST · 58 of 58
    butterdezillion to PghBaldy

    For a fact.

  • US Navy T-6B flying somewhere near Houston with ADSB callsign "FUTRUMP":

    01/25/2017 6:51:18 AM PST · 31 of 58
    butterdezillion to PilotDave

    There is a lot of serious crap that is about to come out about the FAA, if there is anybody willing to report it.

  • Chuck Todd to BuzzFeed EIC: ‘You Just Published Fake News’

    01/22/2017 4:53:52 PM PST · 43 of 43
    butterdezillion to 4Zoltan


    That was what I feared he would do, and I said so. I’m glad he didn’t. What is yet to come, only God knows.

  • Ashley Judd at DC March: ‘Hitler in these streets, new gas chambers’

    01/22/2017 5:15:18 AM PST · 42 of 120
    butterdezillion to butterdezillion

    Every woman at those marches should look at this:

  • Ashley Judd at DC March: ‘Hitler in these streets, new gas chambers’

    01/22/2017 4:50:54 AM PST · 27 of 120
    butterdezillion to governsleastgovernsbest

    These deceived women have no idea that Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, was a colleague of Hitler’s. She said that idiots would voluntarily exterminate their line if they were told it was a favor to them to let them kill their children. In a very real sense, Margaret Sanger saw abortuaries as the same thing as the gas chambers, except where the mothers voluntarily bring their children to be exterminated.

    She also said that Blacks are so stupid that if they got a charismatic Black preacher to tell them it was their right to kill their children they would exterminate themselves.

    Margaret Sanger was evil but smart. Who can deny that what she said has come to pass?

    I look at the women in these photos and it makes me sad that they are so easily deceived - to the point that they do the very thing they say they hate.

    None of the women in my family would have been welcome at these “marches” because the women in my family accept and embrace the sanctity of human life - which is the very thing that these “marches” side with Hitler to roar against.

  • In Scathing Attack, CIA Director Brennan Warns Trump To "Watch What He Says"

    01/15/2017 2:50:07 PM PST · 71 of 128
    butterdezillion to Trump_vs_Evil_Witch

    Am I missing something, or did this article just (basically) say that since kennedy ended up dead after bucking the CIA, Trump better be careful lest he end up dead...

  • US imposes sanctions on N. Korea leader's sister over human rights violations

    01/14/2017 6:28:22 PM PST · 8 of 11
    butterdezillion to ColdOne

    A big question is what options NK has right now, with the assistance of Iran (who just got paid a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY BY OBAMA...)

  • Chuck Todd to BuzzFeed EIC: ‘You Just Published Fake News’

    01/12/2017 5:09:12 AM PST · 25 of 43
    butterdezillion to Ann Archy

    My colleague and I have done this research - most of the material analysis done by him. I had a higher-resolution video that my son saved before ABC reduced the quality, and from that my colleague was able to glean the information needed to figure out what was done and to document it.

    He was interviewed both by Doug Hagmann (who is not allowed on FR) and by John B Wells on Caravan to Midnight. Hugo Feugen.

    The question is how to get this to a journalist willing to tell the truth. The investigation is already done. We have experts who can verify the analysis. All we need is somebody visible who would be willing to present the evidence, and a public willing to look at evidence without resorting to 2nd-grade playground taunts. If you know of anybody who knows anybody with media connections - particularly to a media person with integrity - please point them our direction.

    If I was the pilot - facing (at the least) possible perjury and manslaughter charges from a Trump administration - I would run, not walk, to the local FBI and beg to be allowed to sing in return for personal protection.

  • Chuck Todd to BuzzFeed EIC: ‘You Just Published Fake News’

    01/12/2017 4:42:21 AM PST · 23 of 43
    butterdezillion to Ann Archy

    It wasn’t a plane crash. Noise analysis of the videotape shows that the engine was running normally right up to splashdown and stopped as water filled the engine. The propeller was running normally until a few seconds before splashdown, when the pilot apparently feathered the blades to make the landing smoother.

    This was not a crash. It was a deliberate water landing.

    The engine that was given to the NTSB for analysis was a different engine - one burned out from an intense fire, which could not have been the case with the engine running normally until it filled with water. The images of the wreckage on the barge show cuts to remove the engine - not the wave action that the salvor claimed - and the cuts were mismatched; the cuts from the engine don’t match the cuts from the fuselage where it supposedly came from. And the propeller blades that were salvaged have different markings than the blades photographed underwater by Puentes.

    IOW, there are 4 material pieces of evidence that confirm that the perfectly good engine that flew the plane into the water was NOT the engine given to the NTSB - noise analysis showing normal engine and prop sounds right up to splashdown, mismatched cuts on the wreckage showing one engine cut away and replaced with another underwater, different prop blade markings showing the prop attached to the salvaged engine was not the same one filmed, and the NTSB/Pratt-Whitney analysis that they were given an engine that had suffered an intense fire.

    The evidence and these conclusions were affirmed off the record by multiple former federal investigators but when this evidence and analysis was given to the NTSB they photoshopped the wreckage images in their final report to hide the incriminating evidence.

    IOW, we KNOW that this was a planned event and that at least one federal government agency tasked with investigating, when shown the evidence, ALTERED that evidence to allow the cover-up to continue.

    When that fact was pointed out to the inspector general of the DOT, he said he has discretion to not investigate what he doesn’t want to, and his communication with us was done.

    So two agencies that are supposed to be protecting Americans from foul play either turned a blind eye or used what we gave them to continue the coverup.

    And there is much, much more. The number of federal, state, and local agencies and officials involved in this scheme and its coverup could only have been coordinated by Obama or one of his close underlings.

    And this planned water landing occurred 12 days (IIRC) after Zullo publicly stated that they had “universe shattering” evidence in their investigation - which is now known to be referring to Dennis Montgomery’s testimony, which Arpaio and his team later called hogwash (but have now said is not hogwash) because they realized that Judge Snow was trying to get access to Montgomery’s evidence to stop it. Arpaio worked it so that the evidence was instead given to the FBI, which has since made an immunity deal with Mongtomery. Of course, the FBI is currently under James Comey, whose boss is Loretta Lynch. But that will be changing shortly...

    We know that Fuddy illegally used her seal to make it seem that Onaka verified Obama’s birth facts when in fact he refused to verify anything. That shows that she knows Onaka can’t verify anything and she was willing to illegally use her seal to hide that from the public and from KS and AZ Secretaries of State (and a judge in MS) so that Obama could be on the ballot in 2012. That makes her the centerpiece of this fraud.

    What else did she do? Well, we know that Virginia Sunahara’s death certificate copy - certified by the HDOH - has a T.H. (Territory of Hawaii) file number, on a STATE OF HAWAII certificate. Somebody had to go out of their way to put that anomaly there - apparently a red flag placed in protest of the forging they were ordered to do. Who ordered him/her to forge that death certificate and why? Maybe the same person who illegally used her stamp to deceive the public and the legal system? There is one person in a position to do both those things. And 12 days after Zullo announced he had amazing evidence that person supposedly died in a deliberate water landing that multiple federal agencies covered up - at least one of them by tampering with the evidence.

    When will America be ready to listen to evidence?

  • Chuck Todd to BuzzFeed EIC: ‘You Just Published Fake News’

    01/11/2017 9:24:34 PM PST · 19 of 43
    butterdezillion to PA-RIVER

    They need to tell us the truth: they were TOLD not to report on Obama’s documentation problem or his Muslim leanings, because those issues would have revealed who Obama is and who owns him, and the propaganda ministry is to hide the truth so that Obama and his owners can destroy the country.

    The story they made up about Obama was that he has a Hawaii birth certificate, when in fact Alvin Onaka refused to put his seal to any verification of Obama having a valid HI birth certificate. On three different supposed “verifications” the seal that was used was FUDDY’s seal, which is larger than the registrar’s seal, has a different design, and uses solid lines rather than dashes. Fuddy’s seal (the official seal of the HDOH) is to be used for verifying documents and is ALWAYS to be embossed near the director’s signature. Three supposed “verifications” had that seal but NONE of them had Fuddy’s signature so the seal was used illegally. Why? Because registrar Onaka refused to put his own seal to certify his signature stamp, and Fuddy wanted to hide that fact so she put her own seal as cover so that the media and SOS’s could pretend that they were given a certified verification, when in fact what they received was Onaka’s refusal to verify that Obama has a valid HI BC. The only lawful reason for him to refuse to issue a verification is if he CAN’T because there is no valid BC in HI.

    And when the full story about Fuddy is known people will be shell-shocked. Except ABC. They know all about it, because they helped do the cover-up. Like all the media did the cover-up for Obama’s documentation problems.

    As long as the media is still claiming Obama has no documentation problem, they are continuing in the same fake garbage they’ve been dealing all along. They are not repentant. They haven’t learned a thing. They are still pissing on us and calling it rain, while insisting that we are idiot, hate-mongering “conspiracy theorists” because we STILL know the truth and that they are lying to us.

    As long as that persists we need to keep exposing them.

  • The only hookers in this story are the cheap, lazy journalists

    01/11/2017 4:11:40 PM PST · 10 of 23
    butterdezillion to MAKOTHEDOG

    He still screws up and claims that Trump stoked the “absurd conspiracy theory” that Obama was born in Africa.

    There is a story that is just waiting for the public to be willing to hear it - about just how far Obama and his owners went to create the fake story that he has a Hawaii birth certificate. Evidence. Lots of evidence. When will the public be ready to hear it?

    When will Piers Morgan and the whole media crew be willing to see how they were used to perpetrate crimes on the American public - like Germans who were forced to go look at the gas chambers where people were exterminated under their complicit noses?

  • US would shoot down North Korean ballistic missile test if it threatens territory, allies, (tr)

    01/09/2017 3:25:09 AM PST · 9 of 16
    butterdezillion to An.American.Expatriate

    Obama’s regime is keeping their options open...

  • ISIS Shows Preschooler Killing Victim Tied to Carnival Ball Pit

    01/08/2017 3:20:45 PM PST · 24 of 49
    butterdezillion to LeoWindhorse

    It would be better for these people to have a millstone tied around their necks and be thrown into the sea.

    I think nuking them would be a kindness, to everybody.

  • US Intel Report: 'RT & Sputnik Are Being Accused of Doing Journalism'

    01/08/2017 6:54:17 AM PST · 10 of 13
    butterdezillion to markomalley

    “However, it appears that material that was thought to provide evidence was compiled in December 2012, right after the reelection of Barack Obama.”

    Is this saying that in December of 2012 the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc started compiling TV footage suggesting that Russia was trying to inform the US public?

    What is the claim being made anyway - “influencing a US election”? Are they actually claiming that Russia hacked Podesta and Clinton’s emails and gave them to somebody else to give to Wikileaks - accounts that had such poor security that almost anybody could have hacked them without Russian help?

    If so, were the intel agencies starting to compile “evidence” that the Russians had access to Clinton, Podesta, and DNC emails way back in Dec of 2012? That’s very shortly after Benghazi, when everybody wanted to know what the heck both Hillary and Obama were doing during that whole terrorist attack, before, and after. At that point the intel agencies were worried about the Russians informing the US public? What were the intel agencies afraid the Russians knew?

  • Obama Birth Certificate Investigator Expands on Government Data-Harvesting

    01/07/2017 10:22:17 PM PST · 23 of 28
    butterdezillion to iontheball

    Are you able to glean anything about the rough timeline of when Montgomery went to the FBI and got immunity?

    I think it was 12 days after Zullo told Gallups that he had “universe shattering” evidence... that a plane carrying Loretta Fuddy was deliberately flown into the Pacific Ocean even though noise analysis of the audio shows that the engine was running normally until splashdown and the propeller was running normally until seconds before splashdown, when pilot Clyde Kawasaki apparently feathered the blades to help prevent a rough landing. There was no engine failure; this was a deliberate, planned event. Twelve days after Zullo said he had important evidence, which turns out to be Montgomery’s evidence.

    Sounds to me like the regime wanted Fuddy to be unavailable for testimony in regards to Montgomery’s claims... You don’t fake a plane crash over evidence you consider a “joke”...

    For more info and evidence, see Caravan to Midnight’s latest show...

  • Esteban Santiago Identified as Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooter(claims that the CIA was forcing him)

    01/06/2017 10:00:46 PM PST · 57 of 68
    butterdezillion to Enlightened1

    Has Scott Foval been brought in for questioning about the dems having mentally ill people do their “diabolical” “shit” for them?

  • Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N. in Wake of Anti-Israel Vote

    01/03/2017 3:49:21 PM PST · 97 of 98
    butterdezillion to humblegunner

    Multiple former federal investigators see the same things we see.

    And a military person of significant stature turned white on seeing some of these images and told us it would get us killed.

    I guess you can deny anything you want to, and choose to call all the rest of us crazy because we can see it, but in the end it only exposes things about yourself.

  • Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N. in Wake of Anti-Israel Vote

    01/03/2017 5:26:30 AM PST · 87 of 98
    butterdezillion to humblegunner

    The schoolyard taunts of an 8-year-old are all you can offer in response to photographic evidence.


  • Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N. in Wake of Anti-Israel Vote

    01/02/2017 8:11:25 PM PST · 84 of 98
    butterdezillion to rx

    Yes, and the Navy royally screwed with my requests also, and eventually released a document that showed their previous responses had been dead-wrong. But even that document had the zulu timestamp removed to obscure the fact that a submarine equipped to house a Seal Delivery Vehicle moved into the area north of Kalaupapa one hour before this water landing. When I asked for clarification that this was in zulu time as is standard for these forms, nobody would respond to my email.

    There is way, way more than most people are willing to even hear.

    As I’ve said before, when the US public is willing to listen, there is plenty for some of us to say. The paid shills on FR and elsewhere are intended to keep the public too confused, frustrated, or afraid to listen. The fate of America is in the hands of everyday people, who either will or won’t have ears to hear and eyes to see. If we are too demoralized to process the evidence, then America is sunk. I hope and pray that we’re not at that point yet.

  • Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N. in Wake of Anti-Israel Vote

    01/02/2017 7:50:57 PM PST · 82 of 98
    butterdezillion to Will J Diamond

    I C&P’ed the links so I could see what you’ve got. What is on those documents is the REGISTRAR’S SEAL. It is smaller, made of dashes rather than solid lines, and has a dot instead of a star between the upper and lower words.

    THAT is what is supposed to be there when only Onaka’s signature and certifying stamp are present. THAT is what should have been on the letters of verification if Onaka had actually certified those “verifications”.

    It isn’t there. Instead, the OFFICIAL DOH SEAL (2 1/4” diameter) is embossed, when that OFFICIAL SEAL SHALL BE EMBOSSED NEAR THE SIGNATURE OF THE DIRECTOR OF HEALTH TO VERIFY...

    What you’ve posted makes my point, if you will but see what’s in front of you.

    For an example where the OFFICIAL DOH SEAL was used, see . Notice that it has the DOH Director’s signature. Every BC you’ll find with that 2 1/4” embossed seal will have the DOH Director’s signature. That’s because the statute requires it.

  • Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N. in Wake of Anti-Israel Vote

    01/02/2017 7:41:35 PM PST · 81 of 98
    butterdezillion to Will J Diamond

    Your links only send me back to my comment page. So I’m not sure what you’re saying, but you haven’t shown me any place where the embossed 2 1/4” OFFICIAL DOH seal is used without the director’s signature being there.

    And your whole argument seems to be that I must be libeling everybody because conspiracies just don’t happen - evidence to the contrary be damned. IOW, you are accusing me of a crime because you think the evidence I’ve shown supports something that COULD NEVER HAPPEN. You are way, way, way into the state of denial. The Holocaust couldn’t ever happen either, but the footage of Auschwitz and Buchenwald indirectly confirm that it did. Now will you call me a liar because I said that out loud?

    If you think it impossible that Loretta Fuddy created this document without Onaka’s approval (possibly at the command of AG DAvid Louie, under the pretext of “protecting Obama”) and used her own seal because he wouldn’t use his... then what will you do when you see that the Virginia Sunahara death certificate - certified by the DOH - has a Territory of Hawaii File No, on a STATE of HAWAII BC? Somebody at the DOH had to take extra pains to put that T.H. on there, instead of just leaving the line how it really was on that State of Hawaii death certificate. They WENT OUT OF THEIR WAY to put in a red flag. Why make that falsified death certificate in the first place just to put a red flag in there which shows it’s a fake (a fake that the DOH nonetheless CERTIFIED...)? Could it be that Loretta Fuddy ordered them to falsify the death certificate and they resisted by putting in the red flag? She is the one who had the power to order such a thing (and with help from the regime, sticks and carrots to make it a little easier...). And she is the one who used her OFFICIAL SEAL in an illegal manner, so we know she doesn’t have qualms with that.

    Maybe you would say that the T.H. File No. on Sunahara’s STATE OF HAWAII death certificate is INSANE, therefore it can’t really be there. Who ya gonna believe - yer lyin’ eyes, or your predetermined theory of what is possible in real life? What you’re doing is deciding ahead-of-time what can or can’t be true, and calling anything that refutes your theory “insane” and its exposers “libelous”.

    Can’t you see what you’re doing?

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    01/02/2017 7:04:54 PM PST · 79 of 98
    butterdezillion to butterdezillion

    Paragraph 4 has 1 1/4” where it should be 2 1/4”.

  • Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N. in Wake of Anti-Israel Vote

    01/02/2017 7:01:48 PM PST · 78 of 98
    butterdezillion to Will J Diamond

    I am going to C&P the full text so everybody here can see the whole thing. Notice that a) and b) refer to the “official seal”, which is specifically defined as 2 1/4 inch in diameter. c) refers just to the seal (not the OFFICIAL SEAL) reproduced in other sizes. b) tells how the OFFICIAL SEAL (2 1/4” diameter) - in embossed form - is used to verify documents.

    The “verification” that you linked to has c) at the top of it, which is also on BC’s, etc. That verifies nothing. For verification of documents, the OFFICIAL EMBOSSED seal is to be used, and the statute that governs that says it SHALL BE EMBOSSED NEAR THE SIGNATURE OF THE DIRECTOR OF HEALTH TO VERIFY.... (and then a list of documents that can be verified in that way).

    Old birth certificates had the signature of both the health director and the state registrar, with the official DOH seal (2 1/4” diameter) embossed between the 2 signatures. They don’t do that any more. They have only the registrar’s signature, certifying statement, and embossed seal (smaller than 2 1/4”, made of dashes rather than solid lines, and with a different design). That is the registrar’s seal, the seal that certifies the registrar’s signature and certifying statement. They can’t use the OFFICIAL DOH SEAL because the DOH Director’s signature is not there. Just like it’s not there on these “verifications”.

    Again, a) and b) refer to the OFFICIAL SEAL (1 1/4” in diameter), and designate how the official seal is to be embossed near the director’s signature to verify documents. c) has nothing to do with verifying anything, because it is not the OFFICIAL (1 1/4”) seal but visual reproductions of the design, used in non-official size.

    Notice that the Director is given discretion as to which documents he/she will verify with the OFFICIAL SEAL, but NOT discretion to decide HOW to verify. That is prescribed by the statute, and it is the embossed official seal close to his/her signature. Period.

    Here is the full text:

    §11-1-2 Seal of the department of health.
    a) The official seal of the department of health
    shall be circular in shape, two and one-fourth inches
    in diameter. At the curve on the top portion there
    shall be the words “DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH” and at the
    curve on the bottom portion there shall be the words
    “STATE OF HAWAII.” At the curve on each side portion
    shall be a star. In the center of the seal shall be
    the Caduceus, a winged rod entwined with two serpents,
    which has long been recognized as a universal symbol
    of medicine. The Caduceus shall be encircled by an
    indentation, which shall separate it from the words
    illustrative purposes, a black and white drawing of
    the official seal is attached at the end of this
    section as Exhibit “A,” titled “Seal of the Department
    of Health,” and dated November 1, 1988, and made a
    part of this section.
    (b) The official seal of the department of
    health shall be embossed near the signature of the
    director of health to verify commissions of
    appointment of deputy directors and notaries public,
    certificates, and other formal official documents on
    which the official seal has been customarily used or
    is appropriate to be used, as the director of health
    may determine on a case-by-case basis.
    (c) The seal of the department of health may
    also be reproduced, in either an enlarged or a reduced
    size, on official stationery, reports, certificates,
    equipment, supplies, uniform insignia, and other
    objects and items to be used or produced by the
    department of health, but the reproduction and use of
    the seal shall always be subject to the exclusive
    control of the director of health.
    [Eff 2/14/2005 ] (Auth: HRS §§321-9, 91-2) (Imp:
    HRS §§321-9, 91-2)

  • Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N. in Wake of Anti-Israel Vote

    01/02/2017 6:09:26 PM PST · 77 of 98
    butterdezillion to Will J Diamond; Admin Moderator; Jim Robinson

    Where is the embossed seal of the DOH on any birth certificate that lacks the signature of the director? Show me.

    Yes, the seal can be REPLICATED for use on stationery or other items, but the OFFICIAL SEAL, in embossed form, is to be used with the director’s signature. As it says (and you conveniently ignored):

    (b) The official seal of the department of
    health shall be embossed near the signature of the
    director of health to verify commissions of
    appointment of deputy directors and notaries public,
    certificates, and other formal official documents on
    which the official seal has been customarily used or
    is appropriate to be used, as the director of health
    may determine on a case-by-case basis. “

    That is the only place where the use of the embossed seal is authorized, and it says that it SHALL BE EMBOSSED NEAR THE SIGNATURE OF THE DIRECTOR OF HEALTH.

    You are treating a REPLICATION as if it was the same thing as the official embossed seal, when the statute clearly makes a distinction.

    And you are libeling me. Cease and desist.

  • Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N. in Wake of Anti-Israel Vote

    01/02/2017 4:51:42 PM PST · 75 of 98
    butterdezillion to Will J Diamond

    Because it is a seal that can only be used with the director’s signature, and there is no director’s signature. It can’t be used if the director’s signature is not there.

    If Onaka’s signature is the only signature there, then HIS seal has to be used. And he did NOT use his seal. Full Faith and Credit says other states are to honor another state’s documents if they are certified by the signature and seal of the custodian of the record. Onaka is the custodian of the records and his seal is not there to certify his signature. (And the only lawful reason for him to refuse to certify it is if there isn’t a BC for Obama in Hawaii.)

    What is there is FUDDY’S seal, which is not lawful to be there without her signature. She put her seal there to hide the absence of Onaka’s seal, and to deceive the entire country with a document that LOOKS like it’s certified but isn’t. Her fingerprints are ALL OVER this, since she is the only one with the authority to have that seal used, but only where her signature is. But her signature doesn’t belong there because she is not the custodian of the record so she didn’t sign it. Instead she unlawfully put her seal without her signature as a head-fake to hide Onaka’s refusal to certify the document.

  • Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N. in Wake of Anti-Israel Vote

    01/02/2017 3:31:41 PM PST · 73 of 98
    butterdezillion to Will J Diamond

    Hawaii Administrative Rules 11-1-2 ( ) says the official seal of the Department of Health is to be embossed near the director’s signature on a variety of documents. Which documents get the official seal embossed is at the director’s discretion, but the embossed seal is always to be near the DIRECTOR’S signature.

    The document you showed does not have Fuddy’s signature. It was unlawful for her to use that seal in that way. And she would have had no need to use it if Onaka had simply allowed his seal to be used with his signature stamp, as it is used on certified vital records.

  • Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N. in Wake of Anti-Israel Vote

    01/01/2017 11:35:02 PM PST · 71 of 98
    butterdezillion to humblegunner

    You have got to be a narcissist, for it to always be about SOMEBODY being important. This isn’t about me; it’s about the regime needing to keep evidence from reaching a court of law.

    Get psychiatric help.

  • Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N. in Wake of Anti-Israel Vote

    01/01/2017 11:18:58 PM PST · 70 of 98
    butterdezillion to Will J Diamond

    You didn’t even listen closely enough to hear what I said. Why bother answering to somebody who won’t even listen?

    But in case somebody out there is interested in listening, the problem is that Loretta Fuddy tried to certify Onaka’s signature, with a seal that is only lawfully allowed to accompany HER signature. Her signature was not there; she was not allowed to use it. Why did she use it? Because Onaka would not use HIS seal to certify his own signature, and Fuddy had to hide to the world that Onaka would not verify anything about Obama’s BC or birth facts.

    And the end result is that you have mismatched signature and seal. Nobody’s signature is certified on those documents. Fuddy has the seal but not the signature. Onaka has the signature stamp but not the seal. Nobody’s signature is certified on those documents. They are legally worthless according to Congress’ prescription for how “Full Faith and Credit” is to be carried out between different states. Full faith and credit is to be given if the documents are properly certified by the custodian of the record - which in this case is Alvin Onaka. He did NOT certify these “verifications” as required for another state (AZ, KS, or MS, for instance) to give the record full faith and credit. And the only lawful reason for him to do that is if there is not a BC for Obama in Hawaii.