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  • Trump: Did the Obama administration 'want to hurt Hillary?'

    06/25/2017 7:18:01 AM PDT · 20 of 25
    butterdezillion to Disestablishmentarian

    Their “defense” of domestic spying/unmasking fails too; Brennan and Clapper hired Montgomery to do massive spying on folks like Chief Justice Roberts, Joe Arpaio, etc LONG before any Russia narrative came up. But then, Comey told the FBI to keep all Montgomery’s evidence under wraps this whole time...

    Again, Comey is neck-deep in the doo-doo.

  • Trump: Did the Obama administration 'want to hurt Hillary?'

    06/25/2017 7:12:05 AM PDT · 19 of 25
    butterdezillion to butterdezillion

    I also want a special prosecutor to investigate who in the US government hacked Sharyl Attkisson’s computer and put classified material on it, and why.

  • Trump: Did the Obama administration 'want to hurt Hillary?'

    06/25/2017 7:05:20 AM PDT · 18 of 25
    butterdezillion to Disestablishmentarian

    Yes, when Seth Rich is revealed as the leaker it will also reveal the whole set-up of the Russia narrative. The ones setting up that story knew it was Seth Rich all along.

    That’s probably why they had to have John McCain actually give the faked crap to the intel community. But Comey is neck-deep in all of it; what legit “investigation” would let the DNC keep their server strictly to themselves and investigate it themselves? Withholding evidence - and allowing the possibility for in-house tampering with that evidence - is clearly obstruction of justice.

    And as I’ve said before, the very fact that the NSA and CIA have reserved for themselves the CAPABILITY of planting fake digital evidence/fingerprints tells us that they meant to use that capability - which would never be necessary if real evidence was already there. IOW, they have been PLANNING to commit obstruction of justice. That alone NULLIFIES any evidence/fingerprints anybody can find AND disqualifies them from doing any of the investigating since they are automatically suspects in any crime with those “fingerprints”. Their own criminality has made real justice impossible. They have undone their very supposed purpose.

    I suggest that the FBI, CIA, and NSA be asked to submit to Congress reasons why they should even be funded any more, now that they have undone the very thing they were supposed to be upholding.

  • Trump: Did the Obama administration 'want to hurt Hillary?'

    06/25/2017 6:33:28 AM PDT · 14 of 25
    butterdezillion to Williams

    Seems to me that he’s suggesting that if the Obama regime had acted regarding the “Russian meddling” it would have hurt Hillary. IOW, either the real Russian meddling was on behalf of Hillary or the Obama regime knew that claiming Russian meddling would hurt Hillary.

    To be honest, I think the “Russian meddling” was a way to inoculate the dems from potential evidence of their OWN election meddling. The Wisconsin recount ended quickly when dem election fraud was found out. If it had been feasible the dems could have tried to claim it was the Russians who got the illegals to vote. But the illegals all voted for Hillary so the narrative didn’t work.

    The dems always accuse their opponent of the very thing that they themselves are doing. Given that Brennan and Clapper hired Dennis Montgomery to download the FL voting database and then upload an altered one in the 2012 election (when dem strategists were saying that the votes in just a few large democrat precincts could decide the election...) AND given that DHS hacked the GA voting database (where they also were so sure that the Trump supporter in the special election was going to lose big)... I wonder if the stories of Russian involvement were so the deep state could do the very election fraud that they suggested Russia might try to do.

  • Election Hackers Altered Voter Rolls, Stole Private Data, Officials Say

    06/22/2017 11:49:03 AM PDT · 19 of 21
    butterdezillion to lizma2

    It was the DHS that hacked the Georgia voter system, and they refuse to explain why. Maybe because Georgia refused to let the federal foxes guard their state henhouse?

    Given that the US intel community has the ability to put the “fingerprints” of Russia (or anybody else they want) on the databases, somebody in the US government should tell us why we should believe that any of these “hacks” were not really from the “deep state”, who we KNOW want to frame Trump AND start a war with Russia. They have the motive, means, and opportunity. So why should we believe them when they point the finger at Russia, when they have illegally garnered for themselves the very ability to frame Russia and other convenient actors?

    What was revealed by Wikileaks NEEDS to be processed. EVERY piece of evidence is suspect now, because the CIA and NSA have the ability to frame anybody. They have just rendered ALL evidence suspect. And THAT is a major, major problem that NOBODY has been willing to address.

  • Judicial Watch: Obama NSC Advisor Susan Rice’s Unmasking Material is at Obama Library

    06/19/2017 6:17:41 PM PDT · 53 of 86
    butterdezillion to Nero Germanicus

    What I want to see cannot be considered private.

  • Judicial Watch: Obama NSC Advisor Susan Rice’s Unmasking Material is at Obama Library

    06/19/2017 5:22:19 PM PDT · 40 of 86
    butterdezillion to Nero Germanicus

    That says the Act provides a way for “subsequent administrations” to get access to the records. Trump could get access to these records, if he has the will to do it.

    I have a couple records I’d like Trump to get access to. Could open wide a BUNCH of corruption from the foreign enemy combatant in chief who formerly occupied our White House...

  • Special counsel is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice, officials say

    06/14/2017 5:16:41 PM PDT · 145 of 301
    butterdezillion to Cboldt

    Short of an actual American Nuremburg trial, that second option might be the only way this swamp gets drained.

    I’m losing patience.

  • Did James Comey Cover Up a Massive and Illegal FBI-CIA Spying Operation?

    06/11/2017 11:34:09 PM PDT · 23 of 38
    butterdezillion to theoilpainter

    They won’t.

    And that’s why we need an American Nuremburg trial.

  • Did James Comey Cover Up a Massive and Illegal FBI-CIA Spying Operation?

    06/11/2017 10:34:41 PM PDT · 18 of 38
    butterdezillion to theoilpainter

    The copies are in the hands of the FBI, as I understand it.

    And the FBI has sat on it. Funny how that happens, when there is evidence that the head of the FBI has committed gross crimes and then the FBI gets the evidence and sits on it...

  • Mueller adds muscle for Russia investigation

    06/11/2017 9:07:57 PM PDT · 81 of 97
    butterdezillion to Socon-Econ

    They can create fake evidence.

    Sharyl Attkisson had classified material placed on her computer, and multiple computer analysts said the breaches of her computer were done with software proprietary to the US government.

    Wikileaks showed us that the CIA and NSA have the capability of leaving “fingerprints” of other entities when THEY mess with somebody’s computers. Why would that ever be needed? The only reason you would ever use something like that is to falsely frame somebody else for what you have already done.

    The US government is a criminal enterprise. We know that.

    They can fake anything they want. And that is one of the big reasons that the deep state HAS to go.

    Sharyl Attkisson heard from a first-hand source that the “presidential directives” that are sealed can contain orders to perform criminal acts, and the POTUS can give cover story indemnity - that is, those who committed the crimes can lie to cover what they did and cannot be held legally responsible for what they did. POTUS could privately order murders of people known to be innocent - whoever he wants - and nobody could do a thing about it, unless some brave “white hat”/whistleblower came forward. But even at that, they could change records so the evidence was gone, could plant crap to impeach the character of the witness, etc.

    When Hillary asked why they couldn’t just drone Julian Assange, it should have told people what lawlessness we’re dealing with. And apparently somebody who was at that meeting with Hillary was alarmed, because they told Julian Assange about it. Hillary didn’t deny having said it; she said it was a joke. But the witness who spoke to Assange said it was NOT a joke, and she was mad that people didn’t take her suggestion seriously.

    Obama has been given the power to order assassinations of US citizens - no questions asked and no disclosure/accountability allowed - if HE says they are a threat to national security. Think about that.

    Dennis Montgomery says that he was hired by Brennan and Clapper to figure out how to undetectably download a whole database and replace it with an uploaded - altered - database. Montgomery says he did that not only for the Hawaii Department of Health database but also for the Florida voter database. Do you think they couldn’t do the same thing with an ISP database? At a critical point in my investigative work I received an online “suggestion” that maybe child porn would be found on my husband’s computer - right after I had noted on my blog that the ability to mess with emails would allow crooks to plant fake evidence against innocent victims. I had brought up the subject because a very important email that I had sent was removed from the ISP database - an email that only the FAA and my research partner should have known about if nobody was snooping in my emails...

    People need to realize that the US government is a criminal enterprise, and the criminals in office and in high bureaucratic positions have all the powers of the US government that they can freely use against ANYBODY THEY CHOOSE.

    This is not America any more, folks. People have GOT to truly comprehend the situation we are in. When we say “deep state” we are talking about something VERY, VERY close to what Adolf Hitler had at his disposal. And we already know that they have used those tools on even the little people like me. They’ve also used it on whatever honest people are still left in the press - so that even if whistleblowers did come forward, it would never get air time. Only propaganda gets air time. The SAME tools that Hitler had.

    Either we wake up and stand together to fight this beast, or this nation is toast.

  • Transcript of Comey testimony Sen Intel Cmte June 8, 2017

    06/08/2017 11:42:42 AM PDT · 11 of 18
    butterdezillion to Ray76

    Why would a person leak a memo in response to the thought that there might be tapes? If there are tapes, let the tapes speak for themselves; they would eliminate the need for memos.

    The guy seems slimy.

  • Once in a While, a Good Leak

    06/08/2017 6:20:21 AM PDT · 25 of 34
    butterdezillion to 21st Century Crusader

    But the people who are authorized to make the decisions are appointed for political reasons and are totally unaccountable - which our Founding Fathers said GUARANTEES absolute corruption. This is how we end up with a “deep state” that is at war with the Constitution and the American public. The only way that deep state can be exposed and excised is if peons expose it. That’s what whistleblowers are and why they are protected. That’s also why Obama has systematically attacked both whistleblowers and inspectors general.

    And I do believe Napolitano is right in bringing that issue to our attention. We’s GOT to do something to hold the deep state accountable, and to make sure they never gain this total power again.

    If Comey had knowledge about Russian phishing attacks (or even CIA attacks disguised as the Russians, as we know is fully possible) and didn’t alert the victims of those attacks then he is derelict in his duty. When did the FBI know of these phishing attacks, and when did they notify the victims?

    And if our election system’s vote-counting process is this vulnerable to alteration, then none of the elections we’ve had could ever be trusted, because the deep state itself had the ability to alter elections all along.

    But I doubt the counting is that vulnerable, or Brennan and Clapper would not have had to hire Dennis Montgomery to invisibly (and undetectably) download the FL voter database and upload an altered database for the 2012 election. If what Montgomery says is true, then Clapper and Brennan are caught trying to hack the 2012 election in which Obama was re-elected. But it also affirms that the vote tabulation couldn’t be altered massively enough (in that election, at least) just by bribing/threatening some peon election officials. They had to first move enough voters into the right (manipulable) precincts.

  • BOMBSHELL: Obama NEVER Warned State Election Officials About Russian Election ‘Hacking’

    06/08/2017 6:00:13 AM PDT · 28 of 44
    butterdezillion to davikkm

    Didn’t the Obama regime specifically say that there was NOT a danger of election hacking because a Presidential election is 50 different elections carried out at the local level so it would take 50 different hacks?

    And didn’t they further say that states could give the deep-state federal machine access to help them beef up their security just in case?

    And didn’t DHS hack Georgia’s election system when they refused to give the deep-state access to “fix” the system?

    And doesn’t the NSA have the ability to put Russian footprints on any hacking effort they want to do?

    And doesn’t George Soros have some connection with the Russian company that owns the vote-counting software in many US states?

    And didn’t Dennis Montgomery say that Brennan and Clapper hired him to come up with a way to download the Florida voting database and upload a different one - all undetected - and that it was done for the 2012 election in which the Florida vote in just a few large democrat precincts had been predetermined to be critical to Obama’s reelection? (Making it clear that hacking elections is what the deep-state does...) And didn’t Brennan and Clapper still have that software in 2016?

    There is an investigation that needs to happen, but if it’s an honest one I think it will end up totally backfiring on the deep-state criminals who have been operating freely before the new cop arrived in town. This is why we the people elected the new cop, and the deep-state and media (but I repeat myself) efforts to destroy the clean cop we elected needs to be exposed and they need to be told to go to hell.

  • Harvard Law Journal Concludes Unborn Babies Have Constitutional Rights

    06/01/2017 12:26:13 AM PDT · 23 of 39
    butterdezillion to boatbums

    Furthermore, the Fourteenth Amendment was to overturn the Dred Scott decision where SCOTUS decided that Blacks are not legal persons even though they are biological persons.

    The entire Roe v Wade decision was that the word “person” in the 14th Amendment meant “LEGAL (not merely biological) PERSON”.

    But if that is really what was meant in the 14th Amendment then the 14th Amendment never applied to Blacks, who had already been determined by SCOTUS to be “human livestock” rather than “legal persons” (persons with Bill of Rights protections).

    IOW, if Roe v Wade is correct and “person” in the 14th Amendment means “legal person”, then Blacks are STILL “human livestock” as decided in the Dred Scott case, because Dred Scott was never overturned. The 14th Amendment wouldn’t apply to Blacks, since Blacks have never been ruled to be LEGAL PERSONS who then qualify for 14th Amendment protections.

    If the rationale of Roe v Wade was actually taken seriously, Blacks would still be legal non-persons. But everybody knows that Roe v Wade was just an excuse for SCOTUS to legislate from the bench. Nobody takes the rationale seriously because it is so deeply flawed.

    And you can get some really tortured logic if you take Roe’s rationale seriously. For instance, involuntary servitude is banned. If that applies to Blacks, who are still classified legally as human livestock, then would it also apply to bovine livestock? Is bovine involuntary servitude forbidden in the US Constitution?

    What if SCOTUS ruled that female humans are legal non-persons? Or Jews and the handicapped? Adolf Hitler didn’t exterminate a single person, you know, because he defined them all out of legal personhood before he exterminated them. What is to stop SCOTUS from doing the same thing, using the Roe decision as the precedent?

    Roe v Wade is a terrible, terrible decision, on SO MANY different levels. It is the slavery beast and the Nazi beast all rolled into one. It is a travesty, and this nation is under its own curse as long as this ruling stands.


    05/31/2017 11:02:49 AM PDT · 183 of 223
    butterdezillion to wbarmy

    Until a person’s been in that situation they really don’t know what somebody else is dealing with.

    The people who can stand up to the political/media mafia are the ones who have nothing to lose. The ones who are able to say, “My family is ready to go at any time, and there is nothing you can do to us that is worth us giving up the fight.”

    That is what is behind the Founding Fathers who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. Those are high prices to pay, and the sh!theads out to destroy the country will make sure that is the price that true patriots will pay.

    The Seth Rich family isn’t there yet. The Andrew Breitbart family was not there. The Sean Hannity family isn’t there. I think the Donald Trump family is there but using the means they have to fight back. I am there but seriously questioning whether the country has enough integrity left to be salvaged after all.

  • Illinois House Blocks Arrest Of Illegal Immigrants, Makes Voter Registration Automatic

    05/31/2017 9:14:14 AM PDT · 3 of 72
    butterdezillion to stars & stripes forever

    How the heck can anybody pass a law forbidding law enforcement from enforcing the law?


    05/31/2017 9:05:27 AM PDT · 130 of 223
    butterdezillion to faucetman

    I’m glad to know that you’ve never been in a situation where you realized that evil people want to hurt your family.

    It’s a privileged experience these days.

  • Vanity: CrowdStrike Mentions "Panda" as the Hacker (Twitter 9/16)

    05/30/2017 12:32:45 PM PDT · 62 of 73
    butterdezillion to SaveFerris

    And kimdotcom says he has evidence he wants to give to a Congressional investigation. Seems like the DNC’s own investigation is backing up what kimdotcom says.

  • Vanity: CrowdStrike Mentions "Panda" as the Hacker (Twitter 9/16)

    05/30/2017 11:35:19 AM PDT · 53 of 73
    butterdezillion to SaveFerris

    I wonder how the timing of that post (”the one who betrayed us”) fits with the day Seth went from being pro-Bernie on social media to being anti-Hillary.

    The guy saying a group of pandas are an embarrassment - and copying the message to the already-dead Seth Rich Twitter account - says that at least one person thought Seth was leading a GROUP of pandas, and that this tweeter didn’t like it.