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  • I am DONE with the GOP.

    08/16/2017 10:19:21 PM PDT · 29 of 97
    butterdezillion to snarkytart

    You said, “He basically said he thinks the counter protestors had a right to throw shit and piss at people and swing bats because the people marching were bad guys.”

    That’s a dangerous view for the most despised Congress in the history of the world. Do they really want to say it’s OK for people to throw shit and piss at people and swing bats because the targets are bad guys? ‘Cause almost everyone in Congress is a “bad guy” right now...

    Shall we take them at their word?

  • Trump Says ‘Alt-Left’ Shares Blame for Charlottesville Rally Violence

    08/15/2017 11:15:55 PM PDT · 170 of 243
    butterdezillion to DoodleDawg

    It’s looking like the event was staged.

    4chan researchers found that the guy who organized the “white nationalist rally” is an Occupy Wall Street (communist) Obama supporter. He was originally denied a permit for the rally at that location because it was too hard to provide security there so he sued to be able to have the rally there where it was hard to provide security. My understanding is that he is closely tied to both CNN and to George Soros funding.

    4chan also found that a company that does “crisis staging” advertised on craigslist for actors for an event in Charlottesville, shortly before this event.

    And they found that the videographer of the “attack” is a State Dept/CIA operative. One gal who was videotaping was attacked by a shirtless guy; I’m wondering if he was a paid actor making sure that the CIA’s “official narrative” was the only one people would be allowed to see. And I can’t help but wonder how many of the “white nationalist” folks there were actually actors.

    One of my first thoughts about this event was that it seemed there was more to the story, and that the media was awfully quick to run their agenda BEFORE anybody had a chance to find out what actually happened. A lot like Ferguson and Trayvon Martin. Trump was right to refuse to convict/condemn without knowledge of actual facts, and his response shows how totally un-factual and unhinged everybody else is.

    It was speculated here this morning that this was planned to try to get rid of Steve Bannon. Bannon fights back like Trump does, and I really, really hope that Trump doesn’t let this apparent hoax be successful. I hope this ends up backfiring in a major, major way - with the whole stinking Soros/deep state/media tricks/deception/crimes on full display.

  • Flake extends his attacks on Trump and the GOP — all the way back to the dawn of birtherism

    08/15/2017 5:54:56 PM PDT · 200 of 248
    butterdezillion to Fred Nerks

    You’re still making it about me. You just don’t get it.

    Have a good life.

  • Flake extends his attacks on Trump and the GOP — all the way back to the dawn of birtherism

    08/15/2017 4:56:02 PM PDT · 195 of 248
    butterdezillion to Fred Nerks

    Images with the “Ferdinand Puentes” label on them are ABC’s low-quality images. You should not base analysis on that, now that the NTSB has higher-quality footage that can be looked at. Unless you’ve looked at that higher-quality footage you really can’t say much.

    At this point, the knowledge we have about what is in these images does not rest on anything I’ve said or thought. At this point WE HAVE INVOLVED PEOPLE WHO HAVE CONFIRMED WHAT THESE ITEMS ARE. If you’re still harping on what I did or didn’t see then you are (willfully?) lagging way behind the times. This isn’t about me, except to those who have the same philosophy of personal destruction as the deep state crooks have in their psy-ops. As of yet, nobody arguing with us has even ACKNOWLEDGED that important piece of information.

    Do you think you have more knowledge about the exhaust extractor and luggage pod than the aviation personnel who put these things together, or the investigators who analyze safety issues and wreckage from crashes? Because that’s who you’re arguing with. Sure, call me a crazy loser if you want. I’m sure that would make you feel real good, and you might even think you are convincing on-lookers not to listen to me. But that doesn’t change what the experts have identified from these images.

    It doesn’t change the noise analysis from the audio - audio which was provably altered by somebody at ABC in an effort to hide what is transparent from the NTSB’s audio. It doesn’t change the gauge showing fuel being fed to an engine that had supposedly died. It doesn’t change the pilot’s shifting that only makes sense if the engine was running, as the audio and gauges indicated was the case.

    To have all that evidence and STILL choose to argue about what I did or didn’t think I saw way back when... is to make this all about me. Which is what the deep state always does. They make it about a person so they can destroy that person and think they’re done with it. If we as a society continue to let that tactic work, then we as a society deserve exactly what we get - and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Unless and until we become an EVIDENCE-BASED people, we are a post-modern wreck, where people decide their own “truth” and nobody can know anything.

  • Flake extends his attacks on Trump and the GOP — all the way back to the dawn of birtherism

    08/15/2017 4:31:55 PM PDT · 194 of 248
    butterdezillion to rx

    After doing Christian apologetics with atheists and agnostics for a while, I was at a social function with a former college friend who is a professor of antiquities at a university. I asked him about the “the New Testament is a myth” theory and he gaped at me as if I had a hole in my head. He said real academics discarded that a long, long time ago because there is simply too much evidence that refutes it - evidence that the Gospels were written much too early to be the result of legends or myths.

    But the arm-chair warriors never got the memo. They were still barking down dead alleys because they were never really interested in the evidence, just in beating down the Bible however they could.

    Not saying all are like that - in fact, there was one who did seem interested in evidence, and several became friends with me and I’ve prayed for them since they say they want to believe but just can’t. But those who have an axe to grind, for whatever reason, are the slowest to come to terms with the evidence. And that fits a lot of Freepers lately. They have no idea how it looks to those with no axe to grind - no idea that their slip is showing.

    One posting here basically keeps saying that he is on a personal vendetta to prove me an idiot. Doesn’t care much about the subject, just wants the world to know that I personally would NEVER have anything of value to give the world. His stated mission is to destroy me - keep anyone from ever believing me. What kind of person is like that? You talk about the politics of personal destruction; this “conservative” poster brags that it’s all he’s about in regards to anything I say. How does a person not see that such a personal vendetta is not only ugly, but contaminates any substance he would contribute (if he ever tries contributing substance, which he doesn’t)?

    But that is the mentality of the deep state. If anybody poses a threat you have to DESTROY them. Every dig you give has to go for the jugular - play on every inner fear they might have, defame credibility at any cost and so stink up the place that any potential defenders give up and leave and it appears that everybody agrees with the psy-op. The mission is to destroy a person who knows too much. That’s what the sock-puppets are for. Wolves running in a pack trying to encircle their prey.

    It’s ugly. It’s non-evidence-based. And it’s right here, right now.

  • Reddit: Viral Charlottseville car crash witness Brennan Gilmore is CIA/State Department asset

    08/15/2017 8:01:27 AM PDT · 132 of 141
    butterdezillion to Bodleian_Girl


    This whole thing reeks. I hope the whole truth is found out and it blows up in the deep state’s ugly arses.

  • Flake extends his attacks on Trump and the GOP — all the way back to the dawn of birtherism

    08/15/2017 7:42:58 AM PDT · 180 of 248
    butterdezillion to Natufian

    The deep state most likely HIRED him to take the video. They were counting on ABC and the NTSB to alter the video as necessary - which they did, but whoever edited didn’t know about the electronic “fishes” that the US military hired Raytheon to develop for communications in the water during military exercises, or about the transport device that (oops) showed up for a couple frames near the plane.

    I don’t have expertise in that kind of stuff either and I missed a lot and misidentified some things as well. ABC was clearly afraid that I would get knowledgeable people to take a look, because they refused permission to show higher-resolution portions of the video clip. (And that was my intention, which is why my video asked people what they saw, and why in radio interviews I said that I needed people with more knowledge to help me out - all of which apparently trashes my credibility with the trolls here even though it USED TO BE the hallmark research style of FR). But we HAVE gotten knowledgeable people - in fact, the very people who use this equipment - and they have identified these things. All you trolls seem to ignore that fact.

  • Flake extends his attacks on Trump and the GOP — all the way back to the dawn of birtherism

    08/15/2017 7:12:56 AM PDT · 179 of 248
    butterdezillion to Natufian

    That I pose no actionable risk. Like I said, it doesn’t matter who talks; what matters is whether there is anybody who will listen.

    But you missed a major point: they weren’t interested in targeting ME; they were interested in targeting my family, to keep me too busy taking care of my family to be able to address the trolls and continue the research. Which they did. At least my husband and daughter were poisoned, with the result of my husband having an IQ that would normally institutionalize a person. And anybody who trivializes the cost of a family dealing with severe lead poisoning is either inhuman or a troll. Which are you?

  • Flake extends his attacks on Trump and the GOP — all the way back to the dawn of birtherism

    08/13/2017 11:24:46 PM PDT · 154 of 248
    butterdezillion to Fantasywriter

    Serious question: How many people had to know about the concentration camps in Nazi territory when Hitler was in power? Why didn’t it matter that any of those people could have spilled the beans?

    The truth is that we have people who have spilled the beans on this story. But if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Who has been willing to report seriously on those who have already spilled the beans on this?

    Talk, talk, talk. Congressional investigation, congressional investigation, congressional investigation. People can talk all they want, Congress can put on their circus-pony shows all they want. Nothing ever comes of it. I don’t buy this whole thing that conspiracies can’t work if there are a lot of people who can talk. What matters is whether there is anybody who will truly LISTEN.

    And with the propaganda arms we’ve got right now, we KNOW that Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS-gate, IG-gate, Extortion 17, etc ad nauseum all required large numbers of people to not be able to get the truth out to the general public. And that has been the case on every one of those conspiracies. It is willful blindness to insist that such a large conspiracy “can’t happen here.” It already HAS happened here. Many times. Right in front of our faces.

    That argument has been debunked many times over. A lot of people aren’t buying it any more. And that probably contributed in large part to why Donald Trump is POTUS right now.

    Which is something that all the conventional-wisdom folks told us would never happen either.

  • Flake extends his attacks on Trump and the GOP — all the way back to the dawn of birtherism

    08/13/2017 11:02:17 PM PDT · 153 of 248
    butterdezillion to Fred Nerks

    Spoken like somebody who has never had a dose of what the deep state in the US would resort to.

    I am DEAD serious.

    DEAD serious.

  • Flake extends his attacks on Trump and the GOP — all the way back to the dawn of birtherism

    08/13/2017 9:14:38 PM PDT · 149 of 248
    butterdezillion to butterdezillion

    I should add that those who knew something was up didn’t necessarily know all the details - whether she would actually die, be injured, by whisked away, or what.

    And very, very few would know where she was whisked away to.

    Once she had a new face and physique it could reach a point where she COULDN’T whistleblow, even if she wanted to, because there would not be a way to prove who she was.

  • Flake extends his attacks on Trump and the GOP — all the way back to the dawn of birtherism

    08/13/2017 9:03:27 PM PDT · 147 of 248
    butterdezillion to Fantasywriter

    The loose ends don’t get tied up if Fuddy is actually dead. Fuddy knows who did what. She knows who needs to be silenced. Without that knowledge, a lot of surprises could show up. It only takes one person going rogue - like Edward Snowden - to screw up the whole thing.

    Everybody on that plane knew there was no engine failure. Everybody in the water knew there were divers and equipment there. It was all planned in advance. In fact, somebody from the island had seen Fuddy that morning in Honolulu as they both awaited the flight to Kalaupapa and told Fuddy she should not take the flight back to Honolulu that afternoon - as if she knew there was an “accident” planned. I suspect that a LOT of people knew what was planned.

    I don’t think that Fuddy would have agreed to a plot to kill her, and I don’t think that the other passengers would agree to take part in a plot to kill her.

    I believe the whole thing was justified by the HI AG as necessary to PRESERVE her life. And it may well be that she offered to be fake-killed, knowing the other option was to be real-killed. To be real-killed would look fishy, whereas everybody would think this dramatic plane crash is too hard to be faked. So being fake-dead would benefit both Fuddy and the regime.

    This way also allowed the family to know she was OK AND allowed their silence to be bought. Not only is there the “carrot” of financial gain, but there is also the “stick” that they could lose their “cover story indemnity” if they ever went back on their part of the agreement - and could end up actually paying for the fraud, perjury, and other crimes committed. That’s a good way to keep people silent - AND keep them from potentially suing if they knew that Fuddy really WAS dead.

    Part of the thing with Montgomery, Petraeus, etc is a pattern that we need to understand: the deep state uses people who either are compromised already or who can be compromised. That’s what the NSA virus/trojan/ breaches/fingerprints are all about. They can plant whatever they have to plant in order to make a potential whistleblower “non-credible”, or to threaten being framed/charged/imprisoned if the potential whistleblower decides to blow the whistle.

    I got a taste of that when “someone” responded to my post about the deep state’s ability to alter written history via altering/planting emails... by suggesting that child porn would be found on my husband’s computer. I was on vacation and desperately calling the church IT people to try to cauterize his computer so that nothing could be planted while we were gone.... That’s what these creeps do. They can make a “guilty” person out of ANYBODY. It’s what they tried to do to Sharyl Attkisson by planting classified records on her computer.

    If a plan can automatically make the participants criminal, it means that they can be kept afraid to come forward. If Fuddy was really dead, her family would NOT have taken part in the hoax AND they would not have to fear coming forward about what happened. So the regime would have to deal with people who actually loved Fuddy and might not watch her be off-ed without giving a peep.

    Remember, early on Louis Fuddy commented that the autopsy was fishy because his sister was not a weak-nerved person. To me that suggested that he - unlike Fuddy’s sister who took part in the hoax - did not know what had really happened. But after that he filed (and won out-of-court so that nobody could know who paid him what) a lawsuit against everybody but the pilot (who is the one who would be criminally liable if Fuddy was actually dead - and who in discovery might have balked at lying in a court of law...), and from then on he played the part the Obama regime wanted him to play...

  • Judge cuts defendant’s testimony short in Bunkerville retrial

    08/11/2017 9:52:47 AM PDT · 11 of 47
    butterdezillion to GoldenPup

    The AZ Central article made it sound like the prosecution is stunned by the judge’s actions because it will mean a mistrial. One of the jurors felt like the witness to a beheading, the article said.

  • Flake extends his attacks on Trump and the GOP — all the way back to the dawn of birtherism

    08/10/2017 12:17:59 PM PDT · 128 of 248
    butterdezillion to 4Zoltan; rx

    Why post photos from early 2013 or 2014?

    I was told there were no records responsive to my request. Given that deck logs for the LaJolla would have been responsive to my request, either my request was blown off, I was lied to, or the records had already been destroyed. Take your pick. Any one of those choices is problematic, and there IS a reason for it.

    As I’ve said before, the retention period for records involving DECEPTION OPERATIONS is only as long as they are needed to get the job done. Records of DECEPTION OPERATIONS are deliberately destroyed before anybody could request them. Most other records are to be retained for 2 years, and my request was within that timeframe.

    But..... apparently that information zoomed over your head just like almost every piece of information I’ve given. Why does that not surprise me?

    Ask rx why he put that image in his post.

    And you’re ignoring the moral issue: Is it wrong for a person to make a living off of the time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears that they put into information gathering? Surely you have also rejected every news reporter, pundit, actor, actress, author, etc that has ever charged a fee for their work.

    What work do YOU do? What do you get paid to do?

    Onaka certifies vital records with whatever seal he has been given by the DOH to use. If the director decided, the registrar could use the OFFICIAL DOH SEAL as has been done in the past. But any time that OFFICIAL DOH SEAL is used it HAS to have the director’s signature. That’s in the statute. This isn’t rocket science.

  • Flake extends his attacks on Trump and the GOP — all the way back to the dawn of birtherism

    08/10/2017 8:33:37 AM PDT · 125 of 248
    butterdezillion to butterdezillion

    Correction: Barack Hussein Obama II. Sheesh, I need spell-check. Or a mind not worried about what all else I should be doing instead of wasting time talking to trolls.

  • Flake extends his attacks on Trump and the GOP — all the way back to the dawn of birtherism

    08/10/2017 8:26:10 AM PDT · 124 of 248
    butterdezillion to butterdezillion

    Correction: Military airspace was reserved (at least 9 hours in advance) from 3-4pm that day. If I understand correctly, military comm’s routinely use reserved frequencies so if military airspace was reserved, there was probably also a frequency reserved for accompanying communications, but we don’t have a record directly saying that.

  • Flake extends his attacks on Trump and the GOP — all the way back to the dawn of birtherism

    08/10/2017 8:06:44 AM PDT · 119 of 248
    butterdezillion to 4Zoltan; Jim Robinson; rx

    You are hopeless. Just give it up already. You posted images of the LaJolla without an SDV attached in 2013 to try to make your point (that if there weren’t SDV’s showing in those photos then there must never be SDV’s attached - a logical fallacy). Sure, in that post you addressed images that rx had posted but you ALSO posted your own images to try to make your fallacious point.

    The Advanced Seal Delivery System was abandoned, but I never referred to ASDS. I referred to a Seal Delivery Vehicle, which has been in use for a long time and still is in use by subs that have been outfitted to house an SDV - including LaJolla. Just as I said.

    One big difference between ASDS and in-use SDV’s is that the ASDS allows the SEALs to be sheltered during transport, which would be necessary in especially cold environments and when the transport time is long. Neither of those was the case here. They knew exactly when this “crash” was going to happen (military communications channels were reserved in advance for this area from 3-4pm; the LaJolla was assigned to this area starting at 2pm IIRC).

    You said, “A real patriot would give the book away for free.” Seems like you’re suggesting that if JimRob was a real patriot we wouldn’t be having Freepathons. Or is it morally wrong for people to be compensated after they put massive amounts of time, money, and their families’ health and well-being on the line to get information that nobody else will get?

    Presidential directives give “cover story indemnity” to those involved in ordered crimes. If Barack Obama ordered this operation (in a directive hidden from the public because of so-called “national security”, then the pilot could fly a perfectly good plane into the ocean and get away with it (as happened). The NTSB, FAA, and US military could lie, destroy records against retention periods, and alter records and get away with it (as happened). Witnesses could lie to federal investigators and get away with it (as happened). The fact that all these people and agencies broke laws fearlessly - and without any legal consequence - tells us EXACTLY WHO ordered this operation. There is only one person who can do that, and his name is Barack Hussein Obama I. The very guy that Loretta Fuddy illegally used her seal to commit election fraud and perjury for.

    There is no statute that describes Onaka’s seal; there is only the statute that describes the OFFICIAL DOH SEAL - the very statute that you cited. But Onaka’s seal does not match that description/definition, as I’ve said - what, 3 times in just the past day? The seal that Onaka uses is not 2 1/4” in diameter and it has a dot instead of a star separating the upper and lower banks of words. It CANNOT be the official DOH seal. And it also can’t be the official DOH seal because when the DOH seal is used to verify documents (the only purpose authorized for the official embossed DOH seal) it is to be CLOSE TO THE DIRECTOR’S SIGNATURE. That is all in the very statute you cited. Apparently your reading comprehension is poor.

    I will post the whole thing here so everybody can see the whole thing. Note that a) and b) refer to the OFFICIAL SEAL, which is the embossed seal. c) refers only to the SEAL, which is the image itself. Also note the use of the word “shall” - “SHALL be embossed near the signature of the director of health to verify...”. In legal terms “shall” is MANDATORY. If it was not an absolute must, the word used would be “may”. The legal synonym for “shall” is “must”. Note that what is at the director’s discretion is WHICH DOCUMENTS will be verified by the official seal. At some point in the past vital records were excluded from those verified by the OFFICIAL SEAL and are instead verified by the seal of the registrar - the official custodian of the records. The official seal stopped being used on certified vital records when the director’s signature stopped being used on the certifications along with the registrar’s signature. This statute makes it clear why that is: because it is mandatory for the official embossed seal to be next to the director’s signature.

    This is found at

    §11-1-2 Seal of the department of health.
    a) The official seal of the department of health
    shall be circular in shape, two and one-fourth inches
    in diameter. At the curve on the top portion there
    shall be the words “DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH” and at the
    curve on the bottom portion there shall be the words
    “STATE OF HAWAII.” At the curve on each side portion
    shall be a star. In the center of the seal shall be
    the Caduceus, a winged rod entwined with two serpents,
    which has long been recognized as a universal symbol
    of medicine. The Caduceus shall be encircled by an
    indentation, which shall separate it from the words
    illustrative purposes, a black and white drawing of
    the official seal is attached at the end of this
    section as Exhibit “A,” titled “Seal of the Department
    of Health,” and dated November 1, 1988, and made a
    part of this section.

    (b) The official seal of the department of
    health shall be embossed near the signature of the
    director of health to verify commissions of
    appointment of deputy directors and notaries public,
    certificates, and other formal official documents on
    which the official seal has been customarily used or
    is appropriate to be used, as the director of health
    may determine on a case-by-case basis.

    (c) The seal of the department of health may
    also be reproduced, in either an enlarged or a reduced
    size, on official stationery, reports, certificates,
    equipment, supplies, uniform insignia, and other
    objects and items to be used or produced by the
    department of health, but the reproduction and use of
    the seal shall always be subject to the exclusive
    control of the director of health.
    [Eff 2/14/2005 ] (Auth: HRS §§321-9, 91-2) (Imp:
    HRS §§321-9, 91-2)

  • Flake extends his attacks on Trump and the GOP — all the way back to the dawn of birtherism

    08/09/2017 10:06:27 PM PDT · 116 of 248
    butterdezillion to 4Zoltan; Fantasywriter

    One witness has admitted that the ground there was “squishy”. That blows your whole theory to bits. You won’t even acknowledge that.

    The same witness also admitted that one of the people seen near the plane very early in the video is none of the people on the plane’s manifest. Again, that blows all your protests to bits but you as yet won’t even acknowledge that information. If anybody else is watching at this point, can you see why I say it’s pointless even talking to these trolls?

    The official seal is defined as 2 1/4” and embossed. It CANNOT be changed in size. Reproductions of its image can be made to put on stationery, forms, etc, but the OFFICIAL SEAL is defined in the statute as 2 1/4” in diameter and embossed near the director’s signature.

    What Onaka uses does not have a star between the upper and lower banks of words, as the statute defines the OFFICIAL DOH SEAL as having. It has a dot. It is also not 2 1/4” as the statute defines the OFFICIAL DOH SEAL as being.

    You are talking out of your behind - once again citing the statutes as if they support what you’re saying when in fact they disprove what you’re saying. Same M.O. EVERY TIME. Do you never get sick of this stupid game?

    Never showed a picture of anything? There you go revising history again. You posted images of the LaJolla without an SDV and acted as if that was some great proof. Your “reasoning” is that if it didn’t have an SDV in those public images then it must never have an SDV for covert operations and we must have been liars for saying that the LaJolla is equipped with a bay for a Seal Delivery Vehicle (as the Navy says directly on one of their images).

    Just give it up. Everybody can see what you are doing. You are way out of your league.

    The LaJolla is equipped with a bay for a Seal Delivery Vehicle and was ordered into the area north of Molokai right before this planned water ditching. We found that out after the Navy had altered our requests, changed their wording and wouldn’t clarify whether their wording matched the meaning we had used in our request, outright lied, and ultimately given us a record with the “ZULU” notation removed (without showing it as redacted) in order to try to make it show the exact opposite of what it actually showed.

    One of the witnesses has acknowledged at least one person in Puentes’ video being near the plane very early after the ditching who was not on the manifest. That doesn’t happen unless the event was planned in advance.

    A witness from the salvage company has said the engine was cut from the rest of the plane with a machine, and the photos the NTSB originally showed to the above witness clearly showed dozens of mismatched cuts - cuts which were blurred in the NTSB’s final report, after we notified them of this evidence. Instead of investigating - including getting subpoenas and charging the salvor, pilot, etc with obstruction of justice and other crimes - they stuck with their story and simply tried to fudge the images so nobody would notice. A lotta laws broken - grounds for a lot of criminal prosecutions - and yet nobody was at all concerned about that, and nothing (as of yet) has happened to them. Sounds an awful lot like “cover story indemnity” to me... It happened in the NTSB, the FAA, the Navy, the Coast Guard, Maui County Police Dept... Who could offer cover story indemnity for all those entities? Only Barack Hussein Obama, in a presidential directive kept confidential for “national security” purposes. (spit)

    In the video it is easy to see that the ditching was not 1/2 mile off shore. The Radar-Associated Sector Three audio shows that the Molokai tower had (radar?) visuals on where the landing was - 300 yards from the end of Runway 5. Why did they say that this happened 1/2 mile out? Because that put it within the exclusive jurisdiction of the FBI, who was headed at that time by....... drum roll..... James Comey. The same guy who took Dennis Montgomery’s evidence of Brennan and Clapper’s criminal spying and database altering, and BURIED IT. The guy is up to his skull in crimes to cover the illegal, criminal a$$ of Obama and his owners. This story is tied to all the criminal deep-state players.... only this time, it all points directly to Barack Hussein Obama, the only person who could offer cover-story indemnity to people within all those separate federal, military, state, and local agencies.

    Fantasywriter, I think if you see what was truly going on here, who it involves, and what it is evidence of, you will understand why this was such a big deal to the people who have power to order criminal activities like killing or maiming people (with cover story indemnity) and deleting emails at the server level. These people claim their powers are for “national security” but this story blows that all out of the water (no pun intended). They use those powers to achieve their own criminal purposes and to make sure that those who shine a light on their criminal purposes and activities end up dead or as good as dead.

    People, this is not some - tee hee - crazy conspiracy. This is reality biting us in the butt. Wake up before it’s too late, if it’s not already too late. The deep state is a RICO organization, using all the powers of the federal government to commit crimes against the US Constitution and her people.

  • Flake extends his attacks on Trump and the GOP — all the way back to the dawn of birtherism

    08/09/2017 12:43:12 PM PDT · 106 of 248
    butterdezillion to Fantasywriter

    We can disagree over what was seen in the images. The clearer NTSB footage helps clear up some things and illuminates some other problematic things. Apparently Fuddy’s pants did bubble up as her legs churned. I haven’t had the time to look more closely to see if there is context that explains other things that I saw in the images so I can’t say for sure. The video was heavily edited so “context” is a relative term.

    The audio evidence of no engine failure, the confirmation of military equipment on the wing and in the water (all of which had to be put there by SOMEBODY within minutes of the ditching), the proofs of the engine being changed out, etc... is all confirmed by people with much better experience, knowledge, and credentials than I have. I aimed to pass the baton to more capable hands and the Lord provided exactly what was needed so that could happen. In this context, my mistakes or confusion over what was in the video are irrelevant.

    One of the “victims” (the same one who said the ground was “squishy” there) has acknowledged that one of the people right next to the plane in the video was not one of the people publicly known to have been on the plane. So even one of the witnesses there that day has acknowledged that there were extra people in the water while everybody was still next to the plane.

    His comment was that we better have a good lawyer if we wanted to make anything of it. Strongly suggesting that very high-powered lawyers would be brought on to take us to the mat if we did anything actionable. Now who would have high-powered lawyers at their disposal, and why would they want to take us to the mat for simply affirming the acknowledged truth that there were extra people on-site IMMEDIATELY, before any rescuers arrived?

    And why would those witnesses stand by and watch those who have noticed the truth be defamed and libeled, without correcting the record?

    The life jacket you saw that had Fuddy floating dead in it - was it the fully-inflated adult life jacket that she had on in the video, or was it the partially-inflated infant jacket that the USCG pulled out of the water with “Fuddy” in it?

    Thank you for believing my honesty and my Christianity. There can be honest disagreement over some things without assaulting the character of the other, but that certainly doesn’t serve the purposes of the Alinsky crowd.

    The truth about HG will eventually be known. The roles of other freepers will also eventually be known.

  • Flake extends his attacks on Trump and the GOP — all the way back to the dawn of birtherism

    08/09/2017 11:34:47 AM PDT · 102 of 248
    butterdezillion to humblegunner; 4Zoltan; Fantasywriter

    “Fabricated” means altering evidence. I have NEVER, EVER altered evidence. Unlike the NTSB.

    I have made mistakes in analysis, such as not realizing that Word uses rectangular grid lines instead of square gridlines, and when I was shown that I explained what I realized I had done wrong, retracted what I said and apologized. Unlike the NTSB or a whole multitude of posters here.

    There were divers in the water. Absolutely no doubt of that. The fact that the plane’s engine was swapped out is without question, given the dozens of mismatched cuts on the engine that was pulled out of the water, the examined engine showing damage from an intense fire that was impossible in this situation, and the plane having recessed screws but the gear that was brought up having protruding screws. Jerome Corsi says that somebody from the salvage company said the engine was cut apart with a machine.

    So it is YOU who are screwing up here.

    But anybody watching, notice the same tactic used by HG here as was used by 4zoltan. Both post “evidence” that supposedly proves what a wrong idiot I am, when in reality the things that they mention prove my point.

    They count on me not being able to correct the record every time they do it, which might also account for why I was not pinged during the discussion about my supposed “nuttiness”. Gang up in teams and chat together about how crazy somebody is, mentioning stuff you claim is “evidence” of the craziness, and count on most people not knowing that the “evidence” cited means the exact opposite of what the disinformation ministers claim.

    People, see how Alinsky is alive and well, and how it covers itself in supposed “conservative” sheep’s clothing in places like FR. This stuff needs to be exposed. It is killing this country. People, ask yourself how we got here and then behold what is in front of your eyes.

    Fantasywriter, the whole issue is character defamation so that everybody will be afraid to address real evidence because it might end up supporting some “nutty conspiracy theory”. This is also why HG is on a rampage against any news sources/analysis besides the government-approved propaganda that calls itself the “mainstream media”.

    What Sharyl Attkisson’s first-hand source said about presidential directives ordering crimes and “cover story indemnity” for the perps means that the whole system is set to defame truth-seekers. That is the purpose. The US military has disinformation black ops; they acknowledge that. Do you think for a moment that “disinformation ops” cause no damage to the reputations and/or livelihoods of those who seek the truth? The federal government is a RICO organization tasked with defamation and libel of truth-seekers, if it’s not possible for them to obfuscate and sandbag them to death first.

    Until people like the FR folks realize how this game works, America will keep losing. Real evidence will go nowhere because of the psy-ops doo-doo going on right here and elsewhere. Yes, Congress is lily-livered, but their excuse for it is right here on FR. So-called “conservatives” no longer have an evidence-based approach to life. Instead, it’s all about which evidence will be acceptable to their social image. In that setting, truth dies. And where truth dies, everything that is good and right dies too.

    Please, people, just think about it. This game is far messier than most of the ridiculing “cool kids” will ever acknowledge - you know, the ones who sit on the sideline and ridicule or nitpick over the people down in the mud wrestling it out for this nation’s survival.