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  • It is the Decision of the Holy Spirit and Us – A Reflection on the Catholicity of the Early Church

    05/24/2017 8:19:52 PM PDT · 178 of 179
    aMorePerfectUnion to imardmd1

    “or do you just intend to move ahead with a closed mind rather than keep your mind open and search the Scriptures to see if it be so?

    I think you described the extreme majority pretty well.

  • 'Bible Answer Man' Hank Hanegraaff Cancer Update: I Have Tumors Throughout My Entire Body

    05/24/2017 8:13:58 PM PDT · 25 of 25
    aMorePerfectUnion to StormPrepper

    “when in truth he bought a mail-order “Ph.D.” from an unaccredited mail-order diploma mill.”

    Joseph Smith had a degree, since being a con never requires a degree. Treasure hunters? Not required. Religious fraud? Nope. Horn dog? Never.

    “Even though Martin claims not to have received this “Ph.D” until 1977, he repeatedly, fraudulently, referred to himself as “Dr.” Walter Martin on a number of documented occasions.

    That’s nothing, people in the cult call Joseph Smith a prophet.

  • It is the Decision of the Holy Spirit and Us – A Reflection on the Catholicity of the Early Church

    05/24/2017 8:07:01 PM PDT · 176 of 179
    aMorePerfectUnion to raygunfan

    “no one is saying you cant discuss, i merely pointed out that as soon as history is recounted, and straight forward history of the early church’s catholicity, itz only a matter of time before protestants chime in with the usual hermeneutical nonsense “

    Catholic Dude: “Herman who??”

  • It is the Decision of the Holy Spirit and Us – A Reflection on the Catholicity of the Early Church

    05/22/2017 6:56:52 PM PDT · 44 of 179
    aMorePerfectUnion to Salvation; daniel1212

    “It’s in the Bible”

    Nah. I know you were taught this, Salvation, but it’s a tale made up later.

    Even the Orthodox Churches don’t believe that tale - never have and never will.

    There’s no pope as a NT church office in any list of offices in Scripture.

    Daniel1212 does a very good job on Acts 15 just a few posts before this showing Peter was not the leader.

    Best to you.

  • It is the Decision of the Holy Spirit and Us – A Reflection on the Catholicity of the Early Church

    05/22/2017 6:39:46 PM PDT · 42 of 179
    aMorePerfectUnion to Salvation

    “Peter was the First Pope. Or this that not in your history book?”

    Not even in Scripture.

    Nor has the chain been unbroken.

  • Brothers and Sisters?

    05/22/2017 3:07:23 PM PDT · 1,073 of 1,073
    aMorePerfectUnion to editor-surveyor

    The Way International denied the deity of Christ and the Trinity.

    Since False Levite Rood was in that cult as a leader for 20 or more years - and I’m assuming you met him there - do you both still deny the deity of Christ and the Trinity??

    Or would you rather avoid outing yourself here??

  • Brothers and Sisters?

    05/22/2017 2:57:50 PM PDT · 1,071 of 1,073
    aMorePerfectUnion to editor-surveyor

    “He who deliberately lies to cause strife is the son of the adversary.

    You do that her in your posts all the time.

    Rood has made a career out of this - starting with his +20 years in The Way cult and now as a fake levite.

    Do you and Michael still deny the deity of Christ and the Trinity???

  • Brothers and Sisters?

    05/22/2017 2:55:05 PM PDT · 1,070 of 1,073
    aMorePerfectUnion to Mark17

    “I would classify many of the false beliefs and sacraments, as false “lights” the Catholic Church must have, to show any semblance of attractiveness to their adherents.”

    I’ve been told here that the had to have those things so that illiterate pagans would feel comfortable.

    In the end though, it was pagans who reshaped the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Brothers and Sisters?

    05/22/2017 2:34:51 PM PDT · 1,065 of 1,073
    aMorePerfectUnion to ealgeone

    “. If I’m reading the info correctly, to earn his divinity degree he didn’t have to take any Greek/Hebrew as required classes...they were electives.

    You are probably spot on.

    I reviewed 3 prominent seminary curriculum requirement and all were extremely thin on Bible and languages - almost an afterthought.

    All the pagan stuff was taught though.

  • Brothers and Sisters?

    05/22/2017 2:24:00 PM PDT · 1,063 of 1,073
    aMorePerfectUnion to Flaming Conservative

    “You’re going to believe what the Catholic church teaches, whether it is Scriptural or not


  • Brothers and Sisters?

    05/22/2017 2:18:12 PM PDT · 1,061 of 1,073
    aMorePerfectUnion to Mark17

    Right on - right on bro’

  • Brothers and Sisters?

    05/22/2017 1:55:02 PM PDT · 1,058 of 1,073
    aMorePerfectUnion to af_vet_1981
    Both women gave birth to the Messiah, yet you call one the nation of Israel and are unable or unwilling to interpret the second passage similarly. I don't think context is a cloak for dealing with the problem your interpretation presents. I did not even bring up the interpretation of Joseph's dream yet.

    af, unless you read the chapters proceeding "the woman" verse you quoted, you will not understand that the war is being waged on Israel. I can't do it for you FRamigo.

  • Brothers and Sisters?

    05/22/2017 1:52:40 PM PDT · 1,056 of 1,073
    aMorePerfectUnion to Mrs. Don-o
  • Brothers and Sisters?

    05/22/2017 1:47:42 PM PDT · 1,055 of 1,073
    aMorePerfectUnion to Mrs. Don-o
    Luke 1:28 reads, "And entering, the angel said to her, Hail, one having received grace! The Lord is with you. You are blessed among women!"

    -literal translation of the TEXTUS RECEPTUS Greek in SOURCE: THE INTERLINEAR BIBLE, Jay P. Green, Sr.; Sovereign Grace Publishers, ISBN: 1-878442-81-3).

    "And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women."

    - Luke 1:28 King James Bible version

    The term "FULL OF GRACE," is not a Biblical term concerning Mary.

    The original Greek NEVER says Mary was "FULL" of grace; rather, it says that Mary received grace from God.

    Instead of spending your time trying to spin the term into something the text doesn't say, you'd be better off just admitting the roman denomination teaches this and you must believe it.

  • Brothers and Sisters?

    05/22/2017 1:34:19 PM PDT · 1,045 of 1,073
    aMorePerfectUnion to af_vet_1981
    If, as you assert, the woman in Revelation who gave birth to Messiah is not the Virgin Mary, but rather the nation of Israel, then how do you reconcile this woman in Galatians being the nation of Israel ?

    Context defines who this is - not just the use of the same word. This is the problem with using a see and say method of word only and also with proof-texting with a single verse that appears to confirm what you believe.

  • Brothers and Sisters?

    05/22/2017 1:31:02 PM PDT · 1,043 of 1,073
    aMorePerfectUnion to ealgeone; Mrs. Don-o
    eagleone, Mrs. Don-o is not defending Scripture - she cannot in many of these issues where Scripture is silent.

    She is defending the roman denomination's belief in these non-scriptural doctrines.

    As such, she's doing her best to spin straw into gold to justify what she is required to believe.

    Of course, none of these attempts are actually evidence.

  • Brothers and Sisters?

    05/22/2017 1:07:54 PM PDT · 1,035 of 1,073
    aMorePerfectUnion to editor-surveyor
    Take your satanic garbage elsewhere!

    Do you and the false teacher still deny the Trinity and the deity of Christ??

  • Brothers and Sisters?

    05/22/2017 1:00:12 PM PDT · 1,030 of 1,073
    aMorePerfectUnion to Mrs. Don-o
    "she was gifted with a sinless human nature" Wishegesis!
  • Brothers and Sisters?

    05/22/2017 12:05:44 PM PDT · 1,011 of 1,073
    aMorePerfectUnion to Mrs. Don-o

    ” “Hail, you (fem) who have already been (passive) filled (perfect) with grace.”

    Ah, wishegesis strikes again.

    Please refer to my plenteous posts to you upthread about the meaning of the Greek words.

  • Brothers and Sisters?

    05/22/2017 12:03:56 PM PDT · 1,010 of 1,073
    aMorePerfectUnion to Mrs. Don-o
    "Here's a research project: find me the first Christian theologian who dissented from this and labeled Mary a sinner. I bet you a pound cake and a quart of strawberries you can't find any before the 16th century."

    I'll take that bet, but I insist on organic 🍓!


    “In contrast to the later belief in her moral and spiritual perfection, none of these theologians had the least scruple about attributing faults to her. Irenaeus and Tertullian recalled occasions on which, as they read the gospel stories, she had earned her Son’s rebuke, and Origen insisted that, like all human beings, she needed redemption from her sins; in particular, he interpreted Simeon’s prophecy (Luke 2, 35) that a sword would pierce her soul as confirming that she had been invaded with doubts when she saw her Son crucified” (J. N. D. Kelly, Early Christian Doctrines, [HarperOne, 1978], p. 493).

    Concerning Origen’s comments Kelly cites his work Homilies on Luke, 17. Romanist scholar Ludwig Ott gave an important admission stating, “individual Greek Fathers (Origen, St. Basil, St. John Chrysostom, St. Cyril of Alexandria) taught that Mary suffered from venial personal faults, such as ambition and vanity, doubt about the message of the Angel, and lack of faith under the Cross” (Ludwig Ott, Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, [Tan Books and Publishers, 1960], p. 203).

    Moreover, church historian Philip Schaff relayed that Irenaeus “was still widely removed from the notion of the sinlessness of Mary, and expressly declares the answer of Christ in John ii. 4, to be a reproof of her premature haste” (Philip Schaff, History of the Christian Church, vol. 3, [Hendrickson, 2011], p. 415). He also remarked, “In the same way Tertullian, Origen, Basil the Great, and even Chrysostom, with all their high esteem of the mother of our Lord, ascribe to her on one or two occasions (John ii. 3; Matt. Xiii. 47) maternal vanity, also doubt and anxiety, and make this the sword (Luke ii. 35) which, under the cross, passed through her soul” (Philip Schaff, History of the Christian Church, vol. 3, [Hendrickson, 2011], pp. 415-416).

    Roman Catholic patristic scholar Luigi Gambero concedes that John Chrysostom “does not hesitate to attribute defects and imperfections to Mary . . . he interprets certain Gospel passages in such a way as to attribute defects to the virgin Mary such as unbelief or vanity” (Luigi Gambero, Mary and the Fathers of the Church: The Blessed Virgin Mary in Patristic Thought, [Ignatius Press, 1999], p. 172). These are sins and all sin is incompatible with the doctrine of Mary’s Immaculate Conception. Gambero also admits Basil of Caesarea “considers himself justified in affirming that the Virgin’s holiness was not totally without shadow. He refers to the doubt that she suffered at the moment of her Son’s Passion, which Simeon had foretold, using the metaphor of the sword” (Luigi Gambero, Mary and the Fathers of the Church: The Blessed Virgin Mary in Patristic Thought, [Ignatius Press, 1999], p. 148).

    It is germane to highlight here Philip Schaff’s remark that “Jerome taught the universal sinfulness without any exception, Adv. Pelag. ii, 4” (Philip Schaff, History of the Christian Church, vol. 3, [Hendrickson, 2011], p. 418 n. 2).

    Cyril of Alexandria (A. D. 376 – 444) also taught that Mary sinned in severe ways thereby holding to a position in opposition to an immaculate conception:

    “For, doubtless, some such train of thought as this passed through her mind: ‘I conceived Him That is mocked upon the Cross. He said, indeed, that He was the true Son of Almighty God, but it may be that He was deceived; He may have erred when He said: I am the Life. How did His crucifixion come to pass? and how was He entangled in the snares of His murderers? How was it that He did not prevail over the conspiracy of His persecutors against Him? And why does He not come down from the Cross, though He bade Lazarus return to life, and struck all Judaea with amazement by His miracles?" The woman, as is likely, not exactly understanding the mystery, wandered astray into some such train of thought” (Cyril of Alexandria, Commentary on John, Book 12).