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  • I Will Be Allowing, As President, The Long Blocked And Classified JFK FILES To Be Opened.

    10/21/2017 8:06:04 AM PDT · 71 of 84
    aMorePerfectUnion to Enlightened1

    The question is does Ted Cruz’s father play a significant role in this ...???

  • Steve Bannon warns California might secede from the US

    10/21/2017 7:59:13 AM PDT · 11 of 79
    aMorePerfectUnion to smileyface

    Never settled judicially in the US.

  • When will the Frederica Wilson-Soldier story die down?

    10/20/2017 7:11:30 PM PDT · 36 of 69
    aMorePerfectUnion to GuavaCheesePuff

    The media doesn’t know He country has moved on.

    As they overplay their hand, it strengthens Trump and reinforces his message of the biased media.

    No worries. They are marginalizing themselves.

  • There’s talk of capping 401(k) contributions at $2,400 per year

    10/20/2017 12:29:56 PM PDT · 14 of 25
    aMorePerfectUnion to rb22982

    “but 90%+ of people have a lower rate in retirement than their highest marginal rate while they are working.”

    Really, the most important failure of IRAs... the presumption and preparation is that you will be poorer in the future.

    From there, it goes downhill.

  • How do I find out why a post was pulled? Who do I contact?

    10/19/2017 6:44:10 PM PDT · 42 of 82
    aMorePerfectUnion to naturalman1975

    “It was a news article about some pig shooters shooting a crocodile that got too close to them taking from what I consider a fairly major newspaper.

    No doubt, they objected to crocodile hunters using bump stocks to turn guns into vicious assault weapons.

    You merchant of death you! You crocodile hater!

  • St. Paul Was Not Ashamed of the Gospel — Are We?

    10/19/2017 6:36:42 PM PDT · 170 of 178
    aMorePerfectUnion to af_vet_1981

    “The cults that go door to door make the same claim

    If that is your reason to ignore the truth of Scripture, your choice. I value and love God and His inspired Word.

    “I’ve never known a Baptist that would mask his affiliation.”

    Since I didn’t say I was a baptist, it seems an odd statement.

  • St. Paul Was Not Ashamed of the Gospel — Are We?

    10/19/2017 6:21:58 PM PDT · 166 of 178
    aMorePerfectUnion to af_vet_1981

    “Which denomination’s, sect’s, or faith community’s views are you presenting (Protestant, Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Other) ?

    My home page identifies my church.

  • St. Paul Was Not Ashamed of the Gospel — Are We?

    10/19/2017 6:20:54 PM PDT · 163 of 178
    aMorePerfectUnion to af_vet_1981

    “Catholics do not believe Mary is a deity. It was you who posted that she is and attributed it to Catholics.“

    In practice, Catholic teaching makes dear Mary into a demigoddess- no sin, god powers, higher than ordinary people, spouse of God, etc.

    None true.

  • St. Paul Was Not Ashamed of the Gospel — Are We?

    10/19/2017 5:21:05 PM PDT · 157 of 178
    aMorePerfectUnion to Mrs. Don-o; EagleOne
    The Scriptures aren’t from God. Thanks to their Divine Author, their historical chain of transmission is through His Church. That makes Scripture a part of Tradition:

    God makes the sun rise.
    The rooster crows.
    Yet the wise rooster only announces what God has done,
    knowing his purpose isn’t to supplant God.

    God purposed in eternity past:

    • To create man and woman and bless their union
    • To restore man after the Fall by the sacrifice of the Promised Messiah
    • Create a Jewish nation for His own and make unconditional promises to them
    • To bring forth Messiah from that Jewish nation
    • To bring forth all Scripture through Jews
    • To bless every tribe and young and people and nation through Messiah
    • To pay the price for the sin of mankind through the death of Messiah
    • To inspire, record, and preserve His holy Scripture through 5,000 years
    • To give eternal life to all who turn to Him alone for the payment of their sin - and this apart from merit and by His Glorious Grace

    The Roman Rooster is a different creature.

    The Roman Rooster crows & crows!

    • He crows that he is responsible for everything, stealing God’s glory
    • He crows about his chicken coup, instead of God himself
    • He changes the sufficiency and totality of Christ’s payment for sin into a system of earned merits and purchased indulgences
    • He claims he now owns all God’s promises to Abraham and his descendants
    • He crows of the glory of Mary, instead of the glory of Messiah and God the Father Who sent Him to redeem mankind
    • He claims he is the Greatest Rooster and superior to every other Rooster that God Raised up to His glory
    • He claims credit for God’s inspired Words in every way
    • He crows to roosters who are departed, instead of to the God who commands us to “come boldly into His presence.”
    In short, the Roman Rooster has crowed the opposite of all God has decreed and exalted himself pridefully to steal the glory of God.

    And why? It is all written in the scrolls God gave him to read. Yet he claims credit for these while missing their message.

    Yet he prefers to crow about traditions of pagan roosters and create idols and wear vestments that glorify himself and his earthly chicken coop as the greatest Coup - The Original Coup.

  • St. Paul Was Not Ashamed of the Gospel — Are We?

    10/19/2017 4:57:46 PM PDT · 156 of 178
    aMorePerfectUnion to Mrs. Don-o

    Paul never gives a blank check, as your post rationalizes.

    Further, your post is back to stealing God’s glory by claiming earthly credit for what He sovereignty did.

    And your post does this to try to justify the falsehood of traditions equal to God’s Word this n truth and Authority.

    It is bad to steal and doubly bad to steal the glory of God.

    I suspect the Legend of the Glorious Roman Rooster hasn’t been learned yet...

    Where is that Roman Rooster? I had him around here somewhere!

  • Top 5 Best Bear Defense Guns for your Money

    10/19/2017 9:32:11 AM PDT · 27 of 69
    aMorePerfectUnion to w1n1
    I'd carry while in bear country as a last line of defense,
    but I'd pack the most powerful defense to keep my perimeter safe and buy me time:

    Karelian Bear Dog...

  • George W. Bush comes out of retirement to throw shade at Trump as he denounces (tr)

    10/19/2017 9:27:36 AM PDT · 34 of 186
    aMorePerfectUnion to be-baw

    Hey W, you are the establishment that sold out America on so many fronts.

  • St. Paul Was Not Ashamed of the Gospel — Are We?

    10/19/2017 8:32:51 AM PDT · 151 of 178
    aMorePerfectUnion to aMorePerfectUnion
  • St. Paul Was Not Ashamed of the Gospel — Are We?

    10/19/2017 8:31:12 AM PDT · 150 of 178
    aMorePerfectUnion to ealgeone
    It has been demonstrated that many of Rome's most cherished beliefs are not found in the NT nor in the early years after the Apostles died.

    As an example... How Greek gods were in charge of different areas, later adopted by Rome when they conquered Greece and then codified into Church teaching, but "gods" eliminated and saints substituted.

    Which god saint will you pray to today? Depends on the favor you need!


    APHRODITE The goddess of love, marriage and procreation. She had shrines throughout Grreece, the most famous of which were those of Cythera, Corinth and Cyprus.

    APOLLO The god of music and prophecy. His chief shrines were the island of Delos and the Oracles of Delphi and Dindyma.

    ARES The god of war. Worshipped primarily in times of war, he also reputedly had important cults in Aetolia and Thesprotia in north-western Greece.

    ARTEMIS The goddess of the wilds, maidens and childbirth. Her main cult centre was perhaps Calydon in Aetolia, although she was honoured by huntsmen, girls and women throughout Greece. Artemis was also identified with the many-breasted Ephesian goddess of Asia Minor.

    ATHENA The goddess of war and the crafts. Most of the ancient acropoli or city-fortresses possessed a shrine dedicated to the goddess as protector of the city. She was also worshipped by craftsmen of all sorts. Her most celebrated cult was at Athens.

    DEMETER The goddess of agriculture. She was worshipped in Mysteries throughout the Greek world, the most famous of which were those of Eleusis. Harvest- and fertility-festivals were also celebrated in her honour.

    DIONYSUS The god of wine. He had shrines throughout Greece and was celebrated with the grape-harvest and opening of the new wine. His orgiastic Mystery cult was also widely celebrated, and plays were written and performed in his honour. His most famous cult centres were Thebes and neighbouring Mount Cithaeron in Boeotia, and the island of Naxos.

    HEPHAESTUS The god of smiths, craftsmen and artisans. He was honoured by craftsmen throughout Greece and had many local festivals, but few large temples or shrines. His most important cult centre was the island of Lemnos, where he was represented as the national god.

    HERA The goddess of marriage and queen of the gods. She was the woman's goddess, worshipped throughout Greece. Her main cult centres were those of Argos and the island of Samos. At Olympia she was honoured beside Zeus.

    HERMES The god of shepherds, trade and athletics. He was widely worshipped in agora (marketplaces) throughout Greece, and in the Peloponnese by shepherds in the countryside. Fertility statues dedicated to the god called hermae were also erected along the roads. His main cult centre was on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia.

    HESTIA The goddess of hearth and home. She was a domestic goddess worshipped at the fireplace. Unlike the other Olympian gods she possessed no great temples, festivals or cult centres, and was rarely representedi n Greek art.

    POSEIDON The god of the sea, rivers and horses. His most important cult centre was near Corinth on the Isthmus where the Isthmian games were celebrated in his honour.

    ZEUS The king of the gods, and the god of rain, rulership and civilisation in general. He was widely worshipped throughout Greece with numerous hill-top shrines where he was invoked as the rain-god. His main cult centres were Olympia and Nemea where Games were celebrated in his honour, and the Oracle of Dodona in the North.


    ASCLEPIUS The god of medicine and patron of the ancient guild of doctors. His main cult centre was at Epidaurus in the Peloponnese.

    CHARITES Goddesses of the graces. Their were widely worshipped in the Boeotian town of Orchomenus and on the island of Cos.

    DIOSCURI Twin gods of horsmen, gymnasia and the Games, as well as protectors of sailors. Their cult was centred in the region of Sparta.

    EILEITHYIA The goddess of childbirth. She was widely worshipped throughout Greece, with her chief cult centre at Amnisus in Crete.

    EROS The god of love. He had dedicated cults in the small towns of Thespiae and Parion on the Hellespont.

    HADES The god of the dead. He was usually only honoured at funerals, and indirectly in the Mystery cults. His most important dedicated shrine was the Oracle of the Dead in Thesprotia.

    HECATE The goddess of magic and the ghosts of the dead. She was one of the major goddesses of the Eleusinian mysteries, and also possessed small household shrines protecting the entranceways.

    HELIUS The god of the sun. His major cult centre was the island of Rhodes, famous for its colossal statue of the god.

    HERACLES The great hero of the Greeks. His cult was widespread in ancient Greece, one of the most important of which was the site of his apotheosis on Mount Oeta in northern Greece.

    LETO The goddess of motherhood. She was widely worshipped in conjunction with her children Apollo and Artemis.

    MUSES The goddesses of music and the arts. Their main cult centres were located on Mount Helicon in Boeotia and Mount Pierus in Macedonia.

    PAN The god of shepherds. He possessed numerous shrines in the Arcadian mountains, the most important of which was by Mount Lycaeus.

    POTAMI The river-gods. Individual local rivers were worshipped throughout Greece and her colonies.

    RHEA CYBELE The mother of the gods. The main culs of the Greek goddess Rhea was near the Cretan town of Gortyn. She was identified with the Phrygian goddess Cybele whose cult was introduced into Greece from the Near East.

    TYCHE The goddess of fortune. She was popular goddess in the Greek colonies of Asia Minor where she was worshipped as the patron goddess of a city's good fortune. In art she was often depicted with the accroutements of a city : a turreted crown representing the town walls, a rudder for trade, and a cornucopia for economic prosperity.


    MINOR GODS - Many other gods and nymphs also possessed small shrines and minor festivals. However the scarce amount of information available on these is not sufficent to warrrant a dedicated cult page. These include figures such as Aristaeus, Themis, the Cabeiri, the Horae, the Anemi, the Nereids, etc. Even minor gods, which at first glance one might not expect to see in Greek religion, such as Iris the Rainbow, the hundred-handed Hecatoncheires, and the centaur Chiron, possessed small localised cults. Many others were worshipped only in conjunction with major deities, such as Peitho, the attendant of Aphrodite, and the various Eleusinian demi-gods in the retinue of Demeter.

    HEROES - Many of the heroes of myth also possessed hero-shrines and cult in different parts of Greece.

    In modern-day Roman Catholicism, Mary is the highest of these demigods. Below God the Father, but hey, his spouse! She has the most pull.

  • St. Paul Was Not Ashamed of the Gospel — Are We?

    10/19/2017 7:46:13 AM PDT · 145 of 178
    aMorePerfectUnion to Mrs. Don-o

    “I don’t know what sort of evidence you could possibly demand, beyond what the Church has historically believed and practiced. ”

    Except the Church didn’t come to believe half of what Rome teaches until hundreds of years after the Apostles walked and talked.

    You can search the inspired Scriptures in vain for God’s teachings On those topics and find zip.

    You can search for legitimate evidence produced during the lives of the Apostles and find zip.

    A hundred, two hundred, and especially three hundred years later, these pagan practices appear, are justified by Rome, and are then declared as Apostolic traditions.

    No. Totally false claims mad of pagan cloth.

    Never-the-less, your posts defend it all and come up with creative rationalizations to attempt to justify these things.

    In the end, there is no actual list of traditions, or you’d have produced it.

  • Uranus up close: Giant ice planet set to be its closest to Earth tonight and will be visible [tr]

    10/19/2017 7:03:57 AM PDT · 22 of 84
    aMorePerfectUnion to C19fan
    I am on strike until they give Pluto back its rightful title of Planet! 😏
  • St. Paul Was Not Ashamed of the Gospel — Are We?

    10/18/2017 6:37:59 PM PDT · 130 of 178
    aMorePerfectUnion to Mrs. Don-o

    “predated the fixing of the Biblical canon by 200 - 300 years”

    Another red herring argument that should be noted.

    • 2/3 of the canon of a Scripture was set before the birth of Christ.

    • the Epistles from the Apostles were circulated among NT Assemblies while the Apostles were alive.

    • Peter identified Paul’s writings as Scripture.

    • the Roman canon was re-examined on several occasions and errors corrected.

    • And most importantly, the same Holy Spirit that inspired Scripture, preserved Scripture. He is still alive and faithful today.

  • St. Paul Was Not Ashamed of the Gospel — Are We?

    10/18/2017 6:31:23 PM PDT · 129 of 178
    aMorePerfectUnion to Mrs. Don-o

    Sorry, but you are recycling that which isn’t evidence, as I demonstrated the last time you made this claim.

    You have not proven:

    1. That there is any list of traditions beyond Paul’s teachings in God’s inspired Word.

    2. That any Apostle ever taught the things Rome incorporated from paganism.

  • St. Paul Was Not Ashamed of the Gospel — Are We?

    10/18/2017 1:17:14 PM PDT · 125 of 178
    aMorePerfectUnion to Mrs. Don-o
    Keep in mind that the early creeds and synods, and the Nicene Council, historically *preceded* the canon of Scripture: the canon was formed based on what the Church already believed in her creeds: these creeds provided the criteria to test the authenticity of various purported Scriptures (and not vice-versa),

    Therefore to accept Scripture is to accept Tradition.

    Hit the delete button on Tradition, and Scripture disappears from your screen.

    All false arguments and logical fallacies that have been addressed and rejected on FR on numerous occastions, but you continue to trot them out as real arguments instead of the assertions they are.

  • St. Paul Was Not Ashamed of the Gospel — Are We?

    10/18/2017 1:15:02 PM PDT · 124 of 178
    aMorePerfectUnion to Mrs. Don-o
    1) WHAT doesn’t exist before 100 AD?

    Any proof or evidence that any Apostle taught half of what Rome teaches and you assert.

    2) Why doesn’t abundant historic evidence constitute proof?

    Evidence of what? To be evidence that it was taught requires an unbroken line of proof that it existed at each stage, which you have demonstrated over the years you can not prove.