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  • High Definition Photos of UFO's Caught by NASA:

    10/22/2014 1:38:41 PM PDT · 6 of 55
    adorno to Vinylly

    Apparently, they come looking for intelligent life on the planet, and leave disappointed every time.

  • South Miami officials vote to split FL in 2

    10/22/2014 11:17:25 AM PDT · 24 of 27
    adorno to Impala64ssa

    The problem with liberals is that, while they may wish to govern with liberalism as their ideology, they need to impose their control over the more productive members of societies,those being the republicans and conservatives.

    Without those who produce, liberalism would arrive at a quick death on its own.

    If Florida could split into 2 states, and each state were to divide the people along political lines, then,I’d be all for it, and I’d be living in the conservative new state, while watching the liberal new state dissolve into 3rd world status.

  • MARK CUBAN: Here's What Republicans Should Do Next

    10/22/2014 11:02:07 AM PDT · 31 of 45
    adorno to Walrus
    Mark Cuban. Wasn’t he one of the Founding Fathers?

    I don't think so, but, is he Cuban?
  • ‘Calibration error’ changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois county

    10/22/2014 10:59:53 AM PDT · 30 of 60
    adorno to Timber Rattler
    ...votes being cast for Republican candidates were transformed into votes for Democrats.

    Democrats will fix the problem.

    They'll fix it adding those votes to the republican candidates.

    What they won't reveal is that, those same votes will also remain counted for the democratic candidate.

  • LETTER: Raise the minimum wage

    10/22/2014 10:50:55 AM PDT · 29 of 54
    adorno to Phillyred

    Another brain-dead liberal “thinker”.

    Has this person ever heard of inflation?

    Wages affect the prices of goods and services. And with higher wages, companies will have to raise the prices of their goods and services. Then, the people who got their minimum wage raises, will be paying higher prices for the goods and services which they consumer on a regular basis. Then, because those “minimum wages” won’t be enough to cover the expenses of having a decent standard of living, demands for a higher minimum wage will start all over again.

    Liberals are incapable of looking at repercussions, or they know what the repercussions will be, but, they prefer to buy voters with the perception that, liberal politicians and liberal media people care about them.

    So, if wages get increased, the prices of goods and services will also increase, but, the most damaging effect will be the number of layoffs that will occur. How much can a laid-off worker purchase with a paycheck of $0.00?

  • Puerto Rico's Gay Marriage Ban UPHELD by Federal Judge

    10/22/2014 10:39:17 AM PDT · 26 of 41
    adorno to Yashcheritsiy

    The judge is citing a case from 1971?

    That’s before the current political correctness agendas, and the current victories by the left that have the attacking everything in the constitution and the amendments to the constitution.

    With the current sentiments in liberal land, that 1971 decision will be deemed out of step with what liberal want to call the modern age. And the republicans will go along with the liberal sentiment, for lack of will to hold to principles.

  • San Francisco radio stations ban hit song ‘Royals’ (over Giants v. Kansas City)

    10/22/2014 5:33:16 AM PDT · 30 of 31
    adorno to Carry_Okie

    Don’t stop believing?

    The Royals feel the same way.

    That song could be used by any team or person, and even Bill Clinton (his favorite song).

  • San Francisco radio stations ban hit song ‘Royals’ (over Giants v. Kansas City)

    10/20/2014 11:57:09 AM PDT · 14 of 31
    adorno to Olog-hai
    The SF Giants are pissed that they don't have a song to counter with...

    but, I'd suggest that they go with that oldie that was popular back in the day...

    If you're going to San Francisco,
    Make sure you wear, some flowers in your head...
  • Mothers petition Disney for a hero with Down syndrome

    10/20/2014 11:51:53 AM PDT · 36 of 42
    adorno to Morgana

    A hero with Down’s Syndrome...

    and his last name shall be Palin.

  • The REAL face of King Tut: Pharaoh had girlish hips, a club foot and buck teeth according to

    10/20/2014 11:48:33 AM PDT · 23 of 27
    adorno to C19fan

    King Tut’s medical problems do bring up the same questions about another modern day “dynasty”.

    Who are the parents of Kim Jung Ill and of his son?

    Weren’t they all “ill”? Why isn’t anyone investigating their DNA?

  • The REAL face of King Tut: Pharaoh had girlish hips, a club foot and buck teeth according to

    10/20/2014 11:43:11 AM PDT · 22 of 27
    adorno to C19fan

    Girlish hips?

    Obama is wondering why hat’s a bad thing.

  • Why Do Democrats Oppose Voter ID?

    10/20/2014 11:26:23 AM PDT · 17 of 35
    adorno to jazusamo

    Points 1 and 2 and 3, make a whole lot of sense.

    But, they should be points 2 and 3 and 4, and point #1 should be that, it affords the democrats a means towards voter fraud.

    So, why is it that republicans can’t make the electorate see how democrats are the party of discrimination when it comes to voting, and everything else? Logically, the democrats should be losing the voter fraud argument, and voter ID argument, every time they come up.

  • Staring At the Void

    10/19/2014 11:24:45 AM PDT · 14 of 38
    adorno to Big Red Badger
    Next Time??

    for it is appointed man once,,,

    then comes Judgement.

    You might be right, but, for those that believe in "life after life", there is a "next time" in their minds.

    For those that are "Godless", next time might never come, and if it does, "surprise!'.
  • Giant sequoias may surprise us in a warmer future

    10/19/2014 11:19:07 AM PDT · 27 of 40
    adorno to Oldeconomybuyer
    Some researchers worry that the Sierra will lose some trees that were alive before the time of Christ.

    Then, how did those same trees survive the middle-ages, when global warming was indeed a fact, and even Greenland was green at that time, and the European explorers had a lot more clear ocean passages in which they could set out to explore?

    In fact, how the heck did humans and all forms of plant and animal life survive the middles-ages global warming, which was a lot worse than anything humans have tossed at the planet in the last 200 years?
  • Staring At the Void

    10/19/2014 11:04:13 AM PDT · 6 of 38
    adorno to Kaslin

    By design, we are given just a short period of time; time to be born, and time go grow up, and time do decide what to do with our lives, and time to decide whether we’re going to make a difference or not.

    Unfortunately, most will amount to just consumers of time, and of food and material goods.

    When our time is done, most will come to the realization that, perhaps we didn’t count. Maybe next time. Next time.

  • Apple OS X Yosemite Review

    10/19/2014 8:30:03 AM PDT · 14 of 22
    adorno to Swordmaker

    Basically, I you liked OSX Maveriks, you’re going to like OSX Yosemite, because, they’re basically the same thing, with a new look, and some minor upgrades. The upgrades aren’t much to speak of, since, they’re what MS and Google have also been working on, with MS being the leader with their “one OS for everything” and their cloud offerings.

    Fact is that, Yosemite is Apple’s attempt to modernize their OS, and, like it or not, MS is leading the way with their modern look and one OS and one cloud for all devices. iCloud is in need of catching up, and perhaps they’ll do it sometime in the future, but, that cloud is dependent on Amazon and Azure, which are not cloud services from Apple.

    But, hey, as long as “it just works”, and people are happy. But, pretending that Yosemite is anything out of this world, or new, is fallacious chest thumping

  • We all pay the price for climate hysteria as alarmist predictions fail

    10/19/2014 7:03:47 AM PDT · 6 of 11
    adorno to Oldeconomybuyer

    Global warming is real.

    Look what happened to Mars.

    It used to be covered by water all over. Then, Martians became foolish and wasteful, and used so much fossil fuels, that the planet became warm, and all the water evaporated into space, and now, all that’s left is a cold, desolate planet. Martians had to leave, and took over Earth. And, now, it’s happening again, but, we don’t have a nearby neighboring planet to go to anymore, other than Venus, which is already suffering from huge global warming.

  • Hollywood's Streaming Pile-Up: Should Netflix Be Running Scared From HBO, CBS, Starz?

    10/17/2014 6:01:22 AM PDT · 33 of 35
    adorno to zeestephen
    I just watch their college football and NFL programming

    Problem is that, the NFL games have to be live for people to even tune in, and CBS's programming would come to the internet a day late. Besides, the NFL would pull out of a contract where CBS or any other station would re-broadcast any games over the internet. So, the NFL and all other leagues would prefer to start their own stations, and contracts with the major networks would die.

    As far as the smaller networks merging their content with the big networks, it won't work. CBS has content that would fill a whole day's programming, and so do the other networks. So, there wouldn't be enough time in a day for the lesser networks content to be viewed, and CBS and the other major networks would not want the lesser networks to take away time from their content.

    If anything, the smaller networks would have to create their own merged network, and would stay away from the big players. But even that would mean that a lot of small stations would not get enough viewers to connect to their programs, and so, it's doubtful that those smaller stations would want to merge their content with others.

    The only a-la-carte system that could ever work, at prices that people want, would be for the cable networks to let people decide on what networks they want to include in their cable packages, and to then charge for just those selected networks.
  • Hollywood's Streaming Pile-Up: Should Netflix Be Running Scared From HBO, CBS, Starz?

    10/16/2014 5:20:47 PM PDT · 15 of 35
    adorno to zeestephen
    The CBS and/or Netflix model wont work, and people will end up paying a lot more for their services, than they do now with cable service which might cost around $90 per month. I commented on the Yahoo forum about how CBS and the networks might make things more expensive than things are now... ""For $6.99 or $7.99, watching TV could end up a lot more expensive than just paying for the cable service.

    I'm all for a-la-carte TV service, but at the price that CBS and others would go to, it could add up to a lot more than the single price option of cable TV. So, if CBS gets its $7, and people want to watch the other networks, ABC, NBC, FOX, that would bring up the total to around $28-$30. That's just four stations. Then, if people want the "lesser" networks, say 5 of them at $4-$5 a pop, then we're talking about and additional $25, which with the regular networks, would total some $55. That's for 9-10 stations. That's fine and dandy, but, there are many other stations, such as SYFY and cable news stations, and FX and a bunch more. If those other "smaller" networks were to go for $4 per month, and people wanted 5 of those, then, we're talking about another $20. That and the other stations which I mentioned, would bring the total for TV stations to some $75 per month. Then, you are going to get programming which is already at least a day old, where most of the programs on each stations aren't even watched by subscribers. To make things better, the TV stations would have to make "a-la-carte", even more "a-la-carte", where people only pay for the programs they want from each stations, and then, people get to pay for what they truly want, and for a much lower price.

    The bigger problem for CBS and NBC and FOX, is that, their sports broadcasts wouldn't be included, which would make their stations a lot less desirable. At that point, the sports leagues, such as the NFL and NBA and MLB and NHL, would want to start their own internet sports networks, and charge some $8-10 per month. At that point, the original $90 per month cable fee will start looking like a great bargain.

    I truly do want a-la-carte cable service. But, I want that to mean that, we're paying only for the stations we want to watch, and not the 150-200 that are included that the vast majority of people don't use or want. So, instead of paying $90 for 200 stations, I want to pay $30 for 10 stations. That would go a long way towards pleasing the majority of people who are tired of paying for things they don't use or need or want.
  • Glen Campbell releases powerful final song and video

    10/14/2014 12:57:33 PM PDT · 25 of 94
    adorno to PROCON

    She raised four children by herself.

    And helped in raising her grandchildren too.

    She was with us for the better part of 85 years.

    Then she started leaving us, and finally left us at the age of 89.

    Those last few years before she left, she wondered if we would still be okay after she left. We all assured her we would be.

    The last few years were not great for her, not for us. But, we wanted her with us forever, no matter what condition she was in. She had other ideas, and left us in April of this year.

    I still can’t believe she’s gone, but I believe that she’s still looking after us. Her mind is whole again.

  • Astrophysicists Reveal Amount of Dark Matter is Less Than Previously Thought

    10/13/2014 10:28:29 AM PDT · 67 of 69
    adorno to HandyDandy
    Does matter need time in order to exist?

    My take on it is that, without time, nothing would exist. Without time, nothing changes, and if nothing changes, even rocks would not have been created, because, they are a change from something that previously existed. Time is the ingredient of change. Even the atomic and subatomic components of a rock, or of anything, are constantly moving, and movement denotes the existence of time.

    For humans, time is a necessary ingredient; we wouldn't even exist, and if we did exist, we wouldn't be getting anywhere or doing anything, which would be completely pointless. For God, time isn't a factor. Time and matter and energy, and the complete design of the universe, required a "designer" that wasn't restricted, like we humans are.
  • Astrophysicists Reveal Amount of Dark Matter is Less Than Previously Thought

    10/11/2014 6:44:59 PM PDT · 59 of 69
    adorno to HandyDandy
    If “I” traveled into the past, would I take with me the memories of the future that I had already spent time in?

    No doubt that you would, but, would you survive the trip to the past? Perhaps not, but, mass and energy would. It could be that, bodies larger than the smallest of particles can't travel to the past, so, you wouldn't survive and neither would your knowledge. We may think of ourselves as large entities, but, in the larger sense, we're just particles and energy, and it's those of mass and energy of the past that are "able" to interact with the present.

    If it were possible to maintain the shape and characteristics of the human form, you'd be changing the past that you arrive at, which also means changing the future, with your "future knowledge", if you decided to use it.

    As far as can be told, nobody has ever traveled to the past, and it may never happen. If it were possible, we'd know about it by now. That's not to say that the past doesn't interacts with the present universe, since, it's known that particles do exist in many places and times "at the same time".
  • Astrophysicists Reveal Amount of Dark Matter is Less Than Previously Thought

    10/11/2014 11:05:53 AM PDT · 57 of 69
    adorno to HandyDandy
    So, the past exists presently.

    The past is just part of the overall universe. The past is not the present, but, the physical past, including mass and energy, is still part of the universal constant. The past does influence what occurs in the present, but the present cannot influence the past. The present just becomes the past, constantly, while a new present comes into existence constantly. The universal constant includes the present and the past. We still have no means to measure the mass and energy that went into the past, but, it's manifesting itself as dark matter and dark energy.

    If we were to go there would time stop in the present?

    If we could travel to the past, our presence in the "present" would cease, but the present would just move to a new instance of the past, while a new "present" would come into existence. If a person were to travel to the past, he/she would cease to be in the present, and would continue existing only from the instance that he/she traveled to.

    And could we come back to the same time in the present that we left,

    Travel in time, is only to the past, and one way. A person would be stuck in the past, and would never be able to get back to whatever was the "present time" when he/she left.

    or would we come back to a point in time that was as far along in time as the amount of time we were gone?

    Once a person moves to the past, he/she is stuck in that past, but, as we know, that past would be the new "present time" for that traveler. That traveler would never be seen again by those that knew him/her before leaving for the past.
  • Astrophysicists Reveal Amount of Dark Matter is Less Than Previously Thought

    10/10/2014 3:49:04 PM PDT · 49 of 69
    adorno to HandyDandy
    Are you saying that dark matter is where the things that went into the past were?

    I'm saying that, dark matter and dark energy, is the universe's past, and it's, sorta, haunting us. What is in the past, is still affecting us, physically, and that's what dark matter and dark energy is, the universe's past instances, which are innumerable, or basically, an infinite nu number of them.
  • Did the Prophet Muhammad Really Exist? This Is Robert Spencer’s Shocking Answer

    10/10/2014 3:27:27 PM PDT · 43 of 64
    adorno to 2banana
    Did the child rapist, mass murderer, slave trader, liar and thief actually exist?

    The answer is no.

    Mohammed is a case where the people created their imaginary prophet, and gave him the traits which many of them already possessed.

    It's the opposite of how "God created man in his image".
  • Astrophysicists Reveal Amount of Dark Matter is Less Than Previously Thought

    10/10/2014 3:17:12 PM PDT · 47 of 69
    adorno to Red Badger

    I know where all the dark matter and dark energy went.

    If it’s true that time travel is possible, then, it’s also true that, all matter and energy from any particular instance in time, have all gone into the past. The past and the present interact, and the present feels the effect of the matter and energy that have “passed on”.

    The most current instance of the “past energy and matter”, can be called the “most recent instance of the past universe”, and that instance will be the most felt in measurements. The instance before, will also have an effect on measurements, but not as great as the most recent. The third instance before the current instance of the universe, will also have an effect on the current universe... and so on... up to the very first instance of the universe. All of those instances comprise the “universes”. All of those universes (or instances of the universe), all interact, and they do exist, and it’s why it might be possible to travel to the past. We won’t be able to travel into the future, since, no instances of the universe have “passed” into future times. We can’t interact with what hasn’t already occurred.

  • Sisters of Charity March for Climate Change

    10/09/2014 5:47:25 PM PDT · 25 of 30
    adorno to Coleus

    I’m all for climate change.

    That’s why I left the cold climate of NY, and moved to Florida.

    When it comes to the type of “climate change” those people talk about, I’ll bet the the vast majority of them have no clue about the science, and how much of it is pure junk.

  • Sisters of Charity March for Climate Change

    10/09/2014 3:49:29 PM PDT · 7 of 30
    adorno to Coleus

    I’m all for climate change.

    That’s why I left the cold climate of NY, and moved to Florida.

    When it comes to the type of “climate change” those people talk about, I’ll bet the the vast majority of them have no clue about the science, and how much of it is pure junk.

  • How Walmart is showing that Obamacare is working

    10/08/2014 3:43:35 PM PDT · 14 of 29
    adorno to Oldeconomybuyer

    With that kind of logic...

    Getting laid off is also good for people. When they apply for unemployment benefits and other government services, they will end up with more total value than if they paid for all those things by themselves.

  • Did climate change create modern man? Ancient temperature shifts made us more intelligent

    10/01/2014 4:02:52 PM PDT · 2 of 26
    adorno to Oldeconomybuyer
    Their research suggests that large evolutionary leaps

    Guesswork and speculation, being called "research".
  • Top doc: 'Several people were exposed,' more will be infected by Dallas Ebola case

    10/01/2014 1:21:18 PM PDT · 36 of 108
    adorno to adorno

    Correction for a sentence: “The virus is NOW out there, and not just in the victim’s body”.

  • Top doc: 'Several people were exposed,' more will be infected by Dallas Ebola case

    10/01/2014 1:18:44 PM PDT · 31 of 108
    adorno to DoughtyOne
    Bodily fluids carrying the infection can obviously infect someone exposed to them.

    The infected person was "at large" for a few days before he decided to get checked in.

    His bodily fluids and all biological wasted produced by the person, would have entered the environment in which he lived, and his fecal and urine matter would have gone down the drain, and who knows where it ended up.

    The virus is not out there, and not just in the victim's body. It's only a matter of time before somebody "encounters" the "distributed virus" and gets sick, and won't know what it is, and will further spread the disease.

    People in sewage treatment plants down the line, should be made aware of what could happen. Decontamination will be hard to do once the virus gets out there, and it could already be out there.
  • Rihanna joining James Bond film? 007 franchise considering singer as Bond girl

    09/29/2014 6:27:46 PM PDT · 10 of 60
    adorno to ClearCase_guy
    Will she get beat up?

    Only if Chris Brown plays James Bond, and there is no doubt she will get all beat up. But, she'll still love him.
  • Microsoft Indonesia president: Windows 9 will be free to Windows 8 owners

    09/29/2014 6:17:19 PM PDT · 13 of 13
    adorno to Enlightened1
    When it comes to iOS and Maverick being "free", nothing could be further from the truth.

    With any Apple device, the OS is included in the price when the PC or tablet or smartphone is sold. IOW, included in the original price. Apple DOES NOT sell its OSes separately, and the only upgrade paths are from originally sold devices. Apple's OSes are, essentially, sold as components of the original devices. A component adds to the price of the device, and Apple's devices are generally sold at higher prices than most others, and the "OS as a component" is the reason why.

    Most people are deceived into believing that an included OS is included for "free", and that's not always true, especially when it comes to Apple. Even Android is NOT FREE. Google gets the value of the OS extracted from consumers when they turn those consumers into the "Google product that is sold via advertising in those devices".

    Free comes with a price, and sometimes, that price is much higher than a regular price at the retail level.
  • Microsoft Indonesia president: Windows 9 will be free to Windows 8 owners

    09/29/2014 6:09:20 PM PDT · 12 of 13
    adorno to Enlightened1
    You are misunderstanding what you read:

    At the end of 2013, there were almost 715 million copies of Windows installed in businesses worldwide, and more than half—361.2 million—were Windows 7, according to IDC. About 224 million were Windows XP, and almost 40 million were Windows Vista. Little over 16 million were Windows 8.

    Let me interpret that for you. There ia a keyword in that paragraph, which you failed to notice: it is "businesses". Businesses are late to adopting any new version of Windows.

    The sales of Windows 8 are mostly to consumers, and the number of licenses which Microsoft has sold are a lot more than 200 million, as of the beginning of the year, and by now, it's likely closer to 400 million.

    The total number of the installed base for Windows OSes, is a lot more than 1 1/5 billion.
  • Microsoft Indonesia president: Windows 9 will be free to Windows 8 owners

    09/29/2014 4:36:35 PM PDT · 9 of 13
    adorno to Enlightened1
    ...but need to make it free for every Microsoft User like Apple and Amazon do and not just the 16 million Windows 8 users

    First off, OSX is not free, and Apple's prices for every device are so high that, the OS can be included with the devices. Microsoft does not make the devices from which it can charge a higher price which would include the OS, other than the Surface tablets. For devices smaller than 9 inches, the OS from Microsoft is already free (aka: included, a la Apple). Apple's OS is really a component of the entire device, and none of Apple's OSes are sold separately, like the Windows OS.

    Secondly, the number of MS users on Windows 8 is way over 200 million, and likely closer to 300 million by now; not the 16 million you quote.
  • Marines put Microsoft Kinect to work, but not for gaming

    09/29/2014 11:27:34 AM PDT · 5 of 10
    adorno to adorno
    ...but for some reason it hasn't really caught on

    More about applications for Kinect: Kinect hacks, research, and alternative uses
  • Marines put Microsoft Kinect to work, but not for gaming

    09/29/2014 11:21:53 AM PDT · 4 of 10
    adorno to Utilizer
    ...but for some reason it hasn't really caught on

    I've read and heard of many different applications which are being designed to use Kinect.

    For example: Medical researchers are finding incredible uses for Microsoft’s Kinect
  • Consumer Reports test results find iPhone 6 and 6 Plus not as bendy as believed

    09/29/2014 5:42:57 AM PDT · 64 of 87
    adorno to Swordmaker
    One small correction. It's nine complaints, not six.

    That's "reported", and that's also in the first week. With time, the number of bent iPHones can only go up.

    Also, one must remember that, the initial week's purchases were mostly done by the iFaithful, which means that, they're unlikely to report any problems and might just take their phones to the local Apple stores for repairs with no fuss.
  • Consumer Reports test results find iPhone 6 and 6 Plus not as bendy as believed

    09/28/2014 6:05:44 AM PDT · 48 of 87
    adorno to Swordmaker

    The argument is not about iPad Airs. It’s about the iPHone 6+ vs the competition.

    The iPHone 6 test done by CR is a farce. It didn’t test for bending where the buttons are on the phone. Testing towards the middle is not going to yield the same results as what is being reported by “regular use” by the purchasers. Regular use includes putting them inside pants pockets. Simulating the test using completely different criteria is not going to yield the same results.

    But, you can go ahead and remain in denial and go on about showing your love for your iStuff and Apple. People need to know the truth, and the tests don’t address the truth.

    I’m pretty sure that Apple will be hearing a lot more about “bendgate” in the coming months.

  • Consumer Reports test results find iPhone 6 and 6 Plus not as bendy as believed

    09/27/2014 12:27:22 PM PDT · 16 of 87
    adorno to newfreep
    ALL Consumer Reports tests should be taken with a LARGE truckload of salt.

    I did notice that the iPHone 6 was tested the same way as the rest of the group that was tested. But, that's a false test.

    The tests were done with the pressure being applied on the same spot, meaning, towards the center of each. But, the iPhone 6 problem is about how it bends at where the buttons are, which is higher up than the middle of the phone. The phones bend in people's pockets, and if the test was going to be done properly, then, people's pockets should have been used for proper testing.

    I'm pretty sure that, no other phone would bend like the iPHone 6+.
  • Kim Jong Un hasn’t been seen for weeks and no one is quite sure why

    09/26/2014 12:58:56 PM PDT · 34 of 37
    adorno to SeekAndFind

    He is secretly in Hollywood, filming “Team America: World Police, part II”

  • Tech trouble sparks wave of selling on Wall Street (DJIA down 246)

    09/25/2014 1:32:10 PM PDT · 5 of 7
    adorno to minnesota_bound
    My apple stock - aapl is bending downwards. Will Apple replace any losses?

    Apple still has that aura of invincibility. It means that, no matter what kind of junk they release, or how far behind in technology they are in comparison to the competition, the Apple faithful will still line up for miles, looking to get their hands on the latest (but not so greatest), of Apple junk.
  • Global Temperature Update No global warming for 17 years 11 months …

    09/25/2014 1:24:53 PM PDT · 8 of 12
    adorno to Signalman
    Sounds like "global warming 'science'" has things completely opposite of what the record shows...

    Yet the Great Pause coincides with a continuing, rapid increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration.

    So, according to that quoted statement, an increase of CO2 causes global cooling or pauses temperatures.

    First there was "global cooling", then there was "global warming", and now we need to have another study called, "global static temperature crisis".
  • US Cracks Down on Companies Moving Overseas

    09/22/2014 4:23:46 PM PDT · 11 of 99
    adorno to Oldeconomybuyer

    US Cracks Down on Companies Moving Overseas...

    by building a “Berlin Wall” to keep the businesses in.

  • Microsoft's axeman Satya Nadella fills baskets with 2,100 fresh heads

    09/18/2014 3:42:55 PM PDT · 12 of 15
    adorno to SeekAndFind

    The 2100 is part of the 18,000 which they had announced originally that were going to be laid off.

    The 18,000 would have been overhead, and were no longer needed when they got absorbed into Microsoft.

    18,000 are a lot less layoffs than would’ve happened if Nokia had gone bankrupt and gone.

  • Another version of this saying?

    09/18/2014 3:24:32 PM PDT · 32 of 33
    adorno to Drango
    In order for someone to receive something they didn't work for, someone worked for something they didn't receive.

    It's called: "profiting from someone else's hard work"

    Alternately, it's called "redistribution of the wealth".
  • CNN Poll: 110% of Scottish Population Have Decided on Independence; 58% Say Yes, 52% No

    09/18/2014 3:17:34 PM PDT · 40 of 55
    adorno to therightliveswithus

    CNN forgot to count the undecideds.

    That number is probably somewhere between 10-20%, so, the actual CNN total percentage should’ve been 120-130%.

    Doesn’t CNN that the undecideds also count?

  • Lost in the Fifties (Whoa! How old are you if these images ring a bell?)

    09/18/2014 11:07:47 AM PDT · 46 of 113
    adorno to Chgogal

    A couple of technicalities...

    The Flip Wilson show was not from the ‘50s.

    That Pan Am image is not from the 50s; it’s from a recently cancelled TV show.

    Other than that...

    Oh, the memories!

  • Democrats now have a 51 percent chance of holding the Senate

    09/17/2014 5:34:31 AM PDT · 114 of 126
    adorno to antidisestablishment
    I like your analogy, but, unfortunately, the GOP is LINUX, without the technical advantages.

    Yet, Linux doesn't hold the house of representatives, and it has close to half of the senate. If Linux were to be anywhere close to what the GOP is or has, then, Linux would be the most popular OS in the country and world.

    Regardless, the link and study on which this discussion is based, is pure crap. Read it.