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  • Report: Votes Switched From Trump to Hillary in Texas

    10/25/2016 6:51:34 AM PDT · 28 of 96
    adorno to afraidfortherepublic

    There is not election rigging, just like there is no voter fraud.

    Hillary and the democrats are so saintly and innocent, and the media are so neutral and nice to everyone, that there is no possibility of a rigged election.

    Hillary and the DNC were too noble and lawful and truthful during the primaries, that Bernie Sanders’s allegations against Hillary about rigged primaries are without merit.

    Dead people leaving their graves to come out to vote (exclusively for democrats in all cases), and illegals mostly voting for democrats, and people voting multiple times in multiple districts and sometimes in multiple states, well, none of that should cause anyone to insinuate that the voting was rigged. The crookedness of Hillary and of the media, well, none of that should cause anyone to question the credibility of the voting. Ballot stuffing, which has been known to happen in the past, should not be a cause for questioning the veracity of the voting.

    Gore in 2000, questioned the voting in Florida, and requested that only heavily democrat districts get recounted. Well, that didn’t really happen. Kennedy vs Nixon in 1960, where there was a question of who had really won the election, and where many actually said that Nixon was the real winner, but decided to give up the argument for the good of the country, well, that didn’t happen either.

    Districts vote counts coming in at 100% or higher, well, that doesn’t really happen either.

    Nope. No voter fraud. No rigged elections. No cheating and no crookedness. Trump is just imaging everything that really has happened in the past, and continues to happen, and will continue to happen. Trump just imagines everything, just like he imagines that Hillary is the most crooked person to ever run for president. Heck, Trump has also imagined that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted women many times in his lifetime. How dare Trump be so imaginative and wrong on so many things.

  • Folks, It’s Happening=> TRUMP IS PEAKING — At Just the Right Time (VIDEO)

    10/25/2016 6:38:13 AM PDT · 34 of 35
    adorno to Biggirl
    Are you sure by what you posted?

    Some of what I posted, was half jesting.

    However, most of it is based on how Hillary and democrats work.

    Hillary doesn't need big crowds, since they have a good "get out the vote" campaign that will work better than anything Trump and republicans will put forth.

    Hillary knows that there will be a huge number of democrats that are automatically in her column, and she doesn't have to get them to show at her rallies. Hillary could sit at home just making phone calls for pay-to-play to enrich herself some more, and the dimwit democrats will still show up to vote for her, at about 45%. Heck, it doesn't even have to be Hillary running, and anyone that democrats had nominated would receive the 45% turnout for them. Democrats have built a firewall that is certain to balance out at least 45% of the republican turnout. So, Trump and republicans are left having to win at least a plurality of the remaining voters in the "independent" ranks.
  • Folks, It’s Happening=> TRUMP IS PEAKING — At Just the Right Time (VIDEO)

    10/24/2016 7:36:18 PM PDT · 23 of 35
    adorno to bobsunshine

    Problem with the Trump rallies/crowds versus Hillary’s “live” bunches of people, is that, Hillary’s biggest crowds are nowhere to be seen, until voting day.

    If Hillary were to give her speeches at cemeteries, her crowds would be a lot larger than Trump’s. If she were to have her most devoted voters show up, aka: the illegals, her crowds be again be much larger than Trumps.

    We must also remember that, each attendee to one of her rallies, represents, potentially, 10 or more votes. So, take the number of people at each one of her rallies, and multiply by 10 to get the true voter count represented by her “crowds”.

  • Trump, Clinton In Dead Heat As Race Hits Final Two-Week Stretch — IBD/TIPP Poll

    10/24/2016 7:07:58 PM PDT · 18 of 24
    adorno to dowcaet
    Will be curious to see how many Dems cross over and vote for Trump

    That will not be allowed to happen. Democrat poll counters will take notice of the democrats voters that do turn up, and will assume that all dems intended to vote for Hillary. Only republicans can cross over, and poll workers/poll counters, will insure that at least 5% of republican votes are counted as Hillary's.
  • ‘Calibration error’ changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois county [October 22, 2014 ]

    10/22/2016 8:10:28 PM PDT · 51 of 72
    adorno to BlackFemaleArmyCaptain
    ‘Calibration error’ changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois county


    I'm pretty sure it only happens once in every two or three votes.
  • Nobel academy member calls Bob Dylan's silence 'arrogant'

    10/22/2016 8:04:13 PM PDT · 32 of 81
    adorno to Olog-hai

    Since the Nobel Prizes have become meaningless and mostly political, they shouldn’t expect any respect from any of the recipients. Obama had no business getting the Nobel Peace prize, and it was granted on the belief that he would work towards peace. Yeah, we have peace all over the world, just as expected. If the Nobel committees had any decency, they would ask Obama to give back the award, and they would proceed to declare that from now on, only those that actually accomplished anything to improve the conditions of mankind, would deserve the award(s). With Obama, it was their way of trying to make things happen, and were hoping that Obama would not let them down. But, Obama was a nobody and unaccomplished and could not possibly deliver on any of the Nobel people’s hopes.

    Bob Dylan should come out and put the Nobel people in their place, and tell them that he didn’t really do anything that deserves an award, just like Obama didn’t merit getting any award. He should tell them that they cheapened the meaning of the Nobel Peace Prize by awarding it to a nobody who hadn’t earned it, and still hasn’t earned it, 8 years later.

  • Will Professor Allan Lichtman's forecast on Donald Trump winning the presidency hold true?

    10/22/2016 7:53:17 PM PDT · 8 of 18
    adorno to 2ndDivisionVet
    ...especially after beating Trump in all 3 debates

    A dopey "news" organization such as this one, would have had Hillary winning all the debates, even if she hadn't physically shown up to them.

    Hillary could not have won any of the debates, because, to win, one needs to the truthful and knowledgeable and trustworthy and accomplished. She was not any of the above. It's like declaring that Bill Clinton was the winner against all of his sexual abuse accusers, because he didn't go to prison. Does not compute.
  • Russian women’s national futsal team on hijabs: ‘Our girls are already used to it’

    10/21/2016 4:37:24 PM PDT · 3 of 10
    adorno to ameribbean expat

    When in Rome, do as the Romans.

    When in Iran, do as the Iranians?

    When in Iran, beat up your wife, and throw her from the roof, and stone her to death, and blame her for getting raped, and get away with anything you do to her.

  • Voter Fraud is Real: Here's the Proof (Millions of bogus /invalid registrations)

    10/21/2016 4:22:57 PM PDT · 18 of 23
    adorno to Beautiful_Gracious_Skies

    I have a simple question. (Perhaps not that simple, in some cases).

    With early voting, which has already been occurring in some states, many weeks in advance in some cases... what happens with the votes of those who have died before the actual day of voting and before they are tallied? It’s quite possible that many thousands of those people might have died between voting and the actual day of voting. So, what about their votes? Aren’t they “voting” while dead?

  • Woman Walking With Human Skull on Stick Leads Sacramento Police to Decomposed Body

    10/21/2016 4:02:09 PM PDT · 22 of 25
    adorno to BenLurkin
    Woman Walking With Human Skull on Stick

    On Halloween Night, nobody would have noticed. And her 'costume' would have been deemed as very original.

    Michonne (Walking Dead) would have been very proud.
  • Half Of Republicans Would Reject Election Result If Clinton Wins: Reuters/Ipsos

    10/21/2016 3:12:29 PM PDT · 56 of 72
    adorno to onyx
    Half Of Republicans Would Reject Election Result If Clinton Wins: Reuters/Ipsos

    That's very disappointing. It should be all of republicans rejecting the elections result. It would be equal to how democrats never accept the election of a republican.

    Besides, rejecting Hillary would be the most patriotic thing any American could do, since she is the "enemy within" and would be just another Obama, who we could never stomach for 8 years.

    Didn't Hillary say that Bush was selected and not elected? She never accepted Bush as president, even if she had to tolerate him; but tolerance is not the same as acceptance.
  • Third Wave Of Internet Cyber Attacks Lauched, Dyn Warns

    10/21/2016 3:06:56 PM PDT · 25 of 46
    adorno to blueplum
    So,,, has anyone figured out it’s ISIS yet? or are we still blaming Russia?

    Worse! It's Bush's fault!
  • RIP, Schiaparelli: European Mars Lander's Crash Site Seen By NASA Probe

    10/21/2016 2:57:41 PM PDT · 23 of 45
    adorno to DiogenesLamp
    You would think they would bounce a radar signal off the ground or something.

    Instead, they bounced the whole craft.
  • RIP, Schiaparelli: European Mars Lander's Crash Site Seen By NASA Probe

    10/21/2016 2:56:23 PM PDT · 22 of 45
    adorno to BenLurkin

    The Europeans had a very poor plan for landing the Schiaparelli. The plan was to open the parachute upon impact, and then turn the reverse thrust on. Didn’t work, and the Martians are very angry. Who knows, that crash-landing probably wiped out the only traces of life on the planet.

  • Miley Cyrus Pledges to Leave United States If Donald Trump Wins Presidency

    10/20/2016 8:32:00 PM PDT · 71 of 131
    adorno to Sarah Barracuda

    Let’s get’r done for Miley.

    Go Miley, go!

    Get the hell outta my country.

    You don’t belong.

    And take your phony “cuteness” and dumb antics with you.

    BTW, Miley, will Liam follow wherever you go? Heck, I don’t care. Just go. You’d automatically be doing what Trump is promising, which is to “make America great again”, so, your leaving would make America a lot better off.

    Party in the U.S.A.? Hopefully, you can party in Canada. Heck, forget the election and just go anyway. C Ya!!

  • Would you support her if she won the election? Vanity

    10/19/2016 8:20:42 PM PDT · 54 of 120
    adorno to crz

    The question is: would you accept the results of the election? (no matter who wins).

    The TRUE and ONLY answer is a flat out NO!!!

    Trump might accept the final tally, with Hillary as the president-elect, BUT....

    He DOES NOT have to accept her as the president. Yeah, she may have won the presidency, but Trump does not have to like it or accept it, and he should continue doing battle against anything she would do in the next 4 years. That’s the way things really are. Republicans “accepted” the results of the 2008 and 2012 elections, but, they didn’t accept Obama’s presidency, and republicans in congress and everywhere else, have been in constant battle against the Obama presidency for 8 years. So, the TRUE and ONLY answer is that, HELL NO!!!, we won’t accept Hillary as president.

  • Debate Closing (vanity)

    10/19/2016 7:48:26 PM PDT · 31 of 43
    adorno to RoosterRedux

    Hillary did look like she was reaching deep for her memorized and rehearsed answers. She was stop and go most of the night. She wanted to elongate all of her answers and time, thinking that, the person that talks the most, wins.

    But, for somebody that’s been in the public eye for 30 or so years, she looked and sounded very pathetic.

  • Debate Closing (vanity)

    10/19/2016 7:44:53 PM PDT · 20 of 43
    adorno to RoosterRedux

    Trump won easily.

    But, the post-debate debates in the media, is about Trump’s statement about not accepting the resulsts, depending on...

    That’s the way it should be, and Trump was not saying that he won’t accept the results of who the eventual winner is declared to be. He was just referring to the actual results that night, until they are verified. Once verified, I’m pretty sure that Trump would not be fighting them.

  • US Elections: Trump Leads Clinton Nationwide, According to Poll That Called 2012

    10/18/2016 6:22:16 PM PDT · 7 of 15
    adorno to grey_whiskers
    "If Hillary's speeches cost $250,000 an hour, how come no one shows up to her free ones?"

    No quid-pro-quo involved, and/or, not a pay-to-play event?

    Which leads to her "crowds", where people are bring paid to show up, by Soros and the DNC. No pay, no show up.
  • Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: I Arranged Sex Trysts For Her — With Men & WOMEN

    10/18/2016 5:41:42 PM PDT · 166 of 172
    adorno to glennherman

    It true, the media will spin the story as proof that Hillary does not discriminate between the sexes, and that she will swing both ways, or many other ways, depending on what’s on those files.

    So, who else in government goes both ways? Perhaps Obama? We might hear about his adventures in the not-too-distant future too.

    In any case, if it concerns a liberal, those stories will always be spun as proof that neither Hillary nor Obama are gender-biased.

  • EXPOSED: Hillary Clinton’s Puerto Rico “Debt Relief” SCAM

    10/18/2016 12:53:59 PM PDT · 14 of 14
    adorno to dsrtsage
    Does Puerto Rexico contribute a single thing of value to the US? Do you?

    And, it's called "Puerto Rico", not your bastardized and stupid name.
  • NBC News fires Billy Bush after lewd Donald Trump tape airs

    10/17/2016 7:16:47 PM PDT · 40 of 42
    adorno to usafa92

    NBC is full of shit, and just covering their asses with this Bill Bush/Donald Trump tape.

    Billy Bush is being let go now, only because of the Trump allegations. But, they knew about the Access Hollywood tape for many years. So, now they’re pretending that they had no idea, simply because they needed to appear innocent and unknowing about Trump’s language 11 years ago, but they knew, but now, NBC had no choice but to protect themselves from the recording of 11 years ago, BECAUSE, NBC is part of the biased and colluding media trying to take down Trump. So, it’s not only Trump that NBC is taking down, but Billy Bush has to be the second scapegoat, just to protect NBC and make the network seem innocent, while in reality, there is no way that NBC and all of the people involved with Billy Bush’s show didn’t know what Trump had said. What Trump had said was probably thought of as macho-talk and locker-room garbage, but now, it’s got to be presented as the work of the devil and as the work of the “most devious and perverted person to ever run for president”, but it wasn’t anything that bothered NBC at all, those 11 years ago. Hipocrites!!!!

  • Al Gore is a Pervert and Sexual predator (10 years ago this month)

    10/14/2016 8:03:32 PM PDT · 8 of 18
    adorno to far sider

    “...he was in town to talk about climate change”

    Democrats will say that, fondling of a woman’s breasts was okay, since, he was in town to save the world from global catastrophe.

  • WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton wanted to deflect from Benghazi by talking about smoking

    10/14/2016 8:17:13 AM PDT · 5 of 27
    adorno to Trump20162020

    Deflect, or turn the stupid Americans’ attention to other matters. Sort of like what Hillary has done with the accusations about Trump’s use of gutter language to make him seem like a pervert and sexual abuser.

    Meanwhile, the stupid Americans’ have bought the bait, and the liberal press is assisting Hillary in making the real issues disappear, and it’s all now about the gutter and locker-room language.

    Hillary can’t handle the real issues and can’t go against Trump on those issues, and so, deflection is her only game plan.

  • Report: Glenn Beck’s The Blaze ‘Falling Apart’

    10/13/2016 7:46:02 PM PDT · 96 of 134
    adorno to conservative98

    The Glenn Beck of old, is one that I respected, and liked ot hear on the radio.

    Then,there is the Glenn Beck of today, who, because he didn’t get his way and his candidate lost in the primaries, is now doing all he can to get Hillary elected. That current Glenn Beck is one that should go away and lose his show. No respect for him anymore.

    Hey, Glenn, Trump may not be the perfect candidate, nor was he your favorite, but, SHEESH!!! man, come back to your senses, and let’s all stop Hillary together. Otherwise, it was nice knowing the person you used to be.

  • Michael Isikoff: NBC Should Release Full Juanita Broaddrick Interview

    10/13/2016 7:31:10 PM PDT · 5 of 58
    adorno to LibFreeUSA

    I think Trump should ask Juanita to challenge NBC to release the full interview. Would NBC refuse to grant the wishes of one of Bill’s and Hillary’s victims?

  • Michael Isikoff: NBC Should Release Full Juanita Broaddrick Interview

    10/13/2016 7:28:57 PM PDT · 3 of 58
    adorno to LibFreeUSA

    Fat chance that NBC would release the full Juanita interview. NBC is working for Hillary, and as “employees” of the democratic party, NBC would not dare to go against the wishes of their employers.

  • The New York Times’s Response to Donald Trump’s Retraction Letter

    10/13/2016 5:07:47 PM PDT · 30 of 84
    adorno to bryan999

    The NY Times was not about to let go of an issue that harms the Trump campaign and candidacy. To them, as well as the democrats, the goal is to win at any cost. The NY Times, along with the majority of the media, are just the “media wing” of the democratic party. If Hillary wants to keep the lies about Trump in the “news” then the NY Times and all of the democratic party media machines will comply.

    To Hillary and her complicit media, causing as much damage now to Trump is all that matters, even if they are all or almost all, lies. With just over 3 weeks left in the campaign, they know that Trump cannot respond soon enough to stop the lies, and by the time that Trump had a chance to respond, through lawsuits or whatever, the election season would be over, and Hillary might have gotten elected. Once the election is over, and Hillary has won, it would be too late for Trump to do anything about it, and the election could not get a “do over” if it did turn out that Hillary and the Times and all others were, indeed, lying about Trump “abusing all those women”.

    What Hillary and the media are doing, is running scared, and so, they had to create preemptive campaign full of lies about Trump abusing women. Hillary and her campaign and the liberal media expected Trump to march out a list of women who were abused by Bill Clinton and Hillary, so, Hillary and the media just wanted to turn the tables on Trump, and so, that’s where we’re at now, with Trump getting bogged down defending himself, and Hillary reaping the benefits.

    Hitler and the butchers of the old USSR and China and Cuba and Venezuela, would be very proud of the tactics being deployed by the Hillary campaign and the complicit liberal media. The USSR had Pravda as their media operation, while Hillary and democrats have most of the media serving as their Pravda.

    The U.S. will, at sometime in the future, end up like the old USSR, in shambles.

  • Federal Judge Extends Florida Registration

    10/13/2016 4:50:05 PM PDT · 10 of 13
    adorno to Jacquerie

    A few minutes ago, in the local news, a lifelong republican received a voter registration card declaring her as a “democrat”. She and the local news investigative reporter brought the matter up with the local registration office, and they have no idea how that happened, with the possible exception that perhaps the lady changed her registration and didn’t recall doing it. The lady explains that she had nothing to do with it.

    Democrats are up to their old tricks with voter registration fraud. That lady is likely not the only one who’s voter registration was changed without her approval or knowledge. Polls would likely be conducted with higher democrat numbers, with stuff like falsely changed voter registrations.

    We are living in dangerous times, where things can be done with no consequences, and where things are done with the slogan of “winning at any cost”. It’s what we’re witnessing now with Trump vs Clinton.

  • Ohio Poll Shows Trump Leading Ohio by 6.67% Debate Trump then Gains 4% while Clinton Loses 1%...

    10/13/2016 4:36:17 PM PDT · 42 of 47
    adorno to Typelouder

    Since my wife and I went “wireless only”, we no longer get survey nor poll calls. That means that we are no being counted in polls or surveys, and neither are a lot of people like us that no longer use the old landline phones. My kids and their spouses have also given up the landline phones, and they will be voting republican too, and they also don’t answer polls or surveys.

    We will be voting republican, and so will our kids and their respective family members. Lots of us not being accounted for in polls. So, poll-takers are having to make up flawed numbers in order to try to remain relevant. I don’t believe in any of the polls, especially those produced by the liberal “news” sources.

  • Ohio Poll Shows Trump Leading Ohio by 6.67% Debate Trump then Gains 4% while Clinton Loses 1%...

    10/13/2016 4:36:10 PM PDT · 41 of 47
    adorno to Typelouder

    Since my wife and I went “wireless only”, we no longer get survey nor poll calls. That means that we are no being counted in polls or surveys, and neither are a lot of people like us that no longer use the old landline phones. My kids and their spouses have also given up the landline phones, and they will be voting republican too, and they also don’t answer polls or surveys.

    We will be voting republican, and so will our kids and their respective family members. Lots of us not being accounted for in polls. So, poll-takers are having to make up flawed numbers in order to try to remain relevant. I don’t believe in any of the polls, especially those produced by the liberal “news” sources.

  • Poll Shows Nearly Half of Illinoisans Want to Leave State

    10/12/2016 6:53:38 PM PDT · 61 of 62
    adorno to flaglady47

    Moving to the Florida “west coast”? Well, welcome to my neighborhood.

    BTW, I was born in Puerto Rico, brought up mostly in NYC. Moved to Tampa in 1987. I was a democrat early in my adult life, but learned a lot as I grew “older” and have been conservative for close to 40 years. I’m the exception in my family, but they still look up to me for just about anything, even as they still vote dumb.

    Miami is mostly Cuban and Latinos from Central and South America. Puerto Ricans like the I4 corridor, including Orland and Kissimmee and the Tampa area. Along with Puerto Ricans, there is also a large Mexican population scattered around the Tampa area.

    Puerto Ricans moving from the island is a fairly recent event, and what I’ve seen is a lot of us Puerto Ricans moving south from NY and Illinois and Connecticut and Massachussetts and New Jersey; mostly from the northeast.

    However, Puerto Ricans are not enough in numbers to switch Florida from conservative to liberal, but their numbers have made a difference. I’m still a conservative, AND!!!, much to your disapproval, still “Puerto Rican”.

    My “meme” is about how Florida has been trending liberal, for too many years now. That you have a large family who are conservatives, won’t make much difference to what’s happening in Florida, since, no matter how many republicans/conservatives move to Florida, the number of liberals moving in outnumber us; so, “my meme” is not about the lesser number of republicans/conservative moving south; it’s about how the liberals fleeing the liberal states bring their putrid politics with them.

  • Poll Shows Nearly Half of Illinoisans Want to Leave State

    10/12/2016 5:24:48 AM PDT · 51 of 62
    adorno to flaglady47
    "Oh stop talking out of your hat about that which you know nothing of."

    I know plenty of what I'm talking about. You and few of your friends and family may be the exception, but the fact remains that, liberals leaving liberal states because of the heavy tax burden will continue to vote as liberals, thereby changing the political makeup of where they have moved into. I've been in Florida for close to 30 years, and it used to be reliably conservative, but in the last 10 or so years, it has trended democrat. I know first hand of what I'm talking about, with members of my family who left New York, and voted democrat all their lives, and moved to Florida where the cost of living was lower and with no income tax, and they continue voting democrat. I ask them why and they respond that, it's what they've done all their lives and are afraid to change. I'm not proud of those family members, as far as their politics is concerned. I know a lot of other people who "think" the same who have moved to Florida but brought their stinking liberalism with them.

  • Poll Shows Nearly Half of Illinoisans Want to Leave State

    10/11/2016 7:39:56 PM PDT · 8 of 62
    adorno to bkopto

    “Nearly Half of Illinoisans Want to Leave State”

    That would be very detrimental to the political composition of whatever other states they moved into.

    It’s almost certain that wherever they move to, they will still be voting democrat, which could turn whatever state they move to, into a “blue state”. It happened to Florida, which used to be a reliable “red state”.

    Stay in Illinois. You are not welcome in any other state where you bring the same politics that created the mess you want to leave behind.

  • Media Polling Fully Exposed – About That NBC/WSJ Clinton +11 Point Poll….( total BS)

    10/11/2016 8:21:22 AM PDT · 27 of 31
    adorno to GilGil

    The NBC/WSL poll is probably correct, since those liberal polls are over-sampling democrats, which they would have to do in order to account for the dead and illegal voters who don’t appear in voter registrations. Thus, 11% more for Hillary does take the dead and illegal voters into consideration. Republicans will always have a disadvantage with the dead and illegal voters.

  • Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos awarded Nobel Peace Prize for bid to end half-century conflict

    10/07/2016 7:11:51 PM PDT · 11 of 11
    adorno to BenLurkin

    My nominees are: Reagan/Thatcher.

    They eliminated the biggest threat to the world in the last 70 or so years.

    Another “nominee”: nuclear bombs, which brought about the MAD (mutually assured destruction) that served to keep WWIII for happening. Nothing else has gone towards keeping the peace as much as the A-bomb/nuclear bomb.

    Another, but most important nominee: The U.S. Armed Forces, and the reason should be self-explanatory.

    No other nominees or recipients of the Peace Prize, come close.

    Obama had done as much in 2008 to be nominated, as any other citizen of the U.S. All 300 million+ of Americans should get a peace prize, since, it’s us that have kept the world in relative peace for most of the last 80 or so years.

  • Matt Drudge Suggests Government May Be Lying About Hurricane Matthew

    10/07/2016 10:58:07 AM PDT · 56 of 94
    adorno to bryan999

    Shep Smith will be devastated if anyone proves that Matthew wasn’t really as destructive as he wanted it to be. After all, Matthew has to be the result of global warming.

  • Amish Leaders Make The First Ever Presidential Endorsement, Shocks Millions

    10/05/2016 7:51:19 PM PDT · 34 of 44
    adorno to dontreadthis

    Amish: a bunch of deplorables

  • Reuters State Polls (Trump UP in AZ, CO, IA AND GA!)

    10/05/2016 7:14:49 PM PDT · 46 of 54
    adorno to goldstategop

    Problem with those polls is that, they didn’t poll the dead, who always vote democrat. It’s also likely that those polls don’t include the illegal voters, who also always vote democrat. The pollsters need to add at least 5% to Hillary, in order to account for the dead and illegals.

  • If Saturday Night Live isn't going to take down Trump, what's the point of Saturday Night Live?

    10/05/2016 1:08:55 PM PDT · 1 of 60
    I'm left speechless by the insanity of the article. Unbelievable. People like her should be banned from writing such nonsense, even if it's in a radical liberal site.

    10/03/2016 8:10:04 PM PDT · 47 of 61
    adorno to drewh

    He’s either part of the right-wing conspiracy, or a bimbo.

  • ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is seriously ill after assassin POISONS his food

    10/03/2016 9:36:55 AM PDT · 41 of 68
    adorno to PJ-Comix

    Having a mind poisoned by the Koran and Islam, hasn’t killed him yet, so, how is food poisoning going to do him in?

  • Donald Trump will win by a landslide!!! ( black people breaking for Trump bigly!)

    10/02/2016 4:59:06 PM PDT · 54 of 66
    adorno to GilGil

    At this point in their history, Blacks are stuck, and they’re stuck because they have a “fear of the unknown”, and their unknown to them is voting for a republican. Even if they know that voting for Hillary or any democrat will not improve their lot, they still fear doing something different. It’s the same kind of mentality that has Muslims continuing to be Muslims, even if they feel that Islam is dangerous to them and will not improve their lives in any way. Muslims stick together, because, it’s all they know. Blacks vote democrat because, it’s all they know, and they fear going with the unknown.

  • Child rape victim comes forward for the first time in 40 yrs to call Hillary Clinton a 'liar'

    09/29/2016 6:44:04 PM PDT · 17 of 47
    adorno to NoLibZone

    For the next debate, Trump should invite Kathy and Juanita and Jennifer (Flowers) to sit in the audience. Every time Hillary raises the issue of Trump being anti-women or sexist, all of those ladies should stand up, without saying anything. Body language should be enough.

  • BLM Leader Batters Girlfriend for not Aborting Baby

    09/28/2016 7:55:38 PM PDT · 10 of 11
    adorno to grundle

    A “community activist”?

    Wasn’t that Obama’s prior career? Must be related. Obama could probably relate to him as “bro”.

    The batterer is not as bad as Obama. The batterer didn’t kill the unborn baby, while Obama kills them inside the womb and outside.

  • Ohio HONOR KILLING: Muslim Father Shoots Daughter in the Head — Twice While She Slept

    09/28/2016 7:48:24 PM PDT · 17 of 106
    adorno to Rusty0604

    The daughter had a “medical condition”, but the father has something much worse, and it’s the mental condition of being Muslim.

    Give me a diabetic every time.

  • Proof Hillary Clinton's Corrupt, crookedness @ debate stage, worse than "Watergate" Podium Gate

    09/28/2016 7:10:02 PM PDT · 18 of 56
    adorno to Just mythoughts

    That’s kinda like I saw it; see post #16 from me. She was kind of “robotic” at times.

  • Proof Hillary Clinton's Corrupt, crookedness @ debate stage, worse than "Watergate" Podium Gate

    09/28/2016 7:07:00 PM PDT · 16 of 56
    adorno to Red Steel

    At 21:20 & 41:10, Hillary seems a little bit lost with “her answers”, and somewhat hesitant about what she’s going to be saying next within her responses. It’s as if she’s “waiting” for what’s being fed to her.

    I could be imagining things, but that’s how I saw it in the live debate, and I made it a point to jot down the places where she did seem lost and making things up as she went, or just waiting for someone to feed her what she needed.

  • Trump did not lose the debate (vanity)

    09/27/2016 5:19:59 AM PDT · 67 of 87
    adorno to God luvs America

    Here’s a killer line that Trump left behind (didn’t react to Hillary appropriately):

    When Hillary said that she was doing debate prep, and added that she was also preparing to be president of the U.S., Trump should have answered with:

    “You’re going to tell me that a few days of prepping for a debate, is also going to prepare you for the presidency, even after YOUR 30 years of failure?”

    “So, you’re admitting that you were a failure in all of those 30 years in public life, including Senator and SOC and first lady, and you believe that you can undo all of those years of failure by doing a few days of “prepping for the presidency”?

  • Popular Radio Host Michael Savage Broadcast Shut Down Nationwide as He Discusses Clinton’s Health…

    09/26/2016 5:14:19 PM PDT · 150 of 256
    adorno to BykrBayb

    I see it this way:

    My daughter has twin daughters, 4 year-old twins (not identical). As far as the whole family is concerned, she has the right to see those 2 little girls grow up to have good/great careers, and marry and have their own children, which would be my daughter’s grandchildren.

    My daughter is only 35 years old, and her daughters are her pride-and-joy. Yeah, cancer doesn’t understand age, and it doesn’t understand family, but, she’s still “my little girl” and my granddaughters are also “my pride-and-joy”.

    Cancer’s other name is “hell”!