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  • Stores use artificial intelligence to catch shoplifters

    04/24/2018 4:24:16 PM PDT · 13 of 16
    adorno to simpson96

    The answer to shoplifting?

    Take orders from the homes, and have the stores deliver to the homes.

    Amazon and Wal-mart are doing this already. Perhaps expanding it to everybody will be the only way to prevent shoplifting altogether.

    Walmart and Amazon (and others) will have to figure out a way to prevent “return of goods”, since they can be spoiled by the time they’re returned.

  • TV commercials that drive you nuts

    04/24/2018 4:07:25 PM PDT · 227 of 292
    adorno to Hugin

    There has never been a commercial more annoying than those we are inundated with during political campaigns. I’m of the opinion that, Hillary’s ads attacking Trump turned everybody off. But, all political ads are super-annoying and insulting to our intelligence.

  • TV commercials that drive you nuts

    04/24/2018 4:04:09 PM PDT · 224 of 292
    adorno to KamperKen
    I quit watching TV in 1978. I recommend everyone else do the same.

    Too later for that. 1978 is already past.
  • Comey book sells more than 600,000 copies in first week

    04/24/2018 3:56:13 PM PDT · 56 of 62
    adorno to Oldeconomybuyer

    Harry Potter, another book of fantasy, sold more. Comey needs to learn how to write better fiction. Perhaps J.K. Rowling can give him some pointers.

  • 13 semis line Detroit freeway to help man considering suicide

    04/24/2018 3:54:09 PM PDT · 22 of 28
    adorno to mowowie

    Those truckers better be ready for the call from cops, when democrats all over the country fail go gain ground in congressional and senatorial races. The liberal lunatics will be jumping off bridges and tall buildings all over the country.

    I will be even worse in 2020, when Trump wins another 4 years. Not enough trucks to meed the demand then.

  • Kanye and Candace: The Redpilling of Black America and The Rise of Free Thinking

    04/24/2018 3:48:10 PM PDT · 9 of 9
    adorno to davikkm

    I’m very skeptical and leery of some of these “woke” celebrities.

    I’m expecting that, any minute, Roseanne and Kanye will come out and say, “just kidding!”.

  • NFL being removed from major cable company’s most popular package

    04/24/2018 3:45:10 PM PDT · 69 of 85
    adorno to RedMonqey
    NFL being removed from major cable company’s most popular package

    Comcast should be branded as racist and boycotted. After all, most NFL players are black, and Kneepernick is black, and it's Kneepernick that caused the NFL ratings to drop. So, Comcast will be doing more harm to the black players and will be moving them to a lesser viewed package. So, Comcast is being racist by indirectly reacting to Kneepernick's actions.

    Boycott the hell out of the racist Commiecast.
  • Ohio Woman Sentenced for Swapping Urine Samples

    04/24/2018 10:55:13 AM PDT · 24 of 34
    adorno to Morgana

    The judge said is was “fake urine”, but the problem is, it’s REAL urine from somebody else.

  • Democrat desperation reaches its zenith

    04/24/2018 10:50:50 AM PDT · 10 of 19
    adorno to Starman417

    If Tom Perez were a citizen of a South American country, he would have risen to become another Castro or Chavez or Maduro.

    He is that radical, and perhaps even more. Luckily for the U.S., we still have a constitution and a bill-of-rights that have kept people like Perez, and even Obama, from becoming all-powerful and tyrannical.

    Give them time, and with the slow destruction of our rights, which they’re very intent on undoing, the U.S. will eventually dissolve and split and become a bunch of third-world dictatorships.

    Our worst enemy right now, is not Russia or Iran or N. Korea; it’s the democratic party.

  • Lethal Weapon on Verge of Cancellation Due to Clayne Crawford's Behavior

    04/23/2018 4:39:28 PM PDT · 27 of 29
    adorno to EdnaMode
    ...recasting Clayne’s Martin Riggs role — possibly with a female

    A female?

    Is Caitlyn Jenner available? People would get a "twofer". Win/win? ;)
  • Shania Twain Explains Her Trump Comments(Wha wha wha)

    04/23/2018 9:49:31 AM PDT · 17 of 35
    adorno to rktman

    I’m pretty sure that apologies such as that from Shania are a necessity for their careers, though it likely was not a heartfelt apology. She still would have the same thoughts about Trump, and she probably should have kept her mouth shut to begin with, just like all singers and actors and celebrities should too.

  • The "Open Question" On Vaccines and Autism

    04/22/2018 8:21:07 AM PDT · 21 of 93
    adorno to taxcontrol
    Who controls the citizen’s health care? The government or the citizen?

    The answer is pretty simple.

    Most people without adequate assets to handle and pay for their own medical needs, will grudgingly and knowingly accept government control over their medical needs. Unfortunately, most medical procedures and medicines are out of the reach of the common folk. The costs are way beyond what most people can afford, so, most people look for the easy way out, be that an employer provided healthcare plan, or the government-provided options.

    Problem for most people is that, no matter what option they choose, the costs will still be outrageous. Obamacare made things much worse than they used to be, and employer-provided options are still swallowing a huge amount of people's paychecks.

    There is no easy and clear answer to the question, and there are no easily affordable options for most people.

    So, most people will go with whatever is the more affordable options, which are not so great and not so afforable.
  • Chick-fil-A and the Christian Infiltration

    04/22/2018 8:01:51 AM PDT · 15 of 50
    adorno to MtnClimber

    This is affirmation of the leftist leaders’ narrative about how people are not smart enough to make their own decisions, and so, the leftist newspapers and leftist leaders will try to make the decisions for those ignorant masses. Chic-fil-A has to be shown to be the worst kind of conservative evil around. How dare they bring religious beliefs into the restaurant business and to their “cleansed” city streets?

    Thre’s a revolution going on, and the leftists need to lose this war and shown the way out of the country. Religion is not the enemy; the enemy are those that want to control every thought process of the population.

  • Deaf and partially blind dog stayed by side of 3-year-old girl lost in bush

    04/21/2018 7:09:46 PM PDT · 46 of 56
    adorno to piasa
    Birds have slaves

    I don't know how smart birds are, but, I'm kinda thinking that, it's either smarts or dang good instincts that have them working hard to defend their kind... for example....

    A baby bird fell off his nest from disturbances caused by landscaping people at the house next to mine. The baby bird actually fell onto my front yard

    I didn't know what my 12 pound dog was barking at, the first time I walked him past some Spanish moss and he went to investigate. 3 birds swooped in on my dog and tried to scare him away, and my dog would not budge. So, I pulled him back into the house and thought nothing more of it. I had also noticed that the birds chased away a cat that had also been curious.

    Several hours later, I walked my dog again, and after he was done doing his thing, he immediately went to the same area and started barking again at something under the Spanish moss. The birds swooped in again, trying to scare my dog away, and he still wouldn't budge. I called my wife out to see what our dog was barking at, and she got close enough to notice the baby bird on the ground, slightly covered by that Spanish moss. We figured that the baby bird would survive on its own, especially with the parents defending him and actually bringing him food.

    But, our dog would not stop barking at the spot where the baby bird was at, and he actually barked more when he saw the baby bird patents stopping by and bringing food to the baby.

    So, some guilt came over me after noting that it was getting dark and the baby bird might not survive the night. So, me and my wife went out to try to help the baby bird, and I approached slowly so as not to spook the baby bird or the parents.

    To my surprise, the parents did not try to attack me, and I actually saw 2 of them watching me as I approached the baby bird. It's like they knew that I didn't mean any harm to their baby. I picked up the baby and put it in a box. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but, my daughter, who is a vet, suggested that I take the baby to the nearest overnight vet hospital.

    So, we drove 1/2 hour to the hospital for care and feeding, and they said they would turn it over to the wildlife care people the next day.

    The next morning, we saw the baby's parents looking under the Spanish moss, and they did that for about an hour before they gave up. I felt guilty then too, for taking their baby away. But, my admiration for their parenting was elevated to levels which I previously attribute to humans and other higher species.

    I do wish that there was a way that I could have returned the baby to its parents.

    BTW, that baby bird would not leave the palm of my hand once I picked it up, and it was making eye contact with me the entire trip to the hospital, and I almost decided to adopt it, but I felt that it would be better off in the wild.
  • Bernie Sanders: ‘Trump Agenda Is Dead’ if Democrats Win Majority in 2018

    04/21/2018 6:37:23 PM PDT · 50 of 56
    adorno to davikkm

    Sounds like Bernie is doing the campaign ads for republicans in 2018.

  • Nobel Peace Prize for President Trump?

    04/21/2018 12:32:05 PM PDT · 68 of 109
    adorno to Kaslin

    Trump should accept the Nobel Peace prize, and offer it to Obama, saying: “Here, you want another one of these? They’re worthless and meaningless, and lost their value when you got one for nothing”.

    In any case, democrats better hurry up and impeach Trump before anybody even thinks of nominating him for any Nobel prize.

  • Shopping Tip: Walmart Gets Competitive With Great Deal (No Need to go to Store)

    04/21/2018 12:13:54 PM PDT · 48 of 61
    adorno to peggybac
    I have not tried Aldi’s yet.

    Aldi's has taken all my family's shopping away from Winn-Dixie (before they started closing stores), and from Publix, and from all of our other local grocery stores. We hardly ever shop for any food items at WalMart, because, Alsi's generally has lower prices. No online shopping (yet), but prices can't be beat by any store anywhere around us. They don't necessarily have the lowest prices on everything, but close enough. Now, there's another "discount" store that just opened close to us (Fresco, and it carries a lot of Hispanic/Spanish products), and that one took up the space vacated by a Winn-Dixie. Good to have choices, especially when they know they have to be competitive.
  • [MI]Republican Senate Candidate Questions Trump’s Wealth, Says He Speaks Like A Fourth Grader

    04/21/2018 11:40:36 AM PDT · 15 of 64
    adorno to Republican Wildcat

    He bashes Trump for speaking like a fourth-grader, but he is willing to make a kindergarten-level mistake of throwing millions down the toilet by bashing the president. Not smart at all. I’d prefer a fourth grader who knows how to win than somebody that pisses away his changes from the beginning.

    A new candidate needed to run in Michigan for republicans. The current candidate is a dummy.

  • alert: comey to cancel book tour as doj investigates his illegal classified info?

    04/20/2018 8:12:12 PM PDT · 55 of 76
    adorno to Sybeck1

    Ill-gotten gains...

    Imagine that all of the earnings from the book and the book tour are considered criminally illegal, and he has to forfeit everything, and perhaps more from his own assets to pay for legal counsel.

    Those memos are all getting very expensive, for Comeny and the rest of the left-wing cabal that tried to undo the Trump presidency.

  • alert: comey to cancel book tour as doj investigates his illegal classified info?

    04/20/2018 8:12:11 PM PDT · 54 of 76
    adorno to Sybeck1

    Ill-gotten gains...

    Imagine that all of the earnings from the book and the book tour are considered criminally illegal, and he has to forfeit everything, and perhaps more from his own assets to pay for legal counsel.

    Those memos are all getting very expensive, for Comeny and the rest of the left-wing cabal that tried to undo the Trump presidency.