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  • Justice Department Says Poor Can't Be Held When They Can't Afford Bail

    08/20/2016 7:32:35 PM PDT · 28 of 94
    adorno to Enlightened1

    Then, to make things equal, nobody gets bail.

    Let’s see what happens then.

    Can anybody say, “jail overcrowding”? At that point, it should be the government that pays for the added costs of jails and prisons and additional staff for jails/prisons and courts.

  • Pro-Clinton Group 'Correct The Record' President: Trump's Appeal To Black Voters Is "Outrageous

    08/19/2016 6:00:12 AM PDT · 18 of 32
    adorno to ctdonath2
    Well, that was incoherent.

    One must remember who the speaker is speaking to. The democrat voters understand "incoherent", and it's about Trump: bad; republicans: bad; blacks: victims; whites: slave owners; rich: taking what belongs to blacks and to the poor; the poor: more victims of the rich and oil.

    IOW, democrat voters don't care anymore about the truth; they've been indoctrinated from early school to the present, and they no longer understand "logic" and common sense.
  • The edge of the universe is closer than we thought...320 million light years smaller

    08/17/2016 5:48:51 AM PDT · 6 of 96
    adorno to dirtboy

    The universe shrinking?

    Must be universal melting, caused by global warming, of course.

  • Major drama at Newsmax when host calls out network LIVE for not letting him defend Trump

    08/11/2016 8:28:36 PM PDT · 77 of 77
    adorno to Celerity

    I’ve not forgotten your response.

    I’ve been a bit busy doing a bit of renovation on my house.

    I will get back to you by private mail.

  • Major drama at Newsmax when host calls out network LIVE for not letting him defend Trump

    08/11/2016 10:50:56 AM PDT · 65 of 77
    adorno to Celerity

    I was working on an idea a few years ago, and which I’m willing to revive.

    Telling the truth is critical to the country. However, in order to understand the truth, the lies and demagoguery must also be presented, in order to combat them with the truth.

    Rush does a good job of presenting the facts, but after allowing the lies to be heard from the horses’ mouths.

    I’m not looking at creating a republican or conservative or liberal or libertarian “news site” or media organization. My idea is to allow all voices to be heard, and to then allow the people to see all sides, equally. From then on, the people should have a much better understanding of where the facts lie.

    BTW, my idea was to include news and information from all media, organized by categories and media sources and author/writers and subjects and dates and regions/states/countries, etc. Then, people would be allowed to express their views, by being linked to various/many discussion sites. My idea would also allow for content creation, where writers/authors could create their own articles, which articles would be maintained within the site, but made available to the world for consumption. Users could be any one, with no membership required. Only approved media sources and writers would be required to be members of the site. Even the ‘external’ media writers/sources would be required to be members.

    Organization would be such that, all news and information would be matched by corresponding opposite opinions or stories, depending on the need.

    After a while news sources would get “labeled” by the cumulative opinions of the users, as either liberal or conservative or neutral or whatever; that would eventually let people know from which angle the news and information is being presented, or being skewed.

    It’s a complicated/complex process, but, it can be done, and the biases left-wing media would not be able to get away with their junk anymore (hopefully).

  • Obama Has Collected $19,966,110,000,000 in Taxes; Incurred $8,795,689,333,049 in Debt

    08/10/2016 8:10:41 PM PDT · 12 of 21
    adorno to Olog-hai

    Obama’s view is that,

    There are plenty more taxes to collect,


    there’s plenty more debt to incur.

    All for the common good.

    Never mind that the death of the U.S. is not for the common good.

    Our enemies never had a bigger friend in the White House. As the U.S. gets destroyed, our enemies get stronger.

    Hmmmmm.... sounds like Obama’s plan is working.

  • Simone Biles is busy seeking gold, but still manages to make Mass

    08/07/2016 6:48:34 PM PDT · 18 of 19
    adorno to NYer

    Psst! Hey, FReepers!

    You’re conservatives, and, according to the media and democrats, we are racists, and we hate Blacks. So, what the heck are you/we doing focusing on a Black girl, praising her, and even calling her ‘cute’?

    This might be very confusing to Blacks and democrats and the media, and the real racists in the country.

  • The Problem With Polls

    08/05/2016 10:51:30 AM PDT · 31 of 34
    adorno to MinorityRepublican

    The problem with the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION SEASON, is that there is way too much time between the conventions and the actual debates before the election.

    That gives the media and the pundits and the poll-takers far too much time to demagogue and lie and cheat and create a lot of falsehoods about the candidates.

    Right after the conventions, after waiting perhaps a week or so, the debates should begin. Then, after the idiotic and mostly false campaign bounces, the people can start to hear about the real issues that matter and where the candidates stand on all of them.

    This poll-taking is meant to mislead and to try to make things happen that would not happen otherwise, if the people were actually getting informed about the issues and candidates.

  • Remembering the biggest mass murder in the history of the world

    08/03/2016 7:49:46 PM PDT · 32 of 42
    adorno to grundle

    45 million? Expendable.

    What’s 45 million in a country of over a billion?

    Besides, getting rid of the 45 million, was for the greater good of those left behind.

    Anyhow, I’m pretty sure that the massive 45 million of Mao, are small potatoes compared to the number of people who have died as a result of all the chaos and mayhem and wars and terror acts, that have been caused in the last 1400 years, by that religion of peace, Islam.

  • Venezuelan Government: You Are To Leave Your Jobs For 60 Days To Work In the Fields

    08/02/2016 6:11:26 PM PDT · 30 of 36
    adorno to Roman_War_Criminal

    Liberals in the U.S. are undaunted. They’ll be in denial forever, saying that, the Venezuelans are doing it wrong (socialism , that is). So, they’ll be slowly doing the socialism thing in the U.S., until it resembles Venezuela. But first, they have to make sure that the republican party becomes irrelevant, so, they (democrats) need to bring in as many “new” voters from other countries as possible, to make voting irrelevant after democrats get enough “new democrats” to make themselves vote-proof.

  • Watch Greta tonite. She said Gold Star Families should be off limits (vanity)

    08/01/2016 8:31:27 PM PDT · 58 of 72
    adorno to RoosterRedux

    Democrats say, “yes we Khan”,

    and Greta tells us, “no we Khan’t”.

    Anyhow: Hey, Greta!, everybody that enters a campaign to assist a candidate, is always fair game.

  • Bill Maher: Hillary Clinton Must Embrace The Role Of ‘Super Villain’

    07/31/2016 7:51:53 PM PDT · 28 of 44
    adorno to drewh

    Super Villain?

    Liar-In-Chief would be just as good.

    Or, “It takes a villain”?

  • Hillary Picks ‘Boring’ Senator Tim Kaine as Veep

    07/22/2016 7:57:10 PM PDT · 66 of 137
    adorno to Helicondelta

    Kaine is a simple attempt at bringing balance to the democratic ticket.

    Hillary needed a ‘non-criminal’ (as far as we know) to balance her criminal side.

  • This Bill Could Automatically Register 50 Million People To Vote

    07/16/2016 7:01:03 PM PDT · 27 of 33
    adorno to Libloather

    The one law that I’m expecting for democrats to introduce in the not-too-distant future, is one where the whole world, all 7 billion+, are made eligible to vote.

    The democrats’ rationalization will be something like, “we are, after all, the ‘sole’ superpower, and everything we do does affect the rest of the world, so, the whole world is entitled to vote for the U.S. President”.

  • Tesla CEO says he's working on another secret 'masterplan'

    07/10/2016 7:43:06 PM PDT · 24 of 27
    adorno to Secret Agent Man
    I will not own a self driving car.

    You may not have to own that self-driving car. In fact, nobody will have to own self-driving cars. Car ownership, by individuals, will be a thing of the past.
  • Tesla CEO says he's working on another secret 'masterplan'

    07/10/2016 7:38:57 PM PDT · 23 of 27
    adorno to Celerity
    Cars get dirty.

    And those cameras are right at the maximum dirt level.

    I think you might have touched on what Musk's Secret Master Plan for Tesla is...

    The plan being to create self-cleaning cars, which will also clean the cameras.

    Musk is such a genius!
  • The Obama Contamination

    07/10/2016 7:04:48 PM PDT · 14 of 18
    adorno to Kaslin

    Obama is as scandal-free, as was Mohammed.

  • How the World Fell Out of Love with Obama

    07/10/2016 5:36:55 PM PDT · 74 of 92
    adorno to RoosterRedux
    The rest of the world fell as hard for Barack Obama as Americans did.

    When you start out with a false premise, the rest of the article ain't worth a 'sheat', therefore, not worth reading.
  • Hillary: ‘I’m Going To Be Talking To White People,’

    07/08/2016 8:17:37 PM PDT · 54 of 267
    adorno to Helicondelta
    I think we’re the ones who have to start listening to the legitimate cries that are coming from our African-American fellow citizens

    With that kind of thinking and policy, she's angling to become the "first Black female" president in history. Bill (her husband) was, after all, the "first Black president", so she's looking for a similar 'honor'.
  • Chicago crosses 2,000 shooting victims this year

    07/07/2016 4:37:38 PM PDT · 17 of 40
    adorno to SoFloFreeper
    So far in 2016, 2,000 people have been victims of gun violence. In all of last year, 2,988 people were victims of gun violence, according to records kept by The Chicago Tribune.

    The most amazing thing is happening in Chicago, where "guns are committing violence".

    Those guns must be capable of picking themselves up, and hunting down people. Apparently, the people have nothing to do with "gun violence". The people are just "victims of gun violence".
  • Reports Of Russia Readying Bombshell Data Dump Of Bulk Clinton Emails - Can Putin Save America

    07/06/2016 7:52:25 PM PDT · 29 of 109
    adorno to Signalman

    Comey did say in his report/briefing to America, that, it’s quite possible that Hillary’s e-mail server had been hacked.

    Something tells me that he knows a lot more than what he did divulge, and one of those things is that, he does know that Hillary’s e-mails were hacked. So, he could be playing it coy, with the expectation that, sooner or later, some hacker country will disclose a lot about Hillary’s e-mails.

  • Tesla Model X crashes and rolls in Autopilot mode

    07/06/2016 7:09:29 PM PDT · 62 of 73
    adorno to EVO X

    Look for insurance on Tesla self-driving vehicles to go up to $132,000 per year, and bodily injury to be separate, at another $20,000 per year.

    Tesla will have to provide auto insurance on their self-driving vehicles, otherwise, the auto insurance companies will make owning and driving those vehicles, completely impractical.

  • What Does Obama Have on Comey?

    07/06/2016 1:37:37 PM PDT · 10 of 53
    adorno to ChinaGotTheGoodsOnClinton

    The only thing that comes to mind, is “FEAR”

    Think about it...

    Obama and the democrats, all sold Comey on the fear factor. The fear factor being that, if he recommended bringing charges to Hillary, that Hillary’s campaign would be forced to end, and if that happened, that Comey would be accused of bringing down the democrats’ presidential candidate, and would furthermore be accused of deciding the election by leaving the door wide open for an easy victory by Trump against whoever replaced Hillary as the candidate.

    Being forever known as the person who brought down Hillary and the democrats’ only hope to win the presidency, and the democrats were not going to let Comey get away with it.

  • Senator Admits The FBI Is "About To Ask Putin For His Copies Of Hillary's Emails"

    07/03/2016 10:56:31 AM PDT · 11 of 46
    adorno to Zakeet
    It is well known that the FBI still does not have roughly 30,000 emails that Hillary Clinton deleted from her private server due to Clinton categorizing them as personal and not work related. We have also reported that Russia may be in possession of those emails, and according to Judge Andrew Napolitano, there is a debate going on in the Kremlin about whether or not to release them.

    Whatever Putin has on Hillary, will not be divulged until the election is over. If Hillary ends up being the president, then, all hell could break lose, because, then would be the ideal time for Putin to use the e-mails to blackmail her.

    So, don't expect Putin to do anything until after the election, and then, she'll either have to resign or she will be blackmailed with very damaging disclosures about how she used the government to enrich herself and her hubby.
  • No, Loretta Lynch Is Not ‘Recusing Herself’ from Emailgate

    07/01/2016 9:37:32 AM PDT · 65 of 69
    adorno to advertising guy

    So, exactly what did she tell us that doesn’t indicate crookedness on her part? Her bias and the “unexpected meeting with Bill” and her recusal are all planned, and that’s what I was talking about.

  • No, Loretta Lynch Is Not ‘Recusing Herself’ from Emailgate

    07/01/2016 8:35:55 AM PDT · 39 of 69
    adorno to Behind Liberal Lines

    Here’s the deal...

    Bill didn’t just walk in on the AG in her plane.

    It was planned. The fix is in.

    The marching orders have/had been issued about how Obama and Lynch would rule on the results of the FBI investigation. The only thing remaining would be about how to go about making it look like neither Lynch nor Obama had anything to do with the orders to the FBI. The Justice Dept. already has its orders to make it look like the e-mails are not a big concern. The only thing left to do, is to get AG Lynch excused from the already made decisions. So, an “unexpected appearance” by Bill in her plane would make it seem “inappropriate” for Lynch to further involved herself in the e-mail scandal/investigation.

    Lynch and Bill are in cahoots in the coverup that is coming with the e-mail scandal and violations of law. We are being duped into believing that Lynch is doing the “honorable thing” with her recusal, but it’s all part of the plan to let Hillary off the hook, just in time for the Democratic party’s convention and the start of the fall campaign for the presidency.

    But, we “dummies” (especially the democratic party’s voters) will believe anything.

  • The Murky Ethics of Driverless Cars

    06/25/2016 8:02:55 PM PDT · 8 of 32
    adorno to Wolfie
    I'm just wondering who is liable in an accident involving a driverless car.

    Since the "rider" in the car will not have been driving, then, he or she will not be liable for any accident. The owner of the insurance will have to be the maker of the vehicle, or the creator of the software/hardware that went into making the vehicle "autonomous". So, the insurance will be carried by the maker and/or creator of the software/hardware.

    Furthermore, chances are that, autonomous vehicles will not be owned by "owners" or consumers or businesses. Why own the vehicle if you can just summon a ride from a driverless car that will be owned by an "autonomous fleet vehicle operator"?
  • EU referendum: pound plunges after strong Brexit vote leaves UK on knife-edge (LEAVE 12 pt. lead)

    06/23/2016 7:43:41 PM PDT · 25 of 143
    adorno to GilGil

    BREXIT? I like that term.

    Here in the U.S., we need a few similar terms....



    and a few more.

    Or, we can do it in reverse for kicking out some of our least wanted states, like...


    and a few more undesirable states.

  • Kerry: ‘Zero Evidence’ Refugees Making It Through US Screening Pose Greater Risk Than Other Groups

    06/21/2016 8:20:11 PM PDT · 39 of 63
    adorno to Mr. Mojo
    “Preventing any group from entering the United States solely because of their race, or because of their nationality, or because of a religious affiliation is directly contrary to the very ideals on which our country is based,” he said.

    Race? No problem.

    Nationality? Not really a problem, except that, they need to be in the country LEGALLY, with proper papers and not overstay their welcome.

    Religious affiliation? That's the problem.


    The Muslim religion is a big problem. In fact, it's not a religion, but a set of rules for governing and controlling what people do with their lives. It's a violent religion. Even if the majority of Muslims were to be "peaceful", there would still be a great percentage of them that would be in the U.S. with their ideology and religion as their guides, and that is the problem. The "radical" element of the Muslim "religion", will always feel that they must obey the commands in their "holy" book to kill the "infidels", with the infidels being the whole of the U.S.

    Muslims are, by definition, anti-American, and anti-peace, and believe that murdering people is sanctioned within their "bible".

    In order for Muslims to be allowed in the country, liberals need to whitewash the entirety of the murderous ideology within the religion. Kerry is whitewashing the murderous and aggressive history of the Muslim religion, and is lying to the whole country.
  • The Future Is Here

    06/08/2016 7:15:24 PM PDT · 73 of 156
    adorno to SamAdams76

    We’re all going to be couch potatoes, with computers and robots doing everything for us.

    IOW, the method for extinction of the human race is almost upon us.

    Even Uber will be a thing of the past, since, our computer and robot overlords will do all of our errands, after they figure out what our needs are.

    We’ll finally have 0% unemployment, since, nobody will need to be working, and only those working will be counted in the employment figures, but, since people will cease to look work, they will all not be counted.

    I don’t think I’ll be around to enjoy “our” new future (unless somebody or some computer figures out how to stop aging), but those left behind will be happy with their Utopia.

  • Obama: 'I am worried about the Republican Party'

    06/08/2016 7:07:23 PM PDT · 22 of 60
    adorno to Innovative

    That’s equivalent to ISIS saying that they feel bad for the American people.

  • Tied in heat all day, angry camel severs owner’s head

    05/23/2016 8:10:21 PM PDT · 23 of 60
    adorno to Tilted Irish Kilt

    Another beheading in the middle-east.

    Was the camel Muslim?

  • VA secretary: Disney doesn´t measure wait times, so why should VA?

    05/23/2016 10:18:32 AM PDT · 91 of 121
    adorno to Nachum

    With democrats, affirmative action and tolerance, includes insuring that the idiots and morons, get jobs they don’t deserve. As long as they follow liberal politics, anything goes. Stupidity and ignorance are the basic requirements for being a democrat.

  • Love in the time of climate change: Grizzlies and polar bears are now mating

    05/23/2016 10:12:04 AM PDT · 51 of 90
    adorno to PROCON
    Grizzlies and polar bears are now mating

    Was bound to happen.

    Interspecies sex is a direct result of what happens when the habitats of the polar bears and grizzlies can no longer sustain their numbers. Thus, interspecies sex is natures way of coping with the problem. Darwin wrote about that. I think. Or maybe not. But, for certain, the warmists will attribute this abomination of interspecies sex to global warming.
  • Swarms of Octopus Are Taking Over the Oceans

    05/23/2016 9:56:37 AM PDT · 13 of 60
    adorno to BenLurkin
    Swarms of Octopus Are Taking Over the Oceans

    No doubt, global warming at work.

    The warmists will propose that, reducing the number of octopi will reduce the warming. Good science at work. ;)
  • Dissent Must Be Silenced

    05/17/2016 8:21:18 PM PDT · 21 of 25
    adorno to MtnClimber
    There is a conspiracy afoot to shield Americans from the truth about climate change

    There is a pattern, which at least half the U.S. population refuses to recognize.

    Ben Rhodes admitted that it was alright for the Obama administration to lie to the American public regarding the Iran treaty. Since republicans fear challenging the democrats and Obama, then, a lot more lying is perfectly acceptable. It's why Hillary is running for president, since, she believes that most people won't have heard or her thousands of lies, and the complicit media will cover for her and the liberals.

    If only there was a law to punish liars when they were/are caught red-handed.
  • Bullet lodges in Florida man's testicles after wife shoots him, deputies say

    04/07/2016 8:10:33 PM PDT · 13 of 66
    adorno to Tolerance Sucks Rocks
    "Bullet lodges in Florida man's testicles"

    I didn't know they made kevlar jackets for 'down there'.

    Anyhow, Superman has nothing on this man.
  • Climate-change models wrong on predicting rain, drought extremes: study

    04/07/2016 7:56:47 PM PDT · 8 of 19
    adorno to Nachum

    All of those right-wing republican deniers can’t just go back and “unsettle” the “settled” science of global warming. When something has been “settled”, there can be no future arguments against that truth, even if there might be some new facts that would put the science in doubt. Besides, 97% of scientists agree that global warming is real. The 3% that don’t agree are just liars and deniers. Global Warming science is perfect and undeniable. Ask Obama about how that works.

  • Millionaires are leaving Chicago, report says

    04/07/2016 9:21:20 AM PDT · 23 of 25
    adorno to markomalley
    Millionaires are leaving Chicago, report says

    Chicago, New York, New Jersey, California, and all the other liberal states, are the biggest jobs and wealth creators in the country. Problem is that, they're creating those jobs and wealth in other states that they move to. However, it's not a problem for the states that they move into, except for the other problem they bring with them, and that's their liberal voting record.
  • 106% of democrat votes in Florida counted

    03/20/2016 8:21:02 PM PDT · 27 of 63
    adorno to Mechanicos
    106% of democrat votes in Florida counted

    Elections are the only jobs at which democrats actually work harder than republicans. They keep coming back, for more of the same, over and over and ...
  • Should California's Votes be Disqualified Since They are Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote?

    03/19/2016 8:20:47 PM PDT · 48 of 115
    adorno to akalinin

    That wall that Trump wants to build, will have to cover all California too. California is like a foreign country. Therefore, California’s votes should not be counted in national elections, and they should not have representation in congress.

  • Yellowstone super volcano 'could erupt in 2016' and wipe out the Earth

    02/24/2016 5:11:22 PM PST · 87 of 123
    adorno to Nachum

    Obama will find a way to blame in on Bush, like everything else.

  • The real reason President Barack Obama is going to Cuba

    02/18/2016 4:21:02 PM PST · 42 of 46
    adorno to Marcus

    The real reason Obama is going to Cuba, is that, he’s shopping for a site to build his presidential library, and what better place than the countries that love him the most? Other possible sites could include Venezuela and Iran. Those countries would be more welcoming to his library and legacy, than any place in the U.S.


    02/18/2016 4:15:09 PM PST · 20 of 30
    adorno to 11th_VA

    Donald should make a political commercial, where he stands next to the Vatican wall, and says to the pope, “Pope Francis: Tear down this wall!!!!”.

    It doesn’t have to be a real wall and he doesn’t have to go to Rome to do the commercial. A makeshift wall, sort of like Obama’s Greek columns, could be used.

  • Judge Cinderela Guevara: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    02/16/2016 7:30:40 PM PST · 77 of 80
    adorno to Responsibility2nd
    Cinderela. Didn’t even spell it right!

    In Spanish, spelling it "Cinderella" would have the Spanish-speaking people pronouncing it as "Cindereya" ("ya", like in "ya, man". The double "l" would not be necessary; just one "l" would get people to pronounce it like it sounds in English.
  • Apple MacBooks surpass 10% market share in worldwide notebook market

    02/16/2016 6:46:34 PM PST · 12 of 14
    adorno to The Truth Will Make You Free
    Since people tend to keep Macs longer,

    Actually, no. Macs may be premiums devices, which cost more, but, that doesn't mean that Mac owners will keep their devices longer. In fact, Macs may have shorter "keep spans", since, Mac OSes tend to become obsolete after about 3-5 years and the corresponding devices become unsupported. The devices may still continue working with the older OSX versions, but, how many Apple fanatics want to be seen with older tech? The Apple fanatics try to keep up with their neighbors and friends, and would not be caught dead in a Starbucks with an obsolete Mac device.

    that may be more like 15-20% of laptops in use.

    I'd expect the opposite, with Macs just making up some 5-7% of the overall market for installed and used "PCs". And that is the traditional market share for Macs in the laptop/desktop market.

    With Windows 10 being near spyware,

    It's no more spyware than Macs, and it's a lot less spyware than iPhones and iPads. Google and Apple operate by snooping in on everything people do with their devices. Apple and Google actually depend on snooping in on people's computing habits, in order to post advertising and sell stuff to people. Whereas, Microsoft just captures 'metadata', which they use to monitor how Windows 10 and other Microsoft software and services are being used, and to monitor for problems. Metadata is not 'content', and content is what Google and Apple depend on in order to enhance their earnings. That's a lot more spying than what Microsoft does.

    I'm pretty ready to drop 20 years of MS use.

    You're so full of it. You likely don't use Windows or Microsoft stuff, but you felt you needed to take the opportunity to bash Microsoft. No matter what you say or how you feel, Windows and Microsoft's office software and cloud operations, are still the most used and needed on the planet. Macs are only good when they are used to run Microsoft's stuff, including Windows.

    I even called my first business "Windows of a Opportunity". Now it's "Open Windows - we can know all about you."

    When you don't know what the heck you're talking about, you can call it 'Bullshit". So, how much more do you know about Windows 10 than Microsoft? How much 'real spying' is being done by Windows? Don't just talk about how Microsoft spies with Windows 10. Prove it with your own analysis, if you're so 'computer savvy'.
  • Donald Trump Backtracks on His Criticism of George W. Bush

    02/15/2016 8:04:52 PM PST · 22 of 76
    adorno to jessduntno

    Trump has been a democrat most of his life.

    Living in liberal NY, he most likely only heard the liberal line about how “Bush lied, people died”. If Trump had been around conservative circles, he would have heard a completely different view of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Trump had no idea that his attacks on Bush (Jr) would not be received as well away from the liberal land that he lived and worked in. Trump is still mostly a democrat, with perhaps a leaning towards capitalism.

  • Vanity--My Theory On Why Bernie Is Popular To Young White People

    02/15/2016 7:53:53 PM PST · 54 of 59
    adorno to conservatism_IS_compassion
    Although our modern socialists' promise of greater freedom is genuine and sincere

    Socialism has never been about 'freedom'. Socialism can only triumph when and where the mind is corrupted and damaged via indoctrination. Indoctrination is the opposite of a free mind.
  • Vanity--My Theory On Why Bernie Is Popular To Young White People

    02/15/2016 3:22:23 PM PST · 30 of 59
    adorno to AbolishCSEU

    Basically, they’re just young, dumb and naive, and easy pickings for the liberals and socialists. Without the young and naive, democrats would never win elections, so, democrats need to catch them early, while they’re still lacking knowledge and life experiences and wisdom. So, all that the democrats need to to is to make those young/dumb/naive feel special, while telling them that they make a difference and can change the world. Basically, it’s indoctrination of the young.

  • Urgent Calls Begin For Scalia Autopsy (Body embalmed already)

    02/14/2016 7:13:51 PM PST · 78 of 134
    adorno to DeathBeforeDishonor1

    Okay, this has been on my mind since yesterday, and I just have to let it out.

    Yeah, a conspiracy theory coming up...

    Obama is on his last year, and he needs something big for his ‘legacy’, and transforming the country was/is his biggest goal, and, what could be bigger than getting another liberal appointed to the SCOTUS. That would make transform SCOTUS to being liberal for a long time. Republicans might be able to undo Obamacare, but, undoing the makeup of the supreme court could take a generation or more.

    So, was Scalia taken out in order to give Obama one last chance? Did somebody put something in his drink or food?

    As we all know, to socialists and liberals and progressives, the end justifies the means; iow, progressives will do whatever it takes to get their way.

    I hate conspiracy theories, and I hope I’m wrong, but, the thought did enter my mind.