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  • Obama will be the only person sticking to Iran deal

    10/11/2015 9:38:54 AM PDT · 7 of 15
    adorno to wiggen
    “This is his biggest, if not the only, foreign policy success.”

    laughing so hard.

    One must remember that, to Obama, success is anything that makes the U.S. weaker in the world, especially against the Muslim world.
  • As UT prepares for campus carry, professor to leave 'out of self-protection'

    10/10/2015 6:58:35 PM PDT · 35 of 54
    adorno to Libloather

    What would Obama do?

    Oh, yeah, run and hide, and pretend that all things will be better if we just disarm and pretend that the bad guys won’t do bad things.

  • Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce (Tech Business Analysis)

    10/10/2015 3:40:03 PM PDT · 41 of 41
    adorno to tacticalogic
    Dude, the Surface Pros are tablets.

    What I meant to say was that, "but NO!!!, they jumped right into creating LAPTOPS too." in reference to the Surface Book.
  • Another Intelligence Failure?

    10/10/2015 8:21:04 AM PDT · 2 of 17
    adorno to darkwing104
    It’s likely the intelligence was buried by Obama loyalists in an effort to prevent bad information from reaching the President.

    The certainty is that, the bad intelligence did reach Obama and his aides and cabinet members, but, Obama was going to disregard it, since, his main mission from the beginning has been to get the U.S. out of any wars or conflicts, and to insure that he didn't start or get involved in new ones.

  • Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce (Tech Business Analysis)

    10/10/2015 8:08:50 AM PDT · 39 of 41
    adorno to tacticalogic

    Yes, a VR experience, but, with consumers involved, it could be modified and offered as an immersive TV and movie experience.

  • Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce (Tech Business Analysis)

    10/10/2015 8:07:50 AM PDT · 38 of 41
    adorno to tacticalogic

    The Surface devices division is already a profit center, and while it’s true that they wish to set standards and benchmarks for the OEMs to follow, I’m pretty sure that Microsoft is in the market to grow the Surface devices and make as much as possible. It will be like what Google does with their Nexus devices, but with the Surface devices, Microsoft can be a lot more profitable.

    With the lead they now hold in the 2-in-1 devices, it’s unlikely that MS will stop as just setting examples. It would be foolish of HS to not go for a huge increase in their market share of PCs. If setting examples was all there was to it, they could have stopped at just doing the Surface Pro devices, but NO!!!, they jumped right into creating tablets too. I’m pretty sure that Apple and Google and the Windows OEMs have taken notice, and that they had better step up their games, otherwise, MS could become the dominant player in the hardware division too, alongside them already being the leading software company on the planet.

  • Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce (Tech Business Analysis)

    10/08/2015 7:08:40 AM PDT · 32 of 41
    adorno to tacticalogic

    Then, imagine a Hololens TV set, where 3d is the standard, and surround sound is also standard, and where you get 360-degree viewing of a movie. YOu are not just watching a movie at that point; you become immersed and could be interacting with what you see.

  • Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce (Tech Business Analysis)

    10/08/2015 7:05:53 AM PDT · 31 of 41
    adorno to HamiltonJay

    What MS is aiming for with the Surface devices, is a decent number of sales that will keep it profitable and alive. But, mostly, MS has been designing and developing ideas via the Surface line that, hopefully, will lead the Windows OEMs to come out with a lot more desirable devices. Windows was not the problem with PCs. Microsoft was not the problem with PCs. The problem was that the OEMs were producing devices that could attract people to Windows.

    When it comes to ‘dirt cheap’ devices, the real fact is that, even those cheap devices were and are very capable, and can do most of all of the same stuff that an Apple Mac can do. Most consumers don’t need the $2,000-$3,000 PC to do whatever they need to do. Apple stuff is about status and showing off and bragging. There really is no need for super-expensive PCs, or even expensive tablets or expensive smartphones. For what the vast majority of people do with their devices, a $150 smartphone will do, and a $300-$800 PC will do. When even the cheap stuff lasts as long as the expensive stuff, and can basically do the same stuff, then, the higher prices are about status and bragging rights and being cool.

  • Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce (Tech Business Analysis)

    10/08/2015 6:56:22 AM PDT · 28 of 41
    adorno to dayglored
    A 'Windows-like' Linux distro was developed, and it failed miserably too.

    Imitating Windows is not what people want. People want Windows, with all of its bells and whistles and with the very familiar look and feel, and with the expectation that it will be supported 'forever'. Linux distros are geeky stuff, and not the stuff that most consumers look for. The only reason that Android (a stripped-down version of Linux) works, it's because, the OS is in the background and not even touched by the user, and most users won't even know that Android is a version of Linux. Now, if Linux on desktop had been developed from the beginning as something that people would never touch directly, then, perhaps we'd have a lot more Linus marketshare of the PC market.
  • Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce (Tech Business Analysis)

    10/08/2015 6:51:39 AM PDT · 26 of 41
    adorno to tacticalogic

    No doubt that Holo-lens will have many different applications. The Holo-TV will be one of them. ;)

  • Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce (Tech Business Analysis)

    10/08/2015 6:50:21 AM PDT · 25 of 41
    adorno to dayglored

    You fail to realize, or you fail to mention, that Microsoft was not in the business of doing the hardware side of PCs. Thus, most of the complaints regarding Windows, were the result of the hardware failures and driver failures, which to many users, were manifested through the OS.

    Now that Microsoft is involved with the hardware side too, the complaints about their hardware are few and minor. People blamed ALL problems on Windows when the majority of them were hardware-based and driver-based.

    Having said that, there is NOTHING that Apple has done with their hardware that wasn’t being done by one or more of the Windows OEMs. While some were poor quality, others were of very high-quality and even superior in quality to the Apple stuff. Fact is that, every PC that I ever owned, didn’t have hardware problems, no matter the brand. The quality of Apple stuff is mostly hype. The fanaticism for Apple stuff is real and not hype. No doubt, now that the Surface devices and the Lumia phones are of the same or better quality as the Apple stuff, the Apple fanatics will still feel loyal to their mother Apple, and continue purchasing the Apple stuff, even if it’s inferior stuff.

  • Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce (Tech Business Analysis)

    10/08/2015 6:24:51 AM PDT · 18 of 41
    adorno to tacticalogic

    BTW, watch for that Holo-TV to become reality in the not-too-distant future. Remember that I told you so.

  • Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce (Tech Business Analysis)

    10/08/2015 6:22:36 AM PDT · 17 of 41
    adorno to tacticalogic
    If I gave them the idea, how come you get the royalties?

    Because, I saw the idea within your comment. I also expanded on the idea, and gave some detail to it.

    I'll let you have 1% of my royalties, and you can to fishing. ;)

    BTW, I'm also the guy that MS stole the idea from for their hybrid Surface tablets and for their Continuum and their "one Windows everywhere and on every form-factor". I'm not certain the MS stole my ideas, but I find it interesting that, after I proposed the ideas in other discussion forums, that they appeared as finished products years later. I have another idea which could create another division for MS, and that too would, for certain, turn into another multi-billion dollar a year business for them. I'll keep that one for myself, for now, but I think it's something that's desperately needed in the news and information world.
  • Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce (Tech Business Analysis)

    10/08/2015 5:33:36 AM PDT · 16 of 41
    adorno to dayglored

    While no one disputes that Linux is a good OS, there is also no doubt that, it’s not ready for prime-time when it comes to the PC market, as demonstrated by the rejection of the OS by 99% of consumers for more than 20 years. But, keep trying; Linux might become the OS of choice after Windows and/or Microsoft drop dead, some 200 million years in the future.

  • Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce (Tech Business Analysis)

    10/08/2015 5:30:11 AM PDT · 14 of 41
    adorno to HamiltonJay
    The problem isn’t the hardware it’s that it’s stifled with windows as its OS.
    Yeah, the same OS which will be in over a billion PCs and other devices within 3 years. What a problem!!!

    It's also the same OS which OSX users need to install in order to get anything productive or value done. What a problem!!!
  • Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce (Tech Business Analysis)

    10/08/2015 5:27:55 AM PDT · 13 of 41
    adorno to tacticalogic
    And the HoloLens demo would consist of watching Apple TV while you drive.

    I suppose that's a possibility. The Apple fanatics are known to worship all things Apple, and so, I don't doubt that, as they're driving and trying to watch Apple TV at the same time, they might decide to stray a bit and use Hololens at the same time.

    But, you might have just given Microsoft an idea about including a TV watching experience in their Hololens. So, instead of the Hulu box or the Apple TV, a person would just put on their Hololens to watch Holo-TV. (MS, if you steal the idea, I want royalties).
  • Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce (Tech Business Analysis)

    10/08/2015 5:22:34 AM PDT · 12 of 41
    adorno to dayglored
    There are 20 times as many potential customers for the great new Surface products as there are for MacBooks and iPads.

    While true about the numbers, it's not true about the rabid fanaticism that exists around anything related to Apple.

    But, if the MS fan-base were to be as fanatical as the iZombies, then, Microsoft would have been a 2+ trillion dollar market cap company for many years.
  • Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce (Tech Business Analysis)

    10/07/2015 8:05:00 PM PDT · 3 of 41
    adorno to dayglored

    the only problem with all of the fantastic devices which MS unveiled Tuesday, is that, they don’t come with an Apple logon on them. With the Apple logo, the Surface Book would sell 20 million in a quarter, the Surface Pro 4 would sell 25 million in a quarter, and the Lumia 950/950XL would sell 100 million in the first quarter. Apple would then go past the trillion dollar market cap which analysts have been expecting for years. (BTW, MS had actually reached the trillion dollar mark in the past, when taking inflation into consideration).

  • Ben Carson: ‘It Takes a Lot More Faith to Believe in Evolution’ Than ‘To Believe in God’

    10/06/2015 5:51:01 PM PDT · 21 of 34
    adorno to markomalley

    There had to have been trillions of ‘decisions that nature had to make along the way’ in order for evolution to have any kind of credibility. For example, why did nature decide that, man and other species needed to walk on 2 legs and upright? To get to that point alone, nature needed to make many millions of decisions and take the steps to get animals to walk upright. Then, consider the super-complexity of every other mechanism and organ that comprises the human organism. The human brain alone had to be the most complicated set of steps and decisions that could have been made. Nature? Or, an intelligent decision-maker? How did nature devise the mechanism that takes sperm from a male and then combines it with the egg from a female, and produces a one-cell organism, which carries the complete blueprint for creating a human being with many different organs arising from the single-cell organism? Nature or an intelligent-decision-maker? Evolution demands that, nature must have done all of that with chaotic events and matter of all sorts, which then combined and produced the first organisms, which then, somehow got altered trillions upon trillions of times, to come up with the super-complicated humans and other species. Nature or super-intelligent decision-maker?

  • What's with those new Fox Extra insets on Fox News? They are paid advertisements!

    10/06/2015 5:35:37 PM PDT · 7 of 22
    adorno to Taxman
    I can’t even begin to tell you how much better my life has been since then!

    Actually, your life hasn't been better, because, everything that Obama does or has done, affects you negatively, one way or another, whether you notice or not.
  • Fed official: Strong economy nears full employment and higher interest rates

    10/06/2015 5:31:00 PM PDT · 27 of 46
    adorno to ForYourChildren
    Fed official: Strong economy nears full employment and higher interest rates

    If the fed people actually believed that the economy is strong and that we're close to 'full employment', then, they wouldn't hesitate to raise the prime rate.

    No doubt, these people are just talking up the numbers to make Obama and the democrats look good. Actions speak louder than words, and the fed won't be doing anything to risk having the economy go into a deeper hole.
  • Everybody is suddenly copying Microsoft

    10/06/2015 5:05:18 PM PDT · 89 of 152
    adorno to ImJustAnotherOkie

    Apple has been doing the ‘me too’ routine, but has been coming up short against the Surface devices. Looks like Apple will have to go back to the drawing board, and do a better job of copying other companies’ work.

  • Everybody is suddenly copying Microsoft

    10/05/2015 5:11:02 AM PDT · 51 of 152
    adorno to Swordmaker

    What is rude and uncivil and downright creepy, is somebody being so in love with a company and/or one of those company’s products, that you lose sight of reality. You are at the ready with your copy/paste posts, no matter when or whee Apple related discussions pop up. Like I said before, you’re either an Apple employee in charge of internet discussions, or you’re in dire need of growing up and getting a life.

    What you do is no different from political operatives of the democratic party who are in constant guard about anything that discusses their policies, and are ready to interject their ‘corrections’ and talking points.

    Get a freaking life dude.

  • Everybody is suddenly copying Microsoft

    10/04/2015 5:33:54 PM PDT · 42 of 152
    adorno to ImJustAnotherOkie

    If FR has a ‘likes button’, I would have pressed it at least 100 times for your post.

    Swordmaker is the resident Apple-bot, who scans all of FR to catch and rebut and distort all posts that even hint of anything negative towards Apple, no matter what the subject.

  • Everybody is suddenly copying Microsoft

    10/04/2015 5:23:30 PM PDT · 41 of 152
    adorno to Swordmaker

    I’m pretty sure that Microsoft is flattered by Apple and Google copying the Surface devices idea.

    But, neither the iPad Pro nor the Google Pixel C(rap) can hold a candle to the device which they’re trying to copy.

    It’s like dressing up a mouse (iPad Pro or Pixel C) like an elephant (Surface Pro device) and expecting the mouse to be able to perform at the same level. NEVER going to happen; not even close. Neither Android nor iOS are meant as productivity OSes, and the devices they support were not designed for productivity. A keyboard and/or a stylus, are not all that goes into creating a productivity machine.

  • Apple iOS 9 feature Wi-Fi Assist could lead to huge iPhone bills

    09/29/2015 6:52:21 PM PDT · 25 of 53
    adorno to dayglored

    So, 2 big features that people look for with their new smartphones, are to be avoided?

    Wi-Fi and a data plans are a couple of the most desirable features that people want and many need.

    Looks like some people might as well give up their feature-rich smartphones if they’re going to be paying the price for using them.

  • Pope's Farewell Address

    09/27/2015 7:30:19 PM PDT · 21 of 23
    adorno to markomalley

    Did he say or do anything of significance, and that will make a difference in anyone’s life?

    My take is that, he’s doing a lot more harm than good. Boehner resigned. Can we ask the pope to do the same?

  • High-tailing it out of blue states: Migration is changing the economic center of gravity

    09/27/2015 7:27:17 PM PDT · 22 of 45
    adorno to BlackFemaleArmyCaptain

    Somebody should warn those liberals about moving to red states.

    Something along the line of...

    “Don’t move to a red state. Your neighbor will be a gun-toting freak, possibly a member of the KKK, and who hates liberals and will throw your mama off a cliff, and will take away your social security and your welfare and your housing subsidy, and will be watching your every step with hidden cameras, and will be burning a huge amount of fossil fuels with their huge gas-guzzling big trucks and SUVs, which will cause your lungs to collapse and kill you. Those rednecks don’t believe in science and will kill all plants and animals with their global warming causing fossil-fuels. Stay away if you know what’s good for you. You’ve been warned!”.

  • Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul Reportedly Preparing To Exit Presidential Race

    09/27/2015 7:13:58 PM PDT · 69 of 100
    adorno to lafroste

    I would hate to see Jindal exit the race. But, reality dictates different.

    I do want him to stick around and make a difference, and perhaps try again in the next election cycle. He’s smart and knowledgeable and has more real experience in government than most of those left running. And, he’s actually more conservative than most of the others calling themselves conservative.

  • Former MN Gov. Jesse Ventura thinks he and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders would make a good tag

    09/27/2015 6:53:05 PM PDT · 14 of 30
    adorno to DogByte6RER

    It just seems impossible to believe that, this country has sunk so low that, Bernie Sanders and Jesse Ventura could be thought of as a viable pair to lead the country.

    All of our founding fathers are turning in their graves.

  • Apple releases bug fix iOS 9.0.1

    09/27/2015 2:38:54 PM PDT · 78 of 79
    adorno to Loud Mime
    It was a vaudeville comment about your comment.

    You must be like 95. ;)

    Still, your comment on my comment could go either way.
  • Global Climate Sham.The Argument Is Over?Yet They Wont Name A Nation In Dire Straights.

    09/26/2015 7:41:39 PM PDT · 20 of 22
    adorno to Cruz_West_Paul2016
    ...they still never point out an example

    You are not paying attention.

    Last week, the world was shown a picture of the last surviving polar bear, hungry and skinny as heck, and ready to collapse and die of starvation. No more polar bears after that one. I'm convinced.
  • Apple releases bug fix iOS 9.0.1

    09/25/2015 6:34:06 PM PDT · 76 of 79
    adorno to Swordmaker

    No matter who many excuses you come up with, and no matter how much rationalization and how much justification you dream up, you’re still an Apple troll. You’re the only one here looking to defend Apple as ardently as anyone I’ve ever encountered anywhere. You are beyond a cult follower. You are as fanatical about Apple as a member of ISIS is about his cause. But, you will never recognize how far gone you are, which, again, is the same as a Muslim jihadist would ‘think’, though about different matters.

  • Apple releases bug fix iOS 9.0.1

    09/25/2015 6:30:12 PM PDT · 75 of 79
    adorno to Loud Mime
    Ok, who is your straight man?

    Whatever that means. But, I've always been 'straight'. Why are you asking? I'm pretty sure I'm not your type.
  • Apple releases bug fix iOS 9.0.1

    09/24/2015 7:52:40 PM PDT · 70 of 79
    adorno to Swordmaker

    Oh, so, your defense is that,others don’t mind your constant posting for Apple and your constant defenses on behalf of Apple? From what I’ve seen, there are still plenty of people here who are not in love with Apple as you are. And, most of those who you claim don’t mind Apple threads and Apple posts and Apple trolls like you, re likely not as informed about Apple and general tech issues, as I am.

    Apple is nothing special, and what makes them ‘special’ is that, they’ve managed to sell tech that isn’t even better than the competition makes. Apple sells their stuff at higher prices, and that’s to create the perception that their products are of premium value, while their just the same as others and in many cases, even behind the others.

    But, a troll needs to sleep at night, and I know that you’ll sleep better each day that you don’t have to put up with somebody telling it like it is about Apple. So, how about getting a real life, and if you are going to be supporting Apple so much,why not get paid for it. Oh yeah, I forgot that, you like the creepy factor of loving inanimate objects. like Apple and Apple products. Yuck, man! You really must be creepy in ‘real life’.

  • Apple releases bug fix iOS 9.0.1

    09/24/2015 3:06:52 PM PDT · 55 of 79
    adorno to Swordmaker
    No, adorno, I am just very well informed. Obviously better than you.

    Nobody would ever take the time to do the work you do on behalf of Apple, unless you were getting paid. Now, getting paid can include having Apple stock. Otherwise, you need to get a life, and being part of the Apple cult is not the same as having a life.

    You are nothing more than a troll, and you're on constant guard against anybody uttering or writing a negative word about Apple or any of its products. Being in love with a company or its products is kind of yucky. Eek! Take a bath and get a life.
  • Apple releases bug fix iOS 9.0.1

    09/24/2015 5:27:45 AM PDT · 38 of 79
    adorno to Swordmaker
    You really must be an Apple employee, designated to be Apple's internet troll, looking for all negative posts and comments, and ready with your list of issues and fixes, while making sure that, Apple is recognized for being bug free and the 'bestest' ever.

    However, a simple search in the internet reveals about 38,900,000 hits on a search for iOS bugs. Yeah, I know: most of those are duplicates, but, it still shows that, the problems or bugs have been so many that, they resulted in a lot of reports about iOS bugs and/or problems.
  • Apple releases bug fix iOS 9.0.1

    09/23/2015 8:02:13 PM PDT · 28 of 79
    adorno to dayglored
    That's-a boy, you're getting it. At this rate you'll graduate to full Applebot status in no time.

    Did you actually read my comments? And if you did, did you understand any of it? At all?

    Applebot??? Geez! How clever!
  • Apple releases bug fix iOS 9.0.1

    09/23/2015 7:59:50 PM PDT · 27 of 79
    adorno to Swordmaker
    I don't know what world you live on, but nothing is bug free. . . it's always a work in progress.

    I don't know where you've been the past 8 years, but, it seems that, with each new release of the iPhone and/or iOS, there are 'unexpected' features that need to work better and thus, Apple goes about 'improving' those 'features'. But, heck, I'll come straight out and say it. While it's true that there is no such thing as perfect software, it does seem that, Apple's stuff is a lot less perfect than wha the competition puts out. Apple rushes and makes huge mistakes, err...I mean, BUGS.
  • Trump Tweets Outrage over ‘Balls’ Comment: Fox ‘Owes Me an Apology’

    09/23/2015 7:53:06 PM PDT · 157 of 424
    adorno to ncalburt

    So, that I’m calling Trump out, that makes me a DC establishment type? I’m the complete opposite.

    What I got tired of is Trump’s constant complaints that there are people out there trying to get him, especially the people at FOX and especially Megyn Kelly. If Trump can’t take the criticism and move on, then, he doesn’t deserve to be running. And, like I said, Trump was (still is, really) a favorite from my side. I can still support him if he would drop the stupid and childish behavior.

  • Apple releases bug fix iOS 9.0.1

    09/23/2015 7:43:40 PM PDT · 20 of 79
    adorno to Swordmaker
    Apple releases bug fix iOS 9.0.1

    That's a bogus headline.

    There are no bugs with anything from Apple. They're just features.

    "Features" are constantly changed by Apple to make them better features. Until the next set of 'features' in the next major release of the OS.
  • Trump Tweets Outrage over ‘Balls’ Comment: Fox ‘Owes Me an Apology’

    09/23/2015 7:32:08 PM PDT · 84 of 424
    adorno to bryan999

    Trump spent too may years being a democrat. Now, he thinks that, he can keep thinking and acting like a democrat, where he gets to dictate to FOX like the democrats do with the liberal media.

    Trump is not being allowed to decide what kind of questions he’s asked, and who gets to ask them. His background and his positions on all issues are fair game, and any childish behavior is also fair game, and so will any insults he makes to anybody, whether regular citizens or newsmakers of news deliverers.

    Trump’s biggest problem is that, he believes that his poll standings give him the right to be bossy when dealing with reporters and pundits and with other political and government people. He’s due (some would say overdue) to take a huge tumble in the polls, and he’s doing exactly what needs to be done to accomplish the tumble.

    His days are numbered. And, this is coming from someone who actually supported him in the last few months. But, his actions and behavior are getting tiresome and childish. He still has time to change direction, but, with his personality, I highly doubt it.

    Trump is done, even if the current polls have him still in the lead.

  • Ben Carson Exposes Islamic ‘Taqiyya,’ But There’s Even More You Should Know

    09/23/2015 1:57:38 PM PDT · 62 of 74
    adorno to SeekAndFind

    Problem is that, Takiyaa would be a Muslim name, and that line, ‘I saw her and said Mama Mia!’ would not fit, since, with her garb covering her from head to toes, you wouldn’t know what you were getting to be able to say “Mama Mia”. ;)

    Now, I could see a nice black girl getting that name, since, black girls get all kinds of made up names or unique sounding names. ;)

  • Ben Carson Exposes Islamic ‘Taqiyya,’ But There’s Even More You Should Know

    09/23/2015 9:53:28 AM PDT · 52 of 74
    adorno to SeekAndFind
    One line is missing in that lovely poem after the word Taqiyya to make it a genuine limerick. :)

    Well then, go and insert the missing line for me.
  • Ben Carson Exposes Islamic ‘Taqiyya,’ But There’s Even More You Should Know

    09/23/2015 8:14:37 AM PDT · 21 of 74
    adorno to SeekAndFind

    I once met a girl named Taqiyya.
    She said that she loved me
    And took all my money
    And then said, ‘C Ya!’

    (I’m not a poet, obviously)

  • Have humans made dogs STUPID? Pets are 'lazy thinkers' compared to wild wolves and [tr]

    09/16/2015 7:27:31 AM PDT · 53 of 74
    adorno to C19fan

    Ooh, I don’t know about dogs having been made stupid.

    They come from the womb, equipped to do the things they need to do, unlike humans.

    For example, we just got a chihuahua puppy 3 weeks ago, and it was 6 weeks old. After about a week, it was doing things that human babies can’t do. It eats and drinks on its own (after the food and water are served). It waits to go outside to do its #1 and #2. It runs and plays without supervision. It had a hard time learning how to climb stairs, but, just before it turned 2 months old, it had figured it out on its own. I observed how he was frustrated about not being able to climb even the first step. Then, the puppy took 4 steps back, and with a running start, it went up the stairs with no problem at all. Nobody taught him how to step back and take that running start. We bought him a little kennel 3 days and put a kennel-sized pillow inside, and the puppy figured out that, that was his bed, and he’s been sleeping there ever since. He wants to be held all the time, but, when we tell him “kennel” he knows what we mean and immediately goes to it.

    So, what human baby 2 years old can do all of that on his/her own? Heck, even 3-year old kids have a hard time with some of those things that a puppy comes naturally equipped to do.

  • Disgraced Michigan lawmaker resigns in sex scandal, another expelled

    09/11/2015 5:11:14 PM PDT · 43 of 53
    adorno to Clintonfatigued

    The problem for both of them is that, they’re of the wrong party to survive the scandal. If they were democrats, their scandal would just be part of the job descriptions.

  • [Australian girl talks about] RefugeeCrisis: What The Media Is Hiding, Help SyrianRefugees Go Home

    09/11/2015 5:03:15 PM PDT · 21 of 39
    adorno to Chickensoup
    They picked a pretty girl and put her in front of a teleprompter

    Yeah, I noticed that too.

    She's pulling an Obama. She's reading from prepared text in a teleprompter.

    Just like with Obama, I doubt she would be able to put one or more coherent thoughts together and then talk about them.
  • Emilio Estefan, Shakira, Carlos Santana, Thalía To Release Anti-Trump Song 'We're All Mexican'

    09/10/2015 7:58:06 PM PDT · 59 of 107
    adorno to 2ndDivisionVet
    "Emilio Estefan, Shakira, Carlos Santana, Thalía To Release Anti-Trump Song 'We're All Mexican'"

    In that case, they should all be rounded up and shipped back to their "Mexico". This is the U.S., where the legal residents are Americans. NOT MEXICANS!
  • I've just joined FR, hello

    09/10/2015 6:58:01 PM PDT · 61 of 192
    adorno to Lucy Hamilton

    There goes the neighborhood.

    (No, I’m not talking about you, Lucy)

    I mean, there goes the neighborhood with all those refugees coming to destroy what’s left of the EU.

    Anyhow, Welcome!