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  • Never-Before-Seen Photos of Hillary Clinton

    02/22/2017 8:35:16 AM PST · by simpson96 · 74 replies ^ | 1/31/2017 | Lena Rawley
    In January of 1993, two weeks before Bill Clintonís first presidential inauguration, Hillary Clinton asked Robert McNeely to be their official White House photographer. McNeely captured the familyís public and private moments for the next six years. In 100 previously unseen photographs now showcased in the collection The Making of Hillary Clinton: The White House Years, published this month by University of Texas Press, we see the former First Lady host Princess Diana and Anna Wintour, decorate the White House Christmas tree, and pose in a stylish fur headpiece in Moscow. ďDespite having been in the public eye for so...
  • Steve Pieczenik YouTube : "The Clinton Pedophilia Connection"

    11/01/2016 2:01:54 PM PDT · by Anti-Hillary · 159 replies
    YouTube ^ | 11-1-16 | Steve Pieczenik
    Former Dep. Sec of State under Kissinger, Vance and Baker discusses, in his words, Clinton pedophilia connection
  • Rapper Slams Hillary in New Rap Song

    11/01/2016 6:52:46 AM PDT · by Arcy · 7 replies
    Freenauts ^ | 11-1-16 | Arcy
    Freenauts slams Hillary for refusing to talk about her black step son, Danney Williams. Black community starting to wake up to the inherent bigotry and racism within the democrat party.
  • Powell in leaked email slams Bill Clinton on continuing affairs with 'bimbos' (dicking bimbos)

    09/14/2016 11:25:19 AM PDT · by GilGil · 39 replies
    TheHill ^ | 9/14/2016 | Ben Kamisar
    A website claiming to have hacked former Secretary of State Colin Powell's private emails has published correspondence that appears to show Powell accusing President Bill Clinton of adultery. The emails are housed on password-protected, a website that security experts told Bloomberg appears to have some connection to the Russian intelligence. One email posted by CBS News' Will Rahn appears to show Powell telling Democratic donor Jeffrey Leeds he hopes to avoid having to vote for Clinton, pointing to the New York Post's coverage of her husband's alleged misdeeds. "I would rather not have to vote for her, although she...
  • Could You Imagine If Ronald Reagan Had Lost the DONUT?

    08/22/2016 10:52:48 AM PDT · by CharlesOConnell · 9 replies
    Freep | 08/22/2016 | Charles O'Connell
    So, it's all because she's a WOMAN. Not because she might have health problems. At one of the Big 3 WW2 Meetings (Yalta, Teheran?), Stalin invited Churchill to a private dinner, pointedly WITHOUT sick-man FDR. (Oh, how impolite to bring it up. The press never needed to mention that small fact during his Administration. Most Americans were surprised about it after he died.) So, the main course was a half side of beef. Winston, after consuming a normal, human sized portion, had to wait while Stalin singlehandedly ate ALL THE REST himself.Point being, if Stalin had wanted to, he could...
  • NY Times: A Worry if Hillary Clinton Wins: What to Do With Bill (Freeper input needed)

    07/26/2016 5:31:21 PM PDT · by Zakeet · 100 replies
    NY Times ^ | July 26, 2016 | Patrick Healy
    If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, Bill Clinton will not become a regular at cabinet meetings, his wife's advisers say. He will not be invited into the Situation Room. He will step away from his family's foundation work and may not even have an office in the West Wing, given the undesirable optics of a former president and husband looking over the shoulder of the first female commander in chief. But the steps Clinton aides are planning to shape his new life do little to address a potentially thornier problem: Historically, when Mr. Clinton does not have a job to...
  • What's the biggest lie Bubba will tell tonight? (Vanity)

    07/26/2016 6:58:41 PM PDT · by llevrok · 53 replies
    She still makes me all hot and runny...
  • Caption Bubba Addressing The Lawinsky Affair

    07/20/2016 2:02:04 PM PDT · by llevrok · 12 replies
    7/20/2016 | me
  • ĎI donít knowí: US AG Lynch claims ignorance on Clinton email probe timeline

    07/01/2016 5:57:24 AM PDT · by COUNTrecount · 192 replies
    RT ^ | July 1, 2016
    US Attorney General Loretta Lynch has recused herself from deciding whether Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be charged in the classified email investigation, following outrage over the AG's private Monday meeting with Bill Clinton, the justice department announced Friday morning. The announcement comes in the wake of accusations that the Obama appointee has a conflict of interest in the case, after she met with the former president on her government plane while on the tarmac of Phoenix, Arizona's Sky Harbor Airport on Monday. Lynch will discuss the decision during an interview on Friday morning at the Aspen Ideas Festival,...
  • Dems Criticize Lynch-Bill Clinton Meeting as Sending 'Wrong Signal'

    06/30/2016 2:32:10 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 68 replies
    Newsmax ^ | June 30, 2016 | Cathy Burke
    Democrats aren't happy about the "wrong signal" telegraphed by a private meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch ó who's overseeing the probe into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email server ó and Bill Clinton. In a rare rebuke of the presumptive nominee by a member of her own party, Delaware Democratic Sen. Chris Coons sharply criticized the meeting between the prosecutor and former president. "I don't think it sends the right signal," he tells CNN's "New Day" program in an interview Thursday. "I think she should have steered clear even of a brief, casual, social meeting with the...
  • Hillary puts Bill at the center of the campaign after revelations of more trips on pedophileís plane

    05/16/2016 11:11:43 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 27 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 05/16/16 | Robert Laurie
    Trouble ahead? If youíre an unpopular Democrat presidential candidate whoís being rejected by her own party, what do you do to gin up some enthusiasm? Well, if your name is Hillary Clinton, you do what youíve done for the last 40 achievement-free years. You ride Bill Clintonís coattails. In this case, that means putting the ex-President at the center of your campaign by announcing the role heíd play in your administration. As ABC News reports, Hillary plans to put Bill ďin charge of economic revitalization.Ē
  • Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender's jet much more than previously known

    05/13/2016 4:34:27 PM PDT · by ameribbean expat · 35 replies ^ | 05.13.2016 | Malia Zimmerman
    Former President Bill Clinton was a much more frequent flyer on a registered sex offenderís infamous jet than previously reported, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the ďLolita ExpressĒ -- even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights, according to records obtained by
  • Clinton charity gave $2M to company owned by Billís Ďfriendí

    05/13/2016 6:43:12 AM PDT · by safetysign · 38 replies
    New York Post ^ | 05/13/2016 | Joe Tacopino
    Bill Clintonís foundation doled out $2 million to a power company partly owned by a wealthy blond divorcťe about whom questions have been raised as to whether she is the frequent visitor to his home nicknamed ďEnergizer.Ē Picture at link.
  • Bill Clinton has heated exchange with protesters at rally for Hillary [Bubba vs BLM]

    04/08/2016 2:51:02 AM PDT · by markomalley · 11 replies
    Former President Bill Clinton engaged in a heated exchange on Thursday with protesters upset about welfare reform and gun violence laws passed when he was in office 20 years ago. Addressing supporters at a Hillary Clinton presidential rally in Philadelphia, Bill Clinton was interrupted by people in the crowd holding signs reading "Clinton crime bill destroyed our communities" and "Welfare reform increased poverty." As first lady, Hillary Clinton said in a 1996 speech about the crime bill, "They are often the kinds of kids that are called super-predators." Some blacks have found the term "super-predators" offensive and have tried to...
  • (Vanity) When USA 2019 Becomes Spain 1937, Citizen United's Blood Will Be 1st Spilled

    02/17/2016 10:39:49 PM PST · by CharlesOConnell · 26 replies
    Freep | 2/19/2016 | CharlesOconnell
    Ultra-Left Dems are habituated to derangement about Conservs. Now it's Cruz--Trump' s God-Talk is just old timely Pol, even Chelsea spouts it. Before it was Cruz, it was Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome, before her it was Dubya Derangement (W). That's just preaching to the Leftist Choir. But Citizens United, now demanding answers about Bubba in N. Korea, that's a SCOTUS Decision, that was the last Dem Senate Majority's focus for overthrowing the 1st Amendment. When leftists finally own up to owning guns, start openly stockpiling and get Bill Ayers to organize national street fighting training, you know Citizens United will...
  • Jeffrey Epstein underage abuse victims sue government saying they were kept in the dark...

    02/11/2016 4:12:34 PM PST · by Libloather · 19 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 2/11/16 | Chris Spargo
    Jeffrey Epstein underage abuse victims sue government saying they were kept in the dark about 'sweetheart deal' giving billionaire immunity after he pleaded guilty to hiring teen for sex A decade after police began an investigation into claims that financier Jeffrey Epstein had solicited teenage girls for sex, two women who the government designated as underage victims at the time have filed a lawsuit over his 'sweetheart deal.' The women, identified as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2, claim in court papers filed Wednesday that they were unaware of the secret deal being made between the defense team and...
  • Bubba Needs to Become the New Bubble Boy

    01/18/2016 5:58:52 AM PST · by CharlesOConnell · 13 replies
    Freep | 1/19/2016 | CharlesOConnell
    Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky's phone confidante, presumably is in a position to know when she claims Bubba has had "affairs" with thousands of women. Our professional Secret Service Agents need their own resident, Centers for Disease Control infection control officer to protect them from Bubba. When you have sex with someone, you are having sex with everyone they have had sex with for the last tenyears, and everyone they and their partners have had sex with for the last ten years. - Surgeon General C. Everett Koop MD The formula for the Secret Service's epidemilogical exposure risk from Bubba, where,...
  • Trump fires back, hitting Bill Clinton‚Äôs ‚Äėpenchant for sexism‚Äô

    12/27/2015 5:41:30 PM PST · by Baynative · 38 replies
    the Hill blog ^ | 12/27/2015 | Kyle Balluck
    Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump late Saturday blasted the announcement that former President Bill Clinton will campaign for his wife, Hillary Clinton. The real estate mogul said the former president has a ‚Äúpenchant for sexism‚ÄĚ in a tweet.
  • If you agree that Hillary is better than the rest of us, vote for her!

    10/01/2015 10:51:17 AM PDT · by CharlesOConnell · 7 replies
    10/01/2015 | Charles O'Connell
    †Camille Paglia should be an ideological opponent for any of us who only want to talk to people on our side. The problem is, sometime the person right next to you is playing the trick of tapping you on the shoulder while looking the other way, that is, you're secretly being ripped off by people who you assume to be on your side. †(In the 1960s, people would have understood better than the average of us now, what is meant by "the pecking order", but for those of us who were on drugs, sex and rock-&-roll at the time, it...
  • Your Wag the Dog-ette Scenario

    08/28/2015 1:14:01 AM PDT · by CharlesOConnell · 11 replies
    8/28/2015 | Charles O'Connell
    Tell us your scenario for how the Clinton "Information" Machine is going to convince us, Not that Hillary is a LiarDishonest, orUntrustworthy But Hillary is a TruthtellerHonest, andTrustworthy We'll be seeing legions of pink sneakers on the telephone
  • Bill Clinton signed a law to honor the Confederate flag.

    06/25/2015 2:28:45 PM PDT · by proust · 26 replies
    Here is the law from the official AR state website.
  • For the NYT, the Rubiosí traffic tickets are a big deal. Clintonís tickets to ĎOrgy Island?í Not so

    06/08/2015 10:45:03 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 12 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 06/08/15 | Robert Laurie
    Tickets? Please. For the NYT, the Rubios' traffic tickets are a big dealMarco Rubio and his wife, Jeanette, are criminals. There. Weíve said it. According to a ďbombshellĒ New York Times report, the Rubios are a pair of neíer-do-wells who flout societyís conventions every time they get behind the wheel. Their crimes are as numerous as they are vile. The Rubios are guiltyÖ. of traffic citations. I know. You had high hopes for young Marco and Iím sorry to tell you itís over. Facts, though, are facts. The Rubios are outlaws of the ďno turn on redĒ variety.
  • Preview: 'Fox News Reporting: The Tangled Clinton Web'(LIVE thread for the FOX special tonight)

    04/24/2015 5:01:10 PM PDT · by Nachum · 177 replies ^ | 4/24/15 | Fox News
  • AP sources: Middle-class economics a focus of (exempt) Clinton's bid

    04/12/2015 5:34:33 AM PDT · by Libloather · 14 replies
    WSOCTV ^ | 4/12/15 | JULIE PACE
    CHICAGO ó What will drive Hillary Rodham Clinton's second bid for the presidency? Boosting economic security for the middle class and expanding opportunities for working families, key issues that her campaign says will be heralded by a results-oriented "tenacious fighter." The former first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state is expected to make her 2016 effort official Sunday with an online video followed by small events with residents of early-voting states over the days ahead. The campaign's opening strategy was described ahead of the announcement by two senior advisers who requested anonymity to discuss her plans. If Clinton's strategy...
  • Clinton Camp Warns Us Not to Use Certain "Sexist" Words

    03/26/2015 2:34:37 PM PDT · by ObamahatesPACoal · 49 replies
    Rush ^ | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: The Clinton campaign has issued a list of words and terms to the Drive-By Media in the form of a threatening e-mail to a New York Times infobabe telling them, "These are the words you cannot use to describe Mrs. Clinton." One word that's not on the list is "cankles." (SNIP) CALLER: In one minute or less, here is an additional list of words, phrases, proper names, and topics that are banned for the bimbo from the New York Times: "Manly, cattle futures, Bonnie and Clyde, Vince Foster, Travelgate, impeachment, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, the...
  • Bill Clinton Trolled in Own Official Portrait

    03/02/2015 11:45:55 AM PST · by Servant of the Cross · 13 replies ^ | 3/2/2015 | Troy Senik
    Over the weekend, the Philadelphia Inquirer published an interview with a renowned local artist named Nelson Shanks, whose portfolio includes the official painting of Bill Clinton hanging in the National Portrait Gallery. (Sidenote: during my time as a speechwriter for George W. Bush, I learned that 43 loved to open any set of remarks where he was having his portrait unveiled with ďWelcome to my hanging.Ē For some reason, I always found that endearing). Anyway, Shanks, who we can only presume has figured out that publicly slighting a Democratic president is basically the royal road to a Fox News contributor...
  • Bill Clinton Predicts GOP 'Boogie Dance' Over Senate Win

    11/08/2014 6:14:48 AM PST · by KeyLargo · 33 replies
    Newsmax ^ | Nov 8, 2014 | Jordyn Holman
    Newsmax Bill Clinton Predicts GOP 'Boogie Dance' Over Senate Win Saturday, November 8, 2014 By: Jordyn Holman Former President Bill Clinton weighed in Friday on the results of Tuesday's midterm elections, suggesting that Congress and the White House can still "get things done" and reflecting on his experience working with a divided government during a period of intense partisanship. "The retrospective memory of my six years tends to be one that is airbrushed," Clinton told the crowd at USC. "For this time, what you gotta have is an agenda and get things done. There's going to be a boogie dance...
  • Pat Schroeder: Clinton would face 'subdued sexism' (BTW, *Bubba is still dating)

    07/23/2014 2:55:19 AM PDT · by Libloather · 22 replies
    MSN ^ | 7/22/14
    BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) ó Former House Democrat Pat Schroeder predicts that Hillary Clinton would face "a lot of sexism" if she decides to run for president in 2016. Schroeder served in the House from 1973 to 1997 as the first woman elected to Congress from Colorado. Now 73, she appears in "Makers: Women in Politics," a film airing this fall on PBS. She was asked about Clinton on Tuesday at a summer TV critics' meeting. "She's still going to have a lot of sexism," Schroeder said. "I can't believe there's people saying can she still be a grandmother and...
  • CNN's Chris Cuomo: Media Has Given Hillary Clinton a 'Free Ride' (video)

    06/14/2014 11:36:25 AM PDT · by EveningStar · 54 replies
    YouTube ^ | June 10, 2014 | AIMArchives
    Commenting on a report on Hillary Clinton's 2016 plans, CNN New Day anchor Chris Cuomo admitted that the media have been the biggest promoters of her presumed presidential campaign and that they have given her a "free ride."
  • Monica Lewinsky E-Mail Omitted From Latest Batch of Clinton Documents

    04/18/2014 2:44:21 PM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 10 replies
    ABC News ^ | April 18, 2014 | by Chris Good
    An email from Monica Lewinsky was omitted from the Clinton libraryís latest document dump for privacy reasons. Every two weeks this spring, the National Archives has been releasing documents from Clintonís presidency through The William J Clinton Presidential Library & Museum in Little Rock, Ark. Included in a list of withdrawn/redacted documents, midway through a batch of documents concerning Gen. Wesley Clark, is an email from Monica Lewinskyís Pentagon email address. Vaguely referenced as concerning a ďmedical record,Ē the omitted email is listed as four pages long.
  • Bicyclists who float out of their bike lane.

    03/13/2014 9:08:14 PM PDT · by Kevin in California · 140 replies
    03-13-2014 | Me
    Sorry, have to vent as I cannot stand these moronic liberal bicyclists in their stupid monogram tights and stupid gay shoes who cannot stay within the lines of their bike lanes. To the idiot tonight....keep drifting out of your bike lane and don't be surprised if one day you end up on the underside of my F350. The stupidest people allowed on public roads.....
  • Why Do Appalachians Love Clinton and Hate Obama?

    02/24/2014 1:00:01 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 22 replies
    New York Magazine ^ | 2/24 | Jonathan Chait
    In Kentucky, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is running even or slightly behind in polls for reelection, despite the stateís heavily Republican lean. The central dynamic of the race concerns whether the Democratic challenger, Alison Lundergan Grimes, can distance herself from President Obama. McConnell is painting Grimes as Obamaís puppet, while Grimes is instead attaching herself to Bill and Hillary Clinton, who are far more popular in the state. Why is that? Here, in todayís Washington Post, is an odd passage explaining Clintonís popularity vis-ŗ-vis Obama: While President Obamaís approval rating in Kentucky is in the mid-30s, Bill Clinton...
  • BUBBAPALOOZA [Spend a Day With President Clinton Sweepstakes]

    04/01/2013 5:17:16 AM PDT · by COBOL2Java · 17 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | 1 April 2013 | Jennifer Harper
    ďSpend a Day With President Clinton Sweepstakes.Ē And so heralds an announcement for a new fundraiser sponsored by the Arkansas-based William J. Clinton Foundation, under way until April 12. The big prize does includes round-trip coach airfare, hotel accommodations and ďthe opportunity to spend the day with President ClintonĒ in New York City for two people. Will the winners tour popular Big Apple sites and say, lunch with former Mr. Clinton at the Plaza Hotel? Details are not yet available. ďTiming for the trip and the time with President Clinton will be determined at the sole discretion of the Foundation....
  • Bill Clinton photobomb with Kelly Clarkson at inauguration goes viral

    01/22/2013 4:13:35 PM PST · by Libloather · 50 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 1/22/13 | Chris E. Hayner
    Love him or hate him, Bill Clinton is probably the most charismatic former president still around. He also seems to, somehow, be the star of the show wherever he goes. Monday's presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C. was no different. During a performance of "My Country 'Tis of Thee" by "American Idol" champion Kelly Clarkson, Clinton's head popped out from the crowd as he photobombed her. The internet instantly lit up with people passing the photo around and attaching their own jokes to it.
  • Romney says Clinton can 'do a man a lot of good' (BARF)

    09/25/2012 8:23:55 AM PDT · by Alter Kaker · 44 replies
    Associated Press ^ | 9/'25/2012 | JOSH LEDERMAN and KASIE HUNT
    NEW YORK (AP) ó Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney is unlikely to win Bill Clinton's vote, but that doesn't mean he can't soak up a bit of the popular former president's luster. The two men stood side by side Tuesday as Clinton introduced Romney before the GOP candidate's speech to Clinton's annual global conference in New York. Clinton recalled working with Romney to save AmeriCorps, and praised the former Massachusetts governor's efforts to persuade fellow Republicans to support the national service program. Romney, taking the podium, returned the compliment. "If there's one thing we've learned in this election season,...
  • Obama Counts on Clinton to Help Sway Independents

    09/05/2012 4:53:34 PM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 10 replies
    New York Times ^ | September 5, 2012 | By Carl Hulse
    Former President Bill Clinton intends to try to rebut Republican arguments against the re-election of President Obama in a major speech at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night, saying Mr. Obama has taken steps to turn around an economy left in shambles by Republicans. ďIn Tampa, the Republican argument against the presidentís re-election was pretty simple: We left him a total mess, he hasnít finished cleaning it up yet, so fire him and put us back in,Ē Mr. Clinton will say, according to excerpts from his remarks released by the party. ďI like the argument for President Obamaís re-election a...
  • Bubba: Give Obama Time To Clean Up "GOP Mess"

    09/05/2012 4:36:42 PM PDT · by To-Whose-Benefit? · 70 replies
    Politico ^ | 9/5/12 | Alexander Burns
    CHARLOTTE, N.C. Ė Bill Clinton will tell delegates at the 2012 Democratic National Convention that Republicans left President Barack Obama ďa total mess, he hasnít finished cleaning it up yetĒ and that the incumbent president deserves another four years to implement his vision for the country. In early excerpts of the former presidentís remarks, Clinton amplifies on the message Democrats delivered on the first day of the convention Tuesday, describing Obama as a champion of the middle class and Republicans as hostile to the interests of regular people. ďIn Tampa, the Republican argument against the presidentís reelection was pretty simple:...
  • UPDATED: Man's Head Set Ablaze At Augusta Bar (was done intentionally; OF COURSE there's video)

    07/24/2012 4:29:59 AM PDT · by Stoat · 33 replies ^ | July 24, 2012 | JILLIAN BENFIELD , RANDY KEY
    † Credit: WJBF Staff A man is critical condition, after Richmond County Sheriff's Office deputies say he allowed his friends to set his head on fire. † ***UPDATED at 5:46 P.M. on Monday, July 23rd*** A Thomson†man was in critical condition after Richmond County Investigators say he purposefully had his head set on fire. The incident was originally reported that the man got into a fight with several others at Allie Katz Bar off Washington Road, and then those men set him on fire to retalliate...but investigators say that wasn't the case. William Bonner, 36, is getting himself

    05/23/2012 7:51:18 PM PDT · by Bratch · 51 replies
    TMZ ^ | 5/23/2012 5:45 PM PDT | TMZ Staff
    Bill Clinton just out-Clinton'd himself -- posing with two famous porn stars in Monaco moments ago ... and one of them's a real up-and-comer. Clinton's in a Monte Carlo casino right now for a special "Nights in Monaco" gala event -- and several celebrities are in attendance ... including Diane Kruger, Joshua Jackson ... and a BUNCH OF PORN STARS. The two porn stars on Bill's arms are Tasha Reign (left) and Brooklyn Lee -- AVN's "Best New Starlet" in porn. Brooklyn -- who just posted the pic on her Twitter account -- also just won the award for "Best...
  • Bill Clinton hears Gov. Jerry Brown's budget pain

    05/06/2012 9:15:47 AM PDT · by SmithL · 2 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 5/6/12 | Andrew S. Ross
    Bill Clinton feels Gov. Jerry Brown's pain. "I know what he's going through out here," said the former president after hearing Brown's litany of budget woes delivered at a conference of Bay Area business executives and public officials last week. "I said, 'How you doing, Jerry?' He said, 'This is tough.' I said, 'Yes, but I think you're doing the right thing. You have to live by the laws of economics and the money you've got.' " If it's any consolation, Clinton added, "the dilemmas that the governor and the Legislature, and the people who will soon vote on the...
  • Clinton Couldn't Pull Trigger on Osama

    05/01/2012 1:16:22 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 11 replies
    Rush ^ | May 1, 2012 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: This is Walter in Modesto, California. Hey, Walter, I'm glad you called. Hi. CALLER: Yes, I want to say I agree with the Democrats that not everyone would have pulled the trigger on Bin Laden. How many chances did Bill Clinton have to do it? RUSH: That's true. That's true. Clinton was handed Bin Laden on a silver platter two or three times and rejected it. CALLER: We still have him. RUSH: That's right. See, what Walter's point here is while Obama is out there trying to say Romney wouldn't have pulled the trigger (laughing), it's Bill...
  • Inviting Bill Clinton on campaign trail carries risk, reward for Obama (Using *Bubba)

    04/10/2012 2:50:18 AM PDT · by Libloather · 21 replies
    The Hill ^ | 4/09/12 | Josh Lederman
    Inviting Bill Clinton on campaign trail carries risk, reward for ObamaBy Josh Lederman - 04/09/12 05:25 AM ET President Clinton is willing to do whatever he can to get President Obama reelected, according to his former aides. Itís just a matter of whether Obama wants the help. Bringing Clinton on the campaign trail could do wonders for Obamaís appeal among disenfranchised blue-collar voters and reluctant donors, strategists say. But it could also pose risks for Obama, who could be overshadowed by the effusive former president. ďPresident Obama would be wise [to use him], and Iím sure he would welcome President...
  • Bill Clinton Struggled to Deal With Lewinsky Affair, Film Says

    02/14/2012 3:19:51 PM PST · by JimWayne · 53 replies
    ABC News via Yahoo ^ | 2/14/2012 | Huma Khan
    "He said, 'Ever since I got here to the White House I've had to shut my body down sexually I mean, but I screwed up with this girl. I didn't do what they said I did, but I may have done so much that I can't prove my innocence,'" Morris recalls in the film "Clinton," which was written and directed by Barak Goodman.
  • Newtís biggest sin marked with scarlet letter ĎRí

    01/20/2012 12:08:18 AM PST · by raccoonradio · 52 replies
    Boston Herald ^ | 1/20/12 | Howie Carr
    Say what you will about Mitt Romney, but here are two words youíll never hear him utter: ďOpen marriage.Ē I raise this only because Iíve noticed something lately about another of the Republican candidates, namely Newt Gingrich. Women donít like him. I mean, they really detest him. This problem predates last nightís ďNightlineĒ interview with his second wife, Marianne, who proved once again that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Good luck avoiding those ABC sound bites today, now that theyíre all in the public domain. Whether or not either of his first two wives was on her...
  • Newtís biggest sin marked with scarlet letter ĎRí

    01/20/2012 12:07:16 AM PST · by raccoonradio · 6 replies
    Boston Herald ^ | 1/20/12 | Howie Carr
    Say what you will about Mitt Romney, but here are two words youíll never hear him utter: ďOpen marriage.Ē I raise this only because Iíve noticed something lately about another of the Republican candidates, namely Newt Gingrich. Women donít like him. I mean, they really detest him. This problem predates last nightís ďNightlineĒ interview with his second wife, Marianne, who proved once again that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Good luck avoiding those ABC sound bites today, now that theyíre all in the public domain. Whether or not either of his first two wives was on her...
  • Together again with Obama, Clinton has last word (The rookie Hussein observes! *Bubba can't shadap!)

    12/03/2011 10:16:21 AM PST · by Libloather · 8 replies
    Yahoo ^ | 12/02/11 | Matt Spetalnick
    Together again with Obama, Clinton has last wordBy Matt Spetalnick | Reuters Ė 20 hrs ago WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former President Bill Clinton, known for sometimes upstaging the current occupant of the White House, managed to get the last word again in a joint appearance with President Barack Obama on Friday. The White House enlisted the popular ex-president to join in a tour of a renovated Washington office building to help promote a $4 billion nationwide effort aimed at improving energy efficiency in construction and boosting job creation. The unusual pairing served as further evidence the two have moved beyond...
  • Bill Clinton: Gingrich Could Be GOP Nominee in 2012 (Barf Alert)

    09/21/2011 7:13:53 AM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 21 replies
    Newsmax ^ | 2011-09-21
    Former President Bill Clinton acknowledges that Mitt Romney and Rick Perry are the clear front-runners for the Republican presidential nomination, but he says itís too early to count out former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. In an exclusive Newsmax interview, Clinton asserts: ďIf you ask who has the power to get back into the mix, assuming no new people enter ó I think Mitch Daniels would have been very competitive, I think Haley Barbour would have appeal, I think the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, would have appeal. But if you assume nobody else gets in, then of those that...
  • Yet Another Party Switch: State Rep. Bubba Chaney Newest Louisiana Republican

    02/09/2011 6:28:23 PM PST · by LdSentinal · 24 replies
    The latest refugee is State Rep. Bubba Chaney of Rayville, who made his switch official today. With Chaneyís move, there are now 53 Republicans, 47 Democrats and four independents in the House, with one seat open (the one formerly held by Democrat-turned Republican Fred Mills, who just won a special election for the Senate) and set for a special election next month. Chaney, who is serving his first term in the Louisiana Legislature, changed his party affiliation at the Richland Parish Courthouse late Monday afternoon. ďI just didnít feel that my philosophy as a traditional conservative Blue Dog Democrat has...
  • Oldie - How They Voted on Impeachment

    12/24/2010 9:33:32 AM PST · by cd jones · 11 replies
    December 20th 1998 Although the impeachment votes Saturday were unquestionably partisan, there were members on both sides who crossed party lines. Five Democrats voted to impeach the president on the first three articles, although only one supported the abuse of power charge. Four Republicans voted against all four articles of impeachment: Christopher Shays of Connecticut, Constance Morella of Maryland, Peter King of New York and Amo Houghton of New York. Among the Republicans, five opposed the grand jury perjury charge, 28 opposed the civil perjury charge, 12 opposed obstruction of justice, and 81 rejected the abuse of power charge. The...
  • Clinton: GOP banking on 'yesterday's America' showing up Election Day (*Bubba gets it!)

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    The Hill ^ | 10/21/10 | Sean J. Miller
    Clinton: GOP banking on 'yesterday's America' showing up Election DayBy Sean J. Miller - 10/21/10 06:39 PM ET BALTIMORE Ė Former President Bill Clinton singled out Karl Rove and the "secret committees" for causing a "crazy food fight" thatís confusing voters during a rally for Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (D). "They're banking on you not thinking," the former president said at the event on Federal Hill. "They're banking on some people being so mad that facts donít matter." The Republicans' "only hope," Clinton said, "is that on Election Day in 12 days, tomorrow's America, the America that showed up in...