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  • ‘I’m Not Ashamed’ producer considering suing Google for anti-Christian bias

    10/29/2016 7:59:53 PM PDT · by george76 · 29 replies
    Washington Times ^ | October 23, 2016 | Tom Quimby
    Politicians in Washington aren’t going to care much right now about a movie depicting the short life of a Christian girl, according to film producer Chuck Howard. But that’s not going to stop the Nashville resident from trying to motivate lawmakers to take on Google and dismantle what he says has become a biased media monopoly. ... faith-based film “I’m Not Ashamed,” .. film’s trailer garnered over 5 million views before YouTube removed the channel nearly a year ago. The channel was recently reinstated after The Hollywood Reporter contacted YouTube about the incident. However, the channel was hit with a...
  • Typical network news report on the election (vanity)

    10/23/2016 1:14:34 PM PDT · by ifinnegan · 27 replies
    10/23/16 | Self
    Typical network news report on the election I'm listening to the radio top of the hour news. ABC news. First story is about Trump. Frank Lutz says Trump should be polling better at this time and would be if he'd appealed to disaffected independents. That was the Trump report. Next up was the Hillary report. A new batch of Wikileaks is out about how in 2015 her campaign was discussing how to address the e-mail scandal. The main anchor says, "more from our reporter". They cut to her and I am thinking that the more detailed follow-up by the reporter...
  • What I discovered as a pro-gun-control member of the NRA (beyond barf alert)

    05/29/2016 5:05:02 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 35 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 29 may 2016 | Charles M. Madigan
    If the Republicans had nominated a skunk in the contest against Hillary Clinton, the National Rifle Association would have heartily embraced the odoriferous Mr. Stinky. A week ago, the NRA, which has millions of members and is eager to target congressional races in which guns are an issue, endorsed Donald Trump for president. He spoke, of course. Hand in the air for emphasis, he told the NRA that Clinton would try to "abolish" the Second Amendment. How does one "abolish" anything in the Constitution? It takes many steps. It's not going to happen. But that doesn't matter. It was what...
  • Megyn Kelly to Host Primetime Special on Fox Broadcasting (Barf alert)

    03/15/2016 12:19:52 PM PDT · by CedarDave · 61 replies
    Variety ^ | March 15, 2016 | Brian Steinberg
    Megyn Kelly will, for at least an hour, jump from Fox News Channel to Fox prime time. The Fox News anchor, whose stature has grown during the most recent election cycle as she has tangled with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, will host a one-hour prime-time special on Fox Broadcasting. During the one-hour special Kelly will interview celebrities from the worlds of politics, entertainment and other areas of human interest. She will also discuss the year she has had covering the 2016 presidential campaign. The special has been in the works for some time. Roger Ailes, chairman and chief executive,...
  • Fox hits new 3 year low

    02/27/2016 10:07:06 AM PST · by scooby321 · 87 replies
    You Gov Brand Index ^ | 2-24-16 | By: Ted Marzilli
    Since the first GOP presidential debate last August, Fox News Channel seems to have lost its perception mojo with its core right-leaning audience. By mid February, FNC’s perception by Republican adults 18 and over had reached its lowest point in more than three years, and has declined by approximately 50% since January of this year.
  • CNN Suspends Reporter For Biased Twitter Post on House Refugee Vote

    11/19/2015 6:33:45 PM PST · by Nachum · 30 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | 11/19/15 | Matthew Balan
    Politico´s Hadas Gold revealed on Thursday that CNN suspended correspondent Elise Labott for two weeks, after she decried the 289 to 137 vote on Syrian refugees by the House of Representatives: "House passes bill that could limit Syrian refugees. Statue of Liberty bows head in anguish". Gold cited an unnamed source at the cable network in her short item, "CNN reporter suspended after tweet on refugees." She pointed out that "several critics, including the Washington Post´s Erik Wemple, said the tweet showed bias," and noted that "Labott did not respond to a request for comment." Wemple spotlighted in his Thursday
  • Al-Jazeera journalists jailed for airing 'false news', Egyptian court ruling says

    09/07/2015 3:57:59 PM PDT · by Beave Meister · 5 replies
    The Guardian ^ | 9/6/2015
    An Egyptian court released a detailed ruling on Sunday on why it sentenced three journalists working for al-Jazeera English to three years in prison for airing what it described as “false news” and biased coverage. The case has long been criticised by press freedom campaigners and others. The ruling, published by the state news agency Mena, said Mohamed Fahmy, a Canadian national, Peter Greste, an Australian journalist, and BaherMohamed, an Egyptian producer, were by default members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group, which Egyptian authorities consider a terrorist organisation. “It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the al-Jazeera media...
  • Petition to Ban Megyn Kelly from Hosting Future Debates

    08/07/2015 5:38:03 PM PDT · by ElainaVer · 74 replies
    ​Dears News Corps., Megyn Kelly apparently finds the state of our union amusing and "fun", whereas the viewers (our fellow citizens) deserve a much more serious moderator. In addition, she had a clear agenda to attack Donald Trump, by tenaciously clinging to his past rather than his vision for the future. She focused on Trump personally, rather than politically. Ultimately, she did not not live up to the "fair and balanced" slogan at Fox News and News Corporation. While her disdain for Mr. Trump was evident, this peititon is a call for truly fair and balanced coverage of ALL candidates....
  • 'Crossfire', 'Sanjay Gupta M.D.', 'CNN Money' & 'Unguarded' Canceled by CNN

    10/20/2014 2:51:06 PM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 28 replies
    TV By The Numbers ^ | October 16, 2014 | By Sara Bibel
    CNN has canceled multiple series. Per Deadline,Crossfire has officially been canceled. The series, a CNN staple from 1982-2005, relaunched in September 2013, earned low ratings until it went on hiatus in May. The show briefly returned in July, then went on hiatus again. CNN is also canceling Sanjay Gupta M.D, CNN Money With Christine Romans and Unguarded With Rachel Nichols. All three anchors will remain with the network.
  • Conrad Black: Jewish-Owned Media ‘Habitually anti-Israel’

    11/29/2012 12:14:54 PM PST · by KeyLargo · 4 replies
    Newsmax Wires ^ | Nov 29, 2012
    Newsmax Conrad Black: Jewish-Owned Media ‘Habitually anti-Israel’ Thursday, November 29, 2012 02:50 PM By: Newsmax Wires The Jewish-owned American media don’t treat Israel fairly, says former newspaper publisher turned author Conrad Black. Black, writing in the National Review, expresses agreement with a Twitter posting from News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch earlier this month that read, “Why Is Jewish owned press so consistently anti-Israel in every crisis?” Murdoch subsequently apologized after the tweet sparked heated criticism. “Rupert Murdoch and I have had our differences over many years, but I must join with him entirely in his recent tweeted complaint that most...
  • Appellate court: Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood off the torture-slaying retrials

    10/25/2012 5:04:10 PM PDT · by SmithL · 6 replies
    Knoxville News Sentinel ^ | 10/25/12 | News Sentinel staff
    Handing down a victory for Knox County prosecutors, the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals today ruled Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood must recuse himself from presiding over retrials for three defendants convicted in the 2007 torture-slayings of a young Knox County couple. A stay previously entered in the retrial of these cases will remain in effect until the chief justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court appoints a replacement judge or pending further orders of this court of the Supreme Court, Judge Robert W. Wedemeyer wrote in the ruling for the three-member panel. "Upon that appointment, the new trial judge shall review...
  • Obama campaign: New York Times poll is 'biased'

    05/15/2012 7:13:32 AM PDT · by AmonAmarth · 30 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | May 15, 2012 | Charlie Spiering
    May 15, 2012 9:44am 1 Comment Obama campaign: New York Times poll is 'biased' byCharlie Spiering Commentary Staff Writer Share on emailShare on printFollow on Twitter: Obama campaign deputy manager Stephanie Cutter dismissed today's CBS/New York Times poll showing that 67 percent of people believed Obama made his decision on gay marriage for political reasons. Only 24 percent said that Obama did it “mostly because he thinks it is right.” Host Chuck Todd asked Cutter about the poll, admitting that the methodology of the poll was different, because it was a callback poll. "Put those caveats aside thats a lot...
  • Vanderbilt's Christian Legal Society says anti-bias policy discriminates

    01/21/2012 2:49:26 PM PST · by SmithL · 4 replies
    The Tennessean | 1/21/12 | Nancy DeVille with
    Gannett Newspaper, Link Only:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE
  • Time To Run a 'Tebow' Media Option Play

    01/12/2012 9:52:57 AM PST · by Kaslin · 10 replies ^ | January 12, 2012 | Cal Thomas
    Even fair-minded liberals, of which there must be a few, should acknowledge that the Saturday-Sunday "blitz" of the Republican presidential candidates by ABC and NBC correspondents looked like a play designed by the left wing of the Democratic Party. Clearly the questions by ABC's George Stephanopoulos and Diane Sawyer about contraception and same-sex marriage were asked to trap the GOP candidates into delivering sound bites that the Obama re-election campaign could use against the eventual nominee and the party at large. These were the types of accusatory questions that would never be asked of a Democratic president. One would not...
  • Supporters of Wisconsin anti-union bill hold rally

    03/06/2011 5:24:10 PM PST · by AlaskaErik · 3 replies
    AP via Yahoo News ^ | MARCH 6, 2011 | SCOTT BAUER,
    Cannot excerpt AP
  • "Clarence Dupnik Democrat" --do some searches

    01/08/2011 6:14:24 PM PST · by Mamzelle · 62 replies
    search engines, use "clarence dupnik democrat" | 1/7/11 | Mamzelle
    Just finished watched Sheriff Dupnik on Fox News. This guy is serious trouble. Please inform yourselves, freepers, and please--if you're from Pima County, contribute your insights. The moment he started talking, he oozed self-righteousness and pomposity. He kept alluding to "vitriol"--a code word the Progs use to talk about talk radio and conservatives.
  • Poll shows Latinos frustrated with GOP

    10/06/2010 6:32:42 AM PDT · by Technoman · 19 replies
    Salt Lake Tribune ^ | 10/06/2010 | David Montero
    A poll released Tuesday suggests outrage over Arizona-style immigration bills — including one authored by Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem — is sowing discontent among Latinos toward the Republican Party. The Pew Hispanic Center, a nonpartisan research group based in Washington, D.C., found just 6 percent of all registered Latino voters believe the Republican Party showed concern for them. Among Latino Republicans, just 18 percent said their party showed concern for them. These findings could be viewed as alarming to the GOP — even in a state as heavily Republican as Utah, according to Kirk Jowers, director of the Hinckley Institute...
  • Kagan, Obama, and the Thumb of Empathy

    06/28/2010 6:34:04 AM PDT · by lpmorrow · 1 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 06/28/10 | Ed Morrow
    In the British comedy show “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” a cartoon God would often send a giant foot down from Heaven to squash malefactors. Some see God’s justice in the non-cartoon world to be similarly imposed, with Him smiting the unjust, albeit minus the giant foot. The Old Testament gives examples that fit this model, but things get complicated upon closer inspection. Was God a little indiscriminate in His actions? While the Israelites were the Chosen People, there must have been a few virtuous souls among the various Runners-Up Peoples that the Israelites, with God’s help, destroyed. Read more:
  • Inaccurate, biased reporting on Obama-Abbas meeting

    06/10/2010 6:03:45 PM PDT · by Nachum · 5 replies · 343+ views
    american thinker ^ | 6/10/10 | Leo Rennert
    In its June 10 edition, the Washington Post runs an article by Michael Shear about President Obama's meeting with Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in the White House. The article is both inaccurate about Obama's pledge of more aid to the Palestinians and also biased with its total silence about a strong disagreement between the two leaders about continued anti-Israel incitement by the Palestinian Authority ("Obama seeks new approach on Gaza -- He calls for Israeli blockade to consider aid as well as security" page A9). Shear writes that the White House announced "that it was increasing aid to Gaza by...
  • More Creative Reporting About Tea Party Movement

    05/05/2010 8:45:06 AM PDT · by Behind Liberal Lines · 2 replies · 314+ views
    American Spectator ^ | on 5.5.10 @ 10:49AM | By Paul Chesser
    In an effort to spread their own views about Tea Partiers, the Washington Post today creates a story today out of thin material (their own poll) about how the "movement is struggling to overcome accusations of racism"...It's supposed to be news that those who disagree strongly with tea partiers believe the worst about them? We know that already from liberals' liberal use of the "teabaggers" slur.
  • Irony report: Was CNN 'tea-bagged'? Network's decline follows rise of grass-roots America

    04/10/2010 7:28:20 AM PDT · by RogerFGay · 38 replies · 1,645+ views
    WND ^ | April 9, 2010 | Drew Zahn
    In a year when America's tea party activists have been surging, cable news networks that slam the grassroots movement have been dying in the ratings. Is it merely coincidence? As widely reported, 2010's first quarter ratings for cable news networks were released earlier this month. Compared to the numbers in 2009, Fox News Channel, frequently reported as a favorite of the tea partiers, actually gained 3 percent over last year's numbers, but MSNBC, whose left-leaning commentary has been far more critical of the movement, has dropped 15 percent of its audience. Even more startling, however, is the ratings freefall...
  • Online Exposure to Adult Porn Adversely Affects Children's Sexual Behavior: Report

    01/14/2010 4:56:48 AM PST · by GonzoII · 23 replies · 1,320+ views
    LifeSiteNews ^ | NEW YORK, Jan. 13, 2009
    Wednesday January 13, 2010 Online Exposure to Adult Porn Adversely Affects Children's Sexual Behavior: Report NEW YORK, Jan. 13, 2009 ( - Morality in Media (MIM) has published a 10-page paper reporting evidence that exposure to hardcore adult pornography on the Internet can adversely affect children's sexual behavior and attitudes about sex. The evidence includes published observations of clinical psychologists, police and prosecutors, educators, rape crisis professionals, social workers and others, as well as social science research. The paper is the second MIM publication in recent months exposing the connection between adult pornography and harm to children. The paper...
  • POLL: Fox News vs. CNN: Which news source is MORE biased?

    10/22/2009 9:37:55 AM PDT · by Lucky9teen · 11 replies · 1,253+ views
    For the second week in a row, White House advisers were trash-talking Fox News on the Sunday news shows yesterday. Fox is “not really a news station,” said David Axelrod. Rahm Emmanuel said Fox “ is not a news organization so much as it has a perspective.” A week ago, communications director Anita Dunn opened the White House offensive on Fox on a Sunday show, saying “Let’s not pretend they’re a news organization like CNN is.” (less)
  • Are The Top Journalists Insiders Or Outsiders? (talking Cronkite)

    08/01/2009 8:37:53 AM PDT · by bilhosty · 13 replies · 784+ views
    Rasmussen Reports ^ | August 01, 2009 | Larry Sabato
    Something truly astonishing appeared in a Washington Post column on July 25, 2009 (click here to view). It was written by Frank Mankiewicz, former press secretary to Senator Robert F. Kennedy (D-NY) and the man who is perhaps most widely remembered for announcing RFK's death in June 1968. Mankiewicz was also the political director of Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern's losing 1972 campaign. The column contained a two-fold revelation about the just-deceased Walter Cronkite, the longtime CBS News anchorman. Here are the disclosures, in Mankiewicz' own words:
  • 'Inquirer' Bailout Talks Raise More Questions

    02/12/2009 8:32:09 AM PST · by curth · 4 replies · 263+ views
    The Bulletin ^ | Thursday, February 12, 2009 | Chris Freind
    The Bulletin and other media outlets have recently disclosed ongoing discussions between Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, D, and Philadelphia Media Holdings (PMH) Publisher and CEO Brian Tierney. A possible taxpayer bailout of the struggling media company stands at the heart of the issue. PMH bought the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News in 2006 for $562 million, and approximately $400 million remains in debt. The company defaulting because it has not made a payment on its loan since June of last year. There has been significant public opposition to a media entity seeking financial support from the government, including a Wall...
  • Researcher: Johns Hopkins Paper Biased on Abortion-Mental Health Issues

    12/05/2008 9:02:44 AM PST · by julieee · 356+ views ^ | December 4, 2008 | Steven Ertelt
    Washington, DC -- One of the foremost experts on the mental health aftereffects of abortion on women says a new paper from researchers at Johns Hopkins University is both deceptive and biased. Dr. Priscilla Coleman of Bowling Green State University says the authors engage in the same tactics as the APA.
  • The world wants change

    10/17/2008 10:28:11 PM PDT · by americanophile · 27 replies · 666+ views
    The Guardian ^ | October 17, 2008 | Iam Williams
    So, after eight years of Blair and Brown toadying up to Bush, 65% of Brits want Barack Obama to win the presidential election, according to the Guardian's international poll published today, and only 15% are rooting for the McCain/Palin ticket – and one suspects that some of those would be voting for the racist BNP given half a chance, not least when the numbers indicate that Obama is only supported by the 54% of the lowest socio-economic class, whose neglect by New Labour has left many of them clutching at racist straws. In every country, opinions of the US have...
  • They Warned Us About the Mortgage Crisis (barf)

    10/10/2008 5:39:32 PM PDT · by Kiss Me Hardy · 27 replies · 851+ views
    Business Week ^ | Oct 9, 2008 | Robert Berner and Brian Grow
    State whistleblowers tried to curtail greedy lending—and were thwarted by the Bush Administration and the financial industry....
  • The "REAL" REASON the MARKET continues to DROP = FEAR of OBAMA as POTUS + Biased/Liberal Media!!

    10/09/2008 4:20:52 AM PDT · by Dagney Taggert · 15 replies · 987+ views
    10/8/08 | Dagney Taggert
    Regarding "This Election"; the candidate: "Barack Obama"; and "The MainStream Media" How many times have you stopped and "caught yourself".......... literally "shaking your head" - in UTTER AMAZEMENT & DISBELIEF - that Barack Obama is even a "candidate" for President Of the US, much less the INSANE REALITY of him actually LEADING/WINNING!?! Couple that with the almost total Media Blackout regarding his obvious, blatant and irrefutable poor judgement, past history, anti-american friends/associates, etc. etc. Not only does the media not mention or question the incredibly obvious, alarming and very real CONCERNS, ISSUES & DANGERS surrounding him being elected and holding...
  • Gwen Ifill Interview: GOP Women Defend Palin, Object to Questions About Her Family

    09/30/2008 10:27:30 PM PDT · by · 12 replies · 1,245+ views ^ | September 2, 2008 |
    GWEN IFILL: And there's also a big difference between running a state or running as long as she has run a state and running for one of the biggest jobs in the country. What advice do you give her on how to balance this? She's got five kids. She's got one...REP. HEATHER WILSON: You know something? Let me say something about that. That bothers me. No one ever asked John Kennedy whether he could be president and be a dad. Nobody asks Senator Obama whether he could be president and be a dad. But because Governor Palin is a woman,...
  • Gwen Ifill Interview: McCain Spokesman Defends Palin Pick and her Privacy

    09/30/2008 10:18:46 PM PDT · by · 4 replies · 642+ views ^ | september 2, 2008 |
    GWEN IFILL: So now, do you think that her nomination in any way is in peril tonight?TUCKER BOUNDS: Absolutely not. I think that her nomination is emboldened every day that this convention goes along, because everyone in that room there is excited about hearing from Governor Palin, excited about change in Washington. That's what they're electing John McCain to do, shake things up, build on his reform record, work in a bipartisan way. Governor Palin has done it in Alaska; she's going to do it in Washington, if we're fortunate enough to be victorious in November.
  • News Stand Magazines Totally Biased On Palin (VANITY)

    09/06/2008 7:26:39 PM PDT · by markedmannerf · 28 replies · 403+ views
    09/06/08 | ME
    I know many of you have probably already seen these covers on the news stands but thought I would share them. Then compare them to Obamas coverage from these magazines.
  • AOL Attacks Palin

    09/01/2008 8:08:59 AM PDT · by George - the Other · 40 replies · 122+ views
    America OnLine ^ | Friday, August 29, 2008 | Maia
    “I guess someone must have finally told Gov. Sarah Palin just what it is that the vice president does.”
  • Media bias (ABC's reporting of candidate backers)

    07/17/2008 2:23:19 AM PDT · by Bikkuri · 9 replies · 277+ views
    Father (email)
    Just in case you happened to see the ABC News piece (if you watch ABC News) with interviews of 5 military folks in Iraq 3 planned to vote for Obama and 2 for Hillary; no mention of any McCain supporters.
  • Carville and Begalla banned

    01/26/2008 10:58:21 PM PST · by robo_tek · 32 replies · 120+ views
    Talking Points Memo Blog ^ | 1-26-08 | robo_tek
    Exclusive: After Obama Complaints, CNN Bans James Carville And Paul Begala From Appearing As Analysts Until Dem Primary Is Settled January 24, 2008 -- 7:11 PM EST
  • MSM Doesn’t Care About Google’s Pro-Jihadi Censorship

    11/06/2007 10:05:27 PM PST · by Posting · 7 replies · 142+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | November 6, 2007 | Matthew Vadum
    MSM DoesnÂ’t Care About GoogleÂ’s Pro-Jihadi Censorship By Matthew Vadum | November 6, 2007 - 16:41 ET As Islamic scholar Robert Spencer can tell you, the mainstream media has barely noticed that Google, the Internet search engine giant, is now deciding for its users which ideas are acceptable and which are not. ItÂ’s never been a secret that Google leans left and wonÂ’t tolerate ideas it doesnÂ’t agree with. The company hired global warming profiteer Al Gore as senior advisor and has a history of purging content based on ideology. More evidence of the companyÂ’s thinly-veiled, warm and fuzzy politically...
  • Christianne Amanpour nominated for 'Emmy Award for Biggest Disappointment'? [God's warriors?]

    08/31/2007 4:55:36 AM PDT · by Posting · 7 replies · 783+ views
    JewishJournal ^ | August, 2007 Is there an Emmy Award for Biggest Disappointment? If so, I nominate CNN's three-part series, "God's Warriors," hosted or read or fronted -- but certainly not reported - by Christiane Amanpour. The investigation - their claim - into radicals of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim persuasion was CNN's highest-rated documentary ever, which just goes to show: Scratch any responsible news organization deep enough and you'll find a shallow, sensationalizing ratings whore. The big reveal of the program was this: There are extremists out there ready to blow us up or hijack our elections. There was no analysis: not what...
  • Americans United for Change = Another leftist attempt at propoganda

    07/23/2007 8:42:30 AM PDT · by phoenix0468 · 6 replies · 203+ views
    self ^ | 07/23/2007 | phoenix0468
    Here is another leftist organization trying to brand itself an "Independent" group. Let's expose this group for what it really is. A leftist liberal bunch of liars that have the same agenda that every other leftist (i.e., etc.). I don't know how new or pervasive this organization is, but a prompt and immediate response to their liberal rhetoric is in order.
  • Negative, Left-Tilting War Coverage Is As Unappreciated As It Is Obvious

    03/14/2007 6:43:34 AM PDT · by Kitten Festival · 8 replies · 866+ views
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | 14 Mar 2006 | RAGHAVAN MAYUR
    Old habits are hard to break — so much so in the case of the national media that their left-slanted reporting may be risking their relationship with the American public. This is one key finding from our latest IBD/TIPP Poll, suggesting a wake-up call is in order if the media don't want to lose their "customer base" by consistently disregarding what most people believe to be true. Like what? How about the military's conduct in Iraq, and what our troops have been doing these past four years? Beyond eliminating the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein and neutralizing the likes of...
  • Why So Much Media Focus on Mitt Romney's Mormon Faith?

    02/19/2007 4:52:58 PM PST · by sevenbak · 163 replies · 1,860+ views
    Fox News ^ | 2/19/07 | Sevenbak
    (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) MITT ROMNEY, GOP PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFUL: I think in my view, the people of America want a person of faith to lead the country. They can look at my wife and me and my family, they can see that our faith has made us better people, better Americans, and we share the values of the other citizens of this great land. (END VIDEO CLIP) BURNS: That was former Massachusetts Republican Governor responding to a question about media focus on his religion. Romney said this week he's running for president, but on the day of his announcement, he woke...
  • BBC admits: We are biased on religion and politics

    10/25/2006 5:45:11 PM PDT · by patriot_wes · 7 replies · 582+ views
    yNet ^ | October 10, 2006 | Hagit Klaiman
    BBC admits: We are biased on religion and politics Internal corporation memo on ‘impartiality’ summit leaked to British media exposes truth on BBC bias Published: 16:10 LONDON – The British Broadcasting Corporation has been struggling for several years against criticisms and claims of biased reporting concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and distorted coverage of the global fight against terror. Following a diplomatic incident with Israel, the BBC appointed an editor known for his objective reporting, however, the true stance of the corporation’s editors remained the same. An internal memo, recently discovered by the British media, revealed what the BBC has been...
  • Is the media biased against the President? ( Freep a Poll )

    09/30/2006 11:17:03 AM PDT · by george76 · 67 replies · 1,810+ views
    Summit Daily ^ | September 30, 2006 | poll
    Is the media biased against the President? Yes No, I don't see a bias either way No, the media is too nice
  • Is the ICRC finally escaping racist Arab Muslim Goliath "lobby" oil Mafia?

    06/19/2006 11:54:56 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 181+ views
    Ha'aretz Israel is set to join the Red Cross after nearly six decadesHa'aretz, Israel - 2 hours agoIsrael is set to join the Red Cross movement after nearly six decades of exclusion, despite attempts by Muslim countries to derail a complex diplomatic ... Cross and crescent gone, 'red crystal' in OhmyNews InternationalAntigua represented at International Red Cross meeting AntiguaSun'Historic' Red Cross vote on MDA to be held Thursday Jerusalem Post Has there been one other nation on earth that was excluded in such a blatant hateful racist manner, under prresure by global Arab Muslim 'lobby' (there are hundrteds of different...
  • Public Recognizes Liberal Media Bias

    10/31/2005 6:12:41 AM PST · by george76 · 6 replies · 950+ views
    Accuracy In Media...the AIM Report ^ | October 31, 2005 | Cliff Kincaid
    The one-paragraph story appeared on page 1 D in USA Today and the headline was "Gallup Survey: Trust in media is growing." But it should have said: "Trust in media is 20 points behind 1976 levels." That's what the survey showed. Isn't it interesting how the media will publicize President Bush's falling approval ratings but will not emphasize their own? The "growing" trust in the media consisted of confidence in the media rising from 44 percent last year to 50 percent in the latest survey. But it was 54 percent in 2003, 68 percent in 1972, and 72 percent in...
  • Web Site Puts Politically Biased Teachers on Record

    04/18/2006 12:09:37 PM PDT · by lancer87 · 3 replies · 234+ views is a new site dedicated to helping students put politically biased professors on record. Visit the Site: Politics in the ClassroomIt seems like almost every other week the antics of politically biased teachers and administrators make national headlines. Teachers need to stop indoctrinating and get back to educating. This site seems like a good idea, at least in the sense that it might deter biased teachers from imposing their political views on students.
  • Bush Using Straw-Man Arguments in Speeches (beyond barf alert)

    03/18/2006 2:33:33 PM PST · by Pikamax · 51 replies · 1,367+ views
    AP ^ | 03/18/06 | JENNIFER LOVEN
    Bush Using Straw-Man Arguments in Speeches By JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writer Sat Mar 18, 12:52 PM ET "Some look at the challenges in Iraq and conclude that the war is lost and not worth another dime or another day," President Bush said recently. Another time he said, "Some say that if you're Muslim you can't be free." "There are some really decent people," the president said earlier this year, "who believe that the federal government ought to be the decider of health care ... for all people." Of course, hardly anyone in mainstream political debate has made such assertions....
  • MEDIA BIAS: CBS Slants Bush Poll in Favor of Democrats

    02/28/2006 7:25:36 AM PST · by Thanatos · 44 replies · 1,879+ views
    Newsbusters ^ | 2-28-2006 | Newsbusters
    Headsup to Newsbusters for this CBS Slants Bush Poll in Favor of Democrats In its classic "fair and balanced" tradition, CBS slanted in favor of Democrats its poll that found Bush has a 34 percent approval rating and a 59 percent disapproval rating, an all-time high for a CBS poll. On the bottom of the PDF version of the poll (page 18) it says how many Democrats versus Republicans were contacted. "Total Republicans" contacted: 272 unweighted and 289 weighted. "Total Democrats" contacted: 409 unweighted and 381 weighted. "Total Independents" contacted: 337 unweighted and 348 weighted.
  • What Would Dan Rather Do? (Vanity)

    02/17/2006 10:48:45 AM PST · by YourAdHere · 10 replies · 258+ views
    Watching the coverage of the Dick Cheney hunting accident over the last few days, I can't help but wonder how Dan Rather would be reporting the story, were he still sitting at the anchor desk.
  • 'Western Media Biased Against Arabs'

    02/01/2006 3:28:33 PM PST · by blam · 24 replies · 519+ views
    The Guardian (UK) ^ | 2-1-2006 | Julia Day
    'Western media biased against Arabs' Julia Day in Qatar Wednesday February 1, 2006 Western media are biased against Arabs, parrot government views and have a negative influence on western understanding of the region, a conference organised by satellite channel al-Jazeera heard today. In a debate on whether world media build bridges or creates divisions, delegates were told that western media - and the US media in particular - need to concentrate on press freedom more than Arabic media and must radically overhaul their coverage of Arabic issues. Criticism of western media came from both western and Arab journalists and academics....
  • AP Poll Biased: Anti-Bush, Anti-Republican [left-wing media stay busy]

    01/08/2006 12:33:40 AM PST · by charrisGOP · 21 replies · 1,283+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | January 7, 2006 | John Armor
    Today (Saturday) there are stories in numerous papers based on an AP-Ipsos poll just released. Typical of the lot is an article in the New York Post, whose lede and third paragraphs are here: Dissatisfied with the nation's direction, Americans are leaning toward wanting a change in which political party leads Congress - preferring that Democrats take control, an AP-Ipsos poll found. Democrats are favored over Republicans 49 percent to 36 percent. President Bush's job approval remains low - 40 percent in the AP-Ipsos poll, with only one-third saying the country is headed in the right direction. Bush also remains...