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Trump names health care and education, security, as the top functions of the federal government
American Thinker ^ | 03/30/2016 | Thomas Lifson

Posted on 03/30/2016 8:13:38 AM PDT by SeekAndFind

In a moment that seemed to stun even moderator Anderson Cooper, Donald Trump named federal involvement in education and health care as top functions of the federal government, along with national security, at the Milwaukee candidates forum in Milwaukee last night. Apparently unaware that conservatives believe that a federal role in education is unjustified, and that many, including Ted Cruz, want to abolish the Department of Education, and that federal involvement in health care is anathema to his party’s base, Trump spoke of both as among the top three priorities for the feds.

Putting on his surprised face, Cooper attempted to give Trump a chance to address his base. Shoshana Weissmann of the Weekly Standard describes the debacle:

Anderson Cooper tried to clarify. "So in terms of federal government role, you're saying security, but you also say health care and education should be provided by the federal government?"

Trump replied, "yeah, those are two of the things. Yeah, sure. there are obviously many things, housing, providing great neighborhoods—"

Anderson, confused by Trump's response, asked, "aren't you against the federal government's involvement in education? Don't you want it to devolve to states?"

"I want it to go to state. Absolutely," said Trump, entirely flip-flopping on what he said moments earlier.

Cooper replied, "that's not part of what the federal government's—"

Trump interjected, "the federal government, but the concept of the country is the concept that we have to have education within the country and have to get rid of common core and it should be brought to the state level."

Cooper added, "and federal health care run by the federal government?"

Trump said, "health care. We need health care for our people.

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To: CapitalistCrusader

The constant excuse that Trump allegedly is not a “practiced, polished politician” won’t wash. He’s been in the public eye for forty years, deeply involved in NYC and national politics nearly as long, a TV star, etc. He’s a liberal Progressive populist who also happens to be an American nationalist. The Republican he most closely resembles in terms of policy is Teddy Roosevelt. The Democrat version would be JFK or Scoop Jackson.

61 posted on 03/30/2016 9:09:07 AM PDT by Argus
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To: Argus

Right now, Scoop Jackson doesn’t look too bad.

62 posted on 03/30/2016 9:09:48 AM PDT by dfwgator
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To: SubMareener
So a “common sense conservative” would say the getting the federal government out of healthcare and education were a pretty big priority.

But the question wasn't "what are the top things we need to get the federal government out of?" The question was "what are the TOP THREE FUNCTIONS of the US Government?" His answer was that education and health care are two of the TOP THREE FUNCTIONS of the US Government. That is a FAR CRY from what you are saying a "common sense conservative" would say; dang near the exact opposite in fact.

63 posted on 03/30/2016 9:15:09 AM PDT by VRWCmember
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To: Harpotoo
You think medicaid and medicare are going away. We need to improve it.

Just like the wonderful track record the government has for fixing our schools. Government can't fix the problem. Government is the problem. To coin a phrase from Ronald Reagan. Using the government to fix problem is like using nitro glycerin to drive nails.
64 posted on 03/30/2016 9:19:45 AM PDT by Idaho_Cowboy (I Samuel 8:19-20 The New Spirit of America?)
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To: Kandy Atz
Obamacare, which will be henceforth known as Trumpcare, because he will make better deals, or something.

In his own word we are going to do “everything.” Who doesn't like that? Not sure what it means, but it'll be Yuge!
65 posted on 03/30/2016 9:20:52 AM PDT by Idaho_Cowboy (I Samuel 8:19-20 The New Spirit of America?)
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To: calico_thompson
Hey Trumpster Trolls - what say you?

Allow me to respond for them: "He didn't mean that. He thought they were talking about the states. And even if he did, he's actually right. He could make that work and would do a great job. He'll make great deals because he's smart and is the only one who can fix it. Lyin' Ted and his globalist masters would only make things worse."

Have I got the talking points down?
66 posted on 03/30/2016 9:21:00 AM PDT by Antoninus (Dump The Rump)
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To: CapitalistCrusader

“Why don’t you just go to his campaign website and see what his positions are for yourself.”

Why? Does Trump’s campaign website differ from what he actually says? Do they have to update and change it or just deny what he says and ignore what he’s said in the past. Do they have a sane person write out what his positions are supposed to be without the name calling, petulance, childishness, bombast and buffoonery?

67 posted on 03/30/2016 9:22:07 AM PDT by duffee (CRUZ 2016)
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To: Bayou Dittohead
Amazed at the antichristian bigotry that exists on the “right”. I expect it from liberals.

That is because about 40-50% of The Rump's supporters are actually astroturf Democrats. They show their true colors when they talk about Christianity.
68 posted on 03/30/2016 9:24:01 AM PDT by Antoninus (Dump The Rump)
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To: kjam22

RE: So why would his web page say one thing, and he say something else in an interview??? Inquiring minds wanna know....

I suspect that the web page was “outsourced” ( for want of a better word ) to people who know how to create policies that are acceptable to conservatives in general.

In the meantime, I don’t think he has given his own philosophy of governing much thought, that is why he occasionally contradicts what is said in his own webpage.

69 posted on 03/30/2016 9:24:56 AM PDT by SeekAndFind
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To: SeekAndFind

Trump is right again. Security first.

Then, education is important and the federal government has a huge role in devolving their massive role and allowing states and institutions more freedom. He is right education is important at the federal level as the federal involvement in education is destructive and needs to be supportive and constructive.

And yes, the federal government also has a HUGE role in healthcare and needs to use that role to increase private competition, reform Medicaid and strengthen medicare.

70 posted on 03/30/2016 9:25:21 AM PDT by 1Old Pro
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To: CapitalistCrusader
I expect him to nuke the UniParty.

Your expectation is nuts. My prediction is that Trump will lose disastrously and become an albatross around the neck of conservatism if (God forbid) he is the nominee. He's the Westboro Baptist Church of the Republican party.
71 posted on 03/30/2016 9:26:44 AM PDT by Antoninus (Dump The Rump)
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To: Idaho_Cowboy
Healthcare?! What the heck Someone want to tell me how this is a hallmark of conservatism?

Sure, that's an easy one. The Federal government, if you don't understand, has a massive trillion dollar role in healthcare as well as a massive regulatory role in healthcare. In order to unwind this system and make it align with conservative principles puts this category QUITE EASILY in the top 3 of importance.w

72 posted on 03/30/2016 9:27:45 AM PDT by 1Old Pro
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To: duffee
The Trump supporters are no longer on the right or conservative as this is no longer a conservative site.

Sadly, I agree. The astroturf DemTrolls have taken over.
73 posted on 03/30/2016 9:27:49 AM PDT by Antoninus (Dump The Rump)
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To: Idaho_Cowboy

Well unfortunately the more I review Reagan’s record the more I see a guy who was a big government proponent also.

The reality is that we are not ever going back to any sort of small government and the Republicans don’t really want to and never really did. The Demographics have changed and too many people are benefiting from expanded government. The whole thing is too big to reform.

The only thing that will cause a reset in thinking will be a collapse of some kind, Defaulting on the Debt will be that trigger and I firmly believe that is what will happen if Health Care costs don’t get us first.

74 posted on 03/30/2016 9:28:09 AM PDT by Captain Peter Blood
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To: VRWCmember

Yes, and when Anderson Cooper followed up on that Donald Trump explained what he was going to do with the “government that we have” to get to the “government that we want.” But if you live in a sound-bite world you missed that.

The good news is that most Democrat voters will miss that too, and think that Donald Trump is going to continue the gravy train for them.

After Donald J. Trump finishes doing all the “liberal” things he has promised: build the wall, deport illegals and Syrian invaders, cancel Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders, roll back twenty years of intrusive government regulations, prosecute Hillary and her crew, release the secret 28 pages from the 9/11 report, negotiate prescription drug purchases, repeal and replace Obamacare, simplify the Tax code, repatriate $2.5 trillion in off-shore profits, stop the IRS from abridging the free speech of Christian Churches, reform the libel laws to remove the “public figure” distinctions, defund Planned Parenthood until the stop doing abortions, cleaning up the mess that is the VA, cutting waste, fraud and abuse where ever it is found, canceling Common Core and returning control of education to the States, end the assault on the Second Amendment, audit the Federal Reserve System, investigate the harmful additives in Vaccines and the coverup of studies at the CDC, and destroy the culture of Political Correctness, then we can talk about all those “conservative” issues some people want to address.

75 posted on 03/30/2016 9:28:15 AM PDT by SubMareener (Save us from Quarterly Freepathons! Become a MONTHLY DONOR!)
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To: Antoninus

You forgot “Make America Great”...and of course only he can do that!!!!sarc/on

76 posted on 03/30/2016 9:29:14 AM PDT by ontap
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To: dfwgator

Hillary will run as a Scoop Jackson Democrat, too. “Compassionate” at home, “tough” abroad.

77 posted on 03/30/2016 9:29:45 AM PDT by Argus
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To: CapitalistCrusader
Why don't you just go to his campaign website and see what his positions are for yourself.

Because his site is complete BS. Listen to what comes out of his mouth--that's who he is.
78 posted on 03/30/2016 9:30:14 AM PDT by Antoninus (Dump The Rump)
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To: Antoninus

The questioner said United States Government...not Federal Government. the Government of the United States of America consists of three sectors, Federal, state & Local. End of story!!! Go Donald J. Trump!!!

79 posted on 03/30/2016 9:31:57 AM PDT by JLAGRAYFOX (Defeat both the Republican (e) & Democrat (e) political parties....Forever!!!)
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To: RFEngineer
This Trumpster Troll just wants him to do what he says on illegal immigration. That’s why I’m voting for him. I don’t care about anything else.

Oh, that's fantastic. You know what the saddest part is? You are depending on a serial liar, blowhard con-man to keep his word on the one issue you care about. Not the best strategy.
80 posted on 03/30/2016 9:32:30 AM PDT by Antoninus (Dump The Rump)
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