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Because of Adam Smith [Chick-Fil-A incident] many will no longer support liberal gay community
8-3-12 | Arcy

Posted on 08/03/2012 7:39:53 AM PDT by Arcy

The internet world awoke to a video of an exchange between Mr. Adam Smith, the now former CFO/Treasurer of Arizona based Vante, who has since been fired after embarrassing the company, and a young woman working the drive-thru window at his local Chick-Fil-A restaurant.

Smith, enraged by the first amendment freedoms Americans have to express opinions he disagrees with, chose to direct his frustrations with the Chick-Fil-A corporation by ambushing and berating a young lady trying to support her family by working at the drive-thru window of the restaurant.

Despite the professional and courteous service Smith received from the lady, he was unable to restrain himself from unleashing a vicious verbal assault on her. Much to her credit, she remained calm and collected - something Smith, the acting CFO of a company, could not do. Unmoved by the kindness of the young lady, Smith continued his relentless barrage, all of which was captured on his hand-held camera and later posted on the internet.

The liberal gay community continues to be its own worst public affairs advocate. Until the leaders of that movement learn to be tolerant of American values and the freedoms American's have under the constitution, it will continue to push away those who have tried to defend it.

For the record. I am absolutely NOT gay nor do I believe it is okay to be gay.

TOPICS: Editorial
KEYWORDS: adamsmith; chickfila; homosexualagenda; nealboortz; vanity
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To: Conscience of a Conservative

“under the First Amendment, he had every legal right to be a complete a**hole”

True. But I’ve been involved in photography to a small extent, and I believe he legally can’t post this girl’s likeness unless she signs a Release.

101 posted on 08/03/2012 11:28:43 AM PDT by MayflowerMadam
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To: ConservativeChris

I have noticed for the last few hours that this Adam Smith video (the one that various news services are linking to) appears to be “stuck” at 149,039 hits on my computer.!

You don’t think YouTube would be suppressing hit counts, do you? Could it be my cookies or something?

102 posted on 08/03/2012 11:33:38 AM PDT by freedomlover
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To: Arcy

I do not support gays, don’t believe it is right- but I also don’t make an issue out of it. I do hate when they try to cram their agenda down my throat or get in my face about it. When gays do try to cram their agenda down the throat of all of us there should be a backlash, every time. I do not march down the street half naked to proclaim how happy I am in my relationship nor would I expect a gay CEO to speak out in support of my heterosexual lifestyle. They shouldn’t do it either. What happens in the bedroom needs to stay there.

103 posted on 08/03/2012 11:37:59 AM PDT by Tammy8 (~Secure the border and deport all illegals- do it now! ~ Support our Troops!~)
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To: Arcy

The DUmmies are claiming that the whole thing was a false flag operation! BWAHAHA!

104 posted on 08/03/2012 11:40:18 AM PDT by hcmama
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To: MayflowerMadam
I believe he legally can’t post this girl’s likeness unless she signs a Release

That has been my impression also.

105 posted on 08/03/2012 11:47:15 AM PDT by Abby4116
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To: MayflowerMadam
What are non-commercial exploitative purposes?

Non-commercial exploitative purposes are those in which a person's identity is used for someone else's benefit. This is known as misappropriation. For example, you cannot use a video recording of someone to promote a political issue without their consent

I'd say that is exactly what he was doing in making and posting the video.

106 posted on 08/03/2012 11:51:46 AM PDT by Abby4116
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To: LearsFool; MileHi; DuncanWaring
Ok, Mr./Miss Learsfool, I'm going to try and help you here.
THIS is a 1st Amendment to the Constitution issue:
Boston Mayor to Outlaw Chick-Fil-A
Rahm Emanuel Pledges To Ban Chick-Fil-A From Chicago
THIS is a thug brutalizing an innocent woman:

107 posted on 08/03/2012 12:01:17 PM PDT by lapsus calami (What's that stink? Code Pink ! ! And their buddy Murtha, too!)
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Factor those numbers into your health insurance premiums. And "they" want to get rid of pre-existing conditions.

Wouldn't be a surprise if the "gay" diseases were closer to the head of the healthcare queue when the rationing begins, than say, cardiac or cancer treatments, either.

Meanwhile, the campaign to not only normalize this dangerous behavior, but also to recruit new victims continues relentlessly.


108 posted on 08/03/2012 12:20:15 PM PDT by BlatherNaut
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To: Peet

I don’t know how much is there, but try

I have no connection except as a rare downloader from the site...

I'm actually an occasional proofer for PG.

They'll likely have it in one of the collections. I was just looking for which one I might find it in.

109 posted on 08/03/2012 1:39:37 PM PDT by zeugma (Those of us who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living.)
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To: Arcy; All

Persons that engage in sexual immorality (homosexuality being one) pretty much instinctively know that what they are doing is wrong. So, they try many different ways to “normalize” or make “OK” what they engage in to ease their conscience. When somone doesn’t buy into their self delusion, no matter how politely, they become enraged.

Homosexuals tend to be the worst about this. However, IF someone should get the courage to start speaking out against hetereosexual immorality (fornication, adultery, etc.) I guarantee they will get blasted as well. Quite possibly right here on FR. They will be called a “Bible Thumper” or worse. The sexually immoral guilty don’t like having their guilt pointed they homo or hetero.

The sad truth is that the scourge of homosexual openness is a direct result of the precidence of hetereosexual immorality becoming the norm of society. When marriage is no longer honored amoung even the heterosexual (less than 50% of hetero couples are married) then a society accepting of homosexuals was bound to happen. In America we have become so amoral that most don’t know what real morality is anymore. Homosexuality is not wrong because it is different that is wrong because GOD said it is. However, that same GOD said the hetereosexual immorality is WRONG also (extra-marital sex). When folks stopped really caring about keeping hetereosexual immorality suppressed, it was just going to follow that homosexual behavior would fourish.

I love Sam Cathey for what he said! God Bless him. However, I wished he would also say he is against hetereosexual immorality is also wrong and that SEX BELONGS WITHIN THE CONFINES OF MARRIAGE. That would really stir things up, and maybe get people to look in the mirror.

The goal is repentence and seeking to please God. That will “save” America. We need to become a nation of genuine (not just put on) prudes again. To be more humourous about it, I guess I could summarize by saying that “Sex, drugs, and rock & roll lead set the stage of the homosexualization of the nation.” Seriously, the “Sexual Revolution” directly led to the “Homosexual Revolution” we are seeing today.

110 posted on 08/03/2012 3:48:46 PM PDT by Sola Veritas (Trying to speak truth - not always with the best grammar or spelling)
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To: Arcy

I always wonder about straight people fighting for gay rights. If they’re straight and don’t have gay relatives or gay friends who are being discrinated against, it shouldn’t affect them one way or the other. Unless...........

111 posted on 08/03/2012 4:10:12 PM PDT by Terry Mross
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To: Sola Veritas

Mr. Cathy’s comments also included something to the effect all the men running the company were married to their first wives. Not as much has been made of that, but pretty darn impressive IMO.

112 posted on 08/03/2012 6:09:53 PM PDT by TropicanaRose
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To: Arcy

Alot of what they claim is “support” is actually because in a way it’s now “hip” and “trendy” to talk that way.

Just like it is hip and trendy to buy a piece of crap car that runs on batteries.

The reality and true belief of the people IS NOT what the nightly news tries, desperately often, to convince us.

That’s what Chick-Fil-A stands for. Just a guy who owns a business speaking his mind.
Not High paid Hollywood stars.
Not politicians sucking up for votes.
Not Sunday morning talk show people who get, IMHO, way, way, way to much time in front of the camera.
Not college professors and liberal elitists.

Just a guy who owns a business telling us how he sees it and what he stands for.

And America agrees with him more than anybody ever realized!

113 posted on 08/03/2012 6:20:07 PM PDT by djf (The barbarian hordes will ALWAYS outnumber the clean-shaven. And they vote.)
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To: MayflowerMadam

I was wondering about that also. Plus, if it’s a two-party consent state, he might have committed a felony.

114 posted on 08/03/2012 6:24:00 PM PDT by djf (The barbarian hordes will ALWAYS outnumber the clean-shaven. And they vote.)
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To: LearsFool
See what happens when the Bill of Rights supplants the Bible as the arbiter of right and wrong?

Another irrelevancy worthy of a child. Trivialize a fundamental right.

The only other adult I have ever met who might make that observation, worked with us for a few years before retiring on a mental disability.

No Constitutional principles are involved, just normal intelligence and common sense.

In all the years I've lived it never crossed my mind to use a visit to a fast food drive through to promote a political view about anything, and videotape it!

115 posted on 08/03/2012 10:13:12 PM PDT by publius911 (Formerly Publius 6961, formerly jennsdad)
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To: Jaded
To think he was so proud of himself he video taped it and posted it on the internet.

That sort of personality is normally deemed pathological.
What is remarkable is he actually worked with others. I wonder how.

116 posted on 08/03/2012 10:22:37 PM PDT by publius911 (Formerly Publius 6961, formerly jennsdad)
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To: RoseofTexas
FOLKS!! We have to fight back against these SCUMS! One reason I waited until today to go to CFA! I want to be confronted by these A$$holes, see where it gets them! So I encourage folk to go out again and support CFA today...WE MUST NUMBER IN THE millions! Sorry for shouting but I’m pissed as HELL!!

Nothing to worry about.
They may be perverts, but they're not stupid.

As usual, The Times of London has one or two dozen photos of the "Great Kiss-in." None were indoor and confrontational. All were in parking lots with the Chic-Fil-A building in the background. Plus the usual zoo and their childish signs.

117 posted on 08/03/2012 10:34:54 PM PDT by publius911 (Formerly Publius 6961, formerly jennsdad)
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To: LearsFool
You seem to have an OCD about Moses, tablets and the Bible. The only nut job on all these related threads to bring those up repeatedly, as if you had a profound insight.

Nothing to worry about, though. Really.

They have medication for that.

118 posted on 08/03/2012 10:57:41 PM PDT by publius911 (Formerly Publius 6961, formerly jennsdad)
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To: LearsFool
Try proposing censorship of pornography and see what sort of responses you get here on FreeRepublic.

You didn't happen, by any chance, to get the final word on what pornography is via tablets did you?

I get the distinct impression that, if anyone asks, you are the final arbiter on the matter.

119 posted on 08/03/2012 11:24:07 PM PDT by publius911 (Formerly Publius 6961, formerly jennsdad)
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To: PetroniusMaximus; All
Homosexual rage is fueled by self hatred.

They hate what is normal because it reminds them that they are not.

And they agree, arguing they were taught to hate themselves by being exposed to the heteronormative biases from the moment they were born.

When these folks come into puberty and discover they are not "normal" who is providing a path for them?

On one hand you've got the "gay community" with it's own vicious intolerance of faith, family, conservatism and the other you've got everything from the Westboro "God hates fags" types to Catholic's "disinterested friendship" and "call to chastity" to those pushing "conversion therapy" while unwilling to allow one of their own children to date, let alone wed, an "ex-gay."

If you deprive someone of a way to to feel safe and dignified, no place to belong in life or community, they're going to behave outrageously and reject common values. There will be plenty of anger directed both inwardly and outwardly.

Something needs to be offered as an alternative to what the "gay community" pushes, a no holds barred way to live. It's an area where the faith community fails to reach its members, particularly adolescents in puberty, who are struggling with same-sex attraction. Where's the alternative to the Planned Parenthood approved secular "sex positive" agenda taught in nearly all schools?

120 posted on 08/04/2012 9:33:56 PM PDT by newzjunkey (Pontius Pilate 'voters' are arrogant, delusional, lilly-livered collaborators.)
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