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The Usual Suspects: ABC's Ross, Stephanolpoulos Point to Tea Party in Dark Knight Shooting
Breitbart ^ | 7/20/2012 | Joel B. Pollak

Posted on 07/20/2012 8:01:30 AM PDT by blueyon

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To: Labyrinthos

If your point is the human mind tends to draw immediate conclusions that best fit their worldview or experience then obviously I agree.

101 posted on 07/20/2012 9:56:23 AM PDT by skeeter
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To: blueyon

Stephanolpoulos shot his wad of credibility when he championed the contraception fiasco. He’s a rabid, full-time obamapoligist, and propaganda minister.

Insofar as the “Tea Party” movement is not a political party, per se, but a LARGE group of people who believe in freedom - most, individualists at heart - trying to stereotype them is like saying that laying one brick makes you a professional bricklayer.

Whoever this guy is, he’s a cuckoo bird, probably way more brainwashed by government schools and Hollywood slash movies than Limbsugh, Hannity, or Palin. This incident just gives the leftards an excuse to try (again) to “hush Rush).

You can bet your bippie that if Stephanolpoulos and his ilk could blame them, it would be in court by Monday.

All of this crap was tried after the Fort Hood shootings, but the guy turned out to be an Obama-loving Muslim, and the MSM got eerily quiet, and the perp hasn’t even been in court yet.

I’ve listened to Rush for over 20 years, and I have never heard him advocate any kind of violence or rebellion. In fact, he discourages it because he knows it plays right into the liberals game plan.

He more or less only exposes liberal lies, and encourages people to do their “rebellion” at this ballot box.

Stephanolpoulos and the MSM are seizing this opportunity to play one-upmanship for the Ft. Hood massacre embarrassment to their dear leader.

We knew all this was coming, and it’s no surprise. The media is “one-note-Johnny”, or “one-note-Barry”, as it were. All hoping for a ride on Air Force One, and a mint under their pillow, they’re getting their asses whipped in the ratings by Rus, Hannity, and FOX News, and it Gauls the to the core.

A media who can make a three-day story out of snow flurries in Florida will most certainly drone on about this for weeks to come. But the best way to handle it, is as little reaction as possible from the right. Their accusations are theirs to prove, the burden is on them. Reaction is only throwing wood on the fire.

Anyone knows that if a person can be driven to this kind of heinous act by listening to a radio talk show, was highly unstable to begin with.

The Tea Party? The Tea Party is quite possibly the last hope for this great country. Killing a bunch if innocent people in a dark theatre would do nothing to further the cause of freedom, and conservatives know that very well. It ain’t gonna happen.

How do we know that the guns that Holmes used weren’t from “Fast and Furious”? “Ridiculous”, you say? But it is just as plausible as any thing the left wing media saying.

Fight fire, with fire.

102 posted on 07/20/2012 10:03:48 AM PDT by FrankR (You are enslaved to the extent of charity that you receive!)
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To: blueyon
ABC News' Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos are both Democrats and OWS sympathizers. Br'r Holmes here is also a Democrat and supposedly an OWS member.

With Ross and Stephanopoulos jumping immediately into the fray to blame others, particularly the TEA Party, it's pretty obvious THEY KNEW BEFOREHAND and may well have been part of the attack.

All America wants to know if these guys are the mass killers we always thought them to be!


Jus' thinkin' ~ maybe Hillary should be told we now have a clue about who shot Vince Foster!

103 posted on 07/20/2012 10:07:00 AM PDT by muawiyah
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To: blueyon

From a prominent search engine:

“2119 people named James Holmes in the US | WhitePages James Holmes on WhitePages.

There are 2119 people named James Holmes in places like Texas; Florida; California; North Carolina; Georgia.”

The surprising thing would be if there was NOT a James Holmes who was a Tea Party member

104 posted on 07/20/2012 10:08:09 AM PDT by Stosh
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To: blueyon

The only time I may even see 5 seconds of ABC (or our local affiliate) is when I use my remote in the dark and hit the wrong button. They have zip, zero, nada which would cause me to waste more than that 5 seconds of time. If they dropped off my cable subscription, it is doubtful I would even notice it unless I hit the wrong button again.

105 posted on 07/20/2012 10:08:34 AM PDT by Wurlitzer (Nothing says "ignorance" like Islam!)
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To: blueyon

“Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

106 posted on 07/20/2012 10:09:34 AM PDT by RichInOC (No! BAD Rich! (What'd I say?)...R.I.P.)
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To: gramho12
Well, don't bother e-mailing the producers. I've done that and they don't even respond. The only thing we can do is boycott the sponsors. I know that's the liberal game i.e., Limbaugh but I don't see any other recourse.
107 posted on 07/20/2012 10:11:42 AM PDT by liberalh8ter (If Barack has a memory like a steel trap, why can't he remember what the Constitution says?)
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To: GraceG

If I were the 50+y/o James Homes who was a member of the Tea Party who these professional liars tried to link to this shooting by a 24 y/o, I would find a greedy, money grubbing lawyer (redundant I know) and sue ABC and these 2 vermin for slander.

Freedom of the press MUST end where slander begins. Their power to persuade is so great the need to keep them accurate and honest is mandatory.

Right now our media has almost zero restrictions and just like an over powerful government or business, or church, they are abusing that power with impunity.

It is obvious the advertisers either don’t care or are not paying attention.

108 posted on 07/20/2012 10:24:55 AM PDT by Wurlitzer (Nothing says "ignorance" like Islam!)
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To: blueyon; All
I am a nasty Tea Party member. I am more than that really. I am an administrator of our web site and lecture for the party on constitutional issues and the courts.
That being said, I am willing to file a pro se suit against ABC. I don't feel anything against Brian Ross would work as he is an employee and respondeat superior (let the master respond or answer) would trump any suit against him as an individual.
ABC is another thing. I have been slandered as an individual and they cannot say I am a “public figure” etc.
FReeper help on this please.
Should everyone of us (Tea Party) file separate suits or is there the real possibility of some sort of class action.
We need to fight fire with fire. Tie them up in the courts. MAKE THEM SPEND MONEY. That is the only way to hurt them.
They are our enemies anyway. No kid gloves.
Many on this site bemoan Rommney’s lack of fight. Is this the pot calling the kettle black?
Fight’s on.
We will keep our powder dry until we know ALL THE FACTS.
Then if it is shown he was some lone nutcase with NO CONNECTION TO THE TEA PARTY. We come out suing.(you know the word I wanted to use but will refrain for now)
I request serious input please.
109 posted on 07/20/2012 10:44:26 AM PDT by prof.h.mandingo (Buck v. Bell (1927) An idea whose time has come (for extreme liberalism))
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To: bray

...”14 people dead and they can only think of turning it into a political advantage for their candidate. Can you get any lower Mediots?”

Pray for America...”

No, you cannot go lower. If there are persons lower than the shooter, it is media people like that who pedal hatred of normal people whenever and wherever they can. Mediots is a good descriptive term for them.

110 posted on 07/20/2012 10:53:13 AM PDT by jazzlite (esat)
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To: greyfox

Old Step&fetshit is still pi$$ed that Monica took his job away!

111 posted on 07/20/2012 10:53:18 AM PDT by GOYAKLA (Recall/ Impeachment Day, November 6, 2012. FUBO, same for RINOs)
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To: skeeter

You succinctly expressed in one sentence what I intended to convey in several paragraphs. Thanks.

112 posted on 07/20/2012 11:02:13 AM PDT by Labyrinthos (RE)
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To: blueyon

Those two morons have the combined IQ of a brick. Their mouths are always overdriving their brains.

113 posted on 07/20/2012 11:16:50 AM PDT by Georgia Girl 2 (The only purpose of a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should never have dropped.)
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To: blueyon
You can be an idiot and need a haircut, but a barber can't help you with the first problem.
114 posted on 07/20/2012 11:19:50 AM PDT by tumblindice (Sic Semper Tyrannis)
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To: blueyon

Ross has a history of jumping at rumors. Four of 5 years ago, ABC interruped programming so Ross could report that the US military had bin Laden cornered in Baluchistan, and werebout to kill him.

Stephy and Brian are examples of Jackass Journalism. I wish somebody on THOSE networks would say exactly that. Hasselback on the View would be perfect.

Yeah, she’d get fired, but it would be so RIGHT.

115 posted on 07/20/2012 10:28:46 PM PDT by cookcounty (Kagan and Sotomayor side with Joe Wilson: -------Obama DID lie!)
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