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(Vanity) My 8-yr old got an F on assignment for not knowing "Human Rights" and "Tolerance"

Posted on 03/29/2012 7:51:55 PM PDT by indianrightwinger

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To: indianrightwinger

We don’t do global socialist “human rights”. We have constitutional rights. He needs to know about his country’s bill of rights.

Tolerance to liberals means celebrating the sexual behaviors of homos and the race hate doctrines of diversity. In America we demonstrate tolerance when we respect and protect the constitutional rights of everyone without regard to religion, sex and race or nation of origin. As Christians, we are supposed to treat others the way we would want to be treated. That is the way we do American-American tolerance.

You could also not really worry about his grades this young. He’s got a silly lefty teacher who is using a UN curriculum most likely.

If you can and he wants to do it, homeschool him. Put him back into the herd after middle school if you want to. Homeschooling is a lifestyle so be ready if you are going t o do it.

51 posted on 03/29/2012 10:39:04 PM PDT by SaraJohnson
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To: indianrightwinger
Private schools are progressive indoctrination centers, and compulsory attendance is essentially holding by force, which would be illegal for a private citizen to do. I oppose public schools. That said, when my kids are old enough to understand (which I definitely think an eight year old is,) I will absolutely teach about human rights and tolerance - in their true sense.

“That all men are born equally free and independent, and have certain inherent natural Rights… among which are the Enjoyment of Life and Liberty, with the Means of acquiring and possessing Property, and pursueing and obtaining Happiness and Safety.”

— George Mason. Virginia Declaration of Rights, May, 1776.

How can you consistently want protect them from being broken by the progressive system, if they don't understand that they have their own rights and ends independent of the state. Without a true understanding of their own human rights, they can never defend themselves from the state. Your understanding of their intellectual rights is exactly what's inspiring your indignation at their forced indoctrination.

As for tolerance, my kids will be understand Kant's categorical imperative, and treat each human as a means unto itself. Without that understanding, how can they be empowered to get the state off their backs?

I'm the conservative’s conservative, but if we let knee-jerk responses to the progressive’s perverted use of these terms lead us to reject them ourselves, we surrender our ability to defend ourselves.

Look at what's happened with “civil liberties” over the years. Groups like the ACLU have been hypocritical and sacrificed the liberties of those with whom they disagreed for the benefit of those who advanced their agendas - take school prayer for example. A true understanding of civil liberties would restrict anyone from interfering with the prayer's right to pray, but the ACLU has repeatedly decided that forceful interference with the prayer's right to practice his religious rights somehow protected the rights of others (as if a right was the sort of thing that be weighed and traded on a utilitarian basis.) Irrational judges have made decisions like rewarding a trespasser damages for injuries sustained on the trespasee’s land, and now conservatives think worrying about our rights in criminal courts is wrong (even though it was the court's disregard for property rights that made such a decision possible. Now we, as conservatives, rally behind acts like the military commissions act, the patriot act, and NDAA because complaining about civil liberties makes us “one of them.” Just look at Lindsey Graham's “when they ask for a lawyer, you tell them shut-up” line.

Let's not sacrifice ourselves and our children in an attempt to reject progressivism. Let's empower ourselves and our children by espousing the values that made us a great country - freedom and liberty, which depend entirely on a true understanding of human rights and tolerance. And yes, get your kids out of the public school if you want them to have a chance at true freedom.

52 posted on 03/29/2012 10:57:25 PM PDT by JohnGalt1983
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To: wintertime
Do it. Do it now! It will only get worse.

Correct. The relentless indoctrination continues through HS

53 posted on 03/29/2012 10:57:25 PM PDT by paul51 (11 September 2001 - Never forget)
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To: indianrightwinger; ChocChipCookie
Greetings indianrightwinger:

If our children were school age today, we would homeschool. We even had to pull our children from one Christian grade school and switch to another mid-year. One bad school board decision towards hiring a substandard school principal makes a big difference.

From a college professor's perspective: excepting PC use, an Amish grade school graduate is better prepared for college than today's average high school graduate. Keep in mind, the Amish school teacher only has an eight grade education! Love your children: get them out NOW!

Another great resource is FReeper ChocChipCookie's SurvivalMom website, she has a great guide: My top 16 tips for beginning homeschoolers.


54 posted on 03/29/2012 10:58:12 PM PDT by OneLoyalAmerican (In God I trust, all others provide citations.)
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To: Gay State Conservative

I’d like to point out that there are a lot of misconceptions about homeschooling, too. Thankfully, most of the homeschooling I did was overseas so I didn’t have to worry about an approved curriculum. Lots of teaching was done by practical application, for example, cooking. Cooking requires following instructions, learning about measurements, and if a recipe is halved/ doubled then math is involved. My daughter learned a huge amount of history by playing multi-player family games of Age of Empires on the computer. Researching who had what technology and the advancement through the ages was helpful in choosing what society to play to whip mom’s butt. LOL. Natural science can be taught on nature walks. It’s a lifestyle of making everyday activity a teachable moment, not spending hours at the kitchen table in books.

55 posted on 03/29/2012 11:16:45 PM PDT by pops88 (Standing with Breitbart for truth.)
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To: indianrightwinger


56 posted on 03/29/2012 11:24:52 PM PDT by know-the-law
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To: indianrightwinger is a great resource for homeschooling/tutoring and it's free.
57 posted on 03/30/2012 2:55:16 AM PDT by outofsalt ("If History teaches us anything it's that history rarely teaches us anything")
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To: wintertime

Your son is facing two fundamental issues: (1) how to get good grades; and, (2) how to separate the truth from what he is learning in school.

Getting good grades is easy. There are two types of tests most grade schools give: math tests and everything else. To do well in math, have your child complete every question in the book, even the ones in the back. For all ther tests, have your child create flash cards for all words and concepts and to memorize those cards before the test. It doesn’t matter whether the information on the cards is true or even makes sense.

To get good grades, always tell the teachers exactly what they want to hear. I bet that “Human Rights” and “Tolerance” were concepts taught in class or presented in the reading materials. Write them down, study the definitions, regurgitate them on the test. Easy.

Your job is to help your child separate the facts from fiction. Review the flash cards with your son and discuss the truths with him. Make sure he never calls the teacher out when the information presented in school is wrong.

My boys do very well in school following those rules. Sadly, they often have to suppress their views from classroom discussion. Maintaining conservative views while attending Manhattan private schools is not easy.

58 posted on 03/30/2012 6:00:15 AM PDT by Manhattanite
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To: Talisker
It was so extreme, it was evil - teaching, in order to prevent comprehension. ALL of the students had private tutors (no surprise). And this was at a highly accredited high school in a wealthy area. It's just madness.

The parents were doing tons of afterschooling and private tutoring. The school actually sucked!

I am on Free Republic, nearly every day trying to get others to see that NO ONE really knows if a “highly accredited” government school is indeed “highly accredited” BECAUSE: ( I am shouting.)


It has **NEVER** been measured!

Fundamentally we may be spending up to a quarter of a million dollars per child for K-12 government schooling and NO ONE knows whether or not the schools actually teach anything. All that “help” with homework ( afterschooling really) and the child's own efforts doing projects and studying IN THE HOME, is likely the real education.

Government schools send home a curriculum. The real work of getting an education is done IN THE HOME!!

59 posted on 03/30/2012 6:41:06 AM PDT by wintertime (Reforming a government K-12 school is like reforming an abortion center.)
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To: TheConservativeParty
(wait, let me tell you how I really feel about public school employees....)

I will **NOT** have a government school teacher or employee for a friend!

Recently, I made this decision. Government schooling is sooooooo **EVIL**, so harmful to the child, and such a threat to our nation's freedom, that I do NOT want anyone in my life that helps establish, run, or support it in any manner.

I wouldn't have and abortion clinic worker for a friend either.

60 posted on 03/30/2012 6:58:49 AM PDT by wintertime (Reforming a government K-12 school is like reforming an abortion center.)
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To: wintertime

I agree. The true evil has been so evident here in Wisconsin these last 2 years (since Gov.Walker reined in the public school spending).

Oh I knew the public schools were bad 25 years ago,but we’ve seen the unbridled hatred from “teachers” and others in the system, and we continue to hear tales of their deeds everyday on talk radio out of Milwaukee (Mark Belling) and Madison (Vicki McKenna).

61 posted on 03/30/2012 7:10:40 AM PDT by TheConservativeParty ("Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God." T. Jefferson (I AM ANDREW BREITBART))
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To: dsrtsage

When I started college I took all my math classes via ‘math lab’, no teacher unless needed. All the books are simple, get it done, every step spelled out in examples. I kept them and have used them over and over for my daughter and now her daughter to help them with math. It is funny how quickly the light bulb goes off using the examples from the book.

62 posted on 03/30/2012 8:52:46 AM PDT by sheana
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To: dsrtsage one hour I made him fully understand with simple concise rules what his teacher was unable to explain in 3 weeks.

Old saying: Them that can, do. Them that can't, teach.

63 posted on 03/30/2012 9:03:08 AM PDT by JimRed (Excising a cancer before it kills us waters the Tree of Liberty! TERM LIMITS, NOW AND FOREVER!)
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To: JenB


64 posted on 03/31/2012 2:06:39 PM PDT by metmom ( For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore & do not submit again to a yoke of slavery)
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To: indianrightwinger; wintertime

“Damn....I am seriously considering pulling him out of school and home schooling.”

Wintertime is right. Look for a local homeschool cooperative or homeschool support group to give you teaching tips and find interesting, mind-building material (I’ve heard good things about Singapore math). Some homeschooling groups can get tutors on topics the parents are weak in. The internet is rich with helpful information on the topic if you know how to look for it.

65 posted on 04/07/2012 7:34:58 PM PDT by Clintonfatigued (A chameleon belongs in a pet store, not the White House)
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To: saywhatagain

Speaking softly, learning how their system works, etc etc... Your child does not have time to wait for this to work. GET THEM OUT.

66 posted on 04/07/2012 7:51:41 PM PDT by codder too
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To: codder too
Of course I agree with what you and many good hearted on this link are saying. However two thoughts come to mind. First as in our case, many parents do not have the options available as others. That being that case, one must stand and be heard. With reason and knowledge.

Secondly, when we leave the “system” are we not in a sense surrendering?

Its ours we paid for it. When we leave we give to our enemies to do with what they want and “THEY WIN” How do we get back which is ours?. How do we win this battle of good vs evil? Roll over and walk away from the battle or stand up and fight for everything our fathers faught for. And they gave their lives for that. What are we giving for the fhight of freedom and liberty? Running from the system? Yes you are correct we must at all cost protect our children and educate them to the best of out abilities, but do we surrendor doing so?

67 posted on 04/08/2012 1:33:13 AM PDT by saywhatagain
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