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Santorum to Newt: Stop Telling Me to Drop Out ^ | January 31, 2012 | Guy Benson

Posted on 01/31/2012 12:46:02 PM PST by Maceman

As I reported this morning, Newt Gingrich is pleading with Florida voters not to "waste" their votes on Rick Santorum, asserting that he alone is the only conservative alternative to Mitt Romney with a chance to win. Given the state's polling picture, that's not an entirely unreasonable argument to advance, but Newt has taken his rhetoric a step further by calling on Santorum and Ron Paul to drop out of the race and unite behind him. Newt floated the same suggestion in South Carolina, which went over about as well as his latest attempt to clear the field:

Rick Santorum on Tuesday morning pushed back against calls to drop out of the GOP presidential race in order to unite the conservative vote. Santorum told Fox News that people like fellow GOP candidate Newt Gingrich shouldn't tell other candidates to "get out of my way." Gingrich, earlier in the morning, called for conservatives to unite behind one candidate. In the past, he has suggested other GOP candidates drop out of the race in order to avoid splitting the vote. "My message is everybody should run," Santorum told Fox News. "I don't think people should be telling other folks to get out of the race and get out of my way. If you want to run a race, run a race. You don't ask someone to quit just because you think you're the better candidate. I think I'm the better candidate but Newt has every right to run."

If Santorum had really wanted to twist the knife a bit, he could have mentioned the latest data from Gallup, which shows that Gingrich is the Republican nominee worst suited to compete with President Obama in crucial swing states. According to the survey, Mitt Romney narrowly leads Obama among registered voters in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Santorum and Ron Paul each poll within single-digits of the incumbent in these states. What about Newt?

But Obama leads Gingrich, 54%-40%. The president's standing against him has risen nine points since early December; Gingrich has fallen by eight. Gingrich fares less well than Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who trails Obama by seven points, 50%-43%, and former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, who also trails by seven points, 51%-44%.

Based on this snapshot, Santorum could make the case that if conservatives want to defeat both Romney and Obama, Newt should be the one getting out and backing him -- although the former Senator's quote suggests that he'll do no such thing. Also mentioned in my piece this morning was the indignant carping from Gingrich and his surrogates about "profoundly false" attacks and "gutter politics" emanating from Camp Romney. How would Newt characterize this robocoll from his own campaign, targeting elderly and Jewish voters in Florida?

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To: katiedidit1

You’re annoying. Repeating random facts is not debating..even if you scream them loudly and repeat them as often as you can. I was going to actually go through and piece by piece debunk you, but it dawned on me, you’re blindly foloowing Newt so it would be very much a waste of my time. I will simply say; research, do some.

101 posted on 01/31/2012 2:51:08 PM PST by BloodAngel
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To: BloodAngel

Also, again, I like Gingrich. Dang, people are driving me to battle against him like I don’t like him. Again, I very much appreciate Gingrich and very much want a ticket with him and Santorum.

102 posted on 01/31/2012 2:53:18 PM PST by BloodAngel
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To: over3Owithabrain
Trash Newt on this site you get the zot.

Jim Robinson just posted this on another thread. This is a Pro-Newt Gingrich site.

103 posted on 01/31/2012 2:54:34 PM PST by show
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To: over3Owithabrain

Awesome and brave post.

104 posted on 01/31/2012 2:54:34 PM PST by jersey117 (Perry 2012)
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To: BloodAngel

You are annoying to me. If you dont want anyone to answer posts in a forum..why do you go to forums? I am NOT blindly following Newt..have done my homework and studied the candidates intensely. I do not like a lot of things on Santorums record and you are damn right that I am a big time Newt supporter

105 posted on 01/31/2012 2:56:21 PM PST by katiedidit1 ("This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever." the Irish)
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To: jersey117
That 'Free Republic is a Pro Newt Gingrich' site is as straightforward as it gets.

We want Newt to WIN !!!! Jim Robinson wants Newt to win. We do NOR want Santorum to win.

106 posted on 01/31/2012 2:59:55 PM PST by show
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To: katiedidit1

If you actually had points you’d have something there, but all you’re doing is saying Santorum is fake, and needs to go home to his daughter...very extensive, deep knowledge set on display there. You then say he didn’t support TARP, when he had to defend his support of it...all the while saying you have done homework on the candidates. I am simply done with you on this issue.

107 posted on 01/31/2012 3:00:21 PM PST by BloodAngel
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To: over3Owithabrain

“And I don’t care what the truth does to my FReeper status. I’ve heard worse about Newt from the owner of this site and everyone else around here until about 2 months ago.

So quit crying and attacking and realize Newt is getting every vote he earns and nothing more.”

You are so right. I did a search on Newt some days ago and he was roundly despised and told to get lost ayear ago by those who now are obsessed with him.

Newt hasn’t changed from a year ago. FreeRepublic has.

108 posted on 01/31/2012 3:02:24 PM PST by AnnGora (I'm suing my tagline for sexual harrassment.)
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To: show
We do NOT want Santorum to win.

It does not mean that FReepers have to wage a scorched earth campaign against Santorum to help Newt.

109 posted on 01/31/2012 3:04:48 PM PST by kosciusko51 (Enough of "Who is John Galt?" Who is Patrick Henry?)
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To: Just mythoughts; kosciusko51
>> How many votes has dede cast? <<

Dede has cast hundreds of votes in the state legislature, compiling a record far worse than Specter. The icing on the cake is when Newt's gal dropped out and cast her vote for Democrat Bill Owens, ensuring the Dems a win in that district (Specter didn't switch parties until long after Santorum endorsed him) At least Specter voted with the GOP about 40% of time and had gone to bat for conservatives on some very important issues, like his support for Clarance Thomas. Dede Scozzafava had done absolutely NOTHING for conservatives.

>> Now how many and for whom did Specto/Santorum cast votes....? <<

Which of their votes would you like to discuss? As I noted above, Specter voted conservative about 40% of the time. Santorum was under heavy pressure from Bush & Karl Rove to endorse an incumbent senior Senator from his own state. Gingrich was under NO such pressure, he decided as a private citizen to get involved in a Congressional race in NY and endorse a far-left socialist (and then balked when conservatives complained about it)

>> Want to talk about humor? <<

Yes, I find it humorous that Santorum bashers here continually slam Santorum for "betraying" them by endorsing a RINO while simultaneously giving Newt Gingrich a pass for endorsing an even worse RINO. If your excuse is that it's worse because Specter held federal office, I will also point out that Gingrich endorsed and openly campaigned for embattled U.S. Senator Robert Bennet t (wrongly calling him “a true-blue conservative.”) over Mike Lee, and aggressively supported and campaigned for RINO Congressman Wayne Gilchrist (R-MD) over conservative Republican challenger Andy Harris, as well as RINO Joe Schwarz (R-MI) over conservative Republican challenger Tim Walberg. They were certainly as bad as Specter (probably worse) and held federal office and were able to cast plenty of bad votes in Congress.

Can you explain to me again why it's ONLY bad when Santorum endorses a RINO? It appears you have double standards. Hmmm.

110 posted on 01/31/2012 3:06:22 PM PST by BillyBoy (Illegals for Perry/Gingrich 2012 : Don't be "heartless"/ Be "humane")
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To: Maceman

Newts advice to similarly “turn on and tune in”, in addition to “dropping out” - was summarily ignored.

111 posted on 01/31/2012 3:07:28 PM PST by allmendream (Tea Party did not send the GOP to D.C. to negotiate the terms of our surrender to socialism.)
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To: silverleaf

“Get OUT Rick, and save some of your dignity to stay in the conservative field as a spokesman and defender

Spend more time with Bella, we read she hasnt got much longer by the odds”

Despicable post. To say that about the man’s daughter is beneath contempt.

Why is this person not zotted?

112 posted on 01/31/2012 3:08:12 PM PST by AnnGora (I'm suing my tagline for sexual harrassment.)
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To: show

Well OK then. Good luck in the general. If Newt is the nominee, I’ll vote for him. Do you believe deep down in your heart that there are enough solid conservatives across the country to put him over the top against obama?

113 posted on 01/31/2012 3:09:11 PM PST by jersey117 (Perry 2012)
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To: TomGuy

So you view the field as won’t/can’t win to might?



114 posted on 01/31/2012 3:11:38 PM PST by Vendome (Don't take life so seriously, you won't live through it anyway)
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To: jellybean

Now, that’s what I call common sense.

In fact, now that Gingrich has called twice for Santorum to drop out, it is certain that if and when Rick ends his campaign, he will endorse Romney.

Is this the way Newt rewards Santorum for publicly showing respect to him at one of the debates? Wow, Leroy Newton is SO out of touch.

115 posted on 01/31/2012 3:14:00 PM PST by La Enchiladita (Governor Jan Brewer, My Hero!! You Rock!!)
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To: Just mythoughts
"IF Santorum cannot get elected in his own state why should I view him as electable?"

So your preference is for somebody who couldn't even get on the ballot in his own state?

116 posted on 01/31/2012 3:16:19 PM PST by Joe 6-pack (Que me amat, amet et canem meum)
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To: jersey117

Yes, no doubt about it.

Independents voted for Newt in South Carolina showing large cross-over voters chose Newt.

Latinos are supporting Newt.

Newt has the Conservative base.

There is no doubt that millions of Americans know that Newt is capable to creating a healthy robust economy again. That’s what people want, people from all walks of life are tired of the Slick Spin Selling Scorch earth Ad Campaigns of sleazy politicians like Romney and Zero.

Newt solutions are simple to understand and Americans from all walks of life are tired of the Spin Selling types like Romney. They see right through him and are disgusted.

117 posted on 01/31/2012 3:17:21 PM PST by show
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To: AnnGora

I read yesterday afternoon that Bella had improved, thank God. Why aren’t we discussing that? We are seeing more preying FReepers than praying FReepers.....

118 posted on 01/31/2012 3:18:43 PM PST by La Enchiladita (Governor Jan Brewer, My Hero!! You Rock!!)
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To: BloodAngel

LOL at my screaming! Santorum has spoke about his daughter on the campaign trail which makes it public knowledge. IF it were my child..I would go home..that is his call and I don’t approve of it. IF he was soaring in the polls and garnishing more than 12% of the votes it would be different. The info I sent to you on Santorums votes are facts. You know if not for Newt he would not have won the senate at one time “In 1994, he ran for the U.S. Senate and was given virtually no chance of winning, but he prevailed by taking advantage of the conservative groundswell – thanks in large part to then House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s Contract With America.

119 posted on 01/31/2012 3:19:00 PM PST by katiedidit1 ("This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever." the Irish)
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To: katiedidit1
the ONLY reason he did well in Iowa is NO ONE attacked him. He has been given a free pass.

On that we agree FRiend.

120 posted on 01/31/2012 3:21:39 PM PST by The Citizen Soldier (America needs Gingrich in 2012 about as much as England needed Churchill in 1940!)
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