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I'm officially endorsing Newt Gingrich for President today.
Jan 19, 2012 | Jim Robinson

Posted on 01/19/2012 12:41:04 PM PST by Jim Robinson

Edited on 01/19/2012 12:44:42 PM PST by Jim Robinson. [history]

I'm officially endorsing Newt Gingrich for president today. Was going to wait until after Florida, but see no reason to delay. We need Newt to win in South Carolina and Florida to stop any possible momentum building up for the establishment big government, statist, abortionist RINO!!

RomneyCare = ObamaCare = government tyranny!! Taxpayer funded abortion is as evil as evil can be!!

Newt is a pro-life Reagan Revolution conservative who led the Republican Revolution of the 90’s, taking the majority away from the democrats who had held it for 40 years. And as Speaker, cut the taxes, cut the government, cut the spending, cut the deficit, cut regulations, cut unemployment, brought the federal budget under control for four years running. And unlike Romney, actually blocked a socialist healthcare system from becoming law. And created a pro-growth, pro-free market, pro-jobs environment and extended the Reagan economy throughout the 90’s!! Newt is the ideal candidate to lead the Tea Party Revolution!!

Newt plans to go to a 15% personal flat tax after deductions and a 12.5% corporate tax and eliminate the capital gains taxes altogether. He wants to privatize social security and medicare and eliminate the payroll tax.

And he wants to neuter the EPA and the Fed. Repeal ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley. Fire all of the czars, dismantle the Marxist state and fire if not jail Bernanke. And send 185 federal socialist welfare programs back to the states and the people, and return education back to local control.

Newt will directly challenge the liberal activist judiciary and end the unconstitutional power grabs of our usurping black robed rulers.

He wants to restore the constitutional balance of powers between the three branches and restore states rights and individual rights. He wants to turn government control back to the states and local people as the founders set it up.

These are the kind of dramatic reductions in government that the tea party is demanding.

And he has the knowledge, experience, know how, fire in the belly, and the balls to get it done!!

In short, I believe he's exactly what we grassroots conservative tea party rebels are looking for. I think we can use some of Newt’s conservative revolutionary talents right now!!

As long as the conservatives remain split, the establishment RINO Romney will waltz in just like McLame in 2008 and he will lose to Obama just like McLame. It's time to build the Gingrich Coalition!!

FR is hereby officially in full open rebellion against the elite GOP establishment and the Marxist commiecrats!!

Go, tea party!! Go, Newt!!

We are the resistance!!

Damn the torpedoes, damn the RINOs, damn the exes!! Full speed ahead!!

Free Republic is and will remain a pro-life, pro-family, limited government, strong defense, grassroots conservative site!!

RINOs need not apply!!

Happy Newt Day!! Only 366 days until President Newt evicts Obama!!

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To: Jim Robinson


great news! Woo-hoo

221 posted on 01/19/2012 1:33:40 PM PST by Future Useless Eater (Chicago politics = corrupted capitalism = takeover by COMMUNity-ISM)
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To: NonValueAdded

VP - Perry
SoS - Rice
DoEnergy - Palin
DoDefense - West

222 posted on 01/19/2012 1:33:50 PM PST by Cletus.D.Yokel (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Alterations - The acronym explains the science.)
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To: lahargis

Excellent! We will definitely need all hands on deck FRiend.

*Perry signing on with Newt this AM was the perfect balm for my disappointment as well.


223 posted on 01/19/2012 1:34:41 PM PST by thesearethetimes... ("Courage, is fear that has said its prayers." DorothyBernard)
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To: Jim Robinson

It’s so odd - from a pretty much marganized and washed up old hack to our seeming best hope to first derail Romney and then drive Obama back to Chicago or somewhere...anywhere other that 1600 Penn Ave.

The wife and I came to the same conclusion a while back. It still feels surreal to me, though.

224 posted on 01/19/2012 1:35:04 PM PST by don-o (He will not share His glory and He will NOT be mocked! Blessed be the name of the Lord forever.)
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To: Jim Robinson


Another thing Newt has going for him: all of his enemies are OURS!

The News Media, the GOP-E, Rove et al.


225 posted on 01/19/2012 1:35:31 PM PST by onyx (PLEASE SUPPORT FREE REPUBLIC - DONATE MONTHLY! If you want on Sarah Palin's Ping List, let me know!)
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To: Jim Robinson
Hi Jim,

Arright! Count me in.

NEW word:

There is a NEWT-mentum going through SC.

Hi onxy, I'm baaaack, missed you ;-)


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To: Bobalu
“The RINO powerful have come to the conclusion that Obama, due to vote fraud, MSM backing, the size of his war chest, and his willingness to break any rule or law.. will prevail in November. And so they bring forth yet another weak candidate to hopefully lose gracefully and perhaps enable them to retain some power in the House and Senate and thereby maintain access to the perks of power.”

The Rinos would rather have a narrow victory or defeat, in order to save face, if they lose. They are not willing to put forth a choice which could result in an overwhelming victory sweep that includes Congress. They think they are playing it safe.

They would rather risk loosing with ObaRomney, than wind up with a Goldwater or Reagan. Rockefeller Republicans didn't like either one, and they are afraid of being embarrassed by a Goldwater type loss.

If George Washington had played it safe, he would have never crossed the Delaware, and we wouldn't be flying the American Flag.

227 posted on 01/19/2012 1:37:03 PM PST by greeneyes (Moderation in defense of your country is NO virtue. Let Freedom Ring.)
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To: Jim Robinson

I’m in for Newt, Jim!

To those who are hoping for a better conservative candidate... ain’t gonna happen. I understand, believe me... I have some problems with Newt’s history and character, but the real deal is that this is our best shot at a sane presidency. WAY better than Myth or Zer0.

As a Santorum supporter, I know that realistically the best decision for the country is for me to throw my support to Newt. Myth MUST be defeated... it would be as bad or worse than a Zer0 re-election. NOW is the time to get the candidate that truly has a chance to undo the damage that has been done.

NOW. Is the time.

228 posted on 01/19/2012 1:37:14 PM PST by VictoryGal (Never give up, never surrender! REMEMBER NEDA)
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To: Billthedrill
Yep. Warts and all, he’s what we have left.

We all have warts. Newt's warts are on the end of his nose for the whole world to see while others warts are on their butts, hidden from the world.

That's the reason so many do not run for office, the desire to keep all their warts hidden.

229 posted on 01/19/2012 1:37:43 PM PST by upsdriver (We Tea Partiers need Sarah Palin for president.)
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To: thesearethetimes...

Just watched a CNN report on Romney that was awful — said crowds are small for Romney in S. Carolina today, and he just wouldn’t readily answer media questions on the news of the day.

Oh well — onto Newt, who ALWAYS answers the question — telling you ALL you need to hear!!

Good luck in the debate tonight, Newt — will have to watch it on rewind ...

230 posted on 01/19/2012 1:38:08 PM PST by LibsRJerks
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To: Grunthor

thank u!

231 posted on 01/19/2012 1:38:42 PM PST by ronniesgal ( I miss George Bush. Hell, I miss Bill Clinton!!)
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To: Jim Robinson

I love a good donnybrook. Newt is a street fighter looking for weak chins to hit. It’s time to show Romney and Obama the ropes and the mat.

232 posted on 01/19/2012 1:39:15 PM PST by TADSLOS (Gingrich-Palin FTW!)
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To: Jim Robinson
Sounds like a solid plan to me over Romney.

God Bless Newt and keep him moving to a Conservative victory.

He will always have the support of the people with a conservative agenda.

233 posted on 01/19/2012 1:39:29 PM PST by Christie at the beach
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To: Jim Robinson

LOVE your post!!! GO NEWT!! He has my support too! The media attacks him because they know he can WIN! Go get em Newt..KNOCK OBAMA OUT!

234 posted on 01/19/2012 1:40:07 PM PST by Sarah Barracuda
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To: Jim Robinson

Okay Jim, give me a good answer to one question and I’ll switch from Santorum:

Why did his fellow, conservative congressmen vote him out of the speakership if he was such a great leader? How can you explain that away?

I really don’t care about Newt’s personal life. I don’t care about his silly global warming stunt with Nancy. I want to know he can actually lead the country and not just talk smart during debates. I can still remember the TV clip of speaker Newt talking about how they were going to let Medicare “wither on the vine.” The dems/MSM played it over and over and over. He was constantly saying stupid, arrogant things like that. I am afraid he’s going to do the same when he’s President. Tell me why I’m wrong...PLEASE!

235 posted on 01/19/2012 1:40:30 PM PST by PjhCPA (Game On!)
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To: Jim Robinson

Count my husband and me in!

236 posted on 01/19/2012 1:40:30 PM PST by Amntn
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To: exit82

I’m focused on America’s future, not Newt’s past.

I’m focused on America’s future, not Newt’s past.


237 posted on 01/19/2012 1:41:46 PM PST by silentknight
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To: Jim Robinson

Dagnabbit - I have an unused Cain bumper sticker, and an unused Perry you are expecting me to buy a Newt sticker?????????

Will donate another $25 to FR and not jinx the Noot;)

238 posted on 01/19/2012 1:43:35 PM PST by sodpoodle ( Newt - God has tested him for a reason..)
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To: mancini

remember what they did to the last perfect man?

(for those in rio linda, think 2012 years ago)

239 posted on 01/19/2012 1:44:14 PM PST by longtermmemmory (VOTE! and
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To: RFEngineer

After reading several of your posts I have to say we are pretty much on the same page.

240 posted on 01/19/2012 1:44:23 PM PST by prisoner6 (Right Wing Nuts bolt The Constitution together as the loose screws of the Left fall out!)
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