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To: chessplayer

I got 48 out of 50. Missed #38 on cell division ( I thought that was a lot harder than most of them, ) and then #47 on “nimbus”. That one shocked me. The answer is right in the dictionary ( as indeed is the answer to #38, for that matter, ) but I guess I just never knew the actual definition.

It took me over two hours to plug through it because of my browser, I guess. They way it was set up, it repainted the page, along with all the ads and so on, twice for each question. Evidently it was caching all this stuff, as it got slower and slower as the quiz went on. Then at the end when I clicked “How does your score compare” I couldn’t see anything except the big recap of my answers. Tried it twice.

84 posted on 12/10/2011 10:01:04 PM PST by dr_lew
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To: dr_lew
Most of the questions I "just knew", but some of them gave me pause:

Brontosaurus, I remember the name change quite some time ago. Wasnt absolutely sure, but I figured it was probably the right one

Heaviest noble gas. Well Radon is the radioactive gas that comes into your house (sometimes), and radioactivity is associated with the heaviest elements.. so that should be the one...

CH4 and natural gas.. I remember all the jokes about farts, natural gas, and methane, so methane was the pick.

Eukaryote by early memory and elimination

1 newton through 1 meter. Force thru a distance is Energy, thats joule, watt is energy/time.

DNA nucleotide, I remember there was one that started with a T, thus Thiamine.

K in periodic table, I take this supplement sometimes and buy it from the drug store, often listed under K - potassium.

1 Newton on 200 gram object. F=ma, so a=F/m = 1kg-m/s^2/.2kg=5m/s^2=5 meters per second squared.

Demotion of Pluto, Ceres=asteroid and Charon=plutos moon. Between Eris and Nyx, Eris sounded familiar.

Quark, I knew came from a non scientific reference, not sure which it was, also, by elimination.

Coefficient of friction, remembered my engineering classes, also by elimination.

Mitosis vs Meiosis, I was leaning towards mitosis. Took that guess.

Lightest halogen, fluo, as in fluid (or stream, or "move freely").

Triangle, unequal lengths. By elimination.

Plank or Heisenburg? I was "uncertain" about this, until I remembered about the Plank Constant.

Nimbus. I clearly remember about cumulonimbus clouds making rain.

Moons around Saturn or Jupiter. I remember Io and its volcanoes, orbiting around Jupiter.

James Watt, BTU or HP? Took a guess, but was leaning HP anyways.

107 posted on 12/10/2011 10:47:38 PM PST by Paradox (The rich SHOULD be paying more taxes, and they WOULD, if they could make more money.)
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