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America Held Hostage- the Obama Files...
various links ^ | 11-8-08 | The Heavy Equipment Guy

Posted on 11/08/2008 3:06:12 AM PST by backhoe

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Obama: Legalize illegals to get them health care

How Illegals Could Obtain Health Insurance

The president made it clear during his address to the joint session of Congress last week that his health care plan wouldn't insure illegal aliens but his immigration reform plan might.

The President says he won’t extend health care benefits to illegal immigrants through the health care reform bill that he ultimately signs.

But he may do so indirectly through immigration reform.

How so?

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Stupid Defenseless Initiative (Obama Sold Out the Poles and the Czechs...for Disarmament Talks)

Why Is Missile Defense Controversial?

It is so much simpler than that.

Reagan proposed them, Reagan was a republican, admitting they are a good thing means admitting a republican can be right.

No leftist is willing to contemplate such a horror. Nuclear destruction of millions of innocents at the hands of madmen? No problem. A republican being right about something? Unthinkable! Unacceptable! Under no circumstances!

You just need to have your priorities straight, then it is all crystal clear.


Media Matters Launches Fight FOX Campaign

Time Bomb: A '70s Cop Killing Investigation Leads to a Chicago Law Professor Who Helped Launch Obama

NRA Versus Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Over 200 California schools have signed up for homosexual curriculum

Some fires are best left to burn out

Starting with Bill Clinton and Bruce Babbitt, there has been a deliberate pattern of destroying the vast national forests of the western United States. What isn’t realized is that these decisions are being made by people who live in the Eastern USA, and most have never spent any time in the rural West.
We are flyover country to all of them.

Turf Wars: Coming To A Lawn Near You {CNBC Video}

More crap from the EPA. De-fund and ABOLISH the EPA.....

New Government Policy Imposes Strict Standards on Garage Sales Nationwide

Americans who slap $1 pricetags on their used possessions at garage sales or bazaar events risk being slapped with fines of up to $15 million, thanks to a new government campaign.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Conservatives Copy ‘Rules for Radicals’

DNC Promises 'Rain of Hellfire'

How To Find Millions of Racists

How do you create millions of white racists? I have a theory.

I say you can do it by accusing a few million white folks who are not racists and just continue to accuse them of being racists on a daily basis. Keep doing it day after day and week after week, and pretty soon you might just have what you want. The human spirit cannot absorb but so much of this before the inclination to hate the accusers gains traction. What do you expect from just a bunch of "typical white people."

What do you think will happen if you (the liberals) just keep on doing this?

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Government to take over all student loans (Rep. Michele Bachmann)

Isn't this the same bill they tied the ACORN defunding to? How clever...

Arpaio subpoenas ACORN, says funds misused


Why Not RICO?

ACORN falls (But MSM still defending their "high-minded mission" and "nonpartisan" status)

ACORN whistleblower faces $5 million lawsuit

Get it into federal court on diversity and Section 1983, and use Rule 11 and SLAPP (Strategic Litigation Against Public Policy) statutes to get it thrown out, after noticing the depos of all the ACORN people, and requesting the records of all those offices.

Maybe They Meant They're Not in Bed Together

Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters Come to the Defense of ACORN on "The View" - Video 9/17/09

ACORN offices in Ohio to close temporarily (Whining, race card and training to prevent stings)

‘Dog-Whistle Racism”

For those of you who don’t know, this is a catch-all term for ANYTHING that makes a Democrat look bad.

“Dog-Whistle Racism is political campaigning or policy-making that uses coded words and themes to appeal to conscious or subconscious racist concepts and frames.

For example, the concepts ‘welfare queen,’ ’states’ rights,’ ‘Islamic terrorist,’ ‘uppity,’ ‘thug,’ ‘tough on crime,’ and ‘illegal alien’ all activate racist concepts that that have already been planted in the public consciousness and now are being activated by purposeful or accidental campaign activities, media coverage, public policy and cultural traditions.”

These people are so buried in thier own racial hatred, that basicly anything that opposes the minority position is now RACIST!

Per Wiki, even ‘STATES RIGHTS’ is ‘Dog-Whistle Racism’!

It seems that Teitleman has employed prostitutes herself:

(Alleged) Cincinnati Acorn Office Prostitute Caught Offering Sex For Money In 2008

Andrew Breitbart Slams CNN ACORN Coverage; Tells Megyn Kelly "There Are More Videos to Come" - Video

Illegal? No problem! ACORN's home-loan racket

Other nonprofits see own vulnerability in ACORN

Get them all out of the public's pocket! NOW...

ACORN threatens to open Pandora's box

1,751 posted on 09/18/2009 12:12:11 PM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

Mark Steyn: Obama Helping Putin Restitch Iron Curtain

'IAEA: Iran can now build nuclear bomb'

Russia to help Cuba modernize weaponry, train military

And a Nuclear Venezuela-- what can go wrong?

Poland Reacts to Obama's Missile Defense Announcement: Treason! The US Sold Us to Russia

From Poland's Daily News Fakt--
"Treason! We've Been Sold to the Russians"

This is from today's Fakt Daily News on Obama's decision to turn his back on another American ally:

Strategic ally? Mainstay of our security? End of illusions. United States of America, for which we have for each call, turned his back to us. U.S. President lightly tossed into the trash heap construction of the Poland and the Czech anti-missile shield. The massive military installation was to give special meaning to us in NATO and to strengthen our position towards Russia. But America, instead of Warsaw, he prefers dialogue with Moscow. Yesterday the whole world went round decision Barack Obama Kremlin triumphs, and the Poles have been exposed to the wind.
The Poles are the latest US ally to be outraged by the actions of our misguided president.
"The AP reported, via Drudge:

Poles and Czechs voiced deep concern Friday at President Barack Obama's decision to scrap a Bush-era missile defense shield planned for their countries.

"Betrayal! The U.S. sold us to Russia and stabbed us in the back," the Polish tabloid Fakt declared on its front page.

Polish President Lech Kaczynski said he was concerned that Obama's new strategy leaves Poland in a dangerous "gray zone" between Western Europe and the old Soviet sphere.

Recent events in the region have rattled nerves throughout central and eastern Europe, a region controlled by Moscow during the Cold War, including the war last summer between Russia and Georgia and ongoing efforts by Russia to regain influence in Ukraine. A Russian cutoff of gas to Ukraine last winter left many Europeans without heat.

The Bush administration's plan would have been "a major step in preventing various disturbing trends in our region of the world," Kaczynski said in a guest editorial in the daily Fakt and also carried on his presidential Web site.
Here's the cover from today's Fakt (Polish Daily News):

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk confirmed on Thursday that he would not take a call from the U.S. informing him of the decision to scrap planned missile-defense bases.
DEBASING THE CURRENCY REDUCES ITS VALUE: ‘Racist’ claims defuse once powerful word: With the word being used so often, it’s harder to define its meaning. Gee, do you think? You keep running the printing presses with nothing to back them up, and that happens . . .

We should point out that Media Matters has begun a pattern of screaming ‘Smear!’ when people point out what others have actually said.

We must distinguish between “bourgeois truth,” which is concerned with sterile facts, and “revolutionary truth,” which is concerned with what will promote the revolution. Hot Air is a trafficker in mere bourgeois truth, while Media Matters understands the importance of revolutionary truth.

New poll finds Americans not buying Obama’s light-at-the-end-of-the-recession talk.
Blog WarZ!

Obergruppenkommander Charles Speaks: Hot Air Racist, Fascist; Must Be Purged


Apparently CJ's moderator Kilgore Trout went over there last night and started posting racist stuff. To see, he said, if it would be cleaned up.

It wasn't. Because both Allah and Ed were asleep. It being the middle of the night.

Actually, it's only arguably racist if you yourself believe that wookies = black people, which Kilgore Trout does.

So he spammed the threads with this, and it wasn't cleaned up to until the AM.

Obergruppenkommander Charles' conclusion? They're racists.

UPDATE [DrewM.] Hot Air responds by moving LGF from "War on Terror" blog roll to "Left Channels". Well played Hot Air. Well played indeed.

(via Blazer)

Posted by Ace at 02:06 PM New Comments Thingy

Nevermind, found a place to host 'em.

If you want to see Killgore commit seppuku, download these two PDFs...




Posted by: randomguy


543  In a black op to expose some imagined racism over at HotAir, Killgore Trout has unzipped his fly and accidentally taking a flying leap at CJ's bum.

I don't know what else to say, other than thanks for that. I have coffee in my keyboard now, that was friggin hilarious.

Filed Under (Blogmocracy, Blogwars, Humor, Open thread) by Rodan
September 17, 2009 at 9:18 pm

Lately, Charles Johnson of LGF has been calling anyone who opposes Obama a racist. This is ludicrous and intellectually dishonest. The whole talking point was started by Fidel Castro and repeated by the Progressive Machine. Obviously, Charles is repeating Leftist talking points now. He has lately smeared Robert S. McCain as a racist, whi9ch is a lie. McCain nails Charles and raises an interesting question, is Charles projecting his Racism onto others?


After reading about the dust-up, it occurred to me that Charles could be exposed as a hypocrite by using his own methods. CJ uses what I call a “Six Degrees of Extremism” (or Six Degrees of Racism/Euro Fascism, etc) political parlor game.
He condemns Robert Spencer for “associations” with “extremists”* and you for “connections” to white supremacists, yet he adds Daily Kos to his blogroll and approvingly links their posts, which contain the exact kind of material and links to people that CJ uses to excoriate his new targets.
Based on his own criteria, CJ himself is now a racist, white supremacist, anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi fascist. Here’s how:
DKos approvingly featured a video from the neo-Nazi website Vanguard News Network, gave detailed instructions on building a bomb and posted conspiracy-mongering Truther diaries, a presidential assassination fantasy as well as anti-Semitic and racist material. Markos Moulitsas is a business partner in Vaster Books with Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake, which DKos blogrolls and approvingly links.

Read the rest.

The Race card is the left’s last weapon and CJ is using it. He sees racists everywhere. Maybe he should look in the mirror and realize, he’s a racist! He has targeted me by sending Irish Rose, Defenseman/Hoosier Hoops, Gus802, Dark Falcon and Honorary Yooper after me. He has not attacked other Admins like this. Is this a sign of his racism towards Hispanics? If not him then clearly the rest of his Minions are motivated by race. Why are they singling me out and not others?

The answer, using the logic of Charles Johnson and LGF is, that they are racists!

In all honesty, I hate the race card and it’s a weak weapon. I just like throwing the accusation back at the Left. They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

On a side note: I took down my previous post because of complaints I have received. One of the complainers is someone I respect very much. I apologize to those that posted on it.

Charles should do us all a favor, he should just go away and retire!


Update: There has been a sighting of Irish Rose!



Another update: Irish Rose is laughing at us!

1,752 posted on 09/18/2009 3:54:49 PM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

Michelle Obama Joins Husband... Misrepresents American Health Care System

"You lie."
Michelle Obama joined her husband today and misrepresented American health care system to the nation.
Bloomberg reported:

First lady Michelle Obama sought support for the administration’s health-care plans from family advocacy groups and health-care professionals, saying the treatment of women under the current system is “unacceptable.”

As President Barack Obama campaigns to generate backing from voters for his health-care overhaul proposal, the first lady joined the effort today with a more focused pitch.

Michelle Obama said women are being “crushed by the current structure of our health care” because they often are responsible for taking care of family illnesses, arranging checkups and monitoring follow-up care.

“Women are the ones to do it,” she said to an audience of 140 people, including representatives from groups such as the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and the National Council of Negro Women. “Mothers are the ones that do it. And many women find themselves doing the same thing for their spouses.”
Michelle forgot to mention that women actually have a better survival rate under our current system.
You'd think that might be worth mentioning?

The breast cancer survival rate is much greater here in the United States than in countries with socialized medicine.

In fact, women with breast cancer have a 14 percent higher survival rate in the United States than in Europe. Breast cancer mortality is 52 percent higher in Germany than in the United States, and 88 percent higher in the United Kingdom. Breast cancer mortality is also 9 percent higher in Canada than in the US. Less than 25 percent of U.S. women die from breast cancer. In Britain, it's 46 percent; France, 35 percent; Germany, 31 percent; Canada, 28 percent; Australia, 28 percent, and New Zealand, 46 percent.
More MoBama fashion news; bondage belt
Aaaaaagh!  Make it stop! What's next ?  The O doing a press conference with the crotch of his pants at knee level and a ball cap on backwards ?

One woman Michelle Obama will not mention

September 18, 2009 05:52 PM by Michelle Malkin

Yes, First Lady Michelle Obama is now aggressively crusading for her husband’s health care takeover under the guise of championing woman who have been “crushed” by the system.

One woman Mrs. Obama won’t be spotlighting?

The mother of Dontae Adams.


I’m re-printing my June 19, 2009 blog post and column again here in its entirety to get the message out about Michelle Obama’s role in creating a health care horror story she won’t be publicizing. I repeat: What have you done for Dontae Adams, lately, Mr. and Mrs. O?


June 19, 2009

I blogged about Michelle Obama’s role in creating a patient-dumping scheme for the University of Chicago Medical Center back in March. With her husband and the Democrats unleashing health care horror story anecdotes to gin up public fear and build support for the beleaguered Obamacare plan, my syndicated column today revisits the kind of “reform” the Obamas and their Chicago cronies champion — and who benefits.

Here’s a challenge to the ABC News Obamacare infomercial producers. I dare you to ask President Obama this question: What have you done for Dontae Adams, lately?


The Obamacare horror story you won’t hear
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2009

The White House, Democrats, and MoveOn liberals are spreading health care sob stories to sell a government takeover. But there’s one health care policy nightmare you won’t hear the Obamas hyping. It’s a tale of poor, minority patient-dumping in Chicago — with First Lady Michelle Obama’s fingerprints all over it.

Both Republican Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa and Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush of Chicago have raised red flags about the outsourcing program, run by the University of Chicago Medical Center. The hospital has non-profit status and receives lucrative tax breaks in exchange for providing charity care. Yet, it spent a measly $10 million on charity care for the poor in fiscal 2007 when Mrs. Obama was employed there—1.3 percent of its total hospital expenses, according to an analysis performed for The Washington Post by the non-partisan Center for Tax and Budget Accountability. The figure is below the 2.1 percent average for nonprofit hospitals in surrounding Cook County.

Rep. Rush called for a House investigation last week in response to months of patient-dumping complaints, noting: “Congress has a duty to expend its power to mitigate and prevent this despicable practice from continuing in centers that receive federal funds.”

Don’t expect the president to support a probe. While a top executive at the hospital, Mrs. Obama helped engineer the plan to offload low-income patients with non-urgent health needs. Under the Orwellian banner of an “Urban Health Initiative,” Mrs. Obama sold the scheme to outsource low-income care to other facilities as a way to “dramatically improve health care for thousands of South Side residents.” The program guaranteed “free” shuttle rides to and from the outside clinics.

In truth, it was old-fashioned cost-cutting and favor-trading repackaged as minority aid. Clearing out the poor freed up room for insured (i.e., more lucrative) patients. If a Republican had proposed the very same program and recruited black civic leaders to front it, Michelle Obama and her grievance-mongering friends would be screaming “RAAAAAAAAACISM!” at the top of their lungs.

Joe Stephens of the Washington Post wrote: “To ensure community support, Michelle Obama and others in late 2006 recommended that the hospital hire the firm of David Axelrod, who a few months later became the chief strategist for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Axelrod’s firm recommended an aggressive promotional effort modeled on a political campaign—appoint a campaign manager, conduct focus groups, target messages to specific constituencies, then recruit religious leaders and other third-party ‘validators.’ They, in turn, would write and submit opinion pieces to Chicago publications.”

Some health care experts saw through Mrs. Obama and her public relations man, David Axelrod—yes, the same David Axelrod who is now Mr. Obama’s senior adviser at the White House. The University of Chicago Medical Center hired Axelrod’s public relations firm, ASK Public Strategies, to promote Mrs. Obama’s Urban Health Initiative. Axelrod had the blessing of Chicago political guru Valerie Jarrett – now White House senior adviser.

Axelrod’s great contribution: Re-branding! His firm recommended re-naming the initiative after “[i]nternal and external respondents expressed the opinion that the word ‘urban’ is code for ‘black’ or ‘black and poor’….Based on the research, consideration should be given to re-branding the initiative.” Axelrod and the Obama campaign refused to disclose how much his firm received for its genius re-branding services.

In February 2009, outrage in the Obamas’ community exploded after a young boy covered by Medicaid was turned away from the University of Chicago Medical Center. Dontae Adams’ mother, Angela, had sought emergency treatment for him after a pit bull tore off his upper lip. Mrs. Obama’s hospital gave the boy a tetanus shot, antibiotics, and Tylenol and shoved him out the door. The mother and son took an hour-long bus ride to another hospital for surgery.

I’ll guarantee you this: You’ll never see the Adams family featured at an Obama policy summit or seated next to the First Lady at a joint session of Congress to illustrate the failures of the health care system.

Following the Adams incident, the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) blasted Mrs. Obama and Mr. Axelrod’s grand plan. The group released a statement expressing “grave concerns that the University of Chicago’s policy toward emergency patients is dangerously close to ‘patient dumping,’ a practice made illegal by the Emergency Medical Labor and Treatment Act (EMTALA)” – signed by President Reagan, by the way – “and reflected an effort to ‘cherry pick’ wealthy patients over poor.”

Rewarding political cronies at the expense of the poor while posing as guardians of the downtrodden? Welcome to Obamacare.


You can [order] Culture of Corruption now at Amazon.


Related reading: David Catron on Michelle O’s “Urban Health Initiative” (now run by Obama longtime crony Dr. Eric Whitaker) and see also registered nurse Carol Peracchio on ACORN General Hospital.22 Comments

"But when they’ve unsuccessfully played the last card they have — the race card — to no avail, what’s left but desperation measures? Mrs. Hope-a-Dope is only going to make things worse for them."

MO ran roughshod over patients at the hospital she worked for, and BO left slums and shoddy apartments in Chicago when he was supposed to be representing them (

So where was their hope and change?

Banned at LGF!
H/T beltfed & Peter at LGF2-

Most of us are aware of that little annoyance, You have to copy the link and paste it in new browser window or tab.

If you have Firefox, there’s a workaround that problem as posted a few days ago by another poster.

Oh and BTW. Here is a post by Peter from a back thread.

If you don’t want LGF to redirect you when you click on one of their link URLs then use Firefox.

CJ toys around with referrer statistics on his website. Those stats “prove” how unhinged stalkers are.

Using Firefox do the following:

1 Type about:config in the address -URL- field, and hit Enter – you’ll get a warning that you are going to Firefox’s core/
2 Look for network.http.sendRefererHeader
3 Change integer value to 0 in the prompt that pops up
4 Now you can go to LGF without CJ getting your referrer stat



Madeleine Albright: "America Has No Intention of Being First Nation of the World"

Madeleine Albright: "Democracy is not the perfect system. It can be corrupt."

Madeleine Albright, a democratic expert on foreign policy, let her hair down during a recent speech to Russian students in Omsk. The former Secretary of State told her audience that America no longer had the intention of being the first nation of the world.
Pravda reported the news that the US media ignored:

Madeleine Albright said during the meeting that America no longer had the intention of being the first nation of the world.

Ms. Albright started her speech in Russian. “Hello and thank you! It’s a pleasure for me to be here,” she said in Russian. Albright wrote in her autobiography that she was trying to learn some Russian during the 1960s.

The former US Secretary of State surprised the audience with her speech. She particularly said that democracy was not the perfect system. “It can be contradictory, corrupt and may have security problems,” Albright said.

America has been having hard times recently, Albright said.

“We have been talking about our exceptionalism during the recent eight years. Now, an average American wants to stay at home – they do not need any overseas adventures. We do not need new enemies,” Albright said adding that Beijing, London and Delhi became a serious competition for Washington and New York.
John at Power Line has more on Madeleine's outrageous anti-American speech.

1,753 posted on 09/19/2009 1:42:43 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All
Read twice...

Think thrice...

Hope, despair, or CWII?

The New American Reality

This essay from Eowyn at Giovanni's World succintly sums up the new American reality

No Longer One Nation, Under God

During the ‘08 campaign, an essay written by Dennis Prager made a deep impression on me because it said out loud what increasingly was in my mind and heart: The Left and Right in America have become irreconcilable.

As Prager wrote then:

It is time to confront the unhappy fact about our country: There are now two Americas….

For most of my life I have believed, in what I now regard as wishful thinking, that the right and left wings have essentially the same vision for America, that it’s only about ways to get there in which the two sides differ. Right and left share the same ends, I thought.

That is not the case. For the most part, right and left differ in their visions of America and that is why they differ on policies.

Right and the left do not want the same America.

The latest pundit to say the same thing is Patrick Buchanan:

We seem not only to disagree with each other more than ever, but to have come almost to detest one another. Politically, culturally, racially, we seem ever ready to go for each others’ throats….

The question invites itself. In what sense are we one nation and one people anymore? For what is a nation if not a people of a common ancestry, faith, culture and language, who worship the same God, revere the same heroes, cherish the same history, celebrate the same holidays and share the same music, poetry, art and literature?

…Christmas and Easter, the great holidays of Christendom, once united Americans in joy. Now we fight over whether they should even be mentioned, let alone celebrated, in our public schools.

…One part of America loves her history, another reviles it as racist, imperialist and genocidal…. But the old holidays, heroes and icons endure, as the new have yet to put down roots in a recalcitrant Middle America.

We are not only more divided than ever on politics, faith and morality, but along the lines of class and ethnicity. Those who opposed Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court and stood by Sgt. Crowley in the face-off with Harvard’s Henry Louis Gates were called racists. But this time they did not back down. They threw the same vile word right back in the face of their accusers, and Barack Obama.

Consider but a few issues on which Americans have lately been bitterly divided: school prayer, the Ten Commandments, evolution, the death penalty, abortion, homosexuality, assisted suicide, affirmative action, busing, the Confederate battle flag, the Duke rape case, Terri Schiavo, Iraq, amnesty, torture.

Now it is death panels, global warming, “birthers” and socialism. If a married couple disagreed as broadly and deeply as Americans do on such basic issues, they would have divorced and gone their separate ways long ago. What is it that still holds us together?

I believe that there is a fundamental and irreconcilable difference between conservatives and liberals.

Conservatives truly believe that in 1776 something remarkable happened — the founding of the United States of America. The American republic, though far from perfect — given the shameful treatment of the indigenous “Indians” and black slaves — nevertheless was something special in human history. Conservatives therefore revere the Constitution and the Founding Fathers. We also believe that it is only because of American ideals as embodied in the Constitution that later reforms — emancipation of slaves and women, the civil rights movement — were even possible.

But conservatives are like the Ents in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Revering what the Founding Fathers instituted, conservatives are by our nature not revolutionaries. And so, we became complacent -- while the Left infiltrated and took over every institution in American society.

Liberals, however, especially the far Left, fixate on America’s imperfections, past and present, and in so doing create and embrace Identity Politics with its narcissistic permanent sense of aggrieved victimhood.

More importantly, instead of faulting flawed men who did not live up to the Declaration of Independence’s promise that all human beings “are created equal,” the Left blame “The System” — the very essence and institutions of the American republic for our problems and imperfections. They do not think something very special happened in 1776. They do not revere the Constitution or the Founding Fathers and, worshiping at the altar of radical feminism, insist that the latter be referred to as gender-neutral emasculated “Founders.”

The Left mean to destroy and transform America.

What to do then?

I don’t believe it is productive to lament this reality. Better that we be clear-eyed, for we can’t fix something if we can’t even name what’s wrong.

And the last thing conservatives should do is play nice because the Left don’t. Being the revolutionaries they are, they actually had known our differences are irreconcilable long before we did.

What we must do is:

Stand firm on our beliefs, ideals, and principles.
Inform and educate the American people.
Take back our schools, colleges, universities, and pop culture.
And fight, fight, fight to win elections at the national, state, and local levels, so that the Left, who are a numerical minority in the population, never again seize political power.

The Ents were slow to anger and to action. But when they finally realized that the very continuation of Middle-Earth was in peril, led by the great Treebeard, the Ents went to war.

We have numbers on our side because recent survey data say conservatives are an ideological majority, at 40%. We simply need to be energized and mobilized to action — which we are.

Our labor will be hard and unrelenting and unending. To do otherwise is to consign the American Republic to the trash-heap of history.

1,754 posted on 09/19/2009 2:13:25 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All


Queens 'Qaeda' raid amid 'confession' (7 NYC bomb plot Muslims now in custody)

Target Of NY Bomb Plot Probe Admits Terrorist Ties

But, but... there is no terror...

Denver Man Admits to a Possible Al Qaeda Connection, Officials Say

FBI raid Queens, NY home in terror investigation

Feds probe alleged terrorists who tried to rent giant truck in suspected Al Qaeda bomb plot

Islam on the March in D.C.

The truth on covering illegals

What They Really Think (Madeleine Albright: "America no longer...first nation of the world")

Hopi Changi, huh?

Ahoy Freepers, Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Brwaack! Polly want a cracker? … Oh, wait. That’s for Talk Like a PARROT Day.

for all of you who need pirate names for the day, instead of “mob” names, here is a pirate name generator.

LGF's Kilgore Trout attacks Hot Air

Ace of Spades has the details of an attack that I had actually predicted Thursday morning in an e-mail to Michelle Malkin.

Little Green Footballs goes off the cliff

All  CVRs  are awful; at least all of the ones I've heard/read.

If you've got the stomach, check out Delta 1141 recording on this page. Haunting.

ACORN votes are nothing but 'cover'

Are the News Media Scared of ACORN

Why do they use black people as the face of the organization when it’s run by rich white guys?

Human shields. When BOR interviewed Bertha Lewis a while back, she brought an elderly blind black minister with her. The minister didn't appear to have anything useful to say. She was nothing but a human shield for Lewis.

Health reformers targeting 'enemies'- Protest events tightly scripted (ACORN will be there!)

Health-Care Reform and the President's Faithful Helpers (Info on "PICO"-Possible ACORN Replacement)


Smuggling children? No problem for ACORN

Connecting the Insidious Obama and ACORN Nexus

Barack Obama’s ties to ACORN (see Memeorandum) are not incidental nor are they casual....

I first wrote this story last August (see here). We passed this information first to David Brown, a reporter in Pittsburgh, who broke the story publicly in early August. So far the mainstream press has failed to investigate this matter. Here are the key details.

The Obama team gave Citizen Services Inc. more than $800,000 ostensibly for “staging and lighting.” Read more at

1,755 posted on 09/19/2009 4:58:52 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

Mr. Obama, Turn On This Water, Now!

The arrogance is breathtaking

The Stimulus Didn't Work[Six Months After, We Can Look And See What Actually Happened]

What really happened last year to the economy? (Vanity with references)

President Obama references an economic crisis that occurred "last year" in a recent speech. Did he mean the very same money draw-down referenced by Rep Kanjorski in September of 2008? I love conspiracy theories, but has there been any congressional investigations into what really happened?

On Thursday Sept 15, 2008 at roughly 11 AM The Federal Reserve noticed a tremendous draw down of money market accounts in the USA to the tune of $550 Billion dollars in a matter of an hour or two. Money was being removed electronically.

Kanjorski tried to follow up here in a hearing.

What did Barry's people know, when did they know it, and was something engineered to either benefit a candidate (who by the way stayed clear of comment as McCain shut down his campaign to run lights-and-siren back to Washington).

To Set The Record Straight: How the Old Media Goliath was killed (book review)

Obama Criticism Flow Chart [How to tell if criticism is racially motivated]

Is It Racist to Make Fun of Michelle Obama?

If she is the new Jackie Kennedy I am the Easter Bunny...

It's Going To Be Obama TV Weekend

Obama to set record with Sunday TV time

Obama fudging another health-care horror story? (Yes, Barry Lies Again)

Who taught you to lie, call people names, and accuse people of racism?

Georgia Polls: Obama Losing Black Support (nteresting)

Blacks are waking up. They see that Obama was all talk and no do. He will hurt the black community worse than the white. He doesn’t speak to them and their needs. They need jobs not Cap and Trade. They need opportunities not higher taxes (yes, they will be taxed). They are starting to see the truth.

Gay public sex -- a bigger battle than most people realize

Leaked Document Outlines Radical Sex Group's Plan to "Change the Way Americans Think about Sex"

FCC To Introduce Net Neutrality Rule

California Joblessness Reaches 70-Year High

Cut The Corporate Tax Rate! (tax policy is driving companies--and jobs -- out of the country)

Small-Business Owners Fret Over Large IRS Fines

Comin' to Mo's Merica:

Argentina: Surviving without money

*CUBAN* National Discovered On ACORN Payroll in USA: In Connection w/ Election Fraud/Drugs (N.M.)

A destructive "Youth Commission"

Obama To Preside At UN Security Council. No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States

The scheduled topic was to be non-proliferation; in the UN’s announcement ( it says that Obama will be directing discussion on non-proliferation and disarmament.

Why would Obama add disarmament to the agenda unless he has a big surprise for US?

[FlashBack]Obama Worked With Terrorist, Senator Helped fund Organization

ACORN's Recent History With Prostitution (who'd have thought..)

It turns out that Nash, 24, who has a criminal record as a man, is now a transsexual escort who claims to make $150 an hour turning tricks as the self-proclaimed "Queen of Cleveland Gender Benders."

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"The fight for concentrated power is on."

Whywas this unrest we see today not manifest during the Bush administration? The auto companies were run by private entities out of Detroit, the financial institutions were run by private entities out of New York, and people's individual wealth was found in their homes and savings plans. Today - in a few short months - the auto industry and the banks are given their marching orders by czars in Washington; individuals have seen their personal financial security blankets shredded. And now they see Washington reaching to control how and where they can get their health care. In short, they see the wealth and power in this country being sucked via a gigantic power grab into the hands of a small, insular elite in Washington run by a man in whom they have no confidence that he is up to the task of running their lives in the most intimate way.

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Olympic-sized boondoggle: What Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama are up to

September 18, 2009 09:59 AM by Michelle Malkin

In Culture of Corruption, I spotlight the intimate relationship between Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s crony lawyer Valerie Jarrett and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Jarrett’s slum lord record in Chicago is highly relevant to her current and ongoing pursuit of Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid — which will cost taxpayers nearly $5 billion and bring an untold windfall to developers and contractors.

From my chapter on Jarrett’s role as president and CEO of The Habitat Company, which the Boston Globe probed in a rare, non-fluffy look at the Obama’s consigliere:

Ever since the Obamas moved to 1600 Pennsylvania, Jarrett has used her power to boost her old pal and employer Mayor Richard Daley’s bid for the Olympics.

Now, FLOTUS is getting in on the act and Jarrett is giddy:

That’s the same bogus economic development propaganda government cronies always use for taxpayer-funded corporate welfare (boondoggles I’ve consistently opposed whether championed by Democrats or Republicans, by the way.)

As sports subsidy watchdog Neil deMause properly characterizes the Olympic pursuit:

“The winner gets to be on the hook for billions in dollars worth of velodromes and infrastructure; the losers get to watch on TV for free.”

Crook County will make out like bandits if Jarrett and the First Crony get their way.

Olympic-sized boondoggle: What Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama are up to

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 18, 2009 09:59 AM

In Culture of Corruption, I spotlight the intimate relationship between Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s crony lawyer Valerie Jarrett and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Jarrett’s slum lord record in Chicago is highly relevant to her current and ongoing pursuit of Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid — which will cost taxpayers nearly $5 billion and bring an untold windfall to developers and contractors.

From my chapter on Jarrett’s role as president and CEO of The Habitat Company, which the Boston Globe probed in a rare, non-fluffy look at the Obama’s consigliere:

In an uncommonly hard-hitting investigative piece, the Boston Globe’s Binyamin Appelbaum blew the whistle on the rodent-infested, sewage-clogged Chicago slums run by the Obamas’ most trusted confidante. Jarrett refused to answer any questions about Grove Parc, “citing what she called a continuing duty to Habitat’s former business partners.” A “continuing duty,” presumably, to whitewash the inconvenient truth about the failed public-private partnerships the Obamas continue to promote in the White House:

“They are rapidly displacing poor people, and these companies are profiting from this displacement,” said Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle of Southside Together Organizing for Power, a community group that seeks to help tenants stay in the same neighborhoods.

“The same exact people who ran these places into the ground,” the private companies paid to build and manage the city’s affordable housing, “now are profiting by redeveloping them.”

In 2006, while Valerie Jarrett was executive vice president of Grove Parc’s management firm Habitat Company, federal inspectors graded the condition of the complex a bottom-of-the-barrel 11 on a 100-point scale. Another Habitat-mismanaged property called Lawndale Restoration was so run-down that city officials urged the federal government to take over the complex.

Jamie Kalven, a veteran Chicago housing activist, told the Boston Globe about Barack Obama: “I hope there is not much predictive value in his history and in his involvement with that community.” Kalven’s hopes will likely be dashed. As Chicago goes, so goes the nation. Obama has made a career of rewarding failure and no amount of overhyped “Hope” will change that. He sponsored a plethora of bills in the state Senate benefitting affordable housing developers. In February 2009, he unveiled a plan to set up a $1 billion Housing Trust Fund “to rehabilitate housing in the nation’s poorest neighborhoods.” “Trust Fund?” Try slush fund, bottomless pit, and eternal stimulus for the real estate moguls posing as saviors of urban America.

In one of those endless Chicago coincidences, Grove Parc Plaza Apartments—now targeted for demolition as a result of years of neglect by Obama’s developer friends—sits in the shadows of the proposed site of the city’s 2016 Olympics Stadium. Valerie Jarrett is vice chair of Chicago’s Olympics committee.

Ever since the Obamas moved to 1600 Pennsylvania, Jarrett has used her power to boost her old pal and employer Mayor Richard Daley’s bid for the Olympics.

Now, FLOTUS is getting in on the act and Jarrett is giddy:

A top White House adviser said first lady Michelle Obama is planning to make a dramatic presentation when she offers the closing argument for the bid by her hometown of Chicago to win the 2016 Summer Olympics.

“There won’t be a dry eye in the room,” said Valerie Jarrett, who plans to travel with the first lady to Copenhagen for the Oct. 2 International Olympic Committee vote.

“I’m sure that it will touch the hearts of each of the IOC members,” Jarrett, a senior adviser to President Barack Obama, said today in an interview.

Jarrett declined to say what the first lady will tell the IOC. The stakes are high because winning the games would be an economic boost nationally, as well as for Chicago, she said.

“It will be a huge economic engine for Chicago, but it will have a ripple effect throughout the country,” Jarrett said, adding that U.S. corporations have voiced support for Chicago’s bid.

That’s the same bogus economic development propaganda government cronies always use for taxpayer-funded corporate welfare (boondoggles I’ve consistently opposed whether championed by Democrats or Republicans, by the way.)

As sports subsidy watchdog Neil deMause properly characterizes the Olympic pursuit:

“The winner gets to be on the hook for billions in dollars worth of velodromes and infrastructure; the losers get to watch on TV for free.”

Crook County will make out like bandits if Jarrett and the First Crony get their way.

I advise the International Olympic Committee to think long and hard about bringing the games to the fetid swamplands of Blago, Rezko & pay-for-play peddlers.



Jarrett’s role in recruiting Van Jones

Jarrett, Axelrod, and the Michelle Obama horror health care story you won’t hear about

What the NYT’s 8,100-word Valerie Jarrett profile didn’t tell you

"The entire Obama administration is about “payback” for getting him elected. That is why they won’t consider tort reform."
Hot Diggyty Dirt!
More BlogWarZ!
  Is Dan Rather At Helm Of Little Green Footballs?
IRS files tax lien against criminal enterprise ACORN [Darleen Click]
From The Pelican Institute for Public Policy (a pdf file):

$548,000 worth of unpaid payroll taxes.

Tax problems continue to build for the New Orleans-based national activist group ACORN, with the IRS filing a $548,000 lien this month for two years worth of unpaid payroll taxes, according to records in the Orleans Parish Clerk of Court’s office.

The latest federal tax filing lists seven different payments that were missed for unemployment taxes from July 2007 through March of this year. That adds to an existing IRS bill of more than $1 million, which The Pelican Institute detailed in an August report.

The latest federal filing, recorded Sept. 3, comes as Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell investigates delinquent state payroll taxes from the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now and its myriad related groups. Caldwell is also investigating other allegations against the group.

Will ACORN Chief Crook Organizer Bertha Lewis use the Turbo Tax defense?

(h/t SBP)

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Nobody Does Crazy Like The Left

Leave it to lunatic Eric Boehlert and the pitiful Media Matters to produce some of the ugliest, most irresponsible and dangerous rhetoric I've ever seen. And that's before you get to crazy and ignorant, as it is both of those as well.

A President was killed the last time right-wing hatred ran wild like this

That being John F. Kennedy, who was gunned down in Dallas, of course.
I’ve been thinking a lot of Kennedy and Dallas as I’ve watched the increasingly violent rhetorical attacks on Obama be unfurled.

Despite the dirtbag's weak attempt at revisionism, Oswald was a communist. That isn't exactly the Right time I looked. Inside and outside of America the Left has been responsible for far more political violence than the American Right has ever produced. And Media Matters is demonstrating itself to be a far more out of control and dangerous outlet than one would think the Democrat Party could ever produce.

It is a testament to how far Left they've gone and how far down they've sunk. And given the recurrent bouts of lunacy among the Left, collectively and as regards its activists, there's more likelihood of one of them attempting something like this in a misguided attempt to blame it on the Right.

Today's Left in America is sick, disturbed and dangerous. I wouldn't recommend turning your back on, or losing sight of them if you can help it. There aren't enough, or the right words to describe how truly pathetic they have become.

Email this


Breitbart: "Blockbuster" Hit from "Left Field" Next Week



By the way, Breitbart did seem to have it mind to nail the media from the outset; this September 7th column tipped his hand, but no one I know of picked up on his hints.

He warned the media. They ignored the warning.

But then, I thought he was speaking rhetorically myself.

Posted by Ace at 12:44 PM New Comments Thingy
314 Some fun reading and a real treasure trove of information. Seriously, beaucoup data:

Is Acorn Intentionally Structured as a Criminal Enterprise? (links to 88-page PDF report)
July 23, 2009

Source of report - Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (landing page)
Ranking Member Darrell Issa (

Documents contained in this report reveal ACORN's political agenda. ACORN's 2005-2007 Strategic Plan states that "just as important as ... mobilizing existing progressive voters, ACORN and similar groups actually create new progressive voters." In the same document, ACORN acknowledges that its "issue campaigns play the dual role ... of attracting new members, and educating or politicizing existing members." One particular issue where ACORN claims success is "fighting key elements of the national Republican program."

In other documents, ACORN affiliates take credit for the election of former-Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. In the 2006 year-end report of ACORN affiliate Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 880, efforts to elect Blagojevich and advance partisan political agendas are called "flawless."

Labor organizations, unions, and other tax-exempt entities stretched Chicago-style political manipulation and back room schemes beyond Illinois to other state-wide and national campaign efforts. In the State of Ohio, where ACORN directors drafted a political plan contained in this report, overt partisan goals are enumerated. The ACORN Ohio Political Plan states:

ACORN will target three competitive Ohio congressional districts as well as a half dozen state rep seats nested within the districts. Our electoral work will mobilize and educate voters [and] our paid professional canvass will execute tightly managed Voter ID and GOTV canvasses moving our core constituency of base and swing voters to the polls to vote for the candidates who most closely align with a progressive Working Families Agenda.

Moreover, documents provided by former ACORN employees and contained in this report demonstrate the degree to which ACORN and ACORN affiliates organized to elect President Barack Obama in 2008.

This somewhat comprehensive report has been out since late July, as noted. It has footnotes, names, analysis, and legal excerpts as source material, much of it damning, and should have raised more than just collective silence from the Tributary Media™.

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To: backhoe

Thanks for staying on top of this, Backhoe.

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To: fanfan

Thanks for stopping by my drafty station on the InterToobs.

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To: All
Police State 2009 alert:
 Video - Swine Flu-Do you believe they will take it this far?...
RFID WRISTBANDS:http://www.rfid-in- UPDATES: VeriChip PDF SWINE FLU:
Ah, with M-O-R-E rancor...
Is Dan Rather At Helm Of Little Green Footballs?

* LGFstats090429.jpg (77.36 KB, 973x519 - viewed 2 times.)

Senate votes to keep spending millions on stimulus signs

September 18, 2009 11:34 PM by Doug Powers

...Sen. Barbara Boxer, and many others, want to keep spending millions on the stimulus signs because to stop doing so would be to deprive us lowly taxpayers the honor of seeing where our money is being spent (we know it when we see it, Babs, no sign necessary) — and one of those areas is the signs themselves:...Boxer spinning the spending of millions of our dollars on these signs as a service to taxpayers reminds me of Charles Rangel, whose throws down almost $800 taxpayer dollars a month for a car lease because driving a cheaper car would be a sign of disrespect to his constituents.96 Comments

"This admin is a laughing stock...Odopey had no clue what it was just that it had a big number..."
As a blog commenter noted many months ago, "Just look at any major city with a mostly black administration- they put all their friends in a government office, and spend money... it's not that they mean badly, they just don't know any better..."
I'm sorry to say, he was right. So much potential, so wasted...
"Geeze, all the stupid signs need to say is “Here’s the Hopey Changey I buffalo’d you into… “suckers”"
As with the outbreak of Obama the Socialist Joker posters, we see that real Americans are still out there, with sense of humor and love of liberty intact, and not swallowing the lies the governmedia has been trying to cram down our throats. Messages like this will keep sprouting up as quickly as our socialist rulers can tear them down.
"If you do stuff like this, do it in broad daylight, wear a hard hat of some sort, and wear an orange safety vest. No one will notice you..."

Obama Foreign Policy Advisor Calls For US to Shoot Down Israeli Jets

Last year Zbigniew Brzezinski, adviser to former US president Jimmy Carter, described the Bush administration's policy of maintaining the option of military action against Iran as "counterproductive."

Now Brzezinski, who advises Obama on foreign policy, is calling for the US to shoot down Israeli jets.
Brzezinski is known to be anti-Israel.
The Weekly Standard Blog reported:

In a little noticed interview with the Daily Beast (presumably little noticed because serious people don't read the Daily Beast), Zbigniew Brzezinski suggests that Barack Obama do more than just refuse to support an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear sites -- the American president must give the order to shoot down Israeli aircraft as they cross Iraqi airspace:

DB: How aggressive can Obama be in insisting to the Israelis that a military strike might be in America’s worst interest?

Brzezinski: We are not exactly impotent little babies. They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?

DB: What if they fly over anyway?

Brzezinski: Well, we have to be serious about denying them that right. That means a denial where you aren’t just saying it. If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not. No one wishes for this but it could be a Liberty in reverse.
No wonder the Iranian regime is so impressed with Brzezinski.

ACORN, Kanye West and the Hierarchy of Multiculturalism.

Journalists need to ask themselves, how did this happen? How could they miss the corruption at ACORN? President Obama was once an ACORN lawyer, so the group is certainly significant enough to warrant media scrutiny. Then how did all the seasoned professionals get scooped by two students–James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles–one of whom isn’t old enough to legally drink?

ACORN’s many problems have been well known for quite a while, at least to anyone venturing beyond network newscasts and liberal blogs. As an organization, ACORN doesn’t just limit itself to churning out forged voter registrations. It’s a full-blown racketeering enterprise worthy of The Sopranos, and it finances its operations with the help of taxpayer money.

So how could the major media fail to hold ACORN to account all these years?

I have my pet theory.

Political correctness has been slowly rotting the establishment media to its core, to the point where few professional journalists would dare launch a serious investigation into the exalted Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now. Why? Simple: according to the tenets of political correctness, the racial makeup of the communities being “organized” automatically confers the presumption of moral superiority upon ACORN. So all those nasty rumors about ACORN must be no more than lies spread by racist propagandists.

To understand the mindset of the politically correct, there are a few rules of racial relations that you need to know. These rules establish the Hierarchy of Multiculturalism:

  1. If a person is a member of a group guilty of past racial oppression, that person has no moral standing in relation to anyone in any group that’s ever been a victim of that oppression.
  2. A member of an oppressor group is always assumed to be guilty in relation to a member of a victim group.
  3. An oppressor can only avoid presumed guilt by making a display of his or her sympathy for the oppressed.
  4. Members of victim groups can lose their moral standing by expressing a preference for individual rights as opposed to group rights.
  5. Advocating on behalf of a victim makes one almost as unassailable as being that victim.
  6. Coming to the defense of an oppressor is even more repugnant than being that oppressor.

This thinking is so common these days that many prominent liberals–from New York Times columnists to former presidents–believe that criticism of President Obama can only be motivated by racial bigotry.

A ROUNDUP OF reporting on ACORN.

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To: backhoe

If the U.S. shoots down Israeli jets, will the people stand for it? Would that be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? Or would the people simply sit by and watch.

1,762 posted on 09/20/2009 1:58:49 AM PDT by Terry Mross (I hate all politicians, including republicans.)
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To: Terry Mross
If the U.S. shoots down Israeli jets, will the people stand for it? Would that be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? Or would the people simply sit by and watch.

The part of me that still believes in America, The Good, wants to say "Hell, No!"

The part of me that thinks The New Improved Black Jesus conned his way in to office precisely because too many Americans see life as a combination of Ophrah, Survivor! and American Idol says

"They'll just see it as another 'reality show...'"

Damn it.

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To: backhoe

So very sad. If called, I’d fight. But I know my little rifle won’t be very effective against our military. And believe me, that 250,000 civilian force will be made up of military personel loyal to O.

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To: All

Obama "appointed by God"

Well, that settles it...

Obama to Spend $10.3 TRILLION on Welfare

President Barack Obama is beginning to look out of his depth.

Warning to America and What's Left of the West

As the Obama administration cuddles up to Moscow and Caracas, America's enemies in the those cities plot the destruction of the West.

Economic decline is the least of the West's worries.

Neo-Marxist world domination is the real name of the game.

Read this excellent and completely accurate article from Toby Westerman

Venezuela’s Marxist president-dictator Hugo Chavez addressed an influential university in Moscow stating that America’s influence in the world is “dying,” and will be replaced in “the next decades” by a “multi-polar” world in which Russia plays a leading role.

Chavez wants to “accelerate” the process, a sentiment which receives support from the Moscow elite. . . .

(Excerpt)

New York City Terror Plot and the Post-9/11 Catch-22

The Catch 22 is that we are now a leaderless country.

Obama has deconstructed our intelligence gathering capabilities, so at some point, the attacks are going to come regardless of what we do.

Report: NYC Terror Plot Suspect, Father in Custody

The Long Retreat

"Hope" you all like that "Change" you voted for- no more Cowboy Boosh! and Darth Cheney:

Obama Foreign Policy Advisor Calls For US to Shoot Down Israeli Jets


Did Ayers Help Obama Get Into Harvard?

Although terrorist emeritus Bill Ayers claims not to have met Barack Obama until the mid-1990s, there is reason to believe that he not only knew Obama much earlier, but that he helped get him into Harvard Law School.

The evidence, substantial if speculative, can be found in an unlikely source, Barack Obama's 2006 bestseller, Audacity of Hope, and it may have been provided by Ayers himself.

In the way of background, I have made the argument on these pages that Bill Ayers wrote the better part of Obama's acclaimed 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

On little cat feet

Imagine America without our memorials ( Why This Case Is Important )

The UN Is A Morally Disgusting Institution and a Global Menace

Free People Need No Leader

America's next top role model

According to the magazine covers, Barack Obama used to be Abraham Lincoln. Now he's starting to sound like his uninvited defender Jimmy Carter.

I've been called a racist and I'm going to fight back (Vanity)

Hell, I just tell the fools,

"Sure, I admit I'm racially prejudiced- against his White Half..."

'Buried In The Archives,' The Original Town-Hall Battle

Constitution Day Tea Party in Milwaukee 10,000 attendance

Palin emerges as Facebook phenom

Fla. lawmaker tried to get funding for ACORN while wife was lobbyist

A Democratic legislator from Orlando tried to get $50,000 in state funding for the controversial group ACORN in the 2007 legislative session, the same time his wife was working as a lobbyist for the organization, records show.

Rep. Scott Randolph was seeking money for the Central Florida ACORN Institute Financial Justice Center, which provides tax preparation services for the poor.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

OUTRAGE: TYING IT ALL TOGETHER(Video)(Denninger on Acorn,Fraud,Founders)

Supervisors to call for audit of ACORN efforts (San Diego Co.)

No, It Wasn’t My Idea for Hannah Giles to Dress Like a Hooker and Infiltrate ACORN

Obama waist-deep in ACORN corruption and more ObamaCare atrocities

Obama Demands DOJ Stop ACORN Probe:

Rep. Conyers' Probe of ACORN Blocked by 'Powers That Be':

Barack Obama's Involvement with ACORN Unearthed, Missing Article Recovered:

Barack Obama Trained ACORN Staff In How To Intimidate Banks Into Giving Subprime Loans. Barack Obama — A Thug With A Law Degree:

Devastating Video, Obama talks about job Ayers gave him:

Independent prosecutor for ACORN

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To: All

National security adviser says Iran advancing in making medium-range missiles

Barack Obama changes American missile plans in Europe, causing fear among allies

With this volte face, the Obama administration has brought the curtain firmly down on the Bush doctrine of defiant diplomatic unilateralism policy and ushered in a new era in which America will seek partners and make compromises appeasement and weakness on the world stage.


The Appalling Timing of Obama’s Missile Defense Decision


Pak had nuke links with Iran, N Korea: A Q Khan

Obama's next push is amnesty -- President intends to install a long-term Democratic majority

Congress, Obama team up to kill marriage protections

The coming American dictatorship


Obama: "somehow not breaking through"

How condescending. If you disagree you are too dumb to understand. I think Obama has boken through and we have our whole arms around it. Could it be that we don’t like what he wants?

Obama: Immigration Reform Will Allow Illegal Immigrants to Become Legal and Get Health Care Coverage

Best 9/12 Tea Party Panoramic Picture
Metro Delivers Hundreds of Thousands to 9/12 Rally

Political Class Ignoring at Their Peril

Eager Students Fall Prey to Apartheid’s Legacy in S. Africa (actually it's teachers' unions)


All The President's Race Baiters

The wheels are coming off this administration. The race card is just about all they have left. When that one is used up (and it almost is) the next level would be an equivalent of the burning of the Reich-stag.

Glenn Beck and Scott Baker Lay Out President Obama's History of Radical Connections - Video 9/18/09

U. S. Congressman Darrell Issa(R) vs. ACORN CEO, Fox News Today

ACORNS stay on branch; Brooklyn staffers in sex sting avoid ax (corruption no big deal)

I heard a little bit of an interview w/ Rep. Sue Myrick, R-NC last week.

She said the votes in the House and Senate to defund ACORN were a sham.
ACORN will get their funds anyway.
Don’t recall the exact wrangling but it will go back to committee and get added to another bill.

Meanwhile the dims can crow that they voted to stop the funding.

ACORN's record of abrupt advocacy

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To: All

THOUSANDS RALLY at Milwaukee Tea Party.

Plus, Nearly 10,000 gather for ‘Tea Party’ along Milwaukee’s lakefront.

MICKEY KAUS: “Andrew Breitbart of has stopped being subtle about hinting he has another scoop on order for next week. It’s apparently not another ACORN story. . . . I didn’t realize he’d have the course of events all planned out like Hari Seldon in Foundation.”
ACORN scandals? There are ACORN scandals? “I didn’t even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money.”

Obama plays dumb on ACORN

September 20, 2009 11:21 AM by Michelle Malkin

Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti

Channeling clueless Charlie Gibson and Nancy Pelosi, President Obama is playing dumb about ACORN. Here’s what he said on ABC’s This Week this morning:

STEPHANOPOULOS: But have your — have some of your allies made it easier for — handed your opponents some ammunition, like ACORN, for example…

OBAMA: Well, look, the — you know, I think that — are there folks in the Democratic camp or on the left who haven’t — haven’t always operated in ways that I’d appreciate? Absolutely.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Congress said they should cut off all funding for ACORN.

OBAMA: Is — is — is…

STEPHANOPOULOS: … all funding for ACORN. Are you for that?

OBAMA: Is that true on the other side, as well? Of course that’s true.

STEPHANOPOULOS: How about the funding for ACORN?

OBAMA: You know, it’s — frankly, it’s not really something I’ve followed closely. I didn’t even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Both the Senate and the House have voted to cut it off.

OBAMA: You know, what I know is, is that what I saw on that video was certainly inappropriate and deserves to be investigated.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you’re not committing to — to cut off the federal funding?

OBAMA: George, this is not the biggest issue facing the country. It’s not something I’m paying a lot of attention to.

It strains credulity — no, it snaps credulity in half — to believe Obama “didn’t even know” that ACORN was “getting a whole lot of federal money” given his extensive legal services on behalf of the group and training for its voter education arm, Project Vote. (Go re-read my column from June 2008, “The ACORN Obama knows,” and all the links for a refresher course.)

Repeat after me: Obama is ACORN. ACORN is Obama. Barack Obama can no more disown ACORN than he could disown his own shadow.

Now that the White House supports an investigation, Congress should make sure to investigate:

1) How Team Obama hid its $800,000 campaign payment to ACORN through front group “Citizen Services, Inc.”;

2) How Team Obama shared donor lists with the president’s old employer, ACORN affiliate Project Vote, a 501(c)(3) organization, which is prohibited from engaging in political activity (Mr. President, meet Anita MonCrief);

3) And how Project Vote and hundreds of myriad entities intermingled non-profit, tax-exempt funding with the national ACORN flagship’s political operations — a buried story Obama would know about if he read NYTimes reporter Stephanie Strom’s report last October before she was muzzled as Election Day drew near.

Bring it on.63 Comments |


How about those links Obama has to ACORN?  Here are just some of them…

  • While Obama and Weather Underground co-founder/terrorist William Ayers both served on the board of directors of Chicago’s Woods Fund, Chicago ACORN received $190,000 in Woods’ money.
  • In his November 2007 ACORN address, Obama said: "I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career."
  • Obama’s campaign paid $832,598 last February to Citizens Services, Inc., an ACORN affiliate. The campaign originally described this to the Federal Election Commission as "staging, sound, lighting." Last August, amended filings showed this money purchased get-out-the-vote services. Obama spokesman Bill Burton told MSNBC Tuesday that "one-tenth of that money went to ACORN for those efforts."
  • …Madeleine Talbot, who at the time was a leader at Chicago Acorn. Talbot, we learn, was so impressed by Obama’s organizing skills that she invited him to help train her own staff. (link)
  • Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Pfleger – two radical clergy closely associated with Obama – have extensive ties to ACORN
    And the list goes on.
    The more you learn about Obama, they greasier he is.
CALLING FOR an independent prosecutor for ACORN. “ACORN’s close ties to the progressive movement and Democratic Party mean that there will be little public confidence if Holder decides not to pursue an ambitious investigation and ultimately prosecute. . . . Holder has compounded these concerns with two recent decisions. In New Mexico, federal attorneys apparently recommended high-level prosecutions in the pay-for-play scandal swirling around Gov. Bill Richardson. Holder’s office overrode them and dropped the case. Holder also decided to drop the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia, where thugs were caught on tape brandishing clubs outside a voting precinct. In both cases, Holder has refused to explain his actions.”

Obama On ACORN Scandal: "Not Something I've Followed Closely"

Yeah, right.

Obama and ACORN go way, way back.

Here's an ACORN-Obama sign from 2008, via Michelle Malkin.

ACORN is the largest radical Leftist group in America today.
This radical group worked closely with the Obama campaign during the election. But, the community organizing group was not open about this. The photo below was scrubbed from the ACORN website before the election:

One of Barack Obama's first big "community organizer" jobs involved ACORN in 1992. He has been working along side ACORN since before he became an elected official. Obama also trained ACORN employees. He represented ACORN in court. Obama worked with and protested with ACORN. His campaign donated $800,000 to ACORN in 2008 for voter registration efforts.
And, ACORN even canvassed for Obama last year.

Today George Stephanopoulos on "This Week" asked Barack Obama about the ACORN child prositution scandal, an organization that is closely tied to the president.
ABC reported:

It was one of the most popular topics among the questions you submitted to me for my interview with President Obama – the controversy involving ACORN.

While the President said that ACORN "deserves to be investigated" in light of the "inappropriate" video that's gone viral, he did not endorse recent votes in Congress to cut off federal funding for the community group.

Here’s our FULL exchange:

STEPHANOPOULOS: How about the funding for ACORN?

OBAMA: You know, if -- frankly, it's not really something I've followed closely. I didn't even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Both the Senate and the House have voted to cut it off.

OBAMA: You know, what I know is, is that what I saw on that video was certainly inappropriate and deserves to be investigated.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you're not committing to -- to cut off the federal funding?

OBAMA: George, this is not the biggest issue facing the country. It's not something I'm paying a lot of attention to.
More... Michelle Malkin added:

It strains credulity — no, it snaps credulity in half — to believe Obama “didn’t even know” that ACORN was “getting a whole lot of federal money” given his extensive legal services on behalf of the group and training for its voter education arm, Project Vote.

1,767 posted on 09/20/2009 11:51:13 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All
Obama Was A Trainer For ACORN
by Simon

Here is what ACORN had to say about Mr. Obama.

Since then, we have invited Obama to our leadership training sessions to run the session on power every year, and, as a result, many of our newly developing leaders got to know him before he ever ran for office. Thus, it was natural for many of us to be active volunteers in his first campaign for State Senate and then his failed bid for U.S. Congress in 1996. By the time he ran for U.S. Senate, we were old friends. And along about early March, we started to see that the African-American community had made its move: when Sen. Obama's name was mentioned at our Southside Summit meeting with 700 people in attendance from three southside communities, the crowd went crazy. With about a week to go before the election, it was very clear how the African-American community would vote. But would they vote in high enough numbers?

It seemed to us that what Obama needed in the March primary was what we always work to deliver anyway: increased turnout in our ACORN communities. ACORN is active on the south and west sides of Chicago, in the south suburbs and on the east side of Springfield, the state capital. Most of the turf where we organize in is African American, with a growing Latino presence in Chicago's Little Village and the suburbs.

And where did I get the hint to look for the Obama ACORN connection?

From this Glenn Beck video.

And what made me look into that? A story about the genesis of the current situation by Glenn Beck where Glenn discusses the Cloward Piven strategy. And of course you have heard of the Cloward-Piven strategy from my pre-election post Barney Frank Frankly Not Frank which discusses how the mortgage crisis got started.

You can actually learn something useful about Cloward and Piven from the wiki.

The Cloward-Piven strategy refers to a political strategy outlined by Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, then both sociologists and political activists at the Columbia University School of Social Work, in a 1966 article in The Nation. The two argued that many Americans who were eligible for welfare were not receiving benefits, and that a welfare enrollment drive would create a political crisis that would force U.S. politicians, particularly the Democratic Party, to enact legislation "establishing a guaranteed national income."

Cloward and Piven's article is focused on forcing the Democratic Party, which in 1966 controlled the presidency and both houses of Congress, to take federal action to help the poor. They argued that full enrollment of those eligible for welfare "would produce bureaucratic disruption in welfare agencies and fiscal disruption in local and state governments" that would "deepen existing divisions among elements in the big-city Democratic coalition....

OK. How about some more of the picture?
First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, the "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

Inspired by the August 1965 riots in the black district of Watts in Los Angeles (which erupted after police had used batons to subdue a black man suspected of drunk driving), Cloward and Piven published an article titled "The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty" in the May 2, 1966 issue of The Nation. Following its publication, The Nation sold an unprecedented 30,000 reprints. Activists were abuzz over the so-called "crisis strategy" or "Cloward-Piven Strategy," as it came to be called. Many were eager to put it into effect.

In their 1966 article, Cloward and Piven charged that the ruling classes used welfare to weaken the poor; that by providing a social safety net, the rich doused the fires of rebellion. Poor people can advance only when "the rest of society is afraid of them," Cloward told The New York Times on September 27, 1970. Rather than placating the poor with government hand-outs, wrote Cloward and Piven, activists should work to sabotage and destroy the welfare system; the collapse of the welfare state would ignite a political and financial crisis that would rock the nation; poor people would rise in revolt; only then would "the rest of society" accept their demands.

Now who was it that said "never let a serious crisis go to waste"? Rahm Emanuel, Obama's Chief of Staff. And what does a Chief of Staff do? Well he helps to fill staff positions wih the appropriate people. People like Communist Van Jones, Obama's former Green Jobs Czar. Or how about radical John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar.

You know it looks like these folks have a plan for America. And I don't think I like the plan.

And to think it all started to come apart with an attempt to start a child prostitution ring that was aided by ACORN.

Members of a community organisation closely linked to US president Barack Obama have been secretly filmed advising a fake pimp and his prostitute on how to evade authorities.

The video is seen as a serious setback for Obama, who has previously worked for Acorn, America's largest community organisation representing minorities and the poor.

Acorn was also a major supporter of Obama's campaign to become president, even though it is a non-profit non-partisan government organisation that receives over $70 million in taxpayer money.

Conservative activist James O'Keefe, along with a bogus prostitute, filmed Acorn workers advising on tax advantages for underage prostitutes.

In the video, an Acorn worker is heard telling O'Keefe that "under sixteen, yeah, so you'll be eligible for a child tax credit".

The worker also tells O'Keefe on how not to get caught by police.

If you haven't seen the videos you can watch them here:

Acorn Videos. And more is to come says Andrew Breitbart at Hot Air.

Cross Posted at Power and Control

posted by Simon at 07:11 AM

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To: All

Barack Obama ready to slash US nuclear arsenal(Pentagon told to map out radical cuts)

Major Terrorist Attack Foiled (AG Holder Better Stop His Witch Hunt)

Sunday Obamathon Turns Into Media Critique; Says Press is Perpetuating 'Rude' Behavior

When are taxes not taxes: President Obama and ABC News' George Stephanopoulos

 President Barack Obama Is Beginning to Look Out of His Depth...

RedDog wrote:This slumdog was miles out of his depth when he announced his candidacy. He's just faking it day to day like the fraud he is living large on an expense account his kind would normally never dream of.

Without bothering to search out the punchy graphics I used months ago to illustrate my point, let me paraphrase what I have preciously written elsewhere...

His only experience is being a community organizer ( codespeak for shakedown artist ), writing two books about himself, and perpetually running for office.

I firmly believe that the 2008 election cycle was supposed to be an introduction for him, with an eye on the 2012 election, but it spiraled out of control, what with 95% of the press and entertainment arms of the Media Hive falling in love with "Yes, we can!" ( Be kingmakers, once more... )

If things had gone according to the original plan, there would have been plenty of time to paper over the eerie gaps in his resume' and tidy up a few other jarring things.

The man is a typical Chicago Machine politician, who just got lucky. Con artist, fraud, and hustler. Not to mention a bully and a coward.

Unfit to run any of the businesses I was associated with, let alone lead a nation. His "policies" are a poisonous mix of college-level socialism with a whiff a fascism thrown in for good measure.

Elections- they do have consequences.

Official: FCC to propose 'Net neutrality' rules

Obama open to newspaper bailout bill

Strangers to dissent, liberals try to stifle it

Suppose It Was True

Attacks build fear among refugees in Syracuse [Blacks beat up Burmese and Bhutanese refugees]

Taming the California Beast [Try Elimination of All Public Employee Unions & Most State Boards!]

San Joaquin Water Crisis Information Thread

Hot Damn!
More BlogWarZ!

Little Green Footballs attacking Rush Limbaugh re: comments on segregated busses.

'Junk Science' Expert Sounds Alarm on Insurance Study [those 45,000 deaths/year]




Confronting the Five Smears in Time’s Glenn Beck Cover Story

news coverage supports conservative claims of media bias

What if NPR is right?

NLPC calls on JP Morgan Chase to drop ACORN ["Obama's 'favorite banker'"] [BofA linked too]

President Obama Says ACORN Scandal Not Something He is "Paying A Lot of Attention To" - Video

MUST see videos! Glenn Beck, Scott Baker - Obama Connections

Glenn Beck/Scott Baker - Obama Connections, Part 1 of 2

Part 2

Breitbart Telegraphing His Next Punch? (Clues to Blockbuster Story Breaking This Week)

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To: All
Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament, here we come...
He told us plainly a year ago during the primaries.
In 52 seconds why Obama MUST become the next president
He told us again in April while in Prague -
Obama's Prague speech on disarmament - Unedited, in English
It's like Mein Kampf. Hitler plainly told everyone what he was going to do. Nobody listened, nobody stopped him.
"Most nations are members with exception of North Korea, Israel, India and Pakistan."

gosh, what do 4 such disparate nations have in common?  OH YEAH ...

CHANGE: Barack Obama ready to slash US nuclear arsenal: Pentagon told to map out radical cuts as president prepares to chair UN talks.

UPDATE: In Afghanistan, does Obama think we’re like the Soviets?

Obama Cowbell Small Poster

As Promised Obama Proposes Radical Reduction in US Nuclear Arsenal

"I will set a goal of a world without nuclear weapons."
Barack Obama
Presidential Election Ad
Obama promised to neuter America before the election in one of his campaign ads to supporters:
That was one promise he decided to keep.

As promised, Barack Obama will go ahead with his plan to weaken America's stand in the world.
The Guardian reported today that Obama is pushing a radical plan to eliminate not hundreds but thousands of the nation's strategic warheads, via Free Republic.

Barack Obama has demanded the Pentagon conduct a radical review of US nuclear weapons doctrine to prepare the way for deep cuts in the country's arsenal, the Guardian can reveal.

Obama has rejected the Pentagon's first draft of the "nuclear posture review" as being too timid, and has called for a range of more far-reaching options consistent with his goal of eventually abolishing nuclear weapons altogether, according to European officials.

Those options include:

Reconfiguring the US nuclear force to allow for an arsenal measured in hundreds rather than thousands of deployed strategic warheads.

• Redrafting nuclear doctrine to narrow the range of conditions under which the US would use nuclear weapons.

• Exploring ways of guaranteeing the future reliability of nuclear weapons without testing or producing a new generation of warheads.

The review is due to be completed by the end of this year, and European officials say the outcome is not yet clear. But one official said: "Obama is now driving this process. He is saying these are the president's weapons, and he wants to look again at the doctrine and their role."

The move comes as Obama prepares to take the rare step of chairing a watershed session of the UN security council on Thursday. It is aimed at winning consensus on a new grand bargain: exchanging more radical disarmament by nuclear powers in return for wider global efforts to prevent further proliferation.
Of course, as Obama goes ahead with this radical reduction Iran and Venezuela are moving forward with their nuclear programs.
President Barack Obama is beginning to look out of his depth
THE TELEGRAPH: President Barack Obama is beginning to look out of his depth.
Plenty of people said it. Most wouldn't listen because the MSM didn't cover it.

To quote me own sef' from here:

'”Zimbabwe On The Potomac...”

You know there were warning signs...

I kept telling people when Bill Clinton slithered in to office, and clung to it, despite all the scandals, and Impeachment itself-- “He's just a symptom. Like a fever is of a disease- there's something wrong with America.”'

"I rarely editorialize, preferring to give you links to pursue, quotes from the sources that reflect “what I think you need to know,” and the occasional quip of my own-- but let me drop out of Lurkin' & Linkin' mode for a little moment in time...

This guy's Bad News-- “travelin' like wildfire,” as the song went.

Whether he'll flame out in the crush of day to day governing details, or be another Mussolini dragging his country into a burning Apocalypse is anyone's guess at this point in time, but you had better start paying attention, if you hadn't already.

We had the information here-- Soros and all the other villains and clowns- pretty much before anyone else noticed them lurking in the wings.

But much remains hidden- it's up to us and others to ferret it out and expose it.

Remember one thing- you're watching a Carny Show, and the Rubes numbed by the clamor of Pop Culture, and dumbed by Public Miseducation, don't get it-- yet.

It's up to us, to see that they do,

Carry on... "
NBC’s David Gregory worries protestors are one step away from OK City bombing
MICHAEL BARONE: Stifling Dissent. And I remember when protest was patriotic!
 Those Who Do Not Remember History Are Condemned to Say That “Taking Our Country Back” is a Code Word For Racial Animus.
Spew Alert!
"I'm not gonna spend time ogling some chick who wears the furniture or draperies."

Olympic-sized boondoggle: What Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama are up to

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 18, 2009 09:59 AM

In Culture of Corruption, I spotlight the intimate relationship between Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s crony lawyer Valerie Jarrett and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Jarrett’s slum lord record in Chicago is highly relevant to her current and ongoing pursuit of Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid — which will cost taxpayers nearly $5 billion and bring an untold windfall to developers and contractors.

From my chapter on Jarrett’s role as president and CEO of The Habitat Company, which the Boston Globe probed in a rare, non-fluffy look at the Obama’s consigliere:

In an uncommonly hard-hitting investigative piece, the Boston Globe’s Binyamin Appelbaum blew the whistle on the rodent-infested, sewage-clogged Chicago slums run by the Obamas’ most trusted confidante. Jarrett refused to answer any questions about Grove Parc, “citing what she called a continuing duty to Habitat’s former business partners.” A “continuing duty,” presumably, to whitewash the inconvenient truth about the failed public-private partnerships the Obamas continue to promote in the White House:

“They are rapidly displacing poor people, and these companies are profiting from this displacement,” said Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle of Southside Together Organizing for Power, a community group that seeks to help tenants stay in the same neighborhoods.

“The same exact people who ran these places into the ground,” the private companies paid to build and manage the city’s affordable housing, “now are profiting by redeveloping them.”

In 2006, while Valerie Jarrett was executive vice president of Grove Parc’s management firm Habitat Company, federal inspectors graded the condition of the complex a bottom-of-the-barrel 11 on a 100-point scale. Another Habitat-mismanaged property called Lawndale Restoration was so run-down that city officials urged the federal government to take over the complex.

Jamie Kalven, a veteran Chicago housing activist, told the Boston Globe about Barack Obama: “I hope there is not much predictive value in his history and in his involvement with that community.” Kalven’s hopes will likely be dashed. As Chicago goes, so goes the nation. Obama has made a career of rewarding failure and no amount of overhyped “Hope” will change that. He sponsored a plethora of bills in the state Senate benefitting affordable housing developers. In February 2009, he unveiled a plan to set up a $1 billion Housing Trust Fund “to rehabilitate housing in the nation’s poorest neighborhoods.” “Trust Fund?” Try slush fund, bottomless pit, and eternal stimulus for the real estate moguls posing as saviors of urban America.

In one of those endless Chicago coincidences, Grove Parc Plaza Apartments—now targeted for demolition as a result of years of neglect by Obama’s developer friends—sits in the shadows of the proposed site of the city’s 2016 Olympics Stadium. Valerie Jarrett is vice chair of Chicago’s Olympics committee.

Ever since the Obamas moved to 1600 Pennsylvania, Jarrett has used her power to boost her old pal and employer Mayor Richard Daley’s bid for the Olympics.

Now, FLOTUS is getting in on the act and Jarrett is giddy:

A top White House adviser said first lady Michelle Obama is planning to make a dramatic presentation when she offers the closing argument for the bid by her hometown of Chicago to win the 2016 Summer Olympics.

“There won’t be a dry eye in the room,” said Valerie Jarrett, who plans to travel with the first lady to Copenhagen for the Oct. 2 International Olympic Committee vote.

“I’m sure that it will touch the hearts of each of the IOC members,” Jarrett, a senior adviser to President Barack Obama, said today in an interview.

Jarrett declined to say what the first lady will tell the IOC. The stakes are high because winning the games would be an economic boost nationally, as well as for Chicago, she said.

“It will be a huge economic engine for Chicago, but it will have a ripple effect throughout the country,” Jarrett said, adding that U.S. corporations have voiced support for Chicago’s bid.

That’s the same bogus economic development propaganda government cronies always use for taxpayer-funded corporate welfare (boondoggles I’ve consistently opposed whether championed by Democrats or Republicans, by the way.)

As sports subsidy watchdog Neil deMause properly characterizes the Olympic pursuit:

“The winner gets to be on the hook for billions in dollars worth of velodromes and infrastructure; the losers get to watch on TV for free.”

Crook County will make out like bandits if Jarrett and the First Crony get their way.

I advise the International Olympic Committee to think long and hard about bringing the games to the fetid swamplands of Blago, Rezko & pay-for-play peddlers.



Jarrett’s role in recruiting Van Jones

Jarrett, Axelrod, and the Michelle Obama horror health care story you won’t hear about

What the NYT’s 8,100-word Valerie Jarrett profile didn’t tell you

36. Marty:

If you want to understand Obama’s view of the world and America’s place in it, go to:

as for why he is so divisive at home, well, dividing and creating conflict is what community organizers DO!


Why Does NYC Fund 3 ACORN Schools?

September 20th, 2009

Even the Associated Press has finally been prodded into writing about the wonderful people at ACORN. (On a sleepy Sunday morning during the last weekend of Summer.)

Here are some excerpts buried in their article, which caught our eye:

A U.S. flag flies over the entrance to the ACORN Community High School in New York, Friday Sept. 18, 2009.

Did ACORN get too big for its own good?


Two schools in New York City have partnered with ACORN and bear its name: ACORN Community High School and ACORN High School for Social Justice. The schools’ state report cards identify ACORN Community High School as in good standing for student performance, while the other school needs improvement in some areas…

The first school mentioned by the AP, ACORN Community High School, is in Brooklyn, New York. It has the motto: “Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders.”

From their website:

ACORN Community High School – What is A C O R N?

ACORN Community High School was founded in 1996 as a partnership between the New York City Board of Education and A.C.O.R.N. (The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).

ACHS was established to provide a small, safe, personalized, and challenging alternative to zoned high schools. ACHS is centrally located between Crown Heights, Bedford Stuyvesant, and the Fort Greene Brooklyn neighborhoods.

ACORN CHS is a small nurturing environment where students are expected to the skills necessary to compete in today’s global economic market. Students are taught the importance of contributing to their community as well as their academic endeavors.

And here are ACHS’s “guiding principles”:

Among the offerings on its website is:

Community Service

"Give Your Best, Be the Best" The ACORN Community Service Program (ACSP) offers ACORN students experiences that cultivate leadership skills while they contribute services to their communities. Through placement in various agencies and service providers, ACSP encourages students to apply what they learned in and out of the classroom to solve real-life problems. In the process students learn efficient work habits, teamwork and self-confidence. They also learn about democracy, budgets and the benefits of active citizenship. Further, students in ACSP acquire technical and communication skills that are essential in critical thinking for designing and implementing solutions that build proud and prosperous communities. Participation in ACSP instills an ethic of lifelong community service where students are inspired to build proud and prosperous communities.

This is not elective course, but a requirement:


Each student must complete 50 ASCP [ACORN Community Service Program] points per year with a total of 200 ASCP points by the end of the Senior year.

Students who volunteer at: an event activity (walk-athon etc); a Community Center that the school is affiliated with; or similar related program outside the school will receive 1 ASCP point for every hour of service.

Students who volunteer with in [sic] the school or babysitting will receive .5 ASCP point for every hour of service.


Seniors 12 ASCP points – by June 1, 2009

Juniors 62 ASCP points – by June 1, 2010

Sophomores 112 ASCP points – by June 1 2011

Freshmen 162  ASCP points – by June 1, 20012

The second school mentioned by the Associated Press is the  ACORN High School for Social Justice.

Here is some of the highlights about the School For Social Justice as enunciated on the NYC Department Of Education website:

ACORN School For Social Justice – Why we are "A Star that Shines in Brooklyn".

ACORN High School for Social Justice is “A Star that Shines in Brooklyn”. In addition, our school is distinctive because it is:

    * One of three community initiated NYC public schools affiliated with the powerful Acorn Organization.
    * A Landmark building with turn of the 20th century neoclassic Architecture which was once a Lowe’s theater where Jackie Gleason (a renowned entertainer) performed.
    * The first NYC DOE school to have an Executive Principal.
    * The first NYC DOE school to pilot an Icareers Academy.
    * Selected as one of a few New York City public schools to become an AVID school.  The Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) program is a rigorous college awareness and preparation program for students who will be the first in their families to attend college.  
      Success in attracting and keeping teachers from the NYC Teaching Fellows. 
    * We also include an additional course in Social Justice, a course on the Civil Rights Movement (Sojourner Project), and double periods of English and Mathematics at the 9th and 10th grade levels.
    * International Teachers Programs. We now also have a partnership with Columbia University as a site for Peace Corp Fellows to complete their teaching internships.
    * September 2008 will be the launch of state of the art Film/Media and music recording studios that will be centers of premier art programs including a Television Show in collaboration with Entertainers4Education Alliance.
    * An emerging honors program including honor level classes, Advanced Placement courses and College Now.  We are working on an Associate Degree program as well.
    * Unique utilization of technology to deliver instruction and to assess academic performance. All teacehers [sic] will be provided with school laptops for use in lesson planning and delivery and they all have access to LCD projectors and smart boards.  A writing lab is planned for school year 2008-2009.
    *  Annual College Tour to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). We will be initiating Ivy League and baby Ivy League college tours as well. 98 students participated in this year’s tour.
    *  Implementation of an excellent library program that will bring community members, actors, singers, and leaders into the building to speak with students and to participate in events such as Black History Month, Hispanic History Month, Poetry Month and Women’s History Month.
    *  A diverse after school program, in collaboration with our Community Based Organization, Acorn, comprised of academics, sports, the arts, and community service experiences for our students.
    *  A school’s website including WebPages for all teachers to promote greater communication with students and parents.
    *  Students will have access to the world of work through partnerships with law firms and corporations through participation in our Legal Careers Academy or Icareers Academy
    * The Asset Program, a community based organization, is supporting this endeavor.  Students are given opportunities to participate in all aspects of the school including working here as members of the Ladies and Gentleman Club…

Elsewhere on their website they declare:

Our Mission

The ACORN High School for Social Justice created by a resolution of the Board of Education on June 24, 1999 opened its doors to students for the first time in September of 1999. The school offers an opportunity for students to engage in a comprehensive academic program and to participate in citywide campaigns dealing with issues of social injustice which affect the Bushwick Community and the larger Brooklyn community. ACORN High School for Social Justice’s mixture of academic and community involvement helps the students to become lifelong learners.


Our Community

Our partners include the ACORN organization, members of the Bushwick Educational Community, and the Sojourner Project.

For the record, judging from the ‘Self Portraits’ and other photos, such as of the “Literary Celebration,’ the ACORN Community High School student population would appear to be exclusively black.

The third ACORN affiliated New York City public school (seemingly unknown to the Associated Press) is the Bread and Roses Integrated Arts High School, in Manhattan (West Harlem), New York.

Once again, from the NYC DOE website:

Bread and Roses Integrated Arts High School – Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the communities of Northern Manhattan with a small, safe, student centered school that: is academically rigorous; prepares young adults to go to college; integrates arts and social justice into the curriculum; and addresses the needs of students with learning disabilities or second language literacy issues in an inclusive way. We believe in today’s world young people need a rigorous education; one that is relevant to their lives, and challenging to their imagination. To this end, we know each student well and value each as individuals. We believe every child can be a positive and constructive force in our society. Students are engaged in their work and explore the things they want to say, the things they need to know, and the things they want to do. Our focus on social justice and artistic expression helps students to look beyond what is, towards what is possible for themselves and their community.


Our Community

We work in an ongoing collaboration with ACORN, which is our community based partner. ACORN helps to teach our students how to organize themselves, and works with our parents organization to develop a sense of community within our school. We participate in the College Now Program in collaboration with City College.

Why are New York City residents paying (outrageously high) taxes to have their children taught by ACORN?

"Well ……….Nothing like teaching “Pimps and ‘Ho’s” how to usurp the IRS and other govt. agencies at such a tender age. When they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar, just pull out the trusty ‘Race Card’ and watch us squirm."
"Now LD, they’re not all “Pimps and ‘Ho’s”.

Some grow up to Chair the House Finance Committee and write the tax laws that redistibute our income to their partners-in-crime. Others grow up to be the President of the country and rewrite the Constitution.

But you are 100% right about the Race Card.

They all play that game."

Just so you don’t forget, these 7 senators voted to continue Acorn funding:

Dick Durbin (D-IL)
Roland Burris (D-IL)
Robert Casey (D-PA)
Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)
Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)
Patrick Leahy (D-VT)
Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

BACKGROUND ON ACORN from the New York Post.

“PITCHFORK POLITICS” EFFORTS encounter some blowback.

"Union thugs are gearing up for demonstrations to attack “enemies” of Obamacare:"

OBAMA: ACORN scandals? There are ACORN scandals? “I didn’t even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money.”

UPDATE: Reader Paul Jackson writes:

Let me be the first, and only probably, to liken Obama’s not knowing that ACORN receives a “whole lot” of federal money, to George H.W. Bush not knowing what a UPC scanner was. I realize he’s got a “whole lot” on his plate, but jeez don’t you think he should have expected an ACORN question or two. Also reminds me of the “above my pay scale” answer regarding when life begins. Now that he’s president, some of these issues just don’t have room in the Obama hard-drive anymore. Maybe if he wasn’t going on 5 Sunday shows, and Letterman, and chairing that UN thing, he might be a little more well versed in wtf is going on.

Dem or Rep, nothing looks stupider than the president not being “up” on current events.

Indeed. Plus, TigerHawk comments:

In a “meaning of ‘is’ is” moment, President Obama asks us to believe that he “didn’t even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money.” No doubt he also did not know that ACORN was getting a wad of moola, a tin of lucre, a dollop of dough, bread to come and go on, a whole lot of benjamins, or a goodly pile of legal tender. But he apparently did know — we only know this because of his absurd parsing — that the federal government was funding ACORN to some degree.

The president really needs to speak less legalistically in ordinary conversation, because people do not like people who sound like lawyers. Learn not thy lessons from Bill Clinton, Mr. President!


ANOTHER UPDATE: Various readers point out that the problem with the Bush scanner story is that, unlike the report of Obama’s self-proclaimed ignorance of ACORN, the Bush scanner story isn’t true.

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To: All

America: Freedom to Fascism (Vanity of sorts)

Amateur Hour With Missile Defense

As Promised Obama Proposes Radical Reduction in US Nuclear Arsenal [And Voters Were Un-Serious!]


Well, let’s see... Obama is going after CIA agents who went after the people that caused 9-11. He’s also doing away with missile defense in Europe while letting Iran have the bomb. He’s also bullying Israel in favor of the malcontent and suicidal palestinians. Pissing on our allies and rewarding our enemies. Now that Iran can get the bomb, he’s going to do away with our nuclear deterrent. He’s also basically surrending in Afghanistan and will turn our victory in Iraq into an upsetting defeat.

On the Domestic front, he’s working hard at destroying the economy with National Healthcare, Cap and Trade and committing generational theft with Stimulus and all his other spending.

We are weaker and more broke than ever before.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Move Signals Shift Toward Disarmament

Obama turns page on Bush's foreign policy (All we're saying is give surrender an umpteenth chance)

Obama wants G20 to rethink global economy

White House Changes Story On Governor Paterson, "No One Asked Him To Get Out Of The Race"

Comin' soon...

Machetes by the Door, Drugs on the Table - and Mothers Paid By The State to have Babies with Men

Administration Denies It Is Compiling “Enemies List”

“Granted, we are gathering information—names, addresses, and the like—"


Obama makes Sunday talk show blitz (Yet Official Deathcare™ Crap Sandwich© does NOT 'break through')

Tax By Any Other Name: Obama “Stretches” the Truth About Forcing People to Buy Insurance or be Fined

Michelle Obama: When The Race Card Stalls, Trump With Gender For The Win

The real reason for the rage: Americans aren't racist-they're just furious at Obama & Washington

The real reason for the rage: Americans aren't racist-they're just furious at Obama & Washington

Furious doesn't even begin to cover it. It is not just that he is a liberal. I could cut him some slack on that. Some of my best friends have liberal leanings. While I don't agree with them (liberals) I do value their different ideas.

But obama isn't just liberal, he's the worst kind of liberal. He goes well beyond the typical "limousine liberal" (eg. jetting around the Country, taking advantage of every perk of office while preaching at us). obama goes so far to the left he is a socialist, there's no question about that now. His policies, his rhetoric, his actions, all shout "SOCIALIST" in bold-face flashing red font.

That's maddening enough, but then there's his fascist leanings. He and his cohorts set up things like the White House "report a friend/coworker" for emails. Or the downright slanderous charges leveled against anyone that opposes him or his policies. It is power, pure and simple, he and his people have it, and they are apparently not above using it right up to the limits (or beyond) of the law to keep it.

Ok, maybe that's just playing hardball in the big leagues. But then explain the White House vetting process. Is there one? Are you sure? How do you explain the multiple appointments, or attempts at appointments of obvious tax cheats, radicals, and just plain whackos? There for a while it seemed the WH had a full time position for someone to pull feet out of mouths, explain what was really meant. It is obvious that in many, many respects obama is the most naive, most ill-prepared person to ever hold the highest office. Bowing to anther world leader? Flying AF-1 low over NYC? Opining about police "acting stupidly"??? A foreign policy that is (and will be for years) a disaster at best? An economic policy that will take at least a decade to recover from? obama is so out of his depth he could get the bends if he bobbed to the surface right now.

But that's not really what sends people into a red-faced, expletive-laced tirade about obama. For many it is the obvious criminal nature of some of his actions, and the actions of many of his close associates. ACORN? Great people (in obama's eyes), close allies...until a light was shined on their roach-infested corruption. Under the bus. The Rev. at his Church of 20 years? Same basic scenario. Unconstitutional czars, broken contracts, etc.? All in a days work.

Maybe it is the obvious elitist, "I know best" attitude and controlling personality, typified by his oft-repeated "Let me" phrase in speeches. That just grates on me every time I hear it.

But really, for me, if you want to know what gets hundreds of thousands of people to take to the streets and march on Washington. What gets well over a million people to sign petitions. What has people buying firearms and ammunition. What has Fox News ratings and talk radio share exploding... It is the lying. That's nothing new. Just about every politician lies in some way, at least putting a spin on the truth, putting things in their best (or worst) light. But with obama, the lies are continual, significant, and just plain bad. By bad, I mean they are obvious. Lying to someone (eg. the American public), and doing it so poorly and obviously is just insulting. It shows complete contempt for the person being lied to. It says the liar believes we are either not intelligent or clever enough to pick up on the obvious lie, or we're too insignificant to matter even if we know we're being lied to. obama reeks of that elitist contempt for the people he was supposedly elected to serve and represent. He is doing neither. Instead he is ramming his agenda through government and imposing his ideas and ideals on an ever more reluctant and restive America.

obama seems oblivious to this, or maybe he realizes it, but just doesn't care -- yet another sign of the contempt in which he holds American citizens. obama apparently believes his own press - written by a synchophant media that is increasingly identified with the radical "fringe" rather than their old pejorative "mainstream media."

In short, I believe the TEA parties are just the beginning. obama isn't going to get the message, isn't going to back down until things get really ugly.

37 posted on Sunday, September 20, 2009 7:54:18 PM by ThunderSleeps

Black Helicopters over Pittsburgh

It's the Liberty, Stupid

Well, it's official. The Obama phenomenon is over. Permanently.

It's not just that Obama's favorite weapon, the Big Speech, no longer moves public opinion. (Last Wednesday's health-care speech produced a slight "bounce" in public support for the health-care bill, but it disappeared in less than a week.)

What really ends the era of Obama is this: a major part of Obama's appeal was his symbolism as the first black president, which was supposed to give Americans an opportunity to put the whole ugly history of racial politics behind them. Yet here we are, less than eight months into Obama's administration, and the racial politics are worse than they have been in a long time.

Within days of Saturday's giant "tea party" rally in Washington, Obama's supporters in the press began denouncing the protesters as racists. That's what Jimmy Carter says, and Time's Joe Klein, and The American Prospect's Paul Waldman, and Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd at the New York Times, among others.

What is their evidence? Well, they don't have any—just over-active imaginations. Krugman opines that the "driving force" behind the tea party movement is "probably…cultural and racial anxiety," while Dowd says that when Joe Wilson told Obama he was lying, "what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy!... Some people just can't believe a black man is president and will never accept it." Those are the journalistic standards at the Times nowadays: it's OK to libel half the population based on what you imagine they are "probably" thinking and on words they didn't say.

 Read more at ...

Why we're talking about race - again

What It Feels Like To Be Unemployed [Polling Data]

Looks like the Obama Communist Strategy is working ,Destroy the economy and people will flock to Big Daddy Govt To Save them.

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To: All

Who needs which flu vaccine?

What the virologists are doing personally

Stock Tamiflu or Relinza-————————14

Stock above plus antibiotics-—————— 6

Stock food, water and power source——5

Get pneumococcal vaccine-———————3

Nothing—————————————————— 30

Hand washing, mask, etc-——————— 3

Notice there was no mention of taking the swine flu vaccine.

Behind the push to vaccinate the entire population are the pharmaceutical makers of the vaccines, who are working in conjunction with the government to make the vaccine mandatory.

Homeland security and FEMA are pushing for forced vaccinations and the medical experts, virologists and epidemiologists are calling for calm and resorting to voluntary vaccination only. The former have links with the vaccine manufacturers via political contacts. A great deal of money will be made by the manufacturers, should forced vaccinations be mandated.

12 posted on Monday, September 21, 2009 2:09:25 PM by Windflier

FCC Diversity Czar: Few Things Freighten Americans More Than Dark Skin Black Men (Video)

Newest release  on Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd in his own words..

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Scuttling Missile Defense in a Dangerous World

Afghanistan could be lost within a year: US commander

On-the-air prez seems like endless 'infomercial'

Gay agenda is back: Obama to bring back ENDA, DON’T ASK DON’T TELL and repeal DOMA before October

Rich, Black, Flunking (dated, but timely)

A Sneak and Peak Look at the JUSTICE Act

SJC OK’s secret use of GPS devices (can DHS tracking "right-wing" terrorists be far behind?)

Newspaper Bailout : Obama in Bed with the Media

Obama's Radical Leftism Is Way Out Of The Closet

Flash: Protect Iran and shoot down Israeli planes.

Flash: Bail out (liberal) newspapers to combat unbridled dangerous opinions being voiced on the Internet.

Flash: Turn newspapers into "educational corporations" and then fund them from the government.

Flash: Cut our nuclear arsenal more than any of the plans the Pentagon approved because Obama wants to ELIMINATE our nukes

Flash: Generals always want more troops, Obama is "skeptical" of his own general's advice.

Flash: Chavez to build nuke capability on our doorstep with Iranian help.

Flash: Two trillion in health care cost is not a "tax".

I think we haven't even caught our breath enough to start picking up how hard left Obama is turning.

The United States is to be torn down and rebuilt

Obama Plans Internet Grab: FCC to Embrace "Net Neutrality"

Are the News Media Scared of ACORN?

"Is ACORN Intentionally Structured As a Criminal Enterprise?" is the title of a July 2009 U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform report by Congressman Darrell Issa. The report draws some shocking conclusions: "The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now has repeatedly and deliberately engaged in systemic fraud. Both structurally and operationally, ACORN hides behind a paper wall of nonprofit corporate protections to conceal a criminal conspiracy on the part of its directors..."

It is a shocking statement to absorb: “to conceal a criminal conspiracy." Yet you won’t see this on your TV unless you happen to be watching Fox News. Others are refusing to report this corruption.

Bank of America is ACORN ‘Partner’ and Major Funder


Is THIS The Real Motive For Obama's Speech To Students?

The Rest of the Story (NEA "public service" call)


Propaganda, Health Care and ACORN: Full Context of NEA Conference Call Reveals Disturbing Pattern

Breitbart Telegraphing His Next Punch? (Clues to Blockbuster Story Breaking This Week)

Breitbart, O'Keefe & Giles set a trap; CNN, ACORN stepped in it.
We have the first 5 videos posted on Friday's CC post "ACORN Quint-logy".

VIDEO: Acorn Helping Illegal Aliens Get Home Loans

Another Big Labor Operative in White House has ACORN Ties

1,772 posted on 09/21/2009 11:40:47 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All
THE BLACK PANTHER VOTER INTIMIDATION STORY makes Mother Jones.... holding a nightstick...
"’re going to be ruled by a black man!"
"Liberals like myself bitched and moaned (for good reason) about abuse of discretion in the Bush justice department and a democratic president should be held to the same accountability. There is video proof of a crime being committed and it shouldn't just brushed away."
Monday, September 21, 2009, 12:14 PM

Remember the Irishman in Braveheart who declared that Ireland, “is my island!”

Seems President Obama thinks our nuclear arsenal is his weaponry.

Thank Ace for the boldface:

Obama has rejected the Pentagon’s first draft of the “nuclear posture review” as being too timid, and has called for a range of more far-reaching options consistent with his goal of eventually abolishing nuclear weapons altogether, according to European officials.

The review is due to be completed by the end of this year, and European officials say the outcome is not yet clear. But one official said: “Obama is now driving this process. He is saying these are the president’s weapons, and he wants to look again at the doctrine and their role.”

Hey, he may have broken all of his promises to reverse the policies of George W. Bush when it comes to war, domestic wiretapping, enhanced interrogation, rendition and the rest, but you can’t say he isn’t keeping his promises to disarm America.

So, I made this incredible cake yesterday for my FIL’s birthday and it really was fantastic. I am a known cake-disliker and even I declared it “the best cake ever.” Make it. Eat it. You will love.

Why am I talking cake while the president is losing interest in Afghanistan (the war that “must” be won), considering formalizing his shack-up with the press, redefining the meaning of the words “tax” and “fine, and trying to tell a sitting governor that he mustn’t run for re-election. Oh, and while his White House looks to be enmeshed in a mess?

We have another 3.5 years of this. Might as well enjoy something.

I kinda miss Bush, today.

Ed Morrissey has more

We’re at decision point in Af-Pak theater
How to corrupt Artists in One easy Telecon
Obama Backs Holder on CIA interrogation probe


ANOTHER BREITBART SCOOP: EXPLOSIVE NEW AUDIO Reveals White House Using NEA to Push Partisan Agenda. The National Endowment for the Arts isn’t looking good here, and neither is the White House. Er, or the press that missed the story. Audio and transcripts at the link.

Plus, Nick Gillespie: How to Corrupt Artists in One Quick and Easy Telecon. “It’s ironic that official attempts to use artists have come to light... at this time...

Stephanopoulos and ACORN: Obama Lies Again. “One of the interesting things about the response to Rep. Joe Wilson’s blurting out ‘You lie!’ to Barack Obama during the President’s healthcare speech to Congress was that Wilson was censured for his incivility, not his lack of veracity. . . . Everything is upside down here because Obama knows what we all do – ACORN is a poster boy for the welfare state in all its manifestations. This is no sideshow. It’s the heart of the matter. No wonder he is lying about it.”

AT POWER LINE, calling out Washington Post reporters Darryl Fears and Carol Leonnig. UPDATE: Related item here. ...James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles are the young activists who have blown the lid off the criminal left-wing enterprise known as ACORN. If they were left-wingers exposing some conservative or religious organization, government-funded or not, the mainstream media would have hailed them as heroic whistleblowers, perhaps worthy of a Time cover. Instead, the media are doing their damndest to slime them.

Michael Barone reflects here on how the Washington Post has treated O'Keefe and Giles in the context of the ACORN story:

NEVER FORGET: Obama, ACORN, & SEIU have been joined at the hip form the beginning:

Inside SEIU president Andy Stern’s culture of corruption

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 21, 2009 10:59 AM

On Friday, SEIU thug-in-chief Andy Stern published a screed titled, “Working Women and Men Will Not Be Silenced by Right Wing Attack Dogs; We Will Win the Change America Needs.” He carped about “an insidious and coordinated effort on the part of the extreme right to target individuals and grassroots community groups as a way to silence the voices of women and men who have suffered the most under 8 years of right wing policies. These extremists will attempt to shut down and shout down anyone with a different point of view.”

I’ve told you before about Stern’s operating philosophy: “[W]e prefer to use the power of persuasion, but if that doesn’t work we use the persuasion of power.” You can find my entire SEIU archives here.

While Stern assails “greedy CEOS,” he groomed his own team of labor management thieves. Here’s a closer look inside Andy Stern’s culture of corruption. Know your enemy:

Excerpted from Culture of Corruption, “Chapter 7: SEIU – Look for the union label”

Andy Stern rallied the Illinois delegation to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in August 2008 with an impassioned salute to the working man Flanking Stern on stage at the Denver celebration: Chicago political machine kingpins Rahm Emanuel and Richard Daley. Stern roared about “rebalancing power between wealth and work” to “make sure everyone shares in the wealth of a growing economy.” Echoing Obama’s 2007 speech to the SEIU political action conference, union boss Stern condemned the old way of doing business and called on American to “turn the page” on behalf of hard-working Americans and their families.

But just two weeks before Stern and company gathered in the Mile High City to celebrate Obaman’s coronation,, the Los Angeles Times published an explosive investigative series about the SEIU, Although the series got surprisingly little attention from national news organizations, L.A. Times reporters exposed how one of Stern’s top protégés “shared in the wealth” –— by siphoning off hundreds of thousands of dollars in dues money for his personal enrichment and pleasure. Moreover, the paper alleged, Stern helped cover up the scandal. No wonder they keep urging us to “turn the page.”

The L.A. Times investigation zeroed in on Tyrone Freeman who, like Barack Obama, began his career as an urban community organizer. In Atlanta, Freeman quickly ascended the SEIU ladder. In 1994, Stern found him at a small Georgia chapter of the union, Local 1985, and brought him westward. Stern set his loyalist Freeman up as head of Local 6434, the sprawling home care workers’ chapter in southern California that represents an estimated 160,000 workers who make about $9 an hour caring for the elderly and disabled. Stern chose Freeman as part of his administration slate at the SEIU convention in 2008 and named him a national vice president in addition to the L.A. appointment. The move wasn’t an altruistic act of affirmative action. It was part of Stern’s grander plan to consolidate power by merging locals into statewide chapters.

With bigger membership rolls came bigger coffers, and with bigger coffers came irresistible temptations.

Freeman, the L.A. Times discovered, had piped $600,000 in union contracts to his wife’s video production and entertainment ventures. The local also paid his mother-in-law $8,000 a month to babysit his daughter and other union employees’ children; footed a $13,000 bill for membership at a Beverly Hills cigar club; covered $12,500 in tabs at upscale Morton’s restaurant in Burbank; and forked over $8,000 in union dues to cover expenses for Freeman’s Hawaiian wedding. Freeman’s spending orgy didn’t end there.

Stern’s protégé created a non-profit training shop called the “Homecare Workers Training Center” –— ostensibly to provide educational opportunities for nurses. In practice, the non-profit served as a conduit to subsidize a childcare business operated by Freeman’s mother-in-law. “Her business had been receiving more than $90,000 annually for the past several years from the training center that Freeman founded as a separate nonprofit and chairs, according to IRS filings and interviews” by the L.A. Times. The funding from her son-in-law constituted more than 10 percent of the nonprofit’s total yearly expenditures. Freeman’s wife, Pilar, and brother-in-law, Hernando Planells Jr., are listed in state documents as officers in the mother-in-law’s business.” Freeman’s ransacking of Local 6434’s treasury didn’t end with nepotistic favoritism. The Times also reported:

* A housing corporation that Freeman helped found as a nonprofit has not been granted the IRS tax-exempt status it sought and was suspended from doing business in California. It also has claimed on its website to have a “strong relationship” with the prominent California Community Foundation, which says it has no such relationship.

* The union spent at least $123,000 more on the fund-raising tournament at the Four Seasons Resort in Carlsbad than it received in reimbursements, according to Labor Department filings and interviews. Freeman said the event made money for the charity. The union’s expenditures included $100,000 in payments to entities associated with former professional football star Eric Dickerson, which have been suspended from doing business in California. The payments were listed as donations to nonprofits, not as fund-raising expenses.

* And a now-defunct minor league basketball team coached by Freemant’s brother-in-law received $16,000 for what the union described as public relations.

Freeman’s local also paid nearly $106,000 to a company called “The Filming Inc.” –— for which the Times could find no state incorporation record or IRS nonprofit listing, no business license, and no legitimate address –— and another $106,000 to Hollywood talent agency William Morris for “advice and counsel” in such areas as media and “membership awareness.”

Even more troubling, Freeman allegedly rigged his own election. In August 2008, the Labor Department began investigating charges from rank-and-file members that Freeman’s union local “made it nearly impossible for candidates not on his slate to qualify for the ballot, according to people familiar with the probe. The FBI and the U.S. attorney’s office also opened investigations. Former employees of Freeman’s nonprofit charity also alleged that the Stern protégé forced them to work on campaigns of political candidates in violation of federal law.

Even more damning, a key union source told the Times that, contrary to the denials of union brass, SEIU’s top officials were warned of Freeman’s plundering six years before the paper blew the whistle:

In response to the July [2008] inquiries, [union spokesman Steve] Trossman had issued a statement on behalf of Stern that said the union had received no allegations about Freeman’s local. Freeman denied any wrongdoing.

The source, who said he was party to internal conversations about Freeman in 2002, told The Times last week: “The international knew that there were allegations of impropriety many years ago. This is not news to them.”

On Aug. 20, 2008, just days before Stern would join Democrats in toasting Barack Obama at the party convention in Denver, Stern’s protégé Tyrone Freeman stepped aside as head of Local 6434 and the chapter was placed in a temporary trusteeship. Stern’s office in Washington, D.C. released the announcement. “These allegations are of serious concern to all of us and we support Mr. Freeman’s decision to put the best interests of the members first,” Stern spokeswoman Michelle Ringuette wrote in an e-mail to the Times. But even as he relinquished his position, Freeman was apparently engaging in the strong-arm tactics he learned from Stern. Ten employees told the Times that they suffered retaliation after refusing to sign a petition supporting him as the scandal exploded. “Freeman’s lieutenants” at Local 6434 essentially pressured other members to sign a “loyalty oath,” one union member disclosed.

After dragging its feet and being forced to act to quell public embarrassment over the Times investigations, SEIU finally announced formal charges against Freeman “for engaging in self-dealing and financial malpractice in violation of SEIU’s Constitution and Local bylaws.” In November, Stern threw his underling under the bus. Freeman, whom Stern had groomed in his own image, was banned for life from the SEIU and ordered to provide $1.1 million in restitution to the union. A sanctimonious Stern issued a statement lamenting Freeman’s downfall: “Today’s decision sends a clear message across our Union…We are all accountable. Our members do some of the toughest jobs anywhere, and we will not tolerate any actions violating their trust or putting their interests at risk.”

But rank-and-file members weren’t fooled or mollified. An insurgent group called S.M.A.R.T. –— SEIU Member Activists For Reform Today –— blasted the union leadership:

Freeman didn’t come from nowhere. He was appointed by Andy Stern – for the third time…And there are many other locals where Stern has installed unaccountable appointees and, sometimes ignoring reports that they were out for personal gain…So Stern’s message to us is clear – he cares more about expanding control for himself and an ever shrinking inner circle than he does about building real power for working people, creating solid organizations, coming through on SEIU’s political pledges for the fall, or even the perception of our union and our movement as real, democratic, valuable and clean. He will only act when there is no other option, and he will never apologize.

As for Freeman, he glided into a new life as a Los Angeles sports agent –— where he uses his criminal involvement in defrauding low-wage workers as a selling point. His shameless biography on the website of the SMWW Sports Agency touts his “tireless commitment to lead the struggle for livable wages, decent housing and health care for all.” Burnishing his scandal credentials, Freeman adds: “I believe my recent personal experience evolving from turmoil, can be a testimony shared in preparing any athlete for the trials and tribulations of being a star.

Ruthless Andy Stern taught Tyrone Freeman and his southern California peers all too well. Rickman Jackson, another Stern administration protégé and former chief of staff to Tyrone Freeman, headed Michigan’s largest SEIU chapter before being “reassigned” for three years to a staff organizing job after the revelation of financial shenanigans tied back to L.A.’s Local 6434. While collecting a six-figure annual salary in Michigan, Jackson was drawing a second salary in California and accepted $33,500 in housing payments on a residence listed as the business address of Freeman’s bogus housing non-profit corporation.

Another Stern administration protégé, Annelle Grajeda, rose to power after the SEIU president installed her as president of the 80,000-member Local 721 in Los Angeles. She ascended to positions on the union’s state council and international executive board. Like Freeman and Jackson, Grajeda had been voted onto Stern’s official administration slate at the SEIU convention in 2008. The Times published damning details of how Grajeda’s ex-boyfriend, SEIU official Alejandro Stephens, collected multiple salaries and consultant fees from the union while also pocketing a salary as a Los Angeles County health services employee. Grajeda had arranged for her ex-lover to get an eight-month leave of absence from the job. He was fired after he refused to return to work. Grajeda quit her California posts after catching public flak and found a new job –— as special assistant to SEIU secretary-treasurer Anna Burger in Washington, D.C.! Her former chapter heralded the move up. Grajeda will now oversee efforts to “partner with the Obama administration” to secure more public funds for SEIU projects. What could go wrong?

Former SEIU 721 President Annelle Grajeda assumed her new role as special assistant to the International Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger for the Public Sector Mar. 9.

According to a staff announcement from the International Union in Washington, D.C.: “With more than two decades of service, Annelle has played a critical role in winning strong contracts for tens of thousands of union members, preserving trauma centers in Los Angeles County, fighting for health care reform, defeating ballot initiatives in 2005 that challenged working families’ livelihoods and uniting more than 80,000 workers into SEIU 721 for greater strength and a stronger voice for public service providers. She brings this wealth of experience and talent to the national level in her new role.”

…The International’s announcement went on to state “While there has been no finding of wrongdoing on Annelle’s part, she has decided to change the capacity in which she serves the Union in order to take on the challenge of developing quality public services at a time when funding is threatened like never before.”

In her new role, Annelle will expand SEIU’s work in the public sector partnering with the Obama Administration to secure more funds for key infrastructure projects and core public services including care for the elderly, health care, education and social services.

Tyrone Freeman, Rickman Jackson, and Annelle Grajeda were all groomed by Stern and personally appointed by him to the posts they exploited. But there’s no “three-strikes” policy in labor management. Like Obama, Stern has managed to pass the buck while pretending it stopped at his desk. Birds of a feather evade accountability together.

The L.A. SEIU debacles were just one stinking layer of Stern’s rotten onion. Corruption isn’t an anomaly at the SEIU. It’s a contagion. Cronyism isn’t the exception. It’s the rule…

Tip of the iceberg.

comments (37) 

"It's a target rich environment for bloggers and citizen journalists everywhere. I hope James and Hannah inspire copycats in all 50 states."

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To: All

Obama's Foreign Policy is a Mess

FACT CHECK: Coverage Requirement Enforced With Tax

Electricity prices will quadruple: TransCanada CEO[ 1, 2 ]

Health Insurance Mandate Includes 'Tax' Despite Obama Denial (The Obama lies continue)

The U.S. would be better off if Bush had a third term
I'm inclined to the "give one, six-year term, and that's it for President" school of thought.

Those in my time who got another 4 year term never seemed to accomplish much beyond what they managed in the first term.

The second term is considered by to be an affirmation, a "we like you" sort of thing, but honestly, whoever they were got the most done at the first, and seemed to coast after that.

Bear in mind, I voted for Bush twice, and walked the street for him-- with great reluctance the first time, with great enthusiasm the second-- but halfway through that second term, I was ready for him to become history.

Now, if you want to know what I think of -ZerØ-- just click the link and read my quotes & quips...

Thin Skin, Thick Head

My wife thinks President Obama is working for Al-Qaida. I kid you not. She brought up this contention while we were watching the news Saturday night. To Mikki, the combined effect of President Obama's policies, being clearly anti-business (on any business level) anti-entrepreneur, and anti-consumer mean that he is working to destroy the infrastructure of the United States. Bear in mind that my wife is from Hong Kong, and tends to see things from a different perspective than most people. The thing is, Mikki is no Republican, in fact she does not vote much except when she really likes someone, like Mayor Bill White of Houston, or is furious with someone, like Barack Obama. And Obama has really set her off. So far as she is concerned, Obama is directly responsible for just about every problem in America right now, if for no reason beyond the fact that as President, Obama should be setting the example and building optimism and confidence. I do not agree that Obama is trying to undermine America, though. I think the man just has the interests of the United States of America far lower on his list of priorities than his own personal agenda.

The reason I mention that point of view, is that I am hearing it more and more, and from black Americans as often as from white Americans. Obama seems to have exhausted his mojo, and the canned promises sound, well, like canned promises that aren't worth spit. ... The problem comes down to sensitivity. Barack Obama is about as tetchy a POTUS as we've had since Richard "They're all out to get me" Nixon. Any criticism of the man's policies and politics is immediately tagged as "racism", which would just be a crude spin tactic if it were not so obvious that our Narcissist-in-Chief buys into that conspiracy theory himself. Or that President Orwell engages in so much NewSpeak, like telling us that taxing people if they don't have health insurance would not really be a tax, and certainly not a tax on the poor...

Democratic (and Obama) Fund-Raiser Nemazee Indicted In $292 Million Fraud

COMISAF's Initial Assessment (Commander of US Forces in Afghanistan)

NEA and SEIU Diverted Forced Union Dues to Corrupt ACORN Offices

nea for obama

BREAKING: Hopium Realism II: New NEA revelations [Darleen Click]

Following up on this post that covered Patrick Courrielche’s report of his participation in a conference call where the NEA discussed recruiting “artists, producers, promoters, organizers, influencers, marketers, taste-makers, leaders or just plain cool people” to help Obama shape the public into the correct manner of thinking.

Seems that report was just the first shoe. Big Government’s Big Hollywood recaps the call, the fall out and promises more.

And now here is MORE:

The NEA and the White House did encourage a handpicked, pro-Obama arts group to address politically controversial issues under contentious national debate. That fact is irrefutable.

But some have claimed that the invite and passages, pulled from the conference call that inspired the article, were taken out of context. Context is what I intend to establish here.

**NEA conference call full audio and transcript here**


•“I just first of all want to thank everyone for being on the call and just a deep deep appreciation for all the work you all put into the campaign for the 2+ years we all worked together.”
•“We won.”
•“I’m actually in the White House and working towards furthering this agenda, this very aggressive agenda.”
•“We’re going to come at you with some specific asks here.”
•“I hope you guys are ready.”
•“I would encourage you to pick something, whether it’s health care, education, the environment, you know, there’s four key areas that the corporation has identified as the areas of service.”
•“And then my ask would be to apply artistic, you know, your artistic creative communities utilities and bring them to the table.”
•“Again, I’m really, really honored to be working with you; the National Endowment for the Arts is really honored.”
•“You’re going to see a lot more of us in the next four and hopefully eight years.”
•“I’ve been asked by folks in the White House and folks in the NEA … we had the idea that I would help bring together the artist community…”
•“…the Hope poster obviously is a great example, but it’s clear as an independent art community as artists and thinkers and tastemakers and marketers and visionaries that are on this call, the role that we played during the campaign for the president…”
•“…the President has a clear arts agenda and has been very supportive of using art and supporting art in creative ways to talk about some issues that we face here in our country, but also to engage people. And I think all of us who are on this phone call, you know, were selected for a reason.”
•“And so I’m hoping that through this group, and the goal of all this, and the goal of this phone call, is through this group we can create a stronger community amongst ourselves to get involved in things we’re passionate about as we did during the campaign. But to continue to get involved in those things, to support some of the President’s initiatives, but also to do things that we are passionate about and to push the President and push his administration…“

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Kurtz Accidentally Exposes Hypocrisy In Media's Race Baiting...

HEH: Associated Press goes Joe Wilson on President Obama.  The president, appearing on ABC News on Sunday morning, discussed his proposal to require everyone to have health insurance that meets government approval:

For us to say that you've got to take a responsibility to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase. What it's saying is...that we're not going to have other people carrying your burdens for you anymore.

Right now everybody in America, just about, has to get auto insurance,. Nobody considers that a tax increase.

You just can't make up that language and decide that that's called a tax increase.

This is bunk, says The Associated Press, the largest U.S. news-gathering organization and one of the world's leading suppliers of news.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Memo to President Barack Obama: It's a tax. Obama insisted this weekend on national television that requiring people to carry health insurance -- and fining them if they don't -- isn't the same thing as a tax increase. But the language of Democratic bills to revamp the nation's health care system doesn't quibble. Both the House bill and the Senate Finance Committee proposal clearly state that the fines would be a tax.

This is the civil version of Joe Wilson's rant. We need more such civility, starting next with the president's claim that under his proposal those who are happy with their current health insurance would be able to retain it as is. Bunk.

TURNING THE PRESIDENCY into an infomercial?

UPDATE: Rand Simberg emails: “Still all sham, and no wow.”

Look who’s behind the “Big Insurance” protests

September 21, 2009 04:43 PM by Michelle Malkin


Tomorrow in Minnesota, Obama-bots will gather for a “Big Insurance: We’re Sick of It” demonstration against UnitedHealthcare. Who’s behind it? The announcement is here. It’s a Who’s Who of left-wing astroturfers:

MoveOn? Check.

HCAN? Check.

SEIU? Check.

AFL-CIO? Check.

Van Jones’s Color of Change? Checkity-check-check.

MoveOn claims there are 102 rallies in the works.

No word yet on whether they’ll be protesting at the fund-raiser for Nancy Pelosi in Washington, D.C. being hosted by UnitedHealth care lobbyist Steve Elmendorf — or at the Washington, D.C. law and lobbying offices of Alston & Bird, where Obama health care advisor Tom Daschle consults for UnitedHealth.

Corporate Shills for Hope and Change get a pass.


The plan, via WashTimes:

The plan for a series of grass-roots demonstrations Tuesday to promote President Obama’s health care agenda calls for tightly scripted events and an “escalation” of efforts against “enemies” of reform.

Organizers insist there is no comparison to rowdy summer town hall meetings and recent “tea party” protests that have challenged White House policies.

But Health Care for America Now (HCAN), which is backed by a coalition of labor unions and liberal groups including ACORN and, organized the protests to target insurance companies and drafted the plan, which describes the demonstrations as part of its “insurance enemies project.”

The document, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times, details specific talking points, tactics, props and strategies to stage the protests. It lists goals that include action that “mobilizes our base by animating existing anger about private insurers.”

The HCAN field plan dictates that each protest will include a minimum of 30 participants, target only health care insurers CIGNA, WellPoint and United Health Care and showcase what it calls “victims,” or people who have either lost insurance, can’t afford it or were denied coverage because of pre-existing medical conditions.

“We built a campaign to win health care reform and that is exactly what we are working on,” said HCAN national spokeswoman Jacki Schechner, who authenticated the documents. But she asserted: “There is nothing top-down about this.”

Insert laugh track here.

"Liberal playbook: to demonize anything put the word ‘big’ in front of it. You’d think with Soro’s billions they could come up with something new."


Barack Obama Officially Turns Presidency Into Infomercial (Video)

The Slapchop President--
Barack Obama spoke with 5 networks on Sunday to promote his nationalized health care plan.
He could have just sent them all the video. He gave the same talking points to each station.

He's officially turned the presidency into an infomercial:
Via Hannity.

Next time Barack, save yourself the trouble and send them a tape.


But with a larger point:

This guy and his cesspool of a blog are no different than Daily Kos, HuffPo, and DU. He’s nothing more than a tool (fool?) of the left. Let’s take a look at what Nancy said Limbaugh said, and what Limbaugh actually said. We’ll start with Nancy’s distortion, which is no different than what you’d hear from the state-controlled media, Kos, HuffPo, DU, etc. Here’s what Nancy said about Limbaugh from his cesspool AKA LGF:

Limbaugh: ‘We Need Segregated Buses’
POLITICS | Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 11:06:51 am PDT

A lot of lefty blogs are calling for a boycott of Rush Limbaugh after he indulged in blatant, ugly race baiting. I’m not joining that call, because I don’t believe boycotts are a good thing, in general. People like Rush Limbaugh should be allowed to say this kind of stuff; it makes it easier to see what they’re really advocating, and who really supports it.

I searched, and found not a single right wing blog denouncing this vile rant. As far as I can tell, nobody on the right seems to think there’s anything with this.

Since I’m being excommunicated from the ranks of the faithful anyway, I’ll come out and say it: this is absolutely disgusting. Where was Michael Steele? What the hell is wrong with the right?

Now, let’s look at what Rush actually said:

RUSH: During the break Mr. Snerdley showed me a website that a friend of his had alerted him to. Apparently it has taken hold out there that when discussing Obama’s America as it relates to the school bus incident — where was that? That was in Belleville, right? Belleville, Illinois — playing off the Newsweek story of, you know, all white kids are born racists. I did a whole routine here on, “Well, maybe we need to segregate the buses and so forth,” in a joking fashion. And this guy at the Southern Poverty Law Center, this Mark Plotkin… Is that his name? What…? Mark Potok. Mark Potok says that I want to segregate buses! We’re going to get to what he said and what I said but I want to preface it or precede it with Howard Dean last night on MSNBC. He was asked if he shares Pelosi’s concerns over the wave of violence we all know is just waiting to break out.

DEAN: There’s a lot of money to be made in passing out hate of the kind that Rush Limbaugh is just doing. Rush Limbaugh, look, he’s always an entertainer, but he’s way over the line. And this is a long — there’s a long, unfortunate American tradition of this, going back to Father Coughlin and people before that. Just in… They appeal to the very worst in people. They appeal to the — to, uhh, the side of all of us that is about anger and fear and hatred, and they empower it, and it is an evil thing to do, and it’s very, very bad for the country. But for a long time these people have put themselves and their wallets way ahead of America. They pretend to be patriots, but they’re not patriotic at all.

RUSH: There you have it. (laughing) Dr. Howard Dean, the former leader of the Democrat National Committee. See, they’re setting this up. They’ve been desiring to write this story for 18 or 19 years now. They do it. Even when it’s not true, they write it. “Limbaugh! Limbaugh inspires violence, angry white men.” Yeah, to oppose health care, not only is it racist now, it’s unpatriotic to oppose socialized medicine. (laughing) These people are kooks. They’re nuts. Now let’s go to this Potok kook. This guy is a genuine, off-the-wall lunatic. He’s at the Southern Poverty Law Center. He was on Hardboiled last night with Chris Matthews. And this guy Potok is an embarrassment of a human being. He’s claiming that I actually want segregation on buses. (laughing) Matthews said, “What is it in the atmosphere allows a person to feel comfortable showing up at a political event carrying a gun? Maybe two guns, letting people know they’re armed? What is it in the atmosphere that let’s a person bring a sign that compares the president to an animal or to a Nazi?” Chris, Pelosi got the Nazi thing going, dude! “What is it that makes them feel comfortable doing that kind of crap in public, Mark? I wonder if it isn’t the atmosphere of language that’s being used today. Your thoughts, sir, Mark Potok?”

POTOK: Yesterday Rush Limbaugh was on the air talking about an incident in which black kids attacked a white kid on a school bus, an incident the police said was not racially motivated and saying that what we need are segregated buses — that this is the only way, I suppose, that white people can be protected from black people. I think when we have characters like Limbaugh saying that on the air to millions of Americans, many of whom actually revere the man, you know, it’s not surprising that people feel that, uh, you know, the race wars around the corner and that, uh, we’re allowed to say these kinds of things.

RUSH: It’s incredible. (laughing) This whole race tumult is being orchestrated and run out of the White House straight out of Rahm Emanuel and Axelrod’s office. They are promoting it; they are encouraging it. Isn’t it amazing? You have black kids who beat up a white kid on a school bus. That’s not racism. You have half the country criticizing a socialist health care plan, and that is racism. Okay, so you there heard this despicable embarrassment of a human being, Mark Potok, from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project. Now, here’s the comment I made in context, in response to a caller, obviously not a call for segregation.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Hey, I just was commenting on the Belleville incident with the kids on the bus. You’re right. They did report that last night as being racially motivated, but I just heard the news before your show started and the police chief over — I think he was a police chief, some law enforcement — there said that after further investigation of it would be not racially motivated. He said he should have been more professional before he commented on it and investigated it more before he decided and stated that it was racially motivated.

RUSH: Well, did he say why, in Obama’s America, that incident with the white kid getting beat up on the black school bus was not racially motivated?

CALLER: I didn’t hear him comment about that. No, sir.

RUSH: Because we’ve seen the videotape. Have you seen the videotape?

CALLER: Oh, yeah, sure.

RUSH: We can’t hear what’s being said.


RUSH: So we don’t know what obvious taunts this lone white student was dishing out to the whole bus.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: We don’t know what obvious taunts.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Worse than the obvious verbal taunts, we all know the racism that was in the kid’s mind. I mean Newsweek magazine says he was born a racist. So you know the white kid is sitting there thinking N-word and all kinds of things being surrounded by these black students. They knew that. They knew that and so they just descended on the kid and beat him up. We’ve seen the videotape. What did the police chief investigate?

CALLER: He did not comment on anything other than he said more investigations shows that it was not racially motivated.

RUSH: I think the guy is wrong. I think not only was it racism, it’s justifiable racism.


RUSH: I mean, that’s the lesson that we’re being taught here today. Kid shouldn’t have been on the bus anyway.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: We need segregated buses. It was invading of space and so forth. This is Obama’s America.

Now, if you can’t figure out, after reading the entire transcript, that what Rush said was obviously sarcasm, you’re no different than the washed-up, pony-tailed ukulele player, Howard Dean or that other pathetic libtard clown from the Southern Poverty Law Center

Read the whole transcript of what Rush actually said here

ACORN UPDATE: Justice Department Inspector General Launches Internal ACORN Probe.

Plus, in U.S. News: The Case For Acorn As A Criminal Enterprise.

NEA’s Artists-for-Obamacare probably illegal.

TAX-PAID PROPAGANDA: “This is creepy. . . . . Perhaps a Broadway musical is in order: ‘Springtime for Barack.’”

President Obama with the NEA’s Yosi Sergant

“I have to say, I’m finding the defenses of ACORN pretty ridiculous. ACORN is not going down because there’s a conservative media conspiracy, or other explanation du jour. There is clearly something deeply wrong with the organization.”

JAMES TARANTO: Artists As Servants Of Power: The Obama administration remakes the National Endowment for the Arts.

Now that their side is in power, however, that adversary attitude stands exposed as a sham. The so-called oppositional artists are only too willing to act as handmaidens of the powerful. We backhandedly salute the Obama administration for exposing this.

Meanwhile, as with Van Jones and Acorn, the mainstream media have had little to say about this scandal. The New York Times hasn’t even reported it at all. What we said about artists in the preceding paragraph applies to the so-called adversary press as well.


BREAKING NEWS: National Endowment for the Arts Renamed National Endowment for Propaganda. Stay Tuned. “This is Only the Beginning.” “There is a German word for what we are witnessing at the NEA and elsewhere in the Obama administration’s effort to push its agenda. It is Gleichschaltung. It means two things: first, bringing all aspects of life into conformity with a given political line. And second, as a prerequisite for realizing that goal, the obliteration or at least marginalization of all opposition.”


TURNABOUT: “‘We’re being out-Alinskyed by the anti-Alinskys’- Ben Jealous, NAACP president, on the ACORN story and other conservative Internet exposes.” From National Journal.

Alfred E. Obama: What, Me ACORN?


Obama mad-magazine-cover.jpg
From Mad Magazine, of course

The most open, transparent, accountable, and honest president in the history of history says he's not really sure who this ACORN is you speak of.

A quick refresher.

Mr. Obama took great pains to act as if he barely knew about Acorn. In fact, his association goes back almost 20 years. In 1991, he took time off from his law firm to run a voter-registration drive for Project Vote, an Acorn partner that was soon fully absorbed under the Acorn umbrella....

Mr. Obama's success made him a hot commodity on the community organizing circuit. He became a top trainer at Acorn's Chicago conferences. In 1995, he became Acorn's attorney, participating in a landmark case to force the state of Illinois to implement the federal Motor Voter Law. That law's loose voter registration requirements would later be exploited by Acorn employees in an effort to flood voter rolls with fake names.

In 1996, Mr. Obama filled out a questionnaire listing key supporters for his campaign for the Illinois Senate. He put Acorn first (it was not an alphabetical list). In the U.S. Senate, Mr. Obama became the leading critic of Voter ID laws, whose overturn was a top Acorn priority. In 2007, in a speech to Acorn's leaders prior to their political arm's endorsement of his presidential campaign, Mr. Obama was effusive: "I've been fighting alongside of Acorn on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote in Illinois, Acorn was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work."

But the Obama campaign didn't appear eager to discuss the candidate's ties to Acorn. Its press operation vividly denied Mr. Obama had been an Acorn trainer until the New York Times uncovered records demonstrating that he had been. The Obama campaign also gave Citizens Consulting, Inc., an Acorn subsidiary, $832,000 for get-out-the-vote activities in key primary states. In filings with the Federal Election Commission, the Obama campaign listed the payments as "staging, sound, lighting," only correcting the filings after the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review revealed their true nature.

Given his longstanding ties with Acorn, President Obama's protestations of ignorance or disinterest in the group's latest scandal seem preposterous. Here's hoping White House reporters will press the president to clarify just how much he really knows about Acorn and when he knew it.

Just so you know, Obama is "distancing" himself from ACORN, but it's not true, as I said for the purposes of a joke, that he's claiming he doesn't know what it is. He's just saying he hasn't been "following the story closely."

And basically acting as if he doesn't know what ACORN is.

Thanks to DanF.

Posted by Ace at 05:08 PM New Comments Thingy
31 What, the Great Community Organizer is now going to pretend he doesn't know what "community organizing" is? The Great Community Organizer is going to pretend he doesn't know the major group with which he was intimately involved which does "community organizing"? The self-aggrandizing zero-resume jackass who never held a real job in his life and so had to be defended with phrases like "Jesus was a community organizer" and "John Adams was a community organizer" is now pretending he doesn't even know what that means, or what group does that?

What a lying disgrace.

The real disgrace of the MSM is how they didn't honestly vet Obama during the primaries last year, and did in fact spike or ignore many stories that would show The One in a bad light.  It was all out there.  The Wright story, Ayers, Acorn, Nationalized Health Care.  Bloggers and other concerned citizens were screaming this crap from the rooftops, to no avail.

The First Time I Heard of Barack (with additional info)

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Quote of the Week (

We’ve covered a multitude of arguments against soda taxes. Speaking recently at the Rotary Club of Atlanta, Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent gave his own take (and perhaps the pithiest argument yet):

"I have never seen it work where a government tells people what to eat and what to drink. If it worked, the Soviet Union would still be around."

Today, Investor’s Business Daily noted the significance behind the quote:

Muhtar Kent knows a thing or two about guts. His father was a Turkish diplomat who in 1943 risked his life physically intervening to save 80 Turkish Jews, as cattle cars railroaded them from Marseille to a Nazi concentration camp.

So when your father has defied the Gestapo, maybe standing up to Uncle Sam is a piece of cake. With the president considering a tax on sodas and other non-diet soft drinks to fund Congress' designs on the health care system, and to try to reduce obesity, the Coke chairman refused to go flat.

Terror probe widens in U.S.

But, but, but- now that Cowboy Boosh! and Darth Cheney have been deposed by Duh!1, there is no more "terror..."

Obama goes wobbly on Afghanistan: The White House leans toward cutting and running

Goes wobbly?
It's a feature, not a bug, in this "administration" of cowards & dupes & fools...

Why is the Left so angry at Blacks who love America?

Five Shows, Zero 'Bump'

Did Ayers help Obama get into Harvard

Video: The White House opposes health insurance competition across state lines

Watch as White House senior adviser David Axelrod stumbles and bumbles his way through an incoherent explanation of why President Obama favors more consumer “choice” by opposing greater choice through increased health insurance competition across state lines:

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Obama energy secretary to Americans: Stop acting like teenagers!

These people are not our PARENTS. They are SUPPOSED to be our PUBLIC SERVANTS....
Don't know if it's true. But always a good read.

Not Yours To Give-Col. David Crockett US Representative from Tennessee

Glenn Beck is right, McCain would have been worse than theory.

Gee, what can I say?


A note from your compiler of links?

For whatever reason, that "you betcha!" drives elitists of both the right and left plumb loco...

NAHJ Urges News Media to Stop Using the Term "Illegals" When Covering Immigration

Illegal Aliens is the correct term- anything else is Newspeak...

For "Thunder on the Border," click the picture:

Why we're talking about race - again

It isn’t about Health Control.

It’s about physical Body Control. They are reserving to themselves the right to tell you what you can and cannot do with your body.

It is slavery, instituted by the black guy.

Obama Tries to Intimidate Humana Corp to Stop Talking About Public Health Care Option

People are tired of the Health insurance scam while the country and the world are going to hell in a handbasket. NO SALE for Obama. They want security and stability again.

Radicals Wrote Failed Stimulus

Read more at ...

Steps towards a nuclear-free world

The last one with a nuke wins the world.

Acorn Who? Obama heads for the high grass.

'Nut'house empire; ACORN grabs $50M in city homes (collects $5.7M in rents, fees and sales)

ACORN: Be a Home Defender (Socialist Squatters)

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To: All

President Obama Says "We Have Had Too Little Government"; Reagan Said the Opposite - Videos

The Adolescent President (The Washington Post’s editors are nervous)

Taxes, Depression, and Our Current Troubles (They ruined the 1930s, they could do the same today)

Heavier Snowfall Surprises Forecasters, Motorists (BHO blabs about Global warming today)

Obama’s New Claim That 30 Million 'Cannot' Get Health Insurance Not Supported by Census Bureau

One lie after another- how stupid are you, America... Oh! Wait- you made him C-in-C, didn't you? Suckers...

The Amnesty Race Card


Obama science chief: Abortion can save planet

Find The Difference - Why Ponzi Finance Fails [Denninger Predicts Complete Financial Collapse]

Is Obama Taxing The Economy Into A Depression?

Left's been out for blood, too (Pelosi, et al)

This article is excellent and tears Pelosi’s idiotic comments to shreds. I had forgotten about the SLA and other dirtbag organizations who must have made SF a terrible and scary place to live in the 1970s. Thanks to “PC” scrubbing of certain facts, I suppose most Americans would be shocked to read this column and remember the real truth.

Justice Department Inspector General Launches Internal ACORN Probe

I feel much better knowing Holder's people are looking into this...

(Mississippi) Gov. Barbour cuts off ACORN funding

Working Women/Will Not Be Silenced by Right Wing Attack Dogs-We Will Win the Change America Needs

Notice this source? SEIU ^

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Another Muslim Terrorist Cell Discovered in USA

U.S. Determined to Act on Climate, Despite 'Doubts and Difficulties'

Start Of Fall Feels More Like Winter


A landmark ruling in a recent Kansas Supreme Court case may have given millions of distressed homeowners the legal wedge they need to avoid foreclosure. In Landmark National Bank v. Kesler, 2009 Kan. LEXIS 834, the Kansas Supreme Court held that a nominee company called MERS has no right or standing to bring an action for foreclosure. MERS is an acronym for Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, a private company that registers mortgages electronically and tracks changes in ownership. The significance of the holding is that if MERS has no standing to foreclose, then nobody has standing to foreclose – on 60 million mortgages. That is the number of American mortgages currently reported to be held by MERS. Over half of all new U.S. residential mortgage loans are registered with MERS and recorded in its name. Holdings of the Kansas Supreme Court are not binding on the rest of the country, but they are dicta of which other courts take note; and the reasoning behind the decision is sound.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

NEA propaganda call fallout: 3 degrees from the Oval Office [Darleen Click]

Following up on Hopium Realism, Ace brings the backstory

Before the election, My Pet Jawa found that very-professional style supposedly “grassroots” nasty hit job videos on Sarah Palin were being posted on YouTube.

He discovered that these were created by a Democrat-connected California PR agency named Winner & Associates.

The suspicion was that the ads had been created, covertly, with Axelrod’s connivance, to create a fake “grassroots viral video” that couldn’t be traced to Obama.

But it couldn’t be proven. In the end it was smoke but no fire. A lot of smoke, and yet no smoking gun.

Ethan Winner confessed to making the video, but claimed he hadn’t had contact with David Axelrod for ten years, it was all just something he felt like spending thousands of dollars on himself. As a goof.



What was a rep for Winner & Associates doing on that conference call?

You know, the one where White House official Buffy Wicks thanked everyone for helping them win the campaign?

Rusty writes:

As Ace notes here, once Ethan Winner confessed that he was behind the video, the MSM concluded that there was nothing more to investigate. This despite the fact that I showed that at least two other Winner and Associate employees — a subdivision of the largest advertising agency in the world — participated in the astroturfing campaign during normal business hours.

Three employees, one of them the President of the subdivision and another a VP, claimed they were doing this on their own time — which we showed could not have been the case — and on their own dime. On their own dime? Maybe, but it still seems unlikely.

And now we have another Winner and Associates guy at the NEA conference call? He’s also listed as one of the founders of Generation Obama.

Are you going to now tell me that his relationship with Generation Obama is purely on a volunteer basis? And that his involvement with what appears to be a move to make the NEA push Obama’s agenda is being done pro-bono?

Winner and Associates: the largest PR firm in California, but all their major work is done for free!

Something. Doesn’t. Add. Up.

Racists!!1!!1 ELEVENTY!1!!!! Obama was on Letterman so how can you say such things? The One knows as much about the NEA as he does ACORN.


More also at Riehl World View.

The guy on the conference call:“Bim Ayandele (reputation manager with Winner and Associates in Los Angeles)”

Way to go managing that reputation so well.


The Case for ACORN as a Criminal Enterprise

ACORN'S mini political parties.

The conservative debate over Glenn Beck. Love him or hate him, he’s accomplished more than the anointed leaders, that’s for sure. There’s a lesson in that, too . . .

Bias Hid ACORN’s Nuts

ACORN/SEIU donated thousands to IL law enforcement officials

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"Obama" happens...

Rasmussen Report: Two-Thirds Of Americans Angry At Federal Gov't...

Gee, wonder why?

Reid Threatens 'Nuclear Option' to Pass Health Care Reform

"They're supportive, but in a bystander kind of way,"

They'll feel more involved when they get their  bills.

How Big Is American Government?

#1 Remove all unions from any government related employment. (it is a monopoly)

#2 Forbid any pay and benefits beyond what is found on average in the private sector. (that would cut pay in half and end pensions for the most part)

Those two would do wonders.

Energy Secretary Chu: Americans Are Like Teenagers & Aren't Acting the Way They Should Act

Left finally free to stop pretending it supports the war in Afghanistan

Liberal Blogger Admits: We Claimed to Support "The Good War" in Afghanistan as Political Strategy


Yeah. Keep telling yourself how “free” you are next time you strap on your government-mandated seat belt to drive your heavily regulated automobile to a garage sale that’s been federally-inspected and sanctioned, or flush your government-approved toilet — the necessary two or three times. Keep it in mind when you try to hire someone who doesn’t meet federal diversity standards, and oh — better be sure you pay them the wage the government tells you is high enough, too. Don’t even think about enjoying a flavored cigarette on your break; best forget about sodas and other drinks with sugar in them too, because they’re next on the ban-list. When you get home and notice that one of your piece of shit government-mandated CFL lightbulbs is dead, be sure to dispose of it according to federal regulations. And thank your benevolent government every day for the one freedom you actually do retain: the “freedom” to do everything the government tells you, as and when it tells you.

No tyranny to see here, folks, just government-approved FREEDOM!

The dope does get one thing right, albeit inadvertently...

Read It All At The Link, dammit!

BlogWarZ! Canadian version:
Dr. John Baglow, aka Dr. Dawg [ 1, 2 ]

First you publish a little something indicating that something fishy is going on.

Then you give the guilty parties just enough time to hang themselves by going on the record angrily denying that anything of the sort was going on at all.

Then you release the full transcript showing that Teh One and his associates, once again, were lying through their teeth.

Well played. Well played indeed.

Yes, Virginia, the NEA really are calling on their artist beneficiaries to publish wall-to-wall propaganda to push Obamandias’ agenda.

Leni Riefenstahl was unavailable for comment.

(Thanks to Patterico for the links and an absolute must-read article)

"Today’s revelation is the extensive proof that shows the White House used the National Endowment for the Arts to push a political agenda favorable to President Obama. But it gets worse: the Administration lied about it, and tried to cover it up."

Buffy Wicks


Roll Call Vote to Defund ACORN: Prostitution as "Performing Art"

Here is a YouTube video of what Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) and Robert Casey (D,, PA) just voted to continue funding with taxpayer dollars. Here are the U.S. Senators who voted to continue to fund Barack Obama's friends in ACORN (a "nay" vote is a vote against defunding ACORN). See also this video.

Note in the video that, per ACORN's employees, the fake pimp doesn't have to file W-2 reports for his (imaginary) prostitutes because they are under sixteen.

U.S. Senators who voted to continue to spend taxpayer money to fund ACORN

ACORN Selects 'Investigator' Instead of the 'Auditor' It Promised; AP Cooperates With the Water-down

Harshbarger found public prominence and political success, like Janet Reno, by prosecuting cases in the day care sex abuse hysteria of the 1980s.[citation needed] He obtained the conviction of Gerald Amirault and other employees of the Fells Acres Day Care Center in Malden, Massachusetts.[citation needed] The Amirault conviction has been widely criticized as a gross miscarriage of justice by publications as politically diverse as The Wall Street Journal (e.g., April 30, 2004) and The Nation (e.g., Feb. 28, 2002).
great memory. this guys a grade A butthead.

Scott Harshbarger and the Amirault Case

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SMART GIRL POLITICS: The Insta-Wife talks with Michelle Malkin about women, tea parties, the Culture of Corruption, and who’s fighting it. “Go to any Tea Party and you see an increasing number of young women in the movement.” Plus, the power of Twitter.

Cali’s man-caused drought: Senate rejects water restoration effort; Feinstein moans about “Pearl Harbor”

September 22, 2009 10:53 PM by Michelle Malkin39 Comments |

On September 22nd, 2009 at 11:31 pm, Right By-The-Sea said:

This is a national tragedy playing out on a California stage. A nation does not exist without its food supply, and the Leftist, enviro-f@&%$, in collusion with our Commie politicians, are doing this ON PURPOSE. Cut off the food and the energy supplies…control the population.

For the record, I’ve lived here in CA for 3 years and voted against Feinstein last year, and will be voting [and working] against Boxer in her bid to keep her seat. People in the Central Valley are standing in lines to get donated food supplies in order to be able to eat, and these two horrible pieces of sh!# are voting to starve and impoverish their own constituents.

Hey, Paul Rodriguez…still wanna give Obama and the Demoncraps the “benefit of the doubt?”


Left high and dry.

More Astroturfing — HCAN Organizers Caught Handing Out Signs At Russ Carnahan Rally (Video).

Plus, Obamacare “enemies” lists?

Me The People

According to the most recent Rasmussen report, opposition to Obamacare has grown to its highest level yet - 56 percent - despite Obama's speech to congress and his unprecedented media blitz. Ed Morrissey writes:

"Part of the reason why this strategy has not been effective is because Obama has had nothing new to say in months. He appears convinced that the answer to voter rejection of his arguments is to offer them repeatedly and in increasing loudness and anger."

It's the Michael Ignatieff approach, essentially, but with the addition of actual concrete proposals.

Posted by EBD at 2:38 PM| Comments (21)
Field Marshal Robert Stacy McCain is marching triumphantly into Berlin, having left the libel-and-hate site Little Green Footballs a smoking ruin with his rollicking, witty, and intelligent posts -- enjoy them here.
The screeching has begun AtS...The number of posts have fallen way off.  He's now attacking Instapundit.

While there is no direct connection- yet-- watch this storyline.

ACORN, Obama, SEIU, the NEA-- are all in bed together.

If AARP kicks the covers back, too, do not be surprised...

Stay tuned...

Hmmm: Is the AARP getting “kickbacks” from Obamacare?

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 22, 2009 10:19 PM

AARP members who are still wondering why their leaders in Washington want to sell them out on Obamacare, pay attention.

The GOP has uncovered one very lucrative possibility: Kickbacks.

Here’s the deal:

This week the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced it was investigating Humana for providing “misleading” information regarding the Administration’s proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage policies-and prohibited other Medicare Advantage plans from providing similar information on how Democrat health “reform” could take away their current coverage.

Yet the Administration’s edict prohibiting plans from communicating with their beneficiaries failed to include AARP, which sponsors a Medicare Advantage plan but has been a prime advocate of Democrats’ government takeover of health care-quite possibly because AARP has been supporting a health care overhaul from which it stands to gain overall handsomely. Even as AARP advocates for cutting Medicare Advantage plans by more than $150 billion, an analysis of the organization’s operations reveals that it stands to receive tens of millions of dollars at the expense of seniors’ medical care-with Democrats’ full approval:

* The Congressional Budget Office has previously estimated that the cuts to Medicare Advantage plans proposed in Democrats’ government takeover of health care (H.R. 3200) would cause millions of seniors to lose their current plan and enroll in government-run Medicare.

* Because the government-run Medicare benefit is less generous than most private health plans, the independent Medicare Payment Advisory Commission found in June that more than nine in ten seniors not in nursing home settings utilize some form of Medicare supplemental insurance. While many of these individuals currently rely on Medicare Advantage plans for the extra benefits they provide to seniors, many would be forced to purchase supplemental Medigap policies should their existing Medicare Advantage plans be taken away from them due to Democrats’ government takeover of health care.

* A review of its financial statements finds that in 2008, AARP received more than half a billion dollars in revenue from selling products like Medigap supplemental insurance policies-$652.7 million in direct “royalties and fees,” and an increase of more than 31 percent from the $497.6 million in similar revenue AARP generated in 2007.

* Royalty revenues now comprise more than half-60.3 percent-of all AARP revenues; a Bloomberg news analysis published in December found that in 1999, royalties comprised only 11 percent of the organization’s total revenues.

* The Bloomberg article-which highlighted what one observer called AARP’s “dirty little secret”-profiled seniors who felt betrayed after paying hundreds of dollars above market price for AARP-branded coverage. One noted that “AARP has great buying power, and people should be able to get the best deal….This is unconscionable, what AARP has allowed to happen.” Another disillusioned senior wrote to the organization’s leadership asking whether AARP had a “‘special relationship’ with [insurance carriers] by which it receives commissions, incentives, rebates, or dare I say ‘kickbacks?’”-and when he arrived at AARP headquarters for a tour, was promptly escorted out of the marble-covered atrium.

* While H.R. 3200 would place strict price controls on Medicare Advantage plans-requiring them to pay out 85 percent of premium revenues in medical claims-Medigap policies face a far less strict 65 percent requirement. In other words, under the Democrat bill, seniors could pay as much as 20 cents more out of every premium dollar to fund “kickbacks” to AARP-sponsored Medigap plans than Medicare Advantage plans.

The higher prices charged by AARP plans, and the organization’s increasing dependence upon revenue from “royalties,” provide tangible evidence why AARP would support cuts to Medicare Advantage that would likely increase their “kickbacks” from Medigap plans.

A Hill source summed it up for me this way: “AARP has endorsed a huge reduction in funding of Medicare Advantage, which touches over 10 million middle-lower income seniors. If Medicare Advantage funding is reduced, and seniors are forced out of the program, they become potential buyers of the heavily-promoted and very profitable Medicare Supplement program sponsored by AARP (MediGap is 70% of AARP’s annual income). Medicare Supplement is a huge source of revenue to AARP. At a minimum, AARP should be required to disclose this every time they discuss Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage plans are making important contributions to the Medicare program. These plans focus on prevention and offer disease management programs for beneficiaries with chronic diseases. This focus on chronic diseases is not seen anywhere in MediGap. New research demonstrates that Medicare Advantage plans have reduced unnecessary hospitalizations and readmission rates for beneficiaries with diabetes and heart disease. By reducing the need for hospitalization and emergency room care, private plans are not only improving the health and well-being of Medicare beneficiaries – but also achieving greater efficiencies and cost savings. The House proposal (supported by AARP) would disproportionately affect beneficiaries in rural counties and areas where fee-for-service expenditures are relatively low. The current provisions in the bill would result in reductions in Medicare Advantage funding by more than 20 percent in many of these areas and likely limit seniors access to coordinated care through the Medicare Advantage program. The areas that are impacted the most by the bill are the same geographic areas where Congress has acted twice since 1997 to establish payment floors for private plan options in recognition of the inadequacy of existing FFS rates as the basis for Medicare Advantage payments.”

Philip Klein at the American Spectator asked the AARP for comment — and received an evasive statement decrying “scare tractics” in response.

Card-carrying members might want to ask AARP headquarters about this:

Toll-Free Nationwide: 1-888-OUR-AARP (1-888-687-2277)

And the question one AARP member asked his AARP representative arises again: “Do you work for us or do we work for you?”

Posted in: Health care
 Obama’s ACORN connections. “Mr. Obama took great pains to act as if he barely knew about Acorn. In fact, his association goes back almost 20 years.”
The Art of Corruption and the NEA."...the rule is ironclad: the more areas of life are funded and regulated by government, the less free you are, and the more corrupt and servile you ultimately become." Through the work of artist and blogger Patrick Courrielche, Andrew Breitbart’s new website Big Government—reporting the news so the mainstream media won’t have to—has just released a sickening transcript of an August 10 conference call jointly hosted by the National Endowment for the Arts, the White House’s Office of Public Engagement, and United We Serve, an initiative overseen by the Corporation for National and Community Service, a federal agency.
ONCE AGAIN, Breitbart Gets Results. “White House officials say they are enacting specific steps to make sure such a call never happens again.”

Oh, Perfect: Conyers Wants Probe of ACORN... and Shady Practices of Breitbart, Giles, and O'Keefe


No, really, this is perfect.

Conyers and House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank of Massachusetts asked the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service today to provide an analysis on several aspects of ACORN, including any current or previous criminal investigations into the group; a breakdown of any funding received by the group and any violations of the terms of that funding; a report on alleged improprieties in collecting voter registration forms and “the extent … that resulted in people being improperly placed on voting roles and actually attempting to vote,” and the group’s programs to provide housing opportunities.

It also asked for a report on private sting activities “in which individuals have reportedly visited ACORN offices, misrepresented their identities and proposed activities, surreptitiously videotaped resulting conversations with ACORN workers, and widely distributed them.”

The letter went onto say, “Conflicting allegations have been made about the propriety of these activities. Please research and report on the federal and state laws that could apply to such videotaping and distribution of conversations without the consent of all parties.”

Keep censored that chicken, Barney.

Because, you know, Breitbart really, really doesn't want to be on CSPAN in front of a government panel blasting them about media bias and liberal mendacity.

I mean -- really. He doesn't want that. So seriously, subpoena him. Make him cry.

And O'Keefe I'm sure is quaking in his boots, and Giles won't look like totally adorable on camera, either.

So definitely investigate the people who brought ACORN's lawlessness to the public's attention. People just love seeing whistleblowers hectored and vilified by party apparatchiks.

Posted by Ace at 05:11 PM New Comments Thingy
134 Three cheers to the return of the F-bomb to Ace's main page...
153 This from a man whose old boyfriend ran an escort service out of his home. Classy.

The National Endowment for Obama

September 22, 2009 03:48 PM by Michelle Malkin48 Comments | 1 Trackback

Once again, The Anchoress does a summary/roundup--
Tuesday, September 22, 2009, 1:15 PM

Reading through this transcript, I was struck by two things. One was the aroma of self-intoxication. These bureaucrats and artists and activists are utterly besotted by the contemplation of their own virtue. They know what’s good for the country, and what’s good for you, and they’re willing to devote themselves ceaselessly to making it happen.

The second thing that strikes one about this transcript is the aura of menace that floats just behind the talk of passion, pushing the president’s agenda, connecting with “labor unions, progressive groups,” etc., etc. As Yosi Sergant’s pep talk suggests, these people regard legal obstacles not as boundaries to be observed but as impediments to be overcome by “tactics,” a word that frequently appears in the transcript.

There is a German word for what we are witnessing at the NEA and elsewhere in the Obama administration’s effort to push its agenda. It is Gleichschaltung. It means two things: first, bringing all aspects of life into conformity with a given political line. And second, as a prerequisite for realizing that goal, the obliteration or at least marginalization of all opposition.

Is it an abuse of power?

If Bush had done this, or if the Obama White House were Republican, we’d be watching a screamfest on all channels, calls for investigations, probably a call for a special prosecutor, and Olbermann’s head would be exploding.

But since this is Obama, and he has a D after his name, we’ll have to wait to see what develops, if and when the Obamamedia (who still control the narratives) deigns to cover it.

Okay – I have a ton of stuff to do today -still uncharacteristically behind on my deadlines- so here are many, many links to many, many stories. Knock yerselves out, but none of it is going to make you feel like dancing:

Manuel Zelaya, who in the Honduras, is back, hiding at the Brazilian Embassy? How did he get there? For that matter why did we just give 2 Billion Dollars to Brazil in order to -apparently- fund offshore drilling. You know, the stuff we won’t do in our own country. Seems odd, doesn’t it? We give Brazil 2 Billion for something we disapprove of, then Zelaya, who seems to have an incipient case of despot-wannabeeism (which Obama and Hillary seem to dig) suddenly pops up in the Brazilian Embassy?

It all just seems too strange to me. What the hell is going on? We’re broke but we give 2 Billion to Brazil, when we could certainly use that money to create jobs and tap into our own reserves?

Legal Insurrection says
he hopes Obama fails in Honduras, with whatever he’s trying to do. I do too. Why don’t Obama and Hillary like our allies?

“Smart diplomacy”?
How about Alice-in-Wonderland Diplomacy?:

“…the Obama team is insisting on the return of the man no institution in this democratic country supports–and that position only emboldened that same unpopular figure to return. Nice work. And now that he has returned, will the Obama administration give up its bizarrely stubborn position that no new election can be recognized because that same unpopular figure isn’t back in power? And he isn’t in power, you will recall, because the supreme court and legislature, with the backing of the military, acted in defense of their constitution.”

As to recent or growing terrorism threats (are we allowed to call it terrorism, anymore? I forget), did law enforcement blow the Denver terror investigation? Didn’t we learn in the 1990’s that law enforcement was not effective counter-terrorism?. That’s not a criticism of our hardworking law enforcement folks, but mindsets matter.

Andy McCarthy says we need an administrative detention law, and doublequick.

5 Healthcare Promises Obama won’t keep: Only five? Meanwhile look at this: tort reform works!

Obama’s EnergySec: Americans are Children and need the government to control them. Writes Ed:

This is nothing more than a slightly more honest look at the attitude of the Left when it comes to governance. It’s all about paternalism and condescension, and the belief that a group of elites should be appointed to rule over the unwashed and unschooled masses for their own good. That has never been consonant with the American experience, which allows the individual to make his own choices and live with the consequences. Chu gives us a good look at the liberal soul, and most Americans will not like what they see.

May be too late to do much about it, though. These unruly cool kids, they’re running amok. Instapundit says, Chu has no idea.

President Grown Up, who wants to rule us children: He’s having General problems. Jennifer Rubin writes:

There is something bizarre about the president’s disassociating himself from his generals and his own stated goals–within a span of just months. He gives the appearance of an errant teenager who one month ago simply had to do X and now can’t bring himself to even defend X.
…he hasn’t collapsed yet on Afghanistan. Maybe his spine will stiffen and he’ll realize that a confrontation with his military commanders is going to add to and not lessen his political problems. He may want to consider just how ludicrously flighty and weak he would appear if he reversed himself on not one but two major national-security positions. Even if he can’t stomach disappointing the left wing of his own party, someone in his administration must surely realize that a second reversal of this magnitude will only cement his image as a Jimmy Carter–esque figure–weak, irresolute, and easily manipulated–and invite endless challenges to the U.S. After all, if he’s going to back down whenever someone screams loudly, there will be a lot of very loud screaming.

Someday, when I have time, I’ll put some thought into the notion that presidents raised without fathers have difficulty with this stuff. I don’t know if it’s true, and I wouldn’t want to be unfair. But it’s something I’d like to look into. I must say, though, that he does certainly resemble Carter in one respect: He wants to manage everything, and that he should stick his nose where he ought not, which means he believes he’s smart enough to manage everything. Which means he listens to no one. Just like Carter, and accomplishes nothing but malaise.

Is Obama our ADHD President? He seems to have lost interest in the economy, or in the job creation we desperately need. Then, in the middle of his hyper-intensive push for healthcare reform, (and his odd fighting with his generals, aiding Manuel Zelaya, etc) he’s suddenly demanding that the world create a “new world order” economy, and oh, yeah, suddenly the climate, the climate, the climate! And empty words about Carbon!

You know, if Obama would just settle down and focus on our economic issues, and seriously follow the lead of Germany and Sweden and cut taxes to create jobs, etc, maybe he’d get listened to.

Obama is no Jack Kennedy: Don’t miss Don Surber’s eye-opening examinations of the questions put to President Obama last Sunday on the Sabbath Gasbag shows. He looks not at Obama’s answers, but the questions, and it is very interesting, indeed. All sham, no wow.

Katrina Vanden Heuvel
: has a little carnival of hate. Isn’t she the woman who Chris Matthews, back when he was sane and watchable, caught being unable to name her own congressman?

This is evil stuff

A Collapse in World Trade? A collapse in car sales?

On the Breitbart front: ACORN and the White House sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g (don’t miss that). Justice Department Inspector General -not yet fired by Obama- begins an investigation. Because they don’t have tax issues after getting rich from dubious means? I think it’s good that an inspector general looks into this since it’s doubtful Holder will. More and more and more.

Troublesome sunspots and other stories that disrupt the climate-change narrative and are thus ignored by the US Press. Maybe CO2 wasn’t the way to go?

Not surprising in our noisy world: People with no religion gaining on believers. Can’t hear the small, still voice over the omnipresent televisions, the earbuds and our own material wealth.

You little people, stop driving!: His Highness doesn’t like it

Canada’s National Post:
The Stimulus Weakened the US Economy. Yes, of course. All those jobs not being created, and such.

Miracles are real: As long as you’re not talking about the Christian kind. Also, recall that Buddhist celibates are enlightened, not repressed. Vanderleun on the left’s virulent fear of Christianity.

Going to Church: Do you wear your Sunday Best?

Michelle Malkin:
human, after all

PJTV: Going to Berkeley

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To: All

Arizona House of Rep 2nd Session 2002: House Bill 2044 (AZ: Your Police State is Showing)

Obama's next push is amnesty - President intends to install a long-term Democratic majority


Worst Foreign Policy Ever

Is It Amateur Hour in the White House?

Even the grizzled Senate veterans found this amazing-vaporbill

Seems appropriate to me. A vaporous Bill for a vapid President.

Glenn Beck on "Educational Cartoon" Being Played at Schools - Video 9/22/09

Sarah Palin begins to build her network of advisors

Sorry Al Gore, The Sky is Not Boiling

Scolding Gets Old

Hentoff sounds another alarm about Obamacare

Inside the Apocalyptic Soviet Doomsday Machine

Weather Underground, ACORN and Obama: The Ties that Bind

Video: Weather Underground Planned Re-education Camps, Genocide

An undercover operative, who had infiltrated the Weather Underground, was interviewed for the 1982 documentary “No Place to Hide”. He talked about their plans, once they had taken over. What were they planning to do with all those bitter clingers of guns, religion, and….capitalism?:

watch video here:

WU Founders: William Ayers and Jeff Jones

Unca Sugar Leans on the Whoremongers:

IRS Puts Liens On ACORN Properties

[ACORN] Immigration policy is broken and must be fixed

They hope to achieve the American Dream. Because of their strong desire to become Americans, immigrants in 2006 joined rallies, marches and vigils all across the United States.

That's why they carried Mexican flags.

Yep- here's a sample from

-Thunder on the Border--

Image hosting by TinyPic


ACORN can teach the GOP a thing or 2

So I called a leading hunter of the ACORNistas, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., who has been criticizing ACORN on TV.

My God, man! Do you realize what you've done?

"What?" asked Issa. "Pardon me?"

Rather than waste a valuable national resource, you should hire ACORN immediately! Let them teach all Americans the secrets of government loopholes so middle-class taxpayers can level the playing field and be treated as fairly as a bunch of hypothetical Ecuadorean -- or was that Salvadoran? -- prostitutes.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...


1,781 posted on 09/23/2009 3:56:13 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

A Secret White House Power Grab Is In Full Swing

Unconstitutional Government - Perverting the Commerce Clause

Limbaugh on Obama's U.N. Speech Says He's "Surrendering" U.S. to "The Global Powers" - Audio

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh talking about Obama's speech to the United Nations.

Limbaugh called the speech a "bloodless coup" and said that Obama "has delivered the United States to the global powers, without firing a shot, nobody fired a shot at us, and he's surrendering, he's giving it up, giving up the Country so that he can lead the world." (Audio)

(Excerpt)

Obama: U.S. Does Not Recognize 'Legitimacy of Continued Israeli Settlements'

Why Are Jews Liberals?
Norman Podhoretz

Bolton Reacts to Obama Speech Says he "Put Israel on the Chopping Block" and was "Unpresidential"

Obama's Applause Lines Tell Us Everything (The UN wants Jewish blood, not an end to disease)

Obama is no Fonzie

For much of his presidency, most of the world feared George W. Bush. For a brief, shining moment after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, America's enemies feared Bush, while almost all the rest of the world loved him.
So far Obama has courted popularity with America's critics by himself criticising America's past and by giving things away.

Obama phones Perdue about Georgia flood

Where are the Katrina bots to yell about Obama's FEMA and complain that he didn't visit the flood area.

Bank President Admitted that All Credit Is Created Out of Thin Air

Solzhenitsyn...he tried to warn us

Live at the UN: Gaddafi hijacks the podium

“Mr Gaddafi says Africans are proud that a “son of Africa” is President of the United States, and even suggested that he would support Mr Obama in following the common African practice of clinging to power indefinitely.

Did Qadaffi call Obama a "Young African Kenyan" today?

Why Do EPA Employees Make More Than the Vice President?

Obama Will Spend More on Welfare in the Next Year Than Bush Spent on Entire Iraq War, Study Reveals

Obama's Radicalism and the GOP (by TOM TANCREDO)

Obama's Racist "King Of All Media" FCC Diversity CZAR Mark Lloyd

How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within~Video

Here is part I of two very informative videos made by British author Melanie Phillips. She speaks of the ignorance of her government and how they are actually promoting Islam in the UK. Like I have been warning for years, she states that what is happening there, will come here.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Spencer: Jihad in New York and Colorado

Decades of Global Cooling Ahead?

National ACORN controversy hits home [NY]

Thank you, backhoe! I have saved your file for future reference and perusal.

Do you have this report from July 2005 included in your report?

ACORN did not begin operating in 2008. The above report focused solely on the 2004 election, but have been incrementally upping their criminal activities for years.

Here is a recent article I found that actually does some digging on the criminals: Video controversy doesn't deter St. Louis ACORN office  H/T: Just A Nobody

ACORN Founder Calls Conservative Attacks 'Complete Fabrication'

GOP Report Charges AARP Getting "Kickbacks" In Dem Health Care Bills!

EDITORIAL: ACORN keeps falling--Vote fraud, then prostitution sponsorship, now tax avoidance

“I was not familiar with the Amirault case and made a note to look it up later. I will make it a point now, for sure.”

Here’s a search string— read & weep:

ACORN: Who Funds the Weather Underground’s Little Brother? (READ THIS!)

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Sick/Dying from Swine Fly Inoculations/Sprays?

Obama’s Time Warp: The U.S. Is Still The Bad Guy. Yep, campus lefty cliches from the 1970s are now driving policy.

 The U.N. Loves Barack Obama Because He Is Weak.

Circus at the U.N.: Gadhafi floats swine flu-as-military weapon conspiracy, wishes “our son” Obama could be prez for life; “We shall send rolling thunder”

September 23, 2009 11:05 AM by Michelle Malkin

President Obama just finished up his I Am The Change You Seek speech at the United Nations. Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton noted Obama’s extraordinary self-referentialism mixed with Wilsonian naivete and anti-Bush subtext, and joked that the president “did everything but break out and ask ‘Can’t we all just get along?’”

There was a momentary delay before blood-stained, jihadi-enabling thug Moammar Gadhafi took the podium. He’s babbling about “climate change” and waving around the U.N. charter. Praises “our son” from Africa, Barack Obama.

The latest on Gadhafi’s tent flap:

A New York City suburb says it wants Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to remove his trademark Bedouin tent, set up as part of his visit to the United Nations.

The attorney for the town of Bedford, N.Y., in Westchester County, says he has determined that Gadhafi’s tent, erected on rental property owned by the Trump Organization, is not in compliance with zoning codes, CNN reported Wednesday.

“I discussed this matter with town officials, and the town building inspector believes that this would constitute a violation of several town zoning and land use laws,” Bedford town attorney Joel Sachs told the U.S. broadcaster. “I directed the town building inspector to immediately go to the property and issue a stop work order, which would order the individuals to cease erecting the tent.”

Gadhafi spewing about “aggression” and inveighing against France.

Gadhafi on a conspiracy tear: “Perhaps this swine virus may be one of theose viruses that was created in the laboratory and it got out of control because it was meant to be a military weapon.”

9:20am Eastern update. The U.N. translator can barely keep up with Gadhafi’s crazy ranting.

9:30am Eastern update. This jihadi financier is ranting about Western “terrorism.” “The Security Council is not the security council. It should be called the Terror Council.”

Gadhafi is getting applause.

“The U.N. is terrorizing the Third World.”

9:47am Eastern update. Gadhafi is praising Obama as a “glimpse in the darkness.” He says he would be happy if Obama would be president forever.

He’s babbling about “rolling thunder” — he’ll send it like it was sent over Vietnam and Iraq.

9:56am Eastern update: Gadhafi now musing openly about America being attacked again.

He proposes that U.N. be moved out of the U.S. (finally, a coherent point of agreement.) “American may be targeted again, perhaps by a rocket, and tens of heads of state may die.” Moving the UN wouldn’t be an insult to America. This is a service to America.”

Moans about the “suffering of flying for hours to come to this place.”

10:02am Eastern update: “This is not a normal gathering.”

He can say that again.

10:22am Eastern update: Now, Gadhafi is ranting about JFK’s “Israeli killer” and “Israeli demons.” He wants investigations opened into JFK assassination and MLK assassination.

How come no one has walked out yet?!

10:37am Eastern update: A second translator took over for the first one. He finally is done after two hours of Jew-bashing, Third World whining, and jihadi sympathizing.

Hey President Obama! Iran is on track for developing a nuclear weapon … [Darleen Click]

… your Afghanistan general has been waiting three weeks for an answer and where were you today?

Oh, yes, at the United Nations blaming America for :::ahem::: climate change.

Thank you so very much.

Really, didn’t you get that “bad, bad America” stuff out of your system during your America Apology Tour? What is it that every time you get a chance to talk to non-Americans you feel the need to diss on America? I mean, what would you think of a husband who couldn’t wait to talk his wife down to acquaintances at a party?

Wait, is America a substitute … ?

TRANSPARENCY! Democrats nix putting pre-vote health bill online. “Senate Finance Committee Democrats have rejected a GOP amendment that would have required a health overhaul bill to be available online for 72 hours before the committee votes.”

They want to ram this stinker through before anyone knows what they’re voting on. Hey, it’s worked before! (Via JWF).

JIM GERAGHTY: Did Sen. Tom Carper Just Admit PhRMA and the White House Had a Laws-for-Ads Deal?.
DAVID HARSANYI: Chu on this, you crazy kids!
CHANGE: New poll: Democrat lead over GOP is smallest in five years; doubts about Obama continue to grow.

HONG KONG READER SEAN GIEFING WRITES: “I attended Sarah Palin’s speech at the CLSA conference in Hong Kong. She was very engaging – very down to earth, likeable and offered very intelligent and well informed opinions on US domestic and foreign policy and interesting views on China. If you were looking for a slick nuanced presentation you were likely disappointed. If you were looking for a real person with common sense views and practical ideas you left thinking, why couldn’t we have more people like that in leadership positions. Hopefully we will.”

Here’s a press report: Palin slams Obama’s spending in debut speech in Asia.

Sarah Palin Takes Hong Kong


The WSJ got hold of the video, which had been closed to the press.

Allah notes Time has already begun the delegitimzing:

Palin-skeptics may, perhaps, enjoy Time’s write-up of the event, featuring snotty asides about her “rattling off financial terms of art” and “rambling” about the ancient land bridge that once joined Asia to Alaska.

Yes, "rambling" about the typical ice-breaking remarks about how "you and I are more connected than we think," and yes, it is very suspicious that this Aerial Lupine Assassin was capable of grasping anything about finance.

Hmmm... She seems to be trying out a campaign theme. See if you can spot it.

You can call me a common-sense conservative. My approach to the issues facing my country and the world, issues that we’ll discuss today, are rooted in this common-sense conservatism… Common sense conservatism deals with the reality of the world as it is. Complicated and beautiful, tragic and hopeful, we believe in the rights and the responsibilities and the inherent dignity of the individual.

We don’t believe that human nature is perfectible; we’re suspicious of government efforts to fix problems because often what it’s trying to fix is human nature, and that is impossible. It is what it is. But that doesn’t mean that we’re resigned to, well, any negative destiny. Not at all. I believe in striving for the ideal, but in realistic confines of human nature…

On Liberalism:

The opposite of a common-sense conservative is a liberalism that holds that there is no human problem that government can’t fix if only the right people are put in charge. Unfortunately, history and common sense are not on its side. We don’t trust utopian promises; we deal with human nature as it is.


On the Financial Crisis

Lack of government wasn’t the problem. Government policies were the problem. The marketplace didn’t fail. It became exactly as common sense would expect it to. The government ordered the loosening of lending standards. The Federal Reserve kept interest rates low. The government forced lending institutions to give loans to people who, as I say, couldn’t afford them. Speculators spotted new investment vehicles, jumped on board and rating agencies underestimated risks.


On deficits and Reaganism:

Common sense tells you that when you’re in a hole, you have to stop digging! A common sense conservative looks to history to find solutions to the problems confronting us, and the good news is that history has shown us a way out of this, a way forward from recession. Ronald Reagan, he was faced with an even worse recession, and he showed us how to get out of here.

If you want real job growth, you cut taxes! And you reduce marginal tax rates on all Americans. Cut payroll taxes, eliminate capital gain taxes and slay the death tax, once and for all. Get federal spending under control, and then you step back and you watch the U.S. economy roar back to life. But it takes more courage for a politician to step back and let the free market correct itself than it does to push through panicky solutions or quick fixes…

I can’t wait until we get that Reaganomics sense supplied again because we are going to survive, and we’re going to thrive and expand and roar back to life. And as the world sees this, the world will be a healthier, more secure, safer and more prosperous place when this happens.

On health care:

I seem to have acquired notoriety in national debate. And all because of two words: death panels. And it is a serious term. It was intended to sound a warning about the rationing that is sure to follow if big government tries to simultaneously increase health care coverage while also claiming to decrease costs. Government has just got to be honest with the people about this….

As I said, it’s just common sense to realize that government’s attempts to solve large problems like the health-care challenges that we have, more often create new ones, and a top down one size fits all plan will not improve the workings of a nationwide health-care system that accounts for some one-fifth of our economy.

Common sense also tells us that passing a trillion dollar new retirement program, that’s not the way to reduce health-care spending. Real health-care reform is market oriented, patient centered and result driven. It would give all individuals the same tax benefit, that an ideal plan that I would have in mind, same tax benefits as those who get coverage through their employers. And give Medicare recipients vouchers so that they can buy their own coverage. And reform tort laws and change regulations to allow people to buy insurance across state lines. Rather than another top down government plan, we should give Americans themselves control over their own health care with market friendly responsible ideas.

I'm not being snarky about the campaign theme -- every campaign needs one and every campaign has one. She's obviously picked hers. Works, I think.

More excerpts at the WSJ, and at Allah's link. He has video, too, which I left behind, because I'm stealing the WSJ stuff.

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Castro Wanted Soviets To Nuke The US

September 23rd, 2009

Buried in the ‘Science’ section of the New York Times:

Details Emerge of Cold War Nuclear Threat by Cuba


September 22, 2009

In the early 1980s, according to newly released documents, Fidel Castro was suggesting a Soviet nuclear strike against the United States, until Moscow dissuaded him by patiently explaining how the radioactive cloud resulting from such a strike would also devastate Cuba.

The cold war was then in one of its chilliest phases. President Ronald Reagan had begun a trillion-dollar arms buildup, called the Soviet Union “an evil empire” and ordered scores of atomic detonations under the Nevada desert as a means of developing new arms. Some Reagan aides talked of fighting and winning a nuclear war.

Dozens of books warned that Reagan’s policies threatened to end most life on earth. In June 1982, a million protesters gathered in Central Park.

Barack Obama, then an undergraduate at Columbia University, worried about the nuclear threat and later wrote as a student and a journalist about ways to avoid global annihilation.

The future president didn’t know half the danger.

The National Security Archive, a private research group at George Washington University, recently made public documents that reveal the nuclear threat in new detail. The two-volume study, “Soviet Intentions 1965-1985,” was prepared in 1995 by a Pentagon contractor and based on extensive interviewing of former top Soviet military officials.

It took the security archive two years to get the Pentagon to release the study. Censors excised a few sections on nuclear tests and weapon effects, and the archive recently posted the redacted study on its Web site.

The Pentagon study attributes the Cuba revelation to Andrian A. Danilevich, a Soviet general staff officer from 1964 to ’90 and director of the staff officers who wrote the Soviet Union’s final reference guide on strategic and nuclear planning.

In the early 1980s, the study quotes him as saying that Mr. Castro “pressed hard for a tougher Soviet line against the U.S. up to and including possible nuclear strikes.”

The general staff, General Danilevich continued, “had to actively disabuse him of this view by spelling out the ecological consequences for Cuba of a Soviet strike against the U.S.”

That information, the general concluded, “changed Castro’s positions considerably.”

Moscow’s effort to enlighten Mr. Castro to the innate messiness of nuclear warfare is among a number of disclosures in the Pentagon study. Other findings in the study include how the Soviets strove for nuclear superiority but “understood the devastating consequences of nuclear war” and believed that the use of nuclear weapons had to be avoided “at all costs.”

The study includes a sharp critique of American analyses of Soviet intentions, saying the Pentagon tended to err “on the side of overestimating Soviet aggressiveness.”

So Fidel Castro wanted to nuke the United States?

Why not. After all, according to the New York Times, Mr. Reagan provoked him:

President Ronald Reagan had begun a trillion-dollar arms buildup, called the Soviet Union “an evil empire” and ordered scores of atomic detonations under the Nevada desert as a means of developing new arms. Some Reagan aides talked of fighting and winning a nuclear war.

In any case, Mr. Castro still remains a hero to the world. (At least the world of the New York Times.)

If anything this revelation will just burnish his credentials.

After all, once he learned that Cuba might suffer some “ecological consequences” from nuking millions of people in the US, he thought better of it.

You see, Mr. Castro was ‘green’ before it was hip to be ‘green.’

From his fans at the Associated Press:

Fidel Castro praises Obama on climate change


HAVANA — Barack Obama’s call for action on climate change and his admission that rich nations have a particular responsibility to lead has received strong praise from an unusual source — U.S. nemesis Fidel Castro.

The former Cuban leader on Wednesday called the American president’s speech at the United Nations "brave" and said no other American head of state would have had the courage to make similar remarks.

In a speech at the United Nations on Tuesday, Obama acknowledged that the United States had been slow to act on climate change, but said Washington was now prepared to be a full partner as the world confronts the threat…

That admission of America’s past errors "was without a doubt a brave gesture," Castro wrote in comments published by Cuban state-media Wednesday.

"It would only be fair to recognize that no other United States president would have had the courage to say what he said," the former Cuban leader continued

You can tell a lot about a person by his enemies love slaves.



Funny, I could only find $124 billion.

Here from

“Twenty years and $124 billion since Reagan’s 1983 speech, the old strategic missile defense program continues[3] and the ABM Treaty is gone.”

Canada To Walk Out of Ahmadinejad's UN Speech Today

The Canadians will boycott Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech today at the United Nations.

Here is one reason why the Canadians will walk out...
This video shows Basiji thugs shooting down on innocent Iranian protesters:
The Americans under the leadership of Barack Obama will no doubt sit and listen to the killer regime.
Canada Post reported:

Canada will boycott Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech at the United Nations on Wednesday, saying his outbursts about the Holocaust and Israel are "shameful."

Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon will be at the world body to attend the opening of the UN General Assembly's annual debate, but officials signal he and other members of the Canadian delegation will vacate the Canadian seats when the Islamic republic's President approaches the podium.

Walking out of the chamber is seen as a strong diplomatic show of disgust at the UN -- and since the chamber is generally packed on the first day of the annual summit, Canada's empty seats will not go unnoticed.

One of the first speakers of the day will be U.S. President Barack Obama, who is making his debut address before the assembly.

"President Ahmadinejad's repeated denial of the Holocaust and his anti-Israel comments run counter to the values of the UN General Assembly, and they're shameful," said one Canadian official.
FYI: I plan on making it over to the UN today to report on the General Assembly fiasco.

It Has Begun... Radical President Loses Independent Voters

Americans are beginning to wake up from their stupor.
For the first time, independent voters are rejecting the radical agenda of President Obama.
This comes from NBC- so add another 5-10 points.
The Wall Street Journal reported:

For the first time, independent voters—who delivered Mr. Obama the White House and Democrats control of the Congress—disapprove of the job he is doing, 46% to the 41% who approve. In July, 49% of independents approved of the president, against 38% who disapproved.

New doubts about the president have coincided with new hopes for Republicans, who appeared flattened by the election nearly a year ago.
As the 2010 election cycle heats up, independent voters now favor Republican control of Congress by four percentage points.

“For a party walloped two cycles in a row with independents, I think those are very important stories,” said Bill McInturff, a partner at the Republican polling firm Public Opinion Strategies, who conducts the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll with Democratic pollster Peter Hart.
Wait til Americans wake up to the total destruction of the economy this bunch has caused:

Obama (and democrats) will triple the US budget deficit his first year in office.
BREAKING: I.R.S. terminating its relationship with ACORN.
ACORN Stings: The Untold Story.
MATT WELCH: “Your mileage will vary, but for my money the most entertaining part of the ACORN undercover video sting–which, dollar for dollar, has been the most impactful piece of journalism this year (that I’m aware of anyway)–is watching Respectable News Outlets approach the controversy with radiation-resistant tongs. . . . While reluctantly acknowledging his own organization’s slow response to a story, Baquet haughtily attacks the news values of the organizations that got it first. Accountability journalism! . . . Newspapers, especially those with national aspirations, still lack the ability to process or even talk about news that emanates from frowned-upon pockets in the great media ecosystem. And in hiding behind the shield of News Judgment, they all too frequently advertise the fact that theirs is being proven inadequate.”
SAN DIEGO turns up the heat on ACORN. “Not waiting for President Obama’s signature...
Thank you, God, that the egomaniacal crooks at ACORN are so stupid:

It's On! ACORN Sues O'Keefe, Giles And Breitbart



I feel sorry for them personally but discovery is going to be a bitch for ACORN.

The liberal group contends that the audio portion of the video was obtained illegally because Maryland requires two-party consent to create sound recordings.

The two employees seen in the video were fired after it was posted online. The lawsuit says the employees, Tonja Thompson and Shera Williams, suffered "extreme emotional distress."

No word yet on a defense fund but I'm guessing it will popular.

Heads Up via Jonah Goldberg on Twitter.

Posted by DrewM. at 05:44 PM New Comments Thingy
The trump card is that the ACORN thugs were facilitating criminal activity, and aren't suing over being recorded -- they're suing over the "emotional distress" caused by their actions being recorded.

"So you -- a mature, fully capable and competent adult -- act to support what you believed was the commission of multiple felonies, including the enslavement and rape of children, and then seek damages because your own depraved actions were caught on tape? Is your 'emotional distress' because you've been exposed for what you are?"
The IRS throws ACORN under the bus. And this suit guarantees they'll hang around Obie's neck like a rotting albatross for months and months and months.

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To: All
A third of Mexicans would migrate to U.S.: survey
 '2030 -- then we take over'
VDH: A Fishy Tale; Farmers vs. fish in California.


President Obama’s diversity czar at the Federal Communications Commission has spoken publicly of getting white media executives to “step down” in favor of minorities, prescribed policies to make liberal talk radio more successful, and described Hugo Chavez’s rise to power in Venezuela “an incredible revolution.”

All these Chavez admirers who want to control media are making me nervous. The Internet’s New Enforcer: The FCC chairman appoints himself top cop on the World Wide Web. “Genachowski doesn’t merely envision a Web bound by FCC rules, but one subject to the momentary whims of FCC commissioners.”

Obama’s contempt for the First Amendment [Darleen Click]

The back story

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration warned insurance companies Monday they face possible legal action for allegedly trying to scare seniors with misleading information about the potential for lost benefits under health care legislation in Congress.

“As we continue our research into this issue, we are instructing you to immediately discontinue all such mailings to beneficiaries and to remove any related materials directed to Medicare enrollees from your Web sites,” said a notice from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

Teresa DeCaro, an agency official, sent the notice to all companies that sell private Medicare coverage and stand-alone drug plans to seniors. The warning came as President Barack Obama’s health care legislation is moving toward key tests in a Senate committee over the next several days, and with public polls showing widespread skepticism among seniors. [...]

In one case, the Health and Human Services Department, which oversees CMS, launched an investigation of Humana after getting a complaint from Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., a senior lawmaker usually viewed as a reliable ally of the insurance industry. [...]

HHS ordered the company to immediately halt any such mailings, and remove any related materials from its Web site. In the letter, the government also said it may take other action against Humana, which is based in Louisville, Ky.

Now, we already have — from Obama’s own piehole that he wants Medical Advantage gone. Inconvenient to his plans to have MA insurance providers, such as Humana, actually telling that to their customers.

Funny thing, though, just as Obama’s NEA allegedly tread into legally proscribed behavior with their propaganda conference call, DHHS allegedly is way overstepping in trying to shut down anyone who questions Obama’s proposed policies.

But while the government has substantial control over how government program dollars are spent by people and institutions hired to administer the programs, the government may not impose blanket limits on everything the recipients say, as a condition of participating in the program. Rather, the recipients must retain the right to speak using their own money (at least unless their speech is otherwise punishable).

Henry Stein at Insureblog

Turns out, the bureauweenies at the agency tasked with Medicare oversight had no such compunctions about, for example, AARP’s very vocal, very public support of cuts in Medicare funding (and, of course, ObamaCare in general). Certainly that was advocacy, yet drew no reproach. The Representative from Michigan rather decisively points out that “when health care plans try to share that information with their enrollees, the Administration slaps a gag order on them.”

Or, to put it a bit less elegantly, “shut up, they explained.”

Nice kickback racket, eh, AARP? No wonder you want those seniors to sit down and shut up. So… Chicago

But wait, there’s more! Republican Mitch McConnell took exception to these thug tactics after Max Baucus, the Democrat leader of the Finance Committee trying to ram through healthcare with no debate, indeed, without even allowing people to read it, boasted about shutting down opposition.

Now it appears that the person at CMS that sent out those threatening letters was one Jonathan Blum

CMS has named Jonathan Blum as the director of (CMM). Blum joins CMS from Avalere Health where he served as Vice President of Medicaid and Long-Term Care Practice. Blum most recently served on the professional staff of the Senate Finance Committee as an advisor to Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) and other Finance Committee members on prescription drug and Medicare Advantage policies during the development of the Medicare Modernization Act.

Hello? A little :::ahem::: coordination here?

Of course, some of this isn’t surprising. The pattern is clearn - Obamacrats do what they want, Constitution be damned, and if caught — pretend shock, offer a qualified “apology”, backpeddle (perferably on a Friday afternoon), offer to “retrain” people. Lather, rinse, repeat.

And somethings will slip through, such as getting Humana to purge their website under threat.

It’s the Chicago way.

Dear Leader in the classroom

September 23, 2009 02:11 PM by Michelle Malkin

Two items for you:

1) Tom Blumer reports on how public school officials in Illinois are following up on President Obama’s education speech with their own attempt to indoctrinate them on the “significant messages inherent in his speech” in order to “educate the whole child.”

Education, after all, is the motor force of revolution.

2) My daughter’s memorizing Paul Revere’s Ride. What’s being put in your kids’ heads? Several readers have sent a link to this YouTube video of a group of schoolkids who memorized…an Obama rap:70 Comments


More Dear Leader in the classroom: Obamacare propaganda pop quiz!

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 23, 2009 05:24 PM

From my friends at Smart Girl Politics, you’ll love the propaganda quiz that one student brought home from class after watching President Obama’s joint address to Congress on health care. Check out SGP for the rest of the story.

comments (43) 

"If you can’t use the NEA anymore just switch to the Dept of Education to disseminate the propaganda."

"Actually, there are two NEA’s, and they both suck royally. is the National Education Association, which is responsible for the politically correct orientation of our children. is the National Endowment for the Arts, which takes our tax money and gives it to anarchists, homosexuals, and libertines so that they can buy food and dope while they mock our culture with their “art”."

"Time to start giving hidden video cameras to our children in school."

"Every two bit dictator uses this same curriculum. All praise be to our leader, savior of the world. "


SLATE ON ANDREW BREITBART: Sometimes it takes an outsider to show the press corps the way.  If you're late to the story, Andrew Breitbart is an  author, columnist, Web entrepreneur, and Matt Drudge protégé. Lately, he has distributed a series of videos made by O'Keefe and Giles in which the duo visits various ACORN offices with a hidden camera, pretending to be a pimp and prostitute seeking advice on setting up a brothel. ACORN workers in Baltimore; Washington, D.C.; San Diego; San Bernardino, Calif; and Brooklyn, N.Y., took the bait, and now ACORN is on the run, firing underlings, making excuses, and responding to charges of mismanagement and fraud. On Capitol Hill, Congress is getting ready to defund the organization, which has taken in at least $53 million in federal money since 1994...Breitbart proved this week that his site can make news without having anybody play dress-up when he posted the full transcript and audio of an August National Endowment for the Arts conference call. In it, NEA honchos urge artists to push President Obama's political agenda.

Glen Beck embarasses me but

But he also very often seems to be right (small r). Beck has been the first and, for quite a while, the only one to be assiduously connecting the dots between Obama, Ayers, the two Joneses and the rest of the post-sixties crew that seems to have never gotten over the Port Huron Statement, with the Chicago School of neo-Boss Tweed politics. These are dots that should have been connected by the mainstream media long ago, but, as we all know, they didn’t want to look at them. New Media hasn’t done a great job of connecting these dots either because, frankly, we don’t yet have the skills or manpower. But Beck is doing it. More power to him.

 18:54 | Comments (7)

I’M PRETTY SURE THEY’RE FALLING INTO A TRAP: ACORN Sues Hidden-Camera Filmmakers, It should be fun to do discovery on this one.

Plus, from the A.P., How the ACORN ‘pimp and hooker’ videos came to be.

UPDATE: Reid Refuses to Hold ACORN Hearings.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Politico: Barney Frank Turns Against Acorn.

MORE: Ann Althouse:

Yes, it’s almost as if the real point of the videos was to provoke a lawsuit that would open ACORN to the legal intrusions of discovery. And of course, Giles and O’Keefe will get even more publicity, and it shouldn’t be hard for them to attract aggressive legal counsel and a hefty litigation fund.

Breitbart really does seem to have planned this out like Hari Seldon. Or maybe he’s The Mule

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To: All

President Obama's New Missile Defense Plan Does Not Address U.S. Homeland Population Protection

Holy Cow! Bill Ayers DID Help Write Obama's Dreams From My Father

Andersen Book Blows Ayers' Cover on 'Dreams' [OH MY GOD - CASHILL PWNS OBAMA & AYERS!!!]

In his new book, "Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage," Best-selling celebrity journalist, Christopher Andersen, has blown a huge hole in the Obama genius myth without intending to do so.

Relying on inside sources, quite possibly Michelle Obama herself, Andersen describes how Dreams came to be published -- just as I had envisioned it in my articles on the authorship of Dreams.  With the deadline pressing, Michelle recommended that Barack seek advice from "his friend and Hyde Park neighbor Bill Ayers."

To flesh out his family history, Obama had taped interviews with various family members. Andersen writes, "These oral histories, along with a partial manuscript and a truckload of notes, were given to Ayers." Andersen quotes a Hyde Park neighbor, "Everyone knew they were friends and that they worked on various projects together. It was no secret. Why would it be? People liked them both."

Andersen continues, "In the end, Ayers's contribution to Barack's Dreams From My Father would be significant--so much so that the book's language, oddly specific references, literary devices, and themes would bear a jarring similarity to Ayers's own writing."

US, France walk out during Ahmadinejad's UN speech

Qaddafi Lauds Obama, Then Launches Into Rambling Attack on U.N. [calls Obama "my son"]

FBI Terror Probe Expands, Intensifies--Nearly All of the Bureau's U.S. Field Offices involved

But, but... I thought that since -ZerØ--  gave our sovereignty away and bowed to the Dictators, the World loved us again...

Shock Video! School kids taught to praise Obama

Strange how only a year ago we were all warned by MSM to not say that Barry’s middle name was Hussein and now the little kids are chanting it.
Barack Hussein Obama
He said we must all lend a hand
To make this Country strong again
Barack Hussein Obama
He said we must be fair today
Equal work means equal pay
Barack Hussein Obama
He said we all must take a stand
To make sure everyone gets a chance
Barack Hussein Obama
He said red yellow black or white
All are equal in his sight
Barack Hussein Obama
Yes, Mmm, mmm, mmm
Barack Hussein Obama
"A creepy cargo cult of personality..."--The Heavy Equipment Guy

School kids taught to praise Obama (VIDEO)


50,000 + Muslims at Capitol On Friday Sept 25,2009

Gaddafi: Obama Should Be President Forever

Koreans showing off their guns in LA riots (Oldie but a goodie)

New oil find in California

Flu Nightmare: In Severe Pandemic, Officials Ponder Disconnecting Ventilators From Some Patients

Lost Vegas (People living in storm drains)

LOVEBIRDS Steven and Kathryn share a well-organised home in bustling Las Vegas. They have a neat, if compact kitchen, a furnished living area, and a bedroom complete with double bed, wardrobe and bookshelf featuring a wide selection including a Frank Sinatra biography and Spanish phrase book.

And they make their money in some of the biggest casinos in the world.

But their life is far from the ordinary.

Because, along with hundreds of others, the couple are part of a secret community living in the dark and dirty underground flood tunnels below the famous strip.

Rather than working in the bars or kitchens they "credit hustle", prowling the casinos searching the fruit machines for money or credits left by drunken gamblers.

Despite the risks from disease, highly venomous spiders and flooding washing them away, many of the tunnel people have put together elaborate camps with furniture, ornaments and shelves filled with belongings.


There were always willingly homeless people. The difference now is there many more unwilling homeless. It's not just the tunnels in Vegas. It's people who camp year round, or the people who are living out of their cars.

The media here wouldn't dare write stories on the growing homeless population, not under an Obama rule. To the MSM, the question is “what homeless?”

Sarah Palin: Thoughts from Hong Kong

The bulk of this speech is what -ZerØ-- SHOULD have given at the UN today.

An incredible contrast between the two.

Jim Traficant: 'Stimulate this'

Rasmussen Report : 59% Say Americans Angrier Now Than Under Bush

Why the Left Hates Glenn Beck (He's been collecting liberal scalps and they won't stand for it)

Obama Reaffirms Pledge to Wreck US Economy

Wonder Why the AARP Supports Obamacare?

Diversity boss: Whites must 'step down'

Mark Lloyd, who has suggested "white people" step down from positions of power to allow "more people of color, gays" and "other people" to take those positions.


1,785 posted on 09/24/2009 2:17:43 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

Celebrity Biographer Seems to Confirm, Maybe, That Bill Ayers Wrote Dreams From My Father


Proof? We'll see.

Relying on inside sources, quite possibly Michelle Obama herself, Andersen describes how Dreams came to be published -- just as I had envisioned it in my articles on the authorship of Dreams. With the deadline pressing, Michelle recommended that Barack seek advice from "his friend and Hyde Park neighbor Bill Ayers."

To flesh out his family history, Obama had taped interviews with various family members. Andersen writes, "These oral histories, along with a partial manuscript and a truckload of notes, were given to Ayers." Andersen quotes a Hyde Park neighbor, "Everyone knew they were friends and that they worked on various projects together. It was no secret. Why would it be? People liked them both."

Andersen continues, "In the end, Ayers's contribution to Barack's Dreams From My Father would be significant--so much so that the book's language, oddly specific references, literary devices, and themes would bear a jarring similarity to Ayers's own writing."

You may or may not know that this is the one crazy, kooky conspiracy theory I have embraced. Cashill's theory struck me as overwrought partisan dementia-twaddle... until I actually read it. It's hard to prove authorship based merely on reading-ease scores and sentence length and an odd fascination for maritime metaphors, but Cashill sure proved it wasn't crazy to notice these "two" authors shared a lot in common, including the odd ability to find a metaphor for life in a tidal river that flowed one way or the other depending on the moon.

Proof? Depends. "Celebrity biographer" is generally not a profession held in high esteem or usually thought to convey a sense of integrity. It's possible Andersen even read Cashill's thesis before turning to his autobiography, thus putting the idea in his head and, as happens, causing him to read too much into quotes about Ayers "helping" Obama.

But. Still. Who is the source for this? I'd sure like to know. If it's someone without a motive to lie against Obama, and in a position to know... then game over, Ayers wrote the damn book, and Obama is not the rara avis that Chris "Fat Moon-Faced Retard" Buckley fell in love with.

Posted by Ace at 12:30 AM New Comments Thingy

To return to the question of authorship, there are several ramifications.

As community organizer, Obama accomplished nothing. At the Harvard Law Review, he wrote nothing. As law professor, he published nothing.

As chair of the Chicago Annenburg Challenge he produced no results. As state legislator, he created no legislation. As senator, he was an empty seat.

Dreams From My Father is the one substantive thing he has ever done. It's his one and only claim to intellectual substance. Without it, he's a party hack from the most corrupt political machine in America - with a slick line of bullshit.

If it was pulled together and made publishable by Ayers, it proves that Obama lied about the depth of their association. Along with other factors in his biography, it strongly indicates that the unrepentant terrorist was yet another Marxist anti-American mentor in Obama's life.

It means that American voters have been cheated, lied to, and victimized by a very nasty bunch of people. Every revelation like this will make the case.

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To: All

Sick. School Children Taught to Sing Praises to Obama

The radical left is now teaching American youth to sing praises to Obama:
Hat Tip Steve Tum

Of course, we've seen this sort of thing before.
Note the kids sing. "black red yellow white we're all equal in his sight barack obama"
Now compare Lenin kids. Wow.
Children Sing Praises to Obama

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To: All

Prez comes across as a gullible sap

Obama charts new world order - 23 Sep 09 video UN

"We have a disaster on our hands"
from; Rush Limbaugh yesterday after hearing this speech.

Indoctrination of our children

Kids Singing For Obama - CONFIRMED School Location (& Other Info That Some Have Been Seeking

The Truth About Income Inequality

Holdren says Constitution backs compulsory abortion

Transportation Secretary(RINO)Lahood slams talk radio and cable news channel hosts

Hawaii Department of Health Directors Fukino/Akubo Guilty of Misdirection.

Obama's Mad Money

Fact-Checking President Obama’s Health Care Talking Points

Increase in Telemarketers and Robo-calls in Business?

Global Warming Skepticism Grows as MSM Finally Notes Climatologist's 'Inconvenient' Findings

A Secret White House Power Grab Is In Full Swing

Gates fails to mention one little fact … by killing the Missile Shield, he makes the US vulnerable

'Glenn Beck: Post-Modern Conservative'

Is Nate Silver onto something?

Beck is a PoMoCon -- a post-modern conservative. And his philosophy is not all that difficult to articulate. It borrows a couple of things from traditional American conservatism:

-- It shares an extreme distrust for government, particularly the Federal Government.
-- It shares the notion that American society is in some sort of state of existential decline.

On the other hand, it also features some important differences:

-- It is much more distrustful of non-governmental institutions, such as labor unions, corporations, political parties, community groups, the media, and scientific institutions.
-- It is largely indifferent toward 'social issues'.
-- It is much less explicitly aligned with the Republican Party.
-- It has much less use for elites, which it also distrusts.

# Kathy Shaidle : 2009-09-23 19:21:49 EDT

Obama and ACORN (Barack Obama is ACORN. What else is he paying attention to? My healthcare?)

COVER-UP!!: US Government Trying To Hide ACORN/BIG Labor Alliance

Obama and ACORN

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"How many of you sang songs about Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush or Clinton?" 
We sang “My Country t’is of Thee” and the “Star Spangled Banner”. I don’t recall singing about any president.
 Lead Story
“Mmm mmm mmm:” New details about the Dear Leader song video; Update: School responds
By Michelle Malkin  •  September 24, 2009 09:04 AM

Scroll for updates…

Photoshop: Leo Alberti

In case you were wondering which school taught kids that “Barack Hussein Obama mmm mmm mmm” rap that I posted yesterday afternoon, here are some new details.

The video was originally posted in June 2009 here by YouTube user “brandnuwords.” Update: She has now removed the video sometime this morning. Here is the screenshot:

“Brandnuwords” is the YouTube account of Charisse Carney-Nunes. More on her in a moment.

YouTube user “alteredbeat” re-posted the video on September 6 here.

Alteredbeat e-mailed Carney-Nunes to inquire about the location of the school. She told him it was a school in South Jersey.

This screenshot from the video…

…matches up with this picture of the auditorium at B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington Township, NJ:

I have e-mailed the principal of the school with the following questions:

Did Ms. Carney-Nunes have permission to videotape the performance?

Were parents notified that their children would be participating in this activity prior to the lesson?

Was Ms. Carney-Nunes invited to the school to teach the children the song and about her book, “I am Barack Obama?”

Was the principal aware of this event and taping?

Back to Charisse Carney-Nunes. Via ModernConservative, Carney-Nunes is senior vice president of The Jamestown Project, “the award-winning author of the children’s books, I Am Barack Obama (2009),” and according to her biography, “a graduate of Harvard Law School, where she was a schoolmate of President Obama.” I have e-mailed Carney-Nunes for comment as well.

The Obama school song video that she taped shows her book featured on an easel next to the children hailing Dear Leader. She promotes her book as a tool that “allows children to see themselves through the inspirational story of President Obama growing up as an ordinary child asking, Who will change the world? Ultimately, he realizes that he will.”

She has spread this creepy cult message to schoolchildren across the country.

Coming to a classroom near you?


We already know what the response will be to critics of this elementary school agitprop: Raaaaaacist!


Mark Tapscott at the Examiner has a related warning on the driving force behind the progressive movement.

Guess he’s just another “kook,” too.


Jon at Exurban League has a response from the school district confirming the rap session as an official school activity.

The poorly written statement is posted on the school district’s site.

Posted in: Education

Defending Capitalism and Arguing Against Socialism

I apologize in advance if Kate had already posted this before, but I do not believe she has (nor could I find it anywhere in previous postings). This is a rather lengthy seminar, so I am authorizing you to pour 2 martinis, grab 2 cigars and getting yourself into a very comfy recliner. Below is the You Tube version (which is broken up into 14 separate 10 minute segments, which makes it more digestable, to see the other 13 segments it's probably best just to go to You Tube and view it from there)

There is also the full version available for download here if you wish to view it all in one shot or e-mail it to friends or have a long flight.

In short it is the most comprehensive seminar on the merits of capitalism, designed to arm viewers with the emprical economic proof needed to effectively argue for free markets and a capitalist economic system. It IS lengthy, but (at the risk of sounding arrogant) it is almost mandatory you watch it - when you have the time of course - because the data, research, etc., really is that vital and necessary for those who believe in freedom and free markets.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Ruh-Roh! Fallen Angels, anyone?
THE SUN COULD BE HEADED INTO a period of extended calm. “Researchers in the US may have discovered further evidence that the Sun is heading towards an extended period of quiet activity, the like of which has not been seen since the 17th century. The impact this may have on climate is poorly understood but it would be good news for satellite communications, which would continue to avoid the harsher impacts of space weather.”

OBAMA AND ACORN: Why did the president feign ignorance of ACORN when his relationship with the group goes back almost 20 years?”

Why? Because he figured he could get away with it.

DAMON ROOT: More on ACORN and Eminent Domain Abuse.



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To: All
"Anyone else notice the “I am Barack Obama” poster next to the chanting children?
That’s not honor. That’s worship."
Filed Under (Barack Obama, Leftists, Liberal Fascism, Progressives) by Rodan
September 24, 2009 at 9:11 am

A must see video!  This shows what Progressives the world over have done – brainwashed the youth.  Where it was once only Progressive regimes in Germany, Russia, China, Cuba, or Venezuela, now America seems to have created youth brigades with Leftist values programmed into them.  In other countries, these types of youths become loyal to the regime,  and in some cases will even turn on their own families.  What you are going to see is disturbing, because I never thought I would see it here.

Welcome to the Obama Youth!

Use The Link to see it!

Update: This has happen before in another Progressive Regime 70 Years ago!

Use The Link to see it!

Update 3: Here is the Russian Progressives Youth.

Use The Link to see it!

Update 4: Here is the Chinese Progressive Red Guard

Use The Link to see it!

Personal Update: The Teacher behind this Obama Youth singing should be arrested for Child Abuse. This video is very disturbing to me and has made me emotional. How can this be happening in America? How did these Progressive Traitors get the power to do this? Have we as a nation been asleep and the let this vile Progressives Movement take over?

These people need to be stopped and confronted, if this happens at your children’s school, please stop this. Children should be left innocent and free of Political Indoctrination.

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To: All

'SHARE THE WEALTH' WITH THE WORLD? -2008 - A reminder of senator Obama's "world vision"

Zazi Indicted For Conspiring To Detonate WMD

But, but- Dear Leader syas there is no "terror...."
Sing louder, children!

Video: Children sing songs of Obama’s glory (“Hooray Mr. President, you are number one!”)

Meanwhile, at least on nation has a real man for a leader:

Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu Refutes Holocaust Deniers at U.N. - "Is This a Lie?" - Video 9/24/09

Here is video of Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today dramatically refuting the Holocaust deniers from Iran and elsewhere in his speech to the United Nations. This video is the opening section of the speech where he produced documents to prove the planning of the Holocaust that eventually resulted in the extermination of 6 million Jews by the Nazis.

You can hear Netanyahu's entire speech here.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Obama takes the supplication of America to a disgusting new level

Bitter Harvests to Come [Victor Davis Hanson on 0bama UN speech + Bolton and Krauthammer]

Anarchists and Other Lunatic Fringe Liberals Have Begun G20 Demonstrations

The Dog Ate Global Warming - Interpreting climate data can be hard enough. What if some key data...

ACORN’s mysterious sugar daddy ( Email Blast Exposed by John Ziegler! )

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To: All

School District Where Creepy Obama Video Produced Issues Statement


A follow up on this morning's post...

The school district says it was produced as part of Black History Month but wasn't supposed to be recorded or released.

No apology, no admission this was wrong and no sign that the people responsible will be censured.

Hey school district, I'm real happy for you and Imma let you finish, but ACORN had some of the best tapes that weren't supposed to be recorded or released of ALL TIME.

Posted by: Kanye at September 24, 2009 01:50 PM (5WqvK)

Move along now, nothing to see here.

Unwritten subtext...shut up or you're racist.

via @michellemalkin

In case you missed it earlier, the video is below the fold.

Continue reading

Posted by DrewM. at 01:37 PM New Comments Thingy
182 151 UPDATE (12:30 p.m.): After a bit of Internet sleuthing, I have found who appears to be behind the video: The publishers of a children's book titled, I Am Barack Obama by Charisse Carney-Nunes. A cover of the book is placed on an easel to the left of the children and the video was originally posted on the publisher's YouTube account in observance of Father's Day

"I Am Barack Obama" is published by Brand Nu Words.  BNW is owned by Charisse Carney-Nunes.  It is LIKELY that this book was paid for with funds from The Jamestown Project.  TJP has paid to publish and promote other books.  I'd need to see IRS 990 documents from 2008 and 2009.  These will not be available easily anytime soon.

I'm not certain which foundation is supplying these funds to TJP, but its tax records make it look like a front organization for Stephanie Robinson and her husband Ronald Sullivan.  Soros funds TJP.  TJP pays SR and RS a salary of $0.  TJP pays Robinson Sullivan Group(wholly owned by SR and RS) $100,000 for "consulting".

The Soros-Axelrod Axis?

Obama at fund-raiser at Steven and Judy Gluckstern’s home, April 9, 2007. George Soros is seated to the right of the stairs.
(Photo: Michael Edwards)

The investment banker Robert Wolf first met Barack Obama one afternoon in December in a midtown conference room. Obama was in town to deliver a speech at a charity dinner for children in poverty at the Mandarin Oriental—but also to pursue another, less high-minded, but more momentous, objective: to begin the process of attempting to pick Hillary Clinton’s pocket.

The conference room belonged to George Soros, the billionaire bête noire of the right. After talking to Soros for an hour about his prospective bid for the White House, Obama walked down the hall and found assembled a dozen of the city’s heaviest-hitting Democratic fund-raisers: investment banker Hassan Nemazee, Wall Street power Blair Effron, private-equity hotshot Mark Gallogly, hedge-fund manager Orin Kramer. Most had been big-time John Kerry backers in 2004. Most had a connection to the Clintons. All were officially uncommitted for 2008.


7 posted on Thursday, September 24, 2009 7:38:24 AM by maggief

Hot Hooker Solicits Money


Hannah Giles' defense fund.

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What a real leader- versus a hollow fraud- states, like a man.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's UN Speech: "But to those who gave this Holocaust-denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people, the Jewish people, and decent people everywhere: Have you no shame? Have you no decency?" "What a disgrace!"

Videos at the LINK:

The last man standing Here is the transcript of Prime Minister's speech to the UN.

Mr. President,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Nearly 62 years ago, the United Nations recognized the right of the Jews, an ancient people 3,500 years-old, to a state of their own in their ancestral homeland.
I stand here today as the Prime Minister of Israel, the Jewish state, and I speak to you on behalf of my country and my people.

The United Nations was founded after the carnage of and the horrors of the Holocaust.  It was charged with preventing the recurrence of such horrendous events.  Nothing has undermined that central mission more than the systematic assault on the truth.

Yesterday the President of Iran stood at this very podium, spewing his latest anti-Semitic rants.  Just a few days earlier, he again claimed that the Holocaust is a lie.
Last month, I went to a villa in a suburb of Berlin called Wannsee.  There, on January 20, 1942, after a hearty meal, senior Nazi officials met and decided how to exterminate people.  The detailed minutes of that meeting have been preserved by successive German governments. 

Here is a copy of those minutes, in which the Nazis issued precise instructions on how to carry out the extermination of the Jews.   Is this a lie? 

A day before I was in Wannsee, I was given in Berlin the original construction plans for the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.  Those plans are signed by Hitler’s deputy, Heinrich Himmler himself.  Here is a copy of the plans for Auschwitz-Birkenau, where one million Jews were murdered.  Is this too a lie?

This June, President Obama visited the Buchenwald concentration camp.  Did President Obama pay tribute to a lie? And what of the Auschwitz survivors whose arms still bear the tattooed numbers branded on them by the Nazis? Are those tattoos a lie? 

One-third of all Jews perished in the conflagration.  Nearly every Jewish family was affected, including my own.  My wife's grandparents, her father’s two sisters and three brothers, and all the aunts, uncles and cousins were all murdered by the Nazis.  Is that also a lie? 
Yesterday, the man who calls the Holocaust a lie spoke from this podium.  To those who refused to come here and to those who left this room in protest, I commend you.  You stood up for moral clarity and you brought honor to your countries.

But to those who gave this Holocaust-denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people,  the Jewish people, and decent people everywhere: Have you no shame?  Have you no decency? 

A mere six decades after the Holocaust, you give legitimacy to a man who denies that the murder of six million Jews took place and pledges to wipe out the Jewish state. What a disgrace!  What a mockery of the charter of the United Nations! 

Perhaps some of you think that this man and his odious regime threaten only the Jews.  You're wrong.  History has shown us time and again that what starts with attacks on the Jews eventually ends up engulfing many others.

This Iranian regime is fueled by an extreme fundamentalism that burst onto the world scene three decades ago after lying dormant for centuries. 

In the past thirty years, this fanaticism has swept the globe with a murderous violence and cold-blooded impartiality in its choice of victims.   It has callously slaughtered Moslems and Christians, Jews and Hindus, and many others.  Though it is comprised of different offshoots, the adherents of this unforgiving creed seek to return humanity to medieval times. Wherever they can, they impose a backward regimented society where women, minorities, gays or anyone not deemed to be a true believer is brutally subjugated.

The struggle against this fanaticism does not pit faith against faith nor civilization against civilization.  It pits civilization against barbarism, against the 9th century, those who sanctify life against those who glorify death. The primitivism of the 9th century ought to be no match for the progress of  the 21st century.  The allure of freedom, the power of technology, the reach of communications should surely win the day.  

Ultimately, the past cannot triumph over the future.  And the future offers all nations magnificent bounties of hope.   The pace of progress is growing exponentially.  It took us centuries to get from the printing press to the telephone, decades to get from the telephone to the personal computer, and only a few years to get from the personal computer to the internet.  

What seemed impossible a few years ago is already outdated, and we can scarcely fathom the changes that are yet to come.

We will crack the genetic code.  We will cure the incurable.  We will lengthen our lives.  We will find a cheap to fossil fuels and clean up the planet.   

I am proud that my country Israel is at the forefront of these advances – by leading innovations in science and technology, medicine and biology, agriculture and water, energy and the environment.  These innovations the world over offer humanity a sunlit future of unimagined promise. 

But if the most primitive fanaticism can acquire the most deadly weapons, the march of history could be reversed for a time.   And like the belated victory over the Nazis, the forces of progress and freedom will prevail only after a horrific toll of blood and fortune has been exacted from mankind.

That is why the greatest threat facing the world today is the marriage between religious fanaticism and the weapons of mass destruction, and the most urgent challenge facing this body is to prevent the tyrants of Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Are the member states of the United Nations up to that challenge?  Will the international community confront a despotism that terrorizes its own people as they bravely stand up for freedom?
Will it take action against the dictators who stole an election in broad daylight and gunned down Iranian protesters who died in the streets choking in their own blood?

Will the international community thwart the world's most pernicious sponsors and practitioners of terrorism?

Above all, will the international community stop the terrorist regime of Iran from developing atomic weapons, thereby endangering the peace of the entire world?
The people of Iran are courageously standing up to this regime.  People of goodwill around the world stand with them, as do the thousands who have been protesting outside this hall.   Will the United Nations stand by their side?

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The jury is still out on the United Nations, and recent signs are not encouraging. 

Rather than condemning the terrorists and their Iranian patrons, some here have condemned their victims.  That is exactly what a recent UN report on Gaza did, falsely equating the terrorists with those they targeted.

For eight long years, Hamas fired from Gaza thousands of missiles, mortars and rockets on nearby Israeli cities.   Year after year, as these missiles were deliberately hurled at our civilians, not a single UN resolution was passed condemning those criminal attacks.
We heard nothing – absolutely nothing – from the UN Human Rights Council, a misnamed institution if there ever was one.
In 2005, hoping to advance peace, Israel unilaterally withdrew from every inch of Gaza.  It dismantled 21 settlements and uprooted over 8,000 Israelis. 

We didn't get peace.  Instead we got an Iranian backed terror base fifty miles from Tel Aviv.   Life in Israeli towns and cities next to Gaza became a nightmare.

You see, the Hamas rocket attacks not only continued, they increased tenfold. Again, the UN was silent.
Finally, after eight years of this unremitting assault, Israel was finally forced to respond.  But how should we have responded? 

Well, there is only one example in history of thousands of rockets being fired on a country's civilian population.  It happened when the Nazis rocketed British cities during World War II.  

During that war, the allies leveled German cities, causing hundreds of thousands of casualties.   Israel chose to respond differently.  Faced with an enemy committing a double war crime of firing on civilians while hiding behind civilians – Israel sought to conduct surgical strikes against the rocket launchers.

That was no easy task because the terrorists were firing missiles from homes and schools, using mosques as weapons depots and ferreting explosives in ambulances.

Israel, by contrast, tried to minimize casualties by urging Palestinian civilians to vacate the targeted areas.  We dropped countless flyers over their homes, sent thousands of text messages and called thousands of cell phones asking people to leave.

Never has a country gone to such extraordinary lengths to remove the enemy's civilian population from harm's way.   Yet faced with such a clear case of aggressor and victim, who did the UN Human Rights Council decide to condemn? Israel. 

A democracy legitimately defending itself against terror is morally hanged, drawn and quartered, and given an unfair trial to boot.
By these twisted standards, the UN Human Rights Council would have dragged Roosevelt and Churchill to the dock as war criminals.  What a perversion of truth!  What a perversion of justice!

Delegates of the United Nations,
Will you accept this farce?    Because if you do, the United Nations would revert to its darkest days, when the worst violators of human rights sat in judgment against the law-abiding democracies, when Zionism was equated with racism and when an automatic majority could declare that the earth is flat.

If this body does not reject this report, it would send a message to terrorists everywhere: Terror pays; if you launch your attacks from densely populated areas, you will win immunity.
And in condemning Israel, this body would also deal a mortal blow to peace.  Here's why.  When Israel left Gaza, many hoped that the missile attacks would stop.  Others believed that at the very least, Israel would have international legitimacy to exercise its right of self-defense. 

What legitimacy?  What self-defense? 

The same UN that cheered Israel as it left Gaza and promised to back our right of self-defense now accuses us –my people, my country - of war crimes?  And for what?  For acting responsibly in self-defense.  What a travesty!

Israel justly defended itself against terror.  This biased and unjust report is a clear-cut test for all governments.   Will you stand with Israel or will you stand with the terrorists? 

We must know the answer to that question now.   Now and not later.  Because if Israel is again asked to take more risks for peace, we must know today that you will stand with us tomorrow.
Only if we have the confidence that we can defend ourselves can we take further risks for peace.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
All of Israel wants peace.   Any time an Arab leader genuinely wanted peace with us, we made peace.   We made peace with Egypt led by Anwar Sadat.  We made peace with Jordan led by King Hussein.
And if the Palestinians truly want peace, I and my government, and the people of Israel, will make peace.  But we want a genuine peace, a defensible peace, a permanent peace.
In 1947, this body voted to establish two states for two peoples – a Jewish state and an Arab state.  The Jews accepted that resolution.  The Arabs rejected it.   We ask the Palestinians to finally do what they have refused to do for 62 years:  Say yes to a Jewish state. 

Just as we are asked to recognize a nation-state for the Palestinian people, the Palestinians must be asked to recognize the nation state of the Jewish people.   The Jewish people are not foreign conquerors in the Land of Israel.   This is the land of our forefathers.
Inscribed on the walls outside this building is the great Biblical vision of peace: "Nation shall not lift up sword against nation.  They shall learn war no more."   These words were spoken by the Jewish prophet Isaiah 2,800 years ago as he walked in my country, in my city - in the hills of Judea and in the streets of Jerusalem.   We are not strangers to this land.  It is our homeland.

As deeply connected as we are to this land, we recognize that the Palestinians also live there and want a home of their own.   We want to live side by side with them, two free peoples living in peace, prosperity and dignity.

But we must have security.  The Palestinians should have all the powers to govern themselves except those handful of powers that could endanger Israel. 

That is why a Palestinian state must be effectively demilitarized.   We don't want another Gaza, another Iranian backed terror base abutting Jerusalem and perched on the hills a few kilometers from Tel Aviv.
We want peace.

I believe such a peace can be achieved.  But only if we roll back the forces of terror, led by Iran, that seek to destroy peace, eliminate Israel and overthrow the world order.
The question facing the international community is whether it is prepared to confront those forces or accommodate them.
Over seventy years ago, Winston Churchill lamented what he called the "confirmed unteachability of mankind," the unfortunate habit of civilized societies to sleep until danger nearly overtakes them.

Churchill bemoaned what he called the "want of foresight, the unwillingness to act when action will be simple and effective, the lack of clear thinking, the confusion of counsel until emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong.”

I speak here today in the hope that Churchill's assessment of the "unteachability of mankind" is for once proven wrong.  
I speak here today in the hope that we can learn from history -- that we can prevent danger in time.
In the spirit of the timeless words spoken to Joshua over 3,000 years ago, let us be strong and of good courage.  Let us confront this peril, secure our future and, God willing, forge an enduring peace for generations to come.

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To: All
REMEMBER HOW WE HEARD ABOUT THE DANGERS OF THE ENTIRELY NONVIOLENT TEA PARTY PROTESTS? But will we hear the same clucking-of-tongues about the G20 riots? No arrests like these at the Tea Parties, either. Until we see scenes like this, I don’t want to hear yammering about the violence inherent in the Tea Party movement.
SERIOUSLY? The Dog Ate My Global Warming Data. “Apparently, they were either lost or purged from some discarded computer. Only a very few people know what really happened, and they aren’t talking much. And what little they are saying makes no sense.”
I THOUGHT THAT OBAMA’S ELECTION WOULD MEAN THEY WOULDN’T HATE US ANYMORE: FBI arrests Jordanian citizen for attempting to bomb skyscraper in downtown Dallas. (Via JWF).

Ho-hum: Just another illegal alien jihadi suspect

"The ‘Jonestown Project’ is more like it."

What’s the Jamestown Project? Plus: Finding your “inner Obama”

September 24, 2009 03:37 PM by Michelle Malkin

Charisse Carney-Nunes, who originally posted the Burlington Township (NJ) elementary school Obama chant video, has not responded to requests for comment — though someone did remove the video from her account this morning, as I mentioned earlier today. I linked to her bio at the Jamestown Project, where she is Senior Vice President of Programs. (FYI: In this interview, she says she has accepted a job with the Obama administration’s Transportation Department.)

What’s the Jamestown Project? From its “About Us” section:

The Jamestown Project is a diverse action-oriented think tank of new leaders who reach across boundaries and generations to make democracy real. Founded and operated primarily by people of color and women, The Jamestown Project consists of scholars, activists, and communities who use five broad strategies to achieve our mission: generating new ideas; promoting meaningful public conversations and engagement; cultivating new leaders; formulating political strategy and public policy; and using cutting-edge communications techniques that reach a broad public.

From its curriculum guide for 3rd-5th graders:

Children Do Democracy Too is an outgrowth of our Doing Democracy work. The purpose of the initiative is to equip children with the knowledge and tools necessary to meaningfully participate in civil society and democracy. The central question we seek to answer is, “How do we instill the values of citizenship and active participation into the youngest, and in many ways the most important, members of our democracy?”

The Jamestown Project released A Children’s Curriculum for Civic Engagement in the Fall of 2008 as part of this initiative. The curriculum is based on our book I DREAM FOR YOU A WORLD: A COVENANT FOR OUR CHILDREN.

The Curriculum adapts the concepts from the book into lessons and activities to promote civic engagement to elementary aged children. Grades 3 – 5 are the optimal age for children to not only understand their place in the world, but also a time to begin to comprehend their power and potential to make a difference in their own lives, their family, their communities, and their country.

We are currently piloting the curriculum and seeking new partners to help us evaluate the program, share learning, and to strategize about achieving future goals.

Question: How many other public schools have “instilled the values of citizenship and active participation into the youngest” through Jamestown Project Senior VP Carney-Nunes’ Obama-chanting rituals?

Here’s at least one other school in Salem, NJ at which Carney-Nunes proselytized — even urging one student to keep looking for “that inner Obama:”

From the hard wooden chairs of the Salem Middle School auditorium, children shouted gleefully “I am Barack Obama!” here Tuesday, prompted by the renowned author who penned a book of the same name.

Charisse Carney-Nunes, a former classmate of the president’s at Harvard Law School, spent her birthday reading some of her collection to the third-grade class, the colorful pages emblazoned on a big-screen projector above her.

Her stories are of a hope that often finds confinement within the poverty-stricken city.

“The most important thing I think, and the reason the book is called I Am Barack Obama, is because I like when children say I am Barack Obama,” Carney-Nunes said. “They understand that there is a little bit of Barack Obama in all of us.”

Her latest endeavor captures the journey of Obama from childhood to the White House steps, offering that the power to change the world lies with all of us…It was the endless series of questions about Obama that Carney-Nunes received during school book tours last year that led to her latest venture, she pointed out.

“They just wanted to talk about Barack Obama,” she said. “I decided you know what, it would be easiest if I just wrote a book.

At the end of the program, each child received a copy of Carney-Nunes publication. At least one was signed with a message to keep looking for that inner-Obama.


Fun fact: Carney-Nunes’ Jamestown Project colleague Bakari Kitwana defended radical former green jobs czar Van Jones on FNC earlier this month:

At the Huffington Post, Kitwana smeared parents and conservative commentators who objected to the White House junior lobbyists-in-the-schools effort earlier this month as — you guessed it — RAAAAACISTS.


Here’s a Jamestown Project overview reel:

Posted in: Education
"Every one of Jamestown Project speakers is regurgitating the same liberal gibberish of “democracy” that’s been spouted by con artists and nutjobs for years. They produce nothing of worth, except division and ideas that produce economic ruin."

The 3 R’s in the Age of Obama: Rappin’, revolution & radicalism

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 25, 2009 03:18 AM


The three R’s in the Age of Obama: Rappin’, revolution & radicalism
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2009

When the White House announced plans for the president’s nationwide address to schoolchildren two weeks ago, worried parents were dismissed as “kooks.” We pointed to the subtext of “social justice” activism rampant in American classrooms. It’s time for a big, fat Told You So.

Out of the spotlight, politicized lessons continue to supplant core academics.

At the B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington Township, N.J. earlier this year, schoolchildren were instructed to memorize a paean to Barack Obama. A video uploaded to the YouTube account of Charisse Carney-Nunes, author of the children’s book “I Am Barack Obama” and a self-described Harvard Law “schoolmate” of the president’s, showed students lined up in the auditorium snapping their fingers and chanting in unison:

Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama
He said all should lend a hand to make the country strong again
Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama
He said we must be fair today, equal work means equal pay.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama
He said take a stand, make sure everyone gets a chance
Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama
He said red, yellow, black and white, all are equal in his sight
Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama
Yeah! Barack Hussein Obama

…Hello Mr. President, We honor you today
For all your great accomplishments, we all do say hooray
Hooray, Mr. President you are No. 1
The first black American to lead this nation

Acknowledging the historic nature of Obama’s presidency (“the first black American”) is one thing. Deifying him with creepy spiritual references (“red, yellow, black and white, all are equal in his sight” is cribbed from the famous hymn “Jesus Loves the Little Children;” cheering “you are No. 1”) is quite another. Burlington Township (NJ) school officials said Thursday the recording and dissemination of the video was “unauthorized,” but acknowledged that the Obama praise session was part of the students’ official curriculum.

Carney-Nunes’s Obama book was on prominent display during the students’ performance. It is a tool, she says, that “allows children to see themselves through the inspirational story of President Obama growing up as an ordinary child asking, ‘Who will change the world? Ultimately, he realizes that he will.’” Seeing everything through the lens of Obama, as his incessantly self-referential United Nations speech demonstrated, is a trademark of the perpetual Obama campaign.

This O-cult lesson is exactly the kind of junior campaign lobbying activity that White House officials planned around the president’s education speech. Alert parents and administrators called out the Department of Education’s activist, Obama-centric education manuals before the event. Federal officials altered the language. Obama delivered an innocuous speech. But on cue, education radicals goaded students to engage in political activism.

White House and Hollywood moguls launched a “Get Schooled” initiative this month with Obama that urges students to lobby for higher teacher pay and to embrace the rallying cries “Know Your Rights” and “Change the System.”

At the New Trier High School in Northfield, Illinois, educators followed up on President Obama’s address with a 45-minute “extended adviser” discussion last week to explore “the significant messages inherent in his speech.” Illinois writer/blogger Tom Blumer reports that “parents were not informed on a timely basis as to what was going to happen, and were given no specific instructions on how to have their child opt out of the ‘discussions.’” The school’s principal and assistant principal sent out suggestive questions focused on Dear Leader’s Do Something missives:

* Why do you think President Obama listed the responsibilities of teachers, parents, and the government before discussing your responsibility for your education?
* What are you “good at” and what do you have “to offer” your family, friends, and community?
* In the speech, President Obama spoke of some of the steps of Effective Effort. Identify them, using direct quotations from the text to support your assertions.
* Respond to President Obama’s final questions for you: “What’s your contribution going to be?…”

In addition to radical White House Teaching Fellows like Chicago high school educator Xian Barrett (an outspoken charter school foe who founded a “Social Justice Club” and bussed students to protest) and Michelle Bissonnette, a Los Altos, Calif., teacher who is “focused on developing my leadership as a more culturally and racially conscious educator,” the White House has embraced controversial homosexual rights’ advocate Kevin Jennings as “Safe Schools czar.” Jennings founded the controversial GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network), which aggressively pushes sexually explicit, age-inappropriate books and lesson plans on alternative lifestyles.

Lost in all the chanting for change is the core commitment to impart actual knowledge. For progressives in the Age of Obama, setting high academic standards is secondary to the self-improvement of the “whole child” and “service” to the cause of social justice.

Out: Readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic.

In: Rappin’, revolution, and radicalism.

Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Photoshop: Leo Alberti

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BlogWarZ! Now, with even MORE snark!
( And I was around nearly as long as this guy... )
Filed Under (Blogwars) by savage
September 24, 2009 at 2:14 pm

And its a good one! Courtesy of earth2moonbat…

For those who don’t know who E2M is, he was a very long time poster at LGF who was probably on the site about the same time I was, which was seven years. A very good man and a good friend of mine. At any rate, here is the entire last post of earth2moonbat.

The entire thing is a must read with a ton of links and youtube stuff and all around hilarity.

Update: Here is Glenn beck taking LGF and others to task.

Glenn Beck laughing at Chuckie the Clown.

1,794 posted on 09/25/2009 1:58:10 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

The Speech of the Century: Benjamin Netanyahu's UN Speech

Bibi Burns Down UN with Speech, palestinian chick flees (Full Text ILLUSTRATED)

Iran Has Nuclear Warhead Plants In Tehran: Exiled Opposition

Officials: Iran has revealed existence of a second uranium enrichment plant

Well, the Israelis have got to move now, insofar as the President is a coward (if he is not a traitor - I still haven’t made up my mind on that count) and will never confront the Iranians.

SKorea could swiftly hit NKorea nuke bases

Man arrested in alleged attempt to bomb Dallas skyscraper (He's Muslim)

Inoperative Cameras Hinder SEPTA 'Photo' Probe (possible Jihadi in Philly?)

Obama and the Trust Factor

I really can’t stand his lying, his disingenuousness, his pandering to despots and crooks, his Faustian arrangement with his Big Daddy George Soros, his obvious disdain of white people and anyone wealthy, and with those who work and earn an honest living, I’ll just say this: “I DETEST EVERYTHING HE BELIEVES IN. BUT PLEASE NOTE I’M ONLY DETESTING THE WHITE PART OF HIM.”

Mark Levin: Netanyahu ’sounds like ‘Reagan’ and Obama ’sounds worse than Neville Chamberlain’

Hugo Chavez Plays Race Card To Fox Reporter "You're Criticizing Obama Because He's Black" (Video)

U.N. 'doesn't smell of sulfur anymore,' says Chavez (leftist thugs/dictators ADORE Hussein)

Dictators: In Love with Obama

It's in the Koran

Dislike Obama? You must be racist

MSNBC’s Norah O'Donnell Aggressively Defends Video of Kids Singing to Obama

Obama Cult (Student indoctrination on video)

Sunstein: Fetuses 'use' women, abortion limits 'troublesome'

1,795 posted on 09/25/2009 3:13:38 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

Orson Scott Card on Obama, a lying radical leftist who breaks promises, and his incompetent clowns

“More and more Americans, however, are getting their news from Fox and the internet; more and more Americans are becoming offended by the contemptuous way Obama and his chums stand there in the dark of night telling us it’s daylight and calling us names if we disagree.”

Obama’s Dangerous UN Agenda

Obama's Two Degrees of Separation from Farrakhan and Gaddafi

An undated picture with Michelle and Mother Farrakhan

What Global Regulator Does Obama Have In Mind?

Iran May Hide Nuke Technology in Tunnels (Bush had already warned the UN of Iran's secret sites)

More Details on What the U.S. Knows About Iran's Secret Nuclear Site (What? Bush didn't lie?)

Obama Likes Tyrants and Dislikes America . . . and Here's More Proof

Fed audit review beginning in Congress

Austria in the '30s: Mirror to America (Heil Obama!)

Obama Appoints Muslim to High-level Position in Department of Homeland Security (More treachery)

Global Warming Radicals at Premiere of "Anti-Flying" Docudrama Asked "How did you get here?" - Video


ACORN's corporate donors backing off

Grassley: ACORN Uses Tax-Exempt Entities to Funnel Money to Itself

Not Only ACORN

1,796 posted on 09/25/2009 9:18:08 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

Obama's FCC Chief Can't Wait to Get His Hands on the Internet

The free market has worked wonders in the world of the Internet. It is vast and open to anyone who wants to use it. It's also the one domain the government has not yet been able to control. If Obama's new FCC chairman, Julius Genachowski, has his way, all that will change. Why? Because Genachowski thinks that the only way the Internet can remain open to everyone is if the government gets involved and does the monitoring.

I'll wait for you to stop laughing....

Genachowski wants us to ignore the undeniable fact that the Internet is as open and vast as it is because the government has had nothing to do with it. But that won't stop Genachowski. From Reason Online:

Last Monday, in his first big speech as President Barack Obama's new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman, Julius Genachowski began by singing the Web's praises, and portraying it as vital to the workings of society. "Today," he said, "we can't imagine what our lives would be like without the Internet--any more than we can imagine life without running water or the light bulb." On this point, nearly everyone can agree.

Unfortunately, Genachowski drew exactly the wrong lessons from his initial insight: Rather than see the Internet's growth and integration into everyday life as evidence that government intervention isn't necessary, the Web's chief regulator took the opposite view--that the Net's size and scope make government meddling a necessity. The Internet, in other words, is Too Connected to Fail.

The theme of the speech was openness, but for Genachowski, an "open Internet" seems to mean a "government-monitored Internet." Innovators and entrepreneurs may have been responsible for making the Web great, but care, oversight, and access are now up to the government. "Congress and the President have charged the FCC with developing a National Broadband Plan to ensure that every American has access to open and robust broadband," he said.

The message from Genachowski to the free market is "thanks for making the Internet such a great success, but we're from the government and can take it from here."

But there's a much larger message going on here that should concern all Americans. We're being told that not only should government intervene when a system is broken, as Obama has been arguing is the case with health care, but now we hear that the government should also intervene with a system even when it is very successful as is the case with the Internet.

So, here's the exit question: is there an area of public life that the Obama administration thinks it should not interfere?

The answer: No. Obama and his like minded leftists are focused on one thing: control. They claim they are concerned about the common good, but the truth is they are just a bunch of control freaks.

1,797 posted on 09/25/2009 11:32:50 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

Column One: An enfeebled Obama (Is 0 secretly promoting Iran's nuclear program?)

Obama Knew Iranians Lied About Nuclear Facility & Still Wanted To Help Them

The Chicago Ouroboros: Obama, Ayers, Oughton, Dohrn, Minow, Taibbi, Koch, and DARK POOL TRADING

Obamacare: Buy insurance or go to jail!


Ceausescu: The King Of Communism

We have something slightly different today. Transsylvania Phoenix has a fascinating documentary in one of his posts today called Ceausescu: The King of Communism. It's an excellent documentary that does have many eerie parallels with today.

What struck me the most was the personality cult around Ceausescu and how the media so willingly supported him. It reminds me of a certain leader of this country today. Now, I know our country is not in the state that Romania was during Ceausescu's rule, but it is something to consider.

The four parts of the documentary are embedded below the page jump.

1,798 posted on 09/25/2009 12:46:43 PM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

Chickens Roosting [Victor Davis Hanson on Iran's secret uranium-enrichment facility + NRO editorial]

For the better part of a decade, the diplomatic establishment has wanted — for reasons self-interested in some cases and in others naïve — the world to think that Iran’s intentions are peaceful. Iran seems determined to prove it wrong. How much more confirmation do we wish to see?


Emanuel: Healthcare Will Pass by Thanksgiving


Any legislation passed without reading shouldn’t be enforceable.

1,799 posted on 09/25/2009 3:18:25 PM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All
As noted on the web, Sarkozy has become De Facto, the leader of  the Free World, not Mo'Bambam...

SARKOZY MOCKS OBAMA at U.N. Security Council.

Two eras

As heads of state gather at the United Nations and issue calls for world peace and disarmament, it may be interesting to think back seventy years to another time when  publics also thought that war could be abolished by diplomacy.


(74) Comments

As the comedian Larry Miller puts it:

“When I see a bumper sticker that says ‘No More Hiroshimas’ I wish I had one that said ‘You First, No More Pearl Harbors’”

As for myself, when I see a bumper sticker that says “Visualize World Peace” I wish I had one that says “Screw the World Peace, Visualize World Freedom”

60. Mad Fiddler:

Maybe someone has already recalled this – I have to run and I didn’t take time to read through all the usual acute comments…

Let’s remember that the United Nations bureaucracies brought you (1) retreat from Rwanda to allow 850,000 people to be slaughtered with garden implements, when a few regiments of Blue Berets with side arms could have made a difference; (2) children and women being forced to provide sexual favors for U.N. petty bureaucrats who took advantage of their position of power over them; (3) Oil-for-Food fiasco, which was supposed to carefully monitor the sale of Iraqi Oil to purchase food and medicines for the Iraqi people, and instead, provided vast opportunities for Koffi Annan’s son and cronies to pocket hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes and kick-backs, while Saddam Hussein Barama… I mean Saddam Hussein the Dictator of Iraq (to distinguish from other dictators) built more palaces, imported more truckloads of pornographic tapes, liquor and drugs, paid prostitutes, and chocolate bon-bons as the children of Iraq withered and died from starvation, bad water, lack of medical care and heavy metal poisoning, when they weren’t being murdered anyway by the Iraqi Secret Police.

Screw the U.N. They are a bunch of Thugs that make ACORN and SEIU seem almost honest...

Ghost written books? It appears so.

“Andersen Book Blows Ayers’ Cover on ‘Dreams’”

This chart shows that Obama spent at least 730 million on his election.

Didnt McCain take public funds?
And this chart shows McCain spent 330 million.

Last time I checked 730 is a higher number then 330.

“An earthquake is coming.”  ...Our country skates on thin ice today wherein that thin line separates our economy and security (domestic and foreign) from very serious trouble. As Kevin noted earlier, some believe Republicans are leaderless while Democrats are out of control. Others believe Democrats are leaderless while Republicans are irrelevant. Whichever is the case, an earthquake is coming. Evidence of it is in the popular culture where apocalyptic stories permeate television and books. (Hell, even bomb shelters are on the rise (pardon the metaphor).) One wonders if anyone in Washington is actually paying attention.
"...just look at gun and ammo sales. Through the roof!! As is a lot of survival equipment. You are right, the politicians and the MSM still haven't gotten it. Real people have and that knowledge is spreading. People tend to take notice what is going on around them and take that as reality and are starting to question the media and government. Real people in the real world don't see the glimmers of hope that the MSM and White House are selling." THE SEVEN BEST FIRST AID KITS for any situation.

Unreal-- Obamacare Violators Will Face Up to One Year in Jail

Buy Obamacare or face jail... One year in jail.
The Politico reported:
The Politico posted a copy of the note sent to Senator Ensign.

1,800 posted on 09/26/2009 3:17:19 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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