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To: dead

Let's take a look at the lies this French idiot is promulgating:

"America's problems are structural...America will still have one child in six living in poverty;"

Poor families tend to have a lot of kids. Having a lot of kids makes it hard to save and/or earn more. Most families in the US are well off. The average per capita income of our poorest state is still higher than per capita income of Sweden (part of the alleged socialist EU paradise).

"America will still have two million people in jail;"

So f'ing what? Are we suppose to let criminals roam the streets? I know France allows their Muslims free reign and consider gang rapes of girls just another culture, but we have actual moral standards in America. Per capita crime rates in the US is actually lower than in Canada, Britain, France or Germany. If you're so keen on letting criminals go free, tell me your address in France and I'll pay you a visit. You sound like you have some money and are amenable to getting the crap beat out of you.

"America will still have military installations in 50 countries."

And yet not a single one of those countries have asked the US to leave. In fact, when the US even mention redeployment in S Korea, they threw a hissy fit.

"By studying America's self-image, we can collect symptoms of the disease; that ails American society. Is America truly the beacon of justice? Not when it tortures prisoners."

The US hasn't even come close to the horrors France committed in Algeria and Vietnam. One of my distant relatives was beheaded by the French in 1954.

"Is America truly the cradle of democracy? Not when its president is elected by a minority, not when government for corporations displaces by the people for the people."

We have those laws to prevent a tyrany of the majority and to make sure that everyone, in all states is heard. And how good is France's system when a Nazi sympathiser like Le Penn gets nearly 1/5 of the vote for president?

"Is America the land of the free? Not when powerful corporations can silence dissidents like Michael Moore."

Funny, one corporation doesn't think they can make money distributing Moore's tripe and this idiot cries conspiracy because he doesn't know how a free-market economy works. Here's an important fact that you missed Frenchie - the audience is also free to ignore that idiot. Moore not only was able to get his movie funded and made but small distributors are going to him because the audience for that shite is small. I guess he didn't learn anything about economics at Harvard.

"Is America the land of plenty? Not when one household in thirteen lives in a trailer."

Un-f'ing believable. Where the hell did this stat come from? In the US, over 90% of people over the age of 40 own the home they live in. That's a rate unprecedent in all of human history.

"Does the US have the best way of life? In a BBC poll, 96 per cent of Americans say that foreigners want to live in America. In the same poll, one Australian in 100 says she would prefer to live in America."

In America, you live the life you want for the most part. There really is no best way of life, but we know life with air conditioing is better than letting thousands of our grandparents die while everyone else goes on vacation. But just because one set of foreigners doesn't want to give up their already comfortable lives to move across the world doesn't mean that there aren't other foreigners that do. Maybe that's why the US has more immigrants than the rest of the world combined. That's not even counting all those illegal immigrants that flock to the US.

"It's not hard to guess why: Australians like paid vacations, Medicare, the fair go, even if it doesn't always work perfectly."

I have paid vacations and company paid health insurance that is better than Medicare or Medicaid. My family came here with nothing, but now my four siblings and I have 5 college degrees and 4 graduate degrees, work for Fortune 500 companies. That sounds like a fair go.

'America is the best.'

We win the most Nobel Prizes; get awarded the most patents; award the most graduate degrees; publish the most scientific papers and literature; our arts and media is the most popular and critically aclaimmed; we produce 32% of the world's economy despite being less than 5% of the world's population; our military power is unparalleled; etc... So I would say the US has as good a claim to being the best as anyone.

'Corporations have a right to maximise profit.'

It's not the only thing corporations do, but not many people start a business to lose money.

'Government should serve the economy.'

Well it's a lot better than having the economy serve the government (see the former USSR).

'People must look after themselves.'

Can I move into your home and mooch off you for the rest of my life Julian?

'Status comes from wealth.'

That's true in every society, culture and country since the beginning of man. Good try at pinning avarice on the US though.

'Winning justifies anything.'

You're right. Freeing France wasn't worth all those civilian German deaths.

All in all, he's hypocritically promulgating ignorance by obfuscating a sliver of fact with the lies of the left because he's obedient to their group think. He's just out to make a buck and maximize his profits by playing to the audience he knows he can manipulate because of their ignorance.

19 posted on 05/25/2004 1:29:06 PM PDT by pragmatic_asian
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To: pragmatic_asian
Nicely done.

Seems like a lot of typing to shoot down his obviously idiotic assertions, but I'm glad you did it.

In a few months, when he retypes his only theme for Australian publication, I'll save you the trouble and repost your response! 8-)

20 posted on 05/25/2004 1:37:13 PM PDT by dead (I've got my eye out for Mullah Omar.)
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