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Could that nasty crud you had last fall have been COVID-19?
Pinedale ^ | 4/11/2020 | editorial

Posted on 04/11/2020 11:55:44 AM PDT by george76

There has been speculation for weeks around the possibility that the COVID-19 virus hit the United States, and possibly Wyoming, weeks before previously thought, and many more people already have had it and don’t realize it, and those people are now immune. Right now this is just conjecture, but it is worth having the discussion.

Buckrail. posted an article on April 9th about a Jackson doctor who shares this belief and has been fairly outspoken about it. Every community seems to have their own local name for it, and in Jackson they call it "that awful JH crud" that was circulating back in December 2019 and in January. In Pinedale it is often called "the Pinedale crud." It included a terrible cough that just couldn’t be shaken and seemed to last for weeks, longer than usual. It was passed off as an upper respiratory infection. There was no test for it then.

Jackson Hole gets many international tourists, including many from China. Yellowstone National Park has three million visitors a year; Grand Teton Park over two million. All the park gateway communities, including Pinedale, see a fraction of those visitors each summer.

The implications, the article says, are crucial. It means this virus may have already started working its way through Wyoming weeks to months earlier than thought and there might already be some herd immunity to it in Wyoming. The answer won’t be known until there is a test for antibodies in the blood. So it is still very important to continue all the current directives for hand washing, social distancing, and keeping sick people away from vulnerable populations.

Right now this is just a theory, but it is definitely something to think about if you are one of the ones who got awfully sick in the November/December/January timeframe last fall and are still alive today to talk about it. Once tested for antibodies, if positive, those people could immediately go back to work and our economy could get moving a whole lot faster than what was earlier thought. The people who haven’t had it could continue to self-isolate by choice, rather than by state shut-down directive, until there is either a vaccine (which may take at least a year or more) or drugs that can minimize the impacts of the effects of getting the virus.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial; News/Current Events; US: Wyoming
KEYWORDS: china; covid19; crud; disease; flu; kungflu; pneumonia; virus; wuhan; wyoming
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1 posted on 04/11/2020 11:55:44 AM PDT by george76
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To: george76

Where were all the unexplained ARDS cases if it was circulating in the fall?

A sick moose once bit my sister in 1972. It was COVID-19.

2 posted on 04/11/2020 11:57:12 AM PDT by DannyTN
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To: george76

Possibly COVID-18? ;-)

3 posted on 04/11/2020 11:58:35 AM PDT by House Atreides (It is not a HOAX but it IS A PRETEXT!)
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To: george76

NYC Construction Worker Thinks He Had Coronavirus in December
Apr 10, 2020

RUSH: Here’s Andy in New York City. Welcome, sir. You’re next on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, thanks for taking my call. Here’s something you won’t hear on the mainstream media. I’m a construction superintendent working in Midtown on one of the largest projects in New York City. And back in November-December, we had well over 200 guys on the site. And we were in the interior fit-out part of the job.

So up here we were working like pigs on top of each other, and we all came down with this awful sickness that no one could diagnose. But after about three or four weeks, it ran through the whole entire crew and was gone. And to this day, nobody on that crew has reported being sick.

RUSH: You say this is December?

CALLER: This is back in November-December.

RUSH: November-December, yeah. Did any of your crew die?

CALLER: Negative.

RUSH: But it was a flu that was not explained? You didn’t know what it was when you got it. So what did you think it was?

CALLER: Well, dozens of people went to their doctor, and the doctors were kinda befuddled. They said, “Well, it’s not the flu, but it looks and seems like a bad cold, and it’s very flu-like, but it’s not the flu,” and we were all zombies for weeks.

RUSH: How were they treated? How did the doctors treat this, then? Do you remember?

CALLER: They told ’em to stay home (chuckles), but you can’t tell a New York City construction worker to stay home because, you know, we need to work to make money. So everyone came in, everyone got it. And, you know, we muscled through it, you know, construction workers have really strong constitutions and we’re dealing with (crosstalk).

RUSH: Construction workers are oxen.

CALLER: Yeah. So I just feel that everything that’s going on right now already ripped through here before the January announcement, rather. So I think, you know, stuff like that’s being overlooked. And your whole theory about herd immunity is dead on. And the fact that they’re shutting New York down, it’s a ghost town now, I go in to work, it’s like I’m in some kind of awful apocalyptic movie. And I think it’s wrong. We need to get the economy going again. All of construction —

RUSH: It’s coming. Believe me, there’s so many people — I think there has been enough attention focused on this, both realistically and politically, it’s going to happen. You know, and the president said it a couple of briefings ago. He said, look, I rebuilt the economy once, I can do it again. We’re gonna come back. It’s gonna be big. We’re gonna have a bigger rebound than people can possibly believe. He’s kind of stuck his neck out a little bit in predicting the nature of the recovery.

Now, some people think it’s gonna be a slow rollout state by state, age-group by age-group rather than a massive V-shaped down and starkly up again recovery. But Trump has been uniquely optimistic and positive about what kind of performance we’re gonna get out of the economy. And his primary reasoning for this is that we are going to do perfect stimulus, the best stimulus that has ever been done, nobody’s ever seen the kind of perfect stimulus that we’re gonna do.

CALLER: Rush, I worked with this man for many years. I actually did Baron’s Nursery, and there is no better man to be in the White House right now than Donald Trump.

RUSH: I don’t think you’re wrong. Last night I was thinking about how this would all be going down if we had a traditional deep state or establishment president running this show as opposed to Trump. You think you’re frustrated now, imagine these press briefings with, say, Obama, and the questions every day, “Mr. President, how are you bearing up? Are you getting enough sleep? How’s Michelle? How the first lady? Are you all able to maintain a positive relationship during these stressful times? How are the kids? Are you taking extra safety precautions? We would hate to lose you, Mr. President. Are you taking every step to make sure you are not being exposed to this?”

I’ve seen that. That’s why I know it would happen. I’ve seen those questions from these suck up Drive-By Media people. Contrast that to the questions that you get every day about Trump. They’re nothing but gotcha questions. They’re not even questions designed to inform the American people with fact answers.

So, Mark, I’m glad you called. You keep hearing about people all over the country who came down with something in November and December and didn’t know what it was, and some of them went to the doctor, the doctor said, “Well, go out and drink a lot of fluids,” the usual stuff. Some people died from it, but it was chalked up to a new strain of flu.

4 posted on 04/11/2020 12:00:07 PM PDT by Libloather (Why do climate change hoax deniers live in mansions on the beach?)
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To: DannyTN

A sick moose once bit my sister in 1972.
I saw a sick squirrel bite a moose in late 1971.

5 posted on 04/11/2020 12:00:10 PM PDT by House Atreides (It is not a HOAX but it IS A PRETEXT!)
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To: george76

So it got out/was let out of that Wuhan research lab sooner than late Nov/early Dec?

6 posted on 04/11/2020 12:00:33 PM PDT by WildHighlander57 ((WildHighlander57 returning after lurking since 2000)
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To: House Atreides

I saw a squirrel eat a bird in the mid 1980’s.

7 posted on 04/11/2020 12:01:03 PM PDT by DannyTN
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To: george76

I visited Hawaii during Halloween. A flu/cold hit the big island hard, spread fast and hard. I got it from my Sister while visiting her. I brought it home to Tacoma, my whole family got sick. I had it twice and I never get sick.

Everyone in our social circle got it, and we continued to party on, holiday parties. Finally ran the course by early January.

I’m convinced that it’s related.

8 posted on 04/11/2020 12:01:03 PM PDT by Professional
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To: george76
I got a nasty "flu" just after Thanksgiving, probably caught it Thanksgiving weekend from a coughing runny nose little boy who stayed here...son's gf's child...

I had cough, stuffy head, headache, lots of fatique where I would have to nap in my bed during the day...something I never do....even had a little GI upset...low grade fever...aches...pains...

sometime about then I felt I didn't taste salt very well....

of course I am old school and did not get it checked I'm uncounted...

9 posted on 04/11/2020 12:02:21 PM PDT by cherry
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To: Libloather

Interesting. Thanks for posting that. Same thing is what I experienced between Hilo area and Tacoma.

10 posted on 04/11/2020 12:03:09 PM PDT by Professional
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To: george76

Roll out some sampling anti-gen testing of the general pop. where this is alleged to have occurred and find out.

Dr. Shut-it-Down does a lot of talking about testing but shows very meager results when it comes to estimating the parameters of what should be his models after being a 40 year head of understanding pandemics.

11 posted on 04/11/2020 12:03:16 PM PDT by Paladin2
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To: DannyTN

some docs know are saying that covid does not lead to leads to hypoxia....then organ failure....

12 posted on 04/11/2020 12:03:22 PM PDT by cherry
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To: george76

I just know in January I had a flu like thing that was the worst one I’ve ever felt. I was seeing my ancestors and stuff, talking to grandma...and I had that shortness of breath too.

I’d like to know, just outta curiosity.

13 posted on 04/11/2020 12:04:35 PM PDT by DesertRhino (Dog is man's best friend, and moslems hate dogs. Add that up. ....)
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To: george76

Lots of it inFlorida in Dec. Wife and I had it.

14 posted on 04/11/2020 12:04:36 PM PDT by TexasGator (Z1z)
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To: Professional
I had a youngish patient....slightly overweight and a smoker....

but she never needed oxygen at home...

she did not have the flu...

she had a severe harsh cough and her oxygen needs increased and it was difficult to discharge her without oxygen....finally we did but her oxygen sats were still very borderline....

she presented as a very sick person but there was no clear diagnosis why....

15 posted on 04/11/2020 12:06:43 PM PDT by cherry
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To: george76

Most of the claims about timing and the Wuhan Flu rely upon data from China. If you look at the ‘tail’ of the infection curves everyone is trying to flatten, that ‘tail’ could extend quite a bit into 2019 beyond December.

FWIW, both my wife and I had coronavirus symptoms when we were on a cruise in September. We flew through Seattle to our departure port in Vancouver. Both cities experience large numbers of Chinese tourists. Our symptoms emerged five days after flying into Seattle/Vancouver.

16 posted on 04/11/2020 12:06:53 PM PDT by DugwayDuke ("A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest")
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To: george76

“but it is worth having the discussion”

not really ... in fact it’s pointless ... for one thing, we’ll have a better understanding of the situation anyway once widespread IGG/IGM testing is available to the general population ...

17 posted on 04/11/2020 12:07:42 PM PDT by catnipman (Cat Nipman: Vote Republican in 2012 and only be called racist one more time!)
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To: DannyTN

There was a ‘flu’ bug but it tested negative for Influenza.

I had it. My wife had it. Several neighbors had it.

Down for almost four weeks. Don’t make light of it.

18 posted on 04/11/2020 12:09:06 PM PDT by TexasGator (Z1z)
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To: george76

False and dangerous news. We know from studying the virus that it originated sometime in late November. It only started spreading in Wuhan the middle of December, and the doctors there only started realizing what it was the end of December. (Dr. Li Wenliang and others.)

(This is also why that supposed “intelligence report” that Trump didn’t read in November according to the leftstream media is total crap fabrication.)

19 posted on 04/11/2020 12:10:20 PM PDT by kaehurowing
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To: cherry
I came down with a nasty "flu" in February. Lots of coughing and phlegm. It came on super fast. By the second day I could not smell or taste anything.

I got a flu shot in 2019.

20 posted on 04/11/2020 12:12:32 PM PDT by HandBasketHell
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