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Deplorable McCabe Enabled by Dormant Pelley Brings '60 Minutes' and America to New Low ^ | February 24, 2019 | Bruce Bialosky

Posted on 02/24/2019 5:07:26 AM PST by Kaslin

Despite not liking when people lurch into hyperbole, I will make this broad statement: Andrew McCabe’s arrogant performance on "60 Minutes" last Sunday enabled by a dormant interviewer, Scott Pelley, brought to America the fact that employees of the federal government acted at minimum irresponsibly and possibly illegally because of their own interests. It also brought our press to a low not reached in my lifetime. If you were not horrified, then you did not watch or you are a blind ideologue when it comes to Trump.

There were so many astonishing moments in this interview it is impossible to cover them in one column. Let’s hit some highlights that will define the gross malfeasance of Andrew McCabe.

First, McCabe describes the fact that Trump had a different view of the reaction within the FBI of the Comey firing. McCabe counters Trump’s statement by stating “people were shocked; they were very sad.” He writes in his book that people were gathered in groups and crying. If this is so, then we need a real house cleaning at the FBI because anybody being shocked James Comey was fired should not being dealing with our national intelligence or investigating crimes. They are just too ill-informed.

The shocking thing for anyone with half a brain is that Comey still had his job. He was almost four months beyond his sell-by date. Truly shocking would have been if Hillary Clinton didn’t fire this guy on her first day. I contend the single biggest mistake of the Trump presidency was not firing Comey on his first day. He could have justified it on Comey’s election meddling; it was his reaching out to the Clinton people to heal the nation and move forward. The only surprising thing here was that Comey had made it to May 2017, thus not previously being tossed out on his keister.

McCabe warns us that in his first meeting with Trump, he looked at him as the new president but he may have been in that office because of help from our most formidable adversary -- Russia. Two points here. First, Comey had informed Trump three times he was not personally under investigation. Yet in McCabe’s first meeting with Trump, he determined Trump was potentially under Russian influence. Second, the acting director of the FBI foolishly believed Russia was our No. 1 adversary. This is a country that has one-tenth the economy of China – a country which has been stealing our trade secrets, challenging our military and attacking our technical infrastructure for years. What a fool if he truly believed Russia to be a greater concern than China.

Then we go to the big enchilada. McCabe discusses his meeting with Rod Rosenstein from the Justice Department and the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment to take Trump out of office. The fact that these two men would be discussing the 25th Amendment with so little knowledge of what the language states are criteria for removing a president from office stupefies any knowledgeable person. McCabe says he did not have much to contribute when Rosenstein brought it up. What he should have contributed was reporting this to his superiors in the White House as a potential coup d’état. By not doing so McCabe became a co-conspirator. Here Pelley does not ask one question of McCabe as to his higher responsibility since Rosenstein was neither a cabinet officer nor was Trump incapacitated. Pelley and McCabe just skate over this proposed act of treason.

The only redemption on this is that Senator Lindsay Graham, chair of the Judiciary Committee, should and will subpoena everyone who was in the room to determine if this story is true and then recommend criminal charges if it is so.

The final act of irresponsible journalism and arrogance on McCabe’s part was when they brought his wife into the interview. McCabe’s wife ran for the state Senate in Virginia. The fact that McCabe could not see this as problematic that his wife was running for a partisan political office while he was in a key position at the FBI is flummoxing. The appearance of a conflict of interest is the same as a conflict of interest. She forfeited the right to run for a partisan office when he assumed such an important position. Sorry, this just is and it is quite clear.

Then Pelley states Dr. Jill McCabe dabbled in politics in 2015. Running for a state Senate seat is not “dabbling”; it is jumping into the water feet first. Her campaign directly received $660,000, well over half of all her campaign funds, from Terry McAuliffe, then governor of her state. He is referred to as an “ally” of the Clintons. He is more than an ally. He raised $275 million for their political campaigns. He guaranteed the mortgage on their house in Chappaqua, NY.

Yet the McCabes denigrated Trump for tying her campaign to the Clintons. Pelley cites the fact the ties between all this was brought out in an article in the WSJ. Pelley cites the article correctly stating that “the article noted accurately that McCabe’s (Andrew’s) role in the Clinton investigation began months after her loss, but candidate Donald Trump seemed to conflate the two.”

Are you kidding me? A reporter on 60 Minutes, the former anchor of CBS Evening News (the seat once held by Walter Cronkite) did not dig in on the fact that McCabe’s wife was bought by the Clinton machine and then her husband did not recuse himself when asked to head the investigation into her emails. We know where that investigation went – right into the toilet. It took McCabe nine months to recuse himself after overseeing the investigation because of the blatant conflict of interest. Did Pelley ask McCabe why he did not immediately recuse himself and waited ninth months? Of course not.

Someone needs to inform Pelley and his producers that omitting follow-up questions is not journalism. It is affirmation.

This entire episode leaves one to vacillate between being concerned of the dangerousness of what was being done and the stupidity of the people who were supposedly running our highest level law enforcement agencies. This leaves one to wonder how our national press has reached the nadir of this magnitude.

The only question left to answer is whether McCabe and Pelley went out shopping together for suits after recording this dangerous dreck.

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1 posted on 02/24/2019 5:07:26 AM PST by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

If this goes unpunished we are doomed. The house of cards must fall and the swamp needs to be eradicated and those denizens jailed for life

2 posted on 02/24/2019 5:12:26 AM PST by ronnie raygun (nic
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To: Kaslin
This leaves one to wonder how our national press has reached the nadir of this magnitude.

Here's how:


3 posted on 02/24/2019 5:14:59 AM PST by tomkat
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To: Kaslin

Andrew McCabe’s arrogant performance on “60 Minutes” last Sunday>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

What else would you expect from a gestapo like liberal fascist who was appointed by the socialist Obama machine?

( Read here: ) )

McCabe refuses to fall on his sword? He wants to take his co-conspirators with him into the pits of hell?

We can give him some help as AG Barr takes over DOJ, McCabe is squealing like a stuck pig.

Looks good on him.

4 posted on 02/24/2019 5:15:29 AM PST by Candor7 ((Obama Fascism)
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To: Kaslin

My sister recently retired as a nurse from the FBI. Yeah, she was initially saddened by Comey’s firing as his persona was that of a “nice guy”.

But, the more she learned about him and the upper echelons of the FBI, the more disgusted she became! A fish rots from the head. Works the same in any Federal Bureaucracy!

5 posted on 02/24/2019 5:36:04 AM PST by Redleg Duke (We live on a tax farm as free-range humans!)
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To: Redleg Duke

Why does the FBI have nurses? Do they have their own hospitals, grocery stores and shopping centers?

This is another example of government largess and sequestration of the FBI from their peasants targets.

I guess the FBI needs to have their own universe of services. The public eschews and despises them on the left and right.

6 posted on 02/24/2019 5:57:22 AM PST by grumpygresh (The only check on a rogue DOJ and FBI is jury nullification.)
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To: grumpygresh

Each field office is supposed to have a nurse.

The nurse make sure all vaccinations are accomplished, supports field operations and SWAT team training and deployments. Also provides medical training and briefings to the personnel and provides medical and health reports to headquarters.

You might want to review your bias. Think of the Field Office Nurse as the Medic assigned to a tactical unit.

There is a lot of waste in the federal government bureaucracy, but this isn’t one of those items.

Or, do you think that military and tactical units should just be satisfied with their own field dressings. I guess, afterall, if a soldier is so clumbsy that he got hit, we really didn’t want him around anyway!

Some peoples’ children...

7 posted on 02/24/2019 6:06:39 AM PST by Redleg Duke (We live on a tax farm as free-range humans!)
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To: grumpygresh
I remember in the early 80s, when the Carter was president and the economy was in the tank. 18-20% interest rates mortgages. I was the head of a mortgage brokerage in Medford, OR at the time.

Times were tough for my company. I had to lay people off. Five loan officers and no calls coming in. Foreclosures and business closings all over the county.

I was getting a haircut and the gal cutting my hair was engaged in small talk and asked me how things were going at my business. I told her it was tough and we might even go out of business if the economy didn't pick up.

She seemed genuinely shocked. She didn't understand because her husband was doing splendidly in his job. No problems at all. She was clueless at what she'd just said.

I asked her what he did. He was an FBI agent.

8 posted on 02/24/2019 6:20:35 AM PST by HotHunt (Reagan was good but TRUMP IS GREAT!)
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To: Kaslin

Doesn’t Orcah own 60 muns now?

9 posted on 02/24/2019 6:23:43 AM PST by GreatRoad
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To: Redleg Duke

“Or, do you think that military and tactical units should just be satisfied with their own field dressings.”

I didn’t realize that we were under military government with the FBI acting as an integral component of the police state, so thank you for clearing this up for me. I do think that actual military units should have the best possible medical support, but I don’t think that the FBI should be operating as a domestic military unit.

“The nurse make sure all vaccinations are accomplished,”

Well at least I agree with that. Make sure that the vaccines have plenty of mercury, aluminum and monkey viruses. I’m also so glad they have the capabilities to SWAT raid dangerous people like Roger Stone.

10 posted on 02/24/2019 6:31:00 AM PST by grumpygresh (The only check on a rogue DOJ and FBI is jury nullification.)
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To: Redleg Duke

This is just your particular growing the government or government workforce with the barest excuse. I work in a Military base public works dept i.e. construction work. We could make the same claim.

11 posted on 02/24/2019 7:22:37 AM PST by gbaker
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To: Kaslin

a failed news reader interviewing a known liar. Priceless.

12 posted on 02/24/2019 9:01:16 AM PST by NormsRevenge (Semper Fi - Monthly Donors Rock!!!)
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To: grumpygresh

Jeeze. You are that type, eh?

Don’t bother responding. You are so far off the rails that a meaningful conversation or debate would be a waste of oxygen and time.


13 posted on 02/24/2019 10:19:24 AM PST by Redleg Duke (We live on a tax farm as free-range humans!)
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To: gbaker

Yeah, I remember your type when I was in harness. From what I could see, the main purpose of the public works gang on post was to keep the shovels from laying on the ground.

Thanks for a whole lot of nothing, buddy!


14 posted on 02/24/2019 10:21:45 AM PST by Redleg Duke (We live on a tax farm as free-range humans!)
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To: NormsRevenge

There is something about Pelley that inspired disgust the first time I ever saw him on TV. I woudn’t trust him to shovel out a horse stable.

15 posted on 02/25/2019 6:33:21 AM PST by RipSawyer
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