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To: enumerated

“If one got hanged, as per your fantasy, OH MY GOD! Conservatism would be tainted for decades by association with Trump’s “brutal regime”.”

God forbid the rule of law is upheld. If there is no justice or rule of law, the grand experiment is dead. America is over. Tyranny/anarchy our future. What a plus.

104 posted on 09/21/2018 5:16:23 PM PDT by Electric Graffiti (Jeff Sessions IS the insurance policy)
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To: Electric Graffiti

“God forbid the rule of law is upheld.”

All sarcasm aside, I’m just being realistic - the American people have no stomach for life sentences, much less hangings, for crimes against the state.

Think about that phrase “crimes against the state”. The state is not the victim here - the victim is we the people. As a consevative I don’t give a crap about crimes against the state. The state is the problem. The state can go puck itself.

For true conservatives, the issue isn’t crimes against the state, it’s limiting the power of the state.

If the state tries to exceed those limits, as did the Obama administration, circa 2008-2016, one of two things must happen:

A) We the people vote them out of power, or

B) We the people must exercise our 2nd Amendment rights by “watering the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots” - by risng up to overthrow them.

Either way it needs to be we the people doing it - what should NOT happen is we should not cede additional powers to the state when we happen to trust the POTUS.

That is exactly what we are doing if we grant awesome powers to the state administration we happen to like, and task them with the job of rounding up and executing the opposition political party leaders.

I do agree that the attempted coup by the DNC, MSM and entrenched deep state must be completely exposed for the American people to see - anyone involved should have been fired on day one.

What really bugs me is not the lack of hangings and life sentences - but the lack of contempt by the American people.

Why can an Obama, a Clinton, a Comey, a Brennan, a McCabe etc.. be welcomed into the private sector after conspiring to overthrow a POTUS duly elected by we the people, and be lauded, honored? Why can they make millions on the speech circuit, as lobbyists or consultants, or by writing a best selling book? Why can they even run for office again and get elected?

There is something wrong with the America that can’t be solved by DOJ sponsored public hangings. The real problem isn’t that traitors lives are spared - the real problem is that these traitors receive a heroes welcome by we the people when they return to private life.

Because think about it: If a majority of Americans are misguided enough to twice elect a traitor like Barack Obama POTUS, and nearly elect yet another crooked Clinton, - and then, when back in the private sector, make them millionaires, and treat them like returning heroes, what do you think would happen if Trump were to hang them for treason?

No, the problem is NOT Trump failing to enforce the law and use his DOJ to hang enemies of the state.

The problem here is the failure of the American people to recognize a threat to liberty when it is staring them right in the face, and to shun these traitors as enemies of the people.

After they are exposed and voted out of office, or fired by the incoming administration, these traitors should be regarded as the lowest scum, even lower than pedophiles. They should have to register as traitors with the town council like any sex offender. Maybe the townsfolk should round them up a brand their forehead with a T for traitor. They should have difficulty getting hired to flip burgars, and ashamed to walk the streets.

Instead they write best selling books and become wealthy socialites.

The task at hand is not a law and order issue, it’s a cultural issue. Will enough of the people value their individual liberty enough to fight for it? Will enough of the people be vigilant enough to recognize treachery when it stares them right in the face?

You can hang all the co conspirators you want, but unless people get it straight and stop cozying up to Marxists, and trading away their liberty under the false flag of “social justice”, we are doomed.

I think Trump’s leadership in this, with his America First agenda, is an attempt to reeducate America - by instilling a new political correctness (that is actually correct for a change!) which treasures individual liberty and shuns excessive state authority.

113 posted on 09/22/2018 6:40:58 AM PDT by enumerated
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