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Jeff Sessions ends Obama-era ‘de facto’ court amnesty for illegal immigrants
Wahington Times ^ | Thursday, May 17, 2018 | Stephan Dinan

Posted on 05/19/2018 1:17:10 AM PDT by GonzoII

Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a directive to immigration judges Thursday telling them they can no longer shunt deportation cases off onto permanent wait lists and leave illegal immigrants free to roam the U.S.

Known as administrative closure, the wait list had become a favorite tactic of the Obama administration, serving to protect low-priority illegal immigrants from deportation.

Rather than pursue those cases, government attorneys would propose — and judges would grant — administrative closure by shipping more than 200,000 cases to the suspension list in what analysts said became a de facto amnesty.

Mr. Sessions, flexing his attorney general powers, ruled Thursday that the policy rested on shaky legal ground. He issued a precedent telling judges to decide the cases in front of them rather than rely on administrative closure.

“No attorney general has delegated such broad authority, and legal or policy arguments do not justify it. I therefore hold that immigration judges and the Board [of Immigration Appeals] lack this authority except where a previous regulation or settlement agreement has expressly conferred it,” Mr. Sessions said in his decision.

The ruling could, in the short term, speed up deportation decisions on the children and families that have surged into the U.S. over the past five years.

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To: eyedigress

Donald Trump is a powerful man, it isn’t money, it isn’t fame, it is PERSONA. Not many have that.

Also honesty . . . and fearlessness.

21 posted on 05/19/2018 5:16:59 AM PDT by Pravious
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To: Bubba Gump Shrimp

Now put an ICE agent at every polling place in America, and watch how badly the dems lose a popular election.

That is a REALLY good idea. Seriously. Get that out there.

22 posted on 05/19/2018 5:18:08 AM PDT by Pravious
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To: GonzoII

Alright, who gave sleepy the vivarin?

23 posted on 05/19/2018 5:31:51 AM PDT by rawcatslyentist ("All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing")
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To: BlackbirdSST

I am against illegal immigration and against illegal aliens. If I was put in a position to do something about it my first order to my underlings would be......hit the law boooks and find me ways, I don’t care if they’re unconventional or even loopholes, to deport illegals or even make life tough enough for them that they want to go home. You have a week.

24 posted on 05/19/2018 6:09:08 AM PDT by sheana
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To: GonzoII

Another little thing, but important thing, done by AG Sessions (earlier one here). For all my negativity regarding Sessions (asleep at the helm jibes) I also want to give him credit where credit is due.
25 posted on 05/19/2018 7:08:58 AM PDT by so_real ( "The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools.")
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To: Az Joe

“There is something really special about Trump. I tend to believe there is divine intervention involved.”

Same here. And although Trump seemed like the least likely candidate to win and be a conservative in the beginning, God always seems to use surprising people. People that don’t think they can do the job, like Moses.

I believe the Constitution was an inspired document. And our founding fathers were vessels. I think God is trying once more to get us on the right path.

26 posted on 05/19/2018 7:14:48 AM PDT by CottonBall (Thank you , Julian!)
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To: sheana

Exactly, I don’t know what is taking so long. All they need to do is e-verify. And the majority would self-deport. Cut off welfare and food stamps, and the rest would go. E-verify has already been voted for and an implementation system thought out. Why the hell aren’t they using it?

27 posted on 05/19/2018 7:16:09 AM PDT by CottonBall (Thank you , Julian!)
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To: CottonBall

It doesn’t seem to matter who is in charge because.....bureaucracies. Sure they make little inroads here and there but it seems no one is really serious about it. If they were they’d get it done. The Dems get what they want done by hook or crook when they’re in charge.

28 posted on 05/19/2018 7:37:34 AM PDT by sheana
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To: Az Joe
Maybe it’s like how my parents were, (Teens and preteens during the Great Depression). They could never let go of the feelings of “scarcity” and not allowing themselves to “waste” anything.

And my grandparents, born during WWI, their approach to life formed in the Depression. They became millionaires and they wouldn't think of throwing away a nail.

29 posted on 05/19/2018 8:44:35 AM PDT by Buttons12
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To: sheana

Exactly, the Dems will push through legislation on midnight on a Saturday. But the Republicans can’t even bother to repeal Obamacare, when they have a president that would actually sign it. They are all talk and no action.

We finally ended up escaping Mexifornia and moved back to the US. We figure for the time we have left, this area will still be nice. Don’t know about after that. The invasion is starting here, a few Mexican restaurants and a few people that can’t speak English in the grocery stores. It will be overrun eventually. But it is nothing like how Bakersfield was. It was worth leaving good jobs, although I wish our son would get over here. He is trying.

30 posted on 05/19/2018 9:22:28 AM PDT by CottonBall (Thank you , Julian!)
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To: CottonBall

We live in Bakersfield. I’ve tried and tried to get hubby to leave but he won’t. I think it’s because of the grandkids. Bakersfield has gotten so bad just in the last 5 years.
The invasion is everywhere. I have a cousin that lives in Siloam Springs Arkansas that I visit. One part of the larger town by him, Springdale, now has a totally Mexican barrio. They’ve let it go on so long it’s now inescapable. It’s just not as bad some places yet.

31 posted on 05/19/2018 9:29:41 AM PDT by sheana
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To: GonzoII; BlackbirdSST; Mr Radical

This is just one in a series of actions that AG Sessions has taken to reduce illegal immigration. It is his signature issue.

In the Senate, Jeff Sessions was the leader in opposing illegal immigration, and was immersed in the policy issues, as the Obama Administration was creating all of these gaping loopholes. He knows their tricks.

Central to the Obama Administration’s approach, was the Cloward-Piven strategy of overwhelming the ability of the Government to manage a function, through sheer volume.

AG Sessions has been attacking the backlog of immigration cases, and the contributing factors, on a full court press since he took over. He has been proven to be the right guy for the job, on this issue. The titanic growth of the backlog has finally been halted, and it has finally started to trend downwards. This rule will reduce it more - perhaps the system could not bear this additional volume before. He has rolled out changes at an aggressive pace, with first priority given to violent offenders and gang members.

The court system now is actually straining under the increased emphasis on immigration cases, due to Sessions’ revised rules and policies. Lots of folks have been squawking that they are having to defer other types of prosecutions.

On top of this (as the story notes), law enforcement rules and policies have also been changed by Sessions to reduce illegal immigration - ICE is arresting and deporting more.

In both Law Enforcement and the courts, DOJ under AG Sessions has been shifting resources toward reducing illegal immigration significantly. There has been a hiring surge for new immigration judges, and they have been positioning many new judges close to border crossings for rapid judgement of new cases.

This is just another significant step in a broad and effective effort by DOJ to reduce and control illegal immigration.

32 posted on 05/19/2018 12:10:50 PM PDT by BeauBo
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To: BlackbirdSST

Nothing but complaints about the ending of a policy which was not even known to exist by one in thousands, even here. But it is of note to those who live to complain.

33 posted on 05/19/2018 1:58:50 PM PDT by arrogantsob (See "Chaos and Mayhem" at
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To: BeauBo

The most dangerous force assaulting the nation is Illegalism.
Sessions recognizes this and is acting to defeat it.

Then we have the huge task he has in reforming the DoJ.

34 posted on 05/19/2018 2:03:48 PM PDT by arrogantsob (See "Chaos and Mayhem" at
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To: arrogantsob

True. As Cicero noted, without Just Laws you can never have a free, civil society.

We have to reinstall our Constitution and Justice System which the evil Lucifereans destroyed with the Federal Reserve Act, the Marxist Income Tax Act, the non-profit Foundations which they use to money-launder billions so they can buy up and control all assets/national resources, Hollywood, information, and publishing agencies and destroy competition, etc.

We need to bring back local control of “education” and true “free press” with lies and misinformation punished, and take back the minds of our children from the satanic Hollywood who corrupts them and warps their perceptions of Good and Evil, and male and female (Natural Laws/Christianity).

It is the Natural Duty of parents for the responsibility of raising their OWN biological children who belong to parents.....and Just Law which ONLY promotes “public virtue” as Montesquieu and Founders/Justice Marshall stated was necessary for freedom and justice for all.

The “public virtue” is ONLY Christian virtue which can be promoted in our “justice” (virtue) system since it is the only rational, most just and free system in the history of mankind. It is the ONLY virtue system which recognizes the dignity and meaning of Life in EACH INDIVIDUAL!!!!! It is antithetical to collective, group “ideologies” and evil socialism, which destroys freedom, private responsibilities, and individual Natural Rights which only come from God.

35 posted on 05/19/2018 2:17:02 PM PDT by savagesusie (When Law ceases to be Just, it ceases to be Law. (Thomas A./Founders/John Marshall)/Nuremberg)
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To: savagesusie

Local school-boards theoretically determine how schools are run. To me this says that it is the average citizen who is failing. If these people are not Christian it is easy to see where the blame should be allocated.

Our system is the result of most people not caring about politics and ignoring it as best as they can. Chicago’s political Machine knows that re-election is inevitable as long as the garbage is picked up on time. Or the snow.

36 posted on 05/19/2018 3:52:13 PM PDT by arrogantsob (See "Chaos and Mayhem" at
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To: Az Joe

I believe that too. God is guiding the president, and many within his closest circle.
Mr. Trump’s American Mission is being fulfilled because of his natural inclinations, and other times in spite of those same natural inclinations. It’s quite remarkable.

Such an uncommon personality from a specific kind of background occurs only a few times each century.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Bold Reformer of Turkey at the end of the Ottoman Empire 1920, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and Douglas MacArthur are other such Men of Their Time.

37 posted on 05/19/2018 10:38:19 PM PDT by lee martell
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To: lee martell

We know what needs to be done and said and that the nation needs to be turned from it’s aberrant path. Trump is the only one that I can see who can do it.

38 posted on 05/19/2018 10:45:53 PM PDT by Az Joe (Gloria in excelsis Deo)
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To: Az Joe

Well, I was just plain scared of ovomit so they can just suck it up.

39 posted on 05/19/2018 10:50:49 PM PDT by Let's Roll ("You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality" -- Ayn Rand)
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To: GonzoII

Jeff, we have other pressing issues. What good is a more secure border without a frickin’ Republic to secure.

40 posted on 05/20/2018 9:20:07 AM PDT by Lagmeister ( false prophets shall rise, and shall show signs and wonders Mark 13:22)
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