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Conservative Parkland Shooter Survivor: Iím Angry That My Peers Hung Up On The Trump White House ^ | March 6, 2018 | Matt Vespa

Posted on 03/06/2018 8:10:16 PM PST by Kaslin

Guy wrote an excellent interview with Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv, who isn’t going around with fellow peers, Cameron Kasky, David Hogg, and Emma Gonzalez pushing the anti-gun agenda of the far left. He describes himself as politically conservative and a Second Amendment supporter:

"I'm a very strong Second Amendment supporter and I will continue to be throughout this entire campaign." he tells me.  "As of right now, my main goal is to meet with legislators and represent to them that there are big Second Amendment supporters in our community. Through this entire thing, my number one concern has been making sure that the rights of innocent Americans aren't infringed upon."  He says that when he visited the state capitol to talk to lawmakers shortly after the tragedy, he consistently asked for guarantees that the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners wouldn't be attacked or abridged.  He's waded into this debate "kind of reluctantly," he admits, observing that at some point he realized that he was one of the few conservatives in his school who were speaking up in public. "It's not even by my choosing, it's just come to that," he remarks. "I feel somewhat obligated to do this because the other half of America needs to be heard.  I'm doing this because I have to."

Kashuv counts himself as a believer in the 'Never Again' cause, but feels ostracized and ignored by those -- including students and the adults supporting them -- who disagree with his conservative politics. "It's quite saddening because I support this Never Again movement in some aspects.  Everything that isn't for gun control, I fully support.  But a lot of people in the movement, they view it as 'you're with us or you're against us.'  There's no middle ground.  So either you support them on all of their policy ideas, or you're an enemy.  That's sad because I really do love this movement, and I want it to do a lot of good work.  But simply because I have a different opinion on what needs to be done [on guns], I'm not represented as a leading member."


The right-leaning student appears uncomfortable directly criticizing his headline-grabbing schoolmates, seemingly worried about fueling a pitched "Right vs Left" battle.  But their actions have increasingly grated on him, and Kashuv is starting to push back more forcefully. He was particularly bothered by Hogg's boast on Bill Maher's HBO program that he'd hung up on the White House during a call designed to arrange a conversation with the president about potential solutions.  "Simply hanging up, whether it was the president or his assistant -- that's terrible.  And then to brag about it on national television?  It's extremely counterintuitive to actual change.

So, it’s not shocking that the news media largely ignores his take on this horrible tragedy. On February 14, Nikolas Cruz shot and killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. It’s sparked this latest push for new gun control laws. 

Stoneman Douglas High School student Kyle Kashuv: “We have to focus first on what we can achieve, and that is bipartisan change. That is mental health restrictions and deeper background checks.” #TheStory— Fox News (@FoxNews) March 7, 2018

Appearing on The Story with Martha MacCallum, Kashuv isn’t averse to a gun control debate; he just wants to secure our schools first. He also said that he would like to focus on what’s possible legislatively. Stronger background checks and mental health restrictions are a start and it could certainly pass, though Democrats on the Hill could torpedo legislation for exactly that reason. They want to use it for the 2018 midterms and people wonder why D.C. is the way it is. The bill to strengthen the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) has the votes, but Democrats worry that a) it would be the last bite of the apple in the legislative assault on gun rights; and b) give the Trump White House something to hang their hat on for the upcoming elections. In a rather volatile atmosphere, where the Trump tax bill is gaining in popularity and could become an issue for Democrats by November, they have to mitigate the possibility of blowback as much as possible. 

Never Again MSD | Real Time with Bill Maher

Kashuv is more about securing schools first, then having a debate on gun control. When MacCallum asked him about his thoughts on David Hogg, who proudly said that he hung up on the Trump White House, he was visibly irritated. 

“I’m trying to control my anger,” he said, noting that it was hypocritical for Hogg to push for change on this issue, only to hang up on the White House who is trying to fin ways to do just that. On a side note, it shows that this isn’t about bipartisanship. Hogg hung up on the White House because of Trump. If a Democrat had called, we all know he would have taken the call. This was about scoring points in left wing activism, and he’s surely succeeded in doing that over the past couple of weeks. Kashuv finds the whole game counterproductive to finding real solutions. He later said he hasn’t spoke to Hogg about this.

There were multiple times state, local, and federal authorities could have possibly stopped Cruz from committing this heinous crime. All red flags were not acted upon, which is another issue that should be looked at closely as well. It may not be that we need new gun laws (we don't), it could be that the system needs some reforms, along with competent people to administer the system the could have prevented this strategy.

Earlier today, Kashuv agreed to meet with the National Rifle Association. At the same time, he appears to be making time to meet with Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX). He's already met with Florida state Sen. Lauren Book, a Democrat. 

More than happy to meet with you guys. Let's schedule a meeting. We can work together and make change— Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) March 6, 2018

Just got an email from @SenSchumer office. They are trying to find a time for me to chat with the Senator.

Same for @tedcruz office. People do believe in bipartisanship and it will work. I believe in this Country too much to think it won't.— Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) March 6, 2018

I cannot thank @Book4Senate enough for her amazing work. Authentic. Hardworking. Although our opinions differ on certain issues, she's a democrat I truly admire. Godspeed— Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) February 23, 2018


TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Culture/Society; US: Florida
KEYWORDS: brats; florida; foxnews; guncontrol; gunrights; schoolshooting; secondamendment
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1 posted on 03/06/2018 8:10:16 PM PST by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

Sorry, but unless you’re bashing President Trump, the NRA and/or calling for gun control, you’re not useful to the mainstream media, and aren’t going to get the media darling Hogg treatment.

2 posted on 03/06/2018 8:11:42 PM PST by Trump20162020
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To: Kaslin

His peers seem a lot angrier than this guy. Crazy angry. Shouldn’t they be on a watch list or something?

3 posted on 03/06/2018 8:14:00 PM PST by TigersEye (13 Russian Facebook trolls ... and a Siberian partridge in a Russian Olive tree.)
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To: Kaslin

First, those leftist turds complained that Trump wouldn’t listen to them; then, when he invited them to a forum where he would listen to them, they hung up. I can’t stand those smelly little animals like David Hogg, and I’m glad that there’s a continent between us.

4 posted on 03/06/2018 8:17:13 PM PST by Steve_Seattle
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To: Trump20162020

Remember when Hoggy confronted Sen Cruz saying “When I see you I see Nicolas Cruz” ? Maybe it’s me but did I sense a tinge of racism on the little twerp’s part? Like, if you’ve seen one CRUZ you’ve seen em all? Is he thinking all Latinos look alike?

5 posted on 03/06/2018 8:18:52 PM PST by Impala64ssa (Islamophobic? NO! IslamABHORic)
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To: Kaslin

I saw that young man. Good for him. He’s got a good head on his shoulders.

6 posted on 03/06/2018 8:22:06 PM PST by laplata (Liberals/Progressives have diseased minds.)
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To: Impala64ssa

It was Senator Rubio of FL, not Senator Cruz of TX.

7 posted on 03/06/2018 8:22:37 PM PST by Kickass Conservative ( An Armed Society is a Polite Society. An Unarmed Society is North Korea.)
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To: Steve_Seattle

The same leftist turds who’ve been making gratuitous Trump/Shitler analogies for the last 3 years want this “nazi” to confiscate everyone’s guns. That worked out just hunky dory the last time a real Shitler enacted gun control, didn’t it?

8 posted on 03/06/2018 8:25:09 PM PST by Impala64ssa (Islamophobic? NO! IslamABHORic)
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To: Kaslin
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

9 posted on 03/06/2018 8:25:25 PM PST by Tawiskaro
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To: Kickass Conservative

Yes you’re right. I stand corrected.

10 posted on 03/06/2018 8:26:12 PM PST by Impala64ssa (Islamophobic? NO! IslamABHORic)
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To: Impala64ssa

Well, they’re still both Evil Republicans.

You’ve seen one Hispanic Republican Senator, you’ve seen them all, except for the other one. LOL

11 posted on 03/06/2018 8:29:40 PM PST by Kickass Conservative ( An Armed Society is a Polite Society. An Unarmed Society is North Korea.)
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To: Kaslin

I watched this tonight.

David Hogg DEMANDED that President Trump meet HIM at the CNN Townhall, after being invited to the White House so the President could listen to his concerns.

Hogg bragged about hanging up on the White House outreach.

I am already personally sick of this Hogg kid. But he had the misguided stones to think he tells the POTUS where to be to hear him?

The teen, Kushav, who showed up tonight on Fox was right on.

12 posted on 03/06/2018 8:34:45 PM PST by KJC1 (Illegals: One hand out and the other one flipping us the bird)
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To: Tawiskaro

13 posted on 03/06/2018 8:35:29 PM PST by Ciaphas Cain (Progressives don't care about quality. Progressives only care about appearances.)
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To: TigersEye

Sorry but they are not his peers in anything but age. He stands heads and shoulders above them.

14 posted on 03/06/2018 8:39:07 PM PST by bigbob (Trust Trump. Trust Sessions. The Great Awakening is at hand...MAGA!)
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To: Ciaphas Cain
Nice. Yours?

15 posted on 03/06/2018 8:40:22 PM PST by Tawiskaro
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To: bigbob

I was just following his lead.

16 posted on 03/06/2018 8:41:42 PM PST by TigersEye (13 Russian Facebook trolls ... and a Siberian partridge in a Russian Olive tree.)
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To: Tawiskaro

Friend’s work.

17 posted on 03/06/2018 8:46:43 PM PST by Ciaphas Cain (Progressives don't care about quality. Progressives only care about appearances.)
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To: Ciaphas Cain
Tell him to keep it up. :)

18 posted on 03/06/2018 8:48:37 PM PST by Tawiskaro
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To: Trump20162020

That’s OK because you’re reading about it right here and many others are reading it all over the worldwide web.

It doesn’t matter what the mainstream media says anymore. They’ve cried Trump wolf too much and beat their tv audience to death with their constant around the clock, “Get Trump” faux news reporting. Trump blew the lid off their sham. These stooges are supposed to be impartial? Network news is like watching a 2018 Tokyo Rose production.

19 posted on 03/06/2018 8:50:18 PM PST by dragnet2 (Diversion and evasion are tools of deceit)
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To: Trump20162020




In the Parkland case, their security system had a dismal record concerning student safety and security that should be brought to public discussion particularly beginning with this school having a so called “gun free zone”. But that does not fit this perverted agenda created by the democratic party ( in name only) goose stepping adherents in the media and must be concealed.

From what has been reported .This school system did have an understanding with the Broward County Sheriff’s Dept. An officer who may be armed assigned to patrol the multi acre site in a golf cart, but bans guns from the rest of its internal security

Criticism arose when the officer assigned to this duty who was nearing retirement was reported to arrive late and after Cruz had entered the building. The officer stationed himself outside the large structure and had called for support. Two BCSD officers responded Which and did the same seeming to refusing to enter the building while armed . He then left before Cruz did.

Also responding to a BCSD request was the Coral Springs PD who appears did not have this gun restriction entered the building and cleared it. Cruz was captured while fleeing with other students by an alert CSPD officer off the 45 acre campus. While para medics were denied entrance by the BCSD to see if they could save any of the victims.

Those laissez faire attitudes strongly suggest examining records beside the interaction between the BCSD and this school board also calls for a review how the bureaucracy at this school handled student vs student, and student vs teacher (Cruz was accused of this) altercations, vandalism, thefts, and drug use. Which are bound to occur were being dealt with.

To which a dramatic reduction in disciplinary incidents were reported after the selection of Obama’s Chicago friend as school superintendent occurred which was publicly acclaimed.and was receiving large grant from Obama’s Attorney General because of those results. That many critics claimed encouraged criminal activity. Which should require Trump Administration US Attorney General beside find out why when the FBI knew that Cruz should not be able to purchase weapons did. And review these grant programs instituted by the previous Obama administration.

Because of these Ding Bat liberal policies it brings up another question. Just how safe and secure were those kids ? .Examine records reporting how student vs student, and student vs teacher altercations, vandalism, and thefts, which are bound to occur were being dealt with. Beside the arrangements with the BCSD.

Because in an educational unit this size it’s pretty clear their security system failed . In a secure system Cruz would have never gotten within the grounds let alone inside.

Now that school board has decided to tear down the school which was probably raised by a funding referendums and the grounds house a memorial

Sources for the formulation of this report come from postings from newspaper and television stations placed in Free Republic by volunteers during the period of Feb 14th to the 25th
The original sources are linked in these postings

20 posted on 03/06/2018 8:58:31 PM PST by mosesdapoet (Mosesdapoet aka L.J.Keslin another gem posted in the wilderness)
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