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To: calljack
Predetermined well in advance? 150K votes spread over 3 states is what made the difference, not some insane globalist conspiracy theory. Plus the fact that Clinton was a horrible candidate.

Yeah plus if the fix was in there was a more plausible route to 270 than the way Trump did it. My pre-election electoral map did not have Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Wisconsin in it and I had trump winning Romney states + traditional swing states and Florida (with Iowa thrown in because there was credible polling that it was going Trump).

More plausible would be that the Illuminati will turn Trump once he's in office. That would be the conspiracy theory I would go with.

25 posted on 11/11/2016 12:10:27 AM PST by stig
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To: stig; shibumi

I may be crazy but no one watched the Bikers For Trump movement.

Check this map and look at the states in the top 12.

I know for a *fact* that 90% of bikers voted for Trump.

There are a *lot* of us and we don’t show up in any demographic chart and we don’t answer polls.

I have posted repeatedly about the unified, passionate, unprecedented biker support for Trump, that I saw at bike events, this past summer.

Bikers liked the guy, from the start but when he addressed the huge crowd of bikers at Rolling Thunder in DC this past May, speaking his heart for the veterans, whom we love and support, he won us all over, earning our undying loyalty.

At -every- rally, there were bikers positioned near the front of the crowd, ready to die for him, if need be.

And on election day, I guarantee you that every one of them, who supported him, got to their poll and voted.

It’s the forgotten ‘deplorables’ like us [even more deplorable than deplorable] who put him over the top.

Again, look at the chart up there and wonder if the thousands of votes, in razor thin wins in improbable states, were not cast by scurvy, leather-clad loyalists.

45 posted on 11/11/2016 3:10:50 AM PST by Salamander (More Deplorable Than Deplorable...)
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To: stig

And, over in the official Bikers For Trump FB group, a special snowflake posted this in reply to the photo of Mike on his Harley:

Christie Anderberg: I don’t care what he rides - and if you’re surprised by this, here’s a little more info about your biker buddy you should be aware of
We’ve covered plenty of these before, but here’s a refresher:

In March, Pence signed a bill into law requiring burial or cremation for aborted fetuses.
Last month, Pence said he’d like to “send Roe v. Wade to the ash heap of history.”
Pence signed a 2015 bill permitting Indiana business owners to cite religious beliefs as a reason to refuse service to gay and lesbian customers.
As Indiana’s governor, Pence slashed Planned Parenthood funding, arguably contributing to one county’s HIV outbreak.
During his 12 years as a congressman, Pence voted against nearly every piece of environmental legislation.
Pence voted to bar the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases.
Pence voted for opening the Atlantic up to offshore oil drilling.
As a congressman, Pence gave a floor speech advocating the teaching of creationism in public schools.
Pence wrote an op-ed arguing that “smoking doesn’t kill.”

Are you feeling good about him now?

To a man, the bikers said they still felt great about him...and frankly, I feel *even better* about him, than I did before.


46 posted on 11/11/2016 3:17:17 AM PST by Salamander (More Deplorable Than Deplorable...)
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To: stig; shibumi

More from the BFT group:

Robert P. Doyle:

Donald Trump didn’t win because “he was a racist who hates minorities”. He won because of your arrogance and cultural elitism.
You found them to be deplorable.
He certainly won some votes on “building a wall” but that didn’t carry him to the presidency.

He won because he galvanized rural america.
He won because he spoke to the class of people most of you elitists feel are too uncouth to talk to.
You mock them in the stores, online - their culture and economic status was witty punchline of a New Yorker joke.
This was a cultural battle; your Patagonia jacket versus their carhart jacket.

You called them “working class whites” online because it was slightly more PC than calling them “white trash”; although in social circles you certainly said worse.
Even during the election polling it became the norm to say “the non college educated white vote”.
You didn’t build a culture of inclusivity with your elitist groupthink.

You were too busy labeling Donald Trump a racist when Donald Trump was in the trenches of rust belt cities promising to stop trade deals that took jobs out of “fly over states”.
They never saw economic recovery.
The new digital economy was never going to come to them.

You were focused on his declassé political rhetoric when he was confronting automakers for destroying the economic viability of middle America.
He offered plain text solutions to a world built around the clouded vision of technicrats.

Don’t sit here and lecture us how this was win for racism.
It was your own hubris and disdain for plebians that was the real moniker of hatred.
You can’t say you are a tolerant person when you look at whole swaths of the country like they’re deplorable miscreants.

Go, listen to some of the promises Donald Trump has to offer.
It was the same message as Sanders.
Go and sit down with working class Americans.
Turn off the news and listen to your fellow American.
The guy who lost his factory job, the restaurant worker who can’t afford health insurance, the veteran dealing with the VA.

Listen to them. Own up to your mistakes and move on.

47 posted on 11/11/2016 3:22:23 AM PST by Salamander (More Deplorable Than Deplorable...)
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