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State Caves a bit on Benghazi; still avoids Egypt Link
Walid Shoebat ^ | January 11, 2014 | Walid Shoebat

Posted on 01/11/2014 11:30:43 PM PST by Texas Fossil

The State Department has identified Ansar Al-Sharia and its leaders as terrorist organizations and terrorists respectively, something we (and others) demonstrated several months ago. Let’s see, well over a year after the Benghazi attack, State has conceded something that was beyond painstakingly obvious within hours of that attack. There is something else that is quite obvious State doesn’t seem too interested in conceding – an Egyptian connection to the Benghazi attack. It is a case we have been making for several months.

Perhaps there is no better anecdote available to demonstrate the sheer incompetence and malice of the Obama administration than the background of one of the State Department’s most recent terrorist designees – Ahmed Abu Khattala. He is identified as the leader of Ansar Al-Sharia in Benghazi.

Khattala also led another group – the Al-Jarrah Brigade – which spawned the February 17 Martyrs Brigade, in a way similar to how the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) spawned the Weather Underground. A shared ideology was trumped by tactical differences.

If F17MB sounds familiar, the group was hired to provide security at the Benghazi compound prior to the attacks. Last year, under sworn testimony, State Department whistleblower Gregory Hicks stated the following about the group’s involvement in the attack (h/t CNS News):

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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I excerpted this for clarity of read. There are multiple photos and links at the webpage that are important to understanding it.

It is as important because the State Department said nothing about the connection in Egypt.

There is evidence that has been discussed for almost a year concerning Egyptian involvement in the Benghazi attack. That connection could be extremely damaging to Obozo if proof is made public. The Trial of Morsi has been postponed until February. Will Morsi expose Obama? Is this why he is preemptively releasing some of this?

Tonight there are 3 articles which relate to this that have surfaced. This is going to be interesting to see play out.

Please go to the link, it will be much easier to understand if you do.

1 posted on 01/11/2014 11:30:43 PM PST by Texas Fossil
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To: Texas Fossil


State Department designates 3 Ansar al Sharia organizations leaders (as Terrorists)

If you knew who was behind “Close-Gitmo” push you’d be shocked

2 posted on 01/11/2014 11:31:49 PM PST by Texas Fossil
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To: 1_Rain_Drop; 2111USMC; 2ndDivisionVet; Absolutely Nobama; acapesket; AirForce-TechSgt; aknkate; ...
Please see first two posts.

This is a Threat Matrix list documenting threats within and without. Anyone wanting on or off please advise.

3 posted on 01/12/2014 1:24:29 AM PST by MestaMachine (My caps work. You gotta earn them.)
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To: Texas Fossil; Fred Nerks

The reason that the State Departtment does not want to make the Egypt Connection in relation to Benghazi is because the USA is defacto supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.The USA is on the worng side of history as the Egyptian Military goes about destroying religio-fascism inside of their country. Obama ousted Mubarak and helped install MB leader Morsi. Therefore the US state department cannot participate in any world where Morsi and the MB is NOT an ally of the USA. Essentially Benghazi was a point in which much of Mohammar Ghadaffi’s arsenal was being transferred to Hamas and various MB supporting groups in Syria.The MB in Egypt were not getting what they felt was the fair share of this military ordnance lucre which would be used by the MB in Egypt, or alternatively Egypts military intelligence thwarted the US effort in Benghazi to arm the MB in Egypt.( We do not yet have enough facts.)Obamas sub rosa policy of arming the MB in Egypt is likely what got Chris Stevens and the others killed.This is why Hillary Clinton continues to repeat the “ What Difference Does it Make” mantra. She of course is a quintessential traitor to the USA, and herself a leading liberal fascist, sypathetic to the fascists of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a religio-fascist organization.
Essentially they have their historical roots in one of its founders Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem ,who was a supporter of Adolf Hitler, and who organized Muslim regiments in support of the Nazis.( The current liberal fascists of the Obama Movement want us to forget about the MB-Hitler connection, and want us to only acknowledge the Egyptian founder of the MB,Hassan al-Banna, who also subscribed to Hitler’s final solution, the genocide of the Jews, as did Husseini.)



Little has changed in the Muslim brotherhood since its founding, except the situs in which they operate. Obama employs them in the White House as did Hillary Clinton ( Huma Abeddin):

“Arif Alikhan, assistant secretary of Homeland Security for policy development; Mohammed Elibiary, a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council; Rashad Hussain, the U.S. special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference; Salam al-Marayati, co-founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC); Imam Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); and Eboo Patel, a member of President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.”



What religio-fascism is can be succinctly stated. Fascism is essentially nationalist socialism. MB nationalism comes from Islam and its arcane, draconian laws of Sharia, and a call for historic justice..( The Nazis nationalism came from an ideology of racial superiority and the Teutonic genome and a call for historic justice in relation to the Treaty of Versailles and reparations that Germany was required to pay to the Allied Powers). The socialism of the MB is that they subscribe to the redistribution of wealth from the infidel to the believers, using the method of Sharia Law.

Obama nationalism is based upon the ideology of Reverend Ralph Wright, the succinct belief in the superiority of the black race over all others, that the USA was built only through the white man’s exploitation of racial and ethnic minorities, and that historical justice is necessary to right these wrongs socially and economically through the redistribution of wealth, the descendants of those allegedly committing those wrongs must pay through the destruction of the middle class and the redistribution of wealth.).

There is a resurgence of fascism around the world in many nations. The problem we have in the USA is that the GOP will not recognize the Churchillian definition of what Obama represents and what the MB represents, supported by Hip Hop culture and a popular movement of “cool” fascism.

Egypt is quite correct in its move to destroy the MB, even at the cost of so called democracy which would promote the establishment of fascism, which is not really democracy per se. It is the exploitation of democracy as a concept to establish totalitarian tyranny.

This is what Arab Spring and its international promotion by Obama is all about. It will eventually lead to World War III when Iran acquires and employs nuclear weapons in Jihad. Both the Russians and the Chinese understand this fact and seek to exploit the international instability for their own nationalistic goals, and remove the USA as an international military power from the world stage.

The press in the West is generally ignorant, much as it was prior to WWII when the press supported the likes of Nazi sympathizers, leftist liberal fascist thug, democrat Joseph Kennedy who was the ambassador to Great Britain, and aviator Charles Lindbergh , he of Lindy ( hip?) Hop fame.( Fascists apparently like to hop.) The press in the West has become nothing more than a propaganda organ for the Obama fascist movement.

The fight against fascism in America can only begin when the GOP acknowledges the status of the Obama Movement as fascist, defining the fight we must undergo to destroy them. Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and others are the tip of the spear in this fight in the USA.

The Egyptians are actually far ahead of the USA in fighting the spread of fascism. I hope this short summary can clarify the issue of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose goal is actually world conquest, and the establishment of a world wide caliphate bound by Sharia Law. To accomplish that, World War III must be waged and won by Islam. The United States already appears to be defeated through the treasonous activity of so called president, Barak Hussein Obama.

Good Read:

Barack Obama, The Quintessential Fascist:

4 posted on 01/12/2014 2:24:15 AM PST by Candor7 (Obama fascism article:(
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To: Candor7


5 posted on 01/12/2014 2:34:11 AM PST by Reddy (bho stinks)
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To: Texas Fossil

It is obvious they all saw the same video.

6 posted on 01/12/2014 6:04:45 AM PST by pas
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To: Texas Fossil

There’s an underlying notion in the Bengazzy incident and analysis that I just don’t quite buy. While there may very well have been a desire by the Kenyan to shift some of Kadaffy’s weapons to other chapters of the MB and their friends there is no one in the US State Dept. smart enough to get it done. They don’t do heavy weapons. There is no one there who knows which end the fuse is on. And they sure as hell couldn’t give them away if they couldn’t first round them up. The State Dept does not have the stuff it takes to handle anything bigger than a few pistols. Maybe Schrillary thot she could but you see how it all worked out? And there are exactly zero reports of Libyan marked weapons showing up in Syria or Egypt.

7 posted on 01/12/2014 2:21:47 PM PST by cherokee1 (skip the names---just kick the buttz)
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To: cherokee1

Well there is a simple answer. The Annex was not under the State Department. It was a CIA Operation at the will of Derr Hilderbeast and the Ambassador. Under the orders of Obozo.

The CIA certainly has the necessary skills to do the job.

But they have a Traitor giving them orders.

8 posted on 01/12/2014 5:53:49 PM PST by Texas Fossil
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To: Texas Fossil

Impeachment File on “B. Hussein Obama,” aka Barry Soetoro, a legal citizen of the Sovereign Nation of Indonesia.

9 posted on 01/13/2014 1:24:54 PM PST by Graewoulf (Democrats' Obamacare Socialist Health Insur. Tax violates U.S. Constitution AND Anti-Trust Law.)
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To: Texas Fossil

So, help me here:

If it was just a recently released mohammed video and a rabble upset by that, then why was Obama/Clinton afraid to send in a rescue team? Just POd muslims with rocks, bottles, and rifles.

That’s a quick rescue with choppers and special operators.

10 posted on 01/13/2014 1:38:43 PM PST by xzins ( Retired Army Chaplain and Proud of It! Those who truly support our troops pray for victory!)
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To: xzins

Obama & Hillary were dispensing ManPod shoulder fired missiles out of the CIA “Annex” associated with the “Mission” to “Rebels going to Syria”. We are talking about the weapons given to the Rebels to overthrow Gaddafi.

Were they used in the assault? No evidence of that.

Were they the target of the continued assault at the Annex? Probably part of it.

The report is that battle was a continuing thing, not two separate events.

11 posted on 01/13/2014 9:31:54 PM PST by Texas Fossil
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To: xzins

Here is an early report on the assault.

“Obama Linked To Benghazi Attack”

25Oct12 Report about video

There is a video at the link that explains their perspective on October 25, 2012 (event happened on Sep 11, 2012)

It is incredible that Obozo was as recently as last week still trying to spread the anti-Muzzie video lie through the NYT reporter story. Talk about nuts.

12 posted on 01/13/2014 9:37:42 PM PST by Texas Fossil
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To: Texas Fossil


13 posted on 01/15/2014 9:38:03 AM PST by CivilWarBrewing
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To: Texas Fossil

..and remember, Not ONE of the 100 ‘Benghazi Emails’ released by the WH mentions the YouTube video. Not ONE.

14 posted on 01/15/2014 9:39:37 AM PST by CivilWarBrewing
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To: CivilWarBrewing

Accurate and Great Pic.

Will post the link elsewhere.


15 posted on 01/15/2014 9:52:28 AM PST by Texas Fossil
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