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The Flaw that is ObamaCare
Self ^ | 10/13/13 | Dean Sueck

Posted on 10/13/2013 7:50:17 PM PDT by HeartlandOfAmerica

The Flaw Known as ObamaCare

I read an online article from the New York Times Sunday morning and not surprisingly, in the user comment section, the liberal ObamaCare supporters are putting the blame for this ObamaCare website fiasco on Republicans and 'extremists', "obstructionists', the govt shutdown, 'teabaggers' and other not nice GOP people and groups. When I took a contary position and shifted blame back to the liberal base and politicians in a couple of posts to the Times comment section, my comments were summarily executed and deleted within 60 seconds. Censorship is alive and well at the Times. Truth hurts.

To start with, the American people need to keep something squarely in mind: No Republican voted for this bill. No Republican wanted this bill. No Republican thought this bill was going to work and most on the right thought it was downright Socialistic. But we were laughed at and jeered at and told over and over, "Just wait! You'll see!"

There's nothing in here that wasn't requested by liberal Democrats. So they can just stew in it's aromatic juices. And as a 30 year veteran of the computer wars since I got my Comp. Sci degree in 1984, I'm here to tell you that there's a LOT of stewing left to do. They received all the funding they wanted and had 3 and a half years worth of time to work with and told to run with it.

I've been studying the problem complaints submitted about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or ACA) other wise known as ObamaCare, at for almost a week and I'd like to share some thoughts on the matter.

To start with, I'd like the Republican leadership in the House to cease demanding that the Individual Mandate be postponed for a year. I'm pretty sure that ObamaCare is going to die of it's own weight and inconsistencies and the longer it's drawn out, the more painful it's going to be in the long run for America.

First of all, let's destroy the 'too much traffic' meme.

Not being able to create an account or when you do create an account being unable to log in is NOT a traffic problem.

The system forgetting usernames and passwords is NOT a traffic problem.

The system not recognizing it's own link in a verification email sent to the user to verify their email address is NOT a traffic problem.

Sending the user to nonexistent or blank pages is NOT a traffic problem.

Sending records of enrollees to the wrong insurance companies is NOT a traffic problem.

Not verifying that the user input all of the required information in the correct format is NOT a traffic problem.

Sending multiple records to insurers for the same user every day is NOT a traffic problem. (one insurer received 7 records for enrollment of an ACA customer in one day. 4 enrollments and 3 cancelations. The ObamaCare system, like any coherent system should have verified that file, and ensured that either only the last record chronologically was sent and all others deleted, or more properly, it should have kicked it out as a bad record and emailed the user that there was a problem that needs to be taken care of.)

Anybody who tells you that the ObamaCare website problems are related to too much traffic is lying to you and they're lying to you with malice aforethought. What the website's problems are is crappy design by people who only halfway understood what the crappier specifications wanted, which were drawn up by incompetent people who only halfway understood what technology was capable of, put together by incompetent coders who also didn't understand what technology was capable of or how to integrate multiple data systems into one coherent whole.

There needs to be an immediate Congressional investigation into where $634 million (!!!), 2/3 of a billion (!!!) dollars was spent, when it was disbursed, what specifications were used for implementation, what system milestones were used to track progress of the overall system. Apparently the HHS couldn't find an American firm who could screw this system up this bad so they had to bring in some foreign talent from Canada. Not surprisingly, it was a company called CGI Federal which if I understand the circumstances correctly, was fired by a Canadian government for delivering part of their welfare health system far overtime and far over budget. Congress needs to investigate how this company was selected and all means must be employed to retrieve any funds sent to this bunch of clowns for this implementation. This is HARD EARNED *TAX* DOLLARS WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HERE, NOT MONOPOLY MONEY!!

And hate to break it to any liberals reading this but it's just going to get worse from here. Much, MUCH worse!

Up to this point, the only redeeming quality of the Affordable Care Act website is that it's such a blunder, people can't get into it to find out how much this boondoggle is going to cost THEM! And you liberal Democrats should be thankful and look on these problems as a GOOD thing, I kid you not. It gets far worse.

There is a LOTLOTLOT of political correctness in this law and every bit of it costs someone somewhere.

Already if you go to the FB page of the HealthCareGov system, you'll hear the rumblings of very, VERY angry people who are finding that their present policies, the ones that President Obama promised, he PROMISED, people could keep if they wanted, are being canceled en masse.

Why you may ask? Well kiddies, lend me your ear for a bit yet. There's a bit of theatre of the absurd coming up!

These policies are being canceled left and right for one simple reason. Because they don't fit with the ObamaCare standards. Why you may ask yet again. It's simple. No insurer was IDIOTICMORONICIMBECILIC enough to cover men and post menopausal women for maternity services, ob/gyn services, mammograms and abortion services adding to the cost of the policy! But ObamaCare does and that's why the vast majority of current policies are being canceled. Political Correctness kills. Or at least it costs a LOTLOTLOT of money to someone, somewhere in any system.

Do you realize, dear reader, that there are over TWO THOUSAND, SEVEN HUNDRED pages in the ObamaCare law alone??? But it gets worse. Based on those 2,700 pages, there have been over TEN *THOUSAND* pages of resulting regulations pubished in the Federal Register??? And the sorriest part: very, very, very few peole have read them all. NOBODY knows what all is included in ObamaCare. Is this a program put together by a blind, deaf, dumb and stupid government institution or what??

Now I'd like to take a few minutes to dispel some myths that have turned into memes:

The original purpose of ObamaCare was to provide healthcare to those uninsured people who don't, won't or can't get insurance for themselves. But get this. Remember that 37,000,000 uninsured screech that we've been hearing for the past decade+? Well Obamacare has it covered. In order to make policies more affordable for the poor and indigent, the Feds, out of the kindness of their black little hearts are going to provide the poor, the jobless, foreigners, EVERYBODY with a low income a subsidy. In fact the concept of a subsidy is so deeply ingrained in liberal Democrat's thinking that it's become a reflex action and it's the first place their thinking goes when there are problems with payments.

But you see, there's a MAJOR league problem here. The subsidy is in the form of a tax credit that isn't going to be available until the next years tax refund time! So if people sign up after Jan 1, 2014, the subsidy won't be available until April of 2015 tax refund! In the mean time everybody has to pay the full amount of the premium for that whole first year +! If they were too poor to be able to afford insurance up to this point, how are these indigent people supposed to be able to make doubled and tripled payments in the first place?!?! If they could have done that, they would have had themselves covered long ago and not needed the nanny-state to do it for them!!

The next myth is that everyone is going to get covered. Yes there will be preexisting condition coverage now. But there's not a reason in the world that the insurer can't decline you for a suspected inability to pay. Not everyone is going to get coverage here and I'm sure there's going to be a VERY large subset of that 37,000,000 that don't get coverage. And what happens then? Are the thugs at the IRS going to hunt each and every uninsured person down and persecute them for the rest of their life??

Speaking of the IRS ... I keep hearing the myth that the fine is $95. "Just opt out and pay the penalty." Well, when it comes to persecution, the heavy fist of the almighty state has it covered. $95 is only for the first year which will be withheld from any tax refund you may have. The second year it goes up. I don't remember exactly. $2500? But the third year, YOWSERS! They can place a lien on your house or other property. THEY WILL GET YOU ONE WAY OR ANOTHER! And the thugocracy at the IRS has been persecuting people for time out of mind. They know all the ins and outs. Just witness their persecution of Tea Party groups. Now the American public is going to find those big guns that they've paid for (all 16,000 new ones for ObamaCare enforcement especially) are pointed at them! What they could take with equanimity when it was pointed only at the White Houses' political enemies is now going to be pointed squarely at the American people this time around and the American people are going to find out that they've been criminalized for an inability to pay.

I'm way long already so let's move on and discuss security.

For an outfit that cannot secure their own computer systems, the Feds seem to be taking on a huge amount of information here. Maybe the HHS should hire the NSA to be doing it's enforcement work instead of the IRS. After all, the NSA has a LONG history of spying on us so they will be able to tell right off the bat who is covered and who is not.

To start the security ball rolling, be aware that the Feds are going to be pulling a copy of every American's credit report. The say that the whole reason is simply to verify that you are who you say you are. But I don't trust the govt as far as I can throw the whole danged thing.

The other security problem is more serious by far. Do you know, when you're browsing the web and you find a nice piece of software that you like and you download and install it and it pops up this agreement in legalese that you sorta click on "Agree and continue" as a sorta let me the hell outta here click? Well ObamaCare has one of those too, it's Privacy Policy it's called, it's written in bureaucratese and it's got a VERYVERYVERY large fish hook in some of them from various ObamaCare insurance exchanges, that you agree that ObamaCare is allowed to share your information with various law enforcement agency's and certain 'auditing' agencies. BEWARE OF THIS ONE. It's like having a secret that you want to share with a friend but are afraid to. If you share it with that friend, then you have to automagically assume that you've also shared it with THEIR friends and THEIR friends. So it is with ObamaCare. We've already got proof positive that the IRS shares taxpayer data with just about any govt agency that they so desire and tax workers have been known to joyride through tax returns to see how much people earn.

The moral here is that you're confiding your deepest, most intimate secrets to the Federal govt and once those secrets reside in a govt computer they NEVER go away. They're in there for life and probably the lives of your next 3 generations. There used to be an exception to the law in this country that the law recognized doctor/patient privilege. Well, that's practically been rewritten under ObamaCare to be a doctor/patient/government privilege.

Okay. I've rambled on long enough here so let me close with this cheery thought:

Some people apparently HAVE been able to get into the system or have found one of the online benefits calculators like the one for Kaiser Permanente which allows people to plug in their information and it will give them details of the closest plan they would qualify for, an approximation of monthly premium, deductible and copay.

People who have looked this up are already screeching to high heaven and threatening not to sign up for this boondoggle in protest. MANY of them say that the govt has now given them a choice between paying for their insurance and putting food on the table. They're finding that the rumors that we've been hearing are accurate: their premiums, deductibles and copays are totally unworkable for their circumstances. And worse yet for the liberals in the White House and Congress, they're invariably connecting their increased healthcare costs to the fact that they're paying for someone elses healthcare. The government's unfailing penchant of taking from the successful/producer and giving it to the unsuccessful/nonproducer may well fail in this case. They have PASSIONATELY turned against ObamaCare.

And you see: this is only a hundred to two hundred. Just wait until this is hundreds of thousands screaming their heads off about the premium prices and $5000 to $14000 deductibles; wait until it's MILLIONS and *TENS AND HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS* of people that were expecting it to be free or low cost and come to find out that it's one of the most expensive things in their budget short of their home and car.

There will be such a shout and scream of anguish and anger across this land that will shake the political landscape like it's never been shaken in history!

As one last parting thought, I'd like to assign you, my dear reader with a thought experiment. Let's assume that ObamaCare does fail. Then what do we do? We can't go back to the old system. That's been so thoroughly broken that the care that you've had in the past is no longer an option so just wipe that right out of your mind. Your policies will be canceled if they haven't been yet, doctors are quitting in droves, companies are laying people off or shunting them from their healthcare plans onto the public dole, part time work is the fastest growing segment of the American job market due to the 30 hour workweek mandated by ObamaCare. The old system no longer exists and ObamaCare is going to bomb so quick, what are we going to do?? We're so totally screwed by this liberal Democrat disaster that the only option will be single-player which I'm starting to agree with many out there, was the Feds' plan all along. Feds pay for everything and raise taxes to pay for it.

Enjoy your 'free' healthcare America!! And be sure to send a note of thanks to: President Obama, Vice President Biden, HHS Secretary Sebilius, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority leader of the House Nancy Pelosi and Supreme Court Justice John Roberts. Without their untiring efforts, you'd still be safely enrolled in your old tried and true healthcare plan and this wouldn't even be a nightmare.

Dean Sueck (rhymes with Buick)

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1 posted on 10/13/2013 7:50:17 PM PDT by HeartlandOfAmerica
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To: HeartlandOfAmerica

And this is why lindsay graham is dead wrong about the “futility of resisting Øbamacare”. Conservatives and Republicans must fight it to the last man as if our very lives depend upon it...because they do!

2 posted on 10/13/2013 7:54:30 PM PDT by rockrr (Everything is different now...)
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To: rockrr

Sure hope so! Unfortunately, this just will accelerate the decline of America into Socialism. When the government gets this involved in such a major part of commerce, well that means the end is near.

3 posted on 10/13/2013 7:57:23 PM PDT by Deagle (m)
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To: HeartlandOfAmerica

That’s why I was never for the shutdown. Don’t delay the this infernal thing up and shove it down the dims throats.

4 posted on 10/13/2013 7:58:00 PM PDT by Blackirish
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To: HeartlandOfAmerica

We have a winna!

5 posted on 10/13/2013 8:00:30 PM PDT by null and void (I'm betting on an Obama Trifecta: A Nobel Peace Prize, an Impeachment, AND a War Crimes Trial...)
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To: null and void


6 posted on 10/13/2013 8:03:53 PM PDT by HeartlandOfAmerica (Obama&Admin=An army of deer, led by a lion is more to be feared than an army of lions led by a deer)
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To: HeartlandOfAmerica

This can still be easily solved.

1 - Mandates on employers and individuals repealed.

2 - Excessive coverage requirements repealed.

3 - Permit inter-state sales of insurance.

You can probably keep the youth on the insurance until 26 (because aren’t those the people we want paying in anyway) and you can pool the “hard cases” into a national exchange and give them subsidies if needed.

That’s it, problems solved.

7 posted on 10/13/2013 8:11:54 PM PDT by jocon307
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To: HeartlandOfAmerica

8 posted on 10/13/2013 9:20:46 PM PDT by Jack Hydrazine (I’m not a Republican, I'm a Conservative! Pubbies haven't been conservative since before T.R.)
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To: HeartlandOfAmerica
 photo ObamaCareDeadEnd_zps9cd42d61.jpg
9 posted on 10/13/2013 9:23:02 PM PDT by HotHunt
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To: HotHunt; RedMDer; musicman

10 posted on 10/13/2013 9:33:59 PM PDT by onyx (Please Support Free Republic - Donate Monthly! If you want on Sarah Palin's Ping List, Let Me know!)
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To: HeartlandOfAmerica

Great article! I think the republicans’ best bet would be to remind the people they all voted against this and say “If you don’t like it, call the white house, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.”

11 posted on 10/13/2013 10:00:27 PM PDT by VerySadAmerican (".....Barrack, and the horse Mohammed rode in on.")
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To: HeartlandOfAmerica
Its a dumb law that will not work. But when doctors retire, hospitals close, and people's traditional health insurance is no longer offered; everyone will have the same problem.

Everyone will demand a solution and going back to the way it was before ACA will not be an option. Then single payer will look more reasonable (until the people get a taste of it). The implementation now of ACA is a horrible one-way street we have entered.

The inability to question and reverse dumb things is a hallmark of failed civilizations.

12 posted on 10/14/2013 12:19:16 AM PDT by Robert357 (D.Rather "Hoist with his own petard!"
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To: jocon307
That's fine and dandy.

But it's not the law. And Obama is still the President and Dingy Harry still rules the Senate.

But the real bottom line is, you still need docs to provide health care.

If you were 20 years old and smart enough to get into medical school, why would you bother, knowing that the USG exists and has the power, via the MSM and the low-information pukes, to make your working life miserable?

13 posted on 10/14/2013 12:39:35 AM PDT by cynwoody
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To: HeartlandOfAmerica

Obamacare will fail so Single Payer will succeed.

Andrea Mitchell told Ted Cruz that Single Payer was the intention, but they could only get away with Obamacare.

She didn’t say it that way, but she let the cat out of the bag like Maxine Waters did about Nationalizing the Oil Companies...

14 posted on 10/14/2013 12:53:20 AM PDT by Kickass Conservative (Due to the Federal Government Shutdown, the Tagline is closed.)
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To: Kickass Conservative

It always amazes me that Liberals/marzists hate monopolies- until they own the monopoly.

15 posted on 10/14/2013 12:57:56 AM PDT by Nailbiter
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To: Nailbiter

Well, with the Election of Pharaoh Obama they apparently have the Monopoly on Free Speech. Nowadays, talking about the Constitution, Separation of Powers and pointing out the Lawless Actions of the Obama Regime makes us “Extremists”.

Case in point, where is the coverage of the Veterans taking back the Monuments today. Even better, where is the coverage of those same Veterans marching on the White House carrying the Barrycades to show their displeasure with the King?

Police in Riot Gear show up to watch the unruly crowd of Elderly Veterans, Veterans missing limbs, Wheelchair bound Veterans and even Conservative Politicians, Cruz, Lee and Palin. If only they were all Illegal Aliens...

It’s not the News Reports, it who decides to Report the News.

16 posted on 10/14/2013 1:08:14 AM PDT by Kickass Conservative (Due to the Federal Government Shutdown, the Tagline is closed.)
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To: HeartlandOfAmerica
There can be no higher praise for this post.
17 posted on 10/14/2013 5:13:26 AM PDT by Caipirabob (Communists... Socialists... Democrats...Traitors... Who can tell the difference?)
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To: HeartlandOfAmerica

——There will be such a shout and scream of anguish and anger across this land that will shake the political landscape like it’s never been shaken in history!——

Mornin’ Citizen:
This then is the reason for the budget/debt ceiling war. The president and Dingy Harry are attempting to create such a bad taste for Republicans that the coming healthcare terror will not be noticed.

Ha..... dream on tyrants

18 posted on 10/14/2013 5:29:55 AM PDT by bert ((K.E. N.P. N.C. +12 ..... Travon... Felony assault and battery hate crime)
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To: Caipirabob

lol! TYVM :)

19 posted on 10/14/2013 6:51:01 AM PDT by HeartlandOfAmerica (Obama&Admin=An army of deer, led by a lion is more to be feared than an army of lions led by a deer)
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To: bert

Mornin’ :)

20 posted on 10/14/2013 6:52:10 AM PDT by HeartlandOfAmerica (Obama&Admin=An army of deer, led by a lion is more to be feared than an army of lions led by a deer)
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