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Profiling ^ | July 24, 2013 | Walter E. Williams

Posted on 07/24/2013 4:34:23 AM PDT by Kaslin

In the wake of the shooting of a Nazi officer, Police Capt. Louis Renault played by Claude Rains in the 1942 movie "Casablanca," ordered his men to "round up the usual suspects." Was Renault engaging in some sort of profiling? He may have been, but what is profiling? Let's look at it.

We can think of profiling as a method to economize on information costs by using easily observed physical characteristics as a proxy for some other characteristic more difficult or costlier to observe. For example, say you seek to hire people to manually unload trucks containing heavy merchandise. I'm guessing that most would use sex as a proxy for strength and select men over the women. That can be called sex profiling. Of course, if you assumed that men and women have equal strength, you'd hire randomly.

You might say, "Profiling is unfair, and individuals should be judged individually!" Taken to the limit, such a position is ludicrous. Suppose police are trying to catch the criminal who just raped a woman in a city park. Would you want them to use sex profiling -- i.e., just round up men -- or should they round up everyone, regardless of sex? I'm betting that most people would view the latter as stupid. But there is a near equivalent in government. Ninety-six percent of the FBI's list of most wanted terrorists are Muslim, and most terrorist attacks in the U.S. have been committed by young Muslim males. Despite this, the Transportation Security Administration people behave as if each person who seeks to board a plane is of equal danger. That's why they search, frighten and inconvenience 5-year-olds and elderly people.

Some racial and ethnic groups have higher incidence of -- and mortality from -- various diseases than the national average. The Pima Indians of Arizona have the world's highest diabetes rates. Black males have the highest incidence rate for prostate cancer in the United States. Black males are also 30 percent likelier to die from heart disease than white men. Laotian, Samoan, and Vietnamese women have the highest cervical cancer rates in the United States.

Whether genetics, environment, or some other factor accounts for the association between race and the incidence of certain diseases, it is undeniable that such an association exists. That means an easily observed physical characteristic, such as race or ethnicity, can be used as a proxy for a higher probability of the existence of some other, more difficult-to-observe characteristic, such as prostate cancer, coronary disease, diabetes or cervical cancer. Simply by knowing a patient's race or ethnicity, a medical practitioner can be alert to and better customize a patient's screening needs. I wonder how many people would seek action against a doctor for medical profiling if the doctor recognized the association between race and the higher probability of a disease.

In a number of cities, there have been complaints of racism because some taxicab drivers turn down black fares. By simply knowing that a driver refused a black passenger, we cannot make an unambiguous statement about whether the decision was motivated by racial preferences. As early as 1999, D.C.'s taxicab commissioner Sandra Seegars, who is black, issued a safety advice statement urging the city's mostly black cabbies to refuse to pick up "dangerous-looking" passengers. She described "dangerous-looking" as a "young black guy ... with his ... shirttail hanging down longer than his coat, baggy pants down below his underwear and unlaced tennis shoes." Would anyone argue that black cabbies who turn down black fares are racists? A law-abiding black person denied a taxi is rightfully angered, but to whom should his anger be directed, at the driver who's trying to protect his life or at the people who've instilled fear by robbing and assaulting cabbies?

By the way, unlike us mortals, God wouldn't have to do any kind of profiling, because he knows everything. We mortals, with our imperfections, must find substitutes for his omniscience.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial
KEYWORDS: health; profiling; racialprofiling; sexoffenders; taxis
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Israel has learned the hard way how insane the terrorists can be. This is a chronology of who they have had to deal with in some of the most outrageous, heinous crimes in history:

~1900-1940 = Roving bands of murderous Arab (they were not called Palestinian then) bands, random killings of Jews.

1940-45 = Nazi organized Muslim units killing Jews in Croatia for example.

1945-1962 = Egyptian funded and supplied “Fedayun: infiltrators into the young Jewish state, the precursors to the PLO. Random killing.

1962-1972 = PLO, PFLP-GC infiltrators, Hijackers. Random murder all over the world and in Israel.

1972 Black September of FATAH movement attack on Israeli atheletes at Olympic games. 11 dead Israeli atheletes.

1972 Japanese Red Army attack at Ben Gurion airport, many dead. “Bader Meinhoff” period.

1976 PLO+Germans Hijack Air France jet to Entebbe, Uganda, Israeli hostages freed in daring raid, all terrorists dead, Benjamin Netanyahu's brother (Yoni) killed leading raid.

1970-1978 = PLO in South Lebanon, attack Israeli coast + north.

1978 Coastal road attack on Israeli passenger bus by PLO causes Israel to invade southern Lebanon up to Litani river, hence Israeli operation called, “Operation Litani”.

1982-83 PLO attacks within Lebanon during Lebanon Peace for the Galilee war.

1983-present Hizbollah guerrilla state in southern Lebanon, attacks in Buenos Aires and all over world, including Bourgas, Bulgaria one year ago.

1987 First Intifada PLO riots bloodshed.

2000 Second Intifada PLO riots bloodshed.

1993-2003 Oslo Peace process = even more dead Jews than BEFORE Peace process.

100 years of horrendous, bloody provocations by the Arabs in the name of liberation has taught the Israelis how to deal with these SOBs.

The US unfortunately is in it's diapers on this issue but still living in denial...

21 posted on 07/24/2013 5:39:05 AM PDT by Netz (Netz)
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OH! and I forgot the HAMAS scum, 1986-present suicide bombers...

22 posted on 07/24/2013 5:40:53 AM PDT by Netz (Netz)
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To: gov_bean_ counter

Hannity and O’Reilly keep spouting these inane things about the TMartin case. “Just staying out of the rain.” Hannity. (1)”Told not to get out of truck (2)It was wrong for Zimmerman to confront Martin based on his appearance.” O’Reillly.

They do know how to read. I assume they’ve read the transcripts and watched the case. I think they, too, know how to think and piece together movements.

None of the above by Hannity or O’Reilly is based on the evidence. It is done purely to pay dues to the current political correctness.

I assume their management has a hand in pressuring them to throw a few bones to the liberal and black communities.

23 posted on 07/24/2013 5:43:17 AM PDT by xzins (Retired Army Chaplain and Proud of It! Those who truly support our troops pray for their victory!)
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To: varmintman

The Trayvon Martin case IS all about profiling; to the media, a caucasian male with a handgun equals a racist out to commit murder. What the left complains most vocally about is generally its own flaws.

24 posted on 07/24/2013 5:43:50 AM PDT by Spok (Generalizations are no damn good, including this one. -Mark Twain)
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To: gov_bean_ counter; varmintman
Yeah, it's called trespassing which the lefties refuse to acknowledge. He was on private property. Obviously casing houses.

The jewelry that Martin was suspended from school for was traced to a burglary about a block away from the school

Mystified by Hannity's position. It defies reality. 'Course I've given up on him a while ago.

25 posted on 07/24/2013 5:47:45 AM PDT by Eagles6 (Valley Forge Redux)
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But the single GREATEST Killer of Arab Muslims has always been and will always be...MUSLIMS, not Jews.

Muslims profile Muslims and then blow themselves up in the other guy’s mosque - ain’t that sweet?

26 posted on 07/24/2013 5:53:24 AM PDT by Netz (Netz)
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To: Eagles6

Any sort of a url for the trace on the stolen jewels??

27 posted on 07/24/2013 6:43:14 AM PDT by varmintman
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To: Kaslin

Profiling is part and parcel of human nature. It is necessary for survival. Single women use it when dating and a father will use it when a male wants to date his daughter. Bankers use it when granting loans and employers use it when hiring. The examples can go on forever. Liberals don’t like it because it upsets their delusional world.

28 posted on 07/24/2013 7:05:45 AM PDT by odawg
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To: varmintman

29 posted on 07/24/2013 7:45:29 AM PDT by Eagles6 (Valley Forge Redux)
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To: Eagles6


30 posted on 07/24/2013 8:37:11 AM PDT by varmintman
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To: varmintman


31 posted on 07/24/2013 11:28:29 PM PDT by Eagles6 (Valley Forge Redux)
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