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To: butterdezillion; A Navy Vet

The US military has had to acknowledge when terrorist Afghanistanis have infiltrated and perpetrated attacks. For them to fail to check out who slipped in these other 7 Afghanistanis at the last minute suggests they were WILLFULLY BLIND, as opposed to other times when they were willing to say that the attack was perpetrated by infiltrators. That says to me that this attack was different.

Allowing the imam to gloat afterwards also says that this was different. I couldn’t hear real clearly but I thought they were saying that the imam was there because they hadn’t yet identified which bodies were the Afghanistanis, who had to be flown back to the US to be identified. So some of the coffins had American flags draped over them and some had AFghanistani flags draped over them, even though they said they had no way of knowing which bodies were Afghans. The one mom was incensed that her son may have come home to the US with an Afghan flag draping the coffin.

If they had investigated and found that the 7 Afghanistanis who went on that mission were part of the infiltration that killed our men, I wonder if they would have allowed an imam to gloat over the dead bodies. Being willfully blind about what really happened there may be central to the Muslims getting to have their gloat over the men who had allegedly killed Osama Bin Laden. The Afghanistanis who had been assigned to go on that flight would have still been around there, and SOMEBODY surely knew there was something screwy going on because those guys were still there when they were supposedly on the helo.

21 posted on 05/10/2013 9:48:01 AM PDT by butterdezillion (,)
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To: butterdezillion
Who could have foreseen the Boston Marathon terrorist explosions? Although we hear every day about the FBI/CIA and other intell orgs thwarting some terrorist plans, unless we go Soviet style, there is no way our intell agencies can foresee and stop everything psycopath. Even the Russians couldn't foresee the atrocity of the Beslan school, supposedly in the name of Allah (piss be upon him).

We live in a different World now. Get used to it. The bad guys (mostly Koranimals) have the silent hand and they know it. Like I said, kill them all or continue to allow them to kill us for the sake of political correctness and diversity.

Here's my bottom line and I don't care who reads it: Islam has become a bigger sore on this rock than it ever was through history. I don't trust a frigging one of them. Being an agnostic, I just want me and mine to live in peace and have the opportunity to prosper. They want all to bow down to their sh*t ass moon god. I despise Islam and all it stands for.

Does anyone need to be reminded what occurs around the world on almost a daily basis? If so, here ya go:
Forced marriages including children;
Forced sex;
Forced hiding of women's bodies. And why is that? It's not about the Islam claim to modesty; it's about the ruthless rapist that Muslim men are;
Forced conversion to their religion or pay a toll as stipulated in the Koran. OR get deaded.
Forced destruction of all other historic religious artifacts;
Forced children in their teaching to hate anything Israel or Western civilization;
And the best of their culture, FORCED circumcision of female genitalia. Gotta love that one. BTW, where are the hags from NOW?
Oh another best, the so-called palestinians who cut their own heads and those of their children for some obscure cause for Allah.

Islam is a sick non-civil rights culture. And for those of you on the Dummies forums and reading this from your safe (guess again) university tablet, it is NOT a peaceful religion.

It is a politically inspired theology. What you Dummies don't get, is that even the Koran talks about Abraham and admires him and sons until it gets into jihad and especially the "Hadiths". The Koran claims the same lineology of the Bible, but veers off into a cult. You poor brain-washed students just don't know what works for a civilized society and what doesn't work.

Come get me Mohammedsh*ts. Please make me a martyr that you so relish and watch what happens when some nobody Navy veteran in Orange County gets deaded for your crap religion. Come cowardly pieces of sh*t. I'm here every day. I know you can find me from your big mosque and resources. No? You don't want to upset your image lies?

Well, here's more: Mohammed sucked pig d*ck. Now try me.

27 posted on 05/10/2013 12:09:33 PM PDT by A Navy Vet (An Oath is Forever)
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