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To: A Navy Vet

I just listened to the whole thing while washing dishes so I didn’t take notes but will say what I can remember, so you can get a basic gist. i didn’t hear some stuff because my laptop has bad speakers.

This was an area of known high concentration of terrorists who had been known to want to shoot down US aircraft. The Afghanistani military had to be informed of all of the specifics of any operation, in advance.

There had been a 3 1/2 hour firefight before these people were called in. It was said that there was a high-value target and they had to get him right then and there. At the last minute the 7 Saudis who had been assigned to the mission were changed out by some unspecified person; the manifest was not changed and in fact the military notified the original 7 AFghans’ families that they had been killed and only told them later, when the bodies were identified, that it was somebody else who had been killed. The investigation after the event did not identify who switched out these people; the Afghanistani military was not questioned by the investigation at all.

The US military had within the month before this event averaged over 800 special op events/month. There were 60 aircraft but at any point in time 20 were for combat operations, 20 were being maintained, and 20 were being used for training. So there were 20 available aircraft at an average of close to 30 operations/day.

They were sent out into a battle that had been raging for 3.5 hours in a transport plane that had last been updated in the mid-1980’s. They had no firepower and nobody to clear the way for them. The Chinook itself was not on radar and it took 10 minutes after the shoot-down to even figure out what helo had gone down. (With no “eye in the sky”, there is no footage from which to assess what had happened. They also claim to have not found the “black box”, which is actually orange and if I’m not mistaken has GPS so it can be found. They never “found” it, so there were no provisions made from the outset to allow for objective sources of information about what happened, and what they should have been able to find they didn’t.)

The report that the families were given said that the Chinook was shot down by shooters on the top of a building - who were supposedly there at 2am to “lay down crops”. I have no idea what that means but it sounds like a bunch of hooey. The reason for not sending in a drone and/or shooting down where the fire was coming from was because we need to “win the hearts and minds” of the people in this area of concentrated terrorists. But one of the dads had a letter from a Congress-critter who said he had been in a high-level meeting to talk about the causes and the real reason was that they didn’t know where the fire was coming from. That was the point at which that dad knew he was being lied to - because the stories changed.

Just a comment here. In the middle of a 3.5-hour firefight, with known, concentrated levels of terrorists including a high-value target - is there any better time to blow the whole place up with a drone attack? Obama is losing us a lot of allies because of his indiscriminate use of drone strikes but how could you get a more-justified situation for using a drone attack? Why instead send in 25 of the very best human resources you’ve got? I would REALLY like to know how many drone strikes Obama had authorized before this mission. IIRC, there were already concerns around then about Obama having a porn-like fascination with drone strikes and watching them over and over. I’d like to see some stats on the prevalance of drone strikes over Obama’s years.

The day before Biden disclosed that it was Team 6 who carried out the Bin Laden raid, top military (and Obama regime people too, IIRC) had met and said that not only Team 6 members but also their families needed to have extra protection because somebody in the Taliban might somehow suspect who was involved and target the families. It was stated how critical it was to keep the identities anonymous. And then the next day Joe Biden told the whole world. And yet a whole group of these guys were sent out with no protection, no documenting radar, with 7 anonymous Afghanistanis substituted at the last moment, in a mission custom-built for a drone attack.

After the attack the bodies were cremated - supposedly because they were burned so badly that they had to be identified by DNA and dental records. But the dad of one of the cremated victims had asked to see the autopsy and had been given the photos of the body - intact, no need to be cremated.

At the service at Bagram Air Base an imam was allowed to chant a standard chant saying that the enemies of Allah would be defeated and go to hell and that Islam has won. Families of the fallen are ALWAYS given a copy of the service but none of these families were given a copy. The mom who brought forward this video (which was a 10-minute redaction from a several-hour video that the military had provided, not showing the imam who had done this gloating curse over the dead bodies) said she was not comfortable sharing how she was eventually able to get this video in February this year (about 2 years after the fact).

I would have liked a chance to talk to the dad who sounded like he had a Boston accent. He made some comments I didn’t fully understand, and I think he knows a lot more detail about the specifics that don’t add up. It was also said that just before the press conference other families made contact with the dad who sort of headed up this effort, and one of those dads said he found out details that made him sick to his stomach.

19 posted on 05/10/2013 9:29:00 AM PDT by butterdezillion (,)
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To: butterdezillion; A Navy Vet

Something else. It was pitch-black. 2am. It wasn’t stated what kind of weapon hit the Chinook - whether it was a Manpad, a heat-seeking missile, RPG, etc. But the hit was deadly accurate in the pitch dark in the middle of the night.

I would like to know if there was any kind of tracking device on the 7 Afghanistanis who were substituted at the last minute.

The cover-up indicates a complicit military leadership. One of the moms said that she was appalled when a 4-star Admiral (Krogan? I couldn’t understand the name when it was given) told them stuff that was simply not true and nearly assaulted her when she mentioned the cover-up regarding Pat Tillman. The changing stories, the negligent investigation that didn’t question the Afghanistanis and didn’t “find” the black box, the ceremony with the imam that was hidden from the families (against routine), the cremations when they weren’t needed and lying about them being needed, the failure to even have radar tracking the movements of a transport vehicle carrying 25 of our best assets.... all this stuff says this was more than just a SNAFU. These protocols ALL had to be disabled in order for this whole thing to go down like it did.

It’s actually stunning, the parallels between this and Benghazi, on all three levels: advance preparations, during the event, and the coverup afterwards.

20 posted on 05/10/2013 9:37:08 AM PDT by butterdezillion (,)
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To: butterdezillion
I acknowledged much of what you assert above. My bottom-line point is I don't think this was an Obama let-them-get-even for killing bin Laden.

I still think it was a poorly executed rescue mission (remember Carter's failed attempt to rescue the hostages?) by a less than stellar field operational commander. Sh*t happens, even with the best of planning and I actually cried the day I heard all those warriors and fellow Shipmates went down.

However, I don't think anything other than some insurgent intell made it happen, and we just can't know everything the bad guys were planning. I just think it was some grand conspiracy with our own Fedgov to kill so many of SEAL Team 6.

Don't have it readily available, but somewhere on this site is a list atrocities by Koranimals since 9/11/01 all over the World. There is also a list of how many of the efforts have been thwarted. Again: We need to be right 100% of the time; they need to be successful 1%.

That's why I say it's time to teach these barbarians a lesson and send them back to the their beloved 7th century. I'm ready to make some examples, starting with Iran.

22 posted on 05/10/2013 10:50:35 AM PDT by A Navy Vet (An Oath is Forever)
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