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To: battlecry

Mattera, when illegally asked “Do you have a date of birth”? should have said, “Yes, everyone does” and walked away.

An honest answer to a stupid question.

Officer Stockton had no jurisdiction to do anything in DC other than to physically protect Mayor Bloomturd.

However, having been a journalist in DC during the 1970’s, covering Congress, demonstrations, etc., I learned that a DC Police issued Press Pass didn’t mean crap most of the time.

I was almost deliberately run over by a DC motorcycle cop while I was photographing a parade, and was falsely arrested while covering a story (and held in jail for 3-4 hours) before a pissed off judge threw the case out in agreement with the DC city prosecutor because it was a bogus charge.

One of the arresting officers was a friend of mine in CID and told me how it came about (all illegal). An inconvenience but proof that a Press Card is only as good as the government behind it. In D.C., that means you’re screwed.

Another thing, in DC, if you are a contract Police Officer/Guard and are not a retired DC cop, you cannot carry a personal concealed/open weapon on your person. That means that when you leave your job protecting federal buildings, you are just as vulnerable to crime as the next guy. STUPID.

Also, Maryland does not have a reciprocity recognition of a Virginia CCW permit, even if you are a federal police officer going to a duty station. The State Police don’t give a shit who you are.

Even one honest judge couldn’t figure out why the state of Maryland didn’t honor other states’ CCP for federal police officers and regular permitted carriers. (A federal police officer is different in duty and degree of security clearance than that of a plain Security Officer, even if they are both contractors. It has to do with the high level targets they protect and their authority to shoot to kill if necessary).

O’Malley has begun to run the state like his own marxist dicatorship and the police are his personal pets. It used to be that the police were trustworthy friends but no longer.

My son is a federal Police Officer and combat vet yet is still treated as trash by Maryland and DC (but not necessarily individual DC Police Officers, but by the system).

I have an AA Certificate in Police Science and have worked on an Organized Crime Task Force. Been around law enforcement since the 1970’s and I’m telling you, it is getting worse at the federal level. DC police have never been good, as a whole. Poor leadership more than anything else, other than hiring a bunch of criminals. Well, the whole DC political system is almost totally corrupt at the top and in selected agencies, so why should the police be any better than their leaders?

The same for the leadership of Dept. of Justice. I have never seen it so bad in all my life. My friends included DOJ leaders up to the position of Assistant Attorney General and I have met several AGs in the past, decent people. I might also add that the Assistant Director of the FBI was a friend of mine (years ago)and I personally briefed the No. 3 man in the Bureau on security issues many years ago.

Today I don’t who to trust. Certainly not Holder, Perez and that group of Constitution tramplers. The leftist/marxist infestation of DOJ is unbelievable and it has trickled down to liberal police chiefs and a few sheriffs. Criminals know this; illegals know this; and some judges know this.

That is also why the Dept. of Homeland Security is poorly led and planned (Napolitano, you’ve got to be kidding; TSA doesn’t know what the hell it is doing; and the Border Patrol is continually being undermined by their superiors at ICE/DHS, etc.

While Mattera’s tangle with Bloomberg’s jerks is a little news blip, it is actually the tip of the iceberg of the Obama/Holder corruption of our law enforcement establishment, the last “blue line” somewhat still intact holding back the criminal rabble from the people.

But as we have seen in the deaths and coverups of “Fast and Furious”, the top law enforcement people are now helping the criminals and prosecuting the good cops (ask the Border Patrol agents about this).

And it is going to get worse unless the conservative legal foundations and concerned people rise up in an united front and demand that this illegal behavior stop, and that the perpetrators of it are investigated, arrested, convicted and jailed.

You can’t count on the mainstream media to do this, or even admit that a problem exists.

America is in grave trouble. We either stand up for our rights and the Constitution or lie down and surrender like cowards.

Somehow I don’t see patriotic, decent Americans as cowards.
Otherwise in a year or two, the Constitution will be so gutted that you won’t recognize it, and the First, Second and Fourth Amendments will be thrown on the heap of crushed laws like those of the Third Reich, Lenin/Stalin’s Soviet Union (they had a nice sounding Constitution), the laws of Cuba, Venezuela and those countries now under Sharia Law.

Just look around you and you will see that what I’m talking about it real and it’s NOW.

47 posted on 01/28/2013 10:25:50 PM PST by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper
America is in grave trouble. We either stand up for our rights and the Constitution or lie down and surrender like cowards.

Somehow I don’t see patriotic, decent Americans as cowards.

Well, one thing's encouraging... you know how all those black rifles and high-cap mags have been flying off the shelves by the millions these past few months?

I'd bet the farm that people aren't buying all those guns so they can register them, much less turn 'em in.

58 posted on 01/29/2013 9:26:54 AM PST by Oberon (Big Brutha Be Watchin'.)
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