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4 posted on 01/13/2013 4:48:29 AM PST by Alas Babylon!
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To: All; bray

“The Sunday Morning Bray”, by Bray!

He ordered the centurion to keep Paul under guard but to give him some freedom and permit his friends to take care of his needs. Acts 24:23

America has become two separate countries or actually three. We have one side that wants to stay a free and open country, a second which wants to be a Soviet style communist State and the group in the middle who don’t care. Throughout history we have had two types of people, those who want to take care of themselves and those who want to be taken care of. Those who will accept a certain amount of risk and those who won’t and these are the two groups who are fighting it out. The bad part of being in a democracy is those who want to live under state control and a Soviet style of gummit can simply vote those who do not into being their subjects.

The liberal mindset not only has been brainwashed into believing they cannot succeed without the state programs they will not accept any risks in their jobs or retirements. The public worker has become a protected ruling class who no longer has to be concerned with economics or other people’s conditions. Their jobs are guaranteed as is their retirement and benefits by those subjects living in the outer circle. Since this is an easy sell as a politician they have built a solid voting Soviet class of people who are willing and eager to subjugate the rest of the people to their preferred lifestyle.

We have an entire class of people who are so worried about their own self interest and need to avoid risk they are willing and able to enslave the rest of the country. Once we reach the point we are at there is no escaping chronic unemployment and poverty. We will have decades of the current real unemployment rate which will continue to hover in the twenty percent realm. When you reward people for not working while punishing others for working with taxes, Obamacare and excessive regulations you are destined to encourage higher and higher unemployment. The final piece to the financial disaster is an education system and media which encourages the communistic lifestyle and vilifies the free market individualistic society. People who are self motivators are painted as evil greedy monsters who only make their money by stealing from the poor. They are never promoted or congratulated for a job well done but are vilified just like the Stalinists of old Russian who were always hating and purging the Bourgeois.

The risk adverse mindset is as foreign to the self achiever as the self achiever is to the public employee. In the old days the public workers would give up current pay for the understanding they would have a payoff when they retired. Those days are past as the public employee makes nearly double what the risk takers make and have a guaranteed pension which far exceeds anything in the private sector. They have managed to control every facet of the decision making process through unionization and taking over the media, academics and bureaucracies. They now own the halls of power by working their way inside all of the most critical positions of decision making. They have become a giant circle of propaganda and gummit rule which now only has to convince enough people they care about them or scare them into submission to maintain their power and control.

What we have now are the people who are happy to be cattle in feedlots forcing those who want to be productive to not be productive. They are forcing the ambitious people to live in feeder lots with them whether they want to run on the range free like buffalo or not. The feedlot class believe and in a way they know they will be taken care of the rest of their lives and are not willing to give up that security under any circumstances. They have been told they can never succeed on their own so even if they wanted to they would not risk the chances of losing their safe existence by going against the common thought around them. So they will support more regulations, more private sector destruction and deeper enslavement so their jobs in this overgrown cattle company will continue to flourish.

When George Bush Jr was President and the unemployment rate was running under 4% the Japanese economy had an unemployment rate of over 12% as did the rest of the Socialist world and just as we do now. The cost of Socialism is high unemployment to pay for the expanded gummit jobs. Either the money will flow to the programs or salaries reflected in running those programs or the private sector will have a chance to expand. Under George Bush the jobs expanded and we had a seven year recovery until we expanded DC and are still suffering through the malaise we will have until if and when things change.

Now America has a problem, the cattle are in charge and forcing us all to live in the feeder pens whether we want to or not. It is their job now to make sure we stay in those pens and have little or no chance of escaping them. They have the control and the votes to make that happen for the rest of our lives and the only way we can escape is to beat them at their own game. We need to convince the third group that living inside those pens is a subsistence existence with continually high unemployment with little or no fulfillment in life. Between them and us we have enough people to overthrow the cattle class but it is going to take a huge effort against some very powerful forces placed in some extremely strong positions. This is going to take some hard work, determination and new ideas outside of the media’s control. There is a path to full employment and George Bush was on it briefly before the people in power on both sides pulled the rug out from under him and put us in the Godless communist canyon we find ourselves in now. We need to get back on the Bush path to freedom.

Pray for America

Note: The above opinion is not necessarily my own, but FReeper Bray’s. If you wish to discuss this, please ping Bray.

5 posted on 01/13/2013 4:49:36 AM PST by Alas Babylon!
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