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Cause and Effect: Americans Who Voted for Obama Now Seeing Weekly Job Hours Slashed Below 30...
International Business Times ^ | December 12, 2012

Posted on 12/13/2012 2:51:29 PM PST by 2ndDivisionVet

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To: Cheerio
And they get to sleep in.

That's an important point I have tried to make several times before. Obama's People don't want jobs. They not only want direct government subsidies to replace the income they currently had to ear, they want their employers punished for demeaning them by making them work in the first place. That's the promise they heard when their Leader spoke of "revenge" during the campaign.

101 posted on 12/14/2012 8:36:38 AM PST by Mr. Jeeves (CTRL-GALT-DELETE)
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To: libertarian27

The Africans I know never heard of Kwaanza.

102 posted on 12/14/2012 8:59:33 AM PST by USAF80
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To: Merta; Luircin

“...Life moves by so fast...”

My young friend, you have NO idea how fast...:^)

Enjoy your life, as much as possible, and take NO moments for granted. Every breath in your lungs is a gift from God.

“...We should feel pity upon those who are old enough, no offense, to not live past the next four years but know, and dread, what those years will do...”

Pity, no. Most folks that have lived their lives are at peace with things. It comes with age.

Respect, yes, and be determined NOT to let this Thug administration and his commie henchment steal everything that those same past generations preserved - for YOU and your generation - at horrific cost in blood, lives, pain, and treasure.

You have much more influence than you realize when you speak out to your peers. Learn the history of your people as a Nation and AS a people, warts and all, and do NOT let it be twisted and rewritten.

As for generation has pity for what lies ahead for YOU guys and yours if you can’t turn this crap around and put this bum and his ideology on the crapheap of history where it belongs, once and for all.

We’re getting older, we’re still “full of “piss and vinegar” as the saying goes, but time catches up with all of us, eventually.

They KNOW that you can’t do ANYTHING to stop them so long as you’re worried about basic survival and where your next meal is coming from. So this collapse and economic wreckage is something that they’ve planned for along time and finally saw their shot at setting it off.

Get hardened, get pissed, and get ready for worse, because the next four years they’re going all out to stick it to us.

But remember one thing - there’s been worse in this country before, much worse, and we survived it because ultimately we remembered we were Americans, and in this land, anything is possible as long as we remember who we are, where we came from, and what we ourselves are capable of.

103 posted on 12/14/2012 9:05:36 AM PST by NFHale (The Second Amendment - By Any Means Necessary.)
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To: Luircin

Luircin I really hope you hang in there. While most of us on this board are decades older, we have all been through it. Probably not to the extent that your generation is facing, but I do have some experience with this. It is crucial that you stay positive. I can’t stress that enough. If you get down too far you can easily lose a decade of your life. So first admit you are in the sh!t, and you’ll probably be there for a few more years. That’s ok. Keep a healthy perspective. You’re broke and living with family, you’re not being held in the Hanoi Hilton for years. What I’m saying is a lot of good men have been through much worse and came out of it. So focus on positive thoughts and don’t let your self esteem get down.

So much of male identity is tied to work it can be really degrading to be unemployed. Don’t fall into the misery trap. If you are unemployed, it really can be the perfect time to reassess and redirect your life. Make a plan. Find any legitimate way to increase your income. Even if only in small increments each week. Take any part time job you can. So what if you are just a part time cook at a little restaurant? You are getting out of the house, making some cash, and learning something. It is crucial for your self esteem that you do something. Or try to make your own little jobs. Back in the day we didn’t have the internet to supplement our income, you do. Use it!

While trying to bring in more money the other key is reduce spending. Now is a great time to eliminate costly bad habits, silly spending. Student loans can be deferred during this crisis. They usually will work with you. And don’t beat yourself up too much about it. You are not mooching, you are trying to get your financial house in order. Start keeping a financial record. Of everything. Trust me, it’s pretty easy when your broke, and it’ll help you not be broke in the future.

During periods of joblessness some guys let appearances go, don’t fall into this trap. Get up early, get in shape, set yourself a six month goal for something you can really do: lose weight, quit smoking, run a marathon, something tangible you can accomplish with this um, down time.

Stay away from negative people. It’s better to have one true friend than a dozen fools. While living at home sucks, make it positive. Do projects around the house, cook, clean, make sure you feel like you contribute.

Take this time in your life to pick up new and useful skills. They might end up as a job, or as something useful down the road.

Be a part of a church, civic group, something that gets you out of the house doing something other than worrying.

I’m not saying it will all get better overnight, in fact I think we are in for a long miserable decade. If we are lucky. But I also think that you’re only 26 and having a rough time. So use this time to make yourself into the man you want to be at 36. It is a long, difficult haul, but it also life.

104 posted on 12/14/2012 9:40:21 AM PST by Will_Zurmacht
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To: Washi

Did your student debt come with a degree? What is your educational background?


BA in Religion and a BA in Economics. I’m also very close to getting an MDiv—I spent most of Obama’s first term in the seminary. It kept the student loans off of my back and I learned a lot.

The problem is that the churches are one of the hardest ones hit money-wise when a recession comes. When the time came for me to go on vicarage—IE: basically a year as an intern pastor—it took them a year and a half to find a place for me to spend that year. And this year, when I’m looking towards being an associate pastor at the end of the year, the prospects aren’t much better now either.

I don’t have debtors on my back right at the moment, but in a few months I’ll have run out of classes, and they will be.

One would think that all this time at the seminary would have got me to trust God more. And I’m trying, but sometimes it’s really, REALLY hard to.

105 posted on 12/14/2012 9:48:07 AM PST by Luircin
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To: sickoflibs; NFHale; Gilbo_3; DoughtyOne; stephenjohnbanker; Impy

What is the student debt for? Some type of degree?


A BA in Economica and a BA in Religion. The Econ degree is turning out to be less useful than I expected it to be. I guess people don’t want to listen to the way the economy really works; they want to listen to soak-the-rich rhetoric.

As it is, I’ve managed to keep the collection people off of my back by going to seminary, but I’m in my last few months before the MDiv comes through, and there’s an extreme shortage of pastoral placements these last few years. I can probably stave it off a little longer and maybe even earn some money if I go on a second vicarage/internship in a chaplaincy setting, but that’s just kicking the problem down the road.

You’d think that I’d learn to trust God more, but sometimes it can be really difficult.

106 posted on 12/14/2012 10:02:12 AM PST by Luircin
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To: Luircin

I have read your subsequent posts.

My enmity was most certainly not aimed at someone like yourself, it was aimed at those who voted for Obama and his political ilk, expecting freebies. It should be, for them, a lesson in “unintended consequences” - which is really a lesson in thinking things through, not just acting based on emotions or the trends of the day.

I understand your anguish at your financial situaton. I’ve been there, both as a single person and as a husband and father. It is tough for most people, and all I can tell you is to persevere. Do what you must that is moral to survive and gradually begin to remedy your situation - and years down the line you will probably be glad for the struggle that you successfully waged. As I said, I know first hand how you are feeling now, and I didn’t feel so great about it then, but I’m glad to have survived. Keep at it, you’ll do fine.

Maybe you can do something online to help your financial situation improve - there are lots of ideas in free books available for the Kindle at (and you don’t need a Kindle player - any computer and most smartphones can download a Kindle player). Maybe one will help you.

Best of luck, and no hard feelings.

107 posted on 12/14/2012 11:48:18 AM PST by Ancesthntr (FReeper and under NSA surveillance since 2000.)
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To: Luircin; sickoflibs; NFHale
You’d think that I’d learn to trust God more, but sometimes it can be really difficult.

understand completely, even though every time i just give in, HE sends me a way to get the bills paid...

this distraction of your focus will pass, providing you keep doing your part...the Spirit is always ready to work...

108 posted on 12/14/2012 12:33:29 PM PST by Gilbo_3 (Gov is not reason; not eloquent; its force.Like fire,a dangerous servant & master. George Washington)
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To: Luircin

If you wanna try and get some extra cash, you can start at $100 an article at Cracked.

109 posted on 12/14/2012 1:13:38 PM PST by Ultra Sonic 007 (Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.)
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To: Luircin; Gilbo_3; sickoflibs

“...You’d think that I’d learn to trust God more, but sometimes it can be really difficult...”

You ain’t kidding, brother...

These last four years have been an exercise in trust.

My advice, school-wise, is if you’re going to spend the money to go to school, make it a trade where you produce something - electrician, mechanic, Computer IT, etc., - that way, you can be earning a decent hourly while you go to college at night and finish your degrees, etc.

That’s what I did, anyway. Worked out for me. I was a car mechanic for a while, then electronics tech, making 25+ bucks an hour and going to night school.

Seeing as how you’ve finished your degree, maybe additional training in a hands-on trade would be a good thing. I mean, if you’re going back to school and incurring more debt, make it for something that will pay you back.

110 posted on 12/14/2012 1:42:37 PM PST by NFHale (The Second Amendment - By Any Means Necessary.)
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To: Lorianne

Rest assure: if ZeroCare stands, the next thing yo know is that the threshhold will be reduced from 30hr/wk to 20hr/wk or some such. Companies will respond by cutting employees to 19hr/wk... and so it will continue.

Eventually, the Feds will say “all employees, any part time at all”. Then the businesses will lay off two part timers and reinstate full time only. The laid off workers will have to get unemployment, etc, and will get to try to find a new job with the curse of having been let go on their resume.

Don’t you love the government?

111 posted on 12/14/2012 1:47:00 PM PST by AFPhys ((Praying for our troops, our citizens, that the Bible and Freedom become basis of the US law again))
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To: NFHale

My problem is that while many of my co-workers at work were determined to vote for Obama, I didn’t say to all of them about what he has done to give some of us the current retail blues. Honestly I don’t get much of why they buy into his policies. We are young so aren’t we determined to be as successful as possible without somebody punishing us for, perhaps, being able to make it in this world?

One of my favorite subjects, deriving from academia, is in history. I understand what happened in World War II and how that makes me respect our military. I also understand how Leftist idealism has led to the concentration camp, and the horrors of the Ukraine famine and the cultural revolution in Mao’s China. Unfortunately the future hasn’t been decided for my age group yet. Thus, my statement about “pity” as it is, is about the youth of today striving for Liberal gains without any certainty of an opposed possibility. I am pretty sure that you will see a trend going that will surprise Michael Moore who thinks that the young, today, are Liberal toadies. I am not a prophet, though.

Unfortunately nature abhors a vacuum. Some people still believe in the glory days of Che, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and whatever ideology lies behind us. While I don’t think that there is ever going to be a complete dissipation of an ideology, the best thing is to make sure that it loses relevance again. As a creative type, my contribution to a more Conservative, Libertarian or Anarcho-Capitalist society is through my writings. I’ve tried writing songs, and lyrics, expressing my feelings on subjects like abortion.

This is just my perspective.

112 posted on 12/14/2012 2:40:37 PM PST by Merta (Like Joe Jones, but in reverse, I talk too much.)
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To: Ditter

I live in rural Northern Nevada in a small valley.

The small grocery store/gas station which has been here for about 50 years closed on Nov 30, due to Obamacare. 22 part time employees out of work. Now, only one place to buy gas locally and I am sure those prices will be borderline gouging.

113 posted on 12/14/2012 5:42:49 PM PST by ridesthemiles
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To: LibsRJerks

I have worked the window, scrubbed the toilets, and mopped the floors. I’ve cut the grass, watered the plants, and walked the dogs. I’ve done it all ...doesn’t mean you’re stupid or not going anywhere’s what you do to survive until you can get to where you really want to go!””

I have worked in offices doing phases of accounting—sold auto parts & speed/racing parts and tracked jobs thru the machine shop—written articles for Drag Racing Magazine & Drag News paper—mixed auto paint—ground & polished automotive cylinder head chambers (2nd job of the day- into night)—been a grocery checker——
and always did all of my own lawn care, etc., painting of house, to save money.

In between all of that, I went to community college nights, and took accounting classes. Ratio of class time to homework time? 5 hours to one hour. Finished those classes with a 4.0 average. Didn’t have a personal life for bout 4 years, but it paid off. I never took a student loan, paying all costs as I went along.

Once interviewed for a job, running the accounting at a fairly busy company. Guy didn’t want to pay what I wanted. I said I would work for 1 week for nothing-——but-

IF he didn’t want me to stay, he didn’t owe me anything-—but if he kept me, he had to pay me for that week and pay me what I wanted to start the job and give me another raise within 60 days. I got the job—and got 3 raises within 60 days.

In about 1979, I went out totally on my own, doing bookkeeping for small businesses. Still have 2 of those customers!! Have had one for over 40 years-—the other for over 38 years. Nothing like real loyalty!!

Sometimes you just have to crayon outside the lines!!

114 posted on 12/14/2012 5:58:54 PM PST by ridesthemiles
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Stupid, stupid people believed Obama’s bull$#it!!...Thank you, you damn idiots!!!

115 posted on 12/14/2012 6:00:00 PM PST by Route395
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To: ridesthemiles

Ratio of class time to homework time? 5 hours to one hour.”””

Not sure I stated that correctly:

One hour of class room equaled a minimum of 5 hours of homework. This homework was all done by hand—computers were not part of the lesson plan. I could use a calculator, tho. But other homework was all done on paper.

116 posted on 12/14/2012 6:05:58 PM PST by ridesthemiles
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To: ottbmare
Really? Do you think that only liberals are getting laid off?

That does seem to be the prevailing thought on this thread. I know people who didn't vote for obama, who will suffer because of obamacare.

117 posted on 12/14/2012 9:35:38 PM PST by Graybeard58 ("Civil rights” leader and MSNB-Hee Haw host Al Sharpton - Larry Elder)
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To: Graybeard58

That would be me.

118 posted on 12/14/2012 10:37:32 PM PST by ottbmare (The OTTB Mare)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Schadenfruede with respect to the Obama voters - elections have consequences.

119 posted on 12/14/2012 10:52:11 PM PST by greeneyes (Moderation in defense of your country is NO virtue. Let Freedom Ring.)
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To: LibsRJerks

So what happens when you apply for those jobs and still get rejected? Rejected thousands of times? They say, “You’re too old,” or “We can’t hire a lady like you, this is a group of rough men, you could get raped,” or “You wouldn’t have the strength,” (possibly true) or “Can you lift fifty pounds?” (no) or “Your Spanish isn’t good enough to get along with the rest of the crew.”

Get a nursing degree? Sure. Glad to do it. That takes four years (actually less—I could probably test out of some of the requirements), and thousands of dollars in tuition money. I need a job now, not years down the road when I’ll be in my sixties.

I was out of work for nearly two years despite the fact that I would have taken ANYTHING. Despite coaching, professional resume writing, despite lots of help from state agencies and private ones, despite everything. I am now working two jobs, and office job during the week and doing physical labor at a horse stable on weekends, plus trying to make a home business go. I am chronically hungry, exhausted, and cold, I’m driving a car that’s dangerous, and I can’t get the medicine I need, but as hard as I work, I’m still facing homelessness. I am not in this situation because I’m lazy or excessively demanding. And I don’t know where you think you see all these mythical jobs you think Americans won’t do, but they sure aren’t giving them to me and my friends.

So keep your smug little lectures about how lazy and fussy we all are. May you never find out how wrong you are.

120 posted on 12/14/2012 10:55:47 PM PST by ottbmare (The OTTB Mare)
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